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Hoshido fears h/c

Some headcanons of fears the royal siblings might have. Inspired by this video (which everyone should watch btw, it’s fucking hilarious)

-Mod Pineapple


  • he’s afraid of losing his composure
  • even just by himself, his thoughts are that if he loses his composure when just by himself, how is he supposed to handle himself outside
  • having taken on the role of a leader at a very young age, it’s been pounded into his mind that he must always seem composed
  • he bottles up almost everything he’s feeling for he is a leader
  • he wants people to look up to him as strong and reliable
  • and to him, if he can’t control his emotions he isn’t able to lead anyone
  • even as a child, he almost never cried
  • when Corrin/Kamui was taken, when King Sumeragi died and everyone was mourning, this man showed nothing
  • it scares him to know what would happen if he were to have a breakdown


  • as a kid she had a HUGE fear of heights
  • simply sitting on her pegasus made her feel woozy
  • after her younger siblings were born, she tried very hard to be a great role model they could look up to
  • nowadays she doesn’t have many fears but she’s afraid of losing people
  • it doesn’t matter their social status, she can’t bear seeing people die, especially those close to her
  • she would gladly put herself in danger before letting others lay their lives for her
  • whenever someone dies, she waits until there’s no one around then locks herself in her room and cries
  • she stays in there for a while and waits until her eyes are less puffy before coming out again
  • most people don’t notice that she was crying except for a few people like her siblings and her retainers (surprisingly)


  • bugs
  • like he can’t stand bugs at all
  • any shape, size, number of legs, he hates them all
  • if they’re in the wilderness it’s fine, you can’t help that and he understands
  • but if he finds one in his room it’s a big FUCK NO and he fucking books it out of there yelling for Hinata to come save him
  • once Hinata decided it’d be hilarious to place a fake bug to replace a bookmark in a book Takumi was reading
  • Takumi screamed and passed out


  • she hates public speaking
  • if there are any meetings, parties, or simple occasions in which she has to speak in front of a group of people, she comes up with any excuse possible to avoid having to go to them
  • “sorry I can’t go um… my cat’s sick.”
  • “you don’t have a cat.”
  • “…”
  • she’s also afraid of big people
  • she tries her best to not burst into tears when someone big talks to her because 1. she’s a royal and 2. that’s just rude
  • but they’re just so intimidating to a small child like her
  • often she hides behind Hana when a big person comes and talks to her, she’s really grateful to Hana for letting her hide behind her
  • if Hana isn’t around, she uses Subaki or her siblings - mostly Hinoka
real pleasure

Group/Member: GOT7//Jaebum

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,035

Drabble #: 30 & 67 “I guess we’ll have to share the bed.” “Spread your legs for Daddy…and beg me to touch you.”

“Author’s Note: Wooo!! My first drabble in I don’t even know how long! It’s been a pretty stressful week you guys! I’ve said it a few other times, but I just recently moved from my hometown down to my college. And even though this is my 4th year of college, it’s my first time every being away from my hometown and not living with family. So I’m in the dorms all by myself and it’s so weird and I’m so antisocial, but I’m excited to be here! I start classes on Tuesday so I thought I could use my last two days off to do some of the requests that have been building up and give you guys one more chance to request stuff. Also am I mean or what for cutting off my smuts like this LOL SUFFER ♡ ♡”

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You know those feelings and that intensity you get when you’re on the fence of being just friends and something more? That warmth that spreads through your chest, and the smile that’s contagious to the point where your breaking out until full on grins even when you think of them. That was you and Jaebum. Having been friends for months now, the fondness and new found warmth had begun over the winter time. Small snowflakes sprinkling down from the sky as you two walked under streetlamps and down quiet sidewalks, shoulders pressed together. And you know that the feelings changed the moment he wrapped that arm around you, protecting you from the harsh wind that whipped into you.

Things changed after that.

“Are you sure it’s okay that I’m joining you guys?” you ask for probably the millionth time as Jaebum simply rolls his eyes, your bag in his hand as he walks you into the hotel. “For the millionth time [Y/N], you’re a friend to all of us, and we’d love for you to join us,” he said, turning his head back to flash you that perfect smile of his as you continue down the hall. Your hand instinctively is already on your belly as you try to calm the butterflies that just shot through you.

“Okay, but honestly I could have reserved my own room, I may not make as much as you guys, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your own privacy to stay in one room with me,” you say, unsure why you’re still rambling to him when deep down you know damn well you’re excited to be staying in the same room as him. As if he read those thoughts he flashes you another smirk and shakes his head. “Nah, I think I like this arrangement better,” his flirty tone not getting wasted on you at all as your cheeks flame up.

“Here we are, room 332,” he says as he stops outside of it and uses the keycard, letting you guys in. The moment you see the room though your heart starts to pick up, your eyes swinging over to his quickly.

“Jaebum, there’s only one bed in here,” you say quickly as your eyes roam over the one king sized bed in the room.

