let us lay in the sun


A spell in two parts: a banishment to protect yourself from someone who has hurt you in the past, and a hex to be triggered should they try to breach the boundaries you set up. Created because I have reason to believe that an abuser from my youth has moved to my current city of residence.


🏮 Perform during the waning phase of the lunar cycle at sunset. A Saturday is preferable.

🏮 You will need: an incense stick (dragon’s blood if possible), salt, black pepper, garlic, thyme, some twine/string/yarn, iron nails, paper and pen, a small offering, water that is preferably from a running source such as a river, bay leaves, nettles.

🏮 You’ll also need a poppet or representation of the wrongdoer you are binding. It can be as simple as a paper cutout with their name on it, or as complex and personal as you’d like.

🏮 As always, adjust and experiment to suit to your own craft, path and situation.


🏮 Cleanse. Wash your hands thoroughly.  Light the incense. Imagine the smoke creating a protective barrier around yourself.

🏮 Create the poppet or representation of the person you are binding to the hex. Make sure to channel as much of them as you can into this representation, as well as the wrong they’ve done.

🏮 On a separate piece of paper, write a list of your terms. These are the conditions which they must not break, or else the hex will trigger. For example: “They will not look at me.” “They will not speak to me.” “They will not think about me.” “They will not cross me.” Always finish with the final condition: “They will never hurt me again.”

🏮 Take the twine/string and begin reading the conditions of the hex that you wrote aloud whilst tying knots into it. Tie a knot for every condition in order to seal it in as you read it aloud.

🏮 Fold up the list of conditions and tie it to the poppet with the knotted twine. Place the poppet down on a surface and sprinkle a mix of ground up salt, black pepper, garlic and thyme around it in a circle.

🏮 Lay down the iron nails around the poppet so that they “pierce” the circle, points inwards towards the poppet, one for each condition on your list. You can place a charged crystal at the head of each one for additional power if you wish. These are your hexes: you may rub spices or whisper malice into them as you will.

🏮 If it hasn’t already, focus on the binding of the hex until the incense stick goes out, layering up the energy. You may also use this time to focus on cleansing, healing, and moving on from the soon to be banished wrongdoer.

🏮 Lay out the small offering. I would recommend a shotglass of vodka, a egg cup of rice, or a tobacco cigarette. Depending on your path, the preferred offering may be different or an offering may be completely unnecessary.

🏮 Go to sleep. Let your mind be emptied of the one you are binding.

🏮 When the sun rises, the offerings will have served their purpose. Clean them away as appropriate. Then lift the poppet from the circle and dunk it in a jar of the water, followed by each of the nails. Add bay leaves and nettles. If it’s safe, you can detach the list of conditions and burn it instead of dunking it with the poppet.

🏮 Another cleansing of your hands to finish.

self care "(beauty)" tips

1. Ditch the overpriced products and make your own toner using apple cider vinegar and water.

2. Get a gentle cleanser, from brands like Cetaphil, CeraVe, and/or Simple Skincare for example.

3. Use two different towels for your body and for intimate when showering.

4. For soft hydrated skin use baby oil gel after a shower, if you are feeling like you need extra moisture, follow up with a good lotion by Vaseline or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.

5. Use an oil as a nightly moisturizer, yup, even if you already have oily skin. It helps give you a natural glow and hydrate your skin without being over powering. Some of the best oils are RMS beauty oil, Josie Maran’s Argan Oil, and more on the simpler side: any kind of vitamin E oil.

6. Use sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF as a daily moisturizer! Even if it’s a cold and dark day. UV intensity is always there and with protection you can prevent and subside acne scars and dark spots, as well as any sun damage to your skin.

7. Use an eye cream to combat dryness under your eyes and also for your makeup (if you wear any) to lay down smoother.

8. Let your boobs and your vagina breathe every now and then. You don’t always need to wear a bra or panties if you’re going to bed, and if you feel most comfortable with them, wear bralettes that aren’t overly tight, and loose cotton panties. Trust me, you’ll feel a bit freer.

9. Buy an at home foot-spa, ConAir has great ones for reasonable prices. Sometimes it’s good just to get home and have some you-time.

10. If drinking water is hard for you, make detox waters! You can google all kinds of recipes from adding simple cucumbers and lemon slices to even getting creative and adding watermelon and berries. It will get you more excited to drink water and also add some flavor if that’s what you need.

11. Massage your scalp. This increases blood flow and in result helps your hair to grow. If your goal is for hair growth, use one of your favorite hair growth products from oils/greased to massage into your hair as you do it. For example (and my favorite): Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

12. If your lips are chapped and it seems like even chapstick and lip balms aren’t having an affect, use a lip scrub and finish off with just a dap vitamin e oil.

13. Eat fruit. If you’re hungry and it’s late at night: eat fruit. If you’re hungry and there’s “no food in the house”: eat fruit. If you’re hungry but pressing on time: eat fruit. EAT FRUIT! EAT FRUIT! EAT FRUIT!

14. Moisturize your eyelashes. I know, it’s something we hardly think about. But we moisturize our hair and skin, think about how little we touch our lashes unless it’s with makeup? Moisturizing your lashes will stimulate growth and maintain its health. Vitamin E oil or a little dap of aloe vera gel would work.

