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Summer Fling Part 9

Title: Summer Fling: The Time Dean Winchester Made Dinner

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,054

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions of Cheating, Mentions of an Unhealthy Relationship.

Summary: After months of struggling, an impulse decision puts you on the road from Sioux Falls to Lawrence Kansas, hoping that your father, Bobby Singer, will take you in for the summer.  A breath of fresh air. A change of scenery. But little did you know, this summer was going to change your life forever.

Summer Fling Masterlist

A/N: I can’t believe we’re on part 9 already! We’re almost halfway done the series! I would love if you could leave me some feedback. Literally anything would be amazing. Everything happens in time. Enjoy!


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You began to stir, your body felt relaxed and well rested for the first time all week. You felt a weight on your waist. Your eyes flew open and you soon realized just where you were. Dean’s room, you thought with a smile playing on your lips. It was Dean’s arm wrapped around your waist, and his chest pressed against your back. You stayed the night and spent it next to him. You opened up to him and here he was. Your boyfriend.

 You carefully turned in his hold, trying your hardest not to wake him in the process. You met with his sleeping form and a smile spread across your cheeks. Dean was so peaceful looking when he slept. The morning light shone perfectly, and you were able to see every freckle that peppered over his nose and cheeks. His hair was sticking up in different directions, his stubble was growing a little more. He was a handsome man and he was all yours. You wanted to drown him in kisses and show him just how much you appreciated him.

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Better Books. [Beast! Prince Adam Oneshot].

I’M SUCH TRASH. I’m pairing this with another one of my imagines: Where Adam Tells you his name.

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Title: Better Books.
Pairing: Implied! Beast!Prince Adam x Reader.
Words: 1,522.
Rating: K.

After scanning the shelves for what seemed like hours, you had finally found the book you were looking for. Laughing softly in victory, you figured that Adam must have hidden it from you to assure that you didn’t read it again. You could hear his voice inside of your mind, ‘There are better things to read than that.’

You held the book in your hands close to your chest. Rubbing the spine gently, you felt somewhat conscious of the blue eyes lingering on you longingly from across the spacious room. Whether out of nerves or slight curiosity, you let one of your feet dangle from the ladder in the library, swinging around slightly so you could look back at Adam with a tender gaze. He was perched in a chair, sitting in what little sunlight was leaking into the castle from the overcast sky outside. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the sort of warm sunlight that soaked into your skin and made you feel a little more happy and optimistic. It was a dreary sort of sunlight that would bounce off you and create somewhat negative vibes. Fortunately though, you strode around with your own positivity the darkness that seemed to mindlessly drape around the entire residency.

By the time you looked back at him, he tried his best to seem completely invested in the book instead of the back of your head, but you knew better. It was something new between the two of you and has become more and more frequent. The stolen glances, as if it were forbidden to actually look at one another and allow yourself to be caught doing so. You had only stumbled upon the castle a month ago, and between then and now, he has actually warmed up to you surprisingly well. After all, it had only been a week or so since he felt comfortable telling you his name so you didn’t have to stumble around what to call him exactly.

Stepping off the ladder with a small ‘thud’ as you jumped onto the marble floor, you studied the book in your hand and made your way to the seat across from him. Adam noticed of course, watching you from his peripherals as you sauntered your way towards him and sat down.

Adam cleared his throat, setting his book down in his lap. “What’ve you got there?” He inquired, using his head to gesture to the gently worn out book in your hands. If he moved just right in his spot, the dim sunlight coming in through the large windows shined off his horns, somewhat reminding you of how water shimmered in the light.

You seemed a bit shameful when you answered quietly, “Romeo And Juliet.”

“Uhck.” He murmured softly, scrunching his face in mind disgust, “Have you not read that enough? It’s such a tragic story. The romance, the pining, the unforgiving end. That book will be in three pieces by the time you’re done with it. There’s so many books here, why choose the same one over and over?” Adam’s curiosity was legitimate. He never saw the wonder in romance like you seemed to. To him, they all seemed the same and never seemed to have the absolutely ideal ending.

You laughed quietly, “It may be. At least it’s a book that you don’t seem to care about. I’m sure I could set it on fire and you’d probably be very happy that I did.” Shrugging your shoulders, you rubbed the spine once again and answered simply, “It’s a bittersweet tale. I like that it’s not perfect. That’s what makes it enjoyable. Anyway, why does it matter what I read? It’s not like you’re the one reading it.”

He nodded his head in agreement. Thankfully, he wasn’t the one reading it, but he still argued, a bit more innocent and playful this time, “Perhaps, I can show you another story that’s just as good.”

“I dare you to show me one that I’ll love more than this one.” You held the book up and sat it down on the table to your right. “You’ve read everything in here, so I’m sure you can find one.”

Adam stood up, completely towering over you before holding a paw out for you to take. You smiled at him, accepting the help and let him lift you from your seat. “I accept your challenge. I’ve got just the book.” The smile he gave you was the gentlest thing you had encountered and left your heart swimming in an unknown feeling. You wanted nothing more than to see that smile for the rest of your days. Adam hesitated, but eventually let go of your warm hand before striding to the left. You followed closely, biting down on your bottom lip.

What was the feeling in your chest? It was as if someone had lit a thousand candles and let them burn inside of you. You denied any previous thoughts of adoration for Adam, telling yourself that you couldn’t possibly feel anything more than forced friendship for someone who was keeping you here. But at this point, the sensation in your heart was making you question your own words. There was no doubt some sort of attraction between the two of you. The hidden gazes, the gentle strokes of your hand against his arm while you pass him books.

If he let you go, who’s to say you wouldn’t want to willingly stay here with him? You would stay. Even if he didn’t ask, you would stay. But, why?

“Here.” His voice boomed you back to reality. Swallowing softly, you looked up at him with reddened cheeks before letting your gaze drop to the book in his hand. Taking a shaky breath in, you took it from his hands and studied it carefully. It seemed a bit more worn than ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the spine exceedingly bent at the moment, stirring you to ask, “Have you read this a lot?”

“More than most books here. It’s one of the books my mother used to read to me when I was a child.” Adam admitted softly, letting his icy eyes admire your reaction to the book. “It’s the only romance I can actually bear to finish.” He said without thinking. “You see uh— I never finish them, usually. Romances, at least. I leave them off in the ideal place, almost….”

“Afraid of ruining it with the actual ending.” You finished his sentence for him. Adam seemed astonished that you had actually understood. Pressing it to your chest, you sighed and whispered to him, “You’re taking an opportunity away from yourself though. If you never read the ending, you’re not reading it in the way it was intended to be read. Some…” You clutched the book a bit harder, something he noticed as your knuckles were turning while, “Some stories have a happy ending that are so out of sight that you need to keep reading on. You can’t let one bad ending be the reason why you can’t enjoy other endings.”

There was no fighting your words because as Adam let them sink into his mind, he came to realize that you were completely right. He opened his mouth, ready to discourse but couldn’t find anything to say. He couldn’t. He was in such a position that you words were undoubtedly true. Before the curse, his ending was a bad one, though he prolonged it for as long as possible. It took a sharp turn and seemed even worse for a while before you came waltzing into his life, giving the slightest shimmer that perhaps even he could have a happy ending in a story otherwise full of despair, darkness and hate.

