let them grumble


Anne Boleyn is known for her motto “Aisi sera groigne qui groigne - Let them grumble; that is how it is going to be” which she adopted from 1529-1532. Perhaps as response to those who defied the future Queen of England and wife of King Henry VIII. 

Once coronated, she had adapted the motto “The Most Happy”, however it is not known why this motto was adopted. Perhaps to reflect her feelings in 1533 when she had become Queen of England. 

Anne is mostly known for influencing Henry VIII to create the Church of England, and is also known for being the mother to Queen Elizabeth I, the Golden Queen. 

Unfortunately, Queen Anne Boleyn was executed on May 19th, 1536; for false charges of incest, treason, and adultery. However, her legacy still lives on today, as one of the most influential queens of the Tudor Era. 

“She who has been the Queen of England on earth will today become a Queen in heaven.”

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[RotG] Spread your Wings

I blame @eastofthemoon. Wasn’t originally gonna write fic for this @jackrabbitweek prompt, but…
2844 words, fluff. 

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Bunny commented, giving himself a stretch. Easter was over, now it was time to relax and unwind a bit. 

“What?” Jack said, distracted from his very busy task of attempting to balance a flower on his nose. It wasn’t working, but the effort was entertaining nevertheless.

“Wings.” Bunny said succinctly. Spirits, with two known exceptions, had wings. It was the one of the most obvious and identifiable ways to recognize them, thought to be a reflection of the spirit themselves.

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I’m tired of that one post I made about not bashing gamzee as a character getting notes and people putting shit like GAMZEE IS A SWEET CINNAMONROLL in the tags b/c just?? no, he’s not. he did some TRULY fucked up shit. He killed half the meteor crew and seriously screwed with terezi’s head (which I refuse to forgive him for). The point of that post was that I am ALSO tired of people dismissing him entirely as a character and making him the butt of every joke.

Hussie just, he writes some really great “bad” characters okay. I fucking love the really shitty beta trolls. vriska gamzee and eridan are CONSTANTLY shat on by the fandom but they’re complex and great “villain” characters? They’re not all good and not all bad, there’s a LOT of grey area and reasons WHY they pull the shit they pull and that’s really really interesting to me. They’re INTERESTING as characters, and that’s why I love them. They’re not unproblematic cinnamonrolls, they’re not truly evil characters out to fuck everything up for the hell of it, they’re just screwed up kids and I’m tired of the fandom either defending every action or else vilifying them.

Sansa x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Imagine being reunited with Sansa at the Wall after all she went through and proving to her that she is still perfect and beautiful.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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omg okay so fem!reader and sansa like they knew each other there whole lives but reader stayed in winterfell and when ramsay takes over she flees to the wall as she was close with jon too, and then sansa goes to the wall n they meet again n cute fluff n smut?? i love this blog so much ❤️❤️❤️

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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anonymous asked:

Why was Anne Boleyn inspirational?

inspirational not in the sense of ooh i want to live that life—i’m quite fond of my head, and less fond of henry viii, to say the very least, but in her character? she was clever and cunning, a fierce reformist as well as holding it together politically very well (at least until near the end when it all went wrong, starting with a highly inflammatory speech made by her chaplin which was basically calling thomas cromwell, henry’s no. 2, a devil among other things) and was obviously a master of court.

she had gravitas, as well. anne was described as not being conventionally attractive—at least, for the time, when the du jour was blonde and plump and anne was more tall dark and interesting—but full of something which meant you couldn’t help but look at her. i think that’s pretty hot shit, at least to me.


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“let them grumble” 

Down in the Mindscape

This is for my dear Precious, Problem. Cause I love her as much as I love the Labyrinth. Happy Birthday you old hag.

Down in the Mindscape

               Bill grinned, looking into the glass orb as his little Pine Tree followed his sister through the underground tunnels. They have gotten father than he expected, though they have received help. That small little gnome creature was leading them through the tunnels and from the look on his face, the girl did something to entrance his help. Such a weak-willed thing.

               Placing a lone finger against the cool glass of the orb, dark cloud wisps formed at the spot, falling down to where Pine Tree and Shooting Star now stood. It was only seconds before the twins and gnome jumped and spun around. Horror flooded their faces as silent screams escaped them. He chuckled as Pine Tree grabbed his sister’s hand and bundled the gnome under his arm before running down the corridor.

               “Cipher,” a gruff voice growled from behind him. “Leave them alone. They have nothing to do with this.”

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Save the Date, Again?

Rated: M

MC (3 Chapters) / It was going to be a one shot, but it got wayyyyy to long. The whole thing is written, and I am going to post a chapter a day.

Part 1 of the “Love is Strength” Verse

On AO3

Summary: Emma & Killian while battling their way out from the underworld, and got married, the only thing is, how to break it to her parents? Answer… they won’t.

To my lovely @disastergirl… from your GF CSSS (surprise!)… this is in the “married but keeping it a secret” trope, set in the slight future of cannon CS. And of course some smut. Happy Holidays, and I hope you like it!!!

(FYI- I wrote the first chapter before any of the latest set spoilers and guest star information came out, so… I guess maybe I’m psychic. lol)

Also, thank you to my amazing Beta @optomisticgirl. Thanks for correcting my tons of mistakes, you are amazing.

———Chapter 1——–

The battle was fierce as Emma, Killian, and Liam - yes, her pirate’s older brother - fought off the creatures of the Underworld. She still couldn’t believe she had met him after all of Killian’s stories, that all three of them were battling their way out of the Underworld.

They had sent Regina, Robin and Henry off ahead to get her son home safe when all… well… Hell broke loose. The three of them had gotten separated from her parents and Gold but they knew where to meet up, if they could just get through the furies and other hell beasts that were trying to kill them.

Well, kill her and Killian now that he was alive again. She was starting to rethink doing that whole process so far from the portal home. But right now she didn’t have time to think about it, throwing a fireball at another furey as Killian ran a beast through with his sword.

He saw her moving and giving all that she had, as they kept battling. Just seeing her golden hair flying, her eyes look over to see he was okay, the fact that she came for him answered a question he had long ago. He would go to the ends of the world or time, for her. And now he knew, she felt the same. There was no doubt, and now he knew what he had to to, what he needed to do. He couldn’t wait any longer. “Swan! Emma!” he called towards her trying to get her attention. Finally catching her eye he exclaimed, “Emma… Marry me!”

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This is a very fun, pop and sexy C/L mix.

i. Gabriella Cilmi - Heart’s Don’t Lie. ii. Britney Spears - Seal It With A Kiss. iii. Little Mix - DNA. iv. Danity Kane - Right Now. v. Natalia Kills - Wonderland. vi. Kylie Minogue - Cupid Boy. vii. Britney Spears - Unusual You. viii. Natalia Kills - Love Is a Suicide. xix. Anjulie - Fatal Attraction. x. Kylie Minogue - Closer. xi. Nicole Scherzinger - Killer Love. xii. Beyonce - Sweet Dreams.

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