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Here we have Dean and Cas being open about their feelings. Cas has been away, and Dean’s been worried. Cas comes back, and Dean lashes out at him.

For most of their relationship, they never talk about it. Dean just assumes that Cas just wants to get away from him because he thinks Cas has more important things to do than spend time with him. Cas, on the other hand, always thinks that the only way he can be acceptable to Dean is if he isn’t a burden, if he delivers what is required of him, and if he functions properly as a savior and protector. Neither of them know the truth. Dean doesn’t know that Cas would want nothing more than to stay with him, that the reason why Cas is away all the time is so he could keep him safe. Cas doesn’t know that Dean just wants him to stay and keep him company, to fight alongside him, and to always be within reach because he worries about him all the time. They care about each other so much, but they’ve always iced each other out when push came to shove because they’ve always had trouble communicating it properly–until now.

Dean gave Cas a mixtape of his Top 13 Zepp traxx–Dean’s extended an olive branch to Cas to let him know that he matters so much to him that he wants him to share his taste in music and know the words to his favorite songs–that maybe they don’t always say the right things to each other, but maybe the gesture would show him how much he means to him.

And here we see Cas returning the mixtape Dean gave him after spending a significant time apart. He uses this as an olive branch to get Dean to talk to him–to let him know that he listened to it while he was away because he cares about him–that maybe this gesture would be capable of bridging the distance between them. But Dean gives it back to Cas and reinforces that the tape is his because he gifted it to him, and Cas takes it back. They tell each other everything.

Dean tells Cas that he’s angry because he’s worried, and Cas tells Dean that all he wants to do is redeem himself to Dean. They’re communicating their feelings. They know each other more wholly. They understand each other.

And it’s really amazing to see how far they’ve come now that they’ve both realized that they’re so much better when they’re together.

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How do you make distance work?

you make sure she knows she’s the only one you want. you make sure you tell her how much she means to you. i don’t care how busy you are it takes 2 seconds to send a text to someone to tell them you care about them or you’re thinking about them, i don’t care if you FaceTime for 5 minutes or 5 hours, you make it work. you don’t let the distance define you, because when you really care about someone nothing else matters, were lucky enough to be alive in the 21st century where we have the ability to communicate with or see someone literally with the click of a button. you fucking make it work until that distance doesn’t exist anymore, and you get to wake up to the girl of your dreams everyday. you don’t let the distance win.

The Arrangement: Part 2

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 2

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 2421

Warnings: Language, drinking, angst

Author’s Notes:  This is part two of a multi-part series. Read Part 1 here. Shifts between multiple points of view.

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weak || stiles stilinski

summary: reader feels weak and useless around the pack
pairing: younger!reader x stiles stilinski
word count: 950 (sorry it’s kinda short)
notes: this was originally requested by someone on my deleted account (i’m so sorry i forgot who it was!) and it’s been like 2 months since this was requested i’m such a bad person 
listen to: weak - wet

“How’s my little pumpkin doing?” Stiles greeted you at his locker with open arms and a wide smile.

“You’re pumpkin is tired. Very.” Rolling your eyes with a smile, you accepted his embrace, rubbing your head on his soft sweater, as you took in his scent of a fresh summer night’s air, leather, and mojito mint. “And I’m not little, I’m almost as tall as you.” You pouted into his chest.

“Yeah, sure you are, I’m 6′1 and you’re… what, 5′5?” He laughed as he placed his chin on top of your head.

“Whatever…” Clearly annoyed, you shrugged yourself out of his hold and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Scott and Kira.

“Dude, you better not forget about tonight.” Scott looked at Stiles with knowing eyes.

“Wha- Scott. Obviously I won’t.”

“Wait, what’s tonight?” Interrupting their conversation, you looked up at all three of them with eager eyes.

“Uh? What’s tonight? N-nothing’s tonight…? (Y/N), what are you talking about.” Stiles exchanged nervous glances with Scott and Kira.

“Stiles, Scott literally just told you to not forget about tonight. Is there something you guys aren’t telling me?” You started to get suspicious. And annoyed. And slightly mad. Stiles just started senior year, and you?

Well, you just started sophomore year. The two year gap between you didn’t seem to bother Stiles, but it definitely bothered you. A lot more than anyone could know.

Whenever the pack would “playfully” tease you about your age difference, you laughed and pretended to take it lightly. But you could feel it deep in your chest. You feel weird; awkward, to be 16 years old and dating someone who’s 18. It just didn’t feel right. Of course, you never really took any of those feelings to heart, because you just loved Stiles too damn much. You cared for him and cherished him like no one has ever before, and knowing how much it would hurt him to see how you really felt about being teased, you kept your emotions hidden.

“Well, I mean, I, uh-” Stiles rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“We’re really sorry (Y/N), it’s just that, you’re, uh, you’re not… wait, let me phrase that differently. We’re going to find the Dread Doctors’ lair and we really don’t want anyone getting hurt. Especially you.” Kira smiled softly and placed her hands on your shoulders, giving them a light squeeze. You sighed unhappily, and rubbed your jaw with your hand.

“What is it, am I- am I too weak? I’m apparently so much younger than you guys, that I can’t even take care of myself. I’m just a pathetic teenage girl who doesn’t know anything about the supernatural and I’m just going to slow you down, is that it?!” you voice rose with every speaking word and Kira flinched.

“What? No, it’s not-”

“Ugh!!“ You yelled out, frustratedly gripping your hair. Stiles, Scott, and Kira were taken aback, and everyone else walking in the halls stopped what they were doing and looked at you weirdly. Letting out a deep breath, you rubbed your hands over your face and ran to the parking lot, where Stiles’ jeep would be, a pool of tears piling up on your cheeks.

“(Y/N)!” Stiles ran after you, and you deeply wished that you lived closer to the school so he didn’t have to drive you here everyday.

Stopping at his car, you faced the window and looked inside it. On the jeep’s dash, you saw a picture Stiles took of you when you both went star-gazing with Malia and Lydia. A shaky sigh left your lips as you wiped away your tears with your sleeves.

“(Y/N), what’s the matter with you?” Stiles turned you around by your wrist and placed his hands on either side of your face.

Knowing that you would ball your eyes out if you started talking, you bit the inside of your cheek and just frantically shook your head.

“(Y/N), no, no, no, don’t cry, please don’t cry; if you cry then I’m gonna cry, (Y/N)…” Stiles leaned forward and rubbed his nose affectionately with yours. Finally plucking up the courage, you began talking.

“Stiles, i-it’s just that I feel so weak sometimes. When you guys all start making fun of me ‘cause of my age, or holding me back from trying to help; I just hate that feeling, Stiles. I hate it so much. I want to be useful, I want to do something to help. I’m not a werewolf or kitsune or banshee; I’m human. I can’t do any of the things they can, o-or even fight for myself. It’s like I constantly feel like someone’s protecting me, and I feel grateful for that, I honestly do, but sometimes I just want to be able to do something on my own, you know? Stiles, I’m sorry–“

You were cut off as Stiles grabbed you by your shoulders and engulfed you in a giant embrace. A sudden wave of tranquility washed away the anxiety and pain, and you were left a molten mess in his arms.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Stiles’ voice cracked, as a stray tear slipped loose from your eyes.


“Because what, (Y/N)?”

Pulling out of his embrace, you wiped the tears off his face with your sleeve, and prepared to say what you’ve been meaning to say for the longest time. You took in a deep breath and opened your mouth.

“Because I love you.”

Yona ch.139 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 139 “In the mud” summary with pics

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Unfaithful (Part II)

(Part I)

A Little late, I know… But hopefully worth it!

