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☆Dating Jungkook would include☆

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-A WHOLE LOT OF AWKWARDNESS (before the emergence of the cocky muscle pig)

 -We all know kookie is a shy bunny so dont expect much from this fluffy meme ball at the begininning

-It would probably take few months(or years) for kookie to hold your hand 

 -FoR rEaL Tho

 -This bunny would be his own enemy when it came to intiating skinship 

 - ‘Y/N LimBs aRe finAlLy FreE–..oh no .. s/he’s eating some chips now… ‘oh man holy shit’ “ 


 - Your messages between each other would just be full on meme

 - because meme is his favourite language

-only being able to talk to you through text 

 - tHe poor bOY woUld bE fRoZeN iN front of yOU

-Going to the hyungs for advice

 -but ends up getting teased T.T

-Lots of amusement park and active dates… you better bring your asthma pump with you..i mean you are dating jeon jungkook after all


 - Taking nothing but ugly pictures of each other

-and using them as blackmail weapons

 - YOUr wHOle family lOVe hiM

 -you look like the devil besides him to them he can do no wrong

-you two being the 'no you hang up first’ couple in the beginning but now he just hangs up 

 -tbh you both get off of annoying each other

 - (video calling your dad) 

You:Daddy! How are you? 

《A wild Jungkook appears behind you》 

Jungkook: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Daddy’s fine… wHO iS– 

 Throws your phone out the window 

 -” Lets never speak of this again" 

“Since when did you become 'Daddy’? ” 

“Hussshhh~~( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”

 - You going to watch their dance practices = him forcing the memebers to dress up in live performance attire 

 -Jimin having to accept that kookie is taken T.T

- “Im okay rlly..anyways Taehyung’s free ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…”

 -If you’re short》You being teased mercilessly; Picked up at random times; literally being smothered when you hug him ; being called cuTE all tHE tIME; SPINS ALL THE TIME

 -If you’re tall》 marvelling at your beautiful long legs; no discrimination YOU’D ALSO BE CALLED CUTE ALL THE TIME; Seriously kookie would marvel at how elegant you looked; him being able to rest hishead on your shoulder,; KOOKIE SAID HE LIKES TALL GIRLS SO~~(i nEeD tO gROw) 

 - A lot of inside jokes… people just end up thinking you two are dumb beans -

 - Dont forget all the meme dances #1 Dance couple

-You guys would probably end up uploading a video with all of your signature meme dances combined 

 -Anime marathons~~~ if your not a fan of anime. you soon will be



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-You’d probably have to initiate any kind of intimacy 

-but once he feels comfortable with you –_-_-_-_-_-_ R.I.P YOU

-sERioUSLy- This boy would be a fuckin incubus once his shyness is gone

-kOoKiE tHe pErvErT iS bOrN

-You’d have to fence him off from you

-He wouldnt really be into public teasing because he’s a really private person

-if he decided to initiate it, he’d be fine




-You getting angry when he leaves visble hickeys but him still continuing

-You then plan on getting him back but then realise the massive sHit StOrm it would create so you back down

-instead you hide all his timberlands and replace all his white shirts with brony merch because you believe everyone should love my little pony 

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- He wouldnt really be into PDA especially in front of the members. it would be too embarrassing for him.. he stiLl sHY and the hyungs have no mercy

☆Overall kookie would be a fun and chill boyfriend, a bit sensitive as long as you’re okay with dishing out hugs and affirmations then there should be no problem☆

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A big Lance meta because I love him

First, I just want to say that I know a lot of people did their versions of Lance’s meta and insecurities, but I wanted to do one for my point of view of things and how I think it’s going to be handle over the series. Oh, and that my original language isn’t english, so sorry for any mistakes! Thank you :)

So, @honestlyprettychill​ did a post that shows a scene of the official comics that really got me thinking of doing my own character analysis on Lance… So thanks to them I’m here typing all of this, lol.

Anyway, let’s start this. Lance says:

“Trust me. I’ve had a lot of practice… A lot.” 

This single part of the sentence says a lot about Lance’s character, if you ask me.

According to the quote, Lance had crushes before, and probably 95% of them rejected him. And, my dudes, that can hurt someone’s confidence really hard.

Imagine yourself liking someone enough to end up at a point where you want to hug, kiss, cuddle, hold hands with them, but they don’t like you the same way and reject you saying, probably, “you’re not my type” or something like that. It hurts, my dudes.

And Lance says that he went through this a lot. My poor sharpshooter ;^;

And following this line of thought, that can explain why Lance has the need to be the best at everything and why he is so jealous of Keith since the start as well.

Here we have Iverson saying to Lance to not follow Keith’s footsteps, because Keith was kicked out because of his bad discipline. And right before this, Iverson says:

Since the start Lance was the “second best” or “the one after someone else”, and that stayed on his mind. He was being compared all the time with someone else, and trust me, being compared with someone “better” than you is pretty quiznaked up.

He, at this time, probably already has the trust-issues on himself, because he was rejected before the Garrison, as said by the comics, so Iverson wasn’t much of a help to him on that matter.

And we all know that he thinks he’s a seventh wheel on the team:

This boy doesn’t believe in himself because of all the things he has been through and all the times he has been compared before. And the rejections he has passed totally had a big part in this as well.

He probably thinks he isn’t good enough to anyone, and that’s why he got rejected a lot in the past. Because “he isn’t good enough”.

That’s something that crosses his mind on a daily basis, if you ask me.

There’s nothing concrete to support that he thinks this, but it’s pretty clear to me that he does.

So, to hide his trust issues, Lance flirts with all the girls possible, and never tries to do more than flirting and having a fun time with them. And it’s confirmed that he is afraid of being in a relationship with someone (Lance’s Paladin vlog).

The boy literally tried to flirt with noodle people, I can’t

He uses this “over-confident” Lance to act around everyone. Lance doesn’t want to show his insecurities to anyone, because he’s probably scared of being rejected again and being seen as a “weak link” for the others.

The only times he showed his insecurities was when he was with Laika in s1, Coran in s1as well, and Keith in s3. And at the end of two of this times, I can say for sure that Lance ended better, and Lance actually got a positive answer and (maybe) helped even if a little bit to get over his insecurities and become someone stronger.

Lance can be confident the way he wants to be. Lance can be the strong hero he oh so sees himself being. But for that to happen he’ll need help from the team and from himself.

He’s starting to have some hints that his character arc will be mostly about him learning more about himself and that he isn’t just a “seventh wheel” or “the second best” at everything. He can be so much more, and with the help of his friends, I’m sure he’ll be able to do it without doubt.

And add up, Lance wanted to pilot Black not because he wanted to help everyone and save the universe. It was because he wanted to prove himself and show everyone that he’s the best, that he’s the leader, that he is the most capable of the team.

But again, he got rejected.

