let them graduate

sometimes i think about jack and shitty’s graduation and the smh cheering SO LOUD for their captain when he crosses the stage to get his diploma like the announcer barely gets out “jack laurent zi-” before holster’s on his feet screaming “YEEEEAHHHH THAT’S RIGHT!” as loud as he possibly can and lardo’s whistling with her fingers and ransom’s got an air horn and he’s screaming and bitty’s jumping up and down a bit and cheering and shitty stands up on his seat and screams “THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND!!!” and jack doesn’t acknowledge them besides a quick glance and a small smile but he loves them

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More Hogwarts AU pleaseeeeeee!!!

“Akielos,” said Auguste. “What are you doing here?”

Damen shook Auguste’s hand in greeting. His bright Auror robes were drawing appreciative eyes and murmured comments. Given it was a Hogwarts event, he’d even bothered to wear a Gryffindor tie underneath them, but he’d clearly tied the thing mid-Floo. Laurent’s hands itched to reach up and fix the messy knot; he smoothed down the deep blue satin of his own graduation hood, instead, even though it was already perfect.

Damen said, ruefully, “Laurent wants me to network.”

“Yes,” Laurent said. “Look, there’s Minister Dunthorpe. Why don’t you go and tell him what you told me about the potential for abuse by law enforcement if Malaganis gets his bill passed.”

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okay but i cant believe how u havent mentioned the fact that the best thing about ur AU is the prom potential like how is Junkrats and Roadhogs promposal gonna be? What about actual prom? Will Jack ask Gabe will they go together? im screaming when is prom gonna happen (i dont wanna think about graduation. let them stay here forever)

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what if….butch…fucking made…a Danny Phantom sequel…

Dean/Cas: Silly Love Songs


The Lawrence High Choir presents: Valentine’s Day Sing-o-grams!

Let us serenade that special someone this Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s the cutie in bio class or your best friend for life, we’ll have a song to brighten his/her day. Check out our table this week (open every day at lunch) to see our fantastic song selection and purchase your sing-o-gram(s)! Only four days left!

“Jess painted this sign, didn’t she,” Dean asks. They’re in their usual, after-school spot by the main office, where they always meet up once Dean gets out of baseball practice. Sam nods at the bright pink butcher paper and feels a smile come on at the mention of his girlfriend.

“Yup, she volunteered,” he explains. “We also have to table on like three of the four days. None of the upperclassmen want to give up their lunchtime.”

“And you should respect that, freshman,” Dean laughs. Sam nudges him hard in the ribs.

“Jerk,” he narrows his eyes, then pauses. “Well, you know, Jess and I are basically in charge of sales, so we could totally reserve you a sing-o-gram if you want.”

Dean shoots him a dark look. “Who says I need you to reserve me one?”

Sam tries very hard not to roll his eyes. “Just guessing,” he shrugs instead. “Figured you might need it. Like, you know, there’s our neighbor across the street. The, uh, guy with the blue eyes? You’ve been best friends for like seven years? The one who-”

“Okay, we’re going home,” Dean scowls, pulling Sam toward the entrance by his jacket. “Cas and I aren’t…” he attempts to add, but his face is all red like it gets when he’s being stubborn.

“Alright,” Sam replies breezily, because he already knows that Dean will start asking him about the sing-o-grams soon enough.

Cas comes over for dinner that evening, with an armful of Girl Scouts cookies that his little sister Anna started selling last weekend. “I had to smuggle these,” he smiles, handing Dean a box of Samoas, and Sam watches in amusement as Dean clears his throat and mumbles his thanks. It’s sickeningly cute, to be honest, but his ‘brother card’ forbids him from verbalizing that.

“Hey, Cas,” he says while helping Dean set the table. “Did you see the sign for sing-o-grams at school?”

Dean drops a fork and Cas goes to pick it up, looking concerned. The furrow between his brows only deepens when Dean takes the silverware and rushes away toward the cupboards. “Um, yes, Sam, I did,” he answers distractedly. “The pink was hard to miss.”

“True,” Sam hums in agreement. “Are you thinking of buying any?”

“Oh, I…” Cas stares at his hands like they hold the secrets of the universe. “Maybe,” he says quietly. “But I could- I can always get one for a friend. It’s a big fundraiser for your choir, isn’t it? I’d be happy to support you guys.”