Warnings: Language, mentions of domestic violence (on reader)

I adjusted Daniel, making sure he did not fall off my hip as i walked down the streets of my old hometown. Nothing changed since the last time I was here.

I walked towards Polly’s house, trying to keep my head down, in the hopes I could avoid all of the other Shelby’s. When I knocked on the door, I saw the curtains peel back a little, then the door swung open quickly, hitting the wall.

I was pulled into a hug by the woman who I considered a second mother, trying not to flinch when she squeezed me. After a few seconds of silent embracing, she pulled back to look at me. My eyes flew to the ground, not wanting to look into hers as she saw the reason I was here.

“My god…” She whispered, placing her hand on my chin to fully examine my wounds.

I knew I had a bruise surrounding my left eye that was slowly fading. There would have been a scratch on my cheek and a large bruise around my neck. Those didnt include the ones that would no doubt show up in an hour or two from what happened today.

“You been fighting in a ring or something?” I scoffed and placed my son down on the ground, hissing at the stabbing pain in my side.

“Sure as hell feels like I have.” Polly grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. I sat down, never meeting her eyes.

“Who did this to you?”

“You know I’m not going to tell you that.” She sat back in her chair with a sigh.

“Okay. So let’s start with where you’ve been for almost two years.” I released a shaky breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

“When I left your house, I moved back home with my parents for a month or two. They weren’t too happy to see me, knowing that it meant something happened between Tommy and I.”

I paused for a second, remembering the day I found my husband sleeping with the woman he told me I need not worry about.

“I stayed there until I met someone. It was a man I knew from childhood. He offered me a place to stay, in return for my assistance in the house. His wife had died a few months before, and he was having a hard time taking care of his lad. So I agreed. Everything was fine until we started getting involved.”

Polly could see that what I’d been through was horrible. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

“No, it’s fine. I need to talk to someone Pol.” She nodded, beckoning me to continue. “We started to let our relationship develop after eight months of me just tending to his house, cooking for him, and making sure his son was alright. It was actually fantastic in the beginning. He was sweet for a while. For six months he bought me things and treated me like the fucking queen. And then the gifts stopped. The affection stopped. The adoration stopped. It all stopped and the pain began.”

I sighed thinking back to the countless beatings. For no reason at all really.

“Why’d it take you so long to leave? You know you will always be family. We could have gotten you a house. You and Tommy have a son for fucks sake!”

“The physical pain was bearable. I could take a hit. But I couldn’t come back and watch him be with someone else Pol. That was more likely to kill me than the punches.”

It was hours before Polly and I were interrupted by her nephews. I thanked god Tommy wasn’t with them.

“Polly!” Arthur burst through the door, holding up a battered John. They both paused when they set their eyes on me.

“John, what have you done to yourself this time?” I asked with a small smile in my lips.

“Where the hell have you been sister?” Arthur sat john in a chair before coming over to embrace me, burying his face in my hair. His hug hurt, but I missed my Shelby boys.

Well, most of them.

“Oi, what happened to your face?” John asked from his seat. Arthur turned me around so the light from the fire illuminated my bruises, his eyes softening. Arthur was always caring and protective.

“I tripped and fell down some stairs.” I lied, not trying to convince them, but to let them know I wasn’t talking about it. Especially with them. They were known for acting at the flip of a coin, never fully thinking anything through.

“Bullshit. A man has been putting his hands on her.” My head snapped to the left.

“Polly! Can I not tell you anything in confidence?!”

“Not when it concerns your safety (Y/N).”

“Who is the bloke, aye? We’ll have to go and let him know that no one fucks with the Peaky Blinders.” The younger Shelby stood from his seat shouting.

“I’m not a peaky blinder John! I don’t need you two going out and fighting my battles anymore! I’m not a little girl.” The front door started to rattle and my heart stopped.

This is it. I have to face Tommy now. The man I’d been avoiding for more than a year.

When Michael walked through the door with Finn in tow, I allowed air to fill my lungs.

“(Y/N)!” They both shouted, lining up to hug me.

“Finn, you’ve grown a whole fucking foot!” I laughed, looking up at the boy who I remembered towering over at one point. There was a comfortable silence in the room as I looked around at the family i had missed so much.

“Does Tommy know you’re here?” Michael asked, ruining my nostalgic thoughts. I shook my head, avoiding everyone’s eyes.

“How about you boys go into the kitchen and I’ll take Y/N upstairs to clean up.” They all agreed, each one stopping to kiss my forehead before exiting the room. I sighed and pressed my hand to the side of my body where there was a throbbing pain, finally realizing how exhausted I was from my trip here.

I walked upstairs after reassuring Polly I would be fine as long as someone was watching Daniel. I remembered where everything was and had no problem fitting into the clothes that I had left here over a year ago.

I stopped in front of the vanity mirror that sat to the side of the bed, staring at the reflection that I barely recognized anymore. My hair hung past my shoulders, still dripping water. My skin was still dark and looked filthy, despite the scrubbing I had just done minutes prior.

When I left the room after dressing myself, I could hear my son crying. It was well past his bedtime and the only way he would calm down now is if he had a cup of warm milk.

I started down the stairs and became confused when Danny’s cries suddenly stopped.

“You boys haven’t let my son cry himself to sleep have you?” I questioned as I rounded the corner, immediately regretting even coming back to Small Heath in the first place.

Standing directly across from me was Tommy Shelby, a pair of small arms wrapped around his neck.

The talking ceased, the air became thick. Visions of Tommy fucking that woman replaying over and over in my head.

He hadn’t changed one bit. His eyes were still a piecing blue, but they sported something I had never seen before. And I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

“(Y/N)…” I physically flinched at the sound of his voice saying my name.

I held my hand up, signaling him to stop.

“Everyone out.” I said flatly. When no one moved, I tore my eyes from Tommy’s to look at the lot of them. “I mean it! I don’t care where you go, just get out of here!” They were startled my volume. They had obviously forgotten who I was. “Polly, can you put Daniel down for me please?” I asked in a much softer tone. She nodded and went to take the boy from her nephew, who looked very reluctant to let him out of his sight.

Then we were alone.

As always, I love feedback and criticism. It is 100% ACCEPTED. So let me know how you liked it. And if you have any input for what you want to see in the next part. :)


Bts reaction when their s/o parents don’t support her being and idol and treat her bad?

These are probably not that great haha but enjoy!!

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(Ignore his crown lol)

It would bother him if anything. It shouldn’t matter if you are an idol or if you were something else your parents should support you. He does understand where your parents are coming from but what matters is that your happy, healthy, and doing what you love and being absolutely great at it. He’s heard the way they speak to, the way they look down at you for being something that they didn’t want but he’s going to let you know that it’s going to be ok and that he’s for. “They hate me,” you mumbled hanging up the phone, but he still heard you. “They don’t hate you y/n,” “yes they do namjoon, did you not just hear what they said to me!” you threw your phone on the bed and you followed after landing on it with a puff. “Why can’t they just be proud of me.” You sounded like you were on the verge of tears and namjoon was quick to come to your aid and hold you in his arms. “Don’t cry baby, it’s ok.” You shook your head and sniffled a bit. “It’s not ok, I’m not ok,” you cried. “I know but it will be, they’ll come around.” He wipes the tear that rolls down your cheek “what if they don’t?” “Then that’s their mistake and I’ll be here for your supporting you like I’ve always been.”