“Let me know what you think.” Adam said quietly, looking at the book in your hands. “I hope… you like it.”

Reaching up, you pressed your hand to the right side of his face and completely captivated his attention. The affection was sudden and seemed to leave Adam completely defenseless as you smiled sweetly at him. It was a tender stroke and reminded him of the last time that he had actually been touched so affectionately. It had been years. If it weren’t for the dramatic height difference, he could look at you eye to eye and if given permission, he would have kissed you. Just to see a response, to see that if getting his hopes up wasn’t just a waste now that there were only a few more petals left on the enchanted rose.

Adam was certain he could kiss you regardless, catching you off guard. The nagging voice inside of his head worried that you didn’t want it though, and so he refrained as best he could and tilted his head towards your hand.

You let your hand linger on him for much longer than needed, eventually bringing it from the side of his face to his wide shoulder before walking back to your spot in the small amount of sunlight. It was his time to follow you back. Sitting down, you stared up at him and gave a warm smile, “I’m sure I’ll love it.”

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Light of My Life

A Shawn Mendes one-shot.


 "No no no no no. No.” 

 With a groan, I hit Shawn on the shoulder, signalling for him to shut up and turn off his alarm that blared through our hotel room. He shut the alarm off and trapped my hand between his arm and his chest, continually whining about how much he didn’t want to get up from the nap we had just taken. 

“I love naps so much, Shawn.” I muttered, nuzzling my head in the crook between his shoulder and the bed. The setting sun peaked through the closed blinds of our hotel room and directly across Shawn’s bare chest. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. “Why are you so hot?” I muttered. Shawn let out a sleepy laugh and kissed my knuckles. 

 “I really don’t want to get up, babe.” he sighed. I propped my head up on his chest to get a good look at him. His eyes looked tired, and his hair was wonderfully fluffy and curly from sleep. 

 “Me neither Shawn. I’m still hungover from last night.” I complained. Shawn laughed.  

 “That’s because you drink those girly drinks filled with sugar that make you extra hungover.” he replied. I gave him a look.  

 “I hate the word girly, Shawn. Nothing is specifically for girls.” I reminded him. Shawn laughed as he finally sat up from bed and put his feet on the floor.

 “Tampons?” he suggested. I hit him on his back as he looked over his shoulder at me with a grin. 

 “Smartass. How long until the concert? Can’t I just be a bad girlfriend and sleep more instead of coming?” I asked through a yawn. Shawn laughed as he stood up, shaking his head. 

 “No. The concert’s in three hours. We have to head down to the stadium.” he said, pulling a shirt over his head. I groaned again and finally got out of bed, sliding into my high waisted black skinny jeans and changing my shirt. I looked in the mirror and wiped the mascara that had smudged in my sleep from under my eye and did a nice Dutch braid down my back. When I was finally ready, I turned to see Shawn watching me with a grin as he sat at the end of our bed.  

“You’re a creep,” I sang the tune of Radiohead’s “Creep” to him as I found my shoes, “You’re a loser, what the hell are you doing here?” I continued, laughing through my singing at the look he was giving me with my song. 

 “Are you done?” he asked. I grinned and kissed his fluffy hair, before leading the way to the Jeep.


 The venue was huge, and soon to be completely filled with people screaming Shawn’s name. I tagged along at a distance as Shawn got dressed in his concert outfit and sat in the stands while he rehearsed and everything got set up.  

 “I think I’ll watch from the stands tonight.” I told him later from backstage as people started filing into their seats. Shawn met my eye through his dressing room mirror.  

 “You realize that people out there know who you are, right?” he reminded me. I shrugged. 

 “I’ll wear a disguise or something.” I replied. Shawn laughed and turned to face me. 

 “A disguise?” he clarified. I cracked a grin and shrugged as my way of saying yes. Shawn laughed again and stood up, brushing by me to get to the clothes kept in the back of the room. He gathered a few things, and then dumped them in my arms with a wide grin. I shook my head and laughed, putting the clothes onto a chair to sift through them. A pair of his sunglasses, his baseball hat, his iHeart Radio sweatshirt. “We’ll make you look like a bro.” He laughed. 

 "A bro sitting front row at a Shawn Mendes concert? Sounds a little out of character.“ I laughed, putting on the sweatshirt. Shawn grinned and went behind me, taking my hair out of it’s braid and putting it in a bun at the nape of my neck. He kissed just below my ear, before sliding on the hat backwards. I put the sunglasses on and we both looked at me in the mirror. "I look ridiculous.” I laughed. Shawn smiled and kissed my cheek. 

 "Well, you usually look stunning, so definitely nobody will recognize you.“ He said, grinning. I rolled my eyes.

 "Alright, it’s showtime.” I laughed. Shawn pointed a stern finger at me as we left the dressing room. 

 "No laughing, babe. It’s sounds like sunshine. Bros don’t laugh like sunshine.“ He reminded me. I grinned and cleared my throat, repeating a laugh but in a lower, manly tone. Shawn cracked up in the hallway as we made our way toward the stage, crew going by giving us strange looks. 

 "Ok, I’ll see you out there. You’ll kill it babe, I love you.” I said. We could hear the crowd from where we stood. Shawn bit his lip and nodded, the pre-show jitters coming in as he ducked to kiss me. 

 "I love you too, bro. Let security know who you are in case you get recognized and have to slip away, alright?“ He said. I nodded, kissed his chin because it was the only place I could reach without difficulty, and made my way to the stands. 

 Seeing Shawn perform from the perspective of a fan was completely different than from backstage. Backstage, I could only ever see the side of him as he sang. This way, I could see the emotion and passion on his face, the way his cheeks flushed and his forehead brimmed with sweat as he went through his songs. He made eye contact with me multiple times and his grin would widen. I could tell he was trying not to laugh. 

 "Alright, thank you guys so much. Before we get to our next song though, I want to bring a very special lady onto the stage. She’s very close to my heart.” Shawn paused between songs, the crowd going wild at his words. He grinned down at me as I shook my head in disbelief. He was going to get me to go on stage while I looked like a man. “I mean, she looks a little different tonight so maybe you didn’t recognize her. Babe, come on up. Don’t be shy.” He continued, coming to the edge of the stage and beckoning me with his hand. Security let me onto the other side of the barricade, keeping screaming fans at bay as I kept shaking my head at him, mouthing how much I hated him in that moment. He just kept grinning, so I took his hand and climbed up on stage with a little bit of difficulty. Shawn was smiling so wide, his cheeks full and red. 

 "I hate you so much.“ I told him. Shawn laughed and turned to the crowd. 

 "She says she hates me.” He told them. I could hear laughter mixed with screams. I shook my head, laughing, and took off the shades and the hat, letting out my hair again. The screams increased. “Guys, isn’t she beautiful? Look at her.” He cooed, fiddling with his earpiece with on hand while the other wrapped around my waist and pulled me against him. He was warm and sweaty, but I didn’t mind. Was it bad that he looked really sexy covered in sweat? Shawn gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Alright, I just wanted to embarrass her a little. And I think it worked. I also may have written this next song about her, though, so…” he trailed off, grinning again at the roar of the crowd. I blushed and shook my head at him, biting my lip. He directed me to a stool on the centre of the stage and switched guitars. “This one’s called Light of My Life.” He said into the mic. I shook my head and blushed already, just at the title.

