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Better For Me (Part Six)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao
Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn. 
TRIGGER WARNINGS (CHAPTER 6): Attempted sexual assault, talks of past sexual assault/rape, violence, swearing, almost smut, angst
Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?
Word Count: 3K+
Chapter Summary: You and Bucky spend the holidays with your family and he discovers something horrific about you and the only thing on his mind is getting out of there.
A/N: Chapter 7A coming soon! If I missed any trigger warnings, please let me know! If you want to be in the taglist, links are below!


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My Hero- Alex Galchenyuk

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Ok so I struggled with this one… and I don’t know whyyyyy!!! I like the prompt and person (per usual) but I just… couldn’t come up with anything, so please give me the honest truth. Enjoy! (I hope! Anon- if you don’t like it let me know!)

Warning: fight, a guy who won’t take a hint

Anon Request: Can you do an Alex Galchenyuk imagine where he’s super protective of you and maybe gets in a fight with a guy. But then ends in fluff?? I love your writing btw!


              You sat at your table waiting for your boyfriend to come back out when a man slid in across from you.

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TalesFromYourServer: Lady orders her Chick-Fil-A while on the phone.

I’ve had this story for a while and I feel like it fits this subreddit the best. When I was 16 I was a “server” at Chick-fil-A for about 3 months. As most of you may know, CFA lives by treating the customer with the utmost respect, training most employees up to 16 hours on exactly how they are to deal with customers. On one given day I was working a mid-day weekday shift, so practically nobody was in the restaurant and I was the only one behind the counter at the moment. As I’m sitting there staring blankly into space, a middle aged white lady in a full pants suit approaches the counter, clearly fully engaged in a phone conversation. I see this, but decide to greet her as I would any other customer with the classic “Hi ma'am! Welcome to Chick-fil-A! How may I help you?”

The lady almost cuts me off, and simply barks “Get me a chicken noodle” without even making eye contact. I’m a little taken back by both her rudeness and the fact that she would decide to order a chicken noodle soup out of everything on the CFA menu, but I respond kindly with “Sure thing ma'am! Will that be for here or to go?” The lady gives me a look of disgust and barks back with a loud “SHH! Can’t you see I’m on the phone!? Just put in the order!” and slaps a 20 onto the counter.

At this point I’m just at a loss for words. Why would you try to order while on the phone? Why not just put off the phone call for a minute, or wait to order until the call is done to order? There was literally nobody else in the restaurant, so she wouldn’t even have had to wait extra time in line, but all of that’s beyond me.

I put it as a to-go order, and ask “Can I get a name for the order?” which is met with another SH and finger. I end up just awkwardly standing there while she continues her phone call, seeing as I have to put a name in to continue and finalize the order. Now visibly more frustrated, she looks at me and says “Why aren’t you taking the money!?” to which I respond “Ma'am, I have to put a name in for the order to continue, the register won’t let me bypass this screen until I put something in.”

I thought I was at a loss for words until I heard what she had to say next. “Holy shit, just put in any name!” Why!? Why not just use the energy you used telling me off to just tell me your name? There’s no way her name could have been longer than the 9 syllables you used for that sentence, but here I was having to come up with a name for some random lady to finish her order. I put in “Amy” because that just seems like a bitchy name to me, and finished her order.

The lady finishes her call, and starts asking me to get all this extra shit for her soup like crackers and hot sauce, and I oblige. She sees her soup comes through the little food window, and instantly nags to me “Hey! I think thats my soup!”

Since I’m only 16 at the time, I’m not allowed to handle food, only work the register. Had this been any other customer I would have just grabbed the soup and put it in the bag, not hard. But I saw this as my chance. I look at the lady, smile and say “I’m sorry ma'am, I’m not allowed to handle your food. Someone else will be here shortly to help you.” She looks at me with her frustrated stare and just nods. She ended up waiting 15 minutes just for my manager to come out and get her food, and another 5 while my manager tried to find an Amy that didn’t exist who had ordered a chicken noodle soup. Pretty much the biggest fuck you I could give her without being fired, and though it wasn’t much it felt liberating in the moment.

TL:DR A lady orders food from me at Chick-Fil-A while on the phone, doesn’t answer any of my serving questions and ends up having to wait 20 minutes longer for her food because she didn’t want to take 5 seconds to tell me her name.

