let us lay in the sun

Rest Easy

Summary: Newt tries to help you overcome your nightmares.

Warnings: None? Mentions of insomnia and nightmares, but nothing graphic

Word count: 2500

A/N: This is my first Newt fic, so please let me know how I did! I really want to write his character properly and I’m not so sure I have, but I hope you enjoy this none the less! ((Also I’m not tagging anyone from my usual list because I’m not sure if ya’ll will want to read something not Marvel related :D))

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Sleeping wasn’t your forte, to put it lightly. You had gotten used to the idea of your brain being against you when the sun went down, but that didn’t make it any easier to close your eyes and lay awake for hours on end, nor did it help when you woke up, freezing and sweating at the same time, praying that whatever just happened in your head would stay in your head.

And most of the time Newt wasn’t there to witness you gasping for breath or clinging to the sheets like they were the closet door separating you from a murderer.

Tonight, however, he was. Newt had been on the hunt for a quiet place to hunker down and put some much needed touch ups on his book, so he thought where better than with you, one of his few friends and longtime crush. You had accepted him into your flat with open arms - because who could say no to that nervous grin? - and got him all set up on the couch. Usually you would’ve put him in your bed, but he refused to let you “lose precious sleep over him”. Though if you lost any sleep, you knew it would be to anything but Newt Scamander.

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“don’t let me go, hold me in your beating heart, I won’t let go, forever is not enough, let me lay my head down on the shadow by your side, don’t let me go, hold me in your beating heart”

“it’s all gone wrong, heaven hold us, we’ve lost the sun, heaven told us, the world was strong, heaven hold us, where do we go when it’s all over?”

Goodbye, For Now

Two o’clock in the morning on a Wednesday night and here you were, alone again.  Sleeping by yourself had become your new normal, so it was no surprise that J let you down once again.  Every night for the past three weeks he had been going out to the club for “business” promising to be home by eleven, but by eleven he meant more like four or five when the sun was coming up.

You sat against the headboard of your massive black silk covered bed and sighed, laying your head in your hands.  What am I doing? You thought to yourself.  Life used to be so simple.  Sure, you had never experienced happiness like when you were with J, but maybe it was time to let him go.  You knew he was slipping out of your fingers more and more with every day that passed, so it was only a matter of time before you’d lost him completely.

You heard the front door open and slam shut, footsteps stomping their way to J’s office.  Without thinking about what you were going to say to him, you got out of bed and made your way out of the bedroom and down the hall.  When you reached his office door you entered without knocking.  He doesn’t respect me, why should I respect him?

You shut the door and J looked up at you as he removed his purple coat, throwing it on top of his desk.  He looked disheveled and drunk.  Great. 

“What do you want?” He hissed at you, sitting down in his large chair and grabbing the bottle of whiskey that he always kept on his desk.

You stepped towards him tentatively, “You said you’d be home at eleven….”

He glanced at the clock as if he had no idea what time it was before rolling his eyes and cracking his neck, “Did I?  I don’t recall.”  He responded sarcastically before taking a large drink from the glass bottle.

You didn’t know what to say.  You should’ve just walked out of the office and gone back to bed but something about the interaction made you want to express what had been on your mind for weeks, “Are you cheating on me?” Your lip trembled.  Keep it together, Y/N.  You can’t show him how weak you feel.

“Get the fuck out of my office, Y/N, jesus.  I just got home from a long night, I don’t need you bugging the shit out of me the second I walk in.” J said, getting aggravated. 

“You smell like sex.”  It was out of your mouth before you could think about the repercussions.  J shot up out of his chair and grabbed your arm, pulling you so you were leaning over the desk.

“I bet you like that, don’t you baby.” He whispered, not taking your allegation seriously.  Drunk J was not who you wanted to deal with, especially not when you had real concerns with your relationship.

You put both of your hands on his shoulders and pushed him off of you as hard as you could, “Get away from me.” You replied as tears of realization filled your eyes. Why didn’t he deny it?

J twitched his head to the side like you’d seen him do so many times before when frustration was overtaking him, “What’s with the sad face doll, hm?” He mocked you as a few tears made their way down your cheeks.

You stared at him in awe, “J, do you still love me?”  The conversation was being turned on you; this isn’t where you wanted it to go.  You didn’t want to look weak and timid but he always did this to you.  He always won.

He just shook his head, grabbing his whiskey and taking another drink, “You’re not worth this.” He said to himself with a sigh.  Looking up at you with heavy, drunk eyes he continued, “You’re just too ignorant to realize that I don’t give a damn about you.”

You stood there in shock, mouth open and tears streaming.  You felt like the ground was going to collapse beneath you.  Don’t listen to him, Y/N.  He’s just drunk. You told yourself.  Somehow you managed to breathe in enough air to say, “Sorry for bothering you Sir.  I’ll see myself out now.”  You turned around and exited the office.  You hadn’t called him Sir since he asked you to be his girlfriend almost a year ago, but your relationship had clearly changed.  Calling him J seemed too personal; that man sitting there was not the J you knew and loved.  That was the monster everyone feared.

Not wanting to go back to your shared master bedroom, you walked further down the hall and entered one of the guest rooms that you used to stay in when you were just one of his toys.  You lay down on the red satin bed, curled into a tight ball, and eventually fell asleep.


