let the feels sink in please

Please do not
believe them
when they say
that you are weak,
just because
you are in tears.

Do not believe
them when
they say
you can’t,
just because
they never
saw you
secretly trying.

Please do not
let their words
sink deeper
inside your head
when all they mean
is to bring you
lower than them.

—  ma.c.a // Never let them dim your light
Playtime with Daddy 2 (Part 2)

Daddy sits on the bed and motions me towards his lap. I do as I’m told while continuing to keep my wet panties in my mouth. I crawl over daddy’s lap lower my head and lift my butt up. Daddy rubs my bottom slow and gentle in little circular motions, then without warning spanks me hard. I yelp through my panties but don’t move away, I know daddy will punish me if I do. He repeats the same motions, gently rubbing and then spanking me, with every smack, I can feel myself getting increasingly wet to the point of practically dripping on his bed. Daddy continues until my butt is nice and red.
He reaches over to my mouth with his palm spread. I do what daddy wants and drop my panties into his hand.
“How’s my little girl doing?”
I wiggle my bum with enthusiasm. “I’m good daddy hehe”
Daddy reaches down and feels me, I’m dripping on his fingers.
“I’d say so. That’s my good girl” I’m overjoyed. Being daddy’s good girl is all that matters to me.
“I think you deserve a reward don’t you?”
“Yes please daddy!!” I say enthusiastically.
“Come here baby, come ride daddy”
I crawl on top of daddy and feel his big cock with my hand, stroking it briefly. Daddy knows I love to ride because I can control the pace and daddy won’t tease me. I ease on top, feeling daddy’s tip slowly stretching me as I make my way down his shaft. I exhale a moan as daddy’s cock fills my pussy. It feels so good. I begin bouncing on daddy’s cock picking up pace as quickly as possibly. Feeling the pressure build inside me.
“Fuck daddy”
I continue bouncing
“It feels so good!”
I continue picking up pace
I’m riding daddy as hard and fast as my little body can take, daddy’s cock feels amazing inside me.
“Little girl” daddy moans sternly
I reluctantly slow down
“Yes daddy?” I say innocently
“What do you think your doing?”
“Nothing daddy”
“Trying to finish daddy early??”
“No daddy! I swear!” Uh oh I’m in trouble.
“Mhm hands and knees baby”
“But daddy!!” Daddy gives me a stern look as if to say not go test him. I reluctantly climb off daddy’s cock and do as I’m told. Daddy goes and grabs something then comes up behind me.
“Put this back on your clit baby.”
“Yes daddy” it’s my clit stimulator I put it back on. I hear daddy squirt something from a bottle. My heart sinks. Uh oh, daddy’s going to play with my button again.
“This is only going to hurt for a bit, but daddy loves you and he promised it will get better, understand?”
I hesitate.
“Baby girl?”
I sigh, I wanna please daddy. “Yes daddy I understand.”
Good girl. I feel daddy’s tip, up against my button, I try my best to relax and not clench. Daddy’s done this only a couple times and I learned very quickly I have to relax and just let it happen. Daddy slowly begins pushing forward. My button slowly begins to feel like its on fire.
“No moving” daddy warns
I try my best to remain still and calm. Daddy continues to fill my behind with his cock. I wince in pain but remain as still as possible. Daddy’s cock is halfway in.
“Fuck baby girl, that’s my good fucking girl, so tight for her daddy”
Daddy pushes his cock forward and is balls deep in my button. I let out a small scream but manage to stay mostly still.
“You’re okay baby” daddy tells me and he begins to thrust slowly. In and out. The pain is still there but it slowly begins to lessen just as daddy promised, I begin to focus on the feeling of the clit stimulator as daddy begins to pick up pace. I let out a moan, this makes daddy go even faster. Now daddy’s pounding my ass while my clit is stimulated by my toy. It begins to feel like heaven. I start to feel the pressure build inside me again. I begin to squirm a bit. Daddy grabs me and holds me still.
“Don’t even think about it until you have permission baby.” I can only cum if daddy says so. Daddy’s going faster and faster dominating my ass, his property. I’m straining myself trying not to cum.
“Fuck daddddy” I moan in desperation. “Please let me cum daddy”
“You know the rules baby” daddy always cums before me. “Almost there baby girl this may hurt a little” I feel daddy ram me harder then before, daddy’s right it does hurt. He does it hard and fast that it causes tears to form in my eyes a bit. Daddy keeps going and going and going and suddenly I feel my ass being filled with something besides his cock. Daddy blows his entire load in my ass as he continues to fuck me and it feels amazing I can’t help it anymore.
“Okay baby you can cum for daddy”
Instantly I finish letting out the loudest moan. My entire body feels stimulated.I’m breathless. Daddy pulls his cock out of me and with it his cum. I fall to the bed exhausted. I always get sleepy after I cum. Daddy caresses my hair and kisses my forward, as I snuggle up to him.
“Thank you daddy”

