let us accept it

If Strickler and Barbara ever mend, I don’t want them to get married.

I want them to get troll-married: in the dark depths of some obscure forest, complete with a wacky assortment of folk instruments and linked-elbows dancing by the fire, wearing ostentatiously ugly garlands of plants, colorful stones, metals, socks, and random, shiny cooking utensils. They’d take a blood-vow to represent the merging of their lives, which Stricklander must assure Barbara, “is only symbolism”.

It’d be a small but uproarious occasion. Now in college, Jim and Claire would be trying to pick up the ceremonial dance. Blinky would be watching them proudly, and helping himself to the odd cuisine. Draal would be some order of drunk, singing merrily, yet terribly. Eli would be there, starry-eyed and frantically Snapchatting everything he sees, but his iPhone mysteriously can’t record anything in the bounds of the party. Toby and Darci would be sampling the troll concoctions–with hysterical results. Mary would be hanging onto some troll, with zero chance of getting lucky. Steve, now a less obnoxious young man, would leave early, terrified out of his mind.

And NotEnrique would be the spiciest dancer of them all.

Sun, rise swift and soothe this shadow. Steal this sting and soften this stun. Let nothing steal our gentleness, let nothing rob us of our instinctual need to love, and accept love in return. Know this, for all you marginalized, for all you fearful and trembling: I am here for you, now, and always. I do not know what I can possibly do, but I will do all I possibly can. You are not alone, nor will you ever be. Here, burning bright in the darkness, hope remains…find your spark, lend it to ours, watch our fire spread. Watch our flames grow.

The most important place in the Christian walk is the secret place. Only you and Jesus, no one else. It doesn’t matter if it’s in prayer, worship, reading the Bible or simply talking to God, as a friend, and hearing from Him; that’s the place where everything happens: we learn, are transformed, but most important, we get closer to Him and get to love Him more.
It always amazes me how His presence changes me. It is so powerful that it doesn’t have to try hard - after five minutes in it I can already feel Him restoring my heart and mood, and even the way I see things. The circumstances don’t overwhelm me anymore, because I’m secure and accepted by my Dad, my Love.
Let us not let our hearts get desperate anymore, when we have a safe room in God’s heart to rest and sleep peacefully. Speaking for myself, I’m finally learning to dwell in it, and it’s the best thing ever.

It happens thus that flowers grow on rocks. Yet, let us accept stone when it is necessary. That secret and rapture we ask of faces can also be given us by stone. To be sure, this cannot last. But what can last, after all? the secret of faces fades away, and there we are, cast back to the chain of desires. And if stone can do no more for us than the human heart, at least it can do just as much.
—  Albert Camus, “The Minotaur”

1. Give yourself space. Away from the things that are making you unhappy. Stressing you out. Making your head spin. Create distance. Clear your head. Don’t surround yourself with negativity. It will only create more negativity.

2. Don’t waste energy on people who aren’t willing to recognize the sparkle you bring to their lives. Don’t waste time being something you’re not just to impress them. You aren’t second best. So don’t give reason to that thought process.

3. Speak your mind. Don’t let people walk over you and take your love for granted. Be honest and stand up for yourself. You’re not the opinion of someone else. They see what they want to see. Hear what the want to hear. Twist the truth. Mould it to their advantage. Don’t let them undercut you. Belittle you and make you feel unworthy of love. Everyone has flaws that will be pinpointed. Don’t let others use them as an advantage. Turn it round. Accept them so they can’t use them as a weapon.

4. Just say yes. Yes to adventure. Yes to opportunity. Yes to new people. Yes to love and happiness. Say yes to explore, travel and create the life that you want for yourself. You’ve got nothing to loose. Saying you can’t shuts you off completely when you didn’t even give yourself the chance to do something wonderful.

5. There’s no win. There’s no loose. Every success or failure opens doors for new experiences. Build that door. Don’t wait for happiness to come knocking.

—  5 thoughts on self worth ~

This side blog turns one on the 28th, and since Valentine’s Day isn’t that far off, I decided to double up the celebration~ It’s been a wonderful year for otome and you, my fellow fangirls, have made it all the more enjoyable. So, if any of you are up to it, do send me a number with your chosen suitor or lord (and MC’s name), and consider it my heart’s day gift. :D I won’t mind you sending broships either. Love is love!

Most of these were taken from @ozhawkauthor, who was so kind enough to let me use them. *3*

I’ll be accepting requests until the 31st of January. Thanks again!.