You woke up to the sound of doors slamming shut and voices screaming from downstairs.

“FROST! WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?” You heard J yell, he seemed frantic.

“She’s upstairs sleeping in her old room, boss.” Frost advised him.  Seconds later you heard stomping coming up the stairs and your door flung open.  You sat up on the bed and looked at J.  His green hair was messy like he’d been pulling on it and he was only wearing his Arkham sweatpants.  You said nothing, just stared at him with swollen eyes.

He quickly strode over to you and sat on the edge of the bed.  He tried to place his hand on your thigh but you pulled your legs into your chest in defense.

He sighed, “Say something….”

You said nothing.  Tears started to form in your soft eyes once again, pulling at his heart.

He stood up angrily, “Yell at me, scream at me, hit me for gods sake but just do something!”  He began to pace back and forth in front of the bed.

Finally, you spoke up, “We need to have a serious conversation, J.  I can’t keep doing this.”

He sat back down next to you. This time you let him touch you as he placed his hand on your back, rubbing gently, “Sorry, I’ll try not to raise my voice.  I’ll start: I don’t remember what I said last night but obviously it was the wrong thing-”

You cut him off, “You said that you don’t care about me….” You whispered, getting choked up as tears fell onto your lap.

J’s hand fell from your back in disbelief of himself, “Doll….you know I love you.”

“Don’t you dare fucking say that,” You had had enough, “You can’t say that you love me when you treat me like shit.  You’ve been gone every night for the past three weeks, leaving me here alone while you’re out fucking whatever whore wants you at the club.  Don’t even try to deny it because we both know it’s true.  I know you were drunk last night but it doesn’t matter, you always are.”

J looked anywhere but at you, “Princess, you mean everything to me.  I need you to believe me when I say that.”

“How can I, J?” You said through your tears, “I don’t think I can believe a word you say.”  You stood up and walked out of the room, making your way downstairs.

J followed after you frantically, “What are you doing?” He asked with big, worried eyes as you slipped on your boots and coat.

“I need some time to think J.” You said, wiping the tears off your cheeks. “Frost, can you take me somewhere?” You asked as you saw Frost enter the room.

“Of course, Y/N.” He replied quietly.  Even though he worked for J, you two had become close over the past year.  Frost left to go pull the car up as you glanced back at J.

“You’re coming back right? You have to come back….” J said worriedly, more to himself than to you.

“Goodbye, J.” You whispered, staying stronger than you expected.  You opened the door and stepped out into the brisk Gotham air, walking over to get in the car.  Frost shut the car door behind you and you looked back at the mansion through the window.  J was standing in shock in the doorframe watching you leave.

As Frost started the car up you took one more look at J and could’ve sworn you saw a tear fall off his jaw.  The car started to move and exit the driveway when it hit you: I can’t leave.  I have to go back.

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 13

Summary: You finally make it to Alexandria with Negan and the other Saviors.

Note: This is sorta short, because tgis Alexandria part may be kinda long so I figured I would break it up into different parts. Hope you guys enjoy!


“No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.” - Mary Wollstonecraft


You woke up the next morning to the early morning sun creeping into the window across from Negan’s bed. You let out a silent yawn as to not wake him up, it was some of the best sleep you had ever gotten.
You could really get used to sleeping in this room with him, but you knew better than to spoil yourself on the idea that this would be an ‘all the time’ thing.
But you put that out of your mind, for now.

You rolled over gently to look at the sleeping man next to you.
Negan was laying on his back with a hand behind his head and his other arm touching the side of your thigh.
You blushed.
At some point in the night he must have been sleeping with his hand on your ass, since you had slept on your stomach.
You bit your lip at the thought of it.

You looked at him as he slept.
He was so damn gorgeous.
His dark hair that usually stayed slicked back was now disheveled - some strands of hair laying in his face.
He looked so harmless and peaceful as he slept, his salt and pepper beard covering his perfect jawline and it was good to see this sift side of him; a sleeping Negan.
You could see his chest rising and lowering as he breathed slowly.

You wanted to get closer to him and curl up next to him, to feel his warmth. His skin against your skin, if only for a minute.
But you didn’t know how he would react to it.
Negan didn’t seem to be the type of man that wanted someone trying to cuddle him and be all lovey-dovey.
But you decided the risk was worth it, you slowly drug yourself closer to him, you were already pretty close, but you wanted to be even closer.
You wrapped the blanket around you and laid your head on his shoulder.
You were never the world’s most cuddly type of girl, but you could see yourself really enjoying it with someone like Negan. You felt his skin on your face, and you could faintly hear his heart beating in the silent room.

“Well good morning to you, too, darlin’.” Negan said in a raspy voice.

You looked up quickly to see him opening his eyes to look at you.
You could feel yourself beginning to blush, you had hoped he wouldn’t catch you trying to cuddle him while he was asleep, not knowing how he would react or if he would use it against your feelings for him at a later time.

“You were awake?” You asked, laying your head back on your own pillow.

He smirked, “Yeah, for fuckin’ most of it. Can’t get much past me, especially when you’re all up on me while I’m fuckin’ sleeping.”

You brushed your hair back, “Yeah, I was hoping I could steal some cuddle-type shit before you woke up.”

