let the healing start

You will begin to heal when you start to let go of past mistakes, forgive those who have wronged you, and learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes.
Brothers, Pizza and Game Controllers

Just a little one-shot to follow up 6x06. Killian takes his brother to the house he shares with Emma after Liam is released from hospital. Can the memory of the oldest Jones, a story from the middle brother and a game from the lad whose let them all into the family start to heal what was lost for the youngest Jones?  Read on ff here.

The front door swung open, Killian waiting hesitantly beside the frame. Somewhere inside was Henry, probably playing with that hook-hand discriminating game box, or smuggling away the Pop Tarts he thought Killian didn’t know he had. Not that Killian could find it in himself to mind. Especially since Emma also had a box squirreled away in her glove compartment. Pirates. A whole family of pirates.

A whole family just made bigger. Well, if the man standing beside Killian agreed to it.

Liam was standing stiffly in the doorway, looking into the old Victorian. There was a time, years ago, that Killian had also stared into a home. One that belonged to blood relatives but felt like the farthest from family. One that felt like betrayal. Anger. Hate. A deed to be done and a childhood stolen. That seemed like a lifetime ago, yet, Killian’s stomach still clenched with the horror at what he’d done.

And now here was the child he had once looked on. Filled with rage at the mention of his name. Killian’s brother’s name. Liam, the man who had kept him safe, even through years of slavery. The man who had made a deal with the God of the Underworld himself to keep his little brother safe, no matter how much it cost his soul. At that point, looking into his father’s new home, tucking his new boy into bed and not abandoning him in the middle of the night for a rowboat, nothing else mattered than striking that man who’d made a poor imitation of Killian’s hero from the realm.

But that was years ago. Killian had said his goodbyes to the older Liam in the Underworld. A proper one, not holding his brother’s dead body, screaming for help. Had been forgiven by his hero for centuries of revenge. Had his decisions and his chosen family blessed by the man. Killian had made his peace with the passing of Liam.

It was time to now make peace with a new Liam.

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Ever since my girlfriend and I have started dating, we’ve focused solely on building the relationship and each other’s mental health, and I’ve never been more stable before. I’m not saying that dating magically cures your mental disorders, obviously but I’m forever thankful that I’m with someone who pushes me to grow, build myself up, and heal. Let’s start promoting healthy relationships and self care this year.

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I know a lot of fans obsess over the idea of Stiles "finally" getting a good night's sleep, on dereks chest, drooling all over the place, and derek being super smug and fond about it. BUT what about derek? he barely slept at all through 1st and 2nd season. What about Derek finally feeling SAFE enough to sleep, probably in stiles bed, and the sheriff can't even be mad like. "Stiles. I swear to god, wake him up and I will ground you for life" And stiles being offended bc why would he even do that?

Okay, so yes to both of these boys getting sleep. But also, Derek is in a place now where he can get sleep. Hopefully on a beach somewhere. He can start being happier, can start letting himself heal and live as best as he can, whereas Stiles is in hell right now and needs all the blankets and cuddles on offer. 

So, let me go back to that infamous summer between seasons 2 and 3 where Stiles was totally helping Derek track Erica and Boyd and poor baby Derek really wasn’t getting any sleep whatsoever, not without horrible nightmares at least.

Think about this for a second. Think about the fact Stiles starts to clock Derek always offers to drive through the nights if they are searching long distance. Think about how he sees how tired Derek’s eyes are, but says nothing because he likes his throat thank you very much- he plans for many people, yes girls and boys, to kiss and suck on it at some point- so he does not want to give himself over to throat maiming threats again.  Not that he thinks Derek will actually follow through on those threats but he is very tired and cranky so Stiles decides to annoy him about other things instead of his bedtime habits. 

But the thing is, you know, you just know, at some point Stiles is going to wake up to find Derek asleep. Probably in the Jeep. And he looks so peaceful and happy. Until he doesn’t. Until he starts to whimper and say thinks like “please, I love them” and “Kate” and “why” and Stiles’ heart just breaks because he read his dad’s case files, but this is pretty much the moment he clocks who Kate was to Derek. Derek never expressly says it but Stiles can tell. He just knows and it makes him sick.

And so Stiles gently wakes him up. He expects Derek to threaten him or snap, but the dude just looks so damn sad and Stiles scoots closer, offers Derek his shoulder. Derek looks at it like it’s going to bite him and Stiles wonders for a moment if this is a good idea, but two seconds later he finds himself rolling his eyes and saying, “my mom always said shoulders were good pillows when you couldn’t sleep”. And okay, so maybe his mom hadn’t said that, but Stiles did used to fall asleep on her shoulder quite a lot, so same difference really. 