okay but imagine this. They decide to take Cas’ body back to the bunker, in hopes he will come back and will need his vessel. As they lift him, a sealed envelope slips out of the pocket of his trench coat. 

Dean eyes it, as does Sam.

After they lie Cas down in the back seat of the Impala. Dean goes back to retrieve the envelope and when he picks it up, his eyes widen. His name is written on the front in Cas’ handwriting.

He puts it into his jacket pocket and brushes it off when Sam asks what it is but the whole ride home, he can’t stop thinking about it.

Should I open it?

What did Cas write?

Would be a dick move to read it now that he’s gone?

And for the rest of the night, he stares at that envelope, curious as hell, but also scared out of his mind about what could possibly be on it. What did Cas need to tell him? Maybe it’s just notes about the Nephilim. Maybe it’s just info about Lucifer…

After a few glasses of whiskey, Dean slips his blade across the envelope and peeks inside to see a letter. He carefully pulls it out and opens it up, after swallowing the nervous lump in his throat. His eyes water as he reads the first line.


I know you probably have a million questions as to where I am and why I took off again. While I would love to just tell you that I have a plan, I am really just going along with what I imagine to be the right thing.

Before I get into why I am writing you this letter, I need to apologize for stealing the Colt from you. I also feel terrible for going radio silent for all those weeks when I know you needed to talk to me. I can tell you all those excuses again, but in the end, I know you were hurt so for that, I am deeply sorry.

Now, I will tell you everything.

When the Nephilim powered me up, he showed me the future, or at least a possible one if he were to be born. He showed me a world of peace, bliss. No more monsters, no more evil, although there was still a balance, which we can get into later.

Dean, in this vision, I saw you and Sam. You both were happy. Content. You especially had this glow that I don’t think I have ever seen on you.

And what struck me was that I was there too. I was with you. Dean, we were together. As in… together. We were happy. In love. Unafraid of all the things that have been holding us back all these years.

I am smiling now just thinking of it. I know this must be shocking to you and perhaps a little far-fetched but I know what I saw, and if this is possible, then I will fight for that kind of future. For you. For Sam. For us. 

I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable, but I feel that you need to know. It’s time. You know I love you, and I know you feel the same way. Maybe we just need to do something about it, already.

Anyway, the purpose of this letter was to tell you about this wonderful thing I saw, so if it eases your mind just a little, then I have succeeded. Please trust me. That is all I ask right now.



And Dean re-reads this letter over and over again until he practically memorizes it and when he finally lets it sink in, all he can do is sit back and smile, trying to imagine this future with Cas. 

Yea, I can do this. There must be a way to get him back. 

BTS Reaction | You being scared.

Anonymous said: Hello, how would bts react to girlfriend being scared of them when they are mad/jealous

Anonymous said; BTS reaction to you flinching during an argument

A/N: I decided to combine to two, I hope that’s okay ^-^

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GREY AREA. (M) | 01

And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

“I’d rather be alone, but you’re fermented in my bones.” - Habits of my Heart, Jaymes Young

›› Pairing: Min Yoongi / Reader
›› Word Count: 4,444
›› Chapter Index and Warnings
›› Soulmate!AU, Slowburn, Angst

And it starts like this:

You’re standing in a party that one of the college fraternities is throwing, music blaring through a pair of speakers so loudly, that the voice of the singer comes out in a buzz. You feel your heart jump with the rhythm leaking into the room. You’re standing in the foyer of the large house, the room filled with too many people to be considered comfortable, bodies bump into you every few seconds, but you can’t find it within you to care.