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Gif Drabble

For @super-not-naturall


Y/N tried to stifle her laugh while the older woman practically sucked on Sam’s neck. She was wrinkly, stinky, an constantly running her hands through Sam’s hair. It took all of Y/N’s willpower not to laugh. She wanted to prolong this moment as long as the universe would allow it.

“You know they say women are like a fine wine, or a- a cheese,” the elderly woman (didn’t she introduce herself as Marge?) purred into his ear- or, rather, his chin. She couldn’t quite reach his ear.

“Oh?” Sam swallowed thickly. “Well, I, uh, I’m lactose intolerant, so-”

“Oh, but I’m dairy free,” she cooed. “And these udders haven’t been milked in so long.” Sam’s eyes widened. He struggled to find words. Y/N tasted blood on her lip from trying so hard not to laugh herself into submission.

“Shh.” The old woman hushed him, pressing a finger to his lips. “Don’t say anything. I don’t need words. I just need you; you and your big, strong-”

“Sam!” Y/N cried out. She really didn’t want to hear where the rest of that was headed. “Oh, sorry- was I interrupting something?”

“No!” Sam rushed. He coughed, peeling the lady off of himself. “Y/N. What- uh, what is it?”

“We have to go,” she lied. “Dean just called. He said there’s a- a family emergency. Yeah. So… Come quick.” Sam didn’t need to be told twice.

“Sorry to rush off like this,” Y/N tried to sympathize for the elderly lady. “But family issues call-” Sam didn’t even let her finish the sentence before grabbing her arm and dragging her out the door.

“Someone’s in a rush,” she mumbled.

“You have no idea,” he replied as they slid into the impala. He shuddered with disgust, causing his sister to laugh.

“You know, I should have gone back for you,” Y/N smirked, resting her feet on the dash. “I could’ve gotten you her number. The two of you looked great together.”

“Shut up.” Sam rolled his eyes, smirking, as he pulled out of the gravel lot. He was just glad the event was behind him.

The moment Dean found out about it, though, the memory was not forgotten.


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ERIC X OC : Play Pretend

A/N: I’m shaking things up in here. This is an Eric Coulter fic. From the Divergent movies. Yeah, I love Jai. I’ve posted this before but on a deleted account. But I really just wanna share it. GIF NOT MINE. CREDITS TO OWNER!

The music was pumping and the alcohol flowed without pause. Strobe lights flashed now and then. Green. Blue. Purple. Somewhere in the crowd, Avery leaned against her favorite boulder as she watched the scene before her.

The Pit was full of people jumping up and down. In the middle of it was two of her best friends, dancing drunkenly. Smiling at her friends’ antics, Avery threw back the drink in her hand, grimacing at the taste.

Someone sidled up beside her but she paid no heed. That was until he spoke.

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first of all I'm obsessed with hear the wolf it's so good 😻 and if you're taking jonsa prompts still: Jon helping Sansa look for Lady in a storm 😻

You are way, waaaaaay too sweet! Thank you so very much! You have no idea how much I appreciate you saying that <3 

With that said, here’s my attempt at your prompt. Of course it is so much longer than I had expected since I am incapable of writing short drabbles. 

But yeah, I hope you like it!

The storm came at a quarter to ten. It rocked the windows of the two-storey house and lights flickered in nonsensical patterns. Sansa sat alone in the den. She had been in the middle of binge-watching Westworld when everything went dark. For a few seconds, Sansa listened to the storm raging outside. It rained a lot in Scotland – more so than it did anything else – but storms weren’t as common. The last time it rained this badly the roof had collapsed in on the nearby post office. People were without power for days and it had even flooded in parts of the city. Sansa was living down south then but her parents had texted her consistently to make sure she was alright in London. Of course it had rained in London too but nowhere near as badly as the north. 

But Sansa was home this time – and alone too. Her parents were at a party, and with the storm as it was, Sansa didn’t think they’d be home any time soon. It was more than likely they’d just crash at the Mormont’s, which they had been known to do in the past but that had been due to excessive drinking. Robb was away on holiday; Arya and Bran were still at university. Only Rickon was actually in Edinburgh but he was staying the night at a friend’s. That left Sansa and all their dogs.

Something crashed from down in the basement that had her frowning. Sansa, the dogs and Jon. She didn’t know why he was here. He wasn’t even family, but that was hardly a valid reason anymore. From the day Jon’s mother died when he was sixteen, Eddard and Catelyn Stark had all but adopted him into their home. As Robb’s best friend and with no other living relative, Sansa was not so unfeeling as to begrudge Jon for living with them, but it didn’t mean she liked him any more than she had before. He was still stupid, boring, grumpy Jon. Only now, he was stupid, boring, grumpy Jon that lived in her house. 

