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Honestly, guys. Jesus is a wonderful friend. I’ve had friends who say they love Jesus but are nothing like Him, and you have to be careful that you don’t let what seems right in people be right for you. Let go and choose Jesus everytime; you will not be disappointed.

People of the World please spread the word  please read, I beg you

People, I’m venezuelan and I still live here, I’m one of those people that still believe that our country will be a good place to live someday. We are going through very hard and difficult times. I know I only post my art here and I don’t like to bother you with personal stuff, but this is much more than personal. THE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD NEED TO BE INFORMED about what’s going on here in Venezuela. Since years, months, weeks and days, venezuelans in the country are fighting for our rights. We are protesting peacefully, we don’t want more dead or injured people, we don’t want our people to look in the trash for food anymore, we don’t want our people to make lines to buy the things they need, we don’t want our people dying in the hospitals because there is no medicine or equipment, we don’t want our people to be killed because they didn’t have a good phone to be stolen, we don’t want our children dying of hunger, we don’t want our classmates to be arrested for no reason and tortured in jail, we don’t want our beloved ones dying because they decided to protest, ALL WE WANT IS OUR RIGHTS TO BE RESPECTED! OUR RIGHTS AS HUMANS! You don’t know HOW PAINFUL is living in here, knowing that there are mothers that die, hungry because they gave the last they had to feed their babies and somewhere else there are people of the government relaxing on a beach, buying Mercedes Benz, or having a fancy dinner.  Yesterday, april 19 people took the streets one more time and the government  did the same as always. THREE people died yesterday in the hands of the government. Nicolás Maduro sabe que esto se acabó. He knows! We venezuelans have had ENOUGH of you! 

Today, april 20, the people went back to the streets, and it happened the same way. I was in my apartment and suddenly a lot of gnb (military police) appeared in the street. The people, that is really REALLY mad at them, started yelling and insulting them, they are murderers. The gnb started shooting at the buildings (some windows are broken) and then used lacrimogen gas on us. THEY ARE SHOOTING WITH GAS THE BUILDINGS WHERE ARE CHILDREN, BABIES AND OLD PEOPLE! 


I won’t post photos in here, but for the sake of you, search in twitter or instagram with the tags #20abril or #19abril. The social media is the only thing left for us. No tv channels or radio stations are transmitting what’s really happening

I’m sorry it’s a really long post but you don’t know how much more I want to write about this

Today on twitter someone told me I should SUPPORT the shows and movies I’m talking about instead of just tweeting about it because “tweeting about it doesn’t get them views/money” and I’ve never, ever, encountered someone who so badly missed the point of my entire online brand. Wildest thing someone ever said to me. 


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Without wanting to sound arrogant, I don’t particularly want to know what viewers think of me- and I don’t believe it does you any favours, knowing that people really like you or really hate you. I’m just happy to get on with doing what I do. I’m just doing my job, which is something I thoroughly enjoy.
—  Ryan Hawley speaking to my soul
Authors, we need to talk about reviews.

This is gonna be LONG.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of posts about reviews. Authors pissed off at reviewers. Reviewers frustrated with authors. Various genres, different people, but the same basic theme - a review that rubs an author the wrong way, and an author who lets fly about it publicly. Y'all, we gotta rein this shit in.

Here’s the thing – I know it’s not fun to get negative reviews. I once had one that compared reading my book to getting a spinal tap. Another speculated about my sexuality, extrapolating (incorrectly) my orientation and experience based on what I’d written. The former was funny. The latter was humiliating. It killed my ability to write a particular pairing for *a year*. So, I get it. I know how much a review can hurt, particularly if it gets personal.

So what are we supposed to do? When a review is nasty, or the person clearly hated the book, or when the reviewer clearly hates the author for whatever reason?


We’re supposed to do….*nothing*.

Not a goddamned thing.

There are three things that are very easy to lose sight of, especially when a review hits a nerve or upsets you:

1. Reviews are for readers, not authors.

2. No review will ever damage your sales or reputation as much as your *reaction* to it.

3. Authors need reviewers, and we’re going to lose them if we make them feel at best unappreciated, at worst targeted.

Let’s unpack these a little.