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Knowing that your parents don’t support you because of your choice being an idol would bug him, but when telling him that they treated you badly because of it would really upset him. How does one treat their own child that way and all because the choice you made? It would bug him that you act like you are ok with what they think of you. Jin knows you’re not, ands he’s going to show you that if they won’t support you he will and always had. “Y/n,” he holds your face gently in his hands wiping away the almost dry tear tracks from your cheeks. “What did I do wrong?” “Nothing, you did nothing wrong,” He smiles softly and kisses your head. “But jin,-” “but nothing y/ they need to see that this is what you wanted and that they should be proud of you.” You forced a soft smile that quickly faltered. “I’m here, even if they won’t be.” “What if they never support me?” Jin wouldn’t know what to tell you at first but would hold you close to comfort you more. “Then they’re not very good parents are they?” he half jokes. “Jin,” “I’m sorry I know but its kinda true.” You couldn’t argue with that really, but you didn’t like bad mouthing them, even if they treated you the way they did. “I don’t mean to be mean y/n but you don’t need them if they’re going to be like this towards you.” His head falls on yours and you could feel his arms around you tighten a bit. “You have everyone else to love and support you, you have me.”


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Yoongi understands the feeling. Not having the support you needed, wanted, it really sucks. At this time you would say that your family wasn’t on good terms with, like he was before. Yoongi knows what that’s like to. Despite being treated badly and having your parents support, you tried hard for them. To be happy. To have them be proud. He’s been through it all and understands. He’s grateful for all that he has now, but seeing you struggle little by little because the lack of support from your parents would hurt him. Yoongi sees how hard you work, even for them and he’s going to let you know that they’re lucky to have such a talented child such as you. “I don’t understand yoongi,” a small sigh escaped your lips. ‘‘I know this isn’t what they wanted for me but-” you paused dragging your lower lip between your teeth. “Why can’t they just be there for me?” You let your head fall onto his shoulder and he soon has his arm around you. “Because they don’t understand y/n” You look up at yoongi, “Parents think they know what’s best for you, what makes you happy and a lot of the time they’re right I’ll admit that but there are times you have to prove them wrong.” He look up from his lap and at you with a slanted smile. “You got the talent and the passion for this, show them that even if they don’t come around you can do this without em’ because you us, you have me, and your fans.” You smile fondly at him and peck is lips, “Most importantly me,” he says making you giggle a bit. “Thank you yoongi.”


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Baffled. He’d be absolutely baffled of the fact the you treated like that because of your dreams becoming and idol. Who does that? Are they crazy? Granted he didn’t have support either in the beginning but he was never treated like they didn’t care. They just needed to give it time. Not getting support is something he still doesn’t really understand but being treated badly? Hoseok wouldn’t eve be able to wrap his mind around that. He sees how much this would bug you yet you sometimes put on an act. If anything thing he’s gonna be you’re biggest supporter. He’s already claimed the spot for number one fan so why not. “Y/n I know it sucks but I’m here!” He has that cute grin on his face doing some  odd dance to make you smile. “You know that right?” “I do hobi,” his grin falters to a kinder smile. “Good, I’ll make sure you get the support that you deserve and love to, but not just from me, my family loves you to.” Hoseok sits by you and bring you in close to kiss your cheek. “They’re going to be proud of you I promise, just give it some time.”


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Jimin would probably be a bit angered knowing that your parents treated you badly. He wouldn’t like the fact that they didn’t give you their support either. That’s something he’ll never understand. Aren’t parents supposed to encourage their young ones and step all over their dreams? What happened to “I love you no matter what?” Or “I believe in you,” stuff like that. Jimin would let it get to him a bit because he cares so much bout yo and would ramble on about how you deserve better. “Who needs them anyway?” he huffs. “Jimin that’s not nice I do.” “Ok I didn’t mean that but still, aren’t you upset about this?” You shrugged a bit “I am but they’re still my parents and I love them. Even if we don’t quite get along at the moment.” You could feel his eyes on you, you knew what he was thinking. “they still shouldn’t have done that to you,” he says quietly. “I know, but I think they’re just scared of what could happen to me, I know they still care.” “So you forgive them?” You shrugged again. You weren’t even sure if this is something to be forgiven or to just be left alone. “Oh well no matter, I’ll love and support you like never before.”


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Taehyung would be surprised. How can anybody treat you so? Having knowledge of them not supporting you as well would make him sad. Parents are supposed to love you and cheer you on so why don’t they? He knows you care about them but whenever you bring them  up you have this sad look to your face. Taehyung doesn’t to see you upset at the thought of them so he would do anything to have you smile. “Babe, can you look at me please?” His deep voice calls sweetly to as his thumb caresses the top of your hand. “Don’t be so upset, I know it must not be a great feeling but they still love you,” You chew at the inside of your cheek looking down again. “I just want them to be proud,” you pulled yourself up and hugged him. “I know you do, but they still don’t change I’m still going to be your biggest supporter, ok?” you nodded and nuzzled you head in the cook of his neck. “I love you,” “I love you to.”


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This boy here would be utterly lost when you told him about your parents. He’d probably have a hard time believing or understanding the way you’ve been treated. Until he experienced it that is. Let’s just say the video call wasn’t all smiles and laughs. Hearing the way they spoke so harshly at you would have him in shock. Why do you put up with this? How? “I hope you know what they said isn’t true,” Jungkook would sit by you and hold your hand in his. “They don’t mean anything, their words I mean.” You knew he was trying to cheer you up but you couldn’t stop yourself from crying. “But I’m just a disappointment to them.” Jungkook’s eyes widen from your word and tears and hold your face in his hands so you could look at him. “No, no, no you’re not y/n you are not a disappointment.” He tries to calm you but isn’t sure what else to do. “Then why?” “I don’t now,” he says. He really doesn’t, there should be no reason for you to be treated that way. “It’s ok, I’m here.”

Hope you liked it ☺
Much love~💖

Consider if you would for a moment that not everything is 100% better when everyone gets back to the village, consider it still being hard for Branch to open up and sing and dance without caring like everyone else. Consider the sound of a hug time bracelet going off still making him feel like he can’t breathe (and everyone knowing this so no one tries to hug him, also everyone knows Poppy is the one exception.) And even consider him having relapse of going grey (Poppy comes over for a surprise visit and finds him sitting in his bunker in the dark and she knows what’s going on before he even turns around because she can hear him sniffling and even with the lights off she can see his color is gone, and when he finally does realize she’s there he can’t stop apologizing. “I- I’m sorry Poppy I didn’t mean to I just-” “you can leave I’m sorry i know I’m just being stupid” “I swear I’ll be b- better soon I’m sorry I’m sorry-” but she doesn’t accept any of the apologize because he has nothing to be sorry for in her eyes. So she just sits next to him, let’s him cry, gets him water, sings to him, gives him hugs if he asks for them, because she knows what to do. Because this isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. But she doesn’t care, all she cares about is being with him in times like this, no matter how long it will take.

Consider this does take a long time. Longer than anyone cares to keep track of.

Now consider Poppy being woken up to Branch opening the curtains to let in the sun and shaking her because “Poppy, Poppy, POPPY GET UP” “the party’s tonight and we still have so much to do!!” “Its not everyday guy diamond has a birthday you know” “and I was just at the bakery, and you’ll have to go down and talk to them because they think I’m just being picky, but no way do those cupcakes have enough edible glitter let me tell you” “also Dj changed the music mix without telling me and I’m not sure I like the new one as much-” the only thing that stops his well-planed rambling is the light musical ping of her and his very own hug time bracelet. And he is immediately beside her bed with his arms out and a light blush on his cheeks. Poppy can’t help it, she jumps out of bed so fast they both go tumbling to the ground.


