let there be a kiss

okay not related to anything in particular, but just as general knowledge, every time I see or hear someone calling Izuocha boring it only makes me ship it harder.

Well I’m sorry if you find loving romantic relationships based on healthy and mutual friendship boring buddy, but I actually like romance where both parties actually enjoy each other’s company and don’t want to murder each other half the time. 

…have I mentioned I’m just a bit petty?

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Sleepy toy hcs- Thomas- He doesn't have any. He outgrew them long ago, but kind of regrets it. Thankfully for him, napping on the sofa fixes this. He'll wake up either covered in stuffies, have a dragon stuffy draped over him, or have a bunny tucked under his arm. He knows the others are doing it. And one night while drifting in and out of sleep he saw Anxiety. Through his lashes he witnessed him take out a small black panther, and let it's soft nuzzle kiss his cheek. He slept soundly that night

pure content 

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I'll start an angst train lol. How about headcanons/scenarios for the chocobros injured while saving their s/o from a daemon, and the s/o takes care of them?

You sit by the fire, Noctis’ head cradled in your lap. You smooth the hair away from his face, and he twitches slightly in his sleep at the contact. You gave him a few potions after the hunt you’d had where you’d almost gotten yourself killed and he’d stepped in to save you, and he’d passed out from the pain. You watch as the potion stitches together his wounds, and let the tears slip from your eyes. You lean down to press a kiss to his forehead and he smiles gently in the midst of his slumber. You won’t let anything like that happen to him ever again.

Prompto assures you that he’s fine, that he’s tougher than he looks when he just about collapses at camp. You drop to your knees at his side and beg him to let you survey his wounds. He winces as you touch a wet spot by his abdomen and feel a sob rip from your throat as you lift your shirt and see a huge gash mark from the claws of the Arachne you’d just defeated. Prompto tries to joke with you that he doesn’t even feel it anymore, and you work on healing him in silence, too scared to voice what you’re really thinking.

When Gladio tells you he’s going on a short hunt and that he’ll be back later that day, you think nothing of it. But when he returns with the gash on his chest opened again and gushing blood, you start to panic. He’s pallid but refuses your help, and almost denies your care until he sees the absolute terror in your eyes. You patch him back up in silence and he apologizes to you once your hands are done bandaging him up. You throw your arms around his neck to pull him close, careful not to jostle his bandages. He lets you cry as long as you need.

When Ignis first loses his vision, the last thing he wants to be to you is a burden. So he tries his best not to ask for your help, but after a close call against a red giant, you pull him close at camp and help him with his wounds. Your hands are patient and caring, and he feels embarrassed that he can’t keep up with the others because of his newfound handicap. You give his hand a squeeze and press a kiss to his scarred cheek, promising him that you’re not leaving his side and that you know that with time, he’ll find a way to adjust. He always does.

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Ich muss sagen, dass ich diese umgedrehte fart against trump aktion doch echt gut fand. Trotzdem bin ich nach wie vor für kiss against trump. Von mir aus auch ohne Trump oder Politik also einfach küssen bitte....😂👬

Hands down! Das haben die alles so gedreht, hätte ich nicht gedacht. Ich hatte mitten in der Maz plötzlich Tränen in den Augen, dabei bin ich mit der Erwartung dahin gekommen, dass es die größte Scheißaktion ever wird und dann sowas! Hat mir persönlich auch wieder gezeigt, dass man die nicht unterschätzen sollte, das am Ende fand ich nämlich, das war ganz großes Fernsehen, chapeau Leute, chapeau! <3

Und ja Kiss against Trump muss man ja nich begraben! Können wir alle (also auch CHG) gerne machen, bin dabei!!

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Drarry steamy make out session after an argument (for the drunk promos please???)

Potter was kissing him.

And something was ringing in his ears, a high-pitched sound drowning out all else around him, his focus only on Harry’s hands in his hair, Harry’s hips grinding against him, Harry’s breath mingling with his.

He had never kissed someone before, but he was pretty sure no one else could kiss like this.