 I always loved watching Shawn play the guitar. He started the song with a couple of riffs, and made the pouty face he always made when he got really into it, making me grin. After a while, his voice came in, too, sweet like honey. The lyrics were about how tough things got when he was always on the road and wrapped up in his job, but that there was always this girl to keep him grounded, to keep him light and remind him not to take himself so seriously. I was swooning, absolutely head over heels in love with this guy. For the last verse, he got playfully close to my face, and ended with a kiss on my cheek, laughing when I scrunched up and pushed him away. The crowd was nearly deafening. 

I stood from the stool and wrapped my arms around his neck, putting my hands in his sweaty hair to pull him down to my height and kiss him repeatedly on the side of his head. “I love you, Shawn.” I whispered in his ear. He grinned down at me and pressed his forehead against mine for only a moment. 

 "I love you too.“ He replied just as softly, forgetting that his microphone was projecting his voice across the whole venue. He blushed even deeper when the crowd all aww’d, the tips of his ears turning a delicate shade of pink. I squeezed his hand, waved to the crowd, and disappeared backstage, unable to conceal my grin the rest of the night.


 Hey home boys, I sincerely apologize for not getting to your requests. I haven’t been the best mentally so I haven’t been writing too much, and I just haven’t really been in an Eddie-phase as of late. I will get to them though! I promise!! I have, however, developed a cripplingly enormous crush on Shawn Mendes. Hopefully you guys can appreciate this bean with me. Love you guys so so much!! Let me know if you want more Shawn :) xoxo

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some Chanyeol headcanons

•  you never let him cook at your place anymore bc him and Sehun always forget that something is on the stove
•  one time Sehun tried to sneak out and blame it all on chan smfh
•  but tbh lazy days when you’re both cuddling and eating takeout are the best
•  he still has the biggest smile when you call his name or make up nicknames for him
•  and you know that thing that he does when he’s embarrassed, like he’ll cover his cheeks with his sleeves and dies inside
•  “pls don’t say that in front of the other boys, I’ll get slaughtered”
•  “but I thought you liked the nickname baby”
•  needless to say he’s always spoiling you
•  but sometimes he goes overboard, esp with the food bc he knows you like everything
•  it’s very hard to keep his hands to himself whenever he’s close to you
•  like it’s just become a natural habit to reach out to you and play with your hair or intertwine his fingers with yours
•  but I mean even if he does control himself sometimes…
•  he’s still staring at you like a starved puppy, waiting for your permission to see if it’s appropriate to hug you in public or not
•  like honestly he cares about your opinions so much and loves hearing you talk about anything and everything
•  you’ll boost his ego when you call him funny
•  bonus points for whenever he wasn’t actually trying to be
•  I don’t know why he still tries but the cheesy pickup lines are still a part of your everyday life
•  you can’t go one day without a text from him saying something like “did you fall from heaven? Bc you’re the only 10 I see :)” and like a picture of him with a peace sign fml
•  actually will melt inside when you wanna help him out with a song or a composition that he’s been working on
•  like he appreciates that so much that he’ll be bragging about you to kyungsoo for the next week, and that’s saying a lot
•  he’s a really lazy cuddler
•  as in the moment his butt hits the couch and his limbs are intertwined with yours, he’s not moving for hours so you better get comfy and enjoy him playing with your hair
•  if yall had a major height difference, he’ll use that to his advantage
•  like imagine him strutting over to you with a goofy smile whenever you call his name bc you can’t reach something
•  “is2g you put my cookies on the top shelf again and I’m never giving back your sweaters”
•  when he’s tired and worn out from practice, his kisses won’t be as passionate and fast as usual
•  bc he’s really taking his time and enjoying every little touch and tug and pull with you to the point of leaving him groaning for more friction ahshdjdk ok lemme stop
•  but man he really appreciates you for holding him down and treating him like a prince
•  never let him go 💙

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friends pt. I

But square-cut or pear-shaped
These rocks don’t lose their shape
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Morning came and the old English manor awoke in magnificence. Its white structure was caressed by the ancient souls of long-forgotten artists in heaven, that sent the sun’s loving light to bring back to life a house that hadn’t been a home ever since the former Mrs. died. She did it in the fashion of a gothic heroine: surrounded by sorrow, covered in her own blood, slim as a bone and the pale shadow of a ghost in her big, melancholy eyes. She didn’t die alone, was too selfish to allow it. She took with her soul her beloved’s, she sucked the life out of him until he only knew the dim light of gold, of a recent signed contract, of the smell of bills.

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Why Him? Pt. 3 (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU, Soulmate AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8

Word Count: 1,072

Warnings: Language

A/N: Here it is, kiddos! Part three! I am so excited to post this one and I think you guys will enjoy it :) Thanks for reading! As always, feedback is appreciated and requests are open.

Tags: @bjwrites @robotic-space @pietro-no


Thomas Jefferson stood outside your dorm building with your backpack dangling from his hand. His eyes met yours, his expression blank. “Can we talk?” You opened your mouth, but nothing would came out. Unable to find your voice, you simply nodded and pulled your gaze from his and settled it on your backpack. “Oh.” He reached out and handed it to you. You slung it over your shoulder and opened your mouth. “I ended up going back and having a discussion with your friend Eliza. She asked me to bring you your stuff,” he explained, anticipating your question before you could ask it.

Of course Eliza would give him an excuse to come find you. Being the rational person she was, she would definitely want the two of you to talk through this. “What else did she say?” You inquired, meekly.

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Dangan Thieves AU - The Circus of a First Palace

A/N Finally! An actual fic for the dangan thieves AU. I think it’s a good 6k draft (I’m a bit rusty, sorry!) Also please take note that I’m going to skip the tutorial and awakening scenes so we can jump right into the first palace! But first! Gotta thank these awesome people for inspiring me! Send them lots of love please!

