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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 4

It’s amazing to see how much we can create together, my amigos. Here’s part 4.

  1. “Look, I might be evil but even I have standards.”
  2. “Do your parents know you’re dating Death?” “No, I promised we wouldn’t get back together after he broke up with me the first time.”
  3. “Wait why am I naked and covered in cheese?”
  4. “Good god, that cake is fuckin stale and dry mate!!” “Just like how you are recently? Gee, thanks.”
  5. "There is always time for a high-five.”
  6. “Karen, what would ever posses you to find me here.”
  7. “Oh my god, put that man down! Come on, let’s go get you some REAL food.”
  8. “A demonic sugar glider?”
  9. “People always say they never thought they would be here but I absolutely did.”
  10. “And I thought I was a bit weird. But you! You are insane!”
  11. “So your hair knows kung-fu? Ha, that’s nothing! MY hair knows HAIR-ATE!” (You know, as in karate) (This used to be an insider between me and a friend…)
  12. “One day, darling, you and I are going to conquer the Universe not just our world.”
  13. “Did you seriously think they wouldn’t notice when their humans went missing?!”
  14. “Well, maybe next time you should consider that not everyone wants to be woken up at four in the morning by a- what IS that, anyway?!”
  15. “Now, how exactly did your foot get stuck in the barrel?”
  16. “I hope you realize what you’re doing. This forest never ends, you know that, right?”
  17. “You can’t just kill someone and then make it all better by saying sorry!”
  18. “Why the fuck is my cat levitating?!” “He said he wanted to feel what flying was”
  19. “You’re trying to tell me you killed three men…with a microphone?”
  20. “Hang on, are you a John Wick fan?”
  21. “IT’S TWO IN THE MORNING!” “And?” “ I have a strict no murder rule until eight. Call me then.”
  22. “I did realize you were going to be naked the whole time”
  23. “Ok, I understand you like animals, but you can’t just bring a tiger into the apparent without asking!”
  24. “I…I didn’t want you to find out like this. I’m so sorry.”
  26. “I gotta go, I left my toaster in the oven!
  27. "Why is there a gaggle of fancy buisness men on my front lawn?”
  28. “Can you please stop referring to me as ____! That’s not my name!” “Then what is?” “I don’t know!”
  29. *Sarcastic* “Yeah, sure. I won’t at all mind being your footslave.” “Oh, goody! I knew you’d agree!” “Wait, what?”
  30. “When are you going to give up on this whole ‘evil’ thing?” “When it stops being so much fun!”
  31. “You didnt say to KILL the man!” “WELL I DIDNT SAY NOT TOO”
  32. “Mum, Dad… I’m gay.” “That’s nice, honey, but now is not the right time!”
  33. “Take a look at your soul and consider your life choices! Oh wait, that’s right! You don’t fucking have a soul!” “Oh, god, just go drown in a bathtub of syrup why don’t ya?”
  34. “I kindly ask you to please quit making your heart stop. It’s creeping me out!” “So… Y-You were sleeping in a coffin” “Yeah I’m used to it” “Are you a vampire or what?! How can someone get used to sleep in a coffin?” “No I’m used to sleep I never said that I’m used to sleep in a freaking coffin!”
  35. “Darling I love you, more than I can ever express in words…. But please stop teaching chickens necromancy.”
  36. “I wanted to know why you stole souls, not your melodramatic backstory…”
  37. “I really wish that old white man would stop rubbing his nipples at me”
  38. “You know it is written: Do not summon Satan, right ?”
  39. “Look around, what is this?” “My room?” “No, this is pathetic.”
  40. “I’ve been a professor for 20 years, and yet still my greatest secret hasn’t been revealed–I can’t read.”
  41. “Our souls don’t belong in these 'human’ bodies, every one of us is implanted here from another galaxy, and this has been the case for a thousand years. No one knows what 'actual humans’ are like without us inhabiting them.”
  42. “Did you just create a portal in time and space to pull another version of yourself into this world so I have to deal with another annoying idiot?” “No but thanks for the idea.”
  43. “You’re bleeding?!” “Nah, I’m frolicing in a field of flowers - yes I’m bleeding!”
  44. “Let me get this straight. I tell you that I make a decent omelette and you somehow equate that to qualification for piloting a spaceship?”
  45. “It’s the weekend! Let’s hit the town! See a concert, redo our wardrobes, get high, start a crime ring, I don’t know.”
  46. “Keep running, you’ve only got 4HP!”
  47. “This is clearly your first time. Stop screaming already, you’ll wake the neighbors!”
  48. “Has anyone seen the outdoors?” “What the fuck is an outdoors?”
  49. “Why do I feel like this again, I thought we were done with this?”
  50. “Look, as much as I like to hang out with you, I’ve gotta go and save the earth. Toodles!”
  51. “Have you seen?… oh shit”
  52. “Two questions: one, how many matches do you have, and two, where do you keep your socks?”
  53. “Because fuck surveys, that’s why!”
  54. “Stop yelling out the window or the koalas will rip your face off!”
  55. “I guess when I heard 'Night of Debauchery’… I didn’t picture muffins on your pajamas.”
  56. “Honey, you can’t keep throwing people to the pit of pain and despair just because they don’t like choc mint ice cream.”
  57. “Oh, no honey, put that back…”
  58. “It’s going to be too late, you know. It’s always too late.”
  59. “Hey, so, uh… I’m in trouble…” “What did you do this time?” “I got stranded in Wales….. again…”
  60. “OK, but… how do we get the dog out of a hole in space in time exactly?”
  61. “Aren’t people supposed to grow instead of shrink ?”
  62. “Wait. You’re aroused?” “Why would that surprise you?” “It does on account of you being covered in blood. Wipe that smile off your face. You look like a cat in heat.”
  63. "I pay your taxes”
  64. “No, ____. We did not raise our hamster like this.”
  65. “You can’t run from your own shadow(s), what makes you think you can run from theirs?”
  66. “You adopted… a dog?” “Mate, that’s not a dog.”
  67. “And at this moment, he decided to punch himself in the face.” “Narrator, listen, I know you’ve been with me my whole life, but you’re a huge jerk.”
  68. “Why didn’t you tell me it was a portal BEFORE we ended up here?”
  69. “Is that…the Mona Lisa.” “…Yes…” “What did I say to you about stealing priceless artifacts!?” “…That I had to take you with me next time.” “Exactly!”
  70. “Yes, I agree, magic is pretty cool. But did you really have to use it for THIS?”
  71. “Despite the fact that was epic, you’re still suspended”
  72. “Chill, dad it’s not what you think it is!” “Well it looks like you’re making out with the demon your grandma banished to cellar…WHY IS HE IN YOUR ROOM?”
  73. “If you truly love me you’ll let me-OH FUCKING HELL DID YOU JUST STAB ME!?”
  74. “Spoon”
  75. “What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines escalated into a war which has decimated a Million worlds.The ___ and the ___ have all but exhausted the the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination. Both sides, now crippled beyond repair, the remnants of their armies continue to battle on ravaged planets, their hatred fueled by over four thousand years of total war. This is a fight to the death. For each side, the only acceptable outcome is…“
  76. ”… I’m going back to bed. You brought it here, you can deal with the mammoth yourself.“
  77. "Is the food supposed to be moving?”
  78. “You mean to tell me that in the two minutes I was gone,  you bombed a minor country,  got married to a stripper,  and assassinated a world leader?!”
  79. “Is that a unicorn???? EATING MY BEEF JERKY?!”
  80. “Do I get to dream about you again tonight?”
  81. “Well now I have to change clothes AGAIN!”
  82. “All of this was because of a… OF A PLUSHIE?!” “Well…Yeah?” “Great, how are we going to get out of jail now?!”
  83. “So…you gonna tell me why my brother is upside down and why you’re wearing my purple thong?”
  84. “Did you really have to burn down another Cracker Barrel?”
  85. “Sir, that’s impossible, you can’t do that.” “IS THAT A FUCKING CHALLENGE?!?!”
  86. “We need to invade Portugal.” “…Sure, why not?”
  87. “Did you divide by zero?! YOU’RE GOING TO KILL US ALL”
  88. “Stand down, Milady, this is a matter between gentlemen with mustaches.”
  89. “Next time you get arrested I am NOT paying your bail” “That’s a lie and you know it.” “….”
  90. “I thought you were dead.” “So did I”
  91. “John dont flush the dog down the toilet”
  92. “What did I say again about resurrecting dictators??”
  93. “Cucumbers are NOT pets… what do you mean, you ate him??”
  94. “Are you and God seriously fighting right now? And what happened to Satan?”
  95. “Are ferrets supposed to be blue??”
  96. “I’m the protagonist? Well I guess that explains why I look like about a thousand other people.”
  97. “Why do I do this to myself?”
  98. “Stop eating your tortilla chips with ketchup. It’s unattractive.”
  99. “How do you eat an entire cheese wheel in one sitting?”
  100. “Why are God and Satan moving in with us?”