The scene at the start was very serious and showed how much Lance wanted to pilot Black so that could “be his moment”.

But, of course, it became a comic relief with Lance’s anger being showed as something to laugh (let’s admit, we all laughed even if a little bit at this).

The scene had so much meaning at the start, and to be honest, they should have maintained the seriousness until Keith entered Black.

But that wouldn’t look like Lance at all.

Lance wouldn’t show his sadness to the team so openly serious, of course he would act like he is upset but in a funny way. It’s exactly what he would do.

And that’s the sad part of this scene.

Lance is disappointed at himself for not being good enough for Black, and Keith being Black’s paladin in the end hurt Lance a lot as well.

He lost once more to someone that was always better than him.

Rejected again by something that he really wanted.

Edit; @schoolgirl5635 mentioned that Blue “rejected” him back in s3 as well, and I want to add this because it helps the idea as well.

Blue was Lance’s big comfort during the series, Lance and her were the firsts to bond in the team and Lance had a deep connection with her.

But again, she didn’t let him stay for long.

We all know that Blue only did that because it was the time for Lance to move on and grow up by piloting Red, but I think Lance doesn’t knows that.

Lance thinks that Blue hates him now, and probably he thinks that Blue chooses Allura because she’s better than him.

Nothing concrete to this, but I think it’s plausible to think this. Well, at least with Allura Lance wasn’t that disappointed for losing Blue.

But we know as well that he still thinks Allura is better than him, as he said when he was talking to Keith in the same season.

He knows that Allura is better than him, and that blue chose her because she will be a “better paladin” for her than Lance.

Rejected once more by something he loved, because someone was better than him… Once more.

That hurts him deeply and brought his insecurities one more time. And this time he was so insecure that he actually talked with someone about it, something that he never did before. (What I mean by never did before it’s because with Laika and Coran he didn’t go to them to talk about it, it was something from the moment of the scene that made him talk.)

The boy had and has a lot of rejections, and I’m afraid that maybe his feelings for Allura will hurt him in the future.

And no, I’m not saying “Oh, Allurance is going to be bad for Lance because it isn’t another ship and blah blah blah blah”. I am an Allurance shipper, it’s not my main ship but I still like their dynamics and their relationship.

But, to be honest, I’m scared that Allura doesn’t see Lance in any sort of romantic way yet. (And maybe not even yet, she’ll probably never like him like he likes her)

And I fear that if Lance gets rejected one more time, he’ll probably need a lot of reassurance to make sure that he is good enough. He’s having so much progress with everything going on. He’s becoming someone that has more honest confidence in himself.

I just hope that in the next few seasons Lance will have his so deserved character development that will show his insecurities and how he’ll get over them and finally be the one he wants to be, but not because he needs to be this someone.

Maybe it will involve Allura and Lance’s crush on her and how he’ll move on from her or even starts to have a deeper relationship with her (platonically or romantically, it’s up to you now). Maybe he’ll discover that he can be strong and trust himself more because of Hunk and Pidge helping him with his trust issues, because he’ll finally open up to them like he should have done since s1. Maybe he’ll move on from his and Keith’s rivalry and see that he doesn’t need to compare himself with anyone anymore to prove that he is the best.

Only time will tell.

But, one thing that I truly hope that happens it that Lance will finally be happy with who he is and that he doesn’t think that he is a seventh wheel to the team.

After all, everyone on the team loves Lance dearly, and that’s a fact.

(Adding to this, I love this scene because it’s almost like Lance and Pidge had a space mall date as sibs or bfs, you decide again ;) )

He is loved by his team, and I’m sure he’ll notice how much he is loved with time and will finally realize that he isn’t a seventh wheel. Lance will see that he is part of a new family.


Spinning, Ramadan and…

MUTASIM: Okay. What the fuck happened now?


ELIAS: What’s up everyone! Welcome back, I hope you’re well. Like I always say, you look good no matter what. Today, like you can tell, we’re in a totally different place. We’re outside, for the first time in history.

ADAM: Yousef!


ADAM: Why are were here today and not at home?


MUTASIM: It’s because one of the people here, doesn’t dare to go to another person’s place because..

ADAM: Explain!

MUTASIM: Something happened at someone’s else’s place with someone.

YOUSEF: Mutta is explaining. I thought we have to get tan and stuff because we’re..

MUTASIM: Because we’re sitting in the shade.

YOUSEF: Get some pigment.

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Now or Never (m)

Pairing: fwb!Jimin x Reader
Genre: SMUT / angst 
Word Count: 26k magic
Summary: Road trips are always great. Especially, when spent with your playboy friend with benefits, whom you happen to be in love with.
Author’s Note: There’s literally all kinds of smut scenes in here omg lol But I’m SO HAPPY this is finally done. I’ve been working on this since December 31st, which sums up to like 9 months now? I’ve put so much effort into it, I hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!

“Let’s go to Vegas.”

The sentence still rings in your ears as you grab your black duffle bag, filled with all your belongings, and flee from your grand shared hotel suite. You disregard the fact that you haven’t bid him goodbye, but you’re sure he wouldn’t mind with the state he was in when you’ve seen him last.

Normally, you hate wearing sunglasses at night, your dim surroundings then usually leading to a confused jumble, but you pull them on nonetheless to exude the image of a cool girl. A cool girl is someone who takes life as it is, whose everyday life is an adventure and who doesn’t care about what others think or want.

You’ve nearly perfected that persona since you started seeing him, bent on changing your personality in ways to fit him perfectly. In the end, it still wasn’t enough to keep him hooked.

The shared nights in the motels you stayed at during your road trip with him, or the hot makeout sessions in his new Mustang are burnt into your memories like reminders of your failure. You have nowhere to go, but anywhere else is better than waiting for him to return to the suite with a stranger’s scent to him.

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Why Ron/Hermione Argue

As some people might already know about me, I’ve never been one to shy away from a good debate. That’s a trait that I share with Hermione.

There are some people who don’t particularly like arguing or disagreeing. Some people genuinely do. Hermione falls into the second category, and since I do as well, I wanted to try to explain what’s up with all of the arguing between her and Ron.

I don’t think there are that many people who would say that she isn’t an argumentative person by nature. In addition to Ron/Harry, Hermione clashes with Lavender over her rabbit, Luna over her theories, Umbridge over Ministry rules, Snape over the lesson plans for Lupin’s DADA class, Professor Trelawney over Divination, Parvati over Divination, Draco over Hagrid/Buckbeak, etc. And she argues with everyone about house-elves. Hermione is argumentative, and that’s how she prefers it.

Hermione finds it intellectually stimulating to argue, and needs someone who’s going to argue right back.