Quiet click-clacking on the wooden floorboards announced the arrival of the Stark family dogs in quick succession. First came Shaggydog, Nymeria, Grey Wind, Ghost and then Summer. Sansa sat up straighter and waited. There were no further sounds of click-clacking. It was eerily silent once the five dogs had settled down on the carpet. Sansa craned her neck to peer down the darkened corridor. “Lady?” she called but there was no answering woof. Panic began to slide coldly down her throat. “Lady!” she called out louder this time, and quickly stood up. Again, no answer. 

The next ten minutes was spent searching frantically from room to room. When she reached the back of the house, Sansa shivered. A cold gust of wind whipped towards her, chilling her through her thick hoodie and sweat bottoms. Someone had left the backdoor open and that meant… 

Sansa turned quickly and raced down to the basement – the one room she hadn’t looked in yet. She knocked furiously on the door. “Jon! Jon!” She could hear the hysteria in her voice, and while normally Sansa remained as controlled of her emotions as was possible around Jon, occasionally she slipped up. Once, during Christmas holidays when she was fifteen and Robb and him seventeen, and they had come home drunk and broken her favourite pair of heels. She had screamed bloody murder then but this hysteria was different. 

The door pulled back to reveal a tall, broad man in his early twenties with a scruffy beard and shaggy long hair. His face was shadowed by the only source of light from inside his room: an open laptop. “Sansa, what’s wrong?”  

“Lady! She’s… Is she in there?” From the confused look on Jon’s face, her heart plummeted to the soles of her feet. “She’s gone! The backdoor was open and… and it’s raining out, and what if she can’t find her way home? What if she’s hurt!” 

Abruptly, two strong hands gripped her shoulders and Jon’s face was now level to hers. From this proximity, she could see flecks of violet in the irises of his grey eyes, but that was probably the dim lighting playing tricks on her. “Sans, Lady is a smart dog. She’ll be okay.” 

“What if she’s not, Jon?” Sansa hated the whining tone her voice took but the bond she shared with her dog meant more to her than any pair of heels, any stupid party, any dumb boy that had come and gone in her life. 

Jon must’ve realised this when he went back into his room and grabbed a parka from a hook. He glanced back at Sansa then grabbed another parka. “Wear this,” he commanded, and she did so wordlessly, following him back up the stairs. Jon placed a hand on her shoulder in a motion for her to stay and disappeared into a storage cupboard. When he came out, he was holding two torches. Sansa couldn’t help wondering then if Jon had always been so calm and collected in crises or if he had to learn it when his mother died. 

“Sansa…” Jon stopped in front of the door to the back garden that led out into a wide field fenced in by thick trees. She looked up into his eyes and noticed how serious they were. Jon was always serious, that was one of the reasons why she had never liked him, but underneath it, she also saw concern. Was that for her? Or for Lady? She couldn’t imagine it’d be for her but then he had to go and say, “stay close.” 

Under any other circumstances, Sansa might have retorted with something scathing but she only nodded today. It was all she could do to keep her limbs from trembling, half from the cold and half from fear. Within five minutes of being out in the rain, drenched thoroughly through in spite of Jon’s parka, it became mostly from the cold. It settled over her like the unpleasant feeling of walking with wet socks, only everything was wet and Sansa could barely see beyond her fingers. Fat droplets fell from the sky so rapidly no amount of blinking could clear them from her vision. The wind bit into her cheeks like thousands of tiny little bugs nipping into her skin. 

Wordlessly, as if he had sensed her discomfort and impaired vision, Jon’s hand wrapped tightly around hers. She started, confused by the action and even more confused by how nice it felt, but didn’t comment. They walked across the field to the edge of the trees. A moment passed as Jon seemed to contemplate whether to trek through a dark wet forest before he was pulling her forward again. She shuffled closer and gripped his arm with her free hand, hoping to gain something, anything, from his body heat. If he was surprised by the intimacy, Jon didn’t say anything. 

They walked for what felt like hours to Sansa but was probably only thirty minutes. Her voice was raw from calling out for Lady and her trembling had only gotten worse. Fear had quickly given way to outright panic and Sansa tore herself away from Jon in a half-crazed run. She screamed for Lady, the tears falling down her cheeks thankfully hidden by the rain. 