Hey tumblr! The wonderful Jason Ralph of the Magicians is doing a fundraiser for an organization that I really really love. The Covenant House is an incredible organization that helps support homeless youth by giving them schooling and care and training and proper medical attention for LGBT kids. I attended their Gala this year and was literally moved to tears at their stories, their tragedies, and their triumphs. I had already been considering doing a flash fundraiser for them, and may still do so in the future but for now, Jason has a page up and he’s trying to get to $5k. He’s at $2,500. Let’s see if we can help him out! Tweet your receipts in reply to this thread if you can so I know how much we helped raise!

Eternal love: Chapter Three

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Bts Vampire AU! Bts Prince AU! Smut in upcoming chapters! Overall Sexy!

(Jimin’s chapter) 

If you are new to the story please read chapter one first to understand what is happening!

Being sold into an arranged marriage was the norm in every kingdom known to man. It was never meant for a man to simply love his wife. A “relationship” was merely a source to increase the population. A ridiculous agreement made centuries ago in order to keep a kingdom stronger than others.

Except… you never expected not only to be sold off to the most powerful household in the kingdom, but sold off to marry not one man… but seven. Whom also just so happen to be vampires.


Previously on “ Eternal Love”

It took every bone in his body to not pin you against the wall right then and there to have his way with you, but he figured he would save that for another time.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you”, he said, stalking closer to you. Your body tensing up as he came closer.  “My princess”, he whispered seductively into your ear.

You let out an airy sound, a sound between a sigh and a moan, only giving him more confidence with his first encounter with you.

“Oh this is going to be so much fun my hyungs”, he thought to himself with a smirk.


Annabelle watched as you and her younger brother interacted, on one hand, she wanted to puke, but on the other hand she found it extremely romantic how the two of you some how fell in love through one simple touch. “ So this is how it will be for all of them”, she thought to herself with a smile, happy that at last her brothers would be able to settle down with such a gem as yourself.

“The pleasure is all mine… um Jimin?”, you asked, remembering Annabelle mentioning his name when you first crashed into each other.

He cocked his eyebrow, an amused smirk appeared on his beautiful face. “Yes, my name is Jimin. But is that anyway to address your prince”, he said, a bit of a sinister tone in his voice.

“Oh my god, he’s one of the prince’s”, you thought to yourself as your eyes widened in embarrassment. Your heart pounding against your chest as nervousness kicked in. Jimin could obviously hear the sound of your heart beating, the more your heart rate quickened the more excited and … thirsty he got.

You quickly bowed before your prince, tiny apologies leaving your mouth. He only gave you a small smile. Reassuring you that he would let it slide… this time.

“If you aren’t too busy my princess, would you like for me to show you around”, he asked, holding his arm out, a gentle gesture that sent the butterflies in your stomach into a friendzy.

“I would love to my prince”, you said, quickly trying to come up with an easy way out of the situation. You were not ready to have any one on one affiliations with any of the prince’s so early in your arrival. No matter how badly you wanted to get to know your future husband… well one of them; you weren’t yet comfortable with the situation you were in, in general. “ But i’m afraid I promised my good friend here some… um… girl time”, you giggled, locking arms with Annabelle instead.

Jimin glared silently at his sister; she obviously got the message as she gently removed her arm from yours. “I’m sorry (Y/N) but I forgot that I have to go help the servants prepare for the ball that is to happen next week”, she told you with a gentle smile. You looked at her, worry in your eyes as if pleading her to not leave you alone. She squeezed your hand gently to assure you that everything would be fine. Turning to Jimin, “Take good care of her you hear me boy”, she pointed to Jimin, utter seriousness in her tone. You were a bit taken back at her lack of formalities with the prince; “maybe they are close”? You thought to yourself.

He smiled at her, happy that she handed you over so quickly rather than putting up a fight. “Oh my dear sister”, he said to Annabelle taking hold of her hand, “Of course i’ll take good care of the princess, after all, she is to be my wife”, he said sending you a wink.

They both looked at you, a slight chuckle leaving their lips at your dumbfounded facial expressions. “S-sister?” you asked, completely confused as to why the prince called your lady-in-waiting his sister.

“ Darling, close your mouth before a fly get’s in there”, Jimin chuckled as Annabelle approached you slightly.

“I’m sorry for not telling you from the beginning”, she said, taking hold of your hand, the slight buzz you transferred, exploring her cold veins, giving her a feeling she couldn’t get enough of… the feeling of being alive. “ I just wanted you to have someone to trust and be yourself around the second you woke up.”, she said worrying that you lost trust in her through her little white lie.

You only smiled at her, the buzz feeling intensifying, Jimin feeling a change in the atmosphere as well. “Thank you for lying to me”, you said,leaving Annabelle in complete confusion. “ You are right, I need someone to trust and to be close with throughout this journey, and i’m happy it’s you Annabelle”, you said squeezing her hand.

“She’s so genuine, so pure, so kind hearted and most importantly… forgiving”, Jimin thought to himself, thinking about the type of queen you would be while falling more and more for your charm. He then cleared his throat, grabbing your attention as well as Annabelle’s.

“So princess, may I escort you around the castle”, Jimin asked sweetly, hoping to gain your trust as fast as his sister did.

You looked one more time at Annabelle. Her giving you a slight shove towards her brother whispering, “ He’s a sweetheart, they all her, go on”, she encouraged. You giving Jimin your beautiful smile.  “Where to first my prince”, you said, linking your arm with his, earning a genuine smile from him.

He thought for a second, thinking about which room to take you to first. “Maybe she’ll like the library?… no that’s not fascinating enough. The rose garden perhaps? No, too many smells. The music hall? She’ll ask me to play the instruments I have yet to learn.” he pondered to himself, debating where to take you. He couldn’t think about which room in his vast castle would not only grasp your attention but give him the chance to completely win your affection. That’s when it hit him, the room that would definitely send the sparks between the two of you flying.

“How about the ballroom?”, he asked, a glint of hope in his eyes, waiting for your response.

“The ballroom?”, you asked, thinking about it for a second. “Only if we can dance”, you beamed, earning the biggest/sweetest grin from your prince.

“My god… how can someone be so beautifully perfect”, Jimin thought to himself as the two of you started walking down the hall, saying your goodbye’s to Annabelle.

Annabelle rushing to the room the rest of her brother’s were in, the second you and Jimin were out of sight. “They better not mess this one up… she’s our only hope”, Annabelle whispered to herself as she rushed down the hallway.


“Hyung”, Taehyung turned to his older brother Hoseok. “Yes hyung?”, Hoseok asked Taehyung.

“She’s really the one, the one to change our vampire heritage forever, right?”, he asked his hyung with a slight smile.

“Yes hyung”, Hoseok smiled. “She’s the one who will make our kingdom rid of this dark cur…”, Hoseok was suddenly interrupted as his younger sister burst through the door.

“Where did you find her hyung, tell me right now”, she demanded from her brother Namjoon as she approached her brothers.

Namjoon only rolled his eyes at his sister, turning to her with an annoyed expression. “Good morning to you too my dear sister”, he snarled at her rudeness.

“Where did you find her.” she asked again, standing her ground. “There is no one left of her kind, at least not for the last twenty centuries.” she said waiting for her brothers response. “What exactly do you think is going to happen here hyung? They will come from her… then what? Then what will we do, we may never have this chance again”, she said, kneeling in front of her brother’s. A gesture that always made them weak towards their little sister; while she was one of the strongest vampire females they ever laid eyes on she had a weak spot. She was a warrior, she was fearless, but kind hearted. Her weakness showed greatly in time’s like this, in time’s where she worried for someone… she cared for deeply.

“Sister…”, Namjoon and the rest of the boys kneeled down with her to comfort her. “She is to be our queen, we have already fallen in love with her as much as you have.” Namjoon said to reassure his younger sister, in hopes that she would remain strong.