Like they needed it to survive,

needed it to keep going,

needed to kiss and kiss again and again and again because the second they’d let go, the other would disappear forever.

The kiss was hot and feverish, Harry biting in Draco’s lips like he couldn’t quite control himself, his lips hot and pliant and wet against his.

This, Draco thought, hands holding Harry closer and closer and closer, was something he could do forever.

So he kissed him.

And he kissed him.

Again and again and again -

Not leaving now (Cal Request)

“Yes it is a big deal Cal!” You retort loudly, “Its a fucking great deal!”
“(Y/n) come on, let me talk” He sighs, dragging a hand through his hair yet again.
“You kissed another woman!” You exclaim, “So go on then, explain that to me”
You fold your arms and wait for his response. Saying the words aloud made a disgusting sick feeling boil in your stomach. Your boyfriend was kissing another girl. Though he was drunk, out of his mind, it killed you. And after the events of you not coming home last night, he knew something was wrong. So here you were, in the midst of your biggest argument yet.
“Who was she?” You question quietly, the hurt tugging each word from your lips.
“Just some girl, she came over to us in the club with her friends” He shrugs, “She meant nothing”
“What was her name?” You ask, jutting your bottom lip out to stop yourself from getting emotional.
“I dont-” He starts, “Like I said, she meant nothing to me. It was just a drunken mistake” He nods, hopefully.
“You know, you keep saying that she meant nothing” you point out, “But she still meant enough to you to completely jeopardize everything we’ve had for the past two years” You state harshly and see him wince at your words.
“Don’t say it like that” He shakes his head, standing up to your level, “I’m not letting this be the end of us”
“You lost the right to fucking say that okay?” You snap, “When your lips were on hers, you lost that right”
“(Y/n), I kissed a girl after about a thousand drinks and I can’t even remember anything from that night. Honestly, I can’t even picture myself ever, ever doing that without being off my head drunk. But I remember waking up without you beside me and how horribly cold the bed felt. I remember how panicked I was when the guys said you hadn’t come home. How as soon as I saw your face, I felt awful. Not because I remembered anything but because I was terrified that there was something that had happened to make you that hurt. I could see it in your eyes and I hated the thought of someone ever making you that upset and then-“
You cut him off now, “I just-” you stop as a tear slips from your eye, “I really can’t be around you now” You nod.
“Babe-” He starts.
You simply shake your head and grab your bag to leave.
“(Y/n) you two aren’t leaving things like this are you?” Harry sighs, evidently being woken up as soon as the argument began.
“I’m sorry Harry, you can talk to Cal about the reasons for that” You mutter, quickly walking past and leaving the flat as soon as your legs would carry you away.
~~~Time Skip~~~
You had spent the entire day away from the flat today. You needed to clear your mind, take some time to yourself. Though, as darkness fell over London, you knew you had clothes to at least get from the apartment before you planned to stay with Ethan instead for the night.
“Jesus Christ do you not turn on your phone?!” Lux exclaims as you walk in the door and he instantly wraps his arms around you.
“Sorry, I just needed a bit of time” You sigh.
“What’s gonna happen with you two?” He asks, dragging a hand over his hair with evident relief to see you safe.
“I don’t know Cal” You shrug, “It’s just every time I look at him, I see her. I see his lips on hers and his hands on her wais-” You stop, “It’s just, its gonna take a lot”
“No. Its just gonna take time okay?” He nods, “There’s no way in hell you two could ever find anyone as perfect as each other. We look at you, and we see you together, and it just fits you know? Nothing changes that”
“That’s what I thought until last night” you purse your lips, “Thanks for everything Cal”
“Why are you saying this like a goodbye? You’re still living here, we’re still gonna be friends” He frowns. Lux was the type of person that hated the thought of things changing in the group. And the thought of two of his best friends splitting up was something he certainly didn’t want to fathom.
“I meant, just thank you” You sigh, “I’m just gonna grab some clothes”