Sansa cupped her hands around her lips, readying to shout again, when she was suddenly slammed into a tree. A half a second later, a tree branch groaned from above and fell where she had just stood. Sansa blinked, gasping, as she looked at Jon. He was breathing hard, his body heaving up and down against hers, as he kept her pressed against the tree. There was a point of throbbing pain at the base of her skull where it had met the tree but she wasn’t as aware of it as she was of Jon. Every ridged line of his body, every twitch of his muscle as he stayed flushed against her. Sansa opened her mouth to say something, maybe to tell him to get off of her, maybe to thank him, but she didn’t get a chance to even think of a response before his lips captured hers roughly. It wasn’t slow or lethargic or unfeeling as she had once thought a kiss from Jon would be; it was desperate and intense, almost painful. What surprised her even more was how Sansa responded to him – just as painfully, as desperately, as passionately as if they would die tomorrow if they didn’t. 

When Jon pulled away, Sansa was embarrassed to hear the moan of displeasure leaving her lips. Her cheeks burned as she noticed the hint of a smile. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why did you?”

Jon leaned his forehead to hers and sighed. “Because I’m tired of pretending I don’t want to.” Sansa’s ensuing silence spurred him to continue on. “When I saw that branch start to break, for that split second, I thought it’d hit you. I thought of course it’d be my luck that I’d lose you before I even got a chance to have you.” He paused, startled by his own admission, and took a step back. “I… I don’t mean I have you now. You’re not anyone’s to have. I just…” 

Before Jon could finish his sentence, Lady came racing through the trees towards them. She jumped at Sansa and barked happily. Sansa returned her enthusiasm by placing kisses all over the dog’s head. “Don’t you ever do that again, Lady!” she admonished but the dog only whinnied in response. 

This time, Sansa led them back. The lights had turned back on in the neighbourhood and she could see her house clearly through the darkness. Even the rain had started to let up now. 

Once safely inside, Sansa peeled the parka from her body and tossed it in a heap on the ground. Lady bounded down the corridor, trailing mud and shaking droplets of water everywhere. Sansa could deal with the mess in the morning. She was too tired now, and more importantly, she had something else to take care of. 

“Jon?” Sansa turned back to face him. He was running his hands through his hair and shaking his head much in the same way Lady had been. Sansa reached forward and stilled his hands. His eyes widened in surprise and she smiled. “How long have you fancied me?” 

“Longer than appropriate,” Jon answered easily with a soft chuckle. She gave him an inquisitive look, so he elaborated. “You’re Robb’s sister. Nedd and Catelyn’s daughter. I can’t take advantage of you like that.” 

Sansa placed her hands on her hips and fixed him with her darkest scowl. To his credit, Jon flinched. “Take advantage of me? Am I not an adult, Jon? Are my wants not important?”

“Yes, of course, Sansa,” Jon quickly amended. “That’s not what I meant. I… I didn’t think it’d be right. And besides, you never really shown any interest.” He shrugged but there was a smile on his face now. A bit self-deprecating, a bit smug, and all Jon. When had Sansa become so well-versed in his smiles? 

“You never really gave me a chance,” Sansa countered with a similar shrug. “You just avoided me.” In a smaller voice, she admitted. “I hated you because I thought you hated me.” 

Suddenly his warm hands were cupping her face. “Sansa, I could never hate you. Not even when you threw your shoe at my head.” She chuckled and his smile grew. “So do you still hate me?” 

“I don’t know,” Sansa said. “Depends on how much longer it’ll take for you to kiss me again.” 

Jon laughed, a sound that warmed every inch of her rain-soaked body, and kissed her. This time, it was slow but so far from unfeeling. 

It was, in retrospect, this kiss that made Sansa fall in love with him, but she wouldn’t know that for many months to come.  

A Dream Is A Wish (Part 1)

Summary: A story based off of the Cinderella movie. If you don’t know what Cinderella is…then you’re an alien and you should know that I write in peace. DON’T HURT ME PLS

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Scott Lang, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers; OCs: Mariah, Anabeth, Lady Ophelia

Word Count: 4,569

Warnings: People being mean, bad intuitive feelings, the morning after (which isn’t smut but it’s like…idk I’m putting it down anyway), people being attacked, mentions of deceased parents, mental abuse (I think)…ants?

