let us make love not war


When we get caught up in the minutiae, the details that make us all different, there’s two ways of seeing that. You can see the texture of that person, the qualities that make them unique, or you can go to war about it, say, ‘That person is different from me, I don’t like you, so let’s battle.’ My mother is an ordained minister, I’m a Muslim. She didn’t do backflips when I called her to tell her I converted 17 years ago. But I tell you now, we put things to the side, I’m able to see her, she’s able to see me, we love each other, the love has grown. That stuff is minutiae. It’s not that important.


I had a lot of fun with this one @lilithsaur! I absolutely love this concept! ;) 

And for the record, I think the song “Irresistible” by Fall Out Boy describes the overall Reylo relationship perfectly: 

I’m gonna get you to burst just like you were a bubble
Frame me up on your wall just to keep me out of trouble
Like a moth getting trapped in the light by fixation
Truly free, love it baby, I’m talking no inflation
Too many war wounds and not enough wars
Too few rounds in the ring and not enough settled scores
Too many sharks, not enough blood in the waves
You know I give my love a four letter name

You’re second hand smoke, second hand smoke

I breathe you in, but, honey, I don’t know what you’re doing to me

Mon chéri, but the truth catches up with us eventually
Try to say live, live and let live
But I’m no good, good at lip service
Except when they’re yours, mi amor
I’m coming for you and I’m making war


Exo-l and armys are currently in war, i love bts and exo and it make me sad… that’s not what they want, they get along well, why it does not work with us? let us peacefully enjoy our hobby, It is such a beautiful thing and we can be proud of every Group and every idol, they all worked hard.

I didn’t WANT to talk about political things. I didn’t WANT to see it. But now I gotta address it. Because people are scared and if I’m being honest they have every right to be.

It is going to be a ROUGH four years for us. Very rough. Trump is shaping up to be the worst president we’ve ever had. I’m scared. You’re scared. We’re all scared. But right now we can’t afford to be scared.

You have to be brave. For you. For the people you love and who love you. You do not have to take this lying down and we should make ourselves heard. Be brave. Be loud. Be outspoken. Don’t let them take your rights away, cling to them kicking and screaming.

Trump impeachment is inevitable. Then we get Pence, which is almost definitely worse. We aren’t going to die, we likely won’t go to war, but things won’t be easy for us. Stay safe.

Unlike Cassie, unlike Tobias perhaps, I’m ruthless at times. But even I have enough sense to know the words “we have to win” are the first four steps on the road to hell.

Animorphs #17, The Underground


 I was Jake’s insurance policy. He thought maybe he wouldn’t have to use me. He hoped, anyway. But down deep he knew, and I knew, and we both hid the truth from the others because Cassie couldn’t let Jake make that decision, and Tobias couldn’t let me, and those two, by loving us, would have screwed everything up.

It was a war, after all. A war we had to win.

 Animorphs #54, The Beginning

To ALL of my Space Mum Siblings,

So Carrie is in hospital, and things are not great. But if she has taught us anything its that we need to be strong. Don’t let this tear you down into despair! Pray for her and her family, send them love (respectfully), make get well soon cards, share your favourite carrie memories! She has shown us that it is possible to take on the worst of life. Now its time to show her what were made of!

I am unashamed to say i am a christian. I believe that Jesus is the son of God, alive today and he can HEAL. So i will be proclaiming the following Psalm over Carrie and her family (and over myself) the bible says that when two or more are gathered together in prayer that miracles WILL happen. If you would like to pray for her, take something from out of this passage.

Psalm 91

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”

Surely he will save you
from the fowler’s snare
and from the deadly pestilence.

…You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.

A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.

…If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
and you make the Most High your dwelling,
no harm will overtake you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation.”

season 5 The 100: predictions

we have survived everything, living in space, the post apocalyptic world, wars with grounders and mountain men and the wave of radiation. We lost loved ones. We survived. 

Now what? We live. We rebuild. We make all out of nothing. Because we have hope and our fierce spirit of survival has gotten us this far. Now we really make this our home. We deserved it, all of us who are still left.  We inherited this earth. Let’s make this life worth living.

whoever rey’s mother is, please dont make her another dead mother trope we’ve seen countless times in movies. let her story be told. give us background and details about rey’s mother. let us know who she was and how much she loved luke and rey. and for the love of god let her be alive. star wars does not have a good track record with mothers, lets change that.

Dating Fred And George Weasley Would Include.....

