let us all take a moment to appreciate how hot dante is

Sure thing, love. Also time to show some Credo love. He deserves it. <3


3. Scars or painful spots:

He has a number of scars located around his stomach, abdomen, and back, though considering the number of times he’s typically shot and stabbed on a weekly or sometimes even a daily basis–let alone with his own fucking swords for fuck’s sake–this shouldn’t be all that surprising. 

15. What it takes to make them cry: 

Unlike a certain twin brother of his, Dante is much more open and comfortable with his feelings and emotions. I can easily say the death or loss of a loved one, regardless if it’s a close friend or relative,  is definitely on the list of things that could make him cry (DMC3 ending anyone??? Hahaha…*proceeds to ugly sob in corner* I’m not crying, it’s just the rain dammit…).

Anyway, given Dante’s evident depression, I wouldn’t be too surprised if there were times where even our beloved devil hunter in red had a particularly bad day and just needed to let it all out; regardless of whether it’s in the form of killing demons or having a good cry after a couple drinks to loosen himself up a bit. Whenever he does get like this, he’ll tend to seclude himself for a bit, not wanting to have others to see him in such a low and depressive state and cause them to worry; regardless of how casual and carefree he may try to play it off at times. Please comfort him when he is; whether it’s some tender and comforting words, hugs, and/or possibly kisses to help comfort this sweet cambion cinnamon roll (my sweet baby let me hold you, it’s okayyy ;___;). 


3. Scars or painful spots:

While most wouldn’t think it at first, Vergil actually has quite a large number of scars along his back. While a number of them are old and mostly faded, a lot of the scars from deeper wounds he’s collected from over the years are still quite visible. If you were to see him changing, you’d be able to notice the slightly pinker and more tender flesh surrounding his much more recent wounds. 

Overall, they’re mostly fine with the exception of acting up either during stormy weather. Either way, the weather has a way of irritating his scars, usually leaving him with a mild soreness or inconsistent throbbing along his scars that will turn up randomly throughout the day. That having been said, while he may not always voice this, he does appreciate a nice back rub or massage from his s/o during this time as a way to counter the pain. And if content enough with their massage, he’s quite likely to return the favor.

15. What it takes to make them cry:

Overall, it generally takes quite a lot, and I mean A LOT, to make someone like Vergil cry. With the large amount of time he’s spent being either alone or more in touch with the demon world, it’s made him quite reserved and rather aloof in regards to expressing any kind of emotion, especially when it comes to crying. However, there have been times where that wall of aloofness has been let down like whenever he’s particularly drunk. Unlike his sober self, he’s a lot clingier and emotional. This includes even being drunk enough to cry, although the type of crying may vary along with just how drunk he is. 

Then there are the nightmares, where much like with Dante, are less nightmares and more warped reoccurring memories of the past. These memories, of course, are those of his childhood, and more importantly, the day the demons attacked, invading their home and eventually killing Eva. These particular memories tend to hold a lot of weight with him not only because of the sheer trauma of it all, but also because of the sheer feeling of helplessness  that haunt him even into adulthood. To be so small and powerless while the person you love most is forever taken from you, all the while being able to do nothing but lay there as it all transpires before him. 

There are times where it’s so bad that he’ll purposefully distract himself to keep him from sleeping, refusing to face the dreams again. When he does though, it’s hardly surprising to find him covered in a cold sweat, heart racing as he struggles to catch his breath, his body shaking as he hold his face in his hands. He’s deathly quiet during this time with the exception of the occasional deep breaths he takes in an attempt to regain his composure, all the while doing his best to deter the hot liquid beads that sting from the backs of his eyes. Beyond this, if he were ever to lose someone he held dear–someone  who truly meant something to him; someone who he allowed himself to tear down his walls and even go so far as to essentially open his heart to them; thereby allowing himself to become vulnerable in their presence and create a definite and undeniable bond that goes beyond any mere token of spoken word or mild affection, then there’d undeniably be tears. All those infuriating emotions and regrets mocking him all while still suffering under the all too familiar relentless and haunting feeling of helplessness that he once felt not so long ago. (What?! No, I’m not crying, you’re crying….;__;…*gross sobbing intensifies from under desk*)


3. Scars or painful spots:

Every now and again his Devil Bringer tends to act up on him, particularly whenever he’s been using it a lot more frequently than usual, causing his arm to hurt and become sore. He rarely ever mentions it, though there are days where it will be particularly bad, thus making it rather hard to keep anyone from noticing. 

15. What it takes to make them cry:

Despite how aloof and tough Nero likes to make himself look in front of others, there are plenty of moments where he’s gotten quite teary eyed from watching particularly emotional moments in Disney movies. Of course, he wholeheartedly denies this fact, but if you pay close enough attention, you can spot him biting down on the knuckle of his index finger as a way to keep him from crying. 

Beyond this, there have been times where he’s cried purely due to an overwhelming amount of frustration, and not even just from failing to save or protect anyone either. He was once brought to tears in a mix of sadness and rage after a major case of rage quit from a video game after dying for the fifteenth time in a row. That being said, don’t be surprised if you end up having to hold him while rubbing him on the back in order to calm him down while he goes through his full front crying fit; meanwhile doing your best to keep him from destroying the game console and television. 


3. Scars or painful spots:

Given his years with the Order and his position as the Supreme General of the Holy Knights, it isn’t too surprising that even Credo has his fair share of scars and sore spots. That being said, one of the benefits of his uniform is in the near complete coverage of his body, hiding a number of the scars he’s gained from over the years from vigorous training and serving the Order. There are a few large ones along his lower back and spine, though most are much smaller and relatively less noticeable unless looked at from close up. 

His palms are also quite sensitive, hence why he’ll often wear gloves as a way to avoid whatever distractions it may cause. Though, despite this and his rather reserved nature, he does appreciates the occasional light hand massage from his s/o. He’s especially fond of it if they happen to use the particular faintly scented balms and lotions that he likes so much after a particularly long and stressful day as he vents to his s/o about his day. 

15. What it takes to make them cry:

Similar to Vergil, with Credo being the very serious, reserved and proud man that he is, it’s very rarely he’ll actually allow himself to cry. However, there are still a few rare occasions where it’s happened. Some of these instances being when drunk (’cuz I totally headcanon that he’s also an emotional drunk and tends to vent a lot and get super emotional whenever he does) (I mean, come on, he’s gotta vent about Nero and his problems to someone eventually…) and particularly in cases involving the death of a loved one; albeit he may not allow himself to cry until he’s all alone and feels safe from any prying, judging eyes.  

TV shows I would like to see revived or well re-invented (with reasons)
  • Invader Zim: He just speaks to me on levels. If you deny there isn’t a quirky Zim in all of us, YOU’RE LYYYYING.
  • American Dragon : Spud and Trixie were awesome

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Hannibal Recap: Antipasto

The episode opens with some motorcycle fanservice Hannibal riding through the streets of a European city on his motorcycle, disobeying every traffic law along the way because road rules don’t apply to hungry cannibals. If at this moment you are confused about where in time and space we are located all I can say is, get fucking used to it.

He arrives at a soirée, for which he is egregiously underdressed in his leather biker jacket. But Hannibal is in his badass cannibal mode. He doesn’t conform to dress codes, dress codes conform to him.

Everyone ignores him while he hones in on tonight’s dinner, a Dr. Fell. Everyone except Anthony Dimmond, who, like Will Graham, is both scruffy and boyishly handsome. However, he lacks both Will Graham’s sense of morality and protagonist status, so I would highly advise getting too attached to him. (Too late? Well, then. This is gonna suck.). 

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