Author’s Note: This is my series for the 3k Stark Tower Movie Challenge hosted by @stories-from-stark-tower! I’m super excited about this, as some of you may know, and have got a lot in store for it. Feedback is appreciated! BTW, after resarch, I’ve decided that Wanda and Pietro are going to speak Russian. Translations:

unul curios = curious one

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You felt the rays of sunlight tug at your eyelids, beckoning to you, telling you that it was time to get up. Fuck you Sun. You buried your face further into your pillow, reimmersing yourself in one of the best dreams you’d ever had.

He was a large man, as was simulated by his dominating composure and confident, puffed out chest. But despite it, his was nothing less than gentle. Every touch was filled with passion, every kiss filled with the sweet taste of love, and his eyes were shocking. An icy blue so bright, and yet filled with nothing less that adoration for you and only you.

He lay in front of you, dark locks disheveled because of you; you did that to him. God, you did so many things to him. He held you to his chest like you were a small kitten in need of protection; but in all fairness, with the way you were curled up against him so innocently, forehead pressed to his chest, legs tangled with his, arms tucked between your torso and his, how could he not absolutely lose his mind over the illusion that you were no less fragile than a rose petal? Perhaps like one from one of the many roses he had given you the prior night. 

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A new contender!

Some changes are coming to the Rush family in this chapter! As we draw closer to the Twins’ birthday and the real start of the VB challenge there will be more story content. I plan on writing the VB challenge in a story-oriented fashion much like “Making our Way” but probably less wordy and more picture-y so as not to bore you guys. Anyway, this chapter starts under the cut so read on! 

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Aurora Borealis ☆ Chapter One

A/N: so my masochistic heart wanted some broken cassian and ruthless, mean nesta action and this is what happened

Nesta Archeron is, without a doubt, the most infuriating female Cassian has met in all 600 years of his existence.

She’s cold. She’s cruel. Her words cut sharper than the daggers that she no doubt keeps hidden  beneath the voluminous fabric of her skirts.

She is, to put it delicately, a bitch.

And Gods, Cassian wants her more than he’s ever wanted anything before.

He wonders if this is his punishment. For deflowering Mor, for killing on the battlefield, for some catastrophic sin that he hasn’t even realized that he’s committed. Because really, there’s no other explanation for why the Cauldron has damned him to chase after a mortal who would rather die than touch him.

It’s lust, yes. Cassian can admit that to himself, at least.

He doesn’t want to think about the other feelings that hit his gut like a sucker punch whenever the mortal female so much as glances in his direction. Doesn’t want to think about the feeling of her skin under his tongue, his finger as he brushes away her tears. The feeling of her body against his and her hands on his chest haunt him, no matter the swift knee to the balls that follow in his memories. She could tear him apart without blinking an eye, he knows. It would be so easy to let those feelings consume him.

And then he loses his wings, rendered helpless as she is forced into the Cauldron, and he doesn’t feel much of anything, anymore.

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Juvia exhausted prompt??? -///- Btw I love u

Anon I love you man

Her facial expression was emotionless, the woman was way too tired. Mira recommend a job and that was just everything exhausting, to add on Juvia ended up staying awake all night; now it’s the morning and she has completely lost track of time.

Sitting at the open bar, ordering hot tea like always, she sat there.

“Juvia?” A smiled peeped from the woman who had questionable white hair; sliding the mug towards the frail girl.

The guild is empty, no one else to make any ruckus. It’s just perfect, for her to fall asleep on the counter…but she slid her eyelids up.

“Yes Mira-san.” She grunted, pulling her head up eventually facing the bartender.

“You look pretty tired, did you not sleep well or something?” Being a concerned person, Juvia answered trying to pull herself together.

“Juvia is alright.” Third person was almost too much words, but she carried on sipping her tea.

“I see,-” Before Mirajane could say anymore, attention was switched to the guild doors that opened and here approached team Natsu.

The riot of their laughs caught the sleepy woman off guard as she jolted from her position; leading to some injuries when her hot tea scarred her hand.

“Ah, Juvia your hand!”

In only half opened eyes she smiled.

“It’s fine, just fine.” Assuring the woman poorly, the pain wasn’t enough to bother her. She didn’t even look back at the guild members as they multiplied, not even her Gray-sama. It may have just slipped her mind.

As for Lucy and Gray, they couldn’t stop staring at the blunette’s back.

“Gray, what did you do?”


Nastu and Erza fighting as usual, while Gajeel, Lily, and Levy were chatting- but Juvia leaned down sitting at the bar…alone? It wasn’t even raining, so she’s not depressed.