“Doesn’t fuckin’ bother me, doll. Even men like me enjoy some fuckin’ tenderness every now and then.” He said, still looking at you.

You bit a the insides of your cheeks, “I mean, you don’t seem like the kind of guy that cuddles. Besides, I’m not a huge cuddler myself, and I know that just because I got to spend the night here doesn’t mean I get to do it all the time.”

You took in a breathe and sat up on the bed, “No, I’m not too fuckin’ big into that type of thing; like I said, im not good with that emotional shit. But fuck, if a hot ass woman like yourself - fuck, my wife, no less-” he said pointing to you, “wants to lay up in bed with naked, with her fuckin’ body on me, I’m not gonna say fuckin’ no, darlin’. Besides, I wasn’t lying when I said you were my favorite. Good luck in seeing the other wives try to fuckin’ cuddle with me.” He chuckled and got up off the bed.

You smiled and bit your lip, “Well, that’s good enough for me, I guess.”

Negan rolled his eyes, “I think you’re getting fuckin’ spoiled, sweetheart.”

“Of course.” You said rolling your eyes at him, and shook your head.

“So fuckin’ disobidient.” He growled with a smile and grabbed the back of you head, pulling you towards him and he planted a hard kiss on your mouth.

Negan had an odd way of spoiling you. You were happier than you had been, but you also knew that absolute happiness would be him committing to only you. And you doubted that that would ever be a thing. But atleast he called you his favorite.

You both got out of bed and got dressed for the day.
You were heading back to Alexandria to get supplies that your old group owed Negan, and you still weren’t sure how to feel about seeing them again.

After you both got dressed Negan put on his leather jacket and grabbed Lucille off of the nearby desk and threw her over his shoulder.

“Oh fuck, before I forget.” He said suddenly, opening the drawer on one of the desks and pulled out the old rusty crowbar you usually carried around.
You had been wondering where it was, but figured it had gotten lost.

“Pretty sure this is fuckin’ is yours.” He smiled, handing it over to you.
You grabbed it and felt the cool iron on your hands.

“I had been looking for it. Thank you.” You said holding it out to look it over before propping it on your shoulder.

Negan smirked and licked his lips the way he usually did, “Jesus. I think you’re starting to fuckin’ turn into me, babydoll.”

You snorted in laughter, “Yeah, that doesn’t seem too far fetched. I did just kill a bitch with Lucille after all.”

He gave a wicked smile, “Yeah, and it was pretty fuckin’ hot to watch you work. Might as well name the fuckin’ crowbar.”

“And what would I name it?” You smirked, looking up at him.

He shrugged and gave you an almost sweet look, “I don’t know, think about it, babydoll. Either way, you’re gonna fuckin’ need it.”

“You’re not gonna kill anybody at Alexandria, are you?” You said nervously, chewing your lip.

Negan shook his head, “Not as long as they fuckin’ cooperate and do what the fuck I say. Other than that, everything will be goddamn peachy.”

You both made your way downstairs and out into the yard of the sanctuary.
No one had seen you since you had taken care of Amber and as soon as you and Negan hit the yard, everyone fell to their knees immediately.

Negan chuckled and looked over to you, “Looks like yesterday got their goddamn attention.” He said as you both continued to walk over to where his men were waiting to load up on a truck to head out.
As you passed by the spot where Amber had been laying, you could still see blood splattered on the ground.

“Fuck.” Negan said eyeing it and kicking dirt over it.

“What’s the point, they all know she’s dead.” You said in confusion, stopping behind him as he covered the bloody spot.

“Yeah, well, I don’t want a fuckin’ kid to come by and see the shit, plus it’s a bad fuckin’ look for the yard.” He answered back.

You made it over to a black delivery truck where Dwight was standing outside of it and had someone with him.
You couldn’t quite make him out at first, he was in a dirty looking jumpsuit with a yellow “A” painted across the chest as you got closer, you realized it was Daryl.
You glanced over to Negan, but he hadn’t paid you any attention.
You started to head over to Daryl, but Negan caught you by the arm before you could get closer, already knowing where you were going.
Daryl eyed you intensely, he had dirt all over his face and his hair hung in his eyes.

“Not a good fuckin’ idea, darlin’.” Negan said firmly.

“What’s wrong with me speaking to him?” You asked, narrowing your eyes at him.

“You aren’t apart of the same goddamn group anymore. He’s still a fuckin’ enemy right now, until he follows the fuckin’ rules. ” Negan said, narrowing his eyes back at you in a ‘don’t fucking challenge me right now’ sort of way.
He leaned down closer to you, his grip still tight on your arm, “Besides, don’t wanna make me fuckin’ jealous and have Lucille have a talk with him, do you?” He whispered into your ear.

You got chills down your spine as he said that, but you didn’t want him to kill Daryl. You didn’t know Daryl well, but he had never done anything to you, so you didn’t want yourself to be the cause of his demise.
You nodded your head back to Negan in compliance.

“Good girl.” He said and let go of your arm as you both made your way to the truck.

“Let’s get this goddamn show on the fuckin’ road.” He called to his men, swinging Lucille around happily.

