let us all take a moment to appreciate dean's marvelous arms

No Regrets - Tough Mudder

This was born out of a conversation I had with @blacktithe7 - not really a request but kinda :D

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: hot muddy Jensen (and Jared).  

Word Count: 1238 (not a drabble but unbetaed so sorry for all the mistakes).

A/N: This is written as part of my LwR/NR universe, but can as most of them be read as a one shot. 

Tough Mudder was in May 2015 but for the sake of timelines this would be more like October 2015 since I really wanted Y/N to be at least somewhat visible pregnant and she didn’t get pregnant with AJ till May 2015 so had I kept the right time then she wouldn’t even be carrying their child yet.

I also changed a few of the obstacles at the end just to give Y/N something to stare at :P



You smiled walking down the stairs to see the six men laughing and joking with Becca as they were getting ready to leave. You would have loved taking part in the run with them but your pregnancy prevented you from doing so. It hadn’t prevented you from training with Jensen, but all the running and leaping might be a bit more than your current condition allowed.

“You’ll be there right babe?” Jensen asked you, wrapping you in his arms as you made it down the stairs.

“I’ll be there as soon as I pick up Gen and drop of the kids with Jared’s parents. You know that Jay,” you smiled up at him, loving how excited he was about this.

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Unchained Melody

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader have a moment of intimacy.

Word Count: 2.7kish

Warnings: Fluff, Smut (wear condoms, kiddos!!)

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @casownsmyass‘s “Chloes’s Scenes of Smut” challenge. I got the movie “Ghost”. I love this movie and gahhh!!! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is always welcomed!! *hides face*

It was the softness beneath my fingertips that made me love it all. The way it rippled with every turn, molding into the shape that I wanted it to. The creative process was also riveting, but it was the captivating result that always made me smile.

Pottery wasn’t an easy task. It required your full attention, your hands on the mold the entire time, no trembling of the fingers. No tearing your eyes away. It was one hundred percent or none at all.

The soft crooning of Unchained Melody echoed throughout the room and I couldn’t help but smile at the similarity of the whole situation. But what fluttered my heart, what…took my breath away…was the pair of arms snaking around my waist from behind.

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Where Our Nightmares Come From

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1625

Pairing: SamxReaderxDean

Summary: A dark past landed you in a psychiatric ward. Life seems good for a while, or at least as good as it can be considering your accommodation, until a new patient suddenly appears. His name is Sam and his brother is certainly not a fan of the friendship the two of you forge in your mutual hell. As you become comfortable with your new routine things start to go wrong and demons begin appearing. All of a sudden you’re thrown into a spiral, and you find yourself on the road again accompanied by an angel you hadn’t seen since your childhood and two hunter’s who’ve found they’d prefer to share you than fight over you. In this story you’re confronted by old enemies, old friends and an apocalypse that won’t wait for you to get your shit together.

A/N: Part’s 1 - 5 are all set in season 7 episode 17 ‘The Born Again Identity’. It’s a very tweaked version of the episode. But every part afterwards follows one episode each. They mostly follow the episodes quite closely, though there are a few tweaks here and there to fit in the reader and some scenes that I added myself. As a result Part 6 and onwards are all quite long (10 000 words plus in many cases). This series is going to be very long and I’ll write it for as long as I can, or until I’ve written right up to the end of Supernatural.

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 19 / Part 20 / Part 21 / Part 22 / Part 23 / Part 24 / Part 25 / Part 26 / Part 27 / Part 28 / Part 29 / Part 30 / Part 31 / Part 32 / Part 33 / Part 34 / Part 35 / Part 36 / Part 37 / Part 38 / Part 39 / Part 40 / Part 41 / Part 42 / Part 43 / Part 44 / Part 45 / Part 46

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Destiel: The Great Top Debate

For roughly the past week, my Twitter feed has been all a-tizzy about who tops: Dean or Cas? Cas or Dean? And while we’re here, is it Top or is it Dom? Do they play kinky?