Genuine Friendship

Hermione is not the sort of person who’s afraid of being the person reading the book while everyone else is having fun. When she fights with Harry/Ron in PA, she doesn’t buddy up with Lavender/Parvati or apologize to the boys just to have someone to sit with at lunch. She sits by herself in the common room and goes it alone. In other words, Hermione is not the kind of person who chooses a bad friend over no friend at all.

If she did not enjoy spending time with Ron, she would have no problem sitting on the other side of the common room reading a book while waiting for Harry to return. And yet, we constantly see her in Ron’s company, even when Harry’s not around.

In every book after CS, she arrives the Burrow/Leaky Cauldron/Number 12 before Harry does. Harry takes it for granted that Ron and Hermione will be sitting together when he shows up in the common room, but that’s not a small thing. In PA, the two of them return from Hogsmeade “looking as though they’ve had the time of their lives.”

Despite how much they fight, it’s very clear that Hermione genuinely enjoys spending time with Ron.

Comfort with Conflict

Harry was raised by the Dursleys, and sees arguing and conflict as associated with strife. He also doesn’t feel comfortable expressing his emotions, so he tends to bottle things up until they explode.

Hermione frequently nags Harry, which Harry does not particularly appreciate. He basically has three strategies when being nagged by Hermione. The first is avoiding/ignoring her, the second is lying to her, and the third is exploding at her. Examples of the first and second include occulmency, sneaking into Hogsmeade, his doubts over Dumbledore’s past, the egg clue, his homework, his feelings about Ron’s absence, Voldemort’s visions in DH, his grades, etc.

When he can’t lie/avoid/ignore, Harry will explode at Hermione. At which point the balance of power tilts sharply toward Harry. When Harry explodes, Hermione crumples. She will cry, shrink back, speak “in a small voice,” etc.

Nagging is simply Hermione’s style, and while she might learn to tone it down, it’s always going to be part of who she is.

The problem is that Hermione needs feedback. Because Harry doesn’t engage with Hermione’s nagging, it’s hard for her to know when she’s entering the danger zone.

Like Hermione, Ron is pretty comfortable with the idea of conflict. He was raised in a house where such behavior was acceptable. He knew that just because his mother shouts or his brothers tease doesn’t mean that they don’t love him. He might be insecure about his worth, but he never has to worry that his family will simply stop loving him if he crosses some kind of invisible line.

Both Hermione and Ron wear their emotions on their sleeves and give each other instant feedback. If Hermione is upset with the boys, she tells them exactly why. Ron is the same way. Even when Ron fights with Harry, he chooses to immediately engage with him that night rather than giving him the cold shoulder and forcing Harry to work it out on his own.

The conflicts over each other’s romantic partners (or potential romantic partners) are a good example as well. When Ron sees something developing with Hermione/Krum, he immediately reacts and Hermione reacts right back.

When Hermione sees that Ron has a crush on Fleur, she wastes no time talking about how Fleur “really thinks a lot of herself” and “scowls” when Fleur gives Ron attention. Hermione reacts to Ron kissing Lavender not by sulking but by sending a flock of birds flying at his head. Neither of them are great at hiding how they feel.

There is a brief period in HBP where Ron decides to give Hermione the cold shoulder after finding out that she kissed Krum. Hermione is quite visibly rattled and upset by this behavior, saying she “doesn’t know what she’s supposed to have done.” Because normally when Ron is upset at Hermione, he tells her why.

A lot of the problems in the later books regarding their romantic lives stem from the same thing. They’re unable to conceal their feelings, but for the first time, they’re also unable to be 100% upfront with one another. Which creates a comedy of misunderstandings and poor decision-making.

Arguing as Conversation

There’s not really anger between Ron/Hermione’s arguments. I know that sounds odd, but to them it’s a cross between a rational discussion and intellectual exercise. Ron presents an idea, Hermione counters, Ron counters, and so on and so forth. It’s basically just a way to pass the time and exchange perspectives.

The morning after Ron/Hermione’s heated argument about Krum after the Yule Ball, Harry notes that they were being “quite friendly to each other, though oddly formal.”

In other words, they’re bending over backwards to be polite to one another and it’s making things weird. It’s totally different from their normal behavior.

There are many times in canon where they will segue from an argument to a normal conversation with no visible ill-will.

Even with Scabbers and the Firebolt, when an argument is finished, it’s finished.


Hermione flung her arms around Ron’s neck and broke down completely.

Ron, looking quite terrified, patted her very awkwardly on the top of the head.

Finally, Hermione drew away.

“Ron, I’m really, really sorry about Scabbers…” she sobbed.

“Oh — well — he was old,” said Ron, looking thoroughly relieved that she had let go of him. “And he was a bit useless. You never know, Mum and Dad might get me an owl now.”

They’re perfectly capable of stopping in their tracks in order to focus on Harry or something else that’s just happened.

For another example, look at OP:

“I think Dumbledore’s probably got plenty of evidence, even if he doesn’t share it with you, Ron,” snapped Hermione.

“Oh, shut up, the pair of you,” said Harry heavily, as Ron opened his mouth to argue back.

Hermione and Ron both froze, looking angry and offended.

“Can’t you give it a rest?” said Harry. “You’re always having a go at each other, it’s driving me mad.” […] The vision of Ron and Hermione’s shocked faces afforded him a sense of deep satisfaction.

Ron/Hermione are shocked, offended, and angry at Harry’s remark, because they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior. This is just how they communicate.

Harry leaves the table and goes straight up to Divination, and Ron joins him a few minutes later:

“Hermione and me have stopped arguing,” [Ron] said, sitting down beside Harry.

“Good,” grunted Harry.

“But Hermione says she thinks it would be nice if you stopped taking out your temper on us,” said Ron.

“I’m not -”

“I’m just passing on the message,” said Ron, talking over him. “But I reckon she’s right. It’s not our fault how Seamus and Snape treat you.”

So in a matter of minutes, Ron and Hermione resolved their argument and discussed the best way to handle Harry. Notice that Ron doesn’t actually apologize for arguing with Hermione, he just tells Harry they’ve stopped.

An Expression of Trust

When you get to know someone, you learn that there are certain things they’re sensitive about, and you try to steer away from those topics. This is no different with Hermione/Ron. They both know what’s safe and what’s off-limits.

Hermione can call Ron tactless numerous times and nag him to do his homework, but she’s not going to take a shot at his family’s finances. Ron will tell Hermione to stop nagging and call her a know-it-all, but he would never insult her appearance.

That’s how they operate. And Hermione knows that if she accidentally strays into the danger zone, Ron will let her know. And vice versa.

Keeping Things Balanced

The movies turn Hermione into this perfect superwoman and Ron into a cowardly idiot who’s the butt of the joke, but the truth is that both characters are flawed in their own way.

One of Hermione’s more abrasive qualities is her tendency to be a bit of a know-it-all.