“Juvia would be Gray-sa~ma~!-ing right now, the hell did you do to the poor girl.”

Overprotective much? Lucy and Juvia were really close after all, she couldn’t help but feel concerned.

“I didn’t do shit, but it is pretty weird.”

“Go talk to her, this is scaring me.”

All the friends of the blonde and couldn’t help but eavesdrop, wondering the same thing when really thinking about it.

“You go, I can’t do your stupid girly talks.”

Arguing back and forth on who should go talk to the troubled girl, she was already on her way waving at Mira-chan with a job in her hand.



Lucy finished Gray’s supposed sentence in awe.


Walking to her job exhausted, and doing it exhausted; she got a few cuts. Her leg being bruised a bit, but she handled the job with ease. What was really hurting her, is the burnt wrist today’s morning brought. Walking and stumbling she found herself passing right by the hottie Gray Fullbuster.
No Gray-sama tonight, hell the rain lady couldn’t even think right let alone notice someone she walked right past, though the young man didn’t let that go.

She just walked past me?! No she didn’t even look at me?!

Grabbing the sleep deprived woman’s arm pulling and turning her body to face him, her eyes slowly looked up.

“A…ah Gray-sama.” She meant to sound surprised, but it turned out to be a little dull.

“Yo, what’s wrong you haven’t talked to me all day?!”

Those azure eyes closed yet still pulling her dorky lips up to reveal a cute silly smile.

“Ha, Gray-sama is worried about Juvia.”

“It’s not like that.”

His eyes examined her curvy body once more, blue hair a little messy, some bruises here and there but that wrist is painful looking at.

Mira did say she was falling asleep, yet she went on a mission without anyone accompanying her?

“How did you get that?” Pointing at the obvious burn, she signaled her hands in a wavy motion-

“Ah, it’s fine- just a little spill of tea.”

Gray sighed, this was one of his bestfriends after all; hell she even lived with him.

“Lemme see it.”

Juvia opened her eyes just enough to see the handsome hunk in front of her, worried.

“It really doesn’t hurt at al-ow.” Of course he proved the water Mage wrong, using his ice to cool her burn.

“See? Small little burn my ass.”

The pain pinched her awake, but being up for 48 hours made her eyes close; this time she can’t open them.

“Oi? Juvia?”

Expecting to fall on top of Gray, unfortunately that wasn’t the case as cerulean hair hit her own coral cheeks. Falling backwards, Gray being Gray catching her was no problem.

“Are you kidding me?!”

No response from the sleeping beauty.

“Just how tired are you?!”


She’s a lot lighter than I expected.


Her cheeks smudged on the ice mage’s sharp shoulders, carrying her to the house that she bought saving her money. Using an ice key to open her door, he concerned himself how easy it is to break into her house. The scent of rain filled her bedroom, gently laying her down and taking off those long boots.

“Go back to sleep.”

Juvia’s eyes fell like the sky was falling down. Dead asleep.


So this lady walks up to my register.

Me: Hello there mam, are you doing oka-

Lady: I’m great. (drops her stuff on my counter)

Me: Wonderful. And do you have a store card with-

Lady: Nope. (swipes her card aggressively at the machine, despite the fact that I have not scanned a single item yet because I have to scan the rewards card first)

Me: Are you sure? Because you won’t get our sales without one. Would you like me to look up your phone-

Lady: Don’t have one, don’t need one. (swipes aggressively a second time despite the fact that I have still yet to scan anything. I’m still holding out for that card)

Me: (deciding to not tell her the card machine won’t work until I scan something) I’m sorry to hear that, mam. (reaching for her items)

Lady: (swipes again, clearly getting angry it’s not working)

Me: (kind of holding out now just to be annoying but I scan something now) Your total is x, mam.

Lady: (swipes card and it works) Finally!!

Me: (snickers inwardly)

Why are people so impatient? And why won’t people let me finish my sentence? Do they really not hear how rude that is?

~*Imaginary Situation*~

Customer: Hey there! I haven’t seen you in a-

Cashier: (grunts) Store card.

Customer: Oh! Of course. Let me give you my phone-

Cashier: Area code!

Customer: Oh my. Well, it’s xxx-xxx-xxxx. And I have some cou-

Cashier: Too late! Your totals x. Have a great day!

Customer: (aghast)


Like seriously. My manager would string me up and my father would definitely hear about it and come smack me right in my mouth because that’s sure as hell not how he raised me to treat others.