You watch and laugh as Hoseok, one of your friend’s, does a keg stand. Two boys you don’t recognize, and you’re sure neither Hoseok or Taehyung do either, holding each one of his legs upwards. A number of people have huddled around to cheer him on, screaming out a chorus of, “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

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Whatever You Want (Smut)

Summary: You catch Shawn in the middle of some alone time and eventually give him a hand. 

A/N: You can consider this part 2 to Nice To See You, Too or read it as a standalone. Also, this goes out to @achinglyshawn, @shawnandzoestories and @anothermendesfangirl. Fuckin’ BLESS YALL.

Anyways, there’s thigh riding and I know we all thirst for that. 

So uh, buckle up. It’s a ride. Enjoy. 

You didn’t mean to catch him. Not at all. But when you opened the bedroom door he was laid out so nicely on the bed and it was a fucking sight. You stood there, frozen for a second, registering the fact that Shawn was palming himself through his jeans.

His eyes are closed tight so he doesn’t even notice you standing at the foot of the bed. You feel yourself getting warmer and warmer the more you watch. Part of you wants to tear his hand away so you can take care of him yourself, to make him crumble apart with your own hands.

Then you actually think about it for a second while he ruts into his large hand.

You want him to show you.

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Second Chances (James Conrad)

Pairing: James Conrad x OC

Warning: Little, tiny bit of violence. And giant bugs. Lol.

Originally posted by enchantedbyhiddles

I couldn’t relax. Couldn’t close my eyes without seeing it all over again. 

Choppers being tossed from the sky, like tiny toys. Flames licking away at molten metal. Bodies falling from midair. And those eyes. Those huge, yellow eyes. I squeezed my own eyes shut, desperate to make those horrible mental images vanish. Though the second I tried to think of something else, anything else, my mind wandered back to him.

To James Conrad.

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Raised by Wolves

Requested scenario

Paring: Wolf!AUChanyeol x You

Genre: Angst/smut

Summery: Chanyeol is normally very gentle during sex, but mating season has brought out something very rough in him.

Warning: rough sex, biting, scratching, oral sex, spanking, choking

Word count: 1,539

You were sitting on the couch waiting for Chanyeol to get home in your shared apartment. You knew he was going to be awhile when he said he’d be out with his pack. In the mean time, you decided to watch some Netflix. It wasn’t until two hours later that you started to worry about him. The members of his pack weren’t all the smartest and Baekhyun always seemed to be getting them into trouble. Just as that thought crossed your mind, your apartment door flew open, and in walked a very tattered Chanyeol.

“What the hell happened!” You questioned nervously. You ran up to him to further inspect his wounds. His mouth was bleeding, he has cuts all over his arms and face, and it looked like someone tried to take a chunk out of his right leg.

“Nothing happened. I’m fine” he huffed while walking past you into the kitchen. You had no idea what was going on with him at this point. He never acted like this. You walked into the kitchen to find him drinking a glass of water and looking at you with a sharp gaze.

“Please Chanyeol. Just tell me what happened” you barely spoke, not wanting to make him angry. Before you could even finish your sentence, he slammed the glass down on the counter making you flinch.

“You wanna know what happened baby? Alright.” He started walking towards you until your back was flat against the wall. “Some guy from another pack made a joke that he could fuck you better than I could. He said that I don’t deserve a mate like you” he admitted with a stern voice. He leaned closer so that you could feel his hot breath on your ear while his hand traveled down to the waistband of your pyjama shorts. “What do you think baby, do I need to fuck you better? Have I been too gentle with you?” He whispered in your ear.

“N-no” you stuttered. You could feel your arousal growing in your panties. This was definitely a new side of Chanyeol that you liked a lot.

He moved his mouth down to your neck and started to nip your skin. You let out a soft moan as you felt his hand slide your shorts and panties down your legs.

“Chanyeol please, do something” you begged. He gave you a smirk as he tapped his finger on your clit.

“Someone’s eager. Tell me what you want baby” he replied while slowly rubbing your clit.

“Please..fuck me” you moaned shamelessly. With that he picked you up and carried you to the bedroom where he threw you on the bed. For a minute he just stood at the edge of the bed staring at you. You began to grow nervous. “Chanyeol.. what’s gotten into you” you sounded more scared than you would have liked to.

