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Midnight Memories

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Summary: You wake up the next morning after having a fun night with Dean and remanence on the night.

Characters: You and Dean

Pairings: Reader x Dean

Warnings: Smut, foul language, and unprotected sex.

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A/N: So, to celebrate Jensen’s Birthday why not celebrate it with some straight smut. The paragraphs in italics are the memory part.


When your eyes fluttered open you looked to your left to see Dean staring at the ceiling with a goofy smile on those freckled, kissable lips. That’s when the memories from last night flooded your thoughts, causing you to fall back into the abyss of pleasure.

Dean’s calloused hands slowly slipped up your bare sides as you stood there in just your bra and panties. The skin beneath his hands, his fingertips was set on fire causing the hairs on your arms to rise from the desire that ached in the pit of your stomach. You let out a soft, heavy breath as your heart fluttered within your chest as you felt Dean’s green eyes skim your half-naked body. No words were spoken between the two of you because the words were spoken within the actions you both shared between each other. As his hands traveled up to your neck, he grasped the sides of it while his thumbs laid on your jaw line to direct it. Raising your chin with soft force, causing your neck to stretch, Dean licked his lips as his hungry eyes fell on your lips. They ached to be kissed, to be touched and that want was fulfilled when his touched base on yours. Your lips molded against his, moving with lust as you felt his teeth bite your lower lip making you whimper softly while you opened your lips to invite him in. Within this kiss, you drank in his cinnamon-mint musk; you drowned in the taste of satisfaction when your tongues danced while you prepared yourself for a rollercoaster of euphoria.

As Dean towered over you, his hands moved from your neck and lowered to your back to unclasp your bra. His fingers hooked under the straps to pull the article of clothing down your arms and drop it to the floor. Then, Dean let his hands hold your hips and guide you to his bed, though never breaking the heated kiss. Stepping backwards, you felt the edge of the bed press against your knees causing you to fall back and onto the comfortable sheets. The musk of Dean that lingered on the fabric surrounded you, wrapping around you like a blanket making you hum. Taking your attention was his hands laying on your knees to spread them wide. He was shirtless; his shirt catching your eye as it laid on the floor. Slowly and tentatively you licked your lips and he climbed over you. Dean’s mouth clasping onto your neck making you stretch it the opposite way to give him more playing room. As he marked you up, his left hand slipped down your stomach causing a small, shaky breath to escape your swollen lips before you sucked in air as you felt his fingers glide between your folds. A guttural groan escaped Dean, making his lips vibrate against your skin, as he felt how wet you were.

He first massaged the sensitive nub that laid between your legs; his fingers representing circular motions making your toes curl into the sheets. “Dean….” You moaned erratically, your eyes shutting close as you felt the start of pleasure build in your stomach. Dean moved his lips upwards, taking over your lips and mouth momentarily before he moved away to your breasts. Your body was on fire and he was the one igniting your nerves beneath your skin. His mouth captured your right nipple, tugging it between his teeth gently before putting your breast in his mouth to suck and love. Your back arched slightly, causing your chest to raise against his mouth making him grin against you. His warm tongue twirled around the pink bud before leaving it to tend to the other—his actions mirrored just perfectly. After paying attention to your breasts, he kissed down your stomach, to hip to hip, then to your pelvis as his working hand left your sex to help the other pull off your panties. As he pulled them down your legs, he kissed your inner thigh, teasingly, feeling his stubble against your skin making you squirm. When Dean finally pulled off the light article of fabric, he dove his head between your legs,  at your sex,  and began to work. His tongue swirled around your clit, starting a reaction within your stomach; one of your hands rose and slipped in his brown, disarrayed hair to grasp. He grunted when he felt his hair being tugged, causing his tongue to slip to your entrance before licking back up to your clit to massage it. One of his hands rose to place a finger in you, motioning the “come here” action within your pussy. Your hips bucked at the feeling, causing you to crave more and that he did give you. Another finger entered, stretching you out and getting you ready for what’s left to come; your body already indulged by the work of his fingers making you reach one orgasm. Your body shuddered, convulsing lightly as your back arched and soft screams left your lips. Dean kept pumping his fingers in and out of you until you came down from the high.

When you calmed, Dean rose off the bed to take off his jeans and boxers to show his defined body. Bowed legs, defined v-line and biceps… You could lick every inch of him over and over again and not get bored. Taking you out of your stare, Dean climbed back over you and positioned his cock at your entrance before thrusting forward into you. You gasped, your hand holding onto his forearms as his  laid on your hips to rock them against his. Each thrust he gave you, you gave back to create a rhythm. Your jaw slacked as erratic, short breaths left your lungs which were sounded out by the heavy breathing he was making. Dean lowered himself onto his elbows, causing your hands to hold onto his back, feeling the muscles beneath his skin ripple with each movement. You loved skin on skin, it created more friction. Feeling him more within this position, the indescribable feeling once more built in the pit of your stomach, between your legs, and grew each thrust. His lips took over yours as he quickened; forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards he thrusted as you felt him strain. Pulling away from his lips, you dug your nails into his back to send him over the edge while he whispered “Cum with me, baby” into your ear. He stiffened inside you as he cummed, his hips slowly rocked after while you convulsed beneath him to help you ride out your orgasm. Panting a few seconds later, your legs still shook from the aftershocks of the orgasm; Dean pulled out of you and rolled besides you. Pulling the blanket over the two of you, you cuddled to his chest and let your lips trail around the anti-possession tattoo before you and him fell into a restless sleep.

 As that memory flooded within your mind, you looked to Dean again who looked back at you this time. “You did the same thing too, huh?” a smug smile on his lips making you snicker. “Who wouldn’t remanence on midnight memories like that?”