Let’s make one more ‘100 Dialogue Prompts’ list together. Leave a comment with your prompt below. Don’t forget the double quotes “”. And as always, only one prompt per amigo! Also, here is your random Dutch word of the day: pindakaas

leia and bb-ben - spring break wooo!!!

use caution when tanning on a planet with two suns. ben’s just the kind of kid who needs floaties on a desert planet, okay? 

//the first of a small collection of leia and bb-ben doodles i was going to give as a gift to 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹 this year at Star Wars Celebration. She will always be with us and the Force is stronger now that she’s apart of it. she always liked the little doodles of her dog gary I did, I thought she would get a kick out of these too. See you on alderaan, sweet princess. I love you more with each passing moon rise.

happy spring break, and have a great star wars con, friends! lets go cosplay-brothers! close your eyes and think of Alderaan.



Here’s to the newbies just starting out, the ones discovering their ability to twist and bend plots, characters and places to their will for the first time,

To the old faithfuls, who have kids at home and a full-time job but somehow still find the time to make us forget for a while,  

To the students who publish one-shots and sagas in-between study sessions,

To the ones who posted that one fic years ago and have since moved on, but whose story meant (and still means) so much to so many readers,  

To those of you who publish short, little things that pack the emotional punch of a freight train,

To the ones who update faithfully, and to the ones who don’t,

To the ones who weave lyrics into their stories, and the ones who deal in nothing but angst,

To those who don’t write in their native language, 

To the brave ones who do it despite their fear of rejection or criticism, 

To the ones who like to write with their friends, and the ones who do it alone because their friends wouldn’t understand, 

To the ones who spend hours researching in order to to make their world as real as possible, 

To to the poets and novelists and essayists and dreamers:  

Every single one of you is precious.  