“It’s mating season, baby.” He slowly crawled on the bed until he was on top of you. “ I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t even remember your name”. Everything was happening so fast. His lips were suddenly on yours and you could taste the blood from his cut as he forced his tongue in your mouth. You mewled into the kiss as you felt his rough hands rip open the buttons of your shirt, exposing your breasts. Cupping them in both hands, he took one nipple into his mouth, sucking on it roughly.

“Ah” you gasped. He moved to the other nipple and started to bite it. You winced slightly in pain. He suddenly moved down so that his face was centimetres away from your core. His hot breath made you shiver. He quickly looked up at you to flash you a grin before licking a long stipe along your slit.

“Baby you taste so good” he moaned against your clit. The sudden sensation making you whine. He started to roughly tongue fuck you as his nose hit your clit repeatedly. You let out a long moan while arching your back. Soon the pleasure because too much as he replaced his tongue with two fingers, going in and out of you at a rapid pace. You were a mess at this point and all you could do is moan his name over and over like a mantra.

“Ch-chanyeol I can’t.. please….it’s too much” you panted, trying to squirm away from him. He didn’t stop, he only went faster. Making sure to curl his fingers up with every thrust. He used his other hand to press you hips harder into the bed so you were trapped. He moved his focus back to your clit and sucked hard making you let out a scream. All of a sudden your body felt like it was on fire, from your head to your toes, it was like an electric shock. Your vision started to go black as your breath became more ragged and you started to buck your hips into his face. No noise was even coming out of your mouth as it hang open, Chanyeol milking the last of your orgasm as best he could by moving his head from side to side. As soon as it came, it was gone. Your vision returned back to normal and so did your breathing. You looked down at Chanyeol who was now naked, your juices covering his mouth and chin. The head of his cock was red and covered in pre cum. You knew this was far from over. No matter how wrecked you already were, you wanted him so fucking badly.

“Are you ready for me baby?” His voice sounding deeper than usual.

“Yes. Yes I’m so ready” you half moaned. He was now slowly stroking his cock. The sight making you more aroused than before.

“Get on your hands and knees for me princess. I wanna see that pretty ass of yours while I fuck you” he commanded. You eagerly complied. Swaying your ass from side to side with anticipation.

“Good girl” he gave your left cheek a harsh slap. “Always so eager for my cock”. You let out a long moan as you felt the head of his shaft sink in to your pussy. He didn’t give you much time to adjust before quickly thrusting into you. His grip on your hips was like iron as his cock slammed into you.

“How do I feel baby? Does my cock feel good?” He moaned while delivering another slap to your other cheek.

“Oh god.. yes! Chanyeol more please i need more” you gasped in between breaths. He waisted no time flipping you over and thrusting back into you. This time creating an angle that made him hit your g spot with every movement. With one hand he reached up to your neck, slightly choking you. The sudden loss of oxygen making everything more pleasurable. With the other hand, he moved it down to rub your clit, making you arch your back up into his chest.

“You’re mine” he exclaimed. “You belong to me and only me. Do you understand that?” He removed his hand from your throat hoping for an audible response but all you could do is nod. The familiar tightening feeling returning to your stomach. He could tell you were close and this only made him speed up, becoming too much for you.

“Chanyeol…I’m gunna cu-cum” you stammered while dragging your nails along his back. He let out a growl applying more pressure to your clit and rubbing as fast as he could.

“Look at me when you cum” he grabbed your face. “I want to scream my name so everyone knows who you belong to”.

You tried as hard as you could to keep your eyes open as your orgasm ripped through your body.

“Chanyeol oh my god!” You screamed. You had never felt anything this intense before. Your whole body started to shake and your screams became inaudible as your pussy clenched around Chanyeol’s cock, making him cum inside of you. He began to slow down his thrusts as he rode both you through your orgasms. Eventually he pulled out of you and flopped onto the bed beside you. A few moments later he quickly got up to get a wet wash cloth from the bathroom. He returned and carefully spread your legs apart so he could clean you and slip a clean pair of panties on you. He discarded the cloth in the laundry bin before climbing back into bed and pulling the soft duvet over both your bodies.

“Baby?” He broke the silence.

“Hmm” you hummed in response, still knocked out from your orgasms.