[concept art Palace Ruler Chisa 1] [2] @ministarfruit

[first summary] @annsparksthegmr

Beloved Teacher and Ringmistress

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I don't know if I like what the manga is doing with the eri story wise right now. Like, after the new chapter, if eri's quirk ends up doing what I think it does, it will probably be a huge loss for the manga story wise. (I love mirio and nighteye, but in this situation, to get them back this way, would probably feel like a huge cop out)

Ah, can’t say you find me on your side on this, anon - generally I’m a positive person! And I like bnha because it’s a positive story! So, yeah, if Eri’s gonna fix it and avoid deaths and permanent damages all around I’m not gonna mind it one bit. I understand your position on this tho, and I’m pretty sure you’re not alone on it. I guess it’s about what you’re looking for in a story, and what the point the story means to bring across is to begin with - you say that having an all around positive outcome to this arc is gonna be a loss for the manga, but bnha isn’t snk. It’s not Tokyo Ghoul, or D.Gray-man, or any other story made to drive across the point that life is sad and sad things happen and you just gotta deal with it as best as you can. The general point of HeroAca, since the very beginning, is that luck exists! Things can turn out for the best! Look at it, our protagonist didn’t even have a quirk and now he’s got the best one out there. Literally became the successor to the greatest hero alive without doing anything aside from being a nice guy

I mean. I get why you’d wish for a… more real story, I guess. I get that you might like the angst and the realness of life being shitty and bad things happening and all that jazz. But that’s never been bnha’s point? Since the very start? Deku’s whole arc is turning into a fight to show you that you should never lose hope and that even set futures can still be rewritten - and, about that, there’s also how big part of this arc is still about Nighteye and what he saw in All Might’s future, and about Deku wanting to prove that he doesn’t have to die, so a girl that can literally rewind said future to make it go some other way? That’s exactly what you need to counter Nighteye’s quirk. Deku might talk about twisting fate all he wants, but considering how Nighteye’s quirk works and how precise and definitive it is, without something that can make what Nighteye saw happen just to bring it back and change it there was no way Deku could have done much.

As I said, I get why you’d be disappointed in the possibility of a total fix-it, but as far as bnha’s plot goes I don’t think the story’s gonna lose anything with simply keeping up the positive-to-a-naive-point look on life it has always had, if that’s what it decides to do. You might end up finding the story less good then you’d been expecting, but that’s because you were seeing bnha as a genre it has never even tried to be. This is still a story in which at some point holding hands saved the day, after all haha

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She's Not Here.

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Request: hi i was hoping i could hav a Newt x Reader imagine where the reader is rlly shy and anxious and Newt is rlly protective of her and during The Scorch Trials she gets kidnapped by Rat Man and the gladers rescue her?? And Newt gets really worried about her? lots of angst & fluff?

Fandom: Newt x Reader

Tags: swearing, spoilers, kidnapping, reader’s point of view

Note: not a lot of fluff or angst I’m vv sorry, i changed the ending and gifs aren’t mine !!

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Toys [Taeyong]

Originally posted by taeyonghi

Genre: Smut

Characters: Lee Taeyong x Reader (You)

RequestCould you write a Taeyong smut where he wants to use toys on you but ur nervous af about it and hes all sweet about it and you guys end up really enjoying the experience. thanks so much in advance!

Word Count: 1485

Notes: This was really fun to write! It’s a little short, but I hope you like it anyway ^^ As always feedback is appreciated <3

You wouldn’t say the sex with Taeyong was boring per say, it just consisted of the same thing every time. You had told Taeyong that you guys should try something new in the bedroom, like a blindfold or something simple.

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Brand new neighbours au prompt for winteriron, Where Bucky is smitten with Tony but Tony is oblivious, always in a hurry to reach college and complete his work. And can we have a worried Maria Stark who fusses over Tony and teaches Howard a lesson when he acts nonchalant. Steve finds it all very hilarious. Because he just can't get over his best friend's face whenever he talks about Tony. Happy ending.

AN: It took me like, a year, but I finally did it. XD

“Steve.” Only a grunt answered him, so Bucky reached out to give his shoulder a good smack. “Steve.”

“I don’t care.”


“I don’t care, Buck. I don’t care what he’s doing or what he’s wearing or any of that. I have to get this piece done. You can tell me aaaaall about the day in the life of your crush when I finish, okay?”

“But Stevie. He’s trying to do dishes again.” Deadline or no, Steve practically threw his sketchbook away and turned on the couch to kneel next to Bucky. Across the way, easily seen through the big open windows of their neighbor’s kitchen, they could see Tony. Not that they’d ever been introduced - the only reason Bucky knew his name was because he’d heard the guy’s mom say it about twenty times in her lecture on how to be an adult before she’d tearfully left him on his own. The lesson hadn’t stuck apparently, because every time the guy tried to do something even a little domestic, it tended to end in catastrophe.

He had lost power three times that Bucky had noticed - because the lights were usually on all night, so the sudden turning off of ALL of them had been a pretty big hint. Not because he was like, a stalker or a peeping Tom or anything. Anyway. The plumber’s van had been parked outside maybe five times, and the cops had come around seven times because Tony had forgotten to turn off his alarm system after walking into his house. There’d been two nights when Bucky’d woken up because of screeching alarms of approaching firetrucks - each time his heart had pounded with fear until Tony wandered out into the suddenly-bright night looking both irritated and sooty. Bucky didn’t know about the rest of the house, but his view into Tony’s kitchen was really good, and he’d seen the man wander away in the middle of cooking dinner only to run back in an hour later to find it reduced to charcoal. He’d seen the guy sweep half the room before suddenly zipping away, tripping over the dropped broom when he finally wandered back. Tony had flooded the kitchen ten times because he didn’t know how to use the dishwasher properly and seemed to have some sort of moral objection to doing them by hand.

Tony’d moved in two weeks ago.

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(Monii) So can we discuss Jungkook's love/fascination with Jimin's body in light of recent events. Let's talk about all the times he's stroked his chest/arms, rubbed/smacked/grabbed his butt, checked him out, stared at his lips (to the point of trying to take off something we can't see), stared in general, compliments him (since when are toes cute?!), stands behind him really close (because he loves the size difference) and whatever else I missed. (p.s. your tags are making me blush. stop it.)

hey Monii ~ ~

if you look look at jungkook’s behaviour with jimin from their debut till now , you can see how much it has changed , he used to be shy around jimin , not really able to express how fond of him he really was , nor how much he liked him as a person and respected him , how cute he thought he was .. he was overwhelmed with the love jimin was showering him with when he was still figuring out himself , and this was only when it’s jimin , with every other member he’d be okay with the excessive skinship whenever there was a camera around.. etc, but when it was jimin , he’d get so flustered..

in recent interviews,he said that he’d use the “tsundere” /”cold on the outside warm in the inside” image with the person he likes/has a crush on, and well he has been using that with jimin all these years , by giving him his jacket whenever he felt cold (war of hormones mv making) , by trying to act really manly around him (trying to grill meat for him when he has never tried doing it whenever he went out with the other members) him and stuff.

so all of that was a part of : him trying to figure out who he was , and why the hell was he feeling so flustered with jimin’s love , but also trying so show jimin that even though he was shy and still figuring everything out that he still cared about him , that he acknowledges his feelings which were very sincere , he has never faked it just for the show , nor for fanservice… he knew that jimin really did like him..

- complements- nowadays , jungkook is so much better at expressing himself and how he feels about jimin , he compiments him freely whenever he wants , unlike how he used to be like , like that time he got a mission to compliment jimin , and jimin was so surprised he was like : “but you never complement me” , see ? now he does it whenever he has a chance to !  “cute toes” (!!!!!!)( are you talking about the video where he kept saying that he wants jimin over and over again?” ) , “jimin hyung is so unique” , “ jimin , are you allowed to be this cool?” <— this last one , the level of flustration one must feel in order for them to say something  like that is just …  , jimin is driving him crazy! , the countless times he called jimin “sexy”,” jimin hyung’s eyes are so pretty” <—- he literally repeated himself over three times just to make sure that jimin has indeed heard him.

