let them be happy please

  • Me at every fanfic author:Please let my OTP be happy, please don't hurt them anymore!!
  • Me the same night:*thinks of 10 different ways I could break them*
  • Me:I am a hypocrite
Let Them Be Happy

Just a short little thing for mother’s day. 

AO3 Version

“Happy Mother’s Day!!” Eren shouted as he threw open the door. His mother laughed and pulled him into a hugged.

“Hello baby. Thank you. Where’s Levi?” Eren was about to answer when another voice cut in.

“Where is my darling son? He isn’t hiding from me on Mother’s Day, is he?” Levi’s mother walked through the doorway, giving Eren a hug as he wished her a happy Mother’s Day as well. As if on cue, Levi emerged from the kitchen and started walking toward the little group by the door.

“I would never hide from you, mom. Especially not on Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day, mom, Mrs. Jaeger.” He smiled and gave Eren’s mother a hug before moving over to his own mother.

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It is UNACCEPTABLE the way some Haylor shippers are handling Tayvin. ( i would like to clarify that not all of you of course )

I was a Haylor shipper myself and i find embarrassing the way you guys are harassing Calvin on social media.

If you were a Haylor shipper back in the day when Haylor was actually a REAL thing you may remember how awful the hate taylor got was and how frustrating was that we couldn´t do anything about it.

Now you guys are doing the same thing directioners did but instead of hating on Taylor you are hating on her boyfriend, and in some way believe me it hurts Taylor. I don´t think it´s pleasing for her seeing her boyfriend getting hate by her OWN fans.

So please reevaluate your actions and let them be HAPPY, she deserves happiness!! 

The day I get my wifi back is the day I get slammed with Sir Thomas Sharpe

Words cannot explain what I am feeling right now. I am unusually calm, but i know I will lose it tonight... My heart will shatter. I have loved DE forever, I will never love or ship any couple more than I ship them, they are my OTP in the truest meaning of the word. I just pray that DE is together in the flash forward. Let it say " sometime in the future" and have Elena pregnant or watching Damon with their baby OR Damon and Elena as vamps since he will give her his blood. I have personally always hated the idea of human DE, but at this point, I just want them together and happy. Please God, let Delena have a good ending. I have given years of my life to this show and especially to DE, if they are not together in the end, I'll lose it. Damon could never be truly happy without Elena amd vice versa. Prayer circle for DE tonight

If I could do one thing, it would be to make everyone I love happy when they’re down. I would trade my happiness to see them brighter than the sun. It really makes me sad to see my loved ones in pain, especially if I know what kind of pain they’re feeling. Please lord, let them find their way to happiness again.

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Author-nim how many more chapters notice me will have? And please don't make things bad, let them be happy please, I need a fluffy ending

I’m posting the last chapter today.  It really is the last one I won’t be adding to it haha and I can’t guarantee a fluffy ending >.< don’t hate me!