You, along with all the other fandom artists and creators, lift us up and give us hope.  You make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us think and question and wonder.  You help us escape, sometimes, when we need it most.  You bring the unimaginable to life, you translate lofty words into ones we can smell, hear and taste, and you continually encourage and inspire us.  You’re wonderful and powerful and courageous and so, so loved, even if we aren’t always the best at letting you know it.  So this is for those of you with empty comment sections, with a concerning lack of kudos/likes/favs/bookmarks. Your stories make a difference, and they always will.  

So, from all of us to you:  

Thank you.

even if it's fake || stiles stilinski

word count: 4793

warnings: swearing, angst

request: hi could i get a stiles imagine where he and the reader broke up then few days later reader messages him saying before he can block her she’s making him say ‘i love you’ even though he doesn’t mean it. if only i could send you the pic of where i got this idea 😭😭😭 hope u understand this TY AND ILY 💕💕

author’s note: sorry that this took so long to get written! i sort of changed it up a bit, but i hope you enjoy it. thank you to @dumbass-stilinski who gave me a few ideas, and @stilinski-jpeg who read it before it was finished. and also hay and soph for reading this after i finished it! @sincerelystiles @sarcasticallystilinski


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Feyre’s audition for the Inner Circle

*panel of judges: rhysand, morrigan, cassian, azriel and amren*

rhysand: come on in!

feyre: *opens door, walks to the center of the room, mumbling slightly*

rhysand: what was that? 


rhysand: okaay, we’ve got some anger. I’ll be sure to make a note of that

feyre: on what? there is literally NO paper anywhere near you

rhysand: a mental note, obviously. We’re gonna ask you some questions that will help us determine your value to the Inner Circle

feyre: is that what you call it? the inner circle? wow

rhysand: so far, you aren’t doing so well… anyways, lets begin… mor?

mor: do you like dresses? and makeup and jewels?

feyre: sure

mor: i’ll take it

rhysand: cass?

cassian: give me a ride and it’s a yes

feyre: fuck off

cassian: good answer

rhysand: *snickers* azriel?

azriel: this is some bullshit there’s a war coming 

feyre: agreed

rhysand: amren?

amren: yeah, whatever, she looks cool

rhysand: good, good… i’m sorry, but its a no from me

@unidentified-manatee as requested! honestly I love making these anything to distract me from acowar ugh…

anonymous asked:

The closer we get to the next movie Im more like "please just let Poe be queer". I do ship stormpilot but also finnrey so either way Im not gonna be disappointed whatever the new ~star wars it couple~ is, but it's not even about the ships. I just want Poe to be openly gay or bi and badass in space. That's like... everything I would have loved when I was a kid first getting in contact with Star Wars :') Your daily posts remembering us that Poe isnt straight always make me smile thank you so much!

Originally posted by casual-voodoo

poe dameron is the queer space icon we need

Everything You Need to Know About "Riverdale" Season 2
Will Bughead last?

3. A “civil war” is coming. Betty aptly provided this forecast in the season finale, telling Jughead she doesn’t want to “let a civil war rip us apart” as he inches closer and closer to the south side. Sorry, Betty. It’s happening. RAS reveals to both TV Line and ET that the war will occur between the north side of Riverdale and the south side. Does this mean Jughead will have some tough decisions to make if he joins the Serpents during this time of war? Will there be a nice story arc about forbidden love?

4. You guessed it: Betty and Jughead’s relationship will be on the line. RAS tells ET that as Jughead “sort of” follows F.P.’s footsteps, there might be some distance between himself and Betty. A “central conflict” will threaten their relationship, and yes, it’s really too bad considering the fact that their relationship graduated to “I love you” levels in the finale.

So I’ve been wanting to do something X-Men related for a while now, so enjoy this cute little bean.
Requests are open. Don’t be afraid to drop one in the ask box ✌🏻️

Charles Xavier headcannons:

-Probably the BIGGEST gentleman you’ve ever dated.

-Like seriously, so polite. Even after dating him for almost a year now, he still rocks the princely attitude towards you.

-So comforting to be around.

-His powers always come in handy when your mind won’t stop racing. Having trouble sleeping? He’s probably on top of the issue before you get the chance to bring it up to him.

-Lowkey dirty minded. Seriously though, the things he’s said to you. Instant panty dropper.

-Never once rose his voice at you. Always thinks of a logical way to settle arguments without having to use harsh or vile words.

-Such a smooth talker. You think when you first meet him, that he’s just an English boy with a good head on his shoulders, but you are SO wrong when he takes you on your first date.

-His voice, HIS VOICE. If that accent isn’t the death of you.

-He loves reading your thoughts. It fills him with such love to hear what you’re thinking about, especially when he hears you think about him.

-Lowkey wants children with you, but chokes up every time he brings up the idea.

-It seems like he’s got everything under control, but behind closed doors with you, he just lets it all out. This poor boy has the whole world on his shoulders, and being able to vent to you makes it so much easier to handle.

-Wants marriage but doesn’t know how to propose. Mostly worried about the war that’s happening, so he doesn’t want to drop the question during such a difficult time.

-You are his world, even if he doesn’t look like the type, he would definitely throw a few punches here or there to keep you out of harms way, hell, he’d probably use his powers for something other than good if it means you’d be safe.

-Loves to spend his nights off with you. Anything you want to do he’s right there. Wanna get a manicure? Well you’re in luck because he’d probably get his toenails done.

