let them be a thing

Guys, kiss your horses goodbye every time you leave. Tell them you love them, give them a treat, scratch them on that one itchy spot you know they love. Even if you had a bad day, give them a hug. You never know when it could be the last time. Life is cruel and it often takes the things you love away from you with little to no warning. 

My heart goes out to the people this already resonates with, and for those who are still lucky enough to have their horses: let them know you love them.

I found the most amazing thing at a thrift store today

This guy!  He was only 59 cents which was so worth finding out what exactly it was

He looks like a new friend to me

more potential new friends!


he came with this package I wasn’t sure what to expect

I definitely didn’t expect 2 of the tiniest glowsticks

tiny glowsticks for a tiny rave

so I figured out you’re supposed to put the glowsticks inside him

cute friend

best friend


stranger things cast friendships: Millie Bobby Brown & Noah Schnapp

“Things I love about Millster: 1. Laughs at my jokes when no one else does. 2. Holds my hand when we’re watching scary movies. 3. Is the best prankster (one of them). 4. Is sooo cuaatee. 5. Is there for you no matter what. Love, Schnipper.” 


Here’s the two of them together!
I really enjoyed working on these and I can’t believe I did them in 1.5 hours each… 

I’ll definitely be getting these printed on holo paper sometime soon!

What is more cute than a kiss? A tip toe kiss! <33

This is my sort of apology for my previous angsty doodles (plus the DB and FMA joke) and I hope you guys can forgive me o3o

Hope you guys enjoy~!

anonymous asked:

There's an episode of a show that namjoon appeared (don't remember the name) and he said that he broke up with his last gf cuz she had a lot of male friends and I couldn't help but think about his scorpio venus possessive side๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

i looked it up and you’re absolutely right 💀 how am i only hearing about this now???

not only that scorpio venus, but also his cancer mars. they’re highly sensitive and can feel threatened easily. they need security in a relationship. and his taurus lilith. they become v v attached to their partners and have a jealous streak. i think he just needs a lot of reassurance from his s/o, but this is def something he might need to work on in future relationships

Why is Flug only gay in Spanish

Flug in English: Sir/Boss 

Flug in Spanish: Jefe (boss)/Señor (sir)/Señorón Black Hat (Sir+augmentative suffix, to make it bigger, like big sir)/Jefecito (little boss or bossy)/Jefe Chulo (handsome boss)

Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!