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bts’ 바다 is melancholy and loss and gratitude and longing and love stripped to the very bone, it’s soulmates and the past friends and the new faces that will soon have the most familiar smile of your life; it’s the unshed tears when you see someone off for the last time at midnight and it’s letting them roll down your cheeks hours later; it’s holding someone’s hand so strong you feel like you’re going to break it, and it’s the hand that squeezes right back to tell you that after all the hardships you lived through, you are going to be alright; it’s your silent secret in the darkness, it’s the ache in your chest that follows you each time you fill your lungs with the fresh humid air; it’s careless running and happy tears and bengal lights, its sparkles joining the stars in the night sky as your laughter echoes on the empty beach, your hearts beating as one

the people that are next to you are your world, your life, your hope, your sea

One nice thing - Thomas Sanders ficlet

(Okay so this is a rewrite of the last video - Personality Q&A - not that it isn’t practically perfect in every way @thatsthat24 (yes Julie Andrews is a miracle whom we all don’t deserve in our lives but are thankful for) because it is practically perfect and I saw the reverse Missy that Anxiety pulls .. it’s just my brain went on a tangent)

One nice thing. 

Prince doubted Anxiety could say a nice thing about him nor he a nice thing about Anxiety.
 It’s not that there was no good things between them but they had a way of holding it over each other enough that it wasn’t worth telling. Which honestly he enjoyed and he knew Anxiety did too. What neither enjoyed was losing. So they declined to mention anything good about the other until forced and sometimes not even then.

He told Morality he made Logic furious, Logic that he was the most realistic, told them both they were morons most of the time. Then he got to Prince and stopped.

“Princey.” He stopped and sighed. Prince awaited, unsure what he was waiting for but slightly worried about the look on Anxiety’s face, “I can’t believe I’m gonna say this. But you’re the most handsome.”

“What?” Thomas, Morality and Prince asked in shock.

Logic had been already too wound up today by Morality so the bring back of last week’s conversation and having someone say something not only illogical but to back up Prince was too much. He yelled indignantly, “What?!”

To that Anxiety smirk stretched, giving in the game to Thomas and Morality. Logic however was still in the mode of trying to process the information and Prince had let it sink in as he fist-pumped.

“Yes! I knew you knew taste. I don’t ..not like you.” Prince started then trailed off as he conceded to saying he liked Anxiety.

“I can take that,” Anxiety nodded with acceptance, then his trademark smirk came back, “Mr. Singalong.”

“I like that name but I know you’re trying to be insulting so don’t push it, Sunshine.” Prince narrowed his eyes on Anxiety.

Logic however had only just had time to work through the shock, “How do you agree? It’s impossible, we all look the same!”

“Sort of but we all look like we’re part of indentical quintuplets, there’s plenty of differences in stature, attitude, style and self-care. That makes for change in look.”

“What kind of nonsense..” Logic huffed.

Only to be interrupted by Mortality, “The boy makes a point.”

A grumble of ‘not a boy’ can be heard.

“We look different from clothes to the way we stand to our neutral expressions. I’m sure plenty of people find every one of our styles including Thomas’ own as attractive.” Mortality continued. Logic looked at him with a look of ‘why are you so smart yet so dim all the time’. Ironically it proved Morality’s point as this was usually Anxiety’s go to shock expression and yet with Logic.being different it looked a lot different on him.

This was the time Prince decided to interrupt, “I just can’t help that I’m more handsome than all of you.”

Anxiety looked like he was starting to regret that decision so instead continued to watch Logic’s meltdown to make sure it was worth it. Morality gritted through his teeth, “Anx, I can’t believe you. I hope Prince milks the compliment for all its worth.”

To this Anxiety looked shocked by Morality’s bad wishing upon him and Thomas simply laughed and agreed. Prince was still away with the fairies.

“I’m sure that’s just Anx.” Morality reassured, “I’m sure lots of people find you more attractive, Logic. I know, let people vote!”

“Morality, I don’t know if that’ll make Logic fe..” Anxiety started.

“Yeah!!” Logic yelled, Anxiety slammed his mouth shut..

Thomas looked at his phone, “I mean. We don’t have to vote. I can see who people like most. You just all may not want to know. It’s not what you think.. But it’s not what you guys seem to expect.”

“Well now we have to know.”

“Ooh, now I’m curious.”

“Hit us with it, we can take it.”

“Go on, then.”

All 4 shouted.

“Okay. But you all have to take it well. Win or lose, yeah?” All 4 nodded. Thomas sighed, “Okay, bar myself, the collective opinion of the fans thinks … Anxiety is the most attractive. By a country mile.”

