let things flow

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So when a fandom is on hiatus all these weird things happen - random funny photo manips, lots of headcanons, and more crazy fun stuff - but why does that happen why does hiatus make a fandom so weird (in a good way)?

weird in a good way? well, I call all these good things expectation, and I think it’s a great way to hope for better things and all

but I don’t get so attached to them because you know, disappointment = expectation/reality. It works the same when I see those sad/angsty posts, too.

Personal thoughts.

I think I’m just going to let things flow & stop trying to force something that’s probably not even there. See other people & get things going for myself. I like the way this things flow naturally without any force. Instead of “trying to make things work” just focus on the goal & let it flow to you with hard work.

These thoughts are just flowing everywhere. It sucks.

Hope all is well with you beautiful people & majestic people.

a couple things I’ve been having in mind to do that I haven’t done yet, but will do soon…:

-organizing Unity 3D tutorials on how to make a 360 degree visual novel game from the bottom up. we can learn together! I’m all ears to get with the current design and game development communities
-put together a ‘Favorite Albums of 2016 (so far)’ list
-make a ‘Best of Renjā’ mix (since everyone and their mother has done a  t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 mix already)
-make a ‘Relaxing Dreamcast Ambient Music’ mix for sleeping / studying
-work on a video game themed summertime playlist akin to my previous seasonal VGM mixes for Christmas time and Halloween
-take more screenshots of the games I’ve been playing that will help incorporate the kind of designs I’m going for in my own revamped game project… it makes me happy so I should Just Do It

as always, if there’s any current or previous games (no matter how old) you think I’d be into, send away (sci-fi visual novels, sandbox, nonlinear, multimedia, games with heavy emphasis on music, etc). I really want to get into VR gaming and apps more, so feel free to send those too!

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alright dawg imma be honest with you. You gotta grow some thicker skin if youre gunna put your art online. Any content creator knows damn well that no matter what they post, someones gunna hate it. An artist could draw the next mona lisa and someone would say she looks ugly. I personally love your artwork and i love the way your art has developed, but please understand that no matter what theres gunna be people who hate your art and people who love it. You gotta come to terms with that.

baby, please,,,,, i already know that there’s people who will hate over me, its unpossible for me to not realize because i live it daily. I know i should be stronger and let those things just flow or whatever, but, I’m not strong, so I complain often abt it. I know I’m not a good person. I also realize that.

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I've been praying to Allah to help him distance me from my fake friends and lead me closer to my true friends. I feel like I've become distant from my best friend and closer to friends who I haven't spoken to in a long time. I'm just a bit confused but Allah knows best. I don't know if it's because my best friend is fake or just because we're growing apart

Just go with the flow, let things just happen.

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hey Aero! what canvas size do you work on for your From Grace updates? and would you reccomend doing updates in the long strip fromat, or in the split-up format you're using now?

I always work on a canvas double the size of the finished product: for comic pages, that’s 2000x3036px at 300 resolution/dpi (sometimes I go up to 500)
The resulting size is 1000 x 1518px.
** You can see my whole process here (a little outdated tho)

Hmmm… Long strips are definitely easier because wonky or amazing pacing is WAY more noticeable with smaller pages. That might sound intimidating, but if you don’t rush your plot and let things flow naturally, your pacing will be fine. (which is not what I do lmao)
With short pages, you can update faster and get feedback sooner. Feedback is really important to my creative process (it keeps me motivated) so I really like that. If I was doing long updates, I’d have to wait a lot longer.

I actually do both; these are literally designed to work as a whole; not as individual pages (hence the wonky pacing; still trying to balance good pacing with my rushed plot lmao X”D). Which has been interesting for sure. It gives me the feedback I need and at the end I can just throw the pages together as they’re meant to be to be read. Some of my readers don’t like the split format and will actually just wait 10 weeks for the full chapter to come out.
(so if you worry about how slow you update don’t because people who love your comic don’t care. ‘w’b)

I really can’t recommend one over the other- it really depends on how you want to update and your specific process and creative needs. You can do a hybrid like me if you want. You can split your pages into little comic strips if you’re doing more of a gag comic. You’ve got loads of options and don’t be afraid to change your mind if one way doesn’t work out for you. :)