15. TRIM. YOUR. ENDS. Don’t hang on to dead hair or split ends simply for length. Otherwise your hair will just keep breaking where it’s already broken and stay the same length that it is. Healthy hair is “good hair.”

16. If you have oily or acne prone skin use a very gentle but affective form of exfoliation every other day, such as a konjac sponge.

17. Remove makeup with micellar water, it’s super refreshing and will lift every bit of makeup from your face

Pictures on the wall - Bucky x Reader - Oneshot

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ I missed writing Bucky fanfictions. This fluffy happy feeling writing them is just lovely and a good distraction from everything else. I still got a lot of ideas to write and also requests to write which I try to write soon. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! ♥

Summary - With your polaroid camera you took many pictures already and hung them up your bedroom wall. Bucky coming to your room with a problem with his phone, seems to be quite interested in your pictures.

Words - 1,340

Warnings - FLUFF! *o*

Originally posted by seabasschino

“Hey, Y/N”, Bucky knocks on your door.

“Come in.”

You pause writing the report for Steve about the last mission and turn down the music a bit, so it’s still audible, but not to loud for a conversation. You look over to Bucky who comes into your room with his phone in his hand and a clueless face.

“What’s up, Buck?”

“I’ve got a problem with the phone again”, he admits, scratching the nap of his neck. You shake your head with a smile, put the laptop on your nightstand to move over to the edge of your bed.

“Come here”, you order Bucky, tapping the bed next to you for him to sit down.

“Why do you always come to me with these things actually?”, you ask, taking the phone and looking at it, trying to figure out the problem. “F.R.I.D.A.Y. can help you with these things, too.” “Yeah, I don’t know. I think you explain it easier”, Bucky laughs slightly embarrassed that he still has problems with today’s electronics.

“So what’s your problem?”

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Shit my physics prof says
  • “And that’s exactly why your hand is attached to your body and doesn’t randomly fly through the room!”
  • “Alright, just let me use my crossbow for this.”
  • “Did I just shoot you? I didn’t mean to shoot you!”
  • “Why wouldn’t you have a random morning star laying around?”
  • “Don’t fucking leave your spoon on the moon then!”
  • “I’m probably going to kill one of you. Anyone wanna go first?”
  • “It’s like you parked your car on the sun. Same result.”
  • “Who else am I going to ask how to get rid of a body then?”
  • “Math doesn’t have any feelings, but you can hurt it anyway.”
  • “Are we doing voodoo now? We’re doing voodoo now.”
  • “I pretty sure a demonic thing ate it. That’s the only explanation.”
  • “Like, imagine you go on a nice trip… but in space!”
  • “I wanted to tell you an epic story, but my wife said no, so the epic story didn’t even happen.”
  • “Of course we could always just set it on fire and see what happens.”
  • “Nothing to feel loved like talking to yourself in a room full of people.”
  • “Well, it’s supposed to be done that way but — scratch that, it never works.”
  • “You disturbed the monkey!”
  • “Why did none of you get me coffee. I hate all of you.”
  • “There’s three types of people. Star Wars fans, Trekies, and idiots.”
  • “No. I just like blowing stuff up.”
  • (Imitates chainsaw noises.)
  • “Oh, come on, you can’t all be saving Hyrule at the SAME time.”
  • “Everything gets better with breadsticks.”
Different Ways to Cleanse

Originally posted by ikemasda

   As we all know, there are many different ways to cleanse. You just have to find what you like, and are comfortable with. So here’s just a few ideas on how you can find your style of cleansing, but don’t forget to try your very own ideas!

Himalayan Salt Lamps

My family absolutely loves these, and I do too. These lamps are normally made from big hunks of Himalayan salt, and the natural colors are usually a mix of pink, peach and orange. But you can find special colored ones such as white and green online and even in some stores. Depending on the size, weight, and even color, the price range is usually anywhere from $15-$30 for a decent sized one. Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, Micheal’s Craft Store and even Walmart have them.

These lamps cleanse the  air of dust, pollen, and electrons and replace with protons, some say. They can even increase energy levels. They’re also environment friendly. With all the good stuff is can do, no wonder it can be used for cleansing…

I have a small/medium sized one in my room, and I charge and cleanse crystals with it, and other things such as charms. I just say whatever needs cleansing/charging near it and go about my day.


Note; some things should not be put into water, such as certain stones, etc.

As we all know, the Elements are known to be able to cleanse and charge objects. Water can be one of the easiest elements to cleanse with, since you can literally just put things in a bowl of water.

If you have certain stones that are safe to put into water, then try this;

1.Take a bowl

2.Put some warm water in it

3.Put some salt in the water and stir.

4.Put stone in water and let it sit.

5.Once done cleansing it, run it under water to make sure the salt doesn’t dry on the stone.

You can also cleanse things by just running it under some water (on high…if that makes any sense? Like, the water pressure is high, if you get what I’m saying.) You can even cleanse yourself with water while taking a shower. While showing, imagine all the negativity is washing away from your body, and into the drain.


I think Air is one of my favorite Element to use in witchcraft. It’s powerful, but also gentle. You can cleanse objects, and yourself, by going out on a windy day and just standing/laying there. Let the wind go through you, getting all the bad energies out of you. This is also the same with charging.