You head towards your room where the door is closed. You know Cal is on the other side and you know that there’s a sound you didn’t want to hear. He was crying.
“Cal” the word escapes your lips as soon as you push the door open.
“I don’t want to lose you (y/n)” he manages to whisper and the words shoot a dagger to your chest.
You felt awful. You had caused this pain. You’d caused him to cry for the first time since you’d first met him. Here he was sat in your shared bedroom with an empty computer screen, a messy bed and an even messier mind. And you’d imagined if ever in this situation, you’d curl up with him and pizza and Netflix and make him forget all about what made him so emotional.
You swipe a hand over your already filling eyes to stop yourself from falling into the same state as him.
“I can’t lose you” He croaks.
You still can’t respond.
“I thought about what my life would be like without you and it made me feel sick. Because I couldn’t imagine not waking up on a Sunday morning when you don’t have work without you beside me and your hair spread across the pillow and the view of London being our only focus. I couldn’t imagine not going on spontaneous trips with you to the most random places and almost always resorting to Nandos when we got hungry. I couldn’t imagine not calling you my girlfriend. Not having you in my life” He manages to speak, “And if you let me, I’ll spend every single second of the rest of my life making up for last night. And I know its going to be difficult for you to ever forgive me or forget about this but I need you to know that I’ll do everything in my power to prove you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me (y/n) (y/l/n)”
And with a tear falling from your eye, you find yourself staying.

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23 and 24 for taekook?

how do they hug? kiss? tease? flirt? comfort?

hug: jungkook likes to bury his head in the crook of tae’s neck and just breathe him in; hugs are usually initiated by tae who can just open his arms at any given time when he wants a hug, sometimes jungkook picks him up at random times just to hug him hard and let him go straight after.

kiss: a lot of the time, deep. slow. jungkook likes to fist one hand in tae’s hair and place the other on his waist and tae’s hands are everywhere; he likes to hold onto jungkook’s belt loops or put his hands in the back pocket of his jeans, sometimes he even plays with kook’s ears. they get lost in each other pretty easily and hate letting each other go; even when one of them asks for something like a goodbye kiss it starts off with one or two chaste pecks until one of them suddenly yanks the other back and decides they need a little more. they’re always being yelled at for being all over each other, too.

tease: taehyung likes to ~annoy~ jungkook when he’s busy just because jungkook pretends to get mad at him and literally throws him out of the room (after peppering kisses all over his face and whining at him, ‘hyung, please c’mon). jungkook teases tae about how endearingly bad he is at certain things just to wind him up and then laugh about how cute it is.


comfort: jungkook comfortingly rubs tae’s shoulder and wipes his cheeks and talks to him about things that he likes, to help take his mind off of whatever until tae himself wants to share what’s bothering him. taehyung brings jungkook one of his favourite snacks or drinks and just silently cuddles him until jungkook decides that he’s ok/ready to talk about it. in less serious cases the only comfort they need is being able to hold the other’s hand.

any doubts about the relationship?

it’s not at all major but sometimes tae worries that jungkook’s going to get bored of him or decide that he doesn’t want him anymore since they’ve been together for so long that he sometimes thinks that jungkook might find somebody/something better. 

send numbers + ships ♡

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SF/US Papyrus with someone who he likes (and they like him back) but both are completely clueless and say they're "just friends/best friends"

Swapfell Papyrus

“Come on Paps! Just go already! We don’t have all day!” Alphys harshly barks while nursing a bottle of vodka.

“This is a little embarrassing, don’t you think? We should play a different game,” Rus suggests, apprehensive about the objective of the game.

“Don’t be such a wimp! I had to kiss your brother, I’m not letting that go to waste!” The dinosaur snarls.