-If he did get his fingernails painted, he would wear that nail polish with pride knowing that every time he looks at it, you’re there with him in spirit.

-Never EVER laid a finger on you, only if it’s to give you back rubs, hugs or cuddles.

-He once was drunk and accidentally slapped you, that incident happened almost 2 years ago and he’s still beating himself up over it.

- Such a worry wart.

-One time you went out grocery shopping and he literally sent one of his students to follow you.

-“Sean? Is that you?”
-“Uh, Hi Mrs.(l/n).”
-“What are you doing here?”
-“um checking the weather, lovely isn’t it?”
-“Sean were inside”

-Probably kinda mad at him because he doesn’t trust you to be on your own long enough to get food for the large house.

-Erik is probably super protective of you too. Would sacrifice himself for you, you’re like the niece he’s never had.

-All the students think of you as a mother, just like they think of Charles as a father.

-If anyone, and I mean ANYONE is to lay a finger on you, look at you the wrong way, or have perverted/ nasty thoughts of you? They best watch their asses, because they’ll have one angry mutant on their case, and it WONT be a happy ending for them.

I see people saying that after everything Flint has done, it would not make sense to give him a happy ending. That he does not deserve it. That the Treasure Island quotes about him dying as a drunk in Savannah means that he will end up miserable for the next thirty-five years, slowly drinking himself to death. 

I don’t see this. Try as I might, I don’t see this. 

By sheer logic alone, I don’t see this. 

For four seasons, Black Sails had James Flint at its center, in a long-stretching arc that focused on his journey - his tragic past, his lost love, his war against England and, lately, civilization as whole - it focused on the purity of his motives and the evilness of his deeds, the inherent selfishness of his actions and his utter self-denial, weighing one thing against the other. It showed us in great detail how deeply unhappy and depressed he is, and how ready is to let go of that war and yet incapable of it because he has literally nothing else. 

How would it makes sense to have this character end up in perpetual misery? Why would anyone come to the conclusion that the writers of something which

  • started as a tragedy, with Flint’s entire life taken from him
  • remained a tragedy throughout - because at the time that Flint had shown his willingness to redeem himself - at the time he had agreed to sacrifice himself for the sake of Nassau, and to answer for his crimes by standing trial in England - all of that was taken from him once more through betrayal, and left him even more bereft than before
  • showed a character being miserable for four seasons with no reprieve whatsoever except from a couple of moments with a flickering of hope, which was then swiftly snuffed out 

would be so cruel and cynical to have that suffering extend over a span of thirty-five years between the end of the show and Flint’s death in Treasure Island? When these same writers have shown us, time and again, their deep understanding and compassion for their messy, flawed, beautiful characters. 

Flint’s tragedy has been the fact that he hasn’t been able to let go of his war. It’s not even any longer about revenge. What Miranda said in season two holds true, now more so than ever. Flint keeps fighting for the sake of fighting, but it’s no longer out of shame but because there is nothing else left for him. 

Now, when the game changing that we know is coming - the game changer that we know will happen in the next two episodes - and makes Flint stop fighting, gives him the strength to walk away, then how would it make any kind of sense to deny him even a hint of something that is worth living for? 

In what world of storytelling would it make sense to cast a character who has just gone through purgatory back into hell?

Rewatching The Force Awakens the other day got me to thinking about some things. Bear with me. As Skywalker men go, Ben is so much like Anakin. Ben is a few years older than Anakin was before his ‘transformation’, but still. Angry, impatient, brooding, short tempered. Dare I say whiney? Three scenes which contrast his stoic power are when he twice smashes the computer consoles with his lightsaber (when he was told the droid had help escaping and when he returned to the cell to find Rey gone) and when he actually yelled like a petulant child to Snoke that Rey is strong with the Force. We all know how short fused Anakin was during his training and when he became a Jedi Knight. Constantly challenging the counsel, his temper flaring when things didn’t go his way. In that respect, they are very much alike.

As a Reylo shipper, I feel this way: Anakin and Padme’s relationship began in harmony, friendship, and love…yet turned to violence, grief, and a bit of hatred on Anakin’s part (as he mistakenly accused Padme of bringing Obi-Wan to destroy him). Kylo Ren and Rey’s relationship may mirrior that, just flipped around. Beginning in violence and hatred, ending in love. We shall see.

I also noticed something very telling during the lightsaber duel at the end. Yes, Ren flung Rey against that tree. But it was only because she attempted to fire the blaster at him. During their fight, I noticed that he never really swung the blade at her, but mostly at her lightsaber to perhaps knock if out of her grip and disarm her. He, as a Master of the Knights of Ren, could no doubt have taken that girl out with one blow - her newfound powers growing or not. It leads me to believe that he couldn’t harm her, for what is to come in their relationship. The writer’s have a plan. He never even rendered a jab to her, such as her arm, leg, etc. which he could have done for good measure just to weaken her or out of rage. They were in a battle, of course. Yet she jabbed him everywhere. The hip/leg, shoulder, face. The icing on the cake, was when the ice shelf fell away and their sabers locked. Come on. He could have pushed that wisp of a girl over the edge with a finger. A kick to her midsection. A blow of breath! But he didn’t. Not only that, he offered to keep her alive to train her. Sure, it would look good on his Galactic resume; turning a force sensative newbie to the darkside. But common sense tells me he wanted to keep her alive for another reason. Even after that, when she gathered stregth to fight him off, he knew he was in trouble. He should have ended it right there, before she grew even stronger in the force. But he didn’t, and it weakened him to the point of her her victory over him.