Moon & Sun

People seem to normally cleanse with the sun, and charge with the moon. I personally like the Sun better, but that’s just my opinion. Charge/cleanse things by putting them under the sun/moon as let it sit there. Some people say let it charge for 24 hours, but I think letting it soak up as much of the energy it can is enough.


The Element of Earth, you can cleanse with easily. Simply take your object, and bury it a couple inches and put dirt over it (don’t do this extremely close to your home.)

Note; you should not do this with certain objects.


There’s a lot of debate about using sage, but I’m not getting into it on this post. Certain incenses can be good for cleansing. Either using your sage/incense, cleanse your object by putting it into the smoke. You can cleanse your way like this too.


This is especially good for cleansing large areas such as rooms/buildings and spaces outside. I personally do use this way of cleansing, by using a tambourine  and/or a bell. You can also use your beautiful voice as well. Say a chant like “All negativity and evil is banished now leave” or something like that.

I was actually gonna make this post longer but im lazy af so yeah

journaling ideas/inspiration

So here’s a list of thing to inspire you, some are for drawings and other are for writing or both

1. angels/gods/feathers/wings

2. once when I was in a dream someone told me…

3. parallel universes (I’m right here why can’t you see/hear me)

4. cut out shapes from images (”there’s something missing”)

5. winter/summer sky at 5pm/5am/10am… (colors cut out from magazines or painted with watercolors/acrylics/whatever)

6. moments right before the storm, when everything is flying around, grey clouds, unrest

7.too tired to think ( random thoughts/pictures that go through my head right before I fall asleep)

8.illustrate a dream you had

9. what do you believe in ( about life/death, what comes after, meaning of it all…)

10. the butterfly effect

11.draw same thing in different mediums/ with left and right hand

12. favorite movie/series (favorite quote from it, scenes, how it made you feel)

13. what do you think about when you’re laying in dark,empty room

14. abandoned buildings/ playgrounds, empty train stations/parks, old houses

15. places where no one has been in a while and a nature got to it and grew all over the walls and floor, shattered glass, spider webs, sun rays shining through tree branches

these are just ideas and pictures in my mind I haven’t yet managed to put on paper and if anyone decides to use some of them and posts please tag me I’d like to see how you imagined it :)

if you like it let me know, I might make another one

The Price of Privilege - Part 2 (A Kyungsoo Series)

Exactly how many days of the entire four month period could you spend locked in your room?

Two. The answer was two.

May had ventured out long before you even considered leaving your bed; having diagnosed you with some terrible mental illness brought on by stress, she left in search of a cure.

She came back with cake and after a few sugary bites you decided a shower was in order.

With the cake came news from the rest of the mansion that you stuck your nose up at, refusing to hear anything about this terrible family that would raise a terrible son like the man you were betrothed to.

With the obvious plummeting of your mood since May had rescued you from that kitchen, she was certain that something awful had happened. But May, being May did not pry. She hugged you in your sleep and rubbed your back and brought you food and snacks and even offered to let you use her phone as much as you wanted to FaceTime with your sisters.

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what i wish they showed us after the party

Magnus fluttered awake, his arm laying on the bed warm from the morning sun. He stretched his ringless fingers into the empty space beside him. He frowned, the other half of the bed was empty and his neck ached from its position.

Where was Alec? Magnus’ heart skipped a beat but he let out a low sigh of relief once his eyes landed on the raven haired boy. Alec was also on Magnus’ side, his face nuzzled between the bed and Magnus’ chest. Focusing on Alec’s steady breathing, Magnus regained his composure. There was a moment of panic where Magnus had thought Alec had left. Alec’s arm was wrapped around Magnus’ torso, their toes only just grazing each other. They fit together perfectly.

Magnus leaned his head forward into Alec’s mop of hair and took in a large breath, inhaling his scent. He didn’t smell of much. But the scent of safety and comfort filled Magnus enough to last a lifetime. And Magnus had a long lifetime. All Magnus wanted to do was protect this boy, but it seemed to be getting harder by the minute.

Alec stirred awake just a few moments later, stretching his toes away from Magnus and back again. Alec lifted his heavy head and laid it down on top of Magnus’ chest, squeezing his eyes tightly before slowly opening them and fixing them to the brown pair. Alec sent him a lazy smile which Magnus reciprocated. Neither of them spoke, neither needed to do. They basked in the sunlight, staring at each other for what felt like hours until Alec rolled his head away from Magnus, his lips and nose pressing against Magnus’ skin. Magnus’ hand reached out for the boy’s hair and ran them through it, playing with it as Alec left small kisses on Magnus’ ageless skin.

“I wish we could stay like this forever,” Alec whispered, tickling Magnus with his breath. Magnus smiled. He noticed Alec’s finger drawing circles in the bed next to him, picking at the strings on the sheets. It was a nervous tick that Magnus had picked up on.

“How are you feeling today?” he asked Alec who immediately stopped his hand movements, moving his slender fingers to Magnus’ torso where they lay still.

“Great,” Alec said with a smile that was convincing nobody. Magnus raised an eyebrow at Alec who let out a long sigh and a ghost of a smile. Magnus sat further up against his bed, allowing Alec’s head to fall onto the pillow. Magnus leaned on his elbow to get a better sight of Alec who looked straight up at the ceiling.

