let the sunshine in man. lol

Lol when did shipping the hero with the villain become a bad thing. Shits been happening for so long. It’s an interesting dynamic, prime for angst and betrayal and tragedy, yknow, the kinda tropes people have loved for forever? Not everything has to be sunshine and roses, and I’m not always in the mood for fluff.

back before we had much info on season 6 i was REALLY hoping the bros would make friends w a group of young heroes in new york (like the teen titans/young avengers/ect) and we’ve been thinking about that more recently

so here’s the first design for that…i really like the idea of the latest wonderboy rebelling against captain sunshine n vowing to kick his ass/kill him (for obvious reasons) one day.

he WANTS to go by “Young Nasty Man” but no one gets they joke so they wont let him so he goes by “Dark Side” bc that works too. im also headcanoning that his real name is Derrik cuz idk if we’re ever gonna find out his canon one lmao

this wonderboy btw

more designs to come at some point maybe (one of the kids is definitely a hulk) so i hope thats smth ya’ll are interested in lol

some of yall thinking reylo is otp bc of that mindlink business so let me just remind everyone that the Mind Flayer and Will had a mindlink too but look how that turned out

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Hi there! I really loved your game and one of the things I enjoyed the most was how your 2P England kept giving everyone pet names. I would like to know what everyone's nicknames would be if that's not too much of a spoiler? Thanks in advance and great job on your game!

(adm: Ahh hey there friend! Thank you so much, i’m so happy you liked it!! Let’s see if I can get everyone’s nicknames here lol

Italy:  Alice in Wonderland

Germany: Mr. Buff Muscles

Japan: Sweet Fish Cakes, Old Man

America: Sunshine, Cowboy

England:  Hue Edit, Xerox, Dead Ringer

France: Prince Charming

China:  Little Red Riding Manhood

Russia: Sugar Buff

Prussia: Mr. Solitude

Spain: Churro Boy

Romano:  The Gifted Heir

Canada:  Citadel 

Ukraine: Pumpkin

Belarus: Yandere Yuno

Austria: Beethoven’s Lost Symphony, Directionally Challenged

Hungary: Yikes, Holy Moly

Switzerland: Mr. Nice Guy

Liechtenstein: Cupcake

Korea: Origin of Stupid, Mr. Perfection

Loup: The Walking Dead, Sleep-Deprived Beauty

Igor: Sugar Puff

Song Jin: Unprofitable Gold,  Left-Hand Man

Daniel: Shining Star, Spring

Master:  Master)

I was tagged by the frigging awesome @ultrafandomcat to post my ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms. Thank you so much for tagging me in this, it’s gonna be fuuun. (PS. It might contain spoilers, yes, Ana, I’m looking at you)

  • First off, let me start with this guy.

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I don’t know if you know him, but his name’s Dean Winchester and he’s fabulous and the love of my life. 

  • Then, we have Haley James from One Tree Hill. 

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She’s just the sweetest soul ever and sometimes, she reminds me so much of myself. Sometimes though. I don’t think my right hook is as good as hers, lol.

  • And Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill (I know it’s not a different fandom, but he is my boy, okay?)

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(Look at this little ray of sunshine here, being all murderous)

  • And let’s not forget, my man Marty Deeks from NCIS LA.

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He was the love of my life before Dean, but, sssh, don’t tell Dean Bean that. Also. Guess who ships him with Kensi? Yes, this girl. *swoons*

  • Or Grumpy Cat, aka, Dr. Gregory House from, well, House MD.

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I know, I know he’s a bit of a dick (okay, a big bag of dicks), but a. he’s hilarious and b. he’s so complex and multi-layered as a character and Hugh Laurie is just amazing in this show (nothing new there, lol).

  • Or the Man Who Always Needs A Hug, Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS.

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I mean, I just want Gibbs to adopt me, so I can give him hugs and bake him pies and make him smile because he’s so good and he’s been through so much. Plus. I love Mark Harmon.

  • Oh, or my cinnamon roll, Erin Lindsay from Chicago PD.

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Why? Because she’s a total badass and I frigging love Sophia Bush *cries for days because she left the team* Ugh. 

  • Or the genius Patrick Jane from The Mentalist.

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Do I even have to explain this one? Really?

  • Or Piper Halliwell.

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This woman was my hero when I was a kid. I’ve watched Charmed probably over 8 times, (I literally spent every summer rewatching until junior high school) and Piper is such a badass with a caring, gentle soul and I just love her.

  • Aaand Mathew Casey from Chicago Fire.

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I mean, just… Look at the kindness written all over his face. And he still has my respect for sending Voight’s son to prison despite how powerful he was. 

  • Bonus: Arthur Pedragon from Merlin because he’s Arthur Frigging Pedragon.

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Imagine Castiel taking a picture of you while you sleep

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“Ugh.” You groaned while laying on the bunker’s couch, bundled up in two blankets.

“What’s wrong?” Castiel walked into the room, you could feel your cheeks get hot. The noise from the tv being blared out by his presence.

You sighed, “It’s my turn to go on a beer run but I’m just so damn comfortable!” You snuggled up more into the blankets, causing Cas to let out a small smile.

“Well, I could go for you.”

You lifted your body up so your back was against the arm rest. “Are you sure Cas? I don’t mind going I’m just being a brat.” You yawned.

Cas smiled again, “I have nothing better to do while the Winchesters are out.” This could have hurt your feelings, but you knew what Cas meant, and he was trying to be sweet.

“That would be wonderful, thank you Cas… also, buy a bottle of Jim Beam for me, will you?”

“Got it.” Cas nodded, “and more kale for Sam, and pie and Busty Asi-”

“Cas! How about you leave that last one out, yeah? Dean can buy his own… materials.”

Cas patted your head, “I’ll be back soon.” Seeing you all bundled up filled his heart with joy, little to your knowledge Castiel held great affection for you.

Cas came back to find you sleeping on the couch, still bundled up in a mass of blankets. He almost dropped the groceries, he had never seen anything so pure in his life. And he’s watched creation itself be born. He set the bags down and kneeled down to your side. A soft smile on his lips. He tucked a stray hair behind your ear and gently ran his fingers through your hair. He wanted to remember this moment for the rest of his life time. That’s when he remembered he had a cell phone that could take pictures.

He stood up and fumbled in his pockets until he found what he was looking for. He opened up the camera on his phone and made sure the flash setting was off, he didn’t want to disturb you in any way. He took the picture and looked at it, smiling big to himself. You looked angelic. How was it that he was an angel and you weren’t?

“Cas what the hell are you doing?” Cas turned around to see Dean walking from the kitchen to the living room.

“I was just, um, I thought you and Sam were out… I just, well she looked so comfortable and peaceful I wanted to take a picture.”

“We came back while you were out. I know she’s cute Cas, but that doesn’t mean you can just go around taking pictures of her when she doesn’t know it. That’s creepy, man.”

Cas looked down, “You don’t think she will be upset do you?”

Dean walked up to Cas and pat him on the shoulder. “Dude, she thinks sunshine spills out of your ass, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Cas gave his trademark quizzical head tilt. “Ugh, Cas.. I’m just gonna spell it out for you. She likes you man, like in a romantic way.”

Castiel’s heart fluttered, “She what?”

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1: You are my sunshine -Johnny Cash

2: Oversoul -Shaman King

3: Outer Science -Kagerou Project

4: Kagerou Days -Kagerou Project

5: Believer -Imagine Dragons

6: Feel it still -Portugal. The man

7: Beethoven Virus -Beethoven

8: Dream eating monochrome baku -Len

9: Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake -Osomatsu

10: Concerto -J.B. Accolay

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