To be clear, being a know-it-all is not the same as being smart. Being smart is knowing the answer. Being a know-it-all is being unable to resist telling everyone else the answer. Essentially the way that Hermione and Ron negotiate a balanced relationship is by Ron engaging her when she nags him or acts like a know-it-all.

Hermione cannot help telling Ron that he’s not pronouncing a spell correctly. Plenty of people are offended by that kind of behavior, even when the other person is right. But Ron, instead of ignoring her corrections or acting as though he’s been gravely insulted, just calls her a know-it-all to keep things even. This evens the scales between them and prevents their relationship from becoming Hermione bossing Ron around.

It’s important to understand that Ron does have a huge amount of respect for Hermione’s abilities. He’s not always the best about coming out and saying it, but he takes it for granted that she’s the cleverest person in the room.


“But we’re not six hundred years old,” Ron reminded her. “Anyway, what are you studying for, you already know it all.”


“But Hogwarts is hidden,” said Hermione, in surprise. “Everyone knows that… well, everyone who’s read Hogwarts, A History, anyway.”

“Just you, then,” said Ron. “So go on - how d'you hide a place like Hogwarts?”

When the O.W.L.s arrive and Hermione looks slightly unhappy and says that she did “not bad,” Ron takes the paper and announces that she got 10 Outstandings and 1 Exceeds Expectations and then playfully makes fun of her for being disappointed given how impressive her scores are. When Ron and Hermione take their apparition tests, he tells Harry that Hermione was “perfect, obviously.” Even when he himself fails, he doesn’t seem to bear any ill-will toward Hermione.

Ron’s not threatened by Hermione’s intelligence, and he’s not too prideful to do exactly what Hermione’s told him to do. But his teasing and his unwillingness to automatically agree with Hermione is what creates a balanced relationship between the two.

And Hermione genuinely needs this in a partner. She needs someone who will volley right back when she argues with them. She needs someone who will understand that her tendency to be a know-it-all is an instristic part of her personality. She needs someone who finds it endearing rather than annoying.

To Realise

A mini celebration for 2000 followers! Thanks Everyone!!!!

A Soulmate AU where they only realise they are Soulmates when they say/read/hear each other’s names out loud followed by an immediate overflowing of emotion sparking inside of them. Instant realisation.

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Tears for Fears

Castiel takes the kids out for trick-or-treating. Dean has the scariest house on the block.


It’s not that Castiel doesn’t like holidays, it’s just that holidays stress him out to a tremendous degree.

When it was just him and Claire, at least he wasn’t outnumbered. On days like Halloween when kids swarmed, he could hold her hand the entire time they were out trick-or-treating. He would never have to lose sight of her because there was no one else to watch. He could inspect all of her candy by the end of the night to make sure it was safe to eat.

But now that Jack is in the picture, Castiel has to divide his attention. Claire’s getting older, but not too old for Halloween, mind you. He doesn’t feel comfortable letting go of her for very long, much to her frustration, but he also doesn’t want to neglect Jack.

Particularly because this is the boy’s first Halloween without his mother.

And how unfair it is that he has to spend it with Castiel of all people, his boring new legal guardian in his boring suburban neighborhood with his boring Constantine costume, the least festive person ever to walk the face of the earth.

The two children are extraordinarily different from one another, which makes family coordination difficult. Claire is loud, boisterous, adventurous, and squirmy. She wants to work her way through the cul-de-sac as quickly and efficiently as possible as to maximize her candy yield for the year, Batman cape flying behind her as she speeds from one house to the next. The younger and smaller Jack, on the other hand, is more content to hold Castiel’s hand and take his time, less interested in the candy than he is in the people watching. He’s quiet and never fusses – the plastic devil horns perched over his ears stay in their proper place for the entire evening, a feat that even Claire has never managed to accomplish in all her eleven years.

Apart from the tightly wound ball of anxiety that manifests itself in Castiel’s chest – and which he is sure also manifests on his face – the night goes relatively well. Claire and Jack both have impressive stamina for such young people, and they manage to venture far further outside their comfort zone than Castiel would have liked for a first Halloween together. But Amelia isn’t with them this year since the custody decision came through and Kelly has just died, and Castiel is unwilling to deny these children anything. So he reluctantly trails after Claire while also giving her space, trying his best to keep his eyes on her while holding as tightly as he can to Jack.

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“Just play the damn game with me !” - Batmom x Damian

Damian is a brat, but I kinda want to hug him to death…Wait…Oh well, anyway, here’s a little story where Batmom (you) really wants to bond with the kid.

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


You had gotten it printed into your brain. It was too late now, you couldn’t forget your idea, no matter what. Bruce knew, and didn’t try to stop you from doing what you were gonna do anyway. Besides, he thought it was cute.

What was your idea ? Simple. Damian never had a normal childhood. He was still a kid, only eleven…So he still had a chance at having somewhat of a normal childhood (if you put his nightly activities on the side…and the fact that he had been raised to be a killer).

Against all odds, you and Damian clicked pretty fast. He warmed up to you the fastest…He felt like you were the only one of the bat family not judging him in any way.  Also, you told him off when he was going to far, and he found that he couldn’t speak badly to you, that you had an effect on him that made him want to be nicer. Better…In a word, you quickly became his mommy.

He never really had an actual mother. Talia wasn’t exactly loving with him, and she did try to kill him a few times, succeeding once (a memory you don’t like to remember). You were the first one, even before Bruce or Dick, to make him feel loved and to make him feel what love really was…How could he resist that ?

The first time he called you “mom”, not “mother”, “mom”, you cried, and the poor boy thought he did something wrong. You explained to him that it was “happy tears”, but you’re not sure he understood. He gave you an awkward hug, and you couldn’t stop but smile. It’s that exact moment that forged the idea of trying to show him what a normal childhood was. But, even though he considered you his mom, he wasn’t going to make things easy for you and your plans.

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Taehyung purposely being loud/making you loud to (kinda) show off the the boys?

Title : Louder

Genre : Smut

Paring : Taehyung x Reader

Warning : English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes ♡

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Taehyung puts his hand on your lower back, guiding you to the door as you’re ready to leave. Once you’re in front the door of the Bangtan’s dorm, Tae gives you back your bag and smiles, not wanting you to go but knowing you’ll come back in a few days, when he’ll have a free night. He looks around to see if his Hyungs are here but since no one is watching, he leans to you and kisses you softly. Just a simple kiss but it’s enough to warm his heart.

« See you soon, baby… », you softly whisper as you kiss Tae’s cheek. A few soft chuckles are heard from the living room but you and Tae act like you didn’t heard it.

He watches you until you disappears in the elevator, already missing you. He sighs, closing the door and falling on the couch next to Namjoon. Taehyung can’t stop smiling like an idiot, feeling like his heart was as light as a feather and filled with butterflies.