And it takes a moment, but suddenly Derek is nodding and letting his head rest on Stiles’ shoulder, falls back to sleep, and sleeps so soundly and peacefully that when he wakes up he actually smiles in surprise. Stiles can’t help but feel a little bit smug (because oh yeah, who’s the man), but mostly he just feels happy Derek looks better. (And isn’t that something. He cares. About Derek. Huh. He’s going to put that in a box and think about it never.)

They never talk about it, but every time after that when Derek needs some sleep he shyly seeks out Stiles’ shoulder and Stiles always just smiles or says “what’s mine is yours” with a wink. They never make a big deal out of it, it’s always casual, but Stiles notices the way Derek just…relaxes, like a tuckered out puppy (look, he can’t help it with the dog jokes, okay?) as soon as his head is on Stiles.

Sometimes, after that summer, Stiles catches Derek looking at his shoulders. Sometimes Derek crawls through his bedroom window and Stiles lets him use him, like before. Sometimes Stiles goes over to the loft, offers himself up. It’s never a big deal, just like before, but it becomes more as the weeks go by. They begin to talk, sometimes they sleep lying down.  And when Boyd dies and Stiles puts a hand on Derek’s shoulder, yeah, it’s how his dad used to comfort him, but it’s also their thing. That comfort, that promise of, I’m here for you. 

And when the Nogitsune happens, Derek realises two things. One, he can’t sleep without Stiles. Two, even if he could sleep, it wouldn’t mean anything without Stiles next to him. 

Healing is not linear. Yesterday started like Alexander’s horrible, no-good, very bad day only with a lot more crying and swearing.

BUT By the end of day I had collected many hugs, a short but effective massage from a friend with very strong hands, had a hot tub conversation with several cool people, tasty food. SOLID nights sleep.

Woke up today with less morning pain than I’ve had in weeks.

The bones are basically healed, the soft tissue compensation is coming along in the healing process.

It’s a cycle. And hopefully a spiral. Sometimes upwards, sometimes outwards, sometimes inwards.


To be performed at sunrise. Call upon the Dawn Maiden aspect of the Goddess (known by many names, such as Eos, Aurora, Eostre, Thesan & more) as a new day begins, for healing & renewal. Great for letting go of past pains & starting a fresh with whichever aspect of your life is in need of it. Use Google to find out the time of the sun rise where you are.


  • Saffron or lavender incense (or any other associated with healing or that feels right.)
  • Sunrise coloured candles (oranges, pinks, salmons, etc)
  • Rose quartz stone
  • Access to a view of the sunrise (a window, or the ability to go outside)
  • Roses, or any herbs or flowers that feel appropriate (optional)
  • Magickal anointing oil (optional)

I. Go to the bathroom and splash your face with cool water, to wake yourself up & make yourself feel fresh. Have a shower if you can or want to.

II. Cast the circle, shield or do any pre-spell rituals you usually do (optional)

III. Light the incense, place (optional) herbs & flowers on altar. Anoint yourself with the oil on the head, heart, hands & feet (optional) Say the following, or go with the flow and invoke the Goddess anyway you want. Here’s the invocation I wrote if you want to use it:  

Blessed Daughter of Dawn,
as you ride your chariot across the sky,
your wings unfurled, your golden crown glistening,
bringing an end to the night, 
bring also an end to yesterdays pain,
and wash away my sorrows,
so I may be born again in love, joy and hope,
so mote it be.

You can mention other peoples names in the invocation if you wish, if you are performing the ritual for them, as I did this morning.

IV. Light candles, and gaze in to the flames, or close your eyes & enjoy the light from behind your eyelids. In the orange light, visualise the winged maiden dawn goddess riding her chariot through the sky, bringing about healing & hope.

V. When done with the meditation, put the candles out, take your rose quartz and go to your window or outside to watch the sun rise. Hold the crystal to your heart while you watch, and think of all you can accomplish in this new day (not necessarily the literal day, but a new phase in your life, etc).

VI. When you’re ready, thank the Goddess & end the ritual.

Blessed be :)

I am starting to forget the things I used to know by heart. Like the sound of your voice, the feel of your hand in mine, every detail of your face. I don’t remember what it felt to be held by you or to sleep in your arms. I don’t remember details that used to mean the world to me and I’m not even sad about it. They were right when they told me that time would heal and that one day it wouldn’t matter anymore. I didn’t realize that day would be so soon though.
—  How I chose to love myself instead of you #7 -Jess Amelia