I’ve ridden the fence for a long time. When my shipping was in its infancy, I was solidly Team Top!Dean, if not Dom!Dean.

And then I switched teams, because of some things, like


and especially

But lately I’ve been thinking… The two of them have something in common besides the obvious fact that they’re hopelessly in love with each other: They have a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders. And neither of them processes it very well, because Dean never has, and because Castiel learned virtually all of his humanity, including emotional coping mechanisms, from Dean. And when push comes to shove, I’m not sure either of them will take it upon himself to exert authority over the other.

So I’m joining Team Switch, and here’s what I think would happen, if they’d ever get their shit together:

First of all, it’ll be Dean who makes the first move. It has to be. And it will be timid, his hands shaking, and he’ll be near tears because he’s just so unsure if he should be doing this, and what it means, and what they’ll do or say when that first moment of that first kiss passes. We’ve seen Dean Winchester face demons and Hell and the spawn of Purgatory, we’ve seen him face the apocalypse, we’ve seen him do all manner of physical feats without breaking. But he’s an emotional trainwreck and he knows it. The only times we’ve ever seen him truly break, it hasn’t been physically - it’s been emotionally. And so this moment, having to truly face his feelings for his best friend, to admit that he’s in love in a completely non-brotherly way, will break him in a way no demon ever could.

Originally posted by crossroadscastiel

Cas will be a sure presence and a steady support. He’ll accept this gift Dean’s giving him, letting Dean lead the moment, but he’ll encourage silently: A hand reaching up to palm Dean’s cheek as they kiss, just lips on lips; nose nuzzling when Dean pulls back; a soft smile of reassurance and leaning in for another kiss - just as soft and slow as the one Dean initiated - after catching a glimpse of awed terror on Dean’s face. Because he’s known all along they would get here eventually, and finally, finally he’s able to prove to Dean that he doesn’t have to be afraid; that Dean is worthy of love and soft touches and the reckless, crazy calm of true love.

For awhile, it will be all about knowing glances, knitted hands and stolen kisses: Nobody’s pushing anybody into walls. Nobody’s fucking anybody into the mattress. They’ve waited too long for this to spoil it by rushing through the little stuff. So Dean will sneak up behind Cas in the War Room and shyly nuzzle his neck and place a kiss. Cas will bring Dean coffee in bed in the morning. Dean will let Cas share his Dead Guy robe, a few pairs of pajamas, an old T-shirt. Cas will awkwardly give Dean a single rose, and Dean will be completely abashed, but will keep it in a vase on his nightstand. Cas will sleepily slide an arm around Dean’s waist, hugging him close and kissing the top of his head. Dean will spend an entire move night running his fingers though Cas’ hair, marveling at how it’s soft like angel feathers, and Cas will just smile and squeeze Dean’s hand.

One night, Castiel will ask, in his Castiel way, why Dean seems to be going out of his way not to progress their relationship beyond kissing, and Dean will get heatedly embarrassed. He’ll admit to feeling inadequate; he doesn’t know how to do this. He’s been with exactly one man ever in his life, and that was an awkward one-night stand of a threesome, so he could check it off on his bucket list before he went to Hell. It was literally a lifetime ago. Castiel will smile softly, maybe a bit sadly, and kiss him again, and then ask if he can touch Dean. He’ll use the scientific words “penis” and “testicles” because he hasn’t watched or read enough porn to know the slang, and it will make Dean blush deeper but feel oddly more at ease because obviously neither of them knows what they’re doing.

They’ll fool around that night - lazy, somewhat sloppy simultaneous handjobs and shared giggles at their own ridiculousness, and Dean will start teaching Cas how to talk about their man-parts without sounding like such a dweeb.