« Such a cute babyboy… », Namjoon snorts as he passes his hand on Tae’s hair to mess it up a bit, laughing even more when Tae tries to get away from him but Hobi bumps into him and forces him to sit back real quick. He passes his arms around his shoulders and shakes him a bit, giggling like an idiot :

« A kiss on a cheek, right ? Naughty kids…

- Leave me alone, Hyung… »

Tae can’t hold his smile even if he wants to. It’s the first time they see skinship between him and you and he can’t blame them for making fun of him a little. First girlfriend, first serious relationship, first girl to spend the night in his bedroom. Hoseok is laughing so much :

« You’re so soft when she’s around, I can’t believe I saw you braiding her hair when we watched tv last night… You’re really cute, Taehyungiii… », Hoseok sings and pats his knee while Namjoon gets a bit closer to them.

« Yah, Tae… », he asks teasingly, « Does she even let you kiss her cheek ? », he chuckles and shakes his younger brother a bit, making him softly snorts.

« Are you crazy ? I’m sure he could mess his pants if they make out… », laughs Hobi, his hand on the nape of Taehyung’s neck.

But Taehyung doesn’t want to laugh anymore.

« You really think we didn’t do it, right ? », he asks innocently, looking at both of his Hyungs who share a surprised glance before shaking him hard, giggling like idiots and messing his hair.

« Really ? Wow Tae, you’ve grown so much… », says Hobi, patting his shoulder but still looking at him like it was a joke. Namjoon doesn’t say anything but his eyes are not lying. Tae can see the amusement in them.

He gets up and goes back to his room, faking a laugh but really not in the mood anymore. They really think he’s innocent and shy, or whatever you call it. Tae can’t believe it. He thought Namjoon could see the man in him, he thought he could totally picture him being dominant and mature. Well, he was so wrong. Tae closes the door behind him and falls on his bed, staring at the ceiling with his arm resting on his forehead. His thoughts are mixing in his head. They hurt his pride. But what can he do about it ? It’s not like they were here to see how arched your back was when he fucked you slow and quietly, last night. They didn’t see the way you hid your face in his neck to silent your moans, nor the way your fingers clenched on his lower back as he increased his pace. You both stays so quiet and discreet, how can they…


Tae smirks, a terrible idea coming in his mind. A stupid, immature and childish idea. But since his Hyungs are making fun of him and don’t believe him, guess he has to prove them wrong.

When you arrive at the Bangtan’s dorm a few days later after he invited you to spend the night, Taehyung welcomes you with a soft hug and a cute kiss on your temple. You smile so brightly, always so happy to see your boyfriend. He looks so cute, giggling softly as he takes your bag to guide you towards his bedroom. As you walk, you greet Namjoon, Jin and Yoongi, and meet the rest of the boys as you put down your things. When you two are alone in his bedroom, you can finally wrap your arms around him and kiss him softly, telling him how much you missed him. Tae smiles cutely and pulls you closer to kiss you back. He feels so good already, having you in his arms and kissing you softly…

You have a wonderful evening with Taehyung and the boys, eating Chinese food and laughing all together. Tae is as cute as usual, stroking your hair discreetly and smiling at everything you do or say. Of course, Hobi can’t resist the need to tease him by winking at him or sitting next to him so he can mess his hair or pinch his cheek, but Tae doesn’t mind. He can see Namjoon’s glances too, but it still doesn’t bother him.

As night comes and as everybody wishes you good night, Namjoon is ready to leave you two alone. You shyly excuse yourself for bothering him but Namjoon nods with a soft smile.

« It’s okay, I don’t mind leaving you two alone. ‘Hope you’ll sleep well ! », he says before looking at Taehyung. He smirks and lifts his eyebrows a bit, still teasing poor babyboy Tae. But again, Tae doesn’t even care. He just thank his Hyung and wishes him goodnight, smiling cutely as he closes the door.

You smile to Tae as you get closer to kiss his cheek before you go put some lip balm in front of the mirror. Tae looks at you for a few seconds before he climbs on the bed, sitting with his back on the head bed, comfortably resting on his big pillows. He watches you taking off your oversized hoodie to reveal your silky nightie, leaning to the mirror to check yourself and smiles a bit, catching your glance through the mirror. You turn around and smile at him before getting on the bed, ready to cuddle and kiss his entire face. As you’re about to lay on your back, Tae drags you on his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist. You’re purring, leaning to kiss him gently, sighing on his lips as he presses you closer to his body. He feels so warm against you, his hands passing on your back and moving down to your waist.

Tae pulls back a little and you can see something has changed in his eyes. It makes you shiver so strongly you have to hang on his shoulders, his dominant look taking your breath away. As you feel his hands going down on your ass, you bite your lips hard to hold a moan. You don’t know what he has in mind, but cute Tae is gone.

« I need you to let me… Do things… » he begins, whispering with his deep voice, his fingers digging into your flesh. « And I need to hear if you like it or not, okay babygirl ? »

You almost gasp. It’s the first time you hear him calling you like that and it sends liquid heat straight to your core. You swallow hard, fighting for air to finally stutter :

« B-but… Tae… What if… What if they hear us ? ». Your fingers stroke his neck as you throw him a shy look, trying hard not to blush because you really want to let him do things to you, things he never done before, but you’re too afraid the other boys will hear you moan.

Taehyung doesn’t answer but his smirk is enough. You really don’t know what’s going on with him. Usually, he’s the first to ask you to stay quiet, the first one to make sure his hyungs can’t hear you, and now it seems like he wants you to be… Loud ? What’s going on ?

Taehyung chuckles when he sees your surprised face and begin to kiss you deeply, his tongue looking for yours. You let him lead the dance, getting lost in his fever, in the way his lips devours yours & the way his tongue strokes yours. You make out for a long, long time, and you can feel it between your thighs. It’s turning you on so much. Tae seems hungry.

He takes your hands and put them on the head bed next to his head, wanting you to hang on it. You do as he wishes, too lost in the kiss to even think about it. You hang on it and grind on his crotch, feeling his hardness rubbing the fabric of your panties. He feels so good already, and you have to bite your lips to hold a moan again. Tae doesn’t seems to like it and lifts his hips so he can finally hear this moan. You immediately blush and close your eyes, aware that you were loud. A bit too loud. But Taehyung smirks again an bites his lips, happy to see his little game starting to work on you.

When you see him lifting your hips, you get ready to get laid on the bed but gasp when Taehyung slides on your body to get on his back. You’re kneeling above him, fingers clenched on the head bed, already out of breath. As he begins to kiss the inside of your thighs, his hands gripping them firmly to keep you from moving, you shiver like crazy. You have to close your eyes to process what’s happening right now.

Taehyung wants you to ride his face.