Now Prince’s jaw dropped, Morality and Logic instantly turned silent and Anxiety looked as if this information was a beanie baby that hit him in the face. … Then slowly smirked.

“WHAT?!” All 3 yelled.

“Yes!” Anxiety laughed quietly.

“Yeah. A lot of the demographic are way into Anxiety. Think it’s to do with a lot of them being involved in the My Chemical Romance era, Morality is regarded as very cute. But Anxiety is the metaphorical hot girl.” Thomas shrugged.

Once again they all turned quiet, Prince slowly building up a drama queen hissy fit. Only to calm himself and finally say, “The metaphorical hot girl thinks I am the most handsome. I am okay.”

Anxiety opens his mouth to tell him he said it because he knew it would kill Logic only to get shot daggers by Thomas.

“People find me cute?” Morality squeaked.

“What do people find me?” Logic grumbled.

“Urm, at the moment a fair few people find you and your saying ‘Salutations’ sexy.” Thomas tried to read without going red. Logic finally jumped for joy. Thomas needed something to move onto to stop blushing. He loudly coughed to hide the bustle of the complimented group.

“Yes anyway, you’re all pretty. But also complete morons most of the time at least anyway.” Anxiety tried to calm them down.

“Yeah, lets open the pandora’s box of emotion later. Anyway, Logic, Spock or data?“ Thomas asked, laughing.

My Thoughts on Bughead’s Emotional Intimacy/Vulnerability

With Each Other and With Others

From episode 1x01 - 1x10

Both Betty and Jughead have issues with letting themselves be comfortable with emotional intimacy. However, as the season continues and as their relationship evolves, Betty and Jughead gradually become more comfortable in letting themselves be more emotionally vulnerable with each other.

Buckle up because this gets kind of long. More under the cut. 

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Mad for Lance

Summary: For Voltron Season 3: Episode 2. Because I’m mad that we didn’t get that moment where Lance sits in Red for the first time. We were denied that transition and closure that Keith got dang it. So this is to put us (and Lance) in a mildly better place.

It’s like being underwater.  But you realize only have a couple seconds before your lungs burst. So you paddle for the surface frantically, desperately because you can’t breathe, but you’re not gonna make it. Lance gasps for air, but he can’t see anything in front of him except for Blue’s glowing barrier.

And how it’s shutting him out.

He’s tried everything. Tried using reason, his best flirty lines getting nothing, not even a blip, to frustrated begging because his, no their team, is out there and they need him.

Don’t they?

Allura finds him on his knees, pounding on Blue’s barrier with these little please’s dripping out of his mouth like rain. But Blue’s not responding to him at all. He can barely feel her presence, a quiet thing of guilt and it’s like their connection is muffled, like you’re buried under a thousand pillows and no one can hear you scream.

Allura takes his shoulder and listens when Lance says his concerns. Spits out the truth right in front of them, that he’s the team goofball, the screwup, not a leader and now…maybe not even a paladin.

Red roars and they jerk their heads to the ceiling.

“I-I don’t understand.”

Allura tries to explain, “My father build Voltron, but he knew Zarkon was a better leader in battle so he became Voltron’s right hand. Lance, when you accepted Keith as the new leader of Voltron, it proved that you value a strong team over your own need for glory….Just like my father.”

Lance can barely take in the words, they feel like an empty token. Is Allura saying that because he supported Keith, he lost his lion? He lost Blue? But anything about her father is important to Allura so he softly says, “I won’t let him down.”

“Go.” Allura urges with steel in her eyes. Nudging him, pushing him towards the door.

And Lance runs, but it’s painful to tear his gaze from his girl. His Blue.

But then again…she’s not his Blue anymore is she? Behind him, he can hear the fizz of a particle barrier going down. He swallows the lump in his throat awkwardly. Maybe…she was never his in the first place.

He’s just the spare wheel.


Still he books it, his lungs heaving as he makes it to Red’s hanger, because crushing feelings of utter abandonment or no, his team is in danger. So what if he has to be the spare part to plug in to make this thing work?


Red’s roar got louder with every boot he pounds to the floor.


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Someone Special (2)

(pic cr; respectful owner)

The second date didn’t come round as smoothly as you thought it would. // Part 1

(Requested) // Word Count; 1,790

Simon D x Reader - A/F

Autumn was finally here; The leaves were gradually changing colours and slowly dropping off the trees. The air became colder and the weather more dull as the days went on, you sat alone in the cafe staring out of the window completely dismissing the coffee that retired in front of you.