So let’s say Steven heals Jasper and she starts hanging around and going on missions and stuff, but she is constantly talking down on herself and when she thinks she is alone she cries a lot. Saying things to herself like “I should’ve been the one to be shattered, not someone good like her.” “Why couldn’t Rose just shatter me too?” But Steven ends up hearing these things, which tears him up inside and makes him over exert himself, trying make up for all the things his mother took from Jasper. He ends up falling I’ll because he was so stressed and focused on making Jasper better, that he neglected himself. Jasper doesn’t understand human illnesses so she sits by his bed crying until he wakes up. He looks at her and says “I’m sorry for what my mother did to you, I don’t know how to fix it. But I’m no better, I didn’t help you after you unfused with lapis, I didn’t fix you right away when you were corrupted. You were all alone. I’m just like her!” Then Jasper pulls him into a hug and yells “You are not Rose Quartz! I don’t blame you, not anymore.. You are you, Steven, and you give me a reason to be better than I ever thought I could be.” She wipes away Steven’s tears and the Steven returns the favor and says “I think you’re pretty great too Jasper” and they both just have a sweet little moment and forgive themselves and idk, I miss Jasper.

Time Heals Most Wounds

[ @tomahawk-swing ]

One of the reasons Laika had avoided speaking to Dingo for so long was because of where he was. As the soldier walked up to the hospital, he could feel his anxiety shoot up. Before last summer, hospitals were still houses of healing to him, but now they held a completely different connotation. 

The stench of sterilizers still brought back calm shattering recollections of the horrors he faced. Needles easily reminded him of the deliriums brought on daily by the dark essence. Symbols of care had so easily been turned into those of torture, and it was doubtful that they’d revert back anytime soon. 

Laika took a deep breath as he stepped through the main entrance, and stuck his free hand into his coat pocket to grip his PET. His other hand held a small gift; the reason why he couldn’t put off seeing Dingo any longer. Amy had entrusted him with a task, and he’d rather face his overwhelming fears than fail to keep a promise. 

A short exchange with the receptionist gave him knowledge of Dingo’s room location, as well as the ability to get there. It was a mild relief to know that the boy couldn’t be reached by just anyone at anytime, but that didn’t last long. The walk through the hospital’s inner corridors sent his levels of discomfort through the roof. Between that and his attire, he was sure to have attracted the attention of more than a few overly concerned healthcare staff. 

By the time he had reached Dingo’s room, Laika was completely on edge. No sense turning back now, he thought as he brought his hand up to knock on the closed door. He noticed the small monitor next to the nameplate, and assumed that he’d have to talk with Tomahawkman first before even trying to open the door. 

Sasuke feelings about Sakura in 699

there is a thing that i wanted to do long ago about what really Sasuke was feeling for Sakura in that 699 chapter, people think differently, so this is my own analysis that can or not be true ;) then, let’s go

Here Sakura comes and start to healing them and Naruto as always happy no matter what and kind with Sakura, but Sasuke…..he can not expressed so easily with her, there are a (….) between when he talk to her and then againg with his “I…” so i wonder, why? he talk with others easily, but he doubt with Sakura and let me tell you, it is not because all he has done (bad, with his actions) to her(not just that i mean), he almost kill naruto and he can talk to him perfectly fine…the thing is, she is a girl that is his friend, a teammate, a woman that loves him deeply no matter what, a woman that he hold dear, he himself said that when gaara wanted to kill him eheh i’m not telling you lies about that 

so because he knows about all that feelings that she hold for him he can’t talk so easy with her, but why? because he cares, because it means something for him and because he knows that he have caused her so much pain……look at his eye, he is again doubting, she just told him more or less “shut up” yeah she, Sakura, what should he do?, well……

he said “sorry” and again the (…) like you can feel he is waiting for her reaction, he said it, but he have caused her a lot of pain, even now, can a sorry?…. and then, she said: for what? and this part is so important, he said: FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE… what does that mean?, he is saying: i am sorry for be an avenger, i am sorry for doing all this bad to all of you, i am sorry for treat you cold, i am sorry for made you suffer, i am sorry not just for what i have made to you but to everyone, to everything and the most beautiful thing is that Sakura understand, that is why she is crying next, he is back, and she knows, that he cares for her.

now, above, can we look Sasuke’s expression? for me is like he is finally at peace, calm, happy, and that confirm us that he cares for what she thinks, for what if she forgive him or not.

finally i wanted to say, why Sasuke againg hesitates? he said: “I…i need” when she ask him if he really is leaving, we have to know that a year have passed already, so we can imagine that these two have spent some  time, some looks, you know eyesmex,  so i think that Sasuke in this chapter show us that she is the only person to he want to say sorry for all, and when she ask again for going with him he said: you are not the bad, you don’t deserve suffer more for me, but next time….

in my opinion he showed us that he loves Sakura, otherwise, a forehead poke wouldn’t have exist, because that gesture isn’t for everyone, naruto is his best friend, more than that, a brother, and one of his most important persons and yet he didn’t do that to him…. meaning that that was a romantic thing, only with Sakura with hope ;)

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