You can’t hold a curse in a breath and it makes him snorts as he begin to leave hickeys on the inside of your thighs. You curse even more and slam one of your hand over your mouth, owning a slap on your ass by Tae who really doesn’t want you to do that again. You can’t see his face but you know he’s not happy with that. You bite your lips and shiver as you feel his tongue going up to your panties. He kisses your pussy over your panties, all over it, sweet and soft kisses before he rips it apart. With just one harsh gesture. You watch the useless piece of fabric fly through the room and doesn’t have time to complain : Tae’s tongue slides on your slit. You hiss and bite your lips, arching your back and already wanting more. And Taehyung is ready to give you more, pressing his tongue flat so he can spread your pussy lips. You have to grip the bed head so hard, a long moan fighting to escape your lips. Tae giggles softly as he moans against your clit before he captures it with his lips. He rolls his lips around it, flick it with his tongue and moan when you sigh, beginning to grind on his mouth. Taehyung loves it, his hands grabbing your ass to encourage you to let yourself go. His fingers digs into your flesh as he feels your wetness dripping on his mouth, chin and even neck, making things quite difficult for him. You taste so good, so sweet and you’re so wet… But Taehyung wants you to be louder. Your sighs gets faster and faster and help him knowing exactly what you like. Which pressure to adopt, when to moan to make it vibrate in your entire body, how fast he has to rub your clit, and when to push a finger inside you. Right now seems to be the perfect moment. You let out a long moan that you try so hard to silent but it’s in vain when Tae pushes another finger as he gives your clit a few kitten licks. You never arched your back that way, you never bit your lips that hard. Tae spanks you again, and now you know you can’t keep it quiet anymore. He really wants you to be loud and fuck it, you’re gonna give it to him. You let out a long moan, your hand passing between your thighs to grab his hair.

« Just like that… », Taehyung grunts as he doesn’t stop eating you out feverishly. And you don’t stop moaning. His lips and tongue feels so good, his fingers fucks you so good, you really don’t care about being heard by everybody in the dorm.

You’re at the verge of cumming when Taehyung stops moving.

This is not a moan that leaves your mouth, it’s a childish whine, a cry of frustration.

Taehyung straightens up and gets you on your tummy, letting you pant all you want as he takes off his clothes. You look at him from above your shoulders, watching him undress himself quickly, a smirk on his face, the lower part shining with your wetness. When he’s in his boxers, he lifts your nightie and pass it over your head so you can be naked, shivering and still trying to catch your breath. He leans on your back and kisses your neck, biting it before he moves down to your shoulders, your back, waist and ass. He passes his tongue everywhere, wiping his face on your flesh, wetting the skin where it’s still dry. You feel his hands everywhere : your waist, your boobs and nipples, then your tummy and thighs. His hands back on your ass, he lifts it up, putting a pillow under you so you can be more comfortable. When you feel his fingers coming to play with your pussy again, you moan his name like you were begging him to stop teasing you. You had enough and you need to feel his dick inside you. Tae knows it very well, but his fingers are too curious and even comes to play with your butthole, slowly circling it with his fingertips.

« Fuck you, Taehyung… », you hiss as you roll your hips, not handling his teasing anymore.

Taehyung chuckles and finally, finally kneels behind you, his hands gripping your hips. He can see your tiny little hole clenching on air, needing him so much. Taehyung has to bite his lips hard not to let out a vulgar curse, a very vulgar one, and pushes slowly inside you. You’re so wet it feels so easy. You’re warm, tight and you feel amazing. But tonight, you feel even better as you moan his name. Taehyung stays inside for a bit, rolling his hips, giving you time to adapt to his size. He pulls out and pushes again, making your head fall on the pillow and your fingers clench on the sheets. As one of his hand passes on your lower back to help you arch better for him, he begins to fuck you with a slow rythme, going deep and making you moan inside the pillow.

You’re sure everybody can hear you and think it’s enough for him, but you’re so wrong.

Tae twists your hair with his hand in a fist and pulls it so your head lifts up from the pillow. Your mouth opening under the delicious pain, you let out a feline moan, a really loud one, feeling your boobs moving with each thrusts. Tae gets rougher and you’re not complaining. He feels so good, so good you can’t even believe it. You’re sure you’re gonna need his dominant side more often.

« Louder. »

And you moan and moan again, forgetting how loud you are, forgetting how clearly everyone can hear you. He still holds your hair, he still orders you to be louder for him, and you give it to him. You give him everything. You’re too lost in your pleasure, now. You feel every inches of his cock inside you, you even feel his heart pulsating inside you, him twitching and stretching your walls. Taehyung rolls his hips and he goes faster, giving you the ultimate pleasure of hearing his moans too. So deep, so low and yet so sexy you could cum just by hearing him moaning like that. It feels like the world around you doesn’t exist anymore, just the sound of your skin clapping together, your wetness and your loud moans mixing to create a wonderful, a lustful chaos. When he spanks you hard and calls you babygirl, telling you how good your pussy feels around him, your moans transforms into screams. And you call his name, you call him Daddy, you beg him to go faster, harder.

That’s the moment when Taehyung lost it.

He twitches hard inside you, gets both of his hands on your hips and fucks you rough. His cock slide exactly on your weak spot, making you shiver, and you literally moan so loud the walls could shake. Taehyung gets so loud too, grunting, panting and moaning with his deep voice.

It’s too much.

Your fingers clenches in the sheets, almost breaking your nails. Your moans dies in your throat. Your mouth opens in silent whimpers. The knot in your lower abdomen explodes. A wave - a tsunami of liquid pleasure invades your entire body as you cum hard in the most intense orgasm of your entire life. And Taehyung drives your orgasm ‘till the end, making sure it last as long as possible until he can’t hold his own orgasm anymore. He let out a loud moan that dies in his throat too and you feel his fingers bruising your skin as he has to hold on your hips not to fall. You feel his warm seed spilling inside you, the wonderful feeling of being totally filled invading you.

Shaking, panting, you both fall on your back and try to catch your breath. You stare at the ceiling, getting down from this amazing, this crazy orgasm. You need several minutes to calm down, and the room is only filled with your jerky breathing.

« Wow. »

You’re the one to break the silence and you don’t even have to look at your boyfriend. His little laugh in a breath is enough to let you know he feels the same.

« I’m gonna die of embarrassment tomorrow morning. »

You sigh as you turn towards Taehyung who passes his arm around your shoulders. As you though he will try to comfort you and reassure you, it’s quite the opposite. He’s smirking and looks so proud of him. You open your mouth to scold him a bit but he’s faster to kiss your lips. A tired, loving kiss, a kiss that makes you forget everything. Taehyung kisses your nose, your forehead and your temple before he presses your against him, smiling as you pull the blanket on your sweaty bodies. Then, you feel his chest vibrating as he says with his deep voice :

« They asked for it. »

You frown, not understanding what he just said.