“Ehehe I got the whole thing on camera though….for future reasons” Undyne, the mad scientists drools lewdly.

“You’re so gross I love it!” Alphys leans in and kisses her girlfriend. 

 Rus continues to hesitate and Black rolls his eyes, “UGH JUST GET ON WITH IT ALREADY! I COMMAND YOU TO SPIN THE BOTTLE

Rus sighs and with a flick of his wrist, spins the glass bottle, landing on Undyne. Alphys bursts out laughing while the fish monster smiles widely, her blue scales turning into a deep shade of red. 

“I always wanted to smooch a skeleton,” Undyne winks awkwardly. 

The tall skeleton’s gaze flickers to you for a moment and you give him an amused smile and a thumbs up. Who the heck suggested this game anyway? He’d rather not kiss anyone here except you, but he hides his discomfort and plays along. 

“Pucker up, bone boy,” before Rus could react, Undyne grabs his shoulders and presses her moist lips on his teeth, her lipstick staining the bones. 

After three seconds, Rus pushes her away while everyone erupts into roaring laughter. The skeleton wipes his mouth with his sleeve, only smearing the lipstick, which only makes everyone laugh harder. Face flushed orange, Rus hurries to the kitchen to wash off the make up. 

“AWH PAPS, DON’T BE SO KOI!” Black teases, poking at his brother’s ribs. 

“M’lord, please don’t,” 

“MY TURN MY TURN!” you exclaim, giving Rus a subtle, “I got your back” wink.

Rus smiles. He could always count on his best friend. You spin the bottle and a bubble of unease rises in the skeleton’s chest as the bottle taunts him. He doesn’t know what he would do when it lands on someone else, he just knows it will hurt, even if it’s just a friendly game. The bottle spins and spins, and it finally lands on…him. You blush furiously, unable to meet his eyes, while everyone cheers in excitement. 

“Hah..well I guess if I had to kiss anyone here, you would be the best choice,” you laugh, trying to play it cool. 

Rus doesn’t know how to respond, so he stays frozen in place. Realizing that you have to make the first move, you calm your frazzled nerves and just go for it. Leaning in close to him, you press your lips against his mouth and his hands cups your soft cheeks, everything melting away. It’s just you and him pressed close against each other, in a flurry of pink emotions. You taste like chocolates, he notices, his heart pounding faster than ever before as your name rings in his head over and over. You never knew how much you needed this, how much you needed his warmth spreading to your skin, or how much it feels so good to be in his arms, like everything will be okay as long as you have him. 

“AHEM,” Blackberry coughs, grabbing both of your attentions, “THAT WAS WAY LONGER THAN 3 SECONDS”

“About damn time too,” Alphys murmurs. 

“Eek! I didn’t get it on video! Now how am I going to remember the moment my ship became canon!” Undyne cries, “Can you guys do it again?!”

You and Rus look at each other,  your blushes rising, until you both fall into simultaneous laughter. You two have a lot to talk about later. 

Underswap Papyrus 

You and Stretch enter the fancy restaurant, hand in hand, wearing the nicest clothes you have. The hostess greets you with a warm and friendly smile. 

“Will you two be participating in the couples dinner event?” she asks. 

Stretch nods and smiles, just like he rehearsed, “Yes, my betrothed and I hear that the restaurant is giving an all you can eat special to couples?” 

“Why yes! It’s part of our Valentine’s Day special. You are getting married? Ohh may I see the ring?!” the hostess excitedly examines your finger.

You smirk at the skeleton, fully prepared for this situation. Holding out your ring finger, the hostess’s eye go wide, nearly envious. 

“O-OH MY! This is beautiful! Is this a 2 karat diamond?!”

“It’s actually three. I had to pick the best for my love dove,” Stretch presses his teeth against your head, making your heart flutter. 

“Aren’t you two just the cutest,” the hostess squeals, “Right this way please” 

She seats you in the back of the restaurant, nice and secluded, offering full privacy with a dim lit candle and a single rose in a vase. The hostess hands you your menus and your eyes pop out at the prices. You don’t even know what half this stuff is! 

“Enjoy your dinner,” the hostess bows and leaves.  

You nervously glance at your friend, “H-Hey…can we afford all this?” 

