let them judge

Do not let them go.

Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other.
You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored,
you could tell them things and they won’t judge you.
This person is your soulmate, your best friend.
Don’t ever let them go.

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ZOROBIN (shipping) 🔥


Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion.

I don’t know if this opinion can be considered “unpopular” but judging by the fact that this ship does have a rather large fanbase Imma just talk the shit I think aobut it.

I absolutely fucking loathe this goddamn ship, on One Piece it makes the cut to my top 5 anti ships, every fanart of them makes my eyes bleed, it’s ooc as hell and heteronormatic to the max on top of that, get Zorobin out of my face

Throughout life you will meet one person who is like no other.

You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored,
you could tell this person things and they will never judge you. This person is your soulmate, your best friend. Never let them go.

i am so afraid of what other people think of me that i let them judge right from wrong.

so when you packed your bags and left them tugging at the front door, i screamed for you, i cried, i let you put my feelings into a box, label me “obsessive” and “crazy,” let you make me into the bad guy for simply reacting.

and when i asked my therapist if feeling things so strongly was right or wrong, she asked me, “what do you think?”

and i don’t remember the last time someone asked me what i thought and when i said i think i was doing the right thing by feeling she said, “then you are.”

and now the times i’m grieving, i try to remember that my opinion means something. that i have to value it, value it more than anything. because once you value your own feelings, no one can invalidate them. you can’t tell me what makes me brave. i think feelings are supposed to be felt. you can no longer pressure me into shutting them out.

—  i’m not crazy just because you say i am

every person that says bunnies are ~boring animals~ and just “sit there” are people i get annoyed with and 99% of that because it is people that have put bunnies in a tiny cage and never spent time with them or let them act natural and judge them based on that… A bored neglected animal… Like the amount of people that also come and describe their rabbits like “He is more like a dog than a rabbit, he follows me around and sit in my knee and lies down next to me!” is so common, like, no. That’s rabbit behavior. The reason you think otherwise is because so many people take terrible care of their small animals that they are completely misrepresented.

like this is more or less true with all tiny animals I just see it more with bunnies

They like to wear skirts and makeup together sometimes (*´▽`*)

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Hi! Can you tell me how to find confidence to wear what I want? People are used to seeing me dressed in a certain way and I'm afraid that they will judge me or laugh at me. Please help ://

three words: dress for yourself.

i feel like a lot of people who have try to keep their true styles in the shadows or hesitate to experiment with their wardrobe don’t necessarily lack confidence but have a mindset of dressing for others. the clothes you wear should be about you bc fashion is a way of expressing yourself. ofc it’s nice to receive compliments and become that friend everyone runs to for style advice, but then it starts becoming more of a part-time job. so think of fashion as a hobby. do it bc you’re passionate about it and it makes you feel good and happy wearing whatever YOU want to wear. who cares what other people think? let them judge and let them laugh. you don’t need their stamp of approval. just bc your style choices don’t vibe with what they may think “looks good”, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong or bad. it only makes you more unique and special and YOU. and being you is more than enough.

Word Count: 2566
Author’s Note: @outside-the-government requested: So here’s my idea. What if the reader was real tired of Bones wanting to look at every little injury, every little cough or sniffle they had? To pay him back, reader would turn his own medicine against him and come slinking into med bay for the tiniest of problems. Eventually he’d catch on and give them the benefit of the doubt and promise he’d let them be the judge of when they needed his expertise. It could be so much fun. :D So this got away from me completely, and I hope you like it…

There must have been something perplexing about the look on your face because when Uhura sat down across from you in the commissary, she tilted her head to one side, narrowing her eyes and just looked at you for a minute before she spoke.

“Something is bothering you.” She said it like she spent a lot of time reading emotions instead of hearing words. It wasn’t as weird as you initially thought, really. Ninety percent of communication was non-verbal, so she really needed the ability in order to be able to do her job. And figuring out what Spock was thinking on a day to day basis probably made reading human emotions a cake-walk.

“Is Doctor McCoy weird, or is he just,” you trailed off, your eyebrows knitting together as you searched for the word, “just weird?” Screw it. You couldn’t think of what you meant, but you trusted Nyota to decipher it. She just laughed.

“That depends on the kind of weird you’re asking about, I guess.”

“I went for my intake assessment and he wanted to know why I had a bandaid on my finger,” you started.

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Caroline Forbes: The only person who understands how much Stefan will always love Damon

Let them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let them gossip about you. Their opinions aren’t your problem.
You stay kind, committed to love, and free in your authenticity. No matter what they do or say don’t you dare doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth. Just keep on shining like you do.
—  Scott Stabile
things the signs want in a lover

Aries: a person they can protect and feel needed with, someone who is willing to put forth effort to solve any problems between them rather than useless conflict

Taurus: someone who doesn’t mind sitting/laying together in peaceful silence from time to time, & who loves them for who they are

Gemini: a person who can always make interesting conversation with them, and work through things with them calmly as they are not great at making decisions and committing to them

Cancer: a good listener/shoulder to cry on, someone that will let them vent but never judge, and see the best in them no matter what the circumstance

Leo: someone who genuinely believes in them, someone generous, a person that will give them the attention and reassurance that they are good enough when they need it

Virgo: someone who will laugh at their jokes and puns, even when they aren’t funny and give them random sincere compliments, make them feel wanted and needed

Libra: a good cuddle buddy, a true romantic, someone who will always be on their team when they’re working at a goal or creative project, an unselfish person

Scorpio: to know that the both of them 100% want/need each other, to accept and be willing to work through their flaws, and of course good in bed

Sagittarius: a person willing to go on all of their adventures with them and try all kinds of new things together, to be able to enjoy whatever as long as they’re together

Capricorn: they’re ambitious and have things they want to do always so they need someone who will not get in the way, but will respect their wishes and help inspire/motivate them; someone to be their muse

Aquarius: to be able to have deep and intellectual conversations with them and be as much a best friend as a lover, someone different from all the others

Pisces: an unconditional lover and supporter who will share their dreams & successes and lift them up when they’re down

Check your VENUS as well as your sun sign!

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Mark, first of all I love your work and activism. You said that Sen. Sanders woke something in you but you woke something in me with all passion that you have for the good causes, in particular your engagement on the Flint catastrophe. My question: How can we hold people accountable for Flint crisis? (It's just not fair what is going on). Thank you! Tatiane Farias - from Brazil but live in Florida.

Well there are many ways to hold people accountable for the things they do. There is the law and going after people by legal means and lawsuits. There is public discourse and public perceptions. Bringing wrong doers to the public sphere and let them be judged publicly is also another powerful way to make people accountable. Bringing light to an issue or place that was otherwise dark. I talk sometimes about the #SunlightRevolution in part that is renewable energy but part of what i mean is bringing light to the dark places, illuminating and revealing what was otherwise unknown. What is unknown can be most harmful to us. The more we lift the dark and make things more transparent the more we can hold people accountable.