“Alexander, talk to me,” Magnus murmured softly. He knew how much Alec was hurting everyday even if he never shared his feelings. Part of Magnus wished Alec would tell him everything but part of him respected Alec’s privacy. Alec simply shook his head and reverted his eyes from Magnus’. His hand immediately went back to to drawing circles into the bed sheets. Magnus hastily reached his hand out to Alec’s and interlaced their fingers to try and ease his nervousness. He knew when Alec was overthinking things. “Alec you can’t keep bottling up your feelings, you’ll explode. You saw the lengths it took you to at the party.” Magnus swallowed, remembering the way his stomach had dropped as he watched Alec almost slip away from his grasp. Alec sighed.

“I just want to run away from everything, everyone,” Alec whispered. Magnus felt his heart clench but let him continue. “I know I said there was a war going on but I just can’t take it anymore. I’m tired, Magnus.” Alec twisted to look at him. “Everybody thinks I’m stronger than I am. They look at Jace, headstrong, a machine. And assume I’m the same just because we’re parabatai. They couldn’t be more wrong.” Alec swallowed. “What I would give to be a mundane right now,” he murmered.

“Alexander, you are one of the strongest people I know. It’s okay to break every now and then. Just don’t let yourself shatter. Not when you have me.”

Alec’s bottom lip quivered as he stared at Magnus. He was sure no one else existed in that moment. “Run away with me, Magnus,” he whispered. Magnus chuckled and squeezed an arm around Alec’s torso, bringing him up to his level. He pressed a kiss onto Alec’s head, inhaling his safe scent once again. He pulled away in order to rest his head on Alec’s.

“You know we can’t actually do that, right?” Alec’s smile faltered and he nodded.

“Yeah, I know,” he stated. “Maybe one day.” Alec’s smile didn’t return to his face so Magnus decided to lighten the mood.

“Come on.” He pulled on Alec’s arm to sit him upright. “I’ll make breakfast… and we can make plans for when we decide to run away.” Magnus smirked at the boy and turned away to sit on the edge of the bed. Alec reached down to the shirt on the floor, lazily throwing it on without checking that it was on inside-out. Magnus carefully buttoned up a blue silk shirt before running his hands through his hair to flatten it.

Alec admired the way Magnus effortlessly cleaned himself up and the way he delicately slipped his rings onto each finger. They glistened in the sunlight as Magnus snapped his fingers and whipped a pair of pants over to Alec. “I don’t need magic to tell when I’m being watched,” he quipped, twisting his head over to Alec’s gaze. He rose both eyebrows at him in question as he smirked.

Alec chuckled to himself, a hand rubbing over his face as if trying to rid it of the permanent grin that had formed. Alec felt like the luckiest man alive sometimes. Magnus motioned his head towards the kitchen, silently scolding Alec to get out of bed.

“Alright, I’m up, I’m up!” Alec exclaimed. He could never get bored of waking up next to Magnus.


I’m obsessed with this song. Reminds me of Camren so much…

I know
We belong here
I’m searching for a reason to come home
I won’t let
Our hearts grow old
Until we’re all alone
And all we have is all we’ll ever need

I know we aren’t
Where we said we’d be
When we were 17
But I feel safe here
Lay with me
The stars watch us tonight

I’ll stay
For as long as you will know
I’m searching for a reason to call home
And I won’t
let our hearts collide
Until the moment’s right
And all we are is all we’ll ever be

I know we aren’t
Where we said we’d be
When we were 17
But I feel safe here
Lay with me
The stars watch us tonight
& that’s okay with me

Tell me all your secrets
Till the sun comes up
Know that I will keep them
Til’ we are old enough

Show me all your pictures
Of how we fell in love
So we can go back to the start

Lay, my, heart
By your side tonight

We, seem, to
Believe in a better life

Place, my, hand
By your heart tonight

Feel, your, heart
Beat as we shut our eyes

Tell me all your secrets
Till the sun comes up
Know that I will keep them
Til’ we are old enough

Show me all your pictures
Of how we fell in love
So we can go back to the start…

Hard Headed

Prompt: Imagine overworking your powers because you’re afraid of disappointing Charles, bu because of that, you collapse when working with him

Pairing: Charles x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, probably

Notes: Thank you to @marvel-imagines-marvel-fandoms for inspiring me and letting me use these! And not beta’d so if it sucks, that’s why. Thank you for reading!


Laying in the warm sun on an open patch of the garden, with your eyes closed, you let your mind drift. You didn’t think about all the assignments due by the end of the week, how you missed your family, how your powers were enough to make you a freak but not enough to do anything. Every other student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters was amazing. Everyone had a special power or mutation that made them helpful, powerful…meaningful. And here you were, a simple telepath with weak electricity manipulation. You could barely guess the number someone was thinking when they asked you to nor could you barely get a spark going. Your powers were found out when a guy pushed you in a pool a year ago in your second year of college and the thrill jolted your powers, causing everyone in the pool to be electrocuted. They were okay but you weren’t–you’d never be the same after that moment. The juice wasn’t strong enough to hurt anyone badly, just enough to jounce them.