You whirled a strand of hair on your finger as you watched another leaf get blown off the tree that stood alone at the entrance of the park. You were supposed to be on a second date with Kiseok but he cancelled because he was busy with work. Well, that’s what he said, you didn’t really believe him. He had been missing your calls and not answering your texts. You were beginning to doubt that he was interested in you and that everything he said two weeks ago was a lie.

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lady-pyrena  asked:

Hey, could I request the RFA reacting to an MC that has self esteem issues (like there are just some days that she thinks she's worthless or ugly) pretty please


  • I imagine Yoosung is prone to feeling insecure every now and then himself. He knows the feeling and genuinely tries to relate to them and listen to them to understand their emotions better in order to be able and help them work it out.
  • He’ll comfort them with cuddling sessions and pepper their face in little pecks. He’s going to shower them in compliments 24/7. Whatever helps them understand that he loves them.
  • Best thing about it is, since he knows what it’s like, he knows what can really boost confidence a little. It’s not about degrading others to make them look better. It’s about saying “what you feel insecure about is no flaw. It’s a part of you that I very much love actually.”


  • She’s the type to listen to their concerns and worries whenever they need someone to talk to.
  • They can vent and rant to her for hours upon hours. She’s going to sit down with them, make them some coffee (or tea, whichever they prefer) and just listen. Without interrupting them or trying to argue with them.
  • She’ll point out things she loves about them, things that she’s proud of about them, anything to boost their confidence.
  • Distraction also is something she suggests. Sometimes it’s better to step back from a certain situation and let emotions cool down to later reflect on them with a more calm mindset.


  • “If there’s anyone as perfect, if not more perfect than me, it’s you, babe.” He’s literally worshipping them from head to toe, inside and out, just the way they are and he’ll point it out all the time.
  • He’s genuinely upset about his s/o feeling sad because of who they are. To him, they’re literally perfect and it’s a shame they can’t see it themselves. Especially in physical regard about their looks.
  • He wants to get to the root of things. What is it that caused them to think about it? How exactly do they feel thinking about their insecurities? For example, if they’re uncomfortable with him bragging about his looks, he can respect that and will be more thoughtful, if that’s a reason.
  • He’s not going to have them feel worthless for something they did or did not do, etc. Everybody makes mistakes and being successful or reaching your dreams is hard work with ups and downs. He knows it best himself. But giving up is no option. If something isn’t to your tastes in what you do, then you need to try and work on it.


  • Their wish is his command. Whatever makes them feel better, a new outfit to boost their confidence, a weekend trip overseas to get their mind off of things, he’ll arrange it, as long as it cheers them up a little.
  • He uses rational thinking and logic to argue with their concern. It might seem bold and coldhearted, but he truly does want to convince them that they’re kind of in the “wrong” from a logical point of view.
  • Thing is, feeling a certain way isn’t always based upon logic, which can be frustrating and overwhelming. It’s why he wants to talk about it and not sweep it under the rug and let it be. He might not be able to relate, but he can offer an open ear and try to find a solution to make them feel better.


  • “You hate yourself because you ate some potato chips? I ate two entire bags earlier and you don’t hate me for it do you?”
  • What they need is a good laugh and he will make himself look like a total goof, if necessary. Whatever it takes to make his love chuckle, even if he just draws a weak smile from them, it’s already worth it.
  • He’s going to kindly remind them that they’re only human as well and that humans make mistakes and all have their individual flaws and that it does not make them a horrible person or worthless. It just makes them human and loveable in his eyes.
We Forge Our Own Crowns - Chapter 1 - airamcg, CompletelyDifferent, DrJekyl, TheBlindBandit - Steven Universe (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: We Forge Our Own Crowns

Summary: The life of a bismuth is simple: build and repair.

But one Bismuth finds hers growing complicated as, during routine maintenance of Gem quarters on the young colony planet Earth, she strikes up an odd camaraderie with three quartz soldiers: Biggs Jasper, Crazy Lace Agate, and Snowflake Obsidian. Meanwhile, tensions over the increasingly disruptive rebel attacks escalate and Bismuth will need to figure out for herself what loyalty truly means.

Bismuth backstory! This fic is part of The Rewriter series, and serves as a prequel for Selaginella Lepidophylla. Although the two are interrelated and take place in the same universe, they can both be read independently. This is chapter one of four - the rest will be posted over the next couple of weeks.

A Reflection on Penelope

Note: This started out as a short personal reflection on a scene from The Royal Romance Book 2 Chapter 8 and quickly evolved into a long, rather rambling essay of sorts. This is just my personal opinion/view on this topic and I would love to hear the opinions of anyone willing to share them. 