They all got into their designated vehicles and you hopped up into the black truck with Negan.
As you got in, you saw Dwight pushing Daryl towards the back of the truck to sit on the floor.
Daryl said nothing, he just sank down into the floor, drawing his knees up to his chest as Dwight took a seat across from him. You were now headed on your way to Alexandria and you had no idea what to expect.

The truck pulled up to a large gate that was covered, so you couldn’t see inside. You hadn’t spent a whole lot of time here when you were in Rick’s group, so the place was still fairly new to you.

“Alright, let’s get the fuck to work.” Negan said with excitement in his voice and he got out of the truck. You followed behind him as Dwight pushed Daryl out of the truck.
Negan whistled happily as he strolled up to the gate, you followed close behind him as he approached it.

“Dun-dun-dun-dun!” Negan sang out in a dramatic tone as he reached the metal gate, he raised Lucille and hit the metal with her before he called out, “Little pig, little pig, let me in!”

You stood with him, waiting for someone to come up and open the gate.

Negan looked over to you, “You ready for this shit?” He asked noticing that you seemed to be nervous.

You nodded back, “Ready as I’ll ever be,” then looked up to him, “Don’t worry.”

He nodded back placing his hand on your shoulder for reassurance, then dropping it back to his side as the cover of the gate was pulled back.
You could see Spencer standing there, looking to both of you confused.

“Well, what are you fuckin’ waiting for?” Negan said in an amused voice.

“Uhm, who are you?” Spencer asked in a smart ass tone of voice.

Negan chuckled, “Oh Jesus, you better be fuckin’ joking. Negan-” He pointed to himself, “ And Lucille” He then pointed at the bat propped on his leather clad shoulder, “I know I had to make a motherfuckin’ strong first impression and I’m sure you obviously know this cute little thing standing beside me.” He said moving his head in your direction and Spencer looked at you.

You could see Rick walking up to see what was going on, you watched him approach the gate carefully.

“Well, hello there.” Negan said happily, with a big grin spreading across his face.
Rick said nothing back as he stared Negan down and then looked over to see you.
His face had a grim expression on it as he looked at the both of you together.

“Do not fuckin’ make me have to fuckin’ ask you twice, Ricky.” Negan said with some anger beginning to rise up in his voice.

“You said a week and you’re early.” Rick said somberly as he opened the gate.

“What can I say? I fuckin’ missed ya.” Negan chuckled, shooting Rick a dangerous smile.

You could hear moans and strained growls, and you all looked backed to see a lone walker shuffling towards you.
You gripped your crowbar tightly and started for it.

“I’ve got it.” You said calmly to everyone and walked up a ways, holding the crowbar tightly and let the walker come to you.
You swung violently at it as the crowbar made contact with the deteriorating skull of the walker. It fell to the pavement with a THUD.

“Shit Rick, did you see that? That shit that my girl just did? That is some fuckin’ service! You almost turned us away at the damn gate and (Y/N) here, just takes care of one of the dead fucks that could have killed one of you-” Negan pointing to you with Lucille still looking at Rick and then he took a small bow, “That’s what we fuckin’ call: service.”

Rick kept his eyes on you, he was studying your face.
Your face was healing, but it was still pretty bruised up from the fight with Amber.

“Service?” Rick said in a raspy tone, “Is that what you call what happened to her face, too? Your handy work? Your service?”

Negan sucked his teeth and you could see him bite his tongue at Rick’s accusation that he had beaten you.
Negan chuckled, but not in a playful way like he usually did, “I never laid a fuckin’ hand on her. She had a little run in with some bitch at the sanctuary and (Y/N) took care of her with Lucille here.” He said holding up Lucille to Rick’s face, her barbed-wire only inches from his skin.

Negan licked his lips, “Yeah, that’s right. Both of my girls know how to fucking handle themselves. Not like some of the damn pussies around here.” He said looking back at Daryl who was standing with Dwight and the rest of the crew and then he shot a look back to Rick.

You could see Rick clench his jaw and Negan smiled again, and began to head inside the gates.

“Here Rick. Be a good fuckin’ host and take this.” Negan said thrusting Lucille into Rick’s hands.
Rick took her and just stood there silently, staring off in space as you all entered Alexandria as you wished.

Why was Negan letting Rick hold Lucille? It didn’t make sense to you at all, Rick could snap and try to attack him and if hay was to happen you’d have no choice but to fight back. You were loyal to Negan at this point and you would fight for him, just like he has done for you in the past.

Negan walked in, looking around and he outstretched his arms, looking around the town.
You couldn’t deny that it was beautiful out here.

Negan kept looking around, “Wow, look at this! This place is motherfucking cocksucking magnificent!”

You stood beside Negan as he threw an arm around your shoulder and you both turned to Rick as he approached you, “I do believe you are gonna have fuckin’ plenty to offer us, Rick.” He said, smiling widely at him.

“(Y/N), Daryl.” Rick said ignoring Negan as he was looking to you and Daryl.

“No.” Negan said in a stern tone, putting his hand up,
“Daryl is the fuckin’ help and you don’t talk to him or fuckin’ look at him, unless you want me to make you chop something off of him-” he said pointing over to Daryl, then Negan looked back to you and pulled you in closer to him as your face brushed against his leather jacket,
“And you especially don’t fuckin’ talk to her, and you or any other prick better not dare to look in her fuckin’ direction or this pleasant little meeting will turn in a different goddamn ball game.” Negan growled.