Dean will get brave enough to try oral sex first. He’ll gag, and hate himself, and think he can swallow but it turns out the taste is just awful and he ends up spitting in the sink. And he’ll hate himself more, and be sulky but refuse to admit to Cas that he just is so fucking embarrassed because this is such a stupid thing to be upset about. So he mopes around for a solid week about his inability to give Cas a decent blowjob, until Finally Castiel pins him hard against a wall, kisses him out of breath, and gets down on his knees. He’s not any better at the task. If anything, he’s worse, because to him jizz tastes just like everything else he consumes: molecules. It’s awful. He brushes his teeth and gargles three times, and he decides that’s probably never happening again. He’ll suck, but swallowing is out of the question.

Dean eventually gets better at blowjobs, and at swallowing, and even learns to appreciate the taste. The first time he successfully swallows without gagging, he playfully accuses Cas of changing the flavor of his come with his angel mojo, to make it more to Dean’s liking. Cas’ eyes sparkle and he doesn’t confirm or deny the accusation. And as for Cas blowing Dean… Dean secretly likes coming on Cas’ face. He has no idea why. It’s just the right side of dirty to get Dean painfully excited.

They take to lying together naked after fooling around. Sometimes Cas just holds Dean until he falls asleep. Other times, Dean covers Cas’ body with tiny kisses and embarks on explorations of his blemish-free skin in search of freckles he’ll never find. It’s after one such exploration that they tangle together, arms and legs and lips and tongues, and begin to rock and rut together. Maybe it can be called accidental frottage? It doesn’t matter. It was a shared desire, somehow communicated between them without words, and it becomes their new favorite thing.

They do it a lot. Like. A LOT.

It’s close to a year between their first kiss and the first time they have penetrative sex. Because there hasn’t been any need. Because they’ve been perfectly happy and content to just be together. And everything they’ve done, every exploration, every kiss, every new venture, hell, every breakfast cooked on the same stove has been beautiful and wonderful and fantastic and there has been no need for that. Dean starts to think maybe they’ll never need to have anal sex, so long as they’re both content with what they have. He read somewhere once that something like 40 percent of gay couples never have penetrative sex, and he’s fine with it if they fall into that bucket.

But one night…

They’d hit a nest of vamps, and fuck if one of them hadn’t bitten Cas. Angel or not, the blood flowing through his veins was still human and still tasty as hell to the blood-sucking freaks. Dean had turned and slain the motherfucker a heartbeat after the bite, but it was too late, and Cas was infected.

Dean just held him, and cried, and held his hand, and kissed his forehead, before tending to the bite. “I won’t, I won’t let them turn you, I won’t, you’re gonna be OK, Cas. You’re gonna walk away from this, you’ll see…”

He doesn’t realize he’s a steady babbling stream until Sam grabs his elbow and pulls him up, and he lifts Cas into his arms. They go back to the bunker, and Cas gets an antidote, and he’s fine. He’s going to be fine. He’s going to live, and not as a vamp… as the weird, dorky little angel Dean fell in love with. But Dean’s hopped on adrenaline and when he joins Cas in bed and the wound is healed and they’re tangled up in each other, Dean just keeps clawing and grabbing and gripping tight and crying and…

There’s a moment when they’re both naked, and Dean’s kneeling between Cas’ bent knees, that their eyes connect and this becomes a real thing that’s going to happen, and they both know it. But no one leads. No one pushes.

Like everything else, it’s not rushed or hurried, but savored and slow. Lots of lube and pressing fingers and Dean’s crying silently as he rocks into his angel, the angel he’s loved for years and almost lost because he couldn’t speak up; the angel he’s been taken away from time and again but somehow always drawn back to, as though they’re on a tether. The nature of the act denotes Dean as the “top” and Cas as the “bottom” but it means nothing, because in this moment, they’re two halves of the same whole, moving as one being. The way they were meant to. Equals on a level field, partners, friends… lovers.