1. Reviews are for readers, not authors. – Book reviews are product reviews. Books are reviewed by consumers for other consumers, not for the author’s ego or to give them pull quotes. Every reviewer has their own tastes, rating systems, quirks, pet peeves, etc., and they have the right to review your book accordingly. Yeah, sometimes we don’t like the results. But you know what? Sometimes that 1-star review for “way too much sex over the hood of the Ferrari” will be what makes the next reader 1-click your book.

2. No review will ever damage your sales or reputation as much as your *reaction* to it. – I think this is arguably the most important point I’m going to make. Authors live and die by their reputations. Unprofessional behavior will drive readers away a hell of a lot faster than a negative review.

I’m not trying to tell you that you can’t have hurt feelings or that you can’t be upset, annoyed, or pissed off by a review. Of course you can!  But be a goddamned professional about it. Vent, rage, scream, cry….in private. To other writers. To your crit partner. To someone who knows what it’s like to put a book out there and have it skinned alive right in front of you.

The minute you start ranting about it in public, it’s going to start reflecting on YOU a lot more than that review will ever reflect on your book. Whatever damage the bad review might’ve done to your sales will be a fraction of the potential damage of a public response. You want to minimize the damage of a bad review? Don’t draw attention to it.

I’m serious. Over the years, I’ve seen a number of authors who’ve flipped out about reviews, and you know what? I can’t remember the titles of any of those books or even what the reviews said, but I can suuuuuure remember who the author was. I can remember vividly who has ranted about mean reviewers, and especially those who’ve sicced readers on reviewers, but I don’t remember the books. Make of that what you will.

Do you want people to read your books, or do you want them to mentally categorize you as an author who can’t take criticism? Do you want people to review your books honestly, or do you want them to be afraid to even mention your books because you’ve proven you’ll go on the offensive if you’re not happy?  Don’t think about how much damage that 1-star review will do — think about all the 5-star reviews you’ll lose by revealing yourself to be combative and unable to weather criticism.

3. Authors need reviewers, and we’re going to lose them if we make them feel at best unappreciated, at worst targeted.

Reviews sell books. On Amazon, on Goodreads, on review sites – fact is, reviews make books move. Sometimes a review sucks, and yeah, sometimes the sales suffer for it. Sometimes a review is awesome and a book sells like hotcakes as a result. I know of what I speak because I’ve had both happen, including a book that barely sold 100 copies its first year, and suddenly sold thousands after a particularly spectacular review on Goodreads. Reviewers make your book visible, for better or worse.

But reviewers aren’t getting paid to do this. They have lives. They have things to do besides fend off attacks by angry authors. In recent years, there have been reviewers who’ve quit reviewing altogether because authors sicced their fans on them. Just today I saw a reviewer who was upset because an author lashed out at them for not reviewing an ARC promptly. (Spoiler alert, folks: reviewing a book weeks or even months after it comes out will STILL help its visibility and sales.)

The end result is we have fewer people reviewing books across the board, and that hurts everyone. Particularly those of us in niche genres.

Y'all, I get it. I do. I’ve had reviews that would make your hair curl. Some of them have been personally insulting. Some have suggested I skimmed a wiki article when in fact the subject matter was something I live and breathe. If you added up all my 1- and 2- star reviews from the last eight years, you’d discover I’m incapable of writing, know nothing about sex, have zero ability to pick up on speech patterns and emotional nuance, and have never been within 500 miles of a military base. I’ve been there, yo.

That stuff stings, but it’s part of being an author. You put something out there publicly, it’s going to be consumed by the public, and the public won’t always like it. Sometimes they’ll even say so.

Don’t be that author. Let people review your books in their own way and on their own time. Let people *hate* your books for any reason they choose to hate them. The readers who love your work won’t be put off by it.

TL;DR: Your sales won’t be destroyed by a 1-star review. Your career might, however, be damaged by your *reaction* to that 1 star review.


gifset per episode | 2x02: The Stroke of a Chance Encounter!