I don’t think he will too happy seeing Rey again, at least not initially. Sure, he admired her talent and was in awe of her abilities. But she bested him, and neither his inner self nor his Master will let him forget it. He may even grown to dispise Rey before he (hopefully) learns to love her. Again, we shall see.

I can understand why some fans don’t like a Reylo pairing. We all view Rey as the Heroine, and Ren the Monster. Yet the whole entire franchise was founded on the fall of a man who loved his woman so much he turned to the darkside to protect her. How is that different? As far as I’m concerned, (don’t send pitchforks my way) Kylo Ren had a terrible life. He doesn’t look like he’s had a moment’s peace since he was a child. Someone like Snoke can swoop in and exploit that with no problem. I watched through three original films hating Darth Vader and thinking 'I can’t wait until he gets his’. Yet at the eleventh hour, he redeemed himself and I was so happy! Then upon seeing the prequels I was heartbroken for him. So much manipulation on this good, brave man by the dark side. All he wanted was to love Padme. One side of the force told him that was a sin, and the other told him his love would destroy her. Ben Solo is no exception. Granted, he has a LOT of redeeming to do. When Han fell off that bridge I nearly choked. And it was at the hand of his son. But the fact Han cupped Ben’s cheek, letting him and US know he forgave him, makes me believe that we may be able to forgive him, too.

It’s a Buck Girl Thing (5/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

It’s back! Brace yourself for dancing Bucky and Stucky awkwardness.

Need to catch up? Here’s PART 4 or IBGT Masterlist

Word count: 2.2k

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by caitlinisprobablyonfire

Bucky paraded around the building like a supermodel, leaning on all sorts of furniture, dropping pens like there’s no tomorrow, and seductively licking his lips at any man in the Tower. It wasn’t long before the news spread and all of a sudden the intel team were getting visitors’ galore. For no other reason than to ogle Bucky’s (but effectively your) body.

Oh, he was striking you where it hurt the most - if he was happy to make a bimbo out of you then two can play this game!

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anonymous asked:

Hi. Can i get a kiss/make out tips lmao I s2g Ive never been kissed before and i just want to get ready??????????


Kissing is great but only when done right!  So brutal honesty it is unlikely that your first kiss will be any good, however this shouldn’t make you nervous, nobody’s first kiss is good, it will be awkward and probably a bit fumble but that’s ok because you can practice!

first of all if you’re not enjoying yourself then your partner probably isn’t enjoying it much either, so focus on yourself and make sure you’re enjoying it. It’s important that you relax as well. This will put the other person at ease and everything will become more natural and nicer. It’s like, if you purse your lips and push against them it’s not pleasant, however if they’re relaxed it’s not so hard and everything is softer, you can imagine that this is much nicer to kiss. 

It’s also important that you get a good flow going. Think of it as a story with a beginning, middle and end. A book wouldn’t be very good if you jumped straight to the middle. This is the same with kissing, if you jump straight in with tongues and heavy breathing then it’s not going to be great. Start off slow and gently, then you can slowly heat it up if you want to but only if you want to, don’t feel pressured. 

HANDS! are difficult, do not just let them just hang by your sides like rag doll. Use them! thread them through your partners hair or lace them being their neck or back, but do not just leave them there. 

Follow you partners lips. your lips should not be at war for dominance,  they should be dancing together like an art. The experience should be pleasurable and not stressful. Let it take it’s natural course.

Good luck,

Lots of love, Mary xoxo

anonymous asked:

I'm barely 5'1 and I saw the height chart for the rfa members and I wanted to cry. Honestly I'm shorter than Rika! -A- So my friends suggested a hc of how the rfa take advantage of my height or what they'd do. XD I'm a sinner so if u want , u can make it a nsfw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but it's entirely up to you~<3 Also I love ur blog, I've read most if not ALL ur work & I luv u bc ur an amazing person *sends hugs* -I'm sorry our ideas was so uncreative 😂- Thank you ^_^

Aaah, it’s not that they were uncreative, I just couldn’t get any inspo! Don’t say thaaat (ノД`) I appreciate the kind words, though! Thank you!
I don’t know much of a nsfw aspect for this, besides you easily able to slip under a desk/table for their benefit, though…

- He thinks you are the cutest thing!
- He loves giving you big hugs and picking you up off the ground a bit each time.
- Sometimes when he does that, if he’s reaally happy, then he spins you around a bit too!
- He loves that you stand on your tip- toes to kiss/hug him. He tries to meet you halfway if he picks up on what you’re trying to do
- Be prepared for him to try and show off being able to reach things for you. He’ll wear a small proud smirk and say something cheesy at times.

- If you ever seem upset about your height, he’s quick to tell you how your height is perfect and there’s nothing to worry about.
- And…That it does make you cute. When you wrap your arms around his neck and gently pull him down to kiss his cheek, he m e l t s
- Every cuddling position is super comfortable, and he loves pulling you close. You two seem to fit together perfectly, and he loves it
- Though, if you wanted, he would buy you heels so at least giving him goodbye kisses were easier.
- Bending down to properly kiss you, seeing your cheeks flush, always gets his heart pumping too!