“I wasn’t too rough, was I?” The tone in his voice had completely changed at this point and you could tell that he was concerned. You mustered up all the energy you had left and turned towards him, opening your eyes.

“Can I tell you a secret?” You asked while giving him a peck on the nose. He nodded with wide eyes. “I really enjoyed it” you smiled. The nervousness written on his face quickly faded away and was replaced by his bright smile that you love so much.

“I guess I’ll have to do this more often then”.

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

Thank you to the anon who requested this! It’s my first time writing smut so hopefully it wasn’t too bad. I’ll definitely try harder in the future for you guys 😙 please let me know what you think or leave me a request ☺️
Curls (Shawn Mendes Smut)

requested: eh… not really.

pairing: reader x Shawn

warnings: smut

a/n: this is based off of a conversation @starrynightshawn & I had over the personal offense we took upon learning that Shawn cut his hair. Let me know what you think!

(picture is not mine- credits go to owner)

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One Thing Missing- Peter Parker One Shot

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Prompt: Peter forgets about your birthday. (Based on The Moment I Knew by Taylor Swift)

Word Count: 1600

A/N: SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING SPOILER FREE!!! (And this is unedited)


“Morning, Y/N.” Ned greeted you as you arrived at your locker before school. Being locker neighbors with your close friend kept communication during passing periods a lot easier.

“Hey, Ned.” You smiled, opening your locker up to exchange your books.

“Did you do the Spanish homework? I couldn’t figure out #12.” Ned asked.

“Yeah, that one was tricky. I’ll help you with it at lunch.” You stated.

“You’re a lifesaver, Y/N.” He said, making you laugh. He looked farther down the hall behind, “Oh, looks like someone woke up extra early.” You turned to see where his eyes had landed. Peter was making his way down the crowded hallway with a small, but bright bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Good morning, Y/N, Ned.” Peter said, arriving in front of the two of you.

“Who are the flowers for?” Ned asked in a teasing tone and Peter looked over at you.

“They’re for you, Y/N. Um, for your birthday.” He stated, holding them out to you.

“Thank you, Peter. They’re beautiful.” You smiled, taking them from him before sniffing them delicately.

“Well, uh, May suggested them, but yeah, uh, you’re welcome.” He laughed awkwardly and then coughed to clear his throat, “Happy early birthday.”

“Thank you. You’ll still be able to make it tomorrow, right? The Stark internship hasn’t commandeered your Saturday night?” You asked, worried your best friend and crush was going to leave you on your special day and make up for it with early flowers.

“I’ll be there. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Y/N. The flowers are just an early gift.” Peter said, making you smile in relief. The bell rang and you turned around to shut your locker.

“Well, we better get to class.” Ned said, raising his eyebrows at Peter, to which Peter just brushed them off.

“Class, right.” Peter mumbled.


The next day, you were waiting with your eye on the door. You heard three quick knocks on the door and you immediately stood up. You smoothed out your party dress and checked your red lipstick in the mirror, before answering the door. You opened it to find Ned smiling back at you.

“Happy birthday, Y/N.” Ned grinned, handing you a wrapped gift.

“Thank you, Ned.” You smiled, hugging him. You stepped back, allowing him to walk inside.

“Am I the first one?” He asked. You nodded as you closed your front door and set the gift on a nearby table.

“Yeah. You’re here early too.” You laughed. He looked down at his watch and shook his head.

“Only by a minute. I would call that perfect timing.” Ned adjusted his party hat as another knock came from the door. You quickly went to grab it.

“Happy birthday!” Liz smiled, holding up a gift bag.

“Thank you, Liz.” You beamed, moving to the side to let her in. As more guests arrived, you kept your eye on the door, just waiting for Peter to walk in.

“Y/N!” Liz’s voice made you snap out of your thoughts.

“Yes?” You asked.

“How have you been? I didn’t see you at all yesterday.” You gave her a half-hearted reply, mumbling that you’ve been fine. You felt too empty to talk to her right now. You combed back through your memory, remembering exactly how Peter said he’d be here tonight and that he wouldn’t miss it.


As the hours passed by, everyone merged into the living room, laughing at the current conversation. You looked around the room and you found one thing missing: Peter. You just wanted to be alone. Silently, you slipped out of the room and into the hall.