“ I can see why you’re so taken with him.” 


beth greene & tyreese williams ( inspired by this post [ x ] )

“ I’ve (we’ve) survived and you don’t get it ‘cause I’m not like you or them. But I (we) made it ! ”


Beyonce uses her performances as a platform to send a message on important social issues.

i’m glad there are ancaps against bosses trampling on worker’s rights, but you have to realize what it is you’re advocating for. the solution, under laissez-faire capitalism, wouldn’t be banning abusive practices, but letting people voluntarily choose to work elsewhere.

you kind of need to understand how capitalism works in practice…

MBTI Types As Superhero Names and Abilities

INFP: The Dreamwalker - Has the ability to disappear from existence and enter into the dreams of those they desire. While this Superhero is more about pleasant dreams and helping people through their dreams, they will also send warnings, and even nightmares if said person is an enemy. Can produce dream like illusions, send people into strong daydreams, and warp dreams how they see fit. Has a habit of disappearing randomly and unexpectedly.

ENFP: Quantum Wizard - Has the ability to manipulate the laws of physics however they see fit, often done in cartoon like ways such as random teleportation, walking on air before falling and then running through a wall only to end up somewhere else. Highly unpredictable, and energetic, luckily for us all the Quantum Wizard doesn’t overuse his/her abilities… or so we think. Has a habit of glomping you when you least expect it from what seems like literally nowhere.

INTP: Data Sage - Has immediate access to any data one may need in any situation in order to go about the correct path. There is no need for a computer for them to do this, which also allows them to hack into any system with just their mind. Is the one who stays in the background and directs everyone else in where they’re needed and what they need to do as they are the MBTI Superhero Types Oracle. Has a habit of still not being able to figure out their own directions even though they’re able to direct everyone else.

ENTP: Silver Tongue Viper - No one can resist their charm, and their words. With their words they can cause a person to forget or remember what they desire, as well as to do or not do anything they ask. There are few and far in between who can resist their charming silky honeyed hypnotic voice and sexual charm. Words are their weapon and their power, with which even nature must obey. Has a habit of flirting too much and ending up sometimes doing the exact thing they weren’t suppose to do.

INTJ: Shadowmaster - Literally a master of peoples shadows, and shadows in general. Can cause shadows to become physical copies of the person or thing, allowing them to control them via their shadows as long as they are within sight. Can turn into a shadow themselves and teleport as well as walk from shadow to shadow without being seen. May or may not have a habit of making people dance like marionettes.

ENTJ: Dominion - Where ever Dominion stands or walks an area of up to 200 meters is completely and utterly under their control, for that is now their temporary domain. As such the people must follow and everything must obey their will within that area, and should they choose the force they let out can cause people and buildings to collapse with a simple push. Has a habit of lazing around when no one is watching.

INFJ: Starchild - Has the ability to imbue people with the knowledge of the universe and the workings of the very stars themselves, often causing a brain meltdown once done. Is able to fly and go supernova should they choose, often very kind and helpful, but also always in another place as if they never belong… as if they themselves came from the very stars themselves. The most elusive type and the most secretive, only to act when they are absolutely needed. Has a habit of randomly dozing off.

ENFJ: Southern Wind - Has the ability to bring about warmer air and an emotional embrace. Wherever people are hurting there the Southern Wind is, comforting and healing them before moving on as the wind passes through the persons body and heals them completely. If serious he/she can use their ability to create a tornado or even hurricane should they come across such evil that requires it. Most of the time however they are the empathetic healer, who guides people towards a better path. Has a habit of playing with children and inspiring them to follow their dreams.

ISFP: Beastmaster - There is no animal that does not listen to them, and their is no animal that will not obey him/her. Nature is their domain and all the animals within are under their control. As such he/she also has the ability to talk to and understand any animal they come across through a telepathic link that is often established. As such he/she won’t be seen so much inside the city but in places of nature where they are most suited towards their task. Has the habit of placing animal sounds in some of their words.