-body appreciation- it’s well known that jungkook has a thing for jimin’s chest by now , i mean he was standing in front of a lake he could only get one chance to see in his life, and he was so much more fascinated by jimin’s chest ,or that time he was unnecessarilly stroking jimin’s chest when he was showing his outfit , or in their anniversary thing when he did it again with no reason at all.  he likes his arms as well , i remember seeing him not being able to stop touching jimin’s arm muscles in one video , and jimin was totally chill about it like he got used to that by now .

he has a thing for the jibooty as well , there is this video where he literally zooms in to jimin’s butt and says: “ looks at his butt”, the thirst in his voice is undeniable! , there was also this time when he literally grabbed jimin’s butt when everyone was lined up during one of their performances and were supposed to slightly touch the person in front of them , and last but not least that iconic moment when he grabbed , rubbed , then slapped jimin’s butt right when they were about to start rehearsing , oh and in the most recent run ep when he smacked it after manhandling jimin ( that was a legendary slap the best one yet)

how many times has he been caught staring at jimin’s lips ? like that time during this vlive when stared at them hard enough to notice something no camera was able to catch , and was even willing to take it off jimin’s lips ?? what? and during the same reahearsel that i mentioned above , whenever he talked to jimin he’d be looking directly at his lips!

the size difference !!! by now, it’s very clear how obsessed jungkook is by their size difference, in one the most recent fansigns he was the one to suggest to compare their fingers with jimin’s (!!) , he indeed has a thing for jimin’s hands , he’d take every opportunity to touch them , like , here he touched jimin’s hand with no apparent reason at all, or like how they’d keep playing arm wrestling just to touch each other’s hands (????)   the size difference is really notable between them , i remember @satellite-jeon once said that jungkook is getting buffer and biffer each day,it’s really so much for jimin to take .. which i  couldn’t agree more on.

he has a thing for jimin’s aegyo as well, he even said that his ideal type was “ someone cute who can’t do aegyo” , and it’s well known that jimin used to do his “horror aegyo”  . doing aegyo is just not his thing yet he is a person who’s naturally cute , he also stated that his ideal type was someone “with six packs” “tanned skin” “jimin’s height” “older” *cough*jimin*cough* , no but seriously tho , he’d high key describe jimin every damn time he was asked about his ideal type !

staring at jimin in general, looking like he just fell in love with him all over again, this one here is just … anyone can tell how much he loves / is attracted to  the person he’s looking at , this one too, and during that whole vlive where he looked like he could kiss him at any moment ………..

I jolted awake from my heavy slumber to a faint, but definitely present sound. I heard it once, and waited for it again. Nothing. Maybe I was just hearing things?

I looked to the clock on my nightstand table. It read 4:49 in the morning. What the hell?


There it was again. It came from the window. Cautiously, I rose from my bed to see who the hell could be outside my window at this hour.

Down below stood the small-looking silhouette of none other than Calum. He had a smirk on his face that told me he was up to no good. But then again, he always was.

Opening the window, I rested each arm on the sill to get a better look at him. “What are you doing here, it’s like, 5 in the morning,” I muttered. My voice was groggy and strained from sleep.

He shrugged. “I wish I knew. Let me up?”

He was insane. My parents’ room was right next door. Even in the dark, his stupid sparkly eyes danced with naughtiness. What a horndog.

“How am I supposed to do that? I’m on the second floor!”

“Unlock the back door downstairs!” he whisper-yelled, motioning to the back of the house.

“Can’t your dick wait till it’s light out before it gets wet?” I ask, condescendingly, as if I don’t want to fuck him right this second.

“Not when it comes to you,” he smirked before disappearing to the backyard. Now I had to go down there.

My body was jittering already with excitement. I felt a familiar twinge in my breasts that made my heart skip and suddenly I was extremely eager to get downstairs. I took a moment to take a deep breath so I could make it past my parents’ room without waking them. 

Tip-toeing as fast as I could down the stairs, I opened the door just enough for Calum’s tall, lean body to slip through. His frame towered over my smaller one, exhaling a breath on my face as a shut the door. He smelled slightly of whiskey. He was buzzed. Not drunk, just a bit tipsy.

I rolled my eyes and decided against questioning him about why he was drinking without me. Instead, I allowed him to take me by the hand and guide me into the living room.

“Don’t you want to go upstairs?” I whispered.

“I was thinking,” he mirrored my quiet tone, differing from mine with a buzzing, airy lightness. “I’ve fucked you plenty of times in your bedroom before, and I’ll fuck you there plenty more times in the future.”

His crass words made me shiver with excitement. “Yeah, so what?”

He crouched down to my height and planted wet, tipsy lips against mine, sliding his tongue across my bottom lip. “So, wouldn’t it be so much dirtier if we did it on the sofa instead?”


“With your parents right upstairs.”

“You’re such a horndog, Cal,” I joked, knowingly. He knew what I liked, he knew all my weird, kinky likes and desires, and his confidence was stronger from the booze. He was glowing from it, and he knew it too.

He pulled me close to him again, this time with a little more force, and gently wiped some hair away from my ears. “That’s Daddy to you.”

I tried leaning forward to kiss him roughly in sheer desire, but he stopped me before I could. His lengthy fingers grabbed hold of my chin My chubby cheeks puffed out as he did this. My instinct was to take his fingers and put them in my mouth, but he wasn’t having it. He felt the strain as my mouth tried to escape his touch. He tightened his fingers.

“Don’t fight me, baby,” he whispered with slight intensity. I gulped as he pushed me down onto the sofa behind me.

I felt my boobs jiggle as I hit the surface of the couch and became very aware that I was not wearing a bra, or panties for that matter. Just a T-shirt.

He sat himself next to me and ever-so slowly started tracing his hand up my shirt. I think he too was aware of my lack of undergarments.

His index finger traced the distance from my belly-button to the nape of my breasts. He started laying me down now. I could feel my nipples harden at the suspense of his touch.

A hot breath huffed out when his index finger reached my left nipple and started pinching and kneading the area around it. My head fell back and I hummed in appreciation. Wanting to revel in this beginning-stage of foreplay, I guided his other hand to mirror the same activities as his left hand.

He allowed this, and watched endearingly as I licked my lips and let my head hang back. He’d pushed my shirt up to my neck so my breasts, as well as the rest of me, were exposed to the cool air.

I hummed a bit more and whined just a little, earning his mouth on my right breast. His warm, wet mouth suckled for a few seconds at the entirety of my nipple He took my it between his teeth and bit it. I shrieked at the sudden pressure.

He stopped.

“Quiet, baby. You don’t want your parents to find us, do you?”

My eyes widened for a moment before I shook my head. Of course not.

He sat up a bit straighter, sliding his hands down to my hips, curving away from my midsection and onto my thighs. “You dirty, dirty girl.”

I said nothing. I was too stricken with his raw sexual magnetism to speak.

“You’re my dirty, filthy little slut, aren’t you?” his voice was rough and raw, it made my mouth fall open.

I nodded.

But this wasn’t enough for him. “Say it.”

I gulped. He was so fucking sexy, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

“Say it for Daddy.