•Fred and George constantly fighting over who gets you each day •You telling them to stop and wanting both of them •Late night trips to the kitchen •Pulling pranks on Filch together •Both of them holding your hands 24/7 •Throwing little bombs in Snape’s Office •All three of us serving detention •Them being clutchy and clingy when other guys are around •"I saw where those eyes were wandering!“ •"Both of you stop it! I love you and only you!” •Long and passionate kisses from both of them •Sometimes heated kisses when there’s nobody around •Constant cuddling in the Common Room •Pulling pranks on each other •PRANK WARS! •Them letting you run your fingers through their fiery hair •Sweet kisses for no reason at all sometimes •Always making up cheesy nicknames for each other •Them always leaving you notes and little gifts reminding you how beautiful you are and how much they love you •Saying ‘I love you’ all the time to each other •You trying to hide your hickies but never getting away with it •Instantly disliking Umbridge by first sight •Putting puking pastels into Umbridge’s tea •The twins getting angry when Umbridge uses her blood quill on you •Leaving with both of them when Umbridge invades Hogwarts •You and the twins opening up the Joke shop together •All three of you sleeping on the floor on the flat above the store •Tangled in both Fred and George’s arms making you fall asleep instantly •An unpredictable future with the both of them

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Talk rusame to me that i am feeling like crap

Ahh actually I don’t really have many headcanon for them but lemme think of somee

My Headcanon for them (or more like how my brain works to see hetalia to fit my OTP glasses):

- Being a helpless RusAme fan I am, I headcanon that the only person they really fell in love is each other. Like they’ve seen each other at their best and their worst, and felt like nobody else could understand them better than each other. They may have other relationships too with other nations, but no one else could make them fall in love like how they used to be in the past.

- So like, I always read canon hetalia comic strips where they’re hostile / passive aggressive with each other, as a defensive mechanism for them to lie to themselves that they dislike each other. Because yeah let’s face it, most of their bosses aren’t very keen with each other ever since Cold War, and that’s why the passive aggressive acts are helping them to dislike each other like their bosses do.

- But no matter what, the nostalgia of their warm relationship they had, and how their personality contrasted, makes them still attracted to each other. Like, that Paint it White movie where Alfred immediately went to Ivan after Japan is reluctant to be his sidekick. Like won’t Canada/England/France would be the logical choice for him after Japan instead of Ivan, his rival? I’d like to see him choosing Japan first, totally expecting him to reject him, so when he chose Ivan next, it won’t be very transparent that he wants to choose Ivan from the start. Like a camouflage sort of thing, haha.

- When interacting with each other after cold war, they’re always careful to slip in the “passsive aggresive bits” so to not make their true feelings shown. Like that comic strip where France found them chatting and eating happily together, but when France greeted them, Ivan spouted lines like he wants to break America’s glasses etc. I’d love to see it as his self defense to justify why he’s willingly spending his time chatting and eating with his rival. 

- Also that Busby chair episode? Of course I saw it as Ivan intentionally sat on the chair multiple times to prevent Alfred from sitting on it and so spared him from death/damage that Arthur intentionally hope to inflict on him.

- That episode where Alfred points to Ivan that he’s bad guy and always kiss people on first meeting? My RusAme glasses sees it as Alfred’s jealousy to see Ivan does the kissing to everyone and not just to him :)))

I know some/all of them could be considered far reaching but hey, it’s canon both of them is a great actor behind their cheerful faces, so it’s very probable what they do is not what their heart tells them to do hha.

Hope it suffices and hopefully it could make you feel better, Danie! :)

It’s Okay, I’m Here

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Author’s Note: This is a Jax Teller imagine based on 1+1 by Beyonce as requested by a wonderful Nonny as well as imagine number 3 for MM9. This imagine is rated M+ for Smut, hope you enjoy.

It’s Okay, I’m Here


If I ain’t got nothing
I got you
If I ain’t got something (I don’t give a damn)
‘Cause I got it with you
I don’t know much about algebra (but I know)
One plus one equals two
And it’s me and you
That’s all we’ll have when the world is through ('cause baby)

We ain’t got nothing without love
Darling you got enough for the both of us (so come on baby)
Make love to me
When my days look low
Pull me in close and don’t let me go
Make love to me
So when the world’s at war
Let our love heal us all (right now baby)

Make love to me (me, me, me, me) oh, oh
Make love to me


She paces the living room, heart pounding against her chest with every second that passes by that Jax isn’t home. He promised it would be a quick run; it’s been two days. Their love hasn’t always been an easy one, but to Ana’s way of thinking anything worth having is worth fighting for, and God knows they’ve fought.

Ana dials his number one more time and pressing the phone to her ear a breath catches in her throat when it goes straight to voicemail like it has been for last twelve hours.