Being that you were a telepath, the head professor, Charles Xavier, took to training you. It was the most daunting task you’d ever faced. He was handsome, clever, incredibly gifted and intelligent, and you were somehow supposed to focus on your weak powers around him. Charles had discovered that your telepath powers came at a much younger age but you didn’t realize it. All this time you thought knowing the things you did were commonplace. You always knew what you were getting for Christmas or for your birthday or what really happened to that pet goldfish of yours. You thought you just had an uncanny ability to tell when people were lying, but the actuality of it was you could some how feel the truth in their thoughts.

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Lord of Thorns (Chapter Nine)

Some lovely fluffy feels this chapter. Peter getting to take care of Wade. Wade getting all schmooshy and adorable. They are the cutest.


Enjoy :)
A marigold, in vivid orange joined the lavender and the forget me not on Peter ribs, and he touched the bloom carefully, smiling because he knew it was because of Wade.

“You missed breakfast.” He scolded teasingly when Wade finally showed up in the library the next morning. Peter had switched sections, pulling several novels and settling into one of the small balconies, reclined comfortably in a stack of pillows. “Where were you?” His eyes were lit with anticipation, and he was already reaching out for Wade, anxious to kiss him, to get close to him, to repeat what had happened last night.

“Rough night.” Was all Wade said, his voice tense and he flinched hard when he sat.

“You’re hurting.” Peter sat up in concern, all thoughts of anything else pushed from his mind. “Last night they–” but he didn’t have to ask because he could see the thorns that had crept up to Wade’s ears, curling around the lobes like earrings, almost touching the edge of his face.

“Rough night.” Wade repeated and leaned against the balcony rails.

It had taken him by surprise, when the ache started deep in his bones late last night. He had lay on the floor and screamed into a pillow until his throat was raw, unwilling for Pete to hear him, unwilling to put Pete through seeing him like that again. Then he had cried into his bed, terrified because it had been so much worse this time, and he was afraid that it would take him over before he had the chance to tell Peter… anything.

“You could have called for me.” Peter was whispering, horrified, thinking of Wade going through so much pain alone. “I could have mixed up some cream and helped or–or– oh Wade.” He wanted to touch so badly, but didn’t want to cause any more pain, so he dropped his hands back into his lap. “What can I do? What can I do to help?”

“It’s fine.” But Wade’s jaw was clenched and his body stiff and Peter hurt for him.

“Um. Can I kiss you good morning?” Peter hesitated a little before reaching for Wade’s hand. “I mean can we–are you hurting too much? Can I– I just want to–”

“Come here, Pete.” Wade turned just enough to press their mouths together in a short kiss, then fell away, too sore and worn out to do much more than that. “You can always kiss me good morning. Never gonna tell you no.”

“Come to my room then.” Peter decided. “Come to my room and we can lay down together and I can–”

“Pete, I don’t think–”Wade shook his head. He wanted so badly to just curl up and cry into Peter’s lap because it hurt so much he could barely breathe through it. But he didn’t want Peter feeling like now that they had… gone further together that now he had had to comfort Wade physically. He wanted Peter to touch him because he wanted to, no other reason needed. “We don’t need to–”

“You just said you were never gonna tell me no.” Peter said triumphantly. “You just said that.” and Wade chuckled, painfully though, as the movement jolted his ribs, pulling and stretching at the newly sensitive skin.

“You are a brat, Pete.” but he struggled to his feet and let Peter take his hand to lead him out of the library and up to his room.

Wade stretched out on the soft bed and Peter disappeared for a few minutes to mix up some more of the cream he had used the previous night. When he returned, he didn’t even say anything, just motioned for Wade to pull his shirt off and set to work on the newest thorns.

Wade lay there silently, tears leaking from the corner of his eyes as the pain finally eased.

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check | ivar ragnarsson

third part in a series

first part: see the whole board

second part: middlegame

The ground was sodden underfoot. The mud had been churned up by boots and wheels and hordes of men battling. Bright pools of blood lay in the hollows, growing as they progressed deeper into the field. More men lay here too, and you slid about them, grasping your dampening skirt hems up about you as you pushed on through the scatter of bodies.

The corpses made for a morbid forest, trunks laying where they fell, mottled and twisted from the storm. Some lay with their eyes open, leaking their death breaths from their lungs, which were often pierced with snapped off arrows, pointing high to the sky.

You tried not to look at their faces but in your haste to move across the field you found yourself having to pay attention to the footing you took. Limbs lay like brambles, tangling up the ground, making your progress slower than you would have liked. Your breath heaved from the effort and the worry and you buckled over, hands braced at your knees, eyes to the earth.