Across the years, as they grow in confidence, they experiment with other types of play, and kink among them, but it’s not a lifestyle they fall into. Sometimes after a hunt one of them will fuck the other one silly because of adrenaline; sometimes in the deep of night, Dean has a nightmare and Cas pulls him back to Earth with the gentleness of a true angel. Sometimes they still prefer just rocking their erections into each others’ bellies (or in extremely hurried cases, against the roughness of denim) until they reach a simultaneous release. And kissing. There’s always, always kissing, because that was the first thing they ever did, and it always feels right, no matter how many years pass or how grey Dean’s hair gets or how many fights they have over which way the toilet paper’s supposed to roll. In the end, they love to kiss; they love to touch; they love to each come halfway. They are after all the greatest love story ever told: A man afraid of flying and an angel afraid of falling, who somehow met in the middle. And that - the middle - that’s where they’ll always be happiest.

They’re lovers in love. They both give and they both receive. No one’s in charge; no one leads; no one follows; they just purely, simply, are.

Helping Hand, Helping Thigh: Sebastian Stan.

Warnings: Thighs of betrayal, praise kink, mirror sex, reader is totally checking seb out but that’s probably a given. Spanking, pet-names, dirty talk in Romanian and English, reader is on the pill, dom!seb, snarky sub!reader, biting, breathplay, teasing.

Authors Note: I know I was supposed to post a Dean Winchester smut next but I got talking to my best friend and this happened. I hope you enjoy nonetheless! 

         If you would have told Alex she would be in a committed relationship where the romance was great and the sex popping two years ago, she would’ve laughed in your face and then cried alone in her room for a few hours. But here she was, in love with Sebastian Stan and at the height of her career. Yeah, life was good.

         Not only was she in love with the Romanian man, she was also his helping hand when it came to working out. Well, that and sex, but that’s besides the point. Now that Marvel was getting ready to film the third instalment to the Captain America series, Civil War, Sebastian was determined to beef up a bit.

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Gift from God

Finally got around to writing some Dean after this monthlong John swoonathon. Based of this reader request.

Dean x reader

Words: 1124

Warnings: references to sex, dirty talk, fingering, maybe a bit of suit!kink.

Tags: @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @mamaimpala @deansdirtywhore @deandoesthingstome @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @deanwinchester-af @sis-tafics @bkwrm523

Originally posted by guardian-of-lavender-dawn

“Fuck, now that’s the right way to start the day…” Dean chuckled as he rolled over from on top of you, “You are fucking amazing. You know that babe?”

“You ain’t too bad yourself, mister.” You turned to your side and smiled at him, your eyes locked with his glorious greens.

“I could lie here with you all day, sweetheart,” Dean leaned over to place a soft kiss on your forehead, the stubble on his face gently scratching the side of your face in the process, “but duty calls, I have to go play FBI with Sammy soon.”

“You checking in with the coroner today?” You inquired.

They had been working some mysterious deaths close to home for once and you were thrilled, not having to be apart while he worked the case. You would have loved nothing more than to be able to go with them on hunts, but you loved your job too much to quit. That was actually where you’d met him, close to a year ago. He was digging up lore in the library when you were working your shift behind the desk, and even though you wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, it sure as hell was extreme attraction. 

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All the time

A.n. There’s a lot of fluff in this chapter and some prettynon-explicit smut. Thank you so much to all my readers for helping me get thisstory as far as it has. Without all of you, I would’ve never written a second part so thank YOU!

Warnings: implied smut, mild swearing, implied alcohol use

Words: 1,468

This fic is part of a series. I would suggest reading parts 12, and 3, before this one, otherwise you’ll be really confused.

You were falling into a lovely routine, dinner with Dean every night, falling asleep in his arms.

“I want to know everything about you,” he’d say, and you reached a new level of intimacy with him. He’d intertwine his fingers with yours and you’d stare into his eyes and it was like you just knew.

This time, things were different.

