let those words wash over you for a minute

Emma can feel her breath coming out in sharp gasps and pants as she escapes to the bathroom. She needs a moment, just a moment to be away, to calm herself. 

It’s their first Christmas together and her parents have gone overboard. Emma knows why and she longs to be a part of it. She just can’t help but panic. What if she can’t give them the Christmas they’ve always dreamed of with their daughter? 

She only calms when she feels a pair of arms wrap around her and a familiar scent of apples and cinnamon surrounds her. Neither of them say a word for a moment. Regina simply holds her and lets her feel safe for a few minutes. 

“You’re not alone,” Regina promises her, “And all I need from you at Christmas is just for you to be here.” 

Emma smiles feeling those words wash over her with the same comfort of her baby blanket or her favourite leather jacket. She burrows back into Regina’s embrace knowing that no matter what may come this Christmas she already has the thing she’s been wishing for all these years.