“We won’t let them take her, we know what she is, therefore we know how much we must protect her”, Seokjin spoke up.

A tear escaping their younger sisters eye, as she looked up at her brother’s. “Please protect her at all costs… even if it means we all die in the process”. She pleaded, the sight of her paining her brothers. “She’s the kingdom’s only hope my brother’s, with us and her together, everything they wronged we can right…. For mother.”


After fifteen minutes or so walking down endless halls and stairways you finally approached the ballroom doors. Unlike the rest of the rooms decor you passed by, these doors were silver with diamond like sparkles laced in the pattern. You looked around the hallway, the design in a beautiful shade of gold and velvet as the rest of the castle was, the ballroom doors looking foreign from the decor surrounding it.

You ran your delicate fingers along the door frame, admiring it’s beauty.

Jimin watched you; how the door mesmerized you as it did to him when he received such a beautiful gift the day he was turned. A cruel gift given to him by his father, but one he grew very fond of. He let his hand gently press the lower end of your spine, “After you my princess”, he invited you to open the doors, wanting to see your reaction to the room on the opposite end.

You gave him a quick smile, excited and nervous to see what kind of beauty rested behind these doors. You placed your palms on the doors. Opening them slowly as a gust of wind escaped  from the room before you.

“Oh my”, you gasped at the room in front of you. The room was just as beautiful as the door; the ceilings was glass, revealing the beautiful blue sky, the floor was white marble, clean enough to see your own reflection. Resting on top of a flight of stairs in the room was a beautiful white/silver piano, a beautiful lady looking over to you and the prince with a bow as she played a light melody. The walls were a beautiful silver and were sparkling as the door did. You gently swayed to the music, a wave of bliss taking over your body as you heard the sound of the ocean waves outside crash against the shore.

Jimin watched you, admiring your beauty once again, the room somehow becoming more stunning with your presence. He felt as if something has always missing from his ballroom and somehow you filled that void, which only made the prince completely and utterly fall in love with you.

Your peaceful thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Jimin speaking your favorite foreign language, french.

“Madame, jouez au conte aussi vieux que le temps”, he spoke as he looked at you, his gaze full of… love?

“Tale as old as time?”, you asked as he approached you. He held his hand out to you, bowing slightly, a gesture asking you to dance with him. You took his hand a curtsied slightly waiting for a response.

“ A song I composed with one of my brothers, it was originally called Beauty And The Beast but we rather didn’t like that title.”, he chuckled pulling you closer as he started leading the dance.

“Beautify And The Beast?”, you giggled. “What a fitting title “,you teased, as you both danced, never breaking eye contact.

You could feel Jimin’s body tense up and then relax at your comment, “ A fitting title indeed”, he thought to himself as he twirled you around, your dress flaring around you. The two of you were so lost in each other’s eyes that you didn’t even realize he had dipped you as the song came to an end.  

As you stared into each other’s eyes a part of you wanted so badly for him to connect his lips with yours; his personality was lovely, he’s been nothing but a complete gentlemen to you this entire time, and he was extremely handsome. While the two of you only met less than two hours ago, there is no doubt in your mind that he earned a piece of your affection.

Breaking your thoughts, Jimin whispered to you as the pianist continued playing his song on repeat.  “This is the first time I ever brought someone into this room”, he said inching a bit closer to you, “and this was the first time I let another girl listen to this song and dance with me”. He said, you slouching a bit at his words.

“ Who was the first?”, you whispered shakily, so badly wanting him to close the gap between you two with his lips.

He smirked, a glint in his eye grasped you deeper, “ My mother”, he whispered to you.

“Shit, bingo”, you thought to yourself as his last statement completely filled your heart with love.

You both leaned into each other, sharing the most tender/sweetest kiss you’ve ever had in your life. His grip on you tightened as the energy you radiate off to him traveled through his body. The feeling was more intense than before, meaning you truly did have feelings for the prince.

A bright gleam surrounded the two of you as you shared the kiss, a puff of air radiating off the two of you. Every vampire in the castle could feel the atmosphere change, a blissful change at that.

The two of you pulled away from each other slowly, savoring the first kiss you two shared.

“My prince…”, you trailed off.

“Yes my love”, he responded, a new sense of life radiating off his pale skin.

You looked at him, unable to come up with any other words, your soon to be husband was right in front of you, and he was definitely your knight in shining armor.

He only smirked as he balanced you back onto your feet. The tower clock made a loud sound grabbing both of your attentions. He sighed, that being his cue to leave for his daily blood intake.

“I’m sorry my love, but i’m afraid I have to leave you now, I have some… business to attend too at this hour.”, he said, entwining his fingers with yours, guiding you out of the ballroom. “Au Revoir“, he called out to the pianist before closing the double doors to the ballroom behind him.

As you stepped out of the ballroom, your back facing the hallway in hopes to steal another kiss from your prince before he departed, your dress got caught under your heels, resulting in you tumbling back slightly … into another pair of muscular arms. “Oh no, not again”, you thought to yourself as the arms held you up.


“ Careful there beautiful”, a man said , his voice being a bit deeper than Jimins.

“ Ah hyung, thank the lord your here”, he said as he saw that you probably fell into Seokjins arms in your klutzy manner. He smiled at the two of you, suddenly excited for his eldest brother to fall in love with the princess as well.” I have to go… take care of some…. Business”, he said clearing his throat, Seokjin obviously knowing what Jimin meant by “Business”. “ You wouldn’t mind taking care of our princess for while would you?”, he said a he walked closer to you and his brother…. “Our princess”, you though. “ oh right there are more than just Jimin.”

The man above you chuckled as he let go of you, going in to shake Jimin’s hand. “Of course hyung, i’ll take great care of her”, he said, sending a smile your way.

He didn’t look anything like Jimin, but he  indeed was charming in his own way. Jimin then leaned in towards you, leaving another sweet kiss on your lips, “I will see you for dinner my love”, he said before nodding towards his brother before walking off.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you princess”, Seokjin spoke up, you giving him your complete attention. He bowed slightly as you curtsied, a formal greeting you learned during your walk with Jimin.

“The pleasure is all mine”, you responded with a smile, a bit intimidated by Seokjin’s tall/masculine frame.

He looked down at you, you being quite smaller than him,  a sinister glint shone in his eyes. “ Oh my queen, this won’t be the only time you’ll feel pleasured by me”, he thought to himself as he stuck a strand of your hair behind your ear, leaning in as if to tell you something.

“Let’s go have some fun”, he seductively whispered into your ear, a shiver traveling down your back as he gripped your hand pulling you down the hallway.


Authors Note!

So I am aware that a lot of you are reading for the smut but please keep in mind that I am working on it. The boys must all fall in love with the main character before any sexual contact, that’s just how love works my darlings. But please keep reading, the story is only beginning and it will indeed get more intense very soon.

And as always, any suggestions given by you guys will be shown throughout the story so keep reading and keep an eye out!

Music Series: Sorry by Halsey

I hope this imagine comes out as good as it’s feeling in my head right now. It came to me immediately as I was listening to the song on Spotify and reading the lyrics.

Insecurities and regrets feel horrible, and this song really brings that to life.

Thank you, Anon, for the request. I hope you all enjoy my Harry interpretation of “Sorry” by Halsey, which can be heard HERE on my Spotify playlist called ‘Gloomy Poops’.

p.s. Please forgive me for a few hours this evening away from writing, as I travel to and enjoy hearing Norah Jones live in concert! I’ll be back to writing over the weekend, so I hope you’ll stick with me!

Much love to you all, and I hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend!