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Can’t Fight This Feeling

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1093
Warnings: Near-death
Request: “I just wanted to ask you, if you could write a Dean x Reader one shot, where the reader gets seriously hurt on a hunt. She is hunting alone, but instead of going to a hospital, she goes all the way to the bunker and collapses into Deans arms at the door.” - by every-single-day-is-special

The demon had wounded you gravely.

There was no denying it; the terrifying feeling of warm blood staining more of your shirt every second was a dead giveaway. You were slowly bleeding out from where the demon’s knife had struck you in your stomach and if you didn’t find a way to stop it, you would die. It was that simple.

You could only think of one place to go where questions wouldn’t be asked.

While keeping one hand on the wound you made your way to your car and slid in the driver’s seat, quickly starting it. The easy part was driving; the hard part was staying alive long enough to make it to the Winchester’s bunker. With each mile, you felt yourself slipping away but you fought to hold on nonetheless. No way in hell were you dying because of a damn demon. Gripping the steering wheel as hard as you could with your free hand, you drove on much faster than the speed limit allowed.

Dean and Sam Winchester were the only ones you trusted enough to help you, especially with something this serious. You heard rumors about them before you met them: the legendary hunters that had saved the world a few times over. That never daunted you though - hunters were hunters and intimidation wasn’t something you liked to think much of. You ran into them on a hunt about two years ago and over time the three of you had teamed up for a new hunt every now and then. Now, they were your best friends.

Undeniably, you were closer with Dean than Sam. You didn’t know how it happened - just that you always looked forward to seeing the eldest Winchester brother every time they asked you to join them on a hunt. Seeing Dean made you happy in a way no one else could. You weren’t so sure you’d go as far as it call it love, but you definitely admired him; and if anyone would make sure you survived, it was Dean Winchester.

Which is part of the reason you were so damn grateful to have finally reached the bunker. That, and the fact that the darkness sleep could offer was starting to sound very relaxing.

You shoved your car door open with a groan before stumbling out. The sun was setting, casting a soft glow over everything. It was peaceful despite the dire situation you were in. You coughed a little, bringing a hand to your mouth, only to pull away and find blood. You were getting worse.

You staggered to the bunker’s door. With as much force as you could manage, you knocked while leaning on the frame for support. Everything hurt. If one of the boy’s didn’t hurry up you were going to -


You heard his voice saying your name before you saw him standing in front of you, looking just as confused as he sounded. You almost smiled at the sight of Dean but instead grabbed a hold of his arm. He was practically holding you up. “Y/N, what the hell?”

You took in a rattled breath before speaking. “Do me a favor, Winchester?”

Despite his confusion, Dean nodded. “Yeah, anything.”

“Don’t let me hit the floor.”

You woke to warm sheets and even warmer hands tangled in yours. You knew before you even opened your eyes that it was Dean sitting next to you quietly, waiting for you to wake up. When you did open them, you found that you were right; an exhausted-looking Dean was sitting in a chair next to your bed, gazing at you with a mixture of worry and relief.

“You gave us a scare last night, Y/N,” he whispered, keeping a hold of your hand.

“Sorry,” you replied sheepishly. “I just didn’t want to go the hospital. How long have I been out?”

“About eleven hours, give or take. Sam was able to patch you up, but you’ll still be down for a while,” he explained.

You sat up a little bit, wincing at the discomfort in your stomach. “And I got a feeling you aren’t going to let me hunt alone even after that.”

“Well, your feeling is right,” he chuckled. “What the hell happened?”

“I tried taking out a demon alone - sneaky son of a bitch managed to get away,” you tried to joke. Dean, however, didn’t find it very funny and just waited for you to finish. “Anyway, when I tried to exorcise him, he stabbed me. But I suppose that’s obvious now. Dunno why he let me live.”

“That probably wasn’t his intent,” he remarked. “The bastard wanted you to bleed out there. You could’ve died - I could’ve lost you, Y/N.”

“Dean, please breathe,” you implored gently. “I’m okay now. You and Sam made sure of that. You didn’t lose me and that’s what matters.”