“Y/N?” You heard Ned’s voice ask from behind you, “Is something wrong?”

“No, I-” Your voice cracked, betraying you. You cleared your throat and tried again, “I’m fine, Ned. Just go back to the party.” You said before hurrying off to the bathroom. You closed the door and rested your back against it. You tried not to fall apart as the sinking feeling started.

“He said he’d be here.” You tell yourself hopelessly. You looked back at yourself in the mirror and let out a dry laugh. Here you were in a party dress in red lipstick with no one to impress. There was a knock from the other side of the door and you inhaled a shaky breath.

“Yes?” You answered.

“Y/N, please let me in.” Ned said quietly. You sighed as the tears began to grow in your eyes. You unlocked the door and slowly opened it.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He mumbled, holding out his arms to hug you. You let out a sob as you welcomed his embrace. You cried onto Ned’s shoulder, Peter’s promise echoing in your mind like a broken record. “It’s okay, Y/N. You’ve still got us.” Ned whispered in your ear. You pulled back and wiped your eyes as best you could without completely screwing up your makeup. Looking over Ned’s shoulders, you could see your guests standing at the end of the hall, watching you with sasd eyes. You were speechless- after all, what do you say when tears are streaming down your face in front of everyone you know?

“Cake time!” Ned announced, in attempt to draw the attention off your scene. Your guests shuffled off to the kitchen and Ned gave you a pitiful look. You struggled to smile for him. You followed him down the hall to your kitchen, where your cake was already out and ready.

“All right, let’s sing. One, two, three,” Ned lead everyone in singing ‘Happy Birthday to you’. At the end of the song, you looked back at the door one last time. Still no Peter. You turned back to the cake and you closed your eyes.

“I wish Peter was here.” You thought to yourself as you blew out the candles. Everyone cheered and Ned took the candles out of the cake. As he cut into it to serve your guests, you glanced at the door. Your heart had hit rock bottom- Peter wasn’t there, Peter had forgotten your birthday.


“May, I’m home.” Peter said, walking into their apartment. He shut the door and placed his keys in his pocket.

“Hey, how was it?” May greeted with a smile from her seat in the living room.

“It was good.” Peter replied with a nod, “I’m just super tired, so I’m going to head to bed.”

“Tired, huh?” She asked with slight smirk, standing up from the couch.

“Yeah,” He answered, confused.

“Okay, well. Good night, Peter, but I want to hear all about it in the morning.” She said, kissing the top of his head gently. Peter cluelessly nodded before heading to his bedroom. He closed the door and took off his shoes.

“I thought I lost you.” Peter laughed lightly to himself, looking at his cellphone that was resting on his desk beside him. He picked it up and saw five missed calls from Ned and several texts from him. Worried, Peter quickly read through the texts:

‘Peter, where are you?’ ‘Really? Spider-Man right now? Not cool, dude.’ ‘You’re in deep trouble now.’ ‘Y/N was CRYING because you ditched her on her BIRTHDAY. C’mon, Peter!’

“Y/N!” Peter exclaimed, nearly dropping his phone. He had gotten so distracted fighting crime all day that he didn’t even realize what today actually was. He missed the birthday of his best friend, of the most important person in his life, of the girl he absolutely loved; he missed your birthday. Running to his closet, Peter found the gift he had gotten you. He removed his Spider-Man suit from his backpack and replaced it with your gift. He carefully climbed out of his window and made his way through Queens to your house. He could see your silhouette as you sat at your vanity. Peter got onto the fire escape and tapped on your window. Confused, you stood up and moved your blinds. Seeing Peter, you scoffed. You slowly opened your window as you wiped your tears off of your face.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Peter said, crawling through your window to stand in your room.

“I’m sorry too, Peter.” You replied, making him look at you in confusion. You let out a restrained laugh, “Yeah, I-I am sorry. I just can’t do this anymore. It was one thing having you bail out on me when it was just us studying together, but it’s another thing to completely leave me on my birthday. No text, no call, nothing. Just a party spent with me waiting for you. Do you know what it’s like getting all dressed up, but being met with no one to impress? What was I supposed to do when the one who means the most to me is the one who didn’t show? You were the one thing missing, Peter.“

“You got dressed up for me?” Peter asked in disbelief and you shamefully nodded, “You don’t have to dress up to impress me, Y/N. I love you the way you are. Even now in jeans and a t-shirt with no makeup on and tears in your eyes, you’re beautiful. I could never ask for more. I love you and everything you are.”