- There wouldn’t be too much of a height difference! She might not notice until you pointed it out, then realized you really were a bit shorter.
- She would think it would add to your cuteness, to be honest.
- She wouldn’t say much about it outloud, though. She wouldn’t want to risk embarrassing you
- But…when you snuggle up to her, cuddling or asleep, she’s trying her best not to blush with how adorable you are.
- She does want to teach you a few self-defense moves, just to look out for you!

- Y E S. Now he feels like he truly is a man!
- Reaching to get things for you, squeezing you in tight and lovable hugs, the way you bury your face in his chest- He Loves It
- Granted, you’ve assured him he’s ‘still a man’ to you, but it does help him feel assured he can help/protect you with anything!
- He personally loves cuddling on the couch with you. The two of you fit on there well. Thanks to yout height, there isn’t much tangling of the limbs…Kinda.
- He loves coming up behind you, wrapping his arms around your torso and leaning down to rest his chin on your head, just talking to you about something. You playfully pout sometimes, but you’re just too cute!

- Be prepared for So Many Jokes. He’s going to run up his whole supply of short jokes, and then make new ones to throw at you.
- Sometimes he’ll let out a dramatic sigh, use your head as an arm rest, and muse outloud about where you went to
- Jokes aside, he thinks you’re adorable! You’re easy to beat in tickle wars, and he loves you snuggled up next to him in bed. He feels like he can really protect you if he just hugs you tight.
- Sometimes he might offer piggyback rides, like a dork
- He also loves lifting you up to kiss you! He loves how you giggle when he does that!

My favorite part about the animated Star Wars series is that so much of it borrows from conceptual/in-development Star Wars that never made it to the final cut. Like, “Hey yo are you going to be using this concept art of Padme in the final cut of any of the movies? No? Okay we’re going to color her skin blue and make it Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi. Are you going to use this rejected design for Chewbacca for anything? No? Great well now he’s purple and his name is Garazeb Orrelios. Oh they won’t let Lucas call the Light and Dark sides of the Force Ashla and Bogan? Fair enough. Ashla is now the Lasat word for the Force.” The animated series are so well done and people work so hard on them but so many of their elements are basically the lore equivalent of

and I love it.

I can’t explain how I feel about whole incident in Manchester. I feel sad, crushed and scared. There isn’t any place in the world where we could be safe. I just hope that one day we’ll wake up and every war, terror attack, hunger and other problems would be gone. No one deserves to lose their loved ones, their beautiful children who can still make history, who can make the world happier place. Lets open our eyes and heart. Have closer look to people and observe them and if you see something is wrong - do something, until someone helps you. I’m sick and tired of seeing how many wonderful souls are leaving this world, how we only notice things when something ACTUALLY happens to us. Keep your eyes open, don’t be silent and hold your loved ones tighter than ever before.

Lots of love, K

Random song lyrics dialogue prompts
  1. “I look at you and I see myself”
  2. “I know you’re better than anyone else” 
  3. “He told me that loving him was never enough”
  4. “There’s an old man sitting on a throne and saying that I probably shouldn’t be so mean”
  5. “Won’t you carry me to the end?”
  6. “Do you want to be with somebody like me?”
  7. “January to December, do you wanna be a member?”
  8. “I knew my skin that wrapped my frame wasn’t made to play this game”
  10. “But believe me, I’m fine”
  11. “I’d die for you, that’s easy to say”
  12. “I thought of angels chocking on their halos”
  13. “Put on your war paint”
  14. “I’m gonna change you like a remix”
  15. “Be careful making wishes in the dark”
  16. “We are like young volcanoes”
  17. “I’m here to collect your hearts”
  18. “They sent me away”
  19. “I couldn’t stand the person inside me”
  20. “Who is in control?” (idk, stop it with the questions Halsey)
  21. “Goddamn right, you should be scared of me”
  22. “Tell me that you love me, even if it’s fake”
  23. “I think I’m too cool to know you”
  24. “We’re going down”
  25. “Let that hell of a drug emerge in your veins”

If you use any, please tell me ‘cause I’m bored most of the time and reading your stories would be lots of fun.

Okay this has like no plot but tbh I just want to see Feyre and Rhys reunite whilst Tamlin is left with nothing but his patriarchal bullshit.



His voice was quiet, but I heard eveytbing accentuated syllable. Fey-ruh. This was the first time in months I’d been addressed as if I were my own person, not the pretty property of a territotial High Lord.


Tamlin’s hand enclosed around mine as I turned. Rhys stood at the edge of the trees–he wasn’t smiling, the steady line of his mouth giving nothing away. A stranger would’ve mistaken his calm voice to represent callousness, or at best bored amusement. Maybe I would’ve too, all those months ago. But now I knew to look into his violet eyes.

A world of emotion poured into the air.

Every fibre of my being demanded to reach out to him, to make up for lost months and many, many lies. Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court and my mate, stood so close I could almost touch him.

“Rhysand.” Tamlin spat his name out as if it were venom. “I’m surprised you dare make an appearance in front of my–”

“Your what?” he dared, prowling ever closer. Tamlin tightened his grip on me and I let him think it made a difference. Rhysand looked to me. “Feyre. We need you.”


Tamlin cut me off. “You dare talk to her like that? You dare even mentions her name when our world is falling apart? You broke her. You used her and manipulated her as if she was nothing but your toy. Feyre will never answer to you.”

Rhys smiled. It was the deadliest thing I’d seen in months.