  1. Flowers
  2. Surprise date (you thought I forgot but you were wrong! Surprise!)
  3. Whoops I actually forgot
  4. Love Letter(s)
  5. Confession
  6. Chocolates or candy hearts 
  7. Sharing a plate/box of chocolates/popcorn/drink
  8. Comforting a heartbroken friend
  9. Ridiculously over-the top proposal
  10. Simply doing nothing
  11. Fancy dinner
  12. First Kiss
  13. First Meeting
  14. Shopping together
  15. A date with their selves
  16. Blind date
  17. Serenade (oh boy, you REALLY can’t sing, but… that was kinda cute anyway)
  18. Cuddling gets handsy
  19. Movie night with a friend turns unexpectedly romantic
  20. Long distance love affair
  21. Homemade date ‘cos we’re broke
  22. Secret admirer/secret crush
  23. Date Gone Wrong
  24. Accidentally meeting a former lover
  25. Spends time looking for a gift and ends up too shy to give it

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:28-29

Prayer for the New Year

Dear Lord, we pray that this New Year will bring us closer to You. May we take the time to get to know You. Help us to truly celebrate the gifts You have graciously given us and use them to serve You and spread Your word, may we also see and love you in all the people we meet, so that in turn, they can see You in us.

We know that all human relations take time if they are to grow and deepen. This is also true of our relations with You, the Father and the Holy Spirit, which must grow over the course of our lives.

In this new year, let us realise that every action of ours no matter how great or small enables us to be in touch with You. Let us accept You in our lives, in the way it pleases You,
as Truth, to be spoken,
as Life, to be lived,
as Light, to be lighted,
as Love, to be followed,
as Joy, to be given,
as Peace, to be spread about,
as Sacrifice, to be offered among our relatives,
friends, neighbours and all people. Amen.

you were the first person
i ever tried to convince myself
i did not love.
you were the first time
i denied the lava in my stomach.

you were perfect for me.
there was nothing about us
that didn’t make sense,
and yet i turned away.

for some reason,
i have such good timing
but such bad luck, and so
i always end up in the
arms of the wrong people.
i always end up
alone again.

even when i feel alone,
you are there to console me.
and i have finally realized that
if i were with you, you probably
wouldn’t have to be consoling me.
with you, i would be happy.
and that scares me.

—  “we accept the love we think we deserve” // a.s.m
I was in my meet-and-greet tonight, and I met this amazing guy, who was just thanking me for writing one of the songs on the album, and it’s the song I’m gonna play…after I’m done talking for a hundred years. But he said that it helped him get through a breakup, and it got me thinking about the concept of what it’s like to have someone in your life, to let someone into your life, and share all your secrets with them. And all these wonderful things happen, like wishful thinking and daydreaming, and kind of imagining maybe your future with that person in it, and trusting them and letting them see things that you used to think were your flaws, but letting them accept those things about you. And then if you have to lose that person and all of a sudden that person’s not in your life anymore. You know, heartbreak is such a general term for all these other things that happen to us: the unbearable letdown, the embarrassment that you let this person in and it was all for nothing, the humiliation of having introduced this person to everyone in your life and now everyone knows that it didn’t work out, feeling like you failed. All these things happen to you when you get your heart broken, and then the horrible thing is they make you then regret all the wonderful things that you did in order to let that person into your life. Wishful thinking is beautiful. Daydreaming is beautiful. Being a hopeless romantic is beautiful. So then you get your heart broken, and you walk around through this world like time is moving in slow motion, like you’ve got some open wound that only you can see. You feel like you’ve got writing all over you that says, “I am in pain. I have just gotten my heart broken.” You feel like you’re haunted by the memories of what this could have been and what would this day be like if this person hadn’t left my life. And then one day, you start to replace the old habits with new ones. And you stop checking your phone in the morning for a “good morning” text. And you start replacing what used to be someone you were in love with, with time with your friends. And maybe you pick up some new hobbies, and maybe you start living your life the way you would want to live it if no one else had any influence over it. And then one day, for me, you find yourself walking down the street and you get this idea in your head for a song about how all the struggle and feeling like you’re tarnished by love, feeling like heartbreak defined you for so long. That cloud is finally lifted, and then there’s this day that comes, and I promise you it comes no matter how heartbroken you are. There’s a day that comes when all of a sudden all that writing that you thought was on you is gone, and you look in the mirror, and you’re clean.
—  Taylor’s speech before Clean on 9/11 in St. Paul, MN
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(I'm new, sorry for ignorance) So, the fans draw a fanart inherent the prompt for every "day"? And send you via tumblr? Sorry for bad English.

Yeah, but they can both be submitted, or just posted on your blog, using the #wholesome-week-2017 tag, or tagging @wholesome-week to let us know about it, and we’ll reblog.

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SST #3 - Sir Dolphus and Lady Matilda

“Hello again! Lads, lasses, and lad-looking lasses! Gather around, I have another story to tell!

“I shall tell you of Sir Dolphus, the youngest Crusader to ever join our Order as well as a good friend of mine! He was a valiant warrior, fighting alongside his Soulbound partner Matilda. This tale is of how we met, so take a seat and I shall begin!”

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If you had disciplined him, he would resent you for it, but towards me, I don’t believe he feels resentment […] I once thought that to lead men in this world, to be liked was just as good as feared, and that may very well be true. But to be both liked and feared all at once is an entirely different state of being in which, I believe, at this moment, I exist alone

           It is natural for men new to power to assume that it has no limits.
                                                       Trust me. It does.