“You love me?” You said in barely above a whisper.

“Very much so.” He nodded, “I truly am sorry for forgetting your birthday, not coming to your party, making you wait-” Peter was cut off by you placing your lips over his. After a moment, you pulled back to find him in shock.

“I love you too, Peter- very much so.” You giggled, kissing him again.

I’ve Got You, I Promise: Part 2

Originally posted by sensualquotes

*This gif ???? I’m dead. Evan Peters can comfort me any day.

Peter Parker x Scared/Clingy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After being captured and unable to be found for months, Peter and the rest of the Avengers locate you. When you return back, your only need is Peter’s safety and comfort. 

Word Count: 1899

Warnings: language, depressed reader, clingy, fluff, panic attack, knives, blood, sad stuff, loving Peter. (pls let me know if I missed any). 

A/N: I always upload my fics at an ungodly hour, literally it is 3:20 AM. Anyway, for the wonderful @farfromjustordinary​, I hope I did this justice! This is how I sort of deal with my issues, so everyone is different. Please let me know if you guys enjoyed reading this second part! This is my first time creating a second part on a fic, so I’m excited to hear some feedback. Alright, I’ll stop blabbering. Enjoy!

Part 1

After spending some time nuzzled in the crook of Peter’s neck, you fall back asleep. Peter had to leave a little while after you fell asleep though, to train with Steve and Sam.

When you woke up, you were drenched in sweat and visibly shaking like you’ve been outside in a blizzard for hours. Once you realized Peter had left you, the panic really started to set in.

Where did he go?

Did Hydra take Peter?

Oh, no. No, no. 


Where are you?!


As you continued this cycle of paranoid thoughts, Peter walks in, equally as drenched in sweat, if not more.

He takes in your state, eyes widening. “Y/N, h-hey, you okay?” Peter stutters, worry evident in his voice.

Opening your mouth with nothing coming out, you whimper, causing Peter to dart towards you on the bed.

Even though you are both a sweaty mess, you don’t care. You latch onto Peter once his body lands on the bed, taking him by surprise. Your heavy breathing and shaking body lets him know you woke up from a nightmare. But he wasn’t there to help you.  

With an intense grip of Peter’s shirt, you mumble, “I…-uh, I-”

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, Y/N. I understand,” Peter interrupts.

With a nod of your head, you lean farther into his hold, absorbing his warmth and comfort.

How can someone be this warm and soft?

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still perkin’ (full)

A/N: this is based on a filthy request for morning sex and dirty talk, so i hope y’all pervs enjoy it xoxo

He’s hard. You feel it against your ass as you start to wake up. The morning sun spills through the cracked curtains and stirs you from your sleep. But you’re definitely not the only thing stirring, you think stupidly to yourself as you feel Shawn’s harden length nuzzled against you. His arm flexes, tightening around you as he snuffles in his sleep.

Biting your lip, you turn your head carefully to look over your shoulder at him. He’s absurdly adorable lying there with his cheeks flushed slightly, his chest rising and falling with the steady rhythm of his breath. You want to wake him up.

You turn your head away from him again and bury your face in your pillow once more. Normally you’d ignore either ignore this or grip Shawn’s shoulder to wake him up as you wrapped a hand around him. That’s not how you wanna do things this morning, though.

Instead, you wiggle your hips slowly before pushing back against him and pressing your ass tightly to his cock. You want to moan a bit, but instead you bite your pillow and focus on rolling your hips in a steady motion. You press back then forward, back then forward, over and over as you grind into him to tease his cock.

You hear Shawn’s low grunts behind you, groans into the back of your neck as both of his strong arms hold you to him so he can start rocking his own hips, fucking his cock against the soft globe of your ass.

You can’t stop yourself from moaning when, on a particularly delicious grind of your own hips back, his cock slips between the full cheeks of your ass. He rocks forward and his balls press up against your cunt.

That’s when you can’t help it. You moan, loudly, as your hands find his forearms and you grip them tightly, nails digging into his skin.

With that, you feel Shawn freeze behind you. You know he’s awake now, blinking open his bleary eyes and looking down at you.