“I’m your filthy little slut, Daddy,” I whimpered. My nipples were taught now. I wanted him to slap my breasts, bite my neck, finger-shaped bruises on my ass, anything!

“Fuck yes you are,” he whispered before yanking my legs toward him and brining my pussy millimeters from his talented mouth. His hot breath unleashed more and more wetness from me with every passing second. Fuck, why wouldn’t he just eat me already?

“Remember, baby,” he took a long pause, just to make me stir and writhe in his touch. “Keep quiet, or we’ll get caught.”

Seconds later, he buries his mouth into me, lapping up my flowing juices, slowly making his way up. He made sure to hit every fold and make drenched, suckling sounds.

My pussy contracted with this heavenly euphoria. How was he so good at this? The way his mouth moved, the way his jaw sharpened with every flick of his fucking tongue, it was like he was making out with my pussy. Like it was his job.

I focused on keeping quiet, which proved to be harder than I thought, especially when he went to town on my clit.

He kissed, nipped, and took long laps at it. My chest heaved up and down. I let my mouth hang wide open with my tongue hanging out, so all the sounds leaving me were nothing but pants and quiet shrieks.

It was when he started moaning into me when I felt that last big wave of pleasure engulf me and start to feel like I was going to cum. My hands had been tugging at his hair relentlessly and guiding him along. Now, I’d succumbed to biting my bottom lip with every strength in my body to encase the disastrously loud noises begging to escape from  me.

He coaxed my orgasm out of me, whispering sexy nothings like, “come for me, baby” and “keep quiet”.

He flicked his tongue a certain way once, twice, three, four, five times. Six. Seven. My hands flew from his scalp to my mouth to cover up my inevitable soundscape.

“Fucking hell, Daddy,” I whimpered. “Fuck, yes, yes, fuck!”

Even after my orgasm, he kept sucking and sucking away at me, stealing my soul and leaving me to have to push my face against the wall to avoid screaming.

He followed me, sucking at me now from a whole new angle. Knees pressing to the leather sofa, I practically sat on his face as he lay underneath my increasingly parting thighs, sucking and suckling until I was horny all over again.

He then let go of me, slid up to meet my hardly-open eyes. He used the side of his hand to wipe away excess wetness from his mouth, and licked his lips.

I was completely out of breath and strength. I hardly even heard him say, “c'mere, baby.”

I did, and was met with a hot, wet kiss. I knew he found it incredibly sexy when I kissed him after he had just eaten me out. He moaned into the kiss and I immediately wanted to make him feel the way I had not two minutes before.

I deepened the kiss, grasping my hands around the back of his neck, rubbing his hair. He hummed, liking that.

Feeling a little more strength rejuvenate as he did this, I rose, pressing his chest up with one hand, until we were sitting upright. His eyelids were heavy as I pressed him down on the sofa now, running my hands along his chest and down to his belt buckle. I knew Calum didn’t like wasting time, and neither did I, especially not tonight.

He helped me undo his pants as my fidgeting hands struggled. I focused on kissing his brown neck, a perfect canvas for hickies. I kissed his lips, and cheeks before getting to his jawline and nipping at the area.

He winced, and took a quick breath. Just like I wanted.

I kissed it again. Wetter this time. I let my breath hit the area to give him chills and make him squirm just a little. Then, I went back, biting the area hard now and sucking as I did so. He let out an elongated whiney-groan. He was getting restless.

“Now baby. Fuck me now,” he demanded. I look him in the eye. His begging, glassy eyes.

I keep my eyes on him as I tug his pants down his legs and release his straining dick. My stomach flips as I hover over it. I deeply kiss him once more, letting his tongue into my mouth, and sucking on it in the process. I brush my ass against his dick, making his head fall back behind him.

His eyes roll to the back of his head, just for a second, letting out an airy, “fuck”.

I could feel myself dropping now. I needed him, selfishly, again. Slowly now, but finally, I eased him into me. I gasped at the sudden heat rise in the room. My midsection explodes as I try to get myself full from him.

He lets out a huff. His hands now rub my ass and thighs. I start bouncing, slowly at first, getting a rhythm. Speeding up, I rock myself back and forth, side to side.

Calum struggles to keep his sounds down to nose, breaths and enclosed moans. His long fingers dig into my side and guide me the way he wants me to go. I can tell from his applied force that they will bruise. Excited by this, I comply, trying to loosen my hips.

New waves of heat kept washing over me. My shirt stuck to the small of my back, which was now drenched in sweat as Calum rubbed and slid his hands all over it. He noticed the shirt amongst his touch of my  middle and forced his eyes open for a moment. “Shirt off. Now.”

I nod, hardly even hearing him. My hands fumble to the hem of my shirt, bring it over my head and toss it behind me. Seeing this, he becomes more desperate. My breasts bounce with the rhythm in which he guides me and the sound of my thighs clapping against his middle is more prominent. He fights to keep watch on my body above him, but his eyes betray him. His nostrils flare open and he brings his lips together to lick them. He almost looked pissed off; angry, even. His eyebrows bunched together. He was so fucking sexy.

I closed my eyes again, replaying the image of his face in my head. I felt lost in the feeling as he guided me, faster now.

His hips start to buckle and lift off the sofa as he becomes louder. I want to tell him to shut up before my parents woke up. The thought of being caught like this, doing something we weren’t supposed to be doing, fuck, it made everything more hot.

All that exists in that moment is Calum and I. The slick sound of him sliding in and out of me again and again is just white noise. His rhythm starts to subside and becomes faster and faster as we get closer.

I can feel him twitch inside me when he finally releases, he starts practically swirling my hips around and around on top of him in a way I’d never experienced before. His sloppy, intense attempt to ride out every last bit of sexual energy between us sends me over the edge to my second orgasm, making me fight to keep myself quiet.

The bucking of Calum’s hips slows and slows until he finally collapses back onto the couch. I let myself fall forward onto his hard chest. I bury my face into his neck and try to catch my breath. My heart feels like a hammer banging against a sheet.

He starts rubbing a shaking hand down my hair and back for a while. I feel very close to him as he does this, and lean into his very delicate touch even after all that intensity. We don’t speak.

After what feels like hours, but really is only minutes, I turn my head to look at the clock on the wall. It’s just after 6 in the morning. I turn back, mustering up energy to look at Calum up close. I noticed the beading sweat on his forehead I hadn’t seen before. I felt exhausted. I kissed his still slightly panting lips to wake him up a little.

He opened an eye at me and weakly smirked.

“What?” I breathed.

He took a moment to gulp before answering. “You’re such a dirty girl.”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever, hornball, you need to get up. My dad wakes up at 6:15, and if he sees you here, we’re both toast.”

“Oh, so now you worry about being caught?” He smirks bigger now.

I lift myself off him. “Shut up.” I rise off the couch to retrieve my shirt from the floor and he starts buckling his pants. I feel like I’m sleep walking. I yawn as I help him stand.

We quietly walk to the back of the house, where I first let him in.

“Hey, it’s light out now,” he said.

I nod, glancing at the clock. 6:13. My father’s alarm clock would be going off any minute.