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Things I Love
  1. Laying in a field in the middle of summer with my eyes closed letting the warm breeze run across my face.
  2. Staying up until 3 am to finish a good book.
  3. Waking up to the sun shining through my window on Saturday and making pancakes.
  4. Baking while I’m home alone.
  5. Staying up until the next day to talk to friends.
  6. Wrapping up in blankets fresh out of the dryer on a cold night.
  7. Taking long baths while listening to music while using bath bombs/bubble bath.
  8. Buying excessive amounts of notebooks and pens while school shopping.
  9. Jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day and into a warm pool on balmy summer nights.
  10. Having enough ideas to be able to write for hours on end.
  11. That feeling in the air on Halloween a few hours before trick or treating starts.
  12. Strolling through Christmas light displays with a cup of hot cocoa.
  13. Sleepily watching movies on the couch on a long weekend.
  14. Visiting Universal Studios or Disney World and the overwhelming happy feeling i get when i walk through the gate.
  15. The open feeling of a finally, entirely cleaned bedroom.
  16. Listening to my friends get excited and watching them light up as they talk about their favorite things.
  17. Opening up packages from online shopping.
  18. The feeling of leaving your tummy behind when you take off and land in an airplane.
  19. Finding perfect fruit.
  20. Days when everything sees to have a blanket of calm and quiet over it.
  21. Thinking about getting to live with my best friend when we’re on our own for college.
  22. Planning out my future apartments design/furniture.
  23. Rolling around in a just made bed with fresh sheets.
  24. Pens that write really well and fit perfectly in your hand.
  25. Hella rad, hella dark, matte red lipstick.
  26. The smell of espresso/coffee.
  27. Plush and squishy duvets.
  28. Using brand new mascara for the first time.
  29. Warm Butterberg that leaves behind a whip cream mustache when you drink it.
  30. Cold weekends when i can sit outside and see my breath in the air.
  31. Girls nights in with starbucks, soda, baked goods, and cheesy movies.
  32. Seeing my friends succeed at things they’ve worked hard on.
  33. The feeling when someone lightly traces their fingers down my back/across my hips.
  34. Sharing a bed with my friend and just knowing they’re right beside me.
  35. Having someone play with my hair.
  36. Hoodies that fit loosely and hang to my knees.
  37. Wearing my boyfriends hoodies that still smell like him.
  38. Mashed potatoes.
  39. Buying something expensive with money I’ve earned.
  40. Songs split for headphones, particularly ones that play the acoustic version in one ear and the original in the other.
  41. Doing my eyebrows perfectly.
  42. Falling asleep to music or my favorite youtubers videos.
  43. Wearing super cute beanies.
  44. The smell of Hot Topic hair dye.
  45. Having “girl talk/gossip” time.
  46. Risking only getting 4 hours of sleep to talk to a select few people.

anonymous asked:

Can we get some fluff tythan? Like a date to a park with flowers and light kisses?


-let’s pretend that LA has actual seasons like here on the East Coast or Europe
-Tyler and Ethan go on walks to the park nearly every day, for either a casual stroll or a date
-They always hold hands, unless they’re out for a run (or if it’s summer)
-They bring Chica with them whenever they can
-The park has a giant pond with ducks that Ethan likes to feed
-The park management gets pissed about the fact that they’ll climb the trees all the time

-Tyler likes to take advantage of the nice days and will often drag Ethan out for a morning run
-Tyler carries tissues in case Ethan reacts badly to the pollen
-During the day, Ethan loves to take pictures of the flowers and the baby ducklings
-He always gets too close to the young birds and the parents will angrily chase him so he jumps on Tyler like “run fucking run”
-Tyler is actually surprisingly good at making flower crowns and bracelets and will pick buttercups and daisies to string them together
-Tyler will also bring him actual bouquets of flowers
-When the wind picks up, the cherry blossoms will fly everywhere like snow and they’ll sit under the trees while Chica happily runs around
-Them kissing under all the blooming trees
-After a movie date they’ll come to the park when it’s like dark and stuff because they can see the stars and it’s very quiet and peaceful
-Ethan secretly still plays Pokemon Go but you can hear the little ding whenever an egg cracks and he gets all flustered about it like “aaa sorry” but Tyler just kind of takes his phone out to show that he also has the app running
-Tyler pushes Ethan on the swing set and sometimes they’ll sit in one of those spinning things and see how fast they can make it go
-If the forecast says that there will be rain, Tyler will bring an umbrella for them to share
-When it just rains without warning they just kind of flit from tree to tree and they laugh a lot about it and when they get home they towel each other dry

-Ethan just wants to stay inside with the air conditioning because he’s still not used to hot summers
-Tyler makes them go out anyway, especially if he knows that Ethan will have a busy day recording ahead of him
-Tyler makes sure Ethan is absolutely covered in sunscreen so that blue boy doesn’t burn
-Ethan complaining about it a lot and refuses to let anything touch him because he is sticky and feels like the sun is out to kill him
-Tyler always packs a picnic with like sandwiches and cool drinks
-Ethan finds the absolute shadiest/coolest spot in the whole park and demands that they lay the blanket down there
-Tyler gets really calm when it’s hot so he’ll immediately take a nap shirtless and sometimes Ethan takes a nap with him but he usually stays awake to watch Chica
-Ethan has one of those handheld tourist fans (that don’t really do anything and are scams tbh) pointed at his face 24/7
-He lives for those small refreshing breezes
-Tyler’s actually lowkey really scared of bees and fireflies so he’ll quickly move away if one gets too close
-Meanwhile Ethan’s over here, letting them land on his skin and trying to convince Tyler that they won’t hurt him
-Tyler buys them ice cream and Ethan’s trying to eat his as fast as he cans because it melts so quickly
-Tyler’s like “this is why I got my ice cream in a cup” but Ethan argues that it’s not a proper scoop without a waffle cone
-The sun sets really late in the day so they stay out a lot longer than usual
-Sometimes the park has like? An outdoor movie thing? That they’ll go to at night and it’s really cute