Chapter 8 of The Royal Romance Book 2 is packed full of interesting and fun plot points and character development. While I loved so many of the scenes in the chapter (as a Drake fan I personally loved his diamond scene), I find myself thinking most about the one in which Penelope discusses with Hana and MC how her love of poodles originated.

As someone who personally suffers from anxiety,including social anxiety, I instantly related with Penelope during this scene in a way I never have before in the series. So much about how she acts and reacts suddenly makes sense now, particularly the constant mentioning of her poodles. She’s not just someone who’s oddly overly obsessed with poodles, but a person who relies on them for emotional support. I can relate to this also, as I too find animals (especially my two cats)  very relaxing and helpful for reliving some of my stress and anxiety. 

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Perfect Balance

What’s Next

Request: Maybe could you please write a smutty fic where the reader manages to trick Lucifer into a position that she can take advantage of him and then she ties him to the bed and takes charge getting back at him for all the teasing, he’s put her through (safe words still used obvs and implied previous/current relationship) and I would love you forever if the reader makes him cum from wing stimulation alone?? Please? ily by the way, stay wonderful!! <3

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut (be safe), wing stimulation, bondage, explicit language, a dash of fluff

Word Count: 6822

Tagging: @fangirl-faye @crowleysprincess159 @softballer1707 @wayward-mirage @cherik-speightlover @fall-out-at-the-marvel-phandom @negansgrimes @themidnighttrickster @royalfunkstar @secretsupernaturalblog @authoressskr @nicmob @sdavid09 @paddy1219 @dont-hate-relate-pls @ashiewesker @your-not-invisible-to-me @obsessedwithtwohuntersandanangel @mulit-fandom-fangirl @whovianayesha @spnackleholicswainer @ryleeroseb4 @bluehamster13 @supernaturual @riversong-sam @thatone67chevyimpala @sea-you-bitch @nerdysandwichqueen @wonderlandmoonrose7 @your-silver-and-gold @asifbyblackmagic @fand0maniac @therealdeanwinchester13 @ariethegreat98 @eileenlikesyou-maybe @misha-collins-is-an-angel @dontwasteyourbreath @amyapathetic @cantchoosejustonefandom @thecandylovingarchangelgabriel @capnjacksparrow14

Originally posted by wheres-my-pie-sammy

The sound of rope grating together sounded from your bedroom, your fingers deftly twisting and tying secure knots in its material around one of the horizontal, metal bars on the sturdy headboard of your bed. Well, you and Lucifer’s bed. You had been with said archangel for quite awhile now, and he had a habit of constantly teasing you, bringing you to that edge just to draw back over and over. 

You had decided it was time for him to have a taste of his own medicine. All you had to do was get him on the bed without him noticing the rope you had strategically tied to the headboard. You had tied them in a way to leave loops, and all you had to do was shove his hands through and tug on a certain part of the rope to tighten them around his wrists. With a wicked smile, you headed out of the room, switching the light off to blanket the room in darkness.

You waited for his return quite impatiently, foot tapping the floor as you perched on the edge of the couch. You had been planning this for some time now, and you were nearly about to burst with excitement. Soon, a strong flutter of wings sounded from behind you, a gust of wind brushing through your hair immediately after. “Hey, babe,” you chirped casually, turning to gaze at him over your shoulder.

“How’s my favorite human?” Lucifer smirked his reply as he rounded the couch to sit by your side, his hand reaching out to grasp your knee affectionately.

“Better now that you’re home,” you purred, your hand outstretching to cup his cheek, pulling his mouth to yours in a searing kiss, drawing a surprised groan from him. You couldn’t help but smile a little beneath his lips, the hand on his cheek running up into the softness of his blonde hair.

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anonymous asked:

can u please write something for the danvers sister? like angsty (one of them getting hurt on a mission or smth) with a fluffy/happy ending.

“pfft, piece of cake,” kara tells you, arms crossed and rocking back a little with that dumb look on her face that means she is going to go into this way too hot, way too fast, and get into trouble.

“supergirl,” you murmur, “this needs to be handled delicately. this guy could spook.”

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Nathaniel x Aria Headcanons

Many people seem to be doing this, so I tried too ^^ Idea by @tea-parti.

  • Their most common place for a date is one of their places.
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Nath often reads Aria his books.
  • They frequently have movie nights on weekends.
  • Aria’s nickname is “kitten”, while Nath’s is “prince”.
  • Usually, when they’re in Nath’s place, they spend at least 15 minutes playing with White.
  • Aria loves to put his sweaters on, even if they are WAY too big.
  • Nathaniel adores her long hair, and when they’re alone he will ask her to let them down. He will play with her hair all the time later.
  • If they give each other gifts, they’re generally handmade. They both believe that in that types of gifts, their feelings are displayed the most.
  • They have a lot of small kisses e.g. on forehead.

anonymous asked:

choromatsu being pretty dominant with his S/O??