“There’s no time to pretend,” he said, and as our eyes met I knew that smile was entirely for me. Entirely mine. “Amren needs you for–” he stopped himself, looking up and down at Tamlin. “We’ve run out of time for games. It’s happening and we need you. I need you.”

His words cracked the ice my life had become. The time for spying and lying was over–war had begun, and I needed to return to the family I’d always fight alongside. I needed to return to my mate, to the man I loved more than anything.

It was as if Tamlin suddenly sensed the shift in me. He moved in front of me, as a barrier separating me from Rhys. A low, primal growl erupted from his throat. “She’s–”

“I’m not yours.”

Silence severed the air in two. Both males turned to face me.

“Let go of me, Tamlin,” I said.

He didn’t. Instead his gaze turned to Rhys, fiery hatred burning through his eyes.

“What are you doing to her?” he yelled at Rhysand, grabbing my arm and wrenching me to the ground.

Rhys didn’t step in–he didn’t need to. The difference between two men couldn’t be more obvious: one tried to fight my battles for me, and the other gave me strength so I could stand on my own two feet.

“If you don’t let go of me, I’ll make you regret it,” I said. “I’m not your property. I’m not your prize or your petty wife, and I’ll never be your mate. I haven’t been yours since you tried to own me.”

Tamlin tried to hold me down but he wasn’t strong enough. Freeing myself from him was easy, and seconds later I was running into Rhysand’s arms. The war had only just begun, yet his touch, his kiss, his love gave me more peace than anything had in months.

The High Lord of the Spring Court was overcome with rage behind us, yet we winnowed away before he could even come close.

“My High Lady,” Rhys whispered in my ear. “Welcome home.”

Unlike Cassie, unlike Tobias perhaps, I’m ruthless at times. But even I have enough sense to know the words “we have to win” are the first four steps on the road to hell.

Animorphs #17, The Underground


 I was Jake’s insurance policy. He thought maybe he wouldn’t have to use me. He hoped, anyway. But down deep he knew, and I knew, and we both hid the truth from the others because Cassie couldn’t let Jake make that decision, and Tobias couldn’t let me, and those two, by loving us, would have screwed everything up.

It was a war, after all. A war we had to win.

 Animorphs #54, The Beginning

Somebody To Love - Chris Evans

summary: Chris keeps trying to tell you he’s in this for the long haul. You, however, don’t think he realizes what the haul will enquire. Does he know there’s more to you than what you show him? Does he see the pain in your eyes?  

people: Chris - Reader (you)

warnings: none. 

word count: 1.6k

a/n: I want this to be dedicated to a loving and caring person who knows what having everyday pain is like. @sfreeborn you are a warrior, and like me, you have to get up and go on with your day even when it feels like hell. You are so amazing and I just hope this imagine is something you’ll enjoy, I only want to make you happy, dear. - R .xx

Have you ever felt just…so angry at nothing? You just endure the anger because you can’t blame anyone! You just swallow the pill of tolerance every day and wait until you’ve reached the point of no return. You become your anger. Water that’s boiling hot in a spot right inside your heart. Your loved ones, they try to help but what can help a lost cause? I’m gone, I’m done. I can’t keep pretending, and I know it’ll feel like ripping off a band-aid of a bee sting. But he knows it, and I know it.

I’m not enough.

I’m just so angry, all the time… but who am I angry at? Myself? My body for defying it’s one duty of protecting and nurturing me? No. I was just angry. Angry.

My eyes opened fast and immediately I regretted my decision to wake up. I lifted up my arms to rub my eyes and sit up but fell back into the bed. My arms felt like I’d gone to the gym last night and lifted twenty-pound weights; all night long. Aching so badly my hand shook as I reached for my phone on the bedside table. Typing in my password, I opened up my messages and saw his name right at the top of my contact list, with a blue dot on the left.

Chris: Love wake up! Your coming to set today to meet the cast! Anthony says he’s excited to meet Mrs. America haha XP

Chris: Honey? :)

Chris: Ladybug? You’re normally awake by ten… are you okay?

Chris: Babe?

Chris: okay I’m worried now, I’ve called ten times, I’m coming home.

Jesus… why the hell was he up my ass right now?

Glancing at the time my body released a tender sigh, 2:45 P.M.

How had I missed his calls? I always knew it was him by his custom ringtone; “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. My ringer was on loud too, so why the hell had I missed them all?

Dropping my phone onto the white comforter that held me hostage in a tight, comfy cocoon. Awaiting for Chris to come through the door in panic any minute. He’d be racing the highway to get here and I was already guilt-ridden enough, I didn’t want to cause him an accident by calling him so I awaited his booming voice he never realized pierced my eardrums like shards of glass.


The fight started when he found her in her pajamas, rifling through the tea collection in the kitchen. When he saw her, looking to him like just a lazy-ass, he started in on her. Never seeing the pain in her eyes as his voice hurt her ears like he was scraping his nail down the chalkboard. She tried to hold her own, but there was a Mardi Gras that was going on inside her brain that prohibited her from even hearing his voice. That was, until he slammed his keys on the kitchen counter, making my pain suddenly become power. Angry, nasty, vulnerable power.

“You listen to me, Chris!” His head jumped up to look at her red, puffy eyes. They poured anger into his, and immediately Chris felt himself realize his fuck up of yelling. 

He knew she had chronic pain. Normally, she would just power through it. Lately, though, she seemed… slower, more tired and less driven to be intimate with him… he should’ve known that there was more than just a headache to her chronic pain.