“Well, baby, it was a privilege fucking you into the sunrise,” he says confidently before pecking me on the cheek. “Call you later!”

I smirk madly to myself. Horndog.

succ&fucc saturday™ 

He Is Heaven

Request: “How bout some nice PASSIONATE sex with Kylo? Like you’ve been with him for a few months, but he’s always so distant and withdrawn, but with great understanding and patience from you, he’s now opening up more–especially in the bedroom where he’s able to convey his affections better physically rather than verbally. hell yeah hell yeah”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1940

Warnings: smut… 

A/n: I DIE FOR ROMANTIC KYLO AHHH SORRY BYE also wtf this turned really poetic-ish at the end but I’m kinda really digging it? Lemme know what you guys think! x

Originally posted by kylorenlovesme

Your hands slid across each other as you passed in the hallway. You frowned, turning back to the tall shrouded figure as your gripped a crumpled-up piece of paper in your hand. Kylo continued walking without peeking back to see your reaction. Under his menacing mask he wore a playful grin.

You unfolded the paper, wondering why it needed to be passed in secrecy. It wasn’t as if your relationship with the knight of Ren was being concealed from anyone, so you considered the act to be quite strange. The note was written messily, but your eyes flicked firstly to the wonky heart drawn at the bottom of the page. You then began to read.


Please meet me at my quarters in 5 minutes. I have a surprise.

- Kylo

You couldn’t help but let out an excited giggle at the out-of-character note, clutching it to your heart as you twirled on your feet, heading straight for Kylo’s room. Once you arrived, you rocked on your heels impatiently. A familiar protocol droid then passed by the hallway, and you engaged in light conversation as you waited. A couple minutes passed as you spoke, then suddenly you were engulfed in large arms from behind, being picked up and spun around. You let out a surprised squeak, but once you realised it was Kylo who held you, you burst into a wide grin.

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sun upon the roof in winter

She goes out for the paper, because it’s a Sunday and they like to share the supplements. He reads the arts and culture section whilst she reads politics and crime. She returns, today, with orange juice and croissants that he grumbles about but eats nevertheless, and the table is bathed in early-morning sunlight and Karen has pastry flakes stuck to her fingers and when he looks across at her from over the top of the paper his stomach flips strangely.

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In Ten Years’ Time (Shalaska) - jazz

Summary: In which Sharon and Alaska attend their ten-year high school reunion together.

A/N: Showing the judges versatility by writing a lesbian AU and by trying out present tense! This fic goes out to my loves, Alaska del Needles & Dottie, and to @alaskasthighs for the inspiration. ~5k words.  

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What’s Bred in the Bone: Part IV

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part IV of ??? - Part I - Part II - Part III

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The Story of Us

Prologue || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 ||

✮ Chapter Five: Short Stories ✮

Word Count: 7,295

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮


After her inn adventure with Lucas, Riley retreats back to Jedediah’s house for a bite to eat. That night she lays awake in bed thinking over her conversation with Lucas. They’ve known each other for less than forty-eight hours yet Riley told him about her safe space and he brought her to his.

Lucas brought Riley to the inn after seeing her in a huffy state. The bay window - even burnt out and beaten down - was a sweet gesture. So, Riley opens up about the significance of her safe place, not as a reward but more so out of appreciation for it. Eventually their conversation progressed from there and even with Riley having to persist a little, it flowed naturally. Of course both teens seemed sheepish because of the vulnerable topics but there was still something strange about it all to Riley. 

Lucas shared with Riley his dream and to some - Lucas included - that’s like sharing an entry from your diary. To own aloud something that could bring failure and embarrassment is no easy thing, yet he told a complete stranger about it. 

Riley keeps trying to explain away things; she told Lucas about the bay window to say thank you and he told her his aspirations because she opened up to him… Or maybe because it’s easier talking to a stranger… Regardless of whatever windy thought tangent she partook on that night she shakes it all off after realising it was after 1:00am and she’d spent hours thinking about it. 

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Just Friends?

Note: REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN. I was trying to keep this one short because it ended up a million pages long, so I spent time editing it to make it as short as possible. 

***can I get a Carl imagine where you save him one day and he brings you back and you’re really skilled with knives, guns and a bow and arrow (like Allison from TW) and Ron has a crush on you because you’re super badass and you teach him how to shoot and Carl gets jealous but you’re oblivious until  you hear him and Ron argue over you?***

You had it. The small rodent nibbled on whatever was in its hand and looked off into the distance unaware of your presence. You pulled the string back with an arrow perched in the correct position with your finger acting as a cursor for where it was going to end up. Your breathing slowed and you kept your eyes wide open.

After you steadied your hand enough, you let go of the arrow, watching it pierce the poor squirrel in the stomach. You were hoping for the head, but you could always get the meat around the arrow. “Nice shot.” Daryl nearly made you jump out of your skin.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” You pouted and jumped down from your perch to grab the kill.

“Just complimentin’ ya,” he laughed.

You two entered back through the gate of Alexandria with the squirrel in hand. Daryl always took you out to practice your aim and to make sure you never got rusty. He had become somewhat of a big brother to you since he arrived to the community and saw you ogling his crossbow.

***the day before***

You violently tugged on Carl’s flannel, jerking him toward you. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you?” He yanked his shirt out of your hand and walked past you. “I could’ve gotten it myself!”

“Like hell! That walker almost took a chunk out of your neck. You would’ve been gone if it weren’t for me!” You stomped your foot.

He turned around to scowl at you. “Whatever.” He turned back and walked out of the room.

You two split off from the group earlier to explore a small office of the corner store you discovered. Upon opening the rusty door, a walker jumped Carl and you grabbed it by its shirt, pulled it off, and stabbed it in the head, inches from your face. Blood sprayed across your cheeks and nose, nearly making you gag.

Instead of thanking you, Carl got angry with you for no apparent reason and stomped off, hurting your feelings. After getting back to Alexandria, he locked himself in his room.

***Present Day***

Carl hasn’t even looked you in the eye yet, and it hurt. You were standing in his front yard, staring at his house. It’s been three days, and-

“Hey, Y/N.” A voice interrupted your self-pity. You turned to see Ron standing with his hands in his pockets on the sidewalk.

“Oh, hey. What’s up?” You set your hand on your bow which was settled around your torso.

“I was wondering,” he scratched the back of his head and his cheeks grew slightly pinker,” if you could maybe teach me some combat moves or how to shoot or something. I mean, Rick and the others have been showing me about guns, but I know you’re good with guns and knives- hell, everything.”

You hadn’t ever really talked to Ron alone and it was kind of cute how nervous he was acting. It wasn’t like Carl had been around for a while, and you wanted someone to talk to around your age. “Sure. You wanna now?” You smiled at him to hopefully ease his nerves.

He nodded and followed you to the armory where you picked up a few guns and some arrows you crafted yourself when you had down time. You both sat atop the gate (he was very nervous about the height, but you coaxed him into it), and waited for rodents. After a few minutes of nothing, you sighed and climbed down to the outside of the community. “C’mon. We can stay up in a tree and get passing walkers.”