Sam can’t hide his smile, because the remark is so like Cas, sweet and thoughtful and serious. Cas, who attends all of Sam’s concerts with the Winchesters, and doesn’t mind holding the camcorder so Dean can clap the loudest at the end of each song. It’d be a crime to let them graduate in the spring without their obvious pining going somewhere for a change.

“Sammy, quit peddlin’ to Cas,” Dean harps, returning with a clean fork and a small stack of napkins. Sam ignores him in favor of following Cas’ fond gaze, resisting the urge to smack his own face when Cas asks “Are you alright, Dean?” in a clearly platonic tone.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay,” Dean says, not taking his eyes off Cas either. “Coach made us run like, ten miles today. Pretty tired.” It’s an obvious exaggeration but Cas’ nod is sympathetic anyway, and Sam is grateful when his mom joins them in the kitchen because there’s only so much third-wheeling he can stomach.

He’s even more grateful when Dean finds him later that night, interrupting halfway through a Jeopardy! rerun to grumble, “You nerds better not be offering lame-ass songs.”

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otp pls :) (for sleepover sunday)

would you like me to talk about my otp? jily headcanons it is!

  • james loves playing with lily’s hair. but in an obnoxious way. he says he’s gonna braid her hair or style it nicely, and all he does is make a messy knot. lily grumbles as she tries to untangle her hair
  • lily loves horror movies, but james can’t sit through one without screaming – even if it’s not that scary
  • even though james is more than happy to greet lily with a hug, he’s not a fan of PDA. he’ll blush if lily kisses him in public but he tries to justify it with “we wouldn’t want sirius to get jealous”
  • they love dancing together, whether it’s goofy or serious
  • lily started a pun war that lasted through the rest of seventh year until one day mcgonagall told the both of them that she had heard enough and wouldn’t let them graduate if they continued it
  • they were both bad at cooking and had the other marauders give them their tips
  • james claimed he’d look just as good, if not better, than lily if he dyed his hair red
  • he was wrong
  • terribly wrong
  • they’d often interrupt one another when they talked, as both of them never shut up and they each believed what they had to say was more important 
  • lily had a terrible singing voice but she only sang louder if james asked her to stop
  • lily ruffled james’s hair in a way he didn’t like just to annoy him. as soon as he’d re-ruffle his hair, she’d go back and mess it up
  • they couldn’t study together unless they wanted to completely ignore their work
  • you can bet your ass lily would go up to the marauders’ dormitory and have sleepovers with them, telling ghost stories and gossiping and playing dumb games
  • star wars nerds to the max
  • lily liked sleeping with a million blankets, but james was fine with just a sheet, so they often argued about how to arrange their bed. james said if they wanted to sleep together he’d get sweaty, and lily wouldn’t like that. lily insisted that if she slept with only one blanket james would wake up to find lily frozen as a block of ice
  • could never share food because they both loved eating
  • james was amazing at getting gifts, so one year lily tried to out-gift him. she asked sirius if they could adopt him as their dog because maybe james would stop asking to invite him over all the time
Let Them Graduate (Community)

Doing my part in raising Community awareness with these Shepard Fairey (yeah, it’s been done to death, but it works, right?) inspired “Let Them Graduate” posters

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#savegreendale Seriously I love the show Community, it’s one of my favorite shows. NBC benching Community is a slap in the face, all I can tell the fans is to watch Community on NBC.com, not Hulu. Keep supporting this show, let them graduate atleast! Congrats on winning the TV guide cover, I know I voted many times over multiple facebook accounts *EVIL LAUGHTER*

Sometimes I sit and come up with random contrived reasons to get Blaine and Artie to New York already (and they just neglect to go back to Lima)…

  • “Oh no! I left my lobster cardigan at the loft. Artie, would you accompany to the loft so I can get my cardigan back?”
  • “They discontinued my favourite brand of glasses cleaner. I heard that they have some left over in this bodega in New York, so Blaine and I are gonna go buy them out.”
  • “I stubbed my toe so my parents got me an appointment with one of the nations leading podiatrists. His practice is in Manhattan.”
  • “My mom’s favourite online boutique is having a sale but the shipping is a bit much, so I’m just gonna take the van up to pick up her stuff.”
  • “We wanted Chinese food that comes in the nice boxes and all the places here just use the styrofoam containers.”
  • “Santana called us over and she scares me so we’re out.”
  • “Kurt really needed us for a musical number. Duty calls!”