« What ?

- Nothing. »

You raise your head and look at him, seeing that he’s still smirking. He kisses you one more time before growling :

« Second round ? »

Fuck Boy (Johnny x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) Ayyy it’s ya gorl, Ry, back at it again with those AUs. This time around I introduce you to Fuckboy Johnny, a backward hat wearing frat president on a personal vendetta to get your ass in his hands. viwevopwv jk or am I?? No I’m not lol Have fun kiddies!!!

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You don’t really remember how you ended up in the shitty nice frat house, but here you were, pressed against the sticky wall by some boy who you met five minutes ago. You don’t even remember what his face looked like, your eyes are sealed shut and imagining it’s someone else. Maybe it was your subconscious making you forget everything, or all the Jungle Juice you’ve been chugging on top of the pregaming you’d done at a friend’s apartment. At this point your body was ninety percent alcohol and ten percent water, you weren’t even sure how you were still sweating from all the dancing.

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i.e. Tae’s Scary When He’s Angry

Taehyung x reader

Word Count: 12,566 (yikes)

Dedicated to my equally obsessive and kinky friend, Abbie (you know you loved it).

Warning: lots of fluff, love (aka serious business), humor, awfully kinky situations, teasing, and smut (not all in that order though)

A/N: You’re welcome ;) This is the beginning of a series of drabbles for this couple, and was really fun to write. *It’s not meant to be completely realistic, but I tried to keep the boys’ characters in mind, but come on, we all fantasize.* Enjoy~

Important note: ‘Italicized words in this format are Y/N’s thoughts.’

  You had done everything in your power to get Taehyung’s attention, due to his recent unresponsiveness. You were sure he was snubbing you, but for what reason you didn’t know.

  Tonight, Tae and the rest of BTS had a stage and press meet for Mnet, and you, per the norm, were to go along with them for support. Tae rarely left you behind for events such as this because he hated the thought of leaving you all alone at home. The few times he had been forced to leave you alone, he rushed back in despair, with promises to make up for all the lost time. Not that you minded. Those nights definitely made up for it.

  The past few days though, Tae had been very quiet. But not just quiet. He barely even looked at you while you two were together. He kept leaving for work early, barely touching the special breakfast you always made for the two of you to eat together while watching each other from across the table, as neither one of you were awake enough to speak in the mornings. Instead both sleepily, and happily grinning at each another from your self-designated seats.

  Recently though, Taehyung just did not seem to want to have anything to do with you. He had always been so open with you, so the fact that whatever that was on his mind was keeping him from speaking openly with you, bothered you to no end.

 The first day, you just wondered if he was exhausted due to BTS’ recent mini-comeback, but you started to become fervent in your efforts to figure out what was going on with him. You checked just about every news and fan site dedicated to BTS to see if any of the fans had noticed something you hadn’t, but to no avail.      

 Apparently though, the fans seemed just as concerned about your husband as you. Not only was he distant at home, but at work as well. You had even texted the boys to ask them if they had any idea about what might be going on with him. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

 You began to panic after a few days because unsettling thoughts of Taehyung maybe cheating on you flooded your mind. You quickly dismissed them, though, because you knew Taehyung well enough to know that he would never cheat on you. Besides, you trusted him wholeheartedly. He was your best friend and hubbie after all.

  You were at a loss for what was going on with him, but you were determined to figure it out. At whatever the cost. Even if that meant flirting with the other members tonight at the event to get Tae jealous enough to speak to you.

 You knew Tae’s jealous and possessive side all too well. It happened to be the most effective method of getting what you wanted from him (not that you couldn’t ask for whatever you wanted, but it was typically worth the trouble when he was mad).

  You also knew the members of BTS well enough to know they’d be down for just about anything as long as no one was cheating on anybody, and was all in good fun. You were close with each of the boys, and you loved them all as your best friends, especially Taehyung, Jimin and Yoongi.

  Dressing for the event had been rather fun. You didn’t want something too revealing- that had never been your taste. You decided on a dark red turtleneck dress with long sleeves, and a short skirt that exposed your silky legs and thighs, and added red velvet pumps to top it off. You wanted to go all out tonight if you were going to go through with this plan.

  When you finished, you headed out of your closet and downstairs towards Taehyung. He had been pulling on his blazer when you walked out, and barely glanced at you when he grabbed his car keys. It wasn’t until he sat in the car, that something about you must have caught his attention, as he did a double take. He looked into your eyes with surprise for about 4 seconds before turning his eyes forward and starting the engine.

  Throughout the drive, Tae’s knuckles were white against the steering wheel, completely engrossed with the road ahead of him.

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Sweet Gesture

Summary: Dean gets jealous when you go on a date and he tries to sabotage it.

Drabble Prompt: “Who the hell bought you flowers?”  

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels

You’re half asleep, glaring at the clock as you shovel cinnamon oatmeal into your mouth. The grumpiness you’re feeling is still going strong, even though you’ve already consumed two cups of coffee.

The distant whistling from your roommate is getting closer as he pads down the hallway. Dean throws you a sleepy smile as he enters the kitchen and then pours himself a glass of OJ.

“Who the hell bought you flowers?” He gestures to the blue vase sitting on the kitchen counter, his cute face now contorted into a frown.

“Ryan.” You let out a disappointed sigh, instantly feeling shitty about it because he’s a nice guy. Unfortunately you hate the kind of flower that he picked but it’s the thought that counts. Right?

“He’s a dumb ass. You don’t even like those.” Dean scoffs back, fighting the urge to shove your flowers down into the garbage disposal.

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SPN Hiatus Creations || Week Sixteen: Subtext
 ↳ John Winchester did the best he could.
                                  subtext being his best was absolute crap.

I know we as the SPN fandom like our subtext to be of homoerotic nature, but I thought I try something different.
I’m not sure if this even qualifies. probably not.
but let’s all pretend it does

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Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader, Scott Lang, Sam Wilson

Word Count - 2824

Warnings - None

Challenge - Kait’s 5k AU Challenge

Prompt - Soulmate AU

Forelsket -  (Norwegian) That overwhelming euphoric feeling you experience when you’re falling in love with someone

A/N - Hello all! It’s been a LOOONG time but I suppose I’m officially back. Yes, this will be a series, my first ever soulmate series actually. Let me know what you think, I might be pretty rusty.

Forelsket Masterlist

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#MyParentsAreLosers - Batmom x Batfam

I couldn’t bring myself to write a “depressed Batmom” story today, and I really wanna write it well and all so…here’s a silly thing for you, to “wait” for an actual story. Warning : it’s stupid and not greatly written, probably a bit of a mess (I wrote that in three days, with 5 minutes available each day to do it so yeah…messy) This was requested (anonymously), a story about the Batboys introducing Batmom and Bruce to Instagram and Snapchat, but I can’t find the original message anymore so…Here, if you read this anon’, I hope you’ll like it :-) (I hope all of you guys will like it) :

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


It’s Alfred who discovered it. 