You let out a small smile.
It felt amazing to have him so protective and jealous over you, it made you feel like you were the most important thing at that moment and you relished in it.

Rick gave a small nod and your eyes met his and you nodded back to let him know you were fine.

Negan removed his arm from your shoulder and clapped his hands together, walking further into the town “Well, let’s get this shit started and see what kind of fuckin’ goodies you’ve got in the cupboard!”

“You said half the supplies.” Rick protested, turning towards Negan.

“Nope! Fuck no, you don’t decide what we fuckin’ take. I do.” Negan said as he walked towards Rick, making him back down from his presence.

You saw that Rick was still holding Lucille and you kept a firm eye on him, so if he dared to try anything you’d see it. You didnt want him to try anything, you really didnt wanna see anyone here die, because you knew they were good people and you didn’t come here wanting to hurt anyone. But if they started some shit, you definitely weren’t going to back down.

Negan smirked as Rick backed up from him.

“Get the fuck going!” Negan called out to his men.

They all began walking with guns in hand towards the houses to raid them.
Negan clapped happily as he watched them all move out and turned back to Rick when they were all gone.

“Are you gonna show us the fuck around or not, Ricky? You wanna be a good fuckin’ host, don’t you?” Negan smiled as he berated Rick.

Rick sniffed and held his head down, he looked back up and nodded and walked past Negan and you.
Negan whistled to you and you looked up and he was giving you the “Come hither” motion with his finger and you followed beside him.
He wanted you with him and that was more than you could have asked for, he had sent everyone else away, but wanted you by his side.

Hard Headed

Prompt: Imagine overworking your powers because you’re afraid of disappointing Charles, bu because of that, you collapse when working with him

Pairing: Charles x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, probably

Notes: Thank you to @marvel-imagines-marvel-fandoms for inspiring me and letting me use these! And not beta’d so if it sucks, that’s why. Thank you for reading!


Laying in the warm sun on an open patch of the garden, with your eyes closed, you let your mind drift. You didn’t think about all the assignments due by the end of the week, how you missed your family, how your powers were enough to make you a freak but not enough to do anything. Every other student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters was amazing. Everyone had a special power or mutation that made them helpful, powerful…meaningful. And here you were, a simple telepath with weak electricity manipulation. You could barely guess the number someone was thinking when they asked you to nor could you barely get a spark going. Your powers were found out when a guy pushed you in a pool a year ago in your second year of college and the thrill jolted your powers, causing everyone in the pool to be electrocuted. They were okay but you weren’t–you’d never be the same after that moment. The juice wasn’t strong enough to hurt anyone badly, just enough to jounce them.

Being that you were a telepath, the head professor, Charles Xavier, took to training you. It was the most daunting task you’d ever faced. He was handsome, clever, incredibly gifted and intelligent, and you were somehow supposed to focus on your weak powers around him. Charles had discovered that your telepath powers came at a much younger age but you didn’t realize it. All this time you thought knowing the things you did were commonplace. You always knew what you were getting for Christmas or for your birthday or what really happened to that pet goldfish of yours. You thought you just had an uncanny ability to tell when people were lying, but the actuality of it was you could some how feel the truth in their thoughts.

