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“let them grumble” 

I’m tired of that one post I made about not bashing gamzee as a character getting notes and people putting shit like GAMZEE IS A SWEET CINNAMONROLL in the tags b/c just?? no, he’s not. he did some TRULY fucked up shit. He killed half the meteor crew and seriously screwed with terezi’s head (which I refuse to forgive him for). The point of that post was that I am ALSO tired of people dismissing him entirely as a character and making him the butt of every joke.

Hussie just, he writes some really great “bad” characters okay. I fucking love the really shitty beta trolls. vriska gamzee and eridan are CONSTANTLY shat on by the fandom but they’re complex and great “villain” characters? They’re not all good and not all bad, there’s a LOT of grey area and reasons WHY they pull the shit they pull and that’s really really interesting to me. They’re INTERESTING as characters, and that’s why I love them. They’re not unproblematic cinnamonrolls, they’re not truly evil characters out to fuck everything up for the hell of it, they’re just screwed up kids and I’m tired of the fandom either defending every action or else vilifying them.

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Why was Anne Boleyn inspirational?

inspirational not in the sense of ooh i want to live that life—i’m quite fond of my head, and less fond of henry viii, to say the very least, but in her character? she was clever and cunning, a fierce reformist as well as holding it together politically very well (at least until near the end when it all went wrong, starting with a highly inflammatory speech made by her chaplin which was basically calling thomas cromwell, henry’s no. 2, a devil among other things) and was obviously a master of court.

she had gravitas, as well. anne was described as not being conventionally attractive—at least, for the time, when the du jour was blonde and plump and anne was more tall dark and interesting—but full of something which meant you couldn’t help but look at her. i think that’s pretty hot shit, at least to me.

The love scene between Cesare and Lucrezia is one of the most sensual, gorgeously shot love scenes ever. They couldn’t have shot it better, really. It’s perfect. But for me, the kiss scene is the pivotal point of the episode.I was completely blown away by it. Both wedding gown and sex scenes were initiated by Lucrezia, but in the kiss scene Cesare totally lost it. He utterly, irrevocably lost it. Because he loves her, because she’s marrying another man, because he sees that she’s unhappy.Because.He.Loves.Her. This scene represents the point of no return for both Cesare and Lucrezia. It’s impossibly tragic and beautiful.

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how can you like anne boleyn and thomas cromwell at the same time?

because anne boleyn is like a forest fire and i adore her—she danced a volta on a knife’s edge for years, knowing exactly how the play the game until it all went catastrophically wrong. thomas cromwell is more like ice, literal working class putney boy who transformed himself into the most powerful man in a kingdom ruled by class, all that machiavellian power with deep pockets, a quick tongue, sharp knives and an even sharper brain.

i assume you’re alluding to the whole ‘cromwell manufactured anne’s downfall’ theory, which i agree does have a weight but i, for one, stand with the historians that argue that henry said the word and unleashed the full cromwell force on anne, rather than it being his own creation to further the agenda of the seymour’s et al

idk man but if they’d knocked off henry and ruled together they probably would have ruled the world so i’m perfectly entitled to love them both a ridiculous amount

like. together they changed the role and position of kingship in england irrevocably. that’s pretty hot shit to me.

A word on Pokémon GO

So I just saw a post basically saying “I’m so glad the commercial showed us adults instead of kids.” And I’m also glad the promo for the app took the time to recognize the older demographic. But at the same time, I hope we don’t lose sight of one thing…both kids and adults can play Pokémon. It’s not a competition.

Every fan since it started, young and old, has “grown up” with Pokémon - played the games, collected the cards, etc. And I really don’t want this to turn into a thing where self-proclaimed ‘90s kids turn this into a superiority thing because of “freaking kids today” and drive away newer fans as a result. It’s fine to be nostalgic; I’d be a total hypocrite if I said otherwise. But if some kid near you wants to catch a Chespin instead of a Bulbasaur, let them. If they start singing one of the newer theme songs, let them. Don’t grumble about how they’ll never know something or other. Everyone has a childhood. Let’s all make sure we remember that.

This is a very fun, pop and sexy C/L mix.

i. Gabriella Cilmi - Heart’s Don’t Lie. ii. Britney Spears - Seal It With A Kiss. iii. Little Mix - DNA. iv. Danity Kane - Right Now. v. Natalia Kills - Wonderland. vi. Kylie Minogue - Cupid Boy. vii. Britney Spears - Unusual You. viii. Natalia Kills - Love Is a Suicide. xix. Anjulie - Fatal Attraction. x. Kylie Minogue - Closer. xi. Nicole Scherzinger - Killer Love. xii. Beyonce - Sweet Dreams.

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