“I know, but I keep thinking - what if I had? What if you hadn’t gotten here in time?” He asked rhetorically, his hands shaking ever so slightly. You had never seen him so scared before.

“Dean, it doesn’t matter. I’m here now, and I’ll be okay. This is the life we chose and risks we take. I appreciate you worrying, but it won’t help anything -“

“Jesus, Y/N, you have no idea. I can fight all the monsters in the world - but I can’t fight my feelings for you,” he interrupted suddenly, green eyes meeting yours. You were tempted to ask if he was joking, but the intense warmth and distress in his eyes gave you the answer. 


“I’m serious. I’ve felt like this for a long time and would’ve kept silent for the rest of my life if you hadn’t shown up here half-dead last night. You know, we spend our whole lives saving people and hunting things but it wouldn’t really matter anymore if I couldn’t save you, and I know this is sort of a chick-flick moment but it’s true,” he finished, watching your reaction carefully.

“You should’ve told me sooner. Coulda saved us a lot of time. And if I had known nearly getting killed is what it takes to get you to spill your feelings, I might’ve done it sooner,” you teased, smiling. “But you’re right, and I feel the same.”

“Good, otherwise that would’ve been really embarrassing,” he chuckled, joy lighting up his entire face. You couldn’t help but marvel at what a beautiful sight he was.

“Face it, Winchester - sometimes chick-flick moments are awesome.”

Blind Grace

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Castiel

Summary: PWP (let’s be honest here…).   Castiel sees just how creative he can get with his grace and Dean discovers how good it feels to be completely at his mercy.

Word Count: 2921

Prompt: I’m writing this for the first day of the Cas One Week Writer’s Challenge, hosted by the lovely @deanwinchester-af and my dear @sis-tafics. The prompt was: “Please tell me it’s you doing that.”

Warnings: Language, smut, m/m, bondage, grace!kink, oral

Also tagging: @nebulanoxx, @phantomangelgoddess, @angelwingsandspookythings@winchesterenthusiast, @bowtiesandapplepie, @itsemmyb, @ezauraemmaline, @leviathanslovedick, @beriala, @charliesbackbitches, @ellen-reincarnated1967, @gryffindorable713, @deerlululucy, @mrsjohnsmith, @growleytria, @samtomydeanwinchester, @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki, @i-never-said-a-pilot, @supermoonpanda, @fandommaniacx, @meganwinchester1999, @kittenofdoomage, @samanddeanwinchester67, @ferferelli, @lilyoflothlorien, @iridianuniverse, @shortandlongstories, @ackleslaugh, @chrisatplay, @faith-in-dean, @myarchangelgabriel

If you would like to be added or removed from tags, please just let me know. :)

Author’s Note: This is the first time I’ve ever written smut and, oh damn, it was definitely a challenge!

Dean closes the book with a frustrated thump and adds it to the growing heap to his left. An entire Men of Letters library and not a single scrap of information that seems to be relevant to this damn case. Hopefully that medieval studies professor Sammy was visiting would have some insights, because he had passed his wit’s end hours ago.  Raising his arms over his head, Dean stretches back in the chair and rests his feet up on the polished maple table. He pretends he doesn’t notice Castiel’s gaze linger on his broad chest, but he secretly swells with pride.

It’s all still so new. Although Dean’s the first to say he doesn’t deserve it, he’s giddy with potential. After all these years, after going through so much together… every time Cas flashes him that brilliant smile, his stomach flutters. He may not deserve it, but they both fought for it, and they’re sure as hell going to keep it. He trails his eyes admiringly down the length of Castiel’s body, savoring how openly he can appreciate it now.

“Dean, I would like to try something.”

A shimmer of excitement stirs in Dean’s chest as he raises a prompting eyebrow. Half the time Cas says something like that, he ends up teaching him how to play mini golf or something like that, but the other half…

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