let them rise

What if...

I remember seeing a post about how Leo’s sword might be able to transport him to alternative universes, and this is the first thing my mind went to:

Rottmnt Leo: Wait, he calls you all by your names??? 

2003/2012 turtles: As opposed to?

Rottmnt Leo: Well, ours just calls us by the colors of our masks… You know, makes it easier to remember and all…

2003/2012 turtles: *shocked silence*

Rottmnt Leo: And he hugs you like that??? he seems so worried for you whenever you go outside and actually scared you might get hurt???

2003/2012 turtles: well… Duh?! he’s our dad! how else can he act like?!

Rottmnt Leo: Idk, ours barely seems to notice if we’re home or not, he just kinda watch tv all day, I don’t think he ever hugged us before??

2003/2012 turtles: *distressed silence*

Rottmnt Leo: Also he trains you? like actually teaches you how to improve and say you have potential and all that???

2003/2012 turtles: OF COURSE! He’s our sensei!
We’re actually kinda scared to ask - what’s does yours do?

Rottmnt Leo: Well, he kinda lets us watch fighting movies to train?? and he always says we’d never be good ninjas and stuff like that…

2003/2012 turtles: *appalled silence*

Rottmnt Leo: *nervouly* OH! but he gave us super sharp and dangerous weapons to fight with even though we’re not very good with them! I mean so far we hurt ourselves more that our enemies, but at least he lets us use them and improve!  He’s really not that bad!

2003/2012 turtles: *Kill Bill sirens* So emm… could you tell us where he is rn? We just wanna talk

*meanwhile 2003/2012 Splinter*:

A rather regal couple this time for LaughingZuru on Flight Rising! There really should be more Ridgebacks with wearable partners, I’m telling you. It’s a golden opportunity that should be taken more often!

To order Flight Rising commissions from me, look for Wings and Gradients in the Art Sales forum!

Moon signs worst & best ✨🌠

Fire moons

🌙  ♈ - ♌ - ♐ ⋆

worst; everything is burning around them and they can’t stop it - lungs filled with smoke - emotional regret - feeling hopeless - blurred vision - numb body

best; is able to control their fire instead of letting it control them - able to let their fire shine bright rather than burn everything it touches - come out of the fires to begin new - most cheerful and exuberance - uplifting presence

Air moons

🌙  ♊ - ♎ - ♒ ⋆

worst; there’s no gravity - lost in space without air supply - many shown feelings but still emotionally detached - feeling forever lost

best; is able to control their body and mind instead of letting it control them - is able to find gravity and calling somewhere home; so they come back when they’re lost again - can give a breath of fresh air to people around them - people can see and feel empowered by how genuine they are

Earth moons

🌙   ♉ - ♍ - ♑ ⋆

worst; everything is falling apart - slowly swallowed by the ground - can’t comprehend - closed eyes; wishing it will be okay - reality becomes too much - emotionally numb

best; is able to control their surroundings instead of letting it control them - rising from the ashes; freed from their underground prison - providing security to themselves and others - most helpful and good to everyone - warmest heart 

Water moons

🌙   ♋ - ♏ - ♓ ⋆

worst; feelings of being stuck drowning in the deep dark cold waters - everything still and lonely - can’t catch a breath - numb but emotionally scattered - feeling heavy

best; in control of their emotions instead of letting it control them - seeing light again as they rise from the depths of water to the surface; gasping for that first inhale of air - their happiness is contagious - smiles never fades from their faces - great power of healing themselves and others

-Bunny-sag ♥