“Jackson, please, please call me back,” her voice shakes as she fights not to cry. “I’m starting to get really scared, Gemma is going crazy, and Abel needs his Dad…you better fucking come home Jax.”

“Hey babe,” Jax’s voice comes from behind her and turning she finds him filling the door, soaking wet and ignoring the obvious splash of blood on his jeans he looks intact.

“Jax,” his name is a sob when she throws herself at him, arms wrapping tight around his neck, legs clenching like a vice around his waist. “Where the hell were you? Did you call your Mom?” The questions rush out of her mouth quicker than Jax can answer them so he presses his lips to hers, swallowing her words. The kiss makes almost every logical thought slip from her brain as he carries her to the couch, sitting with her pressed tight to his chest.

Her hands come up to hold his face and pulling away she looks into his eyes.

“Where were you?” she asks but he just shakes his head. He isn’t ready to talk about it, not yet. “You can’t do that to me, not ever again Jackson. I can’t imagine my life without you…”

“Shh darlin’, it’s okay,” he murmurs as his hands slip under her shirt, fingers brushing against her skin. “I’m here…I’m here…”


Hey, I don’t know much about guns but I
I’ve been shot by you (hey)
And I don’t know when I’m gon’ die but I hope
That I’m gon’ die by you (hey)
And I don’t know much about fighting but I
I know I will fight for you (hey)
And just when I ball up my fist I realize
I’m laying right next to you baby

We ain’t got nothing but love
And darling you got enough for the both of us

Make love to me
When my days look low
Pull me in close and don’t let me go
Make love to me
So when the world’s at war
Let our love heal us all (help me let down my guard)


Their bodies move together slow; a touch here, a whisper there. They’ve shared this dance countless times before, but she cherishes it every single time. Her head falls back when he slips the shirt over hear head, his face pressing to her chest, lips teasing her breasts. He draws moan after moan from her, and her knees threatening to buckle when he dips his fingers into her panties, a moan of his rumbling up from the back of his throat when he finds her already hot and wet.

“Ana,” he murmurs her name as he guides her back and when the back of her knees hit the edge of the bed it takes just a gentle push to her shoulder to have her on her back. He takes his time undressing her, fingers hooking into her panties and drawing them down her legs, and when her thighs instinctively press together he smiles.

He slips to his knees lifting one of her legs so it rests against his shoulder and turning his face he plants soft kisses from her ankle to her knee, smiling against her skin when she lets out a shuddering laugh, his cock growing harder when he teases the tender skin of her thigh a secret thrill racing through him on her sharp intake of breath when his tongue laps at her clit.

He loses himself in her; the only thing making any sense to him is the feel of her fevered skin under his hands and the sound of her moans rippling through the air, and when she shudders against him, coming again he drives himself into her, and covering her mouth with his he swallows her screams.


Make love to me (me, me, me, me) oh, oh
Make love to me (me, me, me, me)


How to be a better ARMY
  • Respect BTS’ privacy and personal space
  • If you see them in public, don’t stalk them, don’t disturb them and don’t scream at them
  • When they’re on vacation, let them enjoy it. They work a lot, so they deserve to have some rest
  • Don’t get involved in fan wars and stop fighting with other fandoms
  • Don’t cause any unnecesary drama
  • Ignore the haters - they’re not worth your time
  • Respect and love all members equally
  • Don’t send them dirty, disrespectful and rude messages on V App and Twitter. Same goes for Youtube comments
  • Stop attacking females they interact with
  • Always remember that they are humans too. They are not your property and do not belong to you
  • Support them and their work. They work so hard for us, so make sure they know how much we appreciate it

I feel like after recent events this had to be said

Avenger Preference- Would they let you fight in the civil war and what they'd be like

Bucky would let you fight with him but that decision wouldn’t come without a lot of anxieties for him, but Bucky being Bucky he’d try and hide that feeling to make you feel better.
“Alright, you can fight with us, but only because I’ll need your protection.” He says being cheeky, but you can see the fear in his eyes.

Sam loves you to pieces and knows that you can fight better than most people, but he’d want you to sit this one out.
“Baby, I love you and I know that you know that but I don’t want you fighting in this one. You’re strong and you’re brave but please, stay home.” He tells you with a smile on his face and little bit of worry in his eyes as he kisses your forehead.

Natasha would be terrified and would not want you to be involved in it what-so-ever.
“Please y/n stay out of this one. Please. You’ll only make this worse.” She tells you, starting to worry more and more.  

Steve would actually kind of want you there, he’d need you by his side and you’d need him by yours.
“Steve, I’m coming with you.” You tell him, looking at him right in the eyes.
“I know, I mean I really need you this time.” He tells you with a smirk on his face.