Ah… I hope I got it right…!

NSFW and long post up ahead. That meant Not Safe For Work. Please beware before reading.


Choro isn’t against being dominant! He likes to feel dominant and would love if his (s/o) let him dominate them. He’d be so terribly embarrassed, and would go only so far as light spanking and light bondage when being the dominant lover!


_____ asked for it. They asked for it and that was the only reason Choromatsu was doing this! That was the only reason that _____ was now before him, lightly tied up. Their chest wasn’t covered by rope, but their arms were tied behind them. They were on their knees in front of Choromatsu, who’d been taking in their breathless and needy state. It aroused him greatly.

“You’ve been very naughty, _____,” Choro looked down at them in feigned anger.

“I’m sorry,” was their reply as Choromatsu leered at them.

“Sorry won’t cut it, _____,” was his reply.

“What will?” They asked looking up at him in need.

Choro blushed terribly, almost breaking character, but nonetheless continued. He bent down to caress their cheek and smiled nervously, “I’ll show you.”

_____ was filled with anticipation. Usually Choromatsu was so shy and nervous during sex, seeing him like this was a turn-on. ____ grinned when Choromatsu gave them the order to stand up, they obliged immediately.

“There’s a table behind you, bend over it,” Choro commanded. _____ obliged, and shivered when they heard Choro begin to take off his belt. “No screaming, and count how many times I spank you.”

“Yes, sir,” they replied and Choro hit their ass with the belt. “One.” Choro gave another hit. “Two.” And another. “Three.” ____’s butt cheeks began to sting a little, which made it even more arousing for them. “F-Four…” They bit back a moan as Choro gave them another hit to the ass. “Fiiive…”

“Say it clearly, _____,” Choro hit them once again with his belt.

“S-Six!” _____ couldn’t help but moan it out, Choro’s face reddened at the noise they made. “Seven.” But he remained unrelenting. “Eight… Nine… Ten!”

“There,” Choro breathed out, blushing. “Don’t you feel better now that you’ve been punished?”

“Yes, sir,” _____, still leaning over the table, did not feel better. Their breath was slightly labored, and they’d hoped for a reward.

Choromatsu, having read their mind or just in need of release, spoke up, “now, how about a reward for being such a good _____?”

_____ bit their lip and smiled, “yes, please.”

______ heard Choro unbuckle and unzip his pants and waited in anticipation. They felt Choro poke at their entrance, and bit down a moan. Choro wasted no time and thrusted inside of them without haste.

“How does that feel, _____?” Choro grunted, he didn’t move, thinking of ______, but let out a groan when ______ moved against him.

“Move, Choro, please,” _____ panted. Even though their butt still hurt, they needed him, they needed release.

Choro threw his head back and gripped their waist, moaning as he pulled out and thrust back in again. “Ahhh…”

Choro pulled back out again, and quickened his pace as he thrust back in again. “You feel so gooood… _____… Ahhh…”

_____ felt as good as Choro was feeling, they met each and every one of his thrusts and held nothing back when they moaned. It was bliss, utter bliss.

“Ahh.. Choro, I’m gonna-”

“Me too, _____,” Choro grunted. “S-Scream my name!”

“Ah… Choro!”



______ came immediately, happy when Choro let them ride their orgasm as his thrusts slowed down. He came seconds later and grunted as he pulled out and leaned over _____.

He breathed heavily, panting along side _____, and slightly smirked once he slightly caught his breath. “Hey… _____…”

“Yes, Choro?” _____ chirped in reply. That was quite possibly the best orgasm they’d had with Choromatsu. Their cheerful, but tired, demeanor didn’t change when he replied with only 6 words.

“I thought I said no screaming.”

– Admin Daisy~
Show Me - callay - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Credence Barebone/Percival Graves
Characters: Credence Barebone, Percival Graves
Additional Tags: Smut, Masturbation, Touching, Public Masturbation, Neediness, Possessiveness

“Tell me,” continues Graves, his voice even lower now. “Does this always happen when I heal you?”

“Always. When you – when you touch me.”

Graves takes a breath. Credence can hear it; Graves has drawn even closer, not so close that they touch but close enough that Credence can feel every scant inch of space between them. His voice is a low murmur. “And what do you do, Credence, when this happens to you?”