“Really? Oh darn, I guess we’ll have to share the bed,” he says, his hands dropping both of your guys’ bags as he walks a little closer to you. Your posture resembles that of a statue until the moment when his hands grab a hold of you. One gripping your waist and the other cupping your face. Snapping out of your trance you immediately reach up and hold onto his arms, your eyes connecting with his. “Please tell me I’m right to think you feel this way too,” he says, his voice low, his eyes so full of want that you can barely breathe. “Tell me that I’m not the only one who gets this feeling whenever you’re around me.

Of course he isn’t the only one. You’ve been feeling like this for a while now, wishing and hoping for something like this. It’s as if one of your dreams is finally coming to life.

“You’re not the only one.”

Lips are suddenly on you, engulfing yours, quick inhales as you wrap one another in an embrace and eliminate any and all space between the two of you. He kisses you long enough to get your lips swollen before pulling back from you so that he can help strip you. There’s no nervousness between you two anymore, only pure confidence and need as you allow him to strip you over every single article of clothing that is on your body. Backing you up, Jaebum allows your naked body to fall back onto the bed as he looks you up and down. Those eyes of his are hungry as he looks, sucking in everything about you in this state. “Fuck,” he whispers to himself.

Thinking that he’s going to pounce on you at any moment, you’re more than a little surprise as he actually managed to turn away from you. Biting your lip you watch as he removes his shirt and walks over to the hotel chair, pulling it over so that he’s now seated a short ways from the bed, direction in front of you as he continues to watch.

“Jaebum what are-,” he silences you though with his finger to his lip.

“Spread your legs for Daddy…and beg me to touch you.”

One sentence has never turned you on so quickly, so suddenly as his has. Your eyes gloss over as you swallow and nod your head. God you want him to touch you so bad, so you know that you need to do this right or else you aren’t going to get what you want. Taking a deep breath you slowly open your legs, revealing all your glory to him. It gives you confidence to hear the quick intake of air through his mouth as you allow him to see all of you in this state. Your hands slowly rubbing down the length of your body as you make sure to never let your eyes leave his. “Oh Jaebum,” you moan just as your hand brushes over your core.

Letting your small delicate fingers slide through your slit, you let out breathy sighs, slowly working yourself up, as well as Jaebum because at this point he’s unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off along with his boxers, your eyes widening at how big he really is. “You should be doing this,” you whisper to him, just as you let a finger slide into you. You’ve never felt Jaebum pleasure you, but you already know he’s going to do much better than your single finger.

“Please…daddy, come do this properly for me,” you beg, your finger barely doing its job and only allow small moans to leave your lips.

When he’s unable to take it anymore he stands abruptly, reaching you on the bed in two long strides as he’s immediately on top of you, his lips crashing back into yours.

“Let me show you what real pleasure is.”

Written by Kendal from passionate-noona (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

race for the sun


He had to give it to his mother and the army of servants that she commanded. Even on such short notice they had been able to pull off perfection to this degree. It had been a busy few months getting everything ready, making sure every detail was checked and double checked. He was surprised she’d had the time at all to see this on top of ruling a country.

God knew his father would have been useless at this. Distracted by his work and experiments, it was a surprise he was even tolerated as the Consort-King. Tony was excused for his distractions as Prince, he wasn’t even supposed to be the heir to the throne, so they’d sent him off to school, to university. Though, this arrangement, Tony’s impending marriage, had been his father’s idea. And they had prospered for the promised alliance.

Of course, the engagement hadn’t been meant for Tony originally. No, it had been meant for the first born daughter of their Queen. Except, there hadn’t been a daughter after Tony was born. Oh, there had been pregnancies. All of them ending in miscarriage or still borns.

Until, at fifteen, Tony had come home during a break after the last stillbirth. He’d snuck into a closed court session where only the inner court had been called upon. And he’d watched his father cut them all down at the knees. Telling them enough was enough and he wouldn’t continue to put his wife - their Queen - through the pain and emotional turmoil of another pregnancy.

They had Tony. Fix the laws. They could make due with him.

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Signs as GoT “Good Guys”

Aries: Arya Stark because of your warrior like energy you never quit on anything that you are doing. It is a common misconception that Aries people are aggressive, but I have found this to be baseless and invented by people who intimidated by your great determination and tough energy.

Taurus: Brienne of Tarth is loyal to a fault, just like Brienne, because no matter if you are on the losing side or not, you will remain loyal until your last breath. Not to mention you have a thick skin and you know your purpose better than most and when it is something you believe in, you tend to have a single minded drive towards what you desire.

Gemini: Margaery Tyrell is a clever and subtle player of the Game of Thrones. She is not overly vicious, or needlessly cruel, but she does have an agenda for power, no matter how subtle she is about it. She uses her grace, charm, and words to cleverly manipulate her way as the queen of the realm, all the while being great at playing innocent. Though for all of her manipulation in a world full of cut throats, her intentions seem innocent enough and she has never struck me as evil.