Cooling Off

@soulffles prompt for this 5 Sentence Fic Thing | Ladynoir + Wet 

“You’ve got to be kitten me,” Chat Noir yowled, shaking the water from his wild tufts of blonde hair and watching it evaporate on the sun soaked pavement. 

Behind him, Ladybug–the traitor– could barely keep it together as she clutched at her sides, not even trying to contain the laughter that rang out from her lips. 

“Nice one, kid! You really got him,” Ladybug said appreciatively to the young girl who had slugged the offending water balloon at her  encouragement.

“When I said I wanted to cool off this was not what I had in mind,” Chat eyed his partner warily as Ladybug strolled up to him, another water balloon in her hand.

Chat swallowed as she stood up on her tip toes and the space between their faces narrowed until he could smell the spearmint in her breath as she whispered, “And here I was thinking you’d leap at the chance to get me wet…”


The corners of Ladybug’s mouth turned-up, forming a mischievous smile at his blank expression: he didn’t even have a chance to react before she brought the next water balloon down over the top of his head with a loud SMACK. 

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Chat,” Ladybug admonished, turning away from him as he stood there, soaked and stunned. He watched as she returned to the bucket of balloons, and he’d be lying if he didn’t admit that he watched as Ladybug bent down to pick-up another one. 

“My Lady I would never–”

Ladybug didn’t let Chat Noir finish back-tracking as she straightened-up, balloon in hand, and tossed a saucy wink over her shoulder.

“ ’Cause that isn’t where I like to play.”

Note: That was definitely more than 5 sentences, but I ran with it so….

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Decided to write something because I’m in a shitty mood

Words: idk
Rating: S for sad
Pairing: catbug/Ladynoir, Adrienette

She sat by the bridge, her legs enclosed to her chest with her arms. Her eyes puffy and breath short, she began to unravel her transformation before she heard footsteps coming down the stairs of the bridge.

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(the meme you reblogged from me) "listen, fool, if the lady wishes not your company, then it is best you leave before I make you!" Deathwish shouts as he rams his hand through the nearest wall

The demon who was hitting on Nani simply scoffed “c'mon my delicate flower, let us go somewhere more.. Quiet” “But I don’t wanna go with-” Nani was dragged off by the demon before she could finish her sentence.

[ Forbidden Fruit ]

- “Sakura, I have a task of great importance for you, I need someone to act as a spy in the midst of the Sound. Be forewarned, I am sure I do not have to tell you that this is very dangerous. We’ve already lost a few operatives to this. I don’t know what’s going on, but I need you to find out, can you do this for me? I knew if I told Naruto what was going on, he’d do everything in his power to keep you from going, and yet you’re the only one that’s managed to get into their hideout before…I do understand if you wish to decline..”

Lady Tsunade’s words rang in the pink haired kunoichi’s mind as she sat, perched, in a tree, watching, waiting. 

~ “I’ll do it, Lady Tsunade. I accept this with full confidence. Don’t worry about Naruto, he’ll just think I’ve gone off to the training fields again…When do I leave…?”
This was all so boring. The conversation with Tsunade continuously replayed in her mind until finally, she snapped out of it and managed to focus. Large and tired emerald green eyes slowly started to flutter shut. She was so exhausted. No ninja, no matter how strong nor resilient could stay up for three days straight and be fully focused and energized. Finally, after another hour, her eyes shut all the way.

Sakura leaned against the tree and started to fall into a deep slumber, but then she realized it and stabbed herself in the leg, just enough to get the message across.  I have to stay awake, she thought, rubbing her tired and bloodshot eyes as well as healing her small wound. Lady Tsunade is counting on me and I can’t fail her…

The girl let out a small yawn. If she could get just a little bit farther, just enough to where it was safe, then she could set up somewhere to sleep until morning.  But where is that stupid base…? she wondered, annoyed with herself for not being awake enough to assess this properly. They’re constantly on the move, it’s hard to place where they could be now…Come to think of it, I’m starting to wonder why she would send me anyway..I’m a medical nin, not an Anbu or a spy…Although, she did mention that part of it had to do with my previous endeavors…

Sakura sighed and pushed back a few strands of her bubblegum pink hair. Even if it was short, it tended to get in her face and annoy her. “Ugh..” she grumbled to herself as the wind picked up immensely. The air was crisp and unbearably bitter. It sent chills down the girl’s spine just to be out in it for a few seconds.  It’s too freaking cold out here! CHAA!!! Her inner self was even complaining, that was never a good thing. 