I’ve missed your calls for months it seems

Don’t realize how mean I can be

‘Cause I can sometimes treat the people that I love like jewelry

'Cause I can change my mind each day

I didn’t mean to try you on

But I still know your birthday and your mother’s favorite song

“Hey!” Harry greeted you excitedly, as he saw you walking out of the store he was about to enter. “Where have you been hiding, love? I’ve not seen you in awhile.”

Your heart raced a bit when you heard his voice.

“Oh, you know me,” you smile, nervously. “Keep myself busy. How are you, Harry?”

“I’m good,” he says, with a kiss to your cheek and a comfortable hug. “We need to catch up again. Are you free sometime? I’ve missed talking with you.”

“Um…yeah,” you agree. “Sure, just say when.”

“Come over tomorrow night,” Harry grins. “I’m having a few friends over. I tried calling you last week to invite you but you didn’t answer.”

You smile slightly. “Sorry…yeah, I…sorry…”

“Just come. It’ll be fun,” Harry says, rubbing his hand up and down lightly on your back. I’ve missed you.”

So I’m sorry to my unknown lover

Sorry that I can’t believe

That anybody ever really

Starts to fall in love with me

Sorry to my unknown lover

Sorry I could be so blind

Didn’t mean to leave you

And all of the things that we had behind

It started out simple between you and Harry. Innocently hanging out and having fun together, first with other friends, then only the two of you. But when Harry started texting and calling you more, inviting you to do things with him, along with a bit of flirting from both of you, and a lot more making out than you probably should have let happen, you felt your walls towering above you again and began distancing yourself more.

He was too good for you. He was loved by so many, and you knew you weren’t good for him. Years of being hurt by men had left your heart surrounded by unscalable walls and always on-guard. The minute you felt a relationship becoming more serious, you ended it, afraid that you would hurt the guy the same way you had been hurt in the past. So why risk it? Hurting someone like that, someone you cared about, was a huge guilt to carry around with you.

When you felt yourself starting to give your heart away, you ruined it. You knew you did, it was all you. They may have been great guys, but that just emphasized even more that they deserved someone better than you. It became easier to write someone off, thinking they treated you the same as any other girl, that they really didn’t love you, they were just using you to get what they wanted, so you would cut them off before they could do that to you.

Maybe someday you would find someone that made you think differently, but you had your doubts. Only one had ever made you feel a shred of possibility, and he had just surprised you while shopping.

I run away when things are good

And never really understood

The way you laid your eyes on me

In ways that no one ever could

And so it seems I broke your heart

My ignorance has struck again

I failed to see it from the start

And tore you open 'til the end

“I’m glad you decided to come, love,” Harry said, as he greeted you in his home, wrapping his arms around you and kissing against the side of your head lightly.

“Thanks for inviting me,” you smile, looking around and seeing a few people you know.

Harry pulled away and looked at you with that look that had unnerved you months before, the same look he had worn the day you had bumped into him and received the invite for the party. The same look you remembered months earlier as you felt yourself falling for him. The look made you melt a bit, made your heart beat a bit faster and stirred up the butterflies in the pit of your stomach. Harry hands you a drink, remembering your favorite, and leading you away from the noise of the others, out the glass doors to the pool area where you could talk more openly.

“So, you just sort of left…last time…you know?” Harry said, looking into your eyes. “Didn’t answer my texts or calls.”

“I know. I’m sorry about that,” you nod, looking down at the drink in your hands, avoiding eye contact. “Life just gets busy sometimes, I guess.”

“Wasn’t that, was it?” Harry asks, biting the inside of his cheek. “Think I know you pretty well by now.”

“Oh, you think?” you say, cocking your head a bit, defensively.

“Come on, sweetheart,” he says sweetly. “Please don’t be like that.”

You shift the weight on your feet and bite your tongue at the sarcastic comment that was building there, thinking better of it, knowing he didn’t deserve the bite.

“How long have we known each other?” Harry asks you.

“Um…little over a year, I guess?” you say thoughtfully, looking at him questioningly as he nods.

“We were pretty close for awhile, too,” he replies, as you catch him looking at your lips with a slight smile. “I thought we were getting along really well, love. But, after that night, when I asked you to be my girl…you disappeared, didn’t even tell me goodbye. Kicked myself thinking I’d scared you away. Was worried about you, till I saw you one night and saw you were alright. Then I just felt guilty that I made you leave.”

“Harry…” you start.

“No, it’s okay, babe,” he interrupts. “If you didn’t feel the same about me, that’s okay. I just wish you’d have said…”

“Harry, it’s not that,” you say, swallowing hard.

“Then please,” he says, grabbing your hand firmly, a look of desperation, the need to understand. “Please, tell me why you left without a word. I had so many feelings for you…still do.”

“That’s why!” you say forcefully, your heart feeling like it’s jumping from your chest. “Harry, I’m…I’m not good for you…for anyone. I make a mess of things, I’m a mess! I didn’t want to leave. But I had to. You deserve better than…” you catch your breath, “me.”

“Sweetheart, what are you talking about?” Harry questions, setting his drink down and taking your hands in his. “You’re amazing to me!”

“I’m not,” you shake your head. “Harry, you would end up hurt. And I care too much about you to do that to you. All I’ve ever known with love, is pain, and unhappiness, and being treated horribly. I don’t know how to love someone! And I’ll hurt you, so please, just…”

“No!” Harry protests. “I’ve seen you do this before, after we first met. You get close to someone, then push them away when they start to climb those walls you have built up around you. So you hurt them before they can hurt you. Well, I won’t let you do that to me. You run…you get scared, I understand that. But, I won’t let you run from me. Not again.”

Sorry to my unknown lover

Sorry that I can’t believe

That anybody ever really

Starts to fall in love with me

Sorry to my unknown lover

Sorry I could be so blind

Didn’t mean to leave you

And all of the things that we had behind

Harry pulls you sharply against him, his mouth tasting the traces of your drink on your lips and his hands finding the skin between the trim of your top and waist of your jeans. You try to brace yourself against him but you were always weak to his touch. As you soften into him, a loud crash is heard from inside the house and you both turn your head quickly toward that direction. Harry looks at you, a tug-of-war within himself between you and running to see what happened.

“Don’t go!” he tells you, turning and quickly running into the house, where he finds someone has accidentally bumped into a large vase, causing it to crash to the floor below, into what must have been thousands of tiny pieces.

“Harry, I’m so sorry! I’m such a klutz!” his friend whined, trying to pick up the larger pieces and clean up the mess.

“No, it’s fine, no worries,” Harry answers.

For several minutes, Harry works to clean up the mess, not wanting any of his guests to injure themselves on the broken pieces scattered around the floor. Once cleaned, he assures his friend again that it’s okay, it wasn’t an expensive or exclusive piece, and to please not worry about it. As he begins to walk back to you, Harry looks around, seeing you are not standing in the spot he left you in. He looks around at the other guests still at the party, but you are nowhere to be seen. Glancing over to the table next to where you had stood, having a heartfelt conversation with the woman he hadn’t been able to lose from his mind for a year, he sees your glass, setting on the table next to his, your red-stained lip marks perfectly adorning the napkin next to it. Harry lifted the napkin in his hands, realizing you had left him again, and folded the napkin carefully, placing it in his shirt pocket.

He took a deep breath, looking up at the stars in the dark night sky. He wasn’t letting you get away this time. He didn’t know how, but he would find you again. And next time, he would make sure you stayed.