After a moment of hesitation, he breathed deeply and climbed down after you. He seemed to trust you. You grabbed his arm and led him to a tree you and Carl often sat in to talk and hang out.

Unbeknownst to you, Carl had seen you walk off with Ron from his window. He followed you and was infuriated to see you two sitting on the gate. He felt betrayed as you climbed down and beckoned for Ron to follow you.

You laughed and put your hand over Ron’s to fix the position of his fingers. “Pretend you’re Robin Hood. Did you ever like Robin Hood? Inuyasha? Kagome- or even better, Kikyo!” You smiled brightly at the memory of a show you watched late on Adult Swim as a small child.

He watched your face and smiled. “I was team Kagome.”

You were shocked that he knew what you were talking about and playfully hit his arm. “Kikyo was the real winner. Much more mature and less whiney.” You were both sitting in a large branch of a strangely shaped tree. You kicked your legs. “There! Shoot the walker. For now, any place you hit will count, so go for it.”

Ron pulled the arrow back against the string and released it. The arrow fell short and landed behind the walker’s feet. “Nice try,” you said.

After an hour’s practice, you both crossed over the gate and were surprised to see Carl coming toward you both. Your smile faded and you stopped walking. “It was nice seeing you, Ron. Stop by any time.”

“I had fun.” He smiled with his teeth and went in for a hug. You weren’t expecting the gesture, but you hugged him back.

Carl stood staring at you as Ron left you two.

“What were you guys doing?” You felt that he was angry, but when was he not? You two weren’t dating or anything, so he couldn’t be mad that you were with Ron. You were tired of his mood swings.

“I let him practice archery. He was just curious. I’m going to teach him other self defense strategies and weapons. Why?” You slipped your hands into your jean pockets and leaned your weight on one leg.

“It’s dangerous out there. You can get hurt.”

“Me and you go out there all the time.”

“That’s different.”

You quirked a brow. “How?”

Carl stayed silent. You always thought Carl was really attractive. That hat gave the impression of authority and his hair was so pretty, but it fit him. He was just tough sometimes, and you didn’t really know if he even wanted to take your relationship further.

“You’re still mad at me? For what?” You walked a few steps closer to him. “Can you please answer me because I don’t appreciate you being a huge dick to me after risking my life-”

“That’s why I’m mad! You shouldn’t have risked your life for me!” He slightly tilted his head. “You can’t do that. Not even for me. You’re too important.”

You felt your cheeks heat up and his face turned dark red. “Just don’t be stupid,” he said. “You’re a pretty cool person to have around.” He averted his gaze and left you at the gate.

The next few days Carl seemed to be himself again, and you two got back to hanging out and connecting personally.

“Hey, Y/N!” Ron waved to you as he ran toward you and Carl. “Is it okay if we train a little earlier today? My mom wants me to help out on something later and I think it’ll take a few hours.”

“Sure.” You smiled at him and turned to Carl. “Is it cool with you if I disappear for a little bit? Like two hours tops?”

“Sure.” He seemed disappointed, but helping someone learn self-defense was much more important than hanging out with a friend. Carl crossed his arms and turned to walk away.

You followed Ron to his house and entered. He had his living room cleared except the couches and a couple of blankets were strewn across the floor. “I set everything up so that it won’t hurt too bad if we hit the floor.”

You nodded and took your shoes off. Ron was sweet. He was much softer than Carl, which you appreciated sometimes. Today you were going to help Ron with some hand-to-hand combat. You used to be a part of a small group that heavily trained every day. It was rough and there was no mercy for weakness. You became skilled with your bow, and became physically fit for almost anything life threw at you. A herd of walkers took over your camp, and you were small enough to hide in the vent of the small building. You were the only survivor.

“Got you!” Ron kicked your leg from behind and pinned you down. He had one leg on each side of you and one hand on each side of your head. You had gotten distracted with thoughts of your past group.

“I let you win,” you teased, hopeful he didn’t notice your momentary mood change.

He smiled and looked into your eyes. “You’re really pretty, Y/N.”

You felt a bit nervous at the comment, and your heartbeat grew in pace as he started leaning down toward your face. You had only ever kissed Carl before, once on a run and he had never made a move to since. Ron was getting closer. He was on top of you, and your hands lay dead on the ground. You closed your eyes and welcomed his warm lips to your own. Ron’s kiss was much softer and careful. You weren’t used to people being careful with you.

After a few seconds, you deepened the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck.

He pulled back and helped you up. You felt a warmth spread through your body and it pooled at your center.

Without warning, a sense of guilt had overcome you. “I gotta go. I totally forgot that I offered to help Maggie with something.” You were lying and you didn’t know why. All you knew was that you didn’t want to sit with Ron if he had these feelings for you while you were so hot from his touch. You had no idea where you stood with anyone anymore. You left his house in a hurry without looking back.

You literally ran away from his house. You looked back and saw a confused Ron standing on his porch. A body stopped you in your tracks. You ran fully into it and looked up. It was Carl. “Is everything alright? You look flushed-” he saw Ron standing on his porch. Carl closed his mouth and put both his hands on your upper arms. “Did he do something?” His voice got defensive and you shook your head.

“I just forgot that I had something to do.” You pulled away from him and walked away from the scene and leaned on the side of a nearby house.

You heard footsteps coming closer and then they stopped. “What’s wrong with Y/N?” You could hear that Carl was worried. That must have been Ron who walked closer.

“We were practicing some tackles. She just said she needed to help Maggie with something and left in a hurry.”

“That was it? Nothing else happened?”

“Well, we kissed, but-”

“You kissed her?” Carl’s voice seemed hurt and angry.

You knew you shouldn’t have been eavesdropping, but you couldn’t resist.

“Listen,” Carl’s toned changed to threatening. “She’s mine. I’m tired of you two running around alone together and like hell I’m going to let you get in the way.”

Your heart skipped a beat and you swallowed.

“She isn’t a possession. She can choose whoever she wants. I went for it, and she just closed her eyes and let me.” You could hear pride in Ron’s voice.

“Well you had her cornered and her reaction didn’t look like she liked it.” Carl sounded angry.

You left them to their argument and thought to yourself about the situation. Ron was gentle and naive, while Carl was harder and a very rational thinker. They were both damn good looking, but one had already stolen your heart.

Later that evening, you snuck into a familiar house and up to a certain room. It was quiet everywhere, so you had no idea if he was actually there. You  perked up at the sound of Judith playing and followed the noise. Carl was facing away from the door, sitting with Judith and stacking Solo cups.

“Hey,” you said, earning a slight jump with no answer.

You walked over to him and sat behind him. “You can be mad at me.” You slid your arms around his waist and leaned your head against his shoulder. “I don’t know why I let it happen. I stopped it because…” You stopped and took a deep breath as an attempt to slow your heartbeat. “I felt guilty. I was thinking of you and how much I would rather be kissing you, even when you’re being mean to me… which you are a lot of the time, honestly. You get away with too much attitude, Grimes.”

“Are you saying you wanna be my girl?” His hands rested over yours. You could feel that his palms were sweaty.

“Mhm.” You closed your eyes and listened to his breathing and Judith’s baby gurgles. “As long as you want me to be.”