-Eth and Ty enjoying the leaves, taking pictures of each other in it, making leaf piles
-Tyler makes leaf crowns for himself because he thinks they suit him better than flower crowns
-Chica likes the leaves too
-During fall harvest festivals they go to those market things and buy autumn things
-Ethan makes Tyler buy him the biggest pumpkin and they eat squash soup or whatever
-Tyler buys those apples that taste the best in autumn and he makes his own apple cider out of them
-Ethan and Tyler on a hay ride and Ethan just tosses the shit everywhere
-Ethan gets too excited about Halloween tbh he starts singing the songs in September
-Pumpkin carving feat tythan in which Ethan aims for a scary face design and Tyler aims for like. A graveyard landscape
-Tythan going out to stores to pick out decorations and costumes for each other
-They get a couple costume because they’re cute like that (what ship though that’s the question I’m a big fan of Harley!Ethan but?? oh I knOW THEY TOTALLY COSPLAY AS SPIDEYPOOL because!!! Idk with the size difference I think it fits pretty good and ye acrobatic Ethan and heart of gold Tyler)
-Ethan being on a sugar high after eating all of the carefully sorted Halloween candy and Tyler’s just like pls it’s five go to bed
-Tythan getting ready for thanksgiving, just cooking together and stuff
-They try to make everything from scratch because it’s more fun tbh
-Tyler has a “kiss the cook” apron and he’s always pulling Ethan away when blue boy tries to taste the gravy or apple pies or whatever
-Ethan runs off with the cranberry sauce
-Thankful boys
-Walks in the park in the crisp autumn air in which the strong wind blows leaves everywhere
-Um idk if this happens in America but in Germany the young ones come out en masse and collect a bunch of chestnuts so I just want Ethan dragging Tyler out and forcing him to hold like a wicker basket while Ethan just excitedly darts around and comes back with armfuls of chestnuts
-“I’m not helping you prepare these” sure Tyler

-Ethan and Tyler cuddled up in blankets with mugs of hot chocolate (this is canon though bless)
-Chica enjoying the snow!! Ethan enjoying the snow (they both like catching snowflakes on their tongue)!! Tyler not enjoying the snow because he is cold but as long as Ethan’s there he’s happy
-Ethan is always pelting Tyler with snowballs and making snow angels and entire armies of snowmen
-Ethan makes a big snowman and just puts a beanie on it “it’s you Tyler”
-Them going ice skating over the frozen lake and Tyler being a very cautious boy while Ethan’s doing all of these tricks and going really fast because ice skating is big in Maine and he’s acrobatic I recommend him for figure skating
-Ethan holds Tyler’s hand like “it’s okay” but then he just drags him along because it’s easy on ice and Tyler’s like !!!!! Too fast
-Ethan’s nose and cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink in the cold
-Ethan steals Tyler’s beanies during the winter to keep his ears warm and buys both of them scarves with pictures of cacti or doggos on them
-Does America have Christmas markets? Idk but it’s basically like a bunch of outdoor stalls where you can buy a lot of things like semi precious stones and intricate wooden boxes and glass bird figurines and honey candles and there’s always Christmas music playing and a constant smell of Glühwein and frying Kartoffelpuffer it’s great
-But anyway tythan going to one of these and they hold hands while they browse the stalls
-They find a lot of cool things so basically Christmas shopping for the gang
-Mark’s house is honestly filled to the brim with mistletoe because they’re all little shits. The mistletoe is legit everywhere you can’t walk two steps without encountering another bushel of it (there’s some in the fridge too why)
-Tythan decorating the tree!!! And explaining the story behind specific ornaments because many ornaments will usually have some story tied to it
-Ethan excitedly running down to the stairs with Chica on Christmas morning and Tyler’s really tired like pls why
-New Years kisses!
-Ethan sledding down a hill and falling on his ass and when Tyler laughs at him Eth tries to tackle him so just laughing boys rolling around in the snow
-Tyler just wants winter to end tbh because while he’s a fan of the winter Starbucks flavors he doesn’t like the cold

Would You Be My Wife? (Part 1)

Summary: Bucky needs a way to get rid of his one night stands and decides to offer you a place to stay in exchange for you to pretend to be his wife who has caught him cheating. (Modern-Day AU drabble series)

Word Count: 845

Warnings: None.

A/N: I can only write drabbles right now so have this, guys.

Originally posted by bovaria

Bucky stared at the woman as if she had grown another head overnight. She had been a fantastic lay, but it was now morning and Bucky’s affections ended as soon as the sun peeked through the horizon, its rays lighting up the sky and creeping into his bedroom. Bucky tried to pry her away from him, but her grip was tight and she was determined to use his bare chest as a pillow.

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Happiness is...