And someone will love you

Someone will love you

Someone will love you

But someone isn’t me

this time, last year, i cut my hair short and shorter. i stopped being angry, i spent my money on paint, i walked a lot, bought old books and a blanket and found a spot to devour language, or i tried to because language is not that easy, sometimes it hurts you and you let it, sometimes you’re the one that writes hurt and some people will tell you it heals them somehow, even just a little bit, which i think is good. this time last year, i stopped pretending i was okay, i started talking about what bothers me, i started talking, i started talking, i started talking, not about everything yet, but i think it’s a good start. i don’t want my bestfriend telling me, “kharla, sometimes i feel like i don’t even know you. you keep things and i’ve known you for a long time.” it’s the truth. i keep things, i’ve gotten good at telling people happy stories so they don’t ask questions. “are you okay?” “what was your childhood like?” “who hurt you?” “how much did they hurt you?” “how deeply?” i’ve gotten good at building walls that even i couldn’t break them. this time, last year, i stopped pretending everything was alright with me, i let myself cry, i started saying sorry to the people i care about, i let myself cry, i hugged my sister for the first time and we both cried, i talked to my mom crying, i talked to my older sister crying, i told my brother it wasn’t his fault, i talked to my dad about the last time he got angry. this time last year, i started forgiving myself, i started telling myself that it wasn’t my fault too. it’s wasn’t my fault. it isn’t my fault.

GD: “What are you doing?”

Words: 1463

Short summary:

The famous group BIG BANG had a concert in Japan… They all knew about one surpirse just not their leader G-Dragon. 

Was he surprised? What was the surprise?


As you saw yesterday I made a post about my trip to Germany and I shared it on Facebook and one of the older students at my school told me I should be ashamed of how poorly I made the post so I deleted it…

Please wish me all the luck for the exams in this month because there are a lot. 

btw will you watch Eurovision song contest tonight? I’m so excited about it!

Let me know who are you cheering on!

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A small comic dedicated to the Miraculous Origins coule Bridgette & Felix.
I think it’s just amazing how the whole Fandom let their roles evolve though we actually only know them from the Short Anima PV for Miraculous Ladybug. Through art and fanfictions and short comics fans have given them more and more personality and even if they didn’t turn out as Thomas Astruc wanted them to be like I just can’t deny that it amazes me how much fans love and care for them.

(I will post more of my art on my main blog ‘RitoAi’ - this will also be posted there once more)

so yousef told sana that in this last week of ramadan she can be good and make up for how she’s felt about her actions during the last few weeks. i think this is part of her doing good–spreading love, connecting with her friends, letting them know how much she cares about them, and then inviting them all over to her house for eid, thus connecting the two parts of her life that seemed so separated at the beginning of the season.

i think that means we can expect similar texts from her to almost everyone she’s inviting, with a clip from their pov, which is potentially incredibly exciting and beautiful

Niall Horan - Harry Flirts with Niall’s Girlfriend Imagine

[I thought the gif of them fit so I decided to use it instead of a picture. haha. Enjoy, loves!]

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anonymous asked:

How would the Lost Lighters react to a human who is really good at hiding that their sick, until Ratchet takes one look at them and wonders how they haven't passed out yet.


  • When Ratchet finally gave them a look over he got snippy
  • it’s the “I won’t tell you I worry about you but I’ll lecture the fuck out of you so it’s easy to tell I care” lecture about health 
  • human just wants to lay down pls
  • Rodimus is like “what can we use something? Any tools we can use on them? Do we have anything that can help?”
  • Roddy robot medics can’t help humans they’re squishy
  • Brainstorm starts to try and come up with a machine that has super-regenerative abilities to heal organic tissue. How? Who the fuck knows the guy made a time portal with briefcases the man’s an enigma
  • Nautica gives that cutesy treatment. “Shh, don’t spend your energy, sweetie. Lay down and rest, let us take care of you!”
  • Velocity’s scrambling her brain for some way to help organics. Warmth, right? Warmth and lots of fuzzy things? Do they have anything fuzzy on this ship? Hopefully they do.
  • Rung keeps his distance. Not that he finds the human gross, but he knows crowding them probably won’t make them feel much better.
  • Drift recommends meditation. Stop, Drift, we know you mean well but that New Age stuff isn’t as effective as you think.
  • “What’s New Age?”
  • …Just pat his shoulder. Poor Drift.
  • Ratchet, having spent time with humans, knows sickness can kill them if untreated. He damns his memory for failing him. 
  • “What do you need?”
  • “Sleep, probably. And lots of tissues.”
  • “Tissues?”
  • “I have to blow my nose or else the gunk makes me cough and it’s gross.”
  • “Sounds gross.”
  • Megatron is keeping space because Ew. Disgusting. Gross.
  • Sure his respect for organics has grown but. Ew. 
  • “It’s not contagious, is it?”
  • “No, Megatron. Organics can’t infect techno-organics.”
  • “Thank Primus for that.”
  • Megatron the least you could do is pretend to be concerned like wow
  • Tailgate runs around doing favors and fetching things for the human. Blankets? Will soft rags work? They’re not blankets, they’re for rubbing off dirt, but he made sure to get super clean ones. 
  • They’re huge on the human. 
  • Maximum Coze
  • “What’s the closest we got to tissues?”
  • Cyclonus left. No fragging way. Not interested.
  • Whirl’s going on about how gross humans are.
  • “Why is your nose leaking? Is it some kind of lubricant? Will I die if I get it on me?”
  • “Organics are gross.”
  • “You guys drink the same stuff that you bleed, that’s kind of gross to me.”
  • “You know what - that’s fair.”
  • Ultra Magnus starts thinking up rules people have to follow to make sure the human stays rested and no one disturbs them.
  • It’s not a fucking quarantine case Magnus chill
  • Swerve wonders if watching shows will help distract from the sickness. 
  • Parks and Rec for the human.
  • He willingly sits with them to watch the show.
  • Chromedome joins and so does Rewind.
  • They ask lots of questions about humans and sicknesses and how humans deal. 
  • Trivia Time
  • “Wait, you mean zombies aren’t a thing on Earth?”
  • “No but people like to think about it.”
  • “Tell us a random disease fact!”
  • “There’s a disease that makes you nod uncontrollably and the only way to stop it is to eat something new every time it’s time to eat. There’s no cure.”
  • “What the frag.”

Okay, let’s be real, we all knew I’d come back to a redheaded protagonist, didn’t we?

So, this is Cal (Calliope) Ryder, version two. The weird thing is, she already feels more like herself than she ever did before. She has messy hair. She cares a lot about things but doesn’t always know how to express it (often pendulum-swinging between too much and too little). She loves people even when she doesn’t always understand them and they don’t always understand her. She loves science, and discovery, and hope. She hates being out of control or being lonely. She misses the Milky Way. She looks young and scared because she is young and scared. She always tells the truth. I love her face and want to protect her.

Sun Shower

Pairing: Reader X Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

Prompt: The two of you get locked out of the car while investigating a crime scene in the middle of nowhere and it begins to rain. While Spencer hates it you try to make the best out of the situation. 

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry if I got my clouds wrong, I did a little research to try to sound smart but I still don’t think I got it right haha. ALSO ignore that in the gif both their hair is already wet, I was gonna put it at the end but then I felt like it would fit better where I put it!

“Okay, thanks Penelope.” you smiled into your cellphone after the cheery voice on the other end had finished giving you the most recent info on the case at hand. 

You and Spencer had been sent to go and re-visit the location of the first body drop, Hotch hoping that both your observant eyes would catch something that had been missed previously. The two of you worked well together. You were the only person who could match Spencer’s intellect and because of that you fed off of each other’s trains of thought. That as well as the fact that you and Spencer had naturally clicked right away made the two of you even more of a dynamic duo. He wasn’t awkward around you like he was around other members of the team. With you he was comfortable to be himself and vis versa.