ESFP: Hyperdrive - Due to their endless energy that challenges that of the Quantum Wizard, Hyperdrive is able to do, gather and disperse energy however they see fit within their actions, which can often cause them to do everything at faster than lightspeed, which in turn causes them to be able to go through a dimensional shift, as well as open portals as well as wormholes in space. Has a habit of not being able to remain still, whether this is from the body constantly vibrating or them constantly moving.

ISTP: Thundersmith - There is nothing that Thundersmith can’t build, and there is no weapon that they can’t wield. With the force of his/her hammers he/she can topple mountains, and build buildings from the ground up. Anything they touch can be used as a weapon as it is imbued with the powers of the earth shaking forces of thunder and lightning. Has a habit of building automatons and giant fighting robots.

ESTP: Steel Commando - Can make their body impervious to harm and even turn to steel. Further more they relish in the arms of combat and can use any firearm, explosive, or general mass destructive weapon by mere will alone. And it’s not just one or two that they have in their hand either, no any firearm they touch will immediately be linked to them allowing them to have as many firearms and explosives they can get their hands on and use all of the simultaneously. Has a habit of jumping from buildings or airplanes as a first mode of attack.

ISTJ: Enforcer - Law is their domain, not law in the sense of the laws of society, but law in general. As such they can erase or create any law they see fit, and make it come to pass in anyone they see. If they do not wish for some one to escape, the law that they create will prevent that person to escape, as their law becomes part of physical nature itself. Of course once again they must be within eye distance of all that is going on in order to execute this ability. Has a habit of playing memory and mind games with themselves and others.

ESTJ: Captain Force - There is nothing they cannot force themselves into or command upon setting foot in a place that requires such or that they simply dictate requires such. Everything moves in the path they desire, when they desire, and how they desire. This includes systems, people, and things in general. Their overpowering presence may also cause others around them to faint. Has the habit of placing everything into neat organizational order when their ability is used.

ISFJ: Harmonious Sparrow - Besides the power of flight, Harmonious Sparrow is able to gently bring all into order and harmony. Where ever there is chaos, and general conflict, their powers of peace and order will bring everything into quiet settlement. When needed they also utilize their unique martial arts skills that gracefully place their opponents in the ground before they even realize what has happened. Has a habit of always bringing herbal tea with them.

ESFJ: The Sentry - Nothing will be able to get past that which they guard or watch, as they are the caretakers of all those in need. They have the ability to not only see all that is coming from far distances, but to also dish out as much punishment as they are given. They will stand in front of all the people they care for and if the enemy wants to get to those people, they first have to get through them. As long as they have people to look after, guard, and take care of, nothing can harm them as instead all of that harm returns in equal force towards the person giving it. Has a habit of hugging and cuddling everyone they’re close to.

my Wii U tells me it took me 64 hours to beat Zelda. I got to the end!

I just wanted to talk about just the gameplay. I haven’t read anything about this game, so this might be said to death already.

It’s definitely the hardest modern Zelda game. But!

It’s incredible that the game gives you So Many Options at any moment that you never feel that frustrated when you die. And you do die - a lot. But whereas with other games I would be frustrated and enraged at constant death, with this game I always reacted with a “well, yeah, that death was all my fault. There were many ways out of that situation, I could have been better prepared, I could have just teleported away…”

Like, I think this game might be a benchmark for something entirely new in how difficulty works in games. I’ve never really enjoyed hard games, and I never thought I would ever react so well to abrupt Game Over screens ever again, after that went out of fashion in games years ago. But I did react well to Breath of the Wild killing me - over and over, so many times. This game does player control differently.

The key to enjoyment is to never railroad the player, and let them choose their own challenges or ways to solve puzzles and obstacles. My mind has been ablaze with this revelation that a hard video game can be fun, just as long as there’s more than one way to accomplish goals. It makes the player feel clever and listened to when their hare-brained schemes work, and they don’t have to brute-force every encounter.

I quit Dark Souls after the first boss. I’ve stopped playing Zelda games for weeks out of frustration because I couldn’t find the singular solution to a puzzle that I had to solve to further the plot.