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Things I Love
  1. Laying in a field in the middle of summer with my eyes closed letting the warm breeze run across my face.
  2. Staying up until 3 am to finish a good book.
  3. Waking up to the sun shining through my window on Saturday and making pancakes.
  4. Baking while I’m home alone.
  5. Staying up until the next day to talk to friends.
  6. Wrapping up in blankets fresh out of the dryer on a cold night.
  7. Taking long baths while listening to music while using bath bombs/bubble bath.
  8. Buying excessive amounts of notebooks and pens while school shopping.
  9. Jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day and into a warm pool on balmy summer nights.
  10. Having enough ideas to be able to write for hours on end.
  11. That feeling in the air on Halloween a few hours before trick or treating starts.
  12. Strolling through Christmas light displays with a cup of hot cocoa.
  13. Sleepily watching movies on the couch on a long weekend.
  14. Visiting Universal Studios or Disney World and the overwhelming happy feeling i get when i walk through the gate.
  15. The open feeling of a finally, entirely cleaned bedroom.
  16. Listening to my friends get excited and watching them light up as they talk about their favorite things.
  17. Opening up packages from online shopping.
  18. The feeling of leaving your tummy behind when you take off and land in an airplane.
  19. Finding perfect fruit.
  20. Days when everything sees to have a blanket of calm and quiet over it.
  21. Thinking about getting to live with my best friend when we’re on our own for college.
  22. Planning out my future apartments design/furniture.
  23. Rolling around in a just made bed with fresh sheets.
  24. Pens that write really well and fit perfectly in your hand.
  25. Hella rad, hella dark, matte red lipstick.
  26. The smell of espresso/coffee.
  27. Plush and squishy duvets.
  28. Using brand new mascara for the first time.
  29. Warm Butterberg that leaves behind a whip cream mustache when you drink it.
  30. Cold weekends when i can sit outside and see my breath in the air.
  31. Girls nights in with starbucks, soda, baked goods, and cheesy movies.
  32. Seeing my friends succeed at things they’ve worked hard on.
  33. The feeling when someone lightly traces their fingers down my back/across my hips.
  34. Sharing a bed with my friend and just knowing they’re right beside me.
  35. Having someone play with my hair.
  36. Hoodies that fit loosely and hang to my knees.
  37. Wearing my boyfriends hoodies that still smell like him.
  38. Mashed potatoes.
  39. Buying something expensive with money I’ve earned.
  40. Songs split for headphones, particularly ones that play the acoustic version in one ear and the original in the other.
  41. Doing my eyebrows perfectly.
  42. Falling asleep to music or my favorite youtubers videos.
  43. Wearing super cute beanies.
  44. The smell of Hot Topic hair dye.
  45. Having “girl talk/gossip” time.
  46. Risking only getting 4 hours of sleep to talk to a select few people.
signs as neutral milk hotel lyrics
  • aries: love you as long as you're something to own
  • taurus: give me some reason to move
  • gemini: two headed boy, put on sunday shoes, and dance round the room to accordion keys
  • cancer: her life was in a hurricane of love and real embrace
  • leo: but for now we are young, let us lay in the sun
  • virgo: holding insecurities that burrowed underneath your skin and fade away
  • libra: watching spirals of white softly flow over your eyelids
  • scorpio: so i'll meet you up high in your anger
  • sagittarius: and i've still got time to fly away
  • capricorn: we feel no emotion as we spiral down to the world
  • aquarius: the only girl i've ever loved was born with roses in her eyes
  • pisces: they dream of waterfalls catching slow bright streams of light
momma signs comforting
  • ~ Use Ceres, Moon, Sun and/or Mars signs ~
  • Aries: affectionately tells you theY WANT TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF WHoeVER HuRT YOU
  • Taurus: runs their fingers through your hair, lets you lay your head in their lap, engulfs you in their warmth
  • Gemini: straight-up gives an essay to the person about how you deserve so much more than what they gave you and how beautiful of a person you are
  • Cancer: holds your hand in theirs, lays next to you in comfortable silence wrapped in sheets and pillows, listens
  • Leo: forms a battle plan in order to crush this newly formed enemy that has made you sad
  • Virgo: gives you advice and food to console your poor soul
  • Libra: distracts you from your sadness and takes you shopping with the squad, their treat
  • Scorpio: may fume for a while but offers you their shared experiences to make you feel better
  • Sagittarius: makes you laugh and talks for hours
  • Capricorn: death-glares the person to eternity
  • Aquarius: Netflix and endless supply of stuff in their fridge, awkwardly pats you and it's kind of endearing in a way
  • Pisces: Dries your tears and snuggles your pain away (though secretly they are planning the funeral of this new nemesis)
Holiday misfortunes - Part Six

Pairing: Conor Maynard X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: (Y/N) and Conor don’t really get along, but she decides to go on a lads holiday. 


Conor’s POV

(Y/N) lay across the sun lounger on our balcony, her hand laced in mine as we both relaxed. We hasn’t really spoken much since the kiss, we both knew we had something but it was complicated and we just wanted to adjust to the change. 

“Hello, lovebirds. Wanna grab lunch?” Joe said from behind us, his hand rested on my back making me jump and let go of (Y/N)’s hand. 

“Don’t call us that, Sugg.” She smiled, standing up and walking into the hotel room. I followed behind her with Joe. 

We’d agreed to take it slow between us, she wanted to take time to trust me and I needed tome to sort my own life out now. 

“Guys, I just need to grab some stuff, I’ll meet you outside.” She said, we nodded and joined the rest of the guys in the hallway. 

“You told her yet?” Jack asked me, quickly I brushed him off and stuffed my phone in my jean pocket. 

“Look buddy, you know I’m happy for you both but if you hurt her I’ll hurt you. That’s a promise.” Caspar said, this side of him was rarely seen. I nodded before (Y/N) came out of the hotel room. 

“Ready?” Mikey asked, we all nodded and we walked to the warm breeze of the streets. 

“God, I’m starving.” Josh said, (Y/N)’s hand found her way to my own as we walked to a burger place. 

We sat down at a makeshift table the staff had to put together and ordered our food, it came quickly as the restaurant was fairly quiet. Probably because we’d gone for lunch at 2pm. 

“Look, I really don’t wanna sound like I’m complaining but it’s so weird not having to stop you two arguing.” Oli laughed, I nodded and sipped my coke as (Y/N) giggled. 

“Yeah well, he’s not so bad.” She smiled looking at me. 

“Well, that’s gross.” Jack said, taking a bite of his burger. 

“Ah, young love.” Joe laughed, but gave me a subtle look. The look that made my insides twist, I knew I had to tell her but I had no idea how to. I knew it could ruin us and everything we had and I wanted to stay in this little reality I’d built for myself. 

“Well, I’m thinking a quiet night in tonight?” Mikey suggested to the group. 

“Wow guys, you’ve had those a lot recently. You feeling okay, I mean you came here to party.” (Y/N) laughed, I nodded along with her. 

“Good point, let’s go out!” Jack said. 

“I knew you’d agree!” She laughed, Jack winked on. A fire started in the pit of my stomach. 