▪ seeing an old friend
▪ the sound of crackling fire
▪ the first snow of the year
▪ finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag
▪ when you find a pen that has perfectly flowing ink
▪ the sound of autumn leaves crunching under your feet
▪ watching the stars sparkle along the dark sky
▪ winning a game of Mario Kart
▪ the fresh smell of bread
▪ being tagged in memes by your best friend
▪ leaping onto your bed after a long, tiring day
▪ the soft feeling of brand new socks on your feet
▪ watching cat and dog videos on YouTube late at night
▪ smiling back at that kind stranger walking down the street
▪ eating your favourite meal
▪ coming first in a kahoot
▪ exploring unexplored places
▪ the excitement you get listening to your favourite singer’s new song
▪ perfectly roasting your marshmallow
▪ passing that class you always hated
▪ seeing people help each other
▪ the smell of clean bedsheets
▪ laughing till you can feel abs forming
▪ the feeling of relief after handing in an assessment
▪ the feeling of warm sand between your toes when you go to the beach
▪ finding a dollar on the ground
▪ sleeping in on a cold winter morning
▪ long, warm baths
▪ getting an A on that assessment you worked so hard on
▪ seeing an extremely attractive person
▪ confessing your love to your idol at a concert
▪ the sound of raindrops tapping your roof
▪ being able to click ‘next episode’ on your favourite series
▪ accomplishing that goal you set for yourself
▪ watching fireworks bring colour to the night sky
▪ receiving random gifts even if they’re small
▪ when your friend offers you their food
▪ finishing your favourite book for the 6th time
▪ finally getting that phone call you’ve been waiting for
▪ being able to take a nap
▪ being able to understand that maths question
▪ when your boss says you can leave early
▪ finally being able to afford that thing you’ve been saving up for
▪ going on unplanned trips
▪ receiving compliments
▪ seeing that package you ordered in front of your door
▪ taking in the scenery of your favourite season
▪ walking out of the school gates on the last day
▪ going to an all you can eat buffet
▪ having that “lightbulb” moment
▪ the taste of mac and cheese
▪ eating a family sized block of chocolate by yourself
▪ knowing you don’t need to wake up early the next day
▪ payday
▪ going out to see a movie - whether you’re going with friends or alone
▪ putting together a bomb ass outfit
▪ the sunlight leaking through your blinds in the morning
▪ when you walk through a mall and everything is on sale
▪ the feeling after an intense workout
▪ receiving an unexpected but cute message
▪ the feeling of fairy floss melting in your mouth
▪ the soft, smooth feeling after shaving
▪ when someone finds your joke funny
▪ finding a new series to watch and all the episodes are already released
▪ the fizz and aesthetic of when you use a bath bomb
▪ finally being able to have time for yourself
▪ being able to spend money on those you love
▪ waking up to beautiful clear skin
▪ perfectly winging your eyeliner
▪ rainbows
▪watching the sunset or sunrise along the beach
▪ the feeling of clean hair
▪ when you get offered free food samples
▪ when your phone is fully charged
▪when your Wi-Fi connection is strong
▪the excitement of new earphones when you get a new phone
▪ having phone calls that last for ages
▪ laying on the grass having the warm sun shine on you
▪ the sweet taste of caramel popcorn
▪ finally having the courage to let go of something that’s been hurting you
▪ finally completing that boss battle
▪ cooking yourself a delicious meal
▪ eating cereal at night
▪ being able to help someone in need
▪ holding a warm mug of hot chocolate
▪ finally being rap that one part in that song
▪ when a puppy comes up to you and let’s pet it
▪ sliding down the steepest slide at the water park
▪ waking up on Christmas morning
▪ turning yourself into a burrito using your blanket
▪ when people realise your efforts
▪ building a fort with your pillows and blankets and napping inside it
▪ binge watching a tv series
▪ being able to sleep knowing you’re safe from danger
▪ realising that you can do whatever you want in life. it doesn’t matter if people judge you.
▪ knowing that there are so many more reasons to be happy that you haven’t explored yet

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Dream Walker (Dean)

Summary: Soulmate AU in which you can speak to your soulmate in dreams and experience their dreams with them. You can feel physical and emotional feelings too, and if they die without warning, it is likely you will die as well..

When: End of Season 2 and skipping to the end of Season 3

Word Count: 2170

A/N: My first ever Dean Winchester fic. Hopefully there will be more! I literally cried while writing this and I hope you darling readers feel the same emotion behind it. 

Warnings: A shit ton of angst and I swear

Italics are reader POV or flashback, everything else is Dean

Enjoy and reblog my friends :)

Originally posted by all-you-need-is-spn

“Hey there hot shot,” she smiles at me. She is bathed in a warm glow that I have come to associate with this place.

“Hey yourself gorgeous,” I reply with a small smile and a sigh.

Every night we start like this. And it’s the best night of my life every night that I see her shining face. The life Sam and I live, we don’t have time for dating or chicks besides one night stands. But now that I have Y/N, I don’t even do that anymore. Why would I need to hook up with random girls in bars when Y/N is waiting for me every night in my dreams?

I go to her, kiss her deeply and hold her tight to my chest. I haven’t slept in 2 days, I’ve missed her, and she can tell.

“You wanna talk about it Dean?”

I can barely hear her, her face is buried in my chest. That’s one of my favorite things about Y/N. She never pesters me about what happened or what’s wrong. She just knows that something is off and let’s me tell her about it on my terms. When dad died I was angry and guilty and she didn’t even ask about it. She just held me and told me she loved me.

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