let us all take a moment to appreciate how hot dante is

TV shows I would like to see revived or well re-invented (with reasons)
  • Invader Zim: He just speaks to me on levels. If you deny there isn’t a quirky Zim in all of us, YOU’RE LYYYYING.
  • American Dragon : Spud and Trixie were awesome

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Hannibal Recap: Antipasto

The episode opens with some motorcycle fanservice Hannibal riding through the streets of a European city on his motorcycle, disobeying every traffic law along the way because road rules don’t apply to hungry cannibals. If at this moment you are confused about where in time and space we are located all I can say is, get fucking used to it.

He arrives at a soirée, for which he is egregiously underdressed in his leather biker jacket. But Hannibal is in his badass cannibal mode. He doesn’t conform to dress codes, dress codes conform to him.

Everyone ignores him while he hones in on tonight’s dinner, a Dr. Fell. Everyone except Anthony Dimmond, who, like Will Graham, is both scruffy and boyishly handsome. However, he lacks both Will Graham’s sense of morality and protagonist status, so I would highly advise getting too attached to him. (Too late? Well, then. This is gonna suck.). 

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