“You listen, okay? I’m am a fucking mess, Chris! I have days, where I can’t get out of bed! I’m depressed, therefore I’m not a confident person, ever. I’m always uncomfortable, scared or tired! Do you know how that feels? A-And, s-sometimes I’m just…sometimes I have days where I need someone. Because my brain is questioning everything and everyone. My brain goes into overdrive and suddenly I’m terrified we’re going to get a nuclear attack or I am gonna have like this… massive stroke! I have this severe anxiety and then come to the panic attacks. I have chronic. pain. I am not going to get better, it just a fact. And I hate that! I hate that so fucking much but it’s my life! I deal with it. I do what I can, but I will be damned if I drag someone I love into my personal hell, Christopher. You don’t need someone like me. You deserve a lot bet-”

“No, I don’t, Y/N because you’re mine. You are my woman. I love you, dammit! More than I ever thought I possibly could. I want to be here, there, anywhere you have to go! I want to be at your side. To help you through the pain, cheer you on as you continue getting your therapies. Baby, I don’t need anyone else. I don’t know how to convince you, darling… how can I get you to believe in me! Believe in the truth! There’s no one else I need or want. You’re my one, baby. You must know that, or at least feel that.” You shook your head, though, looking down at the blue tips of your hands, angry with Chris’s words. 

Standing up I went to walk away but halted, feeling that gnawing off my anger bubbling up in my stomach for some reason, this time I didn’t suppress it, I took it in and embraced that anger, letting it flood the room with my poisonous tone. Even Chris jumped when he heard my roar.


Tears streamed like rivers down your cheeks but you couldn’t care less, you felt broken and wanted help. You hurt and wanted to be cared for. You were exhausted to the point of just passing out on the floor. You wouldn’t even mind if that happened, though. It’d help in forgetting that this fight ever occurred.

Chris decided to come back at me one final time. Throwing his emotional pain into his words, finally letting me see an emotion I rarely saw in Chris; desperation.


When he stopped. It was like his final words did it for me, things clicked and I saw behind those blue eyes that he was telling the cold, hard, truth. He was leaving me, he wanted to be with me… and though those words didn’t make sense in my mind now, I felt comforted in a weird way, like I was actually… loved, by someone.

 We didn’t speak. we just let our bodies talk to us. 

Maybe it was the pain that finally got to her, letting her emotional barricade be broken down, allowing Chris to come over to her side of this violent, kitchen war. My legs were shaking and he could tell I was in immense pain from standing so long. Quickly he swept me up from the floor and into his arms. I relaxed into his chest while my arms hung around Chris’s neck.

He pecked my forehead steadily as he reached our bedroom, laying me down on the comforter while he searched for a blanket to cover me. I felt my eyes getting droopier and droopier by the second. Like they always say, you never know when you slip into sleep, it just comes over you and takes you in. I gladly let sleep take away me in, dissipating the pounding headache and throbbing limbs I was suffering with. I knew when  I woke up, he’d be right by my side. Things would be different, though, he’d know what’s happening, he’d be different when he talks about going out and doing active things. 

  Chris would take a while to mildly understand what my chronic pain felt like, but I would gladly wait with him as he learned from watching. He was a guardian for me, I guess. I could hold my own if I wanted too. But sometimes, you just want to be loved and taken care of.  


Looking at her, I studied her silently. She looked so… defeated. Defeated by her own body, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than getting fucked over by myself. Never being able to stop it. She closed her eyes slowly and let out a sigh of relief. From what? I don’t know. I silently padded around the bedroom, grabbing her two blankets and a glass of water in case she had a headache in the morning. Which normally was the case. Crawling onto the other half of the bed, I just… watched. I watched over her, feeling like I was protecting her from something. Maybe whatever I was protecting her from was all made up in my head, but frankly, I didn’t give a fuck. 

This was my woman, and I was going to care for her. Every moment, of every day. Because she deserved this.

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What you felt when you were with him

Ivar x Reader 

a/n: another bit of fluff, this might be a little different from the normal :) 

Originally posted by thefacesofdeath

You were waiting impatiently in front of the healer’s tent. You wrung your hands together nervously - you knew that Ivar was going to be alright, but knowing that he was in such deep pain and you could do nothing about him always bothered you greatly. You had always been aware of his existence, who in Kattegat didn’t know of the crippled prince who was destined to greatness and fame by the seer? However, you had truly met him during one of your raids. You were a fierce shield maiden, and although you might have not been the strongest, you were one of the deadliest due to your wit. All Viking warriors in their right mind respected your ideas and suggestions when it came to war strategy. In fact, you had been invited by the Ragnarsson’s to join them in dining so that you could discuss the plan of attack. You had arrived to their cabin on the large Viking ship, and opened the door swiftly and quietly without knocking; you wanted to see the way that they acted with each other so that you could better understand them - and pick enemies and allies. 
The scene in front of you was not entirely shocking, but not expected either. Ubbe and Hvitzervik were attempting to restrain Ivar, shouting loud curses at both him and Sigurd, who only kept encouraging the crippled man to a fight. Ivar’s knife whizzed by his brother’s head, missing it only by a few centimeters, only due to the fact that Sigurd had ducked last minute.

You coughed lightly, making everyone freeze. “You called me.” You cocked an eyebrow at the obviously dysfunctional family and began taking light and confident steps towards the center of the room.

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