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Mirukii (。・ω・。)

    ★あけましておめでとうございます★ ★ Happy New Year ★     渡辺美優紀です(。・ω・。) It’s Watanabe Miyuki (。・ω・。)       今年もまだまだな私をどうぞ宜しくお願いします(-ω-) This year also, please take care of me (-ω-)       昨日はNMB48劇場公演の3周年でもあり新春特別公演でした There was 3rd anniversary of NMB48’s theater along with New Year’s theater performance      あっという間の3年だったなぁ… in blink of an eye, it’s already three years…   4年、5年、10年と続いていくように劇場公演をたいせつにしていきたいです(..) I want to cherish the theater performance follow with the 4 years, 5 years, 10 years(..)         そして忘れてはいけない… And it can’t be forgotten…     12月31日にNMB48として【紅白歌合戦】に出演させていただきました。 I appeeared in “Kouhaku Uta Gassen” as NMB48 on December 31.     全員で『カモネギックス』を披露させていただきました。 I performed “Kamonegix” with all the members.       カッコイイNMB48を見ていただけましたか? Did you watch the cool NMB48?     その後で細川たかしさんとも共演させていだきました。 Therefore, we played with Hosokawa Takashi-san.     可愛いNMB48を見ていただけましたか?笑 Did you watch the cute NMB48? laughs     最高の舞台に立たせてくださった皆さん… Everyone who stand on the best stage…   本当にありがとう Thank you very much       今年もNMB48として出演できるように頑張ろう!! Let’s do our best this year to appear as NMB48 again!!         そしてAKB48としても出演させていただきました。 And I also appeared as AKB48.       ちなみに私はギリシャの女神るきーの衣装でした♪ By the way, I dressed as Greek’s goddess ♪       いつも思う事ですが、こうやって私達の為に一生懸命動いてくれる周りのスタッフの皆さんにも本当に感謝です。 I always think about this, I’m very thankful to all the staff around us who work hard for us doing this.       そして優子さんの卒業発表… And then about Yuko-san’s graduation…   私はショックというより年内の発表にビックリしたというか… I have to say I was suprised rather than shock at the announcement at the end of the year…       AKB48さんのほうで活動させていただく機会も多かったので 沢山の先輩方が卒業されていくのを見て、 ひょっとしたら…? って私の中だけですが少なからず思っていました。 Because I’m work in AKB48, I had a lot chancelooking at a lot of senior are graduating,“Perhaps…?”it is only the inside of me, but I thought this was going to be more than a little.       でも卒業っていうのは今、活動してる全メンバーがいつかは通る道です。 But, now “graduation” is the path which all active members go along someday     だから残された私達が先輩方にできる事は安心して卒業させてあげる事かな?って思います…! That’s why, I’m thinking “Is it to let them graduate in peace is the thing that we, the juniors, who were left can do for the seniors?”…!      優子さんには本当にお世話になって、 たくさんの事を教えてもらったし、 たくさん思い出があるんです。 I was really taken care of by Yuko-san,I was taught a lot of things,there are a lot of memories.       優子さんが私にかけてくれた言葉1つ1つをこれからの48グループに伝えていけたらと思います。 I think I can convey each word that Yuko-san applied to me in 48 Groups from now on.     卒業時期はわかりませんが優子さんが笑顔で進めるように頼もしい後輩にならないといけないなぁ… I don’t know when the graduation will be, but I have to become a reliable junior so Yuko-san can move forward with a smile…         でも偉大な先輩方がどんどん卒業されて本当にさみしいです。 But, more and more great seniors are graduted, I feel lonely.     長くなりましたが読んでくださり、ありがとうございます Thank you to everyone who read it even though it was long     今年の目標は次に書きますね(*´∀`*) I will write my goal of this year next time (*´∀`*)         では、今年も皆さんが健康で幸せな日々を送れますように…\(^o^)/ May you spend healthy and happy days in this year also… \(^o^)/       おやすみるきー⌒(。∵。)⌒ぴょん♪ Oyasumirukii ⌒(。∵。)⌒ *hop* ♪    

みるきーでした It’s Mirukii