let them grumble

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*whispers* Percival Graves........ With glasses.

“Wake up, Mr Graves.”

UM YES GLASSES. He fell asleep with them on, work was too tiring :’) 
Also I hope a pencil sketch response is okay! I ended up turning to traditional means to fight the Art Block™ in the middle of night yesterday, haha
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Anne Boleyn is known for her motto “Aisi sera groigne qui groigne - Let them grumble; that is how it is going to be” which she adopted from 1529-1532. Perhaps as response to those who defied the future Queen of England and wife of King Henry VIII. 

Once coronated, she had adapted the motto “The Most Happy”, however it is not known why this motto was adopted. Perhaps to reflect her feelings in 1533 when she had become Queen of England. 

Anne is mostly known for influencing Henry VIII to create the Church of England, and is also known for being the mother to Queen Elizabeth I, the Golden Queen. 

Unfortunately, Queen Anne Boleyn was executed on May 19th, 1536; for false charges of incest, treason, and adultery. However, her legacy still lives on today, as one of the most influential queens of the Tudor Era. 

“She who has been the Queen of England on earth will today become a Queen in heaven.”

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Sansa x Female Reader

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Imagine being reunited with Sansa at the Wall after all she went through and proving to her that she is still perfect and beautiful.

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omg okay so fem!reader and sansa like they knew each other there whole lives but reader stayed in winterfell and when ramsay takes over she flees to the wall as she was close with jon too, and then sansa goes to the wall n they meet again n cute fluff n smut?? i love this blog so much ❤️❤️❤️

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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Journey To Remember- Chapter 4

@itsallavengers  Have fun!

“That guy’s weird, right?” Rhodes said once Loki finished arranging his bed and left the dorm, looking at Steve with a raised eyebrow, “I’m not the only one who thought it was weird, right?”

Steve dragged his trunk under the bed and shrugged, picking up his books to arrange in the short table beside his bed.

“He has his quirks, I guess,” he offered, even though he agreed that Loki was … weird.

“He called the Hufflepuff Prefect a Mudblood before you came in,” Rhodey said and Steve stiffened, shooting his new dorm mate an incredulous look.

“That’s -”

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Take Me to the Space Hospital

Summary: Sven has been shot. Again. His team is not pleased with him. 

Notes: Partly inspired by @misterpoofofficial‘s post about Akira’s reaction to Sven getting shot, again.

Written for @platonicvldweek day 7 prompt: alternate reality. Sadly, it didn’t work out for me to do more of the prompts this time, but at least I got one in.

Just a note on height: the animation in the original show, Golion, (and of course, the American dub as well) was really inconstant, but most of the time, Lance was the shortest next to Pidge, who was about 12. Keith was actually relatively tall, although Sven and Hunk were both taller than him.

Keith’s eye twitched. It was obviously going to be one of those days.

“What’s wrong?” Fala looked up from her station.

“Sven got shot. Again,” Keith rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Is he okay?” Fala asked in alarm.

“Here’s Slav’s message,” Keith flicked it off his screen, sending it to hers.

Mission successfully. Sven shot. At space hospital,” Fala read, “Don’t worry. This is the reality where everything works out.”

“Keep going,” Keith said dryly.

Fala raised an eyebrow at him and read the rest of the message, “67.2% chance of Sven getting punched by Lance. 73.9% chance of Sven getting punched by Pidge.

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Why was Anne Boleyn inspirational?

inspirational not in the sense of ooh i want to live that life—i’m quite fond of my head, and less fond of henry viii, to say the very least, but in her character? she was clever and cunning, a fierce reformist as well as holding it together politically very well (at least until near the end when it all went wrong, starting with a highly inflammatory speech made by her chaplin which was basically calling thomas cromwell, henry’s no. 2, a devil among other things) and was obviously a master of court.

she had gravitas, as well. anne was described as not being conventionally attractive—at least, for the time, when the du jour was blonde and plump and anne was more tall dark and interesting—but full of something which meant you couldn’t help but look at her. i think that’s pretty hot shit, at least to me.

Season 2 Rewrite - First Drafts

They’re here, and they’re glorious!

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Everyone, please read through the episodes! Leave comments (and compliments!) directly on the google doc or submit comments to @lotrewrite. Proofread edits, suggested edits to content, recommendations about keeping characterizations and arcs consistent, title suggestions, anything! and don’t forget to leave comments on the sections you find particularly good!

Writers: feel free to keep editing as you start getting comments!

[RotG] Spread your Wings

I blame @eastofthemoon. Wasn’t originally gonna write fic for this @jackrabbitweek prompt, but…
2844 words, fluff. 

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Bunny commented, giving himself a stretch. Easter was over, now it was time to relax and unwind a bit. 

“What?” Jack said, distracted from his very busy task of attempting to balance a flower on his nose. It wasn’t working, but the effort was entertaining nevertheless.

“Wings.” Bunny said succinctly. Spirits, with two known exceptions, had wings. It was the one of the most obvious and identifiable ways to recognize them, thought to be a reflection of the spirit themselves.

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I’m tired of that one post I made about not bashing gamzee as a character getting notes and people putting shit like GAMZEE IS A SWEET CINNAMONROLL in the tags b/c just?? no, he’s not. he did some TRULY fucked up shit. He killed half the meteor crew and seriously screwed with terezi’s head (which I refuse to forgive him for). The point of that post was that I am ALSO tired of people dismissing him entirely as a character and making him the butt of every joke.

Hussie just, he writes some really great “bad” characters okay. I fucking love the really shitty beta trolls. vriska gamzee and eridan are CONSTANTLY shat on by the fandom but they’re complex and great “villain” characters? They’re not all good and not all bad, there’s a LOT of grey area and reasons WHY they pull the shit they pull and that’s really really interesting to me. They’re INTERESTING as characters, and that’s why I love them. They’re not unproblematic cinnamonrolls, they’re not truly evil characters out to fuck everything up for the hell of it, they’re just screwed up kids and I’m tired of the fandom either defending every action or else vilifying them.

Her prominent dark eyes she uses to good effect, and in this fashion: she glances at a man’s face, then her regard flits away, as if unconcerned, indifferent. There is a pause: as it might be, a breath. Then slowly, as if compelled, she turns her gaze back to him. Her eyes rest on his face. She examines this man. She examines him as if he is the only man in the world. She looks as if she is seeing him for the first time, and considering all sorts of uses for him, all sorts of possibilities which he has not even thought of himself.


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“let them grumble”