“Let’s all go get ready, its half three now so by the time we get back and ready it’ll be around six?” Oli suggested, all of us agreed and paid for the food. 

Once me and (Y/N) got back to the hotel room I knew I had to say something about Jack and her, my blood was boiling thinking about it. 

“What was that?” I exploded as she looked through her suitcase. 

“What?” She asked, pulling out a red dress. 

“What do you mean what? At the restaurant?” I said, she looked up at me confused as she began applying makeup. 

“Conor, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She said, honestly sounding confused but my temper was getting the best of me. 

“With fucking Jack, (Y/N), are you kidding? He’s my brother!” I shouted, she looked shocked while she picked up her stuff. 

“I’m going to get ready in Joe and Caspar’s room, come and get me once you’ve realised how ridiculous you’re being!” She said sternly. I watched her walk over to their room, shutting our door lightly as theirs opened. 

A few minutes later I had a knock at my door, opening it I revealed Caspar. I almost wanted to slam the door in his face but he didn’t look mad at all, so I opened it more and let him in. 

“Look, I’m not here to get mad. I’m here to get ready so (Y/N) can use our bathroom. But Conor, before I shower, you need to tell her tonight. It’s why you’re so on edge, you need to tell her before one of us do.” Caspar said, before walking to the bathroom. I nodded to myself. 

Pulling on some ripped black skinny jeans, a white top and leather jacket I slipped on some back shoes, knowing that she liked this look on me. it’s what she gave me when I forgot my clothes. Caspar came out of the shower in a grey top, a black bomber jacket and black skinny jeans. I smiled at him, and he nodded at me before we made our way to his hotel room. 

“Hey! Let’s go!” (Y/N) said once we’d gotten to their room, the other guys waiting outside with us. She looked stunning in her red dress, black heels and her hair curled, she was breathtaking. I was so lucky. 

“Cor, you look nice, (Y/N).” Mikey smiled, she smiled at him. 

“Aw, well thank you!” She said, walking with him and Joe. I guess me and her aren’t on speaking terms. 

We walked to the club, and got taken to the VIP again. It happens a lot but it still surprises me. Once we’d all settled in the booth and got countless bottles of alcohol. 

I drank myself to a point where I no longer could think about anything but (Y/N), I had to make up with her. She hadn’t spoken to me all night and before my brain could process what I was doing my legs were making their way over to her and Oli. 

“Can I talk to you?” I asked her, she nodded and I lead her to a seat no one was on, I felt all eyes on us as I held her hand. 

“Sorry for snapping at you before, I got jealous because Jack always gets the girls and I guess I was insecure that you’d want him over me.” I admitted, she sat stunned before she kissed me. 

“Don’t be sorry, I want you. Always, for years Conor. I finally have you. I’m not letting you go that easily.” She smiled, I kissed her again before we pulled away and she pulled me up across to the dace floor. 

Caspar gave me two thumbs up, and I returned before me and (Y/N) were dancing to the loud music together. We spent most of the night away from the lads, walking back to the hotel I used my arm around her waist to support her as I carried her shoes, she had my leather jacket around her with her dress. 

Once we got to the hotel she ran to the bathroom, the guys following me into our room. 

“So you told her?” Jack smiled, I nodded proudly. 

“Oh good! I knew you could. I’m glad you’re still together.” Caspar beamed at me. 

“Of course we all, I only had to say sorry.” I laughed, the boys looked at me confused. 

“Conor, you didn’t tell her about Brooklyn? Your girlfriend in London?” Joe said, anger in his voice. 

“Girlfriend?” her timid voice came from the bathroom doorway. 

I’ve fucked up. 


Hello!! There’s part six, I hope you all liked it! Feel free to leave feedback or request, have a wonderful day/night :)

Guy: any girls from California?


[Snoop Dogg:]
Greetings loved ones
Let’s take a journey

I know a place
Where the grass is really greener
Warm, wet and wild
There must be something in the water
Sippin’ gin and juice
Laying underneath the palm trees (undone)
The boys break their necks
Tryna creep a little sneak peek (at us)

You could travel the world
But nothing comes close
To the golden coast
Once you party with us
You’ll be falling in love
Oooooh Oh Oooooh

California girls
We’re unforgettable
Daisy Dukes
Bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin
So hot
We’ll melt your popsicle
Oooooh Oh Oooooh

California girls
We’re undeniable
Fine, fresh, fierce
We got it on lock
West Coast represent
Now put your hands up
Oooooh Oh Oooooh

Sex on the beach
We don’t mind sand in our stilettos
We freak in my jeep
Snoop Doggy Dogg on the stereo

You could travel the world
But nothing comes close
To the golden coast
Once you party with us
You’ll be falling in love
Oooooh Oh Oooooh

California girls
We’re unforgettable
Daisy Dukes
Bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin
So hot
We’ll melt your popsicle
Oooooh Oh Oooooh

California girls
We’re undeniable
Fine, fresh, fierce
We got it on lock
West Coast represent
Now put your hands up
Oooooh Oh Oooooh

[Snoop Dogg:]
Toned, tan, fit an

a useless ladder

laying under lamplight,

the neighborhood
settled into a sordid

in the morning
bones will be roused,
those with jobs
ushered off to their posts,

the modern day army
is filled with common
women and men
sweating for the system,
keeping this so
called anarchy at
our doorsteps from
bleeding into our lives,

oh, let them awaken us
from our homes

bones have been settled
for far too long,

the streetlights hold fast
the grocery clerks
keep the shelves full
the movie theatres
keep us lobotomized,

this hell so refreshing,
driving through it,
calling for spring’s thaw
with the sun roof open.