Cancer: Jon Snow wants more than anything to prove himself, for he has been burdened with the treatment bastards receive. He seeks to prove his honor and struggles between duty and the love he bears for his family. Often these conflicts create a broody and moody demeanor with our noble brother of the wall. Jon Snow has a habit for sticking to what he knows to be right, which is the trait that got Ned Stark killed.  As a Cancer you always try to do what is right or best for everyone, even if you have to sacrifice what is important to you.

Leo: Ned Stark was full of stubborn pride in his own honor, which got him murdered. But he also had such a deep love for his children, which Leo rules over the house of children, which gives Leo a certain “forever young” vibe, and a deep connection with their inner child, and most likely children as well. Especially if they are your own children, it doesn’t matter if you dislike kids. But as the fixed sign of Leo you are also very susceptible to the pitfalls of  stubborn pride.

Virgo: Barristan Selmy was another character of impeccable honor, probably one of the last ones of this type left. He put duty and honor above all else, though in the books it seems like that is all Barristan is: duty and honor. There is nothing else in his life except this driving force of purpose to serve and protect those he is loyal to. And he is a great analytical advisor. And I have to say Virgos usually give great advice that I actually follow. Virgo people, no matter how energized or lazy they might be, always follow through with promises and will perform whatever duties are required of them, in fact I think Virgo people need purpose more than others in order to feel valued, and Barristan seemed much the same considering how valiantly he has served his whole life no matter how “old” he gets.

Libra: Daneryes Targaryen is probably almost everyone’s favorite, I mean she contains all the beauty and charisma of a Libra. As well as finding herself needing to make big decisions, even though they are overwhelming and no choice is ever easy. Libras aren’t the best at making decisions, but only because you take so long to actually make on due to your nature to weigh every little factor and your ability to rationally look at both sides of a coin and trying to reason with your choices. Venus also bestows much grace and aesthetic beauty on this sign.

Scorpio: Oberyn Martell was a no bullshit warrior with much charisma and sexual prowess. For him it seemed like there was nothing that shocked him and that there was much more he understood than anyone would expect. It was unfortunate we didn’t get to have him stick around for longer. But his small role in the books and show will not be easily forgotten. And like Scorpio people he was easily likeable and was quite a force to be reckoned with. Before you ever see him fight, you just know he isn’t a warrior to cross. His reputation preceded him and he was quite good at seeing through bullshit.

Sagittarius: Tommen is such a sweet and easy going kid, that you almost feel bad for him that he stuck between all of these conniving and manipulative game players. But like the typical go lucky reputation of Sagittarius, Tommen survives off the wisdom of the fool, which is to say he is so clueless and innocent like a puppy, that none of the drama is even affecting him. He is just blissfully unaware. Though he still has a lot of growing up to do, so it will be interesting to see where his character is headed.

Capricorn: Robb Stark was determined and Ambitious, he also really wasn’t into taking other people’s advice and instead doing what he wanted. And I would have to say from experience of being a professional astrologer for many personal clients, that Capricorns let advice go in one ear and out the other, because no matter what you say, they know better. And no matter what his duties were or what anyone said about marrying a Frey for the war, he just simply decided to follow his heart and not take anyone else’s advice. Robb Stark also is full of ambition to up his status as King of the North. And I don’t think I have ever known a Capricorn that enjoys being in service to another person.

Aquarius: Tyrion Lannister is probably another favorite among the masses, and this isn’t without reason. He marches to the beat of his own drum and possess the sharpest of tongues. And these are all traits he shares in common with the embodiment of the Aquarius energy. Aquarius is supposed to be against the status quo and be a profound sign of communication on a much bigger level than either Gemini or Libra. And I believe Tyrion is a great character for not being like the rest of the Lannisters and for all of his smart ass lines throughout the books and shows.

Pisces: Bran Stark is on a journey to fully develop these new strange and mysterious powers he has inherited or unlocked after losing the use of his legs. And though his story is an elusive one, so much fascinating mystery and mystical power surrounds his story. He is imaginative and full of an inspiring power that pairs with no other sign than Pisces, who rules the house of self undoing and other worldly mysteries. Also known as the house of mystics. And Bran is a mystical character for certain.

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ALICE=ALICE Vol.6: Ura Alice English Translation


  • May contain some grammatical & translation errors. 
  • Feel free to pm me any mistakes. It’ll help all of us to better understand the story, so don’t be shy ^-^
  • Feel free to translate this in any other language, BUT make sure to link/source this & credit me please. 

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I think it worth pointing out that when Arthur pulled Excalibur he was worthy. He was a hero. If he hadn’t been a hero he would have turned into a pile of ash like Sir Kay. If he was a horrible person then Guinevere wouldn’t have fallen in love with him and the people wouldn’t have followed him in the first place. The point of his story is that he didn’t stay worthy. He let his obsession to find the other half of the sword twist him into something else. Just because Arthur became a villain doesn’t mean he was one when he pulled Excalibur from the stone.

The same applies to Rumple. When he pulled the sword he was a hero. His heart was 100% hero because of his blank slate status. Now we get to see him try and stay a hero.