He read it in the Gotham Daily (neither you nor Bruce ever had time to read any newspapers, besides, both of you were getting a bit tired about the fact that almost every “news” was about you and him…). 

As he was reading the article, for the first time in years, Alfred let it go. Thanks God he was alone in the house that day, as he bursted out in a loud and ridiculous laughter ! 

It made him laugh for hours, in fact (Damian and Tim coming home from school ruining his fun), and oh he had to tell you guys but…his majordome ways kept him from plainly coming to you and outright telling you. 

At first, he tried to leave the actual article in places you could see it. 

On the kitchen counter, for example, while you took your breakfast…But you never paid attention to anything before your third cup of coffee, even if it was right there in front of you, and by then Bruce would have joined you and you and him would be too focused on each other to realize that this damn article was on the kitchen counter !! AND OH MY GOD COULD YOU STOP KISSING AND LOOK AT THIS DAMN PIECE OF PAPER RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU ?! But it was too late, your kids were coming in and your focus would slightly shift from Bruce to them, the article would fall into the Oblivion as you just completely ignored it while doing your traditional conversation with your family. It was an old routine Alfred knew by heart. 

He tried to put it in the bathroom, and found it soaked and teared…It was something, really, how you and Bruce could be so observant sometimes, and yet so blind some others. 

He also tried the bed, laying it on your pillow where he’d be sure you’d find it…But the day he did that, Bruce came home early from patrol and you rushed upstairs rather fast and…Alfred found the sticky and…oh he’d rather not think about it, and just imagined that you guys were very sweaty when sleeping and…Let’s just never mention that episode ever again. 

He put it on the computer in the Batcave, and found it, days later, under Bruce’s seat. How did it got there ? He had no idea, but what was sure is that the greatest detective in the World, the Goddamn Batman, didn’t notice that stupid piece of paper RIGHT ON HIS KEYBOARD ! 

His last resort was the library, where you spend most of your free times when the boys and Bruce weren’t around…He placarded it everywhere, putting it in every single books you were most likely to read that day and…What did you do ? Enter the damn library reading something already, so of course you didn’t pay attention to any of the articles, and you even used a few articles as bookmarks…Oh dear…

Alfred decided that it was time to stop trying to be subtle (though he could admit that his poor attempts at making you read this particular newspaper articles weren’t really “subtle”). 

He gave up one morning, after three weeks of trying to make you guys read that damn article, and just shoved it in your face, right in front of the cup of coffee you were about to drink, so that you just HAD to read it. 

“The children of the Wayne households post a series of pictures of their parents, and it goes viral” was the title of it.

What ?

It was early in the morning, and it took you a while before starting to understand what was happening. 

To understand that your sons apparently kept posting pictures on the internet, of you and Bruce, with the caption (or “hashtag” as they called it) : #MyParentsAreLoosers, followed by the sentence “But I still love them”. 

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Chapter 210 thoughts.

Chapter 210 has become one of my favorites. I love it that we got to see tianshan communicate, be playful, help each other out, flirt and he tian’s loving looks warmed up my heart. The theme of this chapter is trust. 

Let’s dissect it a bit: 

First panel, He Tian has woken bright and early and was already somewhere close to Guan Shan’s house waiting for him. He waits 30 minutes before he makes the phone call to question where Guan Shan is at. For He Tian standards, he’s pretty calm. I think we would have expected He Tian to call him within 5 minutes since we know he has a temper, but this time he kept his cool and actually waited around. His tone is pretty calm as well, maybe he’s worried that something happened to Guan Shan? 

Second panel is fanservice for sure from Old Xian, look at that baby fox just sprawled on the bed half naked. yup, this is a bl folks! check out what He Tian is getting to touch! AnywAys….

Now we officially know who is the the one to sleep in and who’s the morning person. I suspect that He Tian is the one who sleeps very little and it takes him a while to get to sleep while for Guan Shan, he could fall asleep anywhere for hours and is definitely not a morning person. Can you imagine He Tian laying in bed, smoking his first cigarette of the day, watching Guan Shan sleep and thinking he’s the luckiest guy in the world because he has such an amazing boyfriend by his side? ah, my heart <3

(read a whole lot more under the cut)

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PLOT SUMMARY: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older siblings. follows along directly with the events of season 2. she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues. over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest.  ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find for the life of me. )

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Steve realized he is an idiot but, he matters. 

PAIRING: SLOWBURN Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing and Spoilers



A/N:  Okay, this is one of the only chapters that, after I had finished it I thought there needed to be more. And lemmie tell you - I’m glad I felt this way. This chapter gives you one of my favourite StevexReader moments to date. It just makes me feel all types of ways. Literally the moment I added it, the whole basis for everything just felt right. I’m really excited to see what you guys think. I could have probably cut this chapter into two parts because of the added scene but decided I made you guys wait long enough and already told you there were going to be eleven chapters soooo… enjoy the longest chapter. 

“ Yea, let’s go towards the beings from another dimension. Sure, sounds like a fun, safe thing to do. No danger what so ever. ” You mumbled to yourself and you and Steve led the group of kids back through the train tracks. Steve rolled his eyes and shook his head, with a smile on his face he told you to shut up.

“ If we didn’t come along they would have gone on their own. ”

“ Why? What do they gain from this? Why wouldn’t they just try to avoid the danger and stay safe… and let the professionals handle it. ”

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The Pledge

Seth was nervous as he approached the frat house, he had heard crazy stories that fueled his deepest fantasies. Often his curiosity got the best of him, he’d walk the long way to class just to stare at the guys hanging outside the frat house and imagine what went on behind those doors. The fraternity was called Delta Phi and there were whispers of how the frat earned the money to throw their huge ragers that seemed to happen every weekend; they were just rumors of course but Seth 

loved to fantasize about what it would be like. The rumors varied from mild to extreme but they all said the same thing; Delta Phi made gay porn and sold it on the internet. He was ecstatic when one of the guys saw him eyeing the place and invited him over for a kick back they were having that night, the guy’s name was Logan he was about 6’4 with jet black hair and a star quarterbacks build with the muscles only a lineman would have. Logan saw the lust in Seth’s eyes when he was passing by,
the poor boy was putty in his hands:

“Hey there, you seem to walk by here a lot. Where you headed?”

“Oh, uh… Yeah I just like to walk this way to class, it’s fun getting to see the damage from your parties on my way to school. There’s been a couple times I’ve seen people passed out on your lawn, kinda lightens my mood for the day.” Seth said with a huge
smile and undoubtedly red cheeks.

Logan smiled, knowing how easy this was going to be, “Oh so you like to party then? You ever been to one of our ragers?”

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