Stretch just nonchalantly leans back in his chair and pulls out a bottle of honey from under his coat, “Don’t worry, love dove. As long as we keep pretending that we’re engaged, they’ll give us a wicked discount.” 

“Was the love dove part really necessary?” 

“It made it more convincing,” the skeleton winks, “Not that it would’ve mattered anyway. Your performance was outstanding.” 

“Oh stop. You did all the talking,” you flush, your cheeks heating up from his compliment. 

“Nah. You handled it perfectly with charm and grace. I couldn’t ask for a better partner,” Stretch smiles widely, his warmth radiating off him like the sun. 

Your heart beats loudly like a drum and you swallow the lump in your throat, “A-Are you flirting with me?”

Stretch blinks in surprise, a light blush creeping up his cheeks, but his smirk remains the same, “I have been for the past year, but thanks for noticing.”

You’re speechless, unable to bring yourself to speak. Is this another one of his jokes? Is he being serious? You’re not clueless enough to miss the signs…are you…? Depending on your response, you could completely ruin this friendship. 

Taking a few slow breaths, you calm yourself down and chuckle softly, an idea popping in your head, “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny to continue this charade, just a bit longer?”

“What do you mean?” Stretch tilts his head. 

“I mean, after this dinner, let’s just keep pretending that we’re dating. Can you imagine the look on our friends’ faces when they find out? We’ll keep it up until we’re ready to drop it,” your eyes twinkle with mischief. 

“Nyeh heh heh. How interesting. I’m game,” Stretch extends his hand out to you and you take it without hesitation.

You two don’t know it yet, but your “game” opened up a whole new chapter in your lives.  

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raindrops, messy buns, holding hands (for the aesthetic asks!)

aesthetic asks

raindrops: what’s your favourite song to unwind?


messy buns: if you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?

blue!! I did have it dyed for a while and tbh I could retouch it now cuz I still have a ton of dye but my parents won’t let me :<

it looked like this!

holding hands: kisses or cuddles? stay-at-home dates or out-and-about ones?

cuddles and hhmmm eitHER   

What Springs

Young love, old hearts,
Holding hands
They’ll dance.

Birds sing, playing on,
Wind swept hair
Without a care.

Dreams live, passionate,
Make a wish
Hold it in.

Blossoming, blooming,
Flowers for
Each other.

Kiss me, Spring free,
Let me give

Sunrise, Sun gives,
Reason to breathe
Soul runs free.

Spring eternal,
Sweet rehearsal,
Beings together,
Love forever.

Trust brings, sweet Spring,
Laughter like a child.
Hold me here, a while.

-H. Murcia 7:22PM 3/23/2017

okie dokes! random.org consulted, bottle spun, winners drawn

@thetwobosses, @scribblesofel, @pierceaholic: welcome to Smooch Town, population: our dorks!

let me know whether you’d prefer a platonic (like a cheek kiss) or ‘romantic’ smooch, throw me a reference for your Boss/OC (because i’m a weenie who stresses about proper likenesses xD), and i’ll get cracking! i’m not in a good way medically atm, so it may take me a bit longer than usual, but rest assured i’m on the case <3

thank you heaps to everyone that entered! i honestly wish i could draw every single one of these pairings, y’all have some amazing bosses and Lux spends most of her time quietly 👀 👀 👀’ing them xD <3

I can Guard myself is an 8tracks playlist for Jack Stillman and Aggie Christie that I go to when I need inspiration for their weird romance.

Criminal - Britney Spears // Creepin’ Up on you - Darren Hayes // Bad Romance - Future Idiots // Never Gonna Let You Go - Esthero // Pretty When You Cry - VAST // For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert // Kiss Me, Kill me - Mest // Le Bien Qui Fait Mal - Mozart L’Opera // Tag You’re It - Melanie Martinez  // Tear You Apart - She wants Revenge // Genghis Khan - Mike Snow // Mr. Sadistic Night - Hikaru Midorikawa + Kousuke Toriumi // Fear & Delight - The Correspondents // Toy Soilders - Marianas Trench

Warning this is a good deal of a Yandere list.



Cedric Diggory

I Got You

Love Letters

Neville Longbottom

Evil Cabbages

Wonderful Puffafpods (Evil Cabbages pt.2)

Until We Go Down

Fred Weasley

Let it snow

A WInter’s Ball

Sirius Black

Books and kisses


[Enter Shiro, stage right]

[Extended pause as they all stare at each other in utter horror]

[Exit Shiro, as if pursued by a Bear]