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hc's for the paladins with an s/o who keeps stealing their clothes

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[tbh admin miraculous loves scenarios like these!!!]

Shiro: He would let you keep it, but he’d warn you there’s a 72% chance of it being used during training. You should try to stick with his pj’s or something. Tbh he thinks it looks pretty cute on you <333

Lance: My precious sunshine child would 11/10 let you wear his clothes!!! His clothes are both fashionable [most of the time] and comfy, which is a huge plus. In the end of the day you’d have to give it back to him though because he probably paid a lot of money for it lol

Pidge: Pidge-kid would most likely be stealing your clothes instead of you stealing hers. If you’re missing a shirt try checking Pidge, she probably has it. Pidge’s wardrobe consists of either yours or Matt’s stolen clothes.

Hunk: My poor man has too much social anxiety to ask you to give his clothes back. The combination of you wearing his oversized shirts and you being a huge dork in it is too much for him– lord Jesus Christ save him.

Keith: “That looks cute on you but i haven’t washed that shirt in a week” thats it. thats it for keith kogane everyone. overall he thinks his clothing is super duper cute on you but is like lowkey too embarrassed to admit it

Bonus Coran: he has like ten pairs of the same outfit and probably wouldn’t notice or care if you took one tbh. imo he’d be more shook than anything else.

it’s pretty fucking official that the “strange respect” that Negan has for Carl is going to go to Daryl. It’s pretty fucking clear that he will get the entire run down of how the Sanctuary works. who knows, maybe Negan will even burn Mark’s face while he’s there!! that’d be great! and while they’re at it, they can have Daryl grumble you are my sunshine while Negan swings a bat behind him! it’s completely necessary to have this seen through the eyes of a greasy man and not a complex child ;DD this is going to be the best season ever!!

I can’t wait until Carl gets to go to the Sanctuary. this is how it’s going to go down. He will get caught, Negan will say “lol kid ur not as sick as Daryl, now let’s get you home ;)” and I stg if they do what I think they’re going to do and make his entire reason for going after Negan about rescuing Daryl, and not even an ounce of it is for Abraham and Glenn I will be so livid I will burn something, I SWEAR. I am so sick of this oil bucket staining everything ever. No one is safe from Daryl’s shit.

Naruhina Month - Day 4: First Sleepover
…at the hokage office
I like to imagine that Boruto sleeps much like his old man ( ⸝⸝⸝ᵕ◦ᵕ⸝⸝⸝ )
Based off of @andthenifound5dollars’s original story. Thank you for letting me draw your fic!
(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)♡