❮Grovel before the captain!❯

Marco looked at me. ‘How do you grovel? I’ve never groveled before.’

I shrugged.


'We don’t know how,’ I told the closest Helmacron. 'I mean, you know, different folks, different customs. Maybe you could show us.’

They looked at one another. Then the one I’d spoken to said, ❮You may grovel in the style of your own people. Grovel as you normally grovel.❯

I saw the sly gleam in Marco’s eye. 'You heard the man, Cassie. Let’s grovel.’

He scooted his legs forward, lay on his back, stuck his hands behind his head, and relaxed like he was at the beach soaking up sun.

'I grovel before the mighty Helmacron captain, most mighty of the mighty, undisputed champion of the world in the dust-weight category! We grovel like the pitiful losers we are! We grovel like a guy who hasn’t got a date the day before the prom and the only girl around is the head cheerleader, that’s how much we grovel. Cassie, you could join in any time, you know.’

'We grovel…um, like grovelers.’

Marco turned his head to shoot me a disdainful look. 'Oh, good groveling. Put some feeling into it.’

'I grovel like, uh…like a person who is really, really groveling,’ I said lamely.

Meanwhile, Marco was, of course, getting into it. After all, he had an audience.

'O mighty Helmacron dead guy, we grovel like a video game addict trapped in an arcade without a quarter, that’s how much we grovel. You would not believe the depths of our grovelry! We grovel like a guy with a large order of fries and the only saltshaker is at the table of the school bully.’

—  Book #24: The Suspicion, pg. 73 (by K.A. Applegate)
Nature's Dance

Traveling too close to the surface had been the wrong choice that he was still regretting. For four days he was trapped in the small box, his tail barely able to move. Everything hurt but he could do nothing but lay at the bottom of the tank as humans looked over him. At night he let out a soft glow due to the markings on his skin as the merman lived in the deeper part of the ocean. Well he used to. Now he was going to be a living statue in someone’s home. It was a disgrace. 

All he could do was turn side to side and evening curling up his tail meant hitting the sides of the tank. On the next day the sun was shinning far too bright and it made his eyes hurt slightly before catching an elf. He looked different then the other nobles that had stopped by to see the ‘creature’. For just a moment Fenris stared into the other’s eyes before looking away.

Shit my physics prof says
  • “And that’s exactly why your hand is attached to your body and doesn’t randomly fly through the room!”
  • “Alright, just let me use my crossbow for this.”
  • “Did I just shoot you? I didn’t mean to shoot you!”
  • “Why wouldn’t you have a random morning star laying around?”
  • “Don’t fucking leave your spoon on the moon then!”
  • “I’m probably going to kill one of you. Anyone wanna go first?”
  • “It’s like you parked your car on the sun. Same result.”
  • “Who else am I going to ask how to get rid of a body then?”
  • “Math doesn’t have any feelings, but you can hurt it anyway.”
  • “Are we doing voodoo now? We’re doing voodoo now.”
  • “I pretty sure a demonic thing ate it. That’s the only explanation.”
  • “Like, imagine you go on a nice trip… but in space!”
  • “I wanted to tell you an epic story, but my wife said no, so the epic story didn’t even happen.”
  • “Of course we could always just set it on fire and see what happens.”
  • “Nothing to feel loved like talking to yourself in a room full of people.”
  • “Well, it’s supposed to be done that way but — scratch that, it never works.”
  • “You disturbed the monkey!”
  • “Why did none of you get me coffee. I hate all of you.”
  • “There’s three types of people. Star Wars fans, Trekies, and idiots.”
  • “No. I just like blowing stuff up.”
  • (Imitates chainsaw noises.)
  • “Oh, come on, you can’t all be saving Hyrule at the SAME time.”
  • “Everything gets better with breadsticks.”

The Sea of Faith
Was once, too, at the full, and round earth’s shore
Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furled.
But now I only hear
Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar,
Retreating, to the breath
Of the night-wind, down the vast edges drear
And naked shingles of the world.

Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world, which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain…

–Matthew Arnold, from “Dover Beach”

By the Grace of a God

@rinnahtheskinchanger messaged for a God Verse Starter

He let out a long yet quiet breath as he shifted slightly where he laid in the tall grass of a forest clearing, laying flat on his stomach with his lower body slightly curled and using his arms as pillows. His eyes were closed as he continued to enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays and the quiet of the forest. There were several different Pokemon resting on or near him as well, none of which he minded.

A few Starlys and Staravias were perched on his antlers, a group of both male and female Nidorans were huddled by his sides, and another group made of Hawluchas were resting along his back. They new he was their guardian, the one that made this forest a paradise, and though he preyed on them from time to time for food, they knew it was safe to be with him for the time being. Lysandre enjoyed this throughly even though it wasn’t what he originally wanted, but….

He wouldn’t change what had happened.