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Siths having a sleepover ?

liek omg sleepover!!!11!!

vader: since he doesn’t really sleep, he keeps watch over everyone in their sleeping bags, making sure sidious doesn’t do some creepy shit. orders pizza for everyone because deep down he is a Good Person™

sidious: attempts to put spice in everyone’s popcorn. really likes sausage pizza. loves to tell scary stories before people go to bed.

maul: reluctantly gives kylo a (temporary) Dathomirian tattoo on his face as a compromise for refusing to let kylo paint his claws with nail polish. eats all the pepperoni off the pepperoni pizza.

savage: gets bored with some of the sleepover activities, building a war scene using popcorn. (”The unseasoned kernels are the Jedi… and we are the powerful, flavored ones!!) eats an entire pizza by himself and falls asleep halfway through Lord of the Rings (Dooku’s choice)

asajj: offers to paint everyone’s nails, with only kylo and savage accepting said offer. draws on everybody’s faces while they’re asleep (vader lets her do it because it’s hilarious, and she leaves kylo out of it). suggests Resident Evil for movies to watch

dooku: embarrassed by this whole sleepover idea, refusing to sleep in a sleeping bag. pretends he’s the parent chaperone, but eventually gives in when they all settle down for a movie.

kylo: gets his nails painted B LA CK and tries to one-up palpatine with scary stories from creepypasta. actually forms a weird bond with asajj, talking about how dumb Lord of the Rings is and giggling about her pranks on everyone.

bonus!nihilus: totally engrossed in the movies, not moving an inch from his spot. one could almost swear he was…smiling behind the mask? palpatine’s “scary” stories make him laugh

Who’s That Shadow Holding Me Hostage by Romancemesomeziam

Word count: 42,625

Summary: He remembered spending hours at that same table, drawing until his fingers went numb, warm lips sometimes pressed to his neck as hazelnut kisses were exchanged. Zayn could still hear that mellow sultry voice whispering in his ear, how he worked too hard how he needed to take a break. He also remembered how those breaks often ended in the tiny bathroom meters away, clumsy make out sessions as large hands palmed his ass, grinding against him until he was breathless.

“Stop, “mumbled Zayn to himself as he stripped his soaked coat, hanging it on a vacant hook before taking a seat. Don’t do this yourself, he’s gone. He never came back.


(When Zayn is faced with the return of a man he loved but thought dead and now faces a battle worse than any war, a battle with Liam’s memory of him and their past.) 

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Oh God. I just realised. They gave Obi-Wan a love interest. Named Satine. Which was also the name of Ewan McGregor's love interest in "Moulin Rouge!". Where they are in a forbidden relationship. Which ends with her dying tragically in his arms. THEY WERE TOYING WITH US FROM THE START!

Oh yes, my friend, I know. The best part is that they’ve sworn up and down that is was “not intentional.” But I refuse to accept this answer. 

Team Star Wars was probably like, “Hey, let’s make it super sad because EVERYONE is here for Sad Kenobi, and while we’re at it let’s call her Satine! This’ll be a good way to ensnare those old ladies who liked the PT in their teen years and remember Moulin Rouge vividly, but are now off trying to be adults now.”  Or, y’know, something. ;) I might be over-personalizing this. 

Galen Erso’s ‘My Plans Will Go On’ !

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With love,
Liv and Xan


okay–so i finally got around to making some icons, and i’ve been meaning to do this for a while but i’ve been lazy and busy. once upon a time, i used to make my own personal icons, but ~lazy and busy~ anyway, here are some space princess leia icons you’re more than welcome to use, just like/reblog to let me know! ((:

(sidenote: i really love boushh leia)

Recs from HD Pet Fair #2

Under the Same Sky by Anonymous (38k)
“It wasn’t…” Malfoy stops and there’s something tentative in his voice, the hint of an apology in his words. “It was never about you, Potter.”
With memories of the war still fresh on his mind and Malfoy back in London, Harry’s past refuses to stay buried. As Harry tries to grapple with life and love, Malfoy seems determined to make him confront his deepest desires and Harry has to try not to lose his heart all over again.

My Notes: Personally, i don’t really care for pet play, but this story. This story gripped me, and absolutely refused to let me go. It was really fascinating, very well written and thought provoking!
I ended up quite liking the use of nonsexual pet play here. It was a great tool for Draco and Harry to let go and forget about their problems for a while. It was beautiful too see how much they’ve came to trust each other, how comfortable and safe it made them feel. Not the mention the delicious tension and playful banter between them! They were quite magnetic and so much fun together. :)

-> This fic is a part of the on going HD Pet Fair fest, i’ll be updating this with the authors name after the reveals on November 4th.