-“You shouldn’t even be here! You should be training! Do you ‘want’ to keep having that dream?!” “I suppose, it could not hurt to sleep. I can always pick back up in the morning, right?” Having ignored her inner self and convinced of her own dire need for rest , Sakura yawned, a bit bigger this time, and lay back against the tree she was in.

She was not worried about falling, because as long as she kept her chakra flowing, she could stick herself to the tree. The truly amazing part was that she’d gotten so good at it lately that she could do it in her sleep.  “At least one good thing has come out of my constant training. Goodnight…” she said to no one in particular, half expecting to see Naruto beside her. When the bubbly blond haired boy was not there however, Sakura became sad. Only lately had she noticed that she felt rather lonely without him. She only let her face fall for a moment though, because this mission was important and she could not allow herself to be distracted by anyone or anything. “It’s alright..” she said very quietly, “I’ll see you again soon, Naruto, I have to finish this for Lady Tsunade, then we can go get ramen at Ichira–…”

Sakura did not even get to finish her sentence because she was asleep about halfway through it. That was all it had taken. Thankfully, she slept well, until the very next morning.


A loud noise awoke the pink haired kunoichi. Her still exhausted eyes glanced about, darting from side to side in an attempt to locate the source in its entirety. “Nani..?” she mumbled, again half expecting to be in bed while Naruto clumsily crawled in her window. After a moment or two, she looked over and saw something that looked like a sand ninja clashing with one wearing a sound headband. Sakura quirked a brow and watched the fight for a few moments. The sand ninja was victorious but at the cost of bleeding to death. They had both perished, and that was when Sakura began to realize just how dangerous this could be.

 “It doesn’t matter…” she spoke very quietly, her throat was hoarse and her body was aching, “I’ll not fail Lady Tsunade. I have to show them, I have to prove to everyone that I can do this and I’m not weak. I have to prove that I’ve changed…They can watch my back now..” The newly determined rosette stood up from her hiding place. To jump out now would not be wise, but the good thing was, if there were a sound ninja here, the newest hideout location could not be too far away. The girl was not a tracking ninja like Kiba so she didn’t really specialize in that area, but she found enough clues after searching the corpses that got her the information she sought.

Pretty soon, she was off. Sakura leapt from the tree in the direction the ninja had come from, soon coming upon what looked like a normal cave. However, the girl’s piercing gaze saw through it and she felt a tad triumphant realizing upon further investigation that she’d found it. Well, this must be it… she thought, a smile coming across her facial features at the simple thought of how well this was going so far. Now I just have to remain undetected.. Slipping into the entrance, the girl stayed as quiet as possible. For now, everything seemed to be normal. No one was around and that made things a lot easier.

After a few minutes of sneaking around, Sakura spotted something that caught her attention. It was what appeared to be a journal or some sort of entry log, sitting atop a desk that looked like it had recently been used. Skimming through the pages, the pink haired girl found something she had needed and slipped the book into her pack, quietly darting back into the darkness as she began to make her way through the maze back to the entrance, the only issue was that by the time she’d come back to that same desk about five times, she realized she was going in circles. Kuso…I have got to get out of here before I’m discovered..I’m almost certain my chakra source is beginning to be noticeable again..though I suppose it does help that I’m so tired and it’s so faint..

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Beca, Chloe and Audrey watch Frozen. Audrey and Chloe discuss the ginger/blonde connection. Audrey overidentifies with Elsa. Chloe points out that she is basically Anna. Beca is left wondering if she is Olaf or Kristoff. Kisses might have to be administered. You know, for science. (What? It is still Frozen inspired!)

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Again Glynda had requested to come on a raid with him and again he was trying to stop her he felt his anger bubbling until finally he interrupted her mid sentence and gripped her shoulders "Glynda I don't want to lose you, you are too important to me!" His eyes widened as he realised what he had just let slip he turned to leave "I'm sorry my lady, I don't know what came over me, please excuse me"


Glynda was determined to finish this raid and she had to. It was to end the danger that circulated around her kingdom. She froze the moment, Theodore stopped her and uttered those words. Her words were sealed by his sudden outburst at her.

She watched him leave for a moment but she thought to herself that she can’t leave him be. “ Theo!” She ran to him and stood in front of him. “ .. Theo. It’s.. a-alright. but. w-what did you just say?”