“Okay, see you two lovies back at the police department, mothership signing off.” Penelope’s voice crackled over the other end of the phone before the line went flat. You shoved your phone back in your pocket before looking at Spencer whose neck was craned upwards towards the sky.

“Nimbostratus clouds are coming in, we should head back before it starts raining.” Spencer spoke, your eyes following his up into the sky where a dark gray, patchy, cloud was rolling into the sky menacingly. 

“Sounds like a plan.” you agreed before returning your gaze back to him, his own stare already having fallen on you. You looked at him for a brief moment, your eyes glancing down at his lips for a split second before going back to his eyes. “Race ya!” you suddenly shouted, a grin coming onto your face before you took off towards the black SUV that was parked on the dirt road you had driven up an hour ago. 

“Hey!” you heard Spencer shout in denial behind you, however you were already too far ahead of him to even care to look back. 

It wasn’t until you reached the car door that you stopped and turned only to see Spencer running behind you, his knees exceptionally high in the air as his hands clutched his messenger bag. You couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of the young doctor running. He certainly was a file mouse rather than a field agent.

“I won.” you giggled once he came to a stop next to you. You watched as he let his head drop and his hands find their places firmly on his knees. His chest rose and fell as he caught his breath from the quick sprint.

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“You had a head start.” he muttered in between heaves.

“Wanna go again? I would gladly.” you retorted only to have Spencer look up at you, a look that he only ever gave you on his face. It was as if he was saying ‘how the hell does a person like you exist’ all in one facial expression. 

“I’ll take you up on that after my field training.” he responded back to your comment before standing back up straight and letting out one last huff. The two of you stood for a moment in complete silence while you looked at each other, the only thing that could be heard was the blowing of the wind through the trees as the rain cloud approached.

“Well.” you chuckled, glancing at the door handle momentarily before looking back at Spencer who was now furrowing his eyebrows.

“Don’t you have the keys?” he asked, genuine confusion on his face. The timing couldn’t have been more like a movie as the moment the words exited his mouth the first couple of raindrops fell.

“Shit.” you mumbled, both of your expressions going completely flat. For two geniuses you were both complete idiots sometime. You cupped your hands over the dark window of the SUV and sure enough the keys were sitting right on the drivers seat.

It was seemingly only a handful of seconds before the rain was coming down at a steady rate. You could already feel your hair and clothing getting drenched, however it was too late to even attempt to run for cover, after all the only cover was under the SUV and you would rather be wet than wet and covered in mud.

“What do we do?” Spencer asked, panic lacing his voice as if he had never been in rain before. You looked at him, the nervousness on his face causing you to smile ever so slightly.

“We wait it out and then I call Penelope once the rain passes.” you responded, taking your still somewhat dry phone out of your pocket and placing it on top of the front tire, the tire guard acting as an umbrella for the device. 

“But the rain.” Spencer spoke, trying to protect his messenger bag from the water to no avail. 

“It’s just water.” you giggled, brushing your fingers through your wet hair, pulling it off of your face. “You aren’t the Wicked Witch of the West are you?” 

“Who?” Spencer asked, furrowing his brow once again at your comment.

“Really? Wizard of Oz?” you questioned, only briefly being surprised before you remembered who it was you were talking to. 

You looked up at the sky, the rain cloud now centered around you and Spencer. The rain wasn’t a downpour, if anything it was a light shower, however to Spencer rain was rain no matter how much or how little their really was.

“It’ll let up soon.” you spoke in a calm voice.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because it’s just a sun shower, I grew up in Florida and we had them all the time. One minute sun, then rain, then sun again.” 

“That doesn’t seem meteorologically possible.”

“Well a lot of things that happen in Florida don’t seem possible.” you chuckled back, knowing Spencer wouldn’t pick up on your joke but not caring. You were proud of it. 

Before Spencer could retort back with some question about rain percentages and atmospheric pressure the rain came to a swift halt. You glanced at Spencer who was looking up at the sky with confusion on his face.

“Sun showers, very possible.” you chuckled before turning and grabbing your dry phone. 

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Season 3 of Flash has been such a disappointment even that finale was underwhelming and everything they do is so predictable I hope next season is better

Agreed. I hear they’re getting some new writers, which can either be good or bad lol but hopefully it’s good. I just want the Season 1 vibe to be back. I miss the happier and lighter show. The show that focused on superhero stuff and fighting instead of soap opera relationship nonsense. 

There’s been a lot of problems with the flash this season but that’s been the biggest problem. Too much focus on relationships, all of them being written horribly, not getting much of the friendships at all and not seeing the team getting to spend time together and hang out like they used to.

Unfortunately the worst part of the season has been Barry. And I love Barry with all of my heart, he’s been my favorite character for a long long time. But Flashpoint happened and then it was like Barry completely changed. (I like to pretend it’s Barry’s evil twin Larry because I really don’t recognize him at all) He was completely selfish, he didn’t care about anyone but Iris. We didn’t even get to see him interact with many characters alone besides Iris. He has such a great connection with every character and we missed seeing that. I get that Iris would be his top priority, there’s no question about that. But to act like everyone else doesn’t matter as much and do things that threaten their safety or take away their happiness? Not the Barry we know and love. He didn’t care about Caitlin’s powers at all, selfishly making her use them when he knew how dangerous it was. He let Wally get taken by the speedforce without giving it a second glance. Cisco’s brother dies in Flashpoint and he does nothing about it but goes back in time the second he thinks it could possibly save Iris. He makes Julian talk to him through Savitar even when he said multiple times he didn’t want to. And it was all just for him and his own happiness. Never would I thought the motto of the season would be what Killer Frost said in episode 7 “You get your happy ending everyone else be damned” because that’s literally how he acted the whole time. 

This whole storyline with Iris’ impending death was the thing that really fucked it up. In the beginning of Season 3, things were going well and we saw everyone getting their own storyline, having stuff going on and everything was balanced. Then suddenly this happened and it was all about Barry and his relationship with Iris because she was going to die. Meanwhile we all knew they’d never kill her which makes the storyline a waste to begin with. Everyone else besides Caitlin really who had her Killer Frost arc became like background characters. And honestly, I wouldn’t have minded this storyline if it was actually about IRIS. If we saw her making the most of her last months, having a part in saving her life, being “badass” like we were told she would be. Being the hot shot journalist she supposedly is but we never see. But no. Instead it was about Barry like always and their relationship instead of about her. 

Then the small things they did on the side like Savitar and Killer Frost didn’t get enough focus at all. We didn’t learn anything about why Caitlin became Killer Frost, why the evil inside of her overpowered. Why was she working with Savitar? How was she so “Caitlin” like at the end of the finale out of the blue? What were her motives this whole time? And I bet we won’t ever get these answers. I can only hope we’ll see her finding herself like she wants to do but I don’t have high hopes. And for Savitar, we didn’t get much background about him at all either. 

Then poor HR dies for no good reason whatsoever and what does Barry do? He works with Savitar, the guy who killed him as if it was no big deal. You bet your ass he wouldn’t have thought about doing that if Iris was the one dead like Savitar planned on. It was so ridiculous to see Barry and even Iris try to reason with this guy when he was hellbent on killing Iris and then ends up killing one of their friends anyway. Again, this show is losing the superhero/battle aspect and turning into this emotional cheese fest. 

So yeah, in general this season wasn’t great at all and I can only hope that they’ll start fixing things for the better next season. Honestly with that finale I have no desire to even continue watching but I will anyways (mainly for Grant and to see Caitlin finding herself and what’s next for her.)