I beat Breath of the Wild straight through without ever tiring or getting angry. The game design, the fighting design, the feeling of incredible control. Everything is brilliant. It’s so fun to play this hard game.

anonymous asked:

how would u feel, if i told you some bi/trans ppl feel 'oppressed' by pansexuality- or rather, just the term pansexual? help me out here, i feel like if ur super accepting and liberal!1! you shouldn't go around invalidating someone's feelings, but i just can't bring myself to understand how it seems to work just fine in the 1st world internet-verse and where i live the norm is completely different.

Okay so that’s actually something I hear a lot of and honestly I get upset by it. Let me put it simply for you…

How I identify does not and will not ever affect anyone but me. Me saying that I am Pansexual does not invalidate Bi people and it sure as heck doesn’t invalidate any Trans people. It is the label that I have claimed to define my sexuality. As it is my sexuality, only I can decide what label to assign to it. Telling me that because I decide to call myself Pansexual rather than Bisexual I’m oppressing someone else is, in my opinion, not only bigoted but also fairly oppressive in itself.

Pansexuals wanting our sexuality to be recognized doesn’t hurt Bisexuals any more than Bisexuals wanting to be recognized hurts lesbian/gay people. We don’t want to take representation and/or recognition away from bisexuals at all. We want to be represented and recognized alongside them. We want people to realize there’s more than one way you can be attracted to more than one gender because there is.

We want people to stop telling us our identity is invalid.

We want people to stop saying we don’t exist.

And above all we want people to let us choose what label fits us best because that’s something nobody else can decide.

And as for Pansexuals oppressing Transgender people just by using the label Pansexual? I’m sorry but that’s also bullshit.

There is nothing inherently transphobic about the label Pansexual. Like yes, Pansexuals can be transphobic but A) most of us (from my experience) aren’t and B) even if some are that’s a problem with the person, not the identity.

If someone is being transphobic or biphobic you should by all means call them out because that’s wrong and it’s bigoted and honestly just shitty. But discounting an entire sexuality is just as wrong, just as bigoted and just as incredibly shitty.

Me saying “I’m Pansexual” isn’t oppressing anyone. It isn’t hurting anyone.

But when you turn around and say “Pansexuality isn’t real” “Pansexuality is fake” “Pansexuals are just Bisexuals wanting to be special”?

That’s bigoted. That’s oppressive.

And so is telling me that how I identify is wrong.

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

I keep thinking about a vore dating sim like:

-Going with a pred or a prey as the protagonist (I’d like to let people choose their preferred gender for either one)

-Being the usual transfer-in to a private area for those who have special abilities, like taking on monstrous forms or shrinking down or what have you, that at least sorta tie back to eating people or getting eaten.

-Encountering the laid back pred option with them gulping someone down in their first meeting, with their gut bulging out as they rub it and introduce themselves. The then smack it as the prey rumbles around too much and explains they’ll let ‘im out after they’ve learned their lesson.

-A really pudgy pred option who loves to eat food and loves to hear the sloshes and gurgles, and likes to have other hear the gurgles too.

-The cruel pred option who’s into the unwilling stuff and is like, the dangerous rebel everyone warns you about. They go on about how sweet you look and smell. They wanna lick your cheek and they love to just hang their mouth open, letting their uvula dangle.

-A prey option who’s like the size of a doll but has a real get up and go attitude, who kicks and squirms in a belly to fight their way out so she can get back to her hobbies.

-A cheery and willing prey option who has the ability to shrink herself down to mouse size, and anything in between, who takes notice of big fangs, squishy tongues and gurgly churny bellies.

-A more shy prey option centered around helping her out of her shell

-Cheesy dates and get togethers with vore jokes and moments.

-Romantic moments along with trust exercises in order to develop a strong and healthy relationship together, despite the risks of eating someone or being eaten.

-Prey/Prey romantic moments of being gulped down together

-Pred/Pred moments of sharing Prey, tranfserring them through kisses, listening to each other’s bellies, etc.

-Bad endings ranging from bad break ups to much worse stuff, like forcefully swallowing prey and feeling them squirm and suffer, or being swallowed by angry preds to suffer