You let out a shaky breath and push your ass back, tilting your hips forward enough so your slick pussy presses against his cock. “Shawn,” you murmur, voice scratchy from sleep, “Please.”

“Shit, babe,” he growls as drops his head forward, nuzzling into your neck as his grip  on you tightens.

He kisses his way up to your ear before he chuckles, “Swore this was a dream,” then kisses the back of your neck and slides the head of his cock along the length of your slit, stopping to grind against your clit.

You moan and let your head fall back a bit, giving him access to your collarbone from over your shoulder. His lips are all over you as he teases your clit, forcing soft moans from your lips as you ache for more.

“Please, c’mon,” you urge, again, now that he’s absolutely awake.

He laughs again but only because he’s in awe of you. He lets you know, says, “Can’t believe you’re as eager for me as I am for you, sweetheart,” then starts sucking at your jaw as his cock slips back from your clit, teasing your entrance.

You don’t hesitate to roll your hips back and sink down onto his cock. Moaning, you dig your nails into his arms as you take what you need from him.

“Fucking…” you feel him breathe against your throat as you keep pressing back against him. Your cunt clutches his cock, taking him deeper and deeper and until he bottoms out, your ass flush against his hips.

He pulls his head away from you as you grinding steadily against him, fucking yourself on his cock with your head pressed back against his shoulder. He looks down, watches you, lets you take whatever you need from him. His cock twitches as your pussy grips him, your velvety walls stroking his hard shaft perfectly.

He tells you so.

“Jesus– baby, look at you. Fuck. Your pussy is so good– you feel so fucking perfect on my cock.”

His hands are moving as he speaks, one gliding across your skin to grip your hip, guiding your tight little rocking motions, while the other pushes up your stomach to cup one of your breasts. He brings his forefinger and thumb to your taut nipple, pinching it teasingly as he starts to move his own hips.

“Let me help, sweetheart,” he starts again, his head tilting back down so he can press his lips to your ear, “let me help you come all over my cock. Wanna make you come so good, please?” He kisses the back of your neck, starts to fuck his hips a little faster, “You know I can make you come baby. I can make your pussy feel so good.”

You moan at that, nodding before begging, “Please fuck me, Shawn, please,” and arching your back, your hips stilling with your ass pressed firmly against him, cock buried to the hilt in your cunt.

Shawn growls, always loving when you beg him for something he’s already begging you for. Then his hands are moving again as he pushes you however he wants you like he always does when you let him fuck you like this.

This time he gets his hand on your ass and pushes you forward onto your stomach. The hand on your breast instead finds the back of your shoulder as he presses you down into the mattress. He slides his cock out of you as he rolls over, pressing his chest to your back as he lets his hard length slip between the soft globes of your ass. You moan before biting down on the pillow, pushing your hips off the bed to press your ass against him as you try desperately to get his cock back inside of you.

He starts talking again.

“God, baby, you want my cock so bad, don’t you?” He shifts on top of you, his dick slipping down to your pussy, pressing against your entrance. “I know you love being full of me, love when your cunt stretches around my cock. You take me so fuckin’ well baby,” and then he’s rolling his hips forward, sinking himself into your wet heat as your bodies finally press together.

You moan, loud and wanton into the pillow as you grip the bed sheets beside you. Shawn’s breathing heavily atop you, clutching your hip as he starts grinding his cock in and out of you, keeping a slow, rolling rhythm that has your heart nearly beating out of your chest. You feel your juices soak the insides of your thighs as your pussy grips him, and that makes you moan even more, not caring Shawn might have neighbors that would absolutely hear you.

He’s not being quiet himself, murmuring, “Yeah, yeah, baby, that’s it, taking my cock so good, shit,” as he shifts his hips and finds your g-spot with each deep stroke of his dick. He’s holding you down so good, keeping your legs tight together with his own on either side, and each pass of his cock into your cunt slides against your ass and makes your toes curl.

“You wanna come down, babe, don’t you? Please, let me make you come, wanna feel you so bad,” Shawn’s practically whining into your ear, his hand slipping from your ass to the front of your hip, pulling you up against him so there’s no space between your back and his chest.

You turn your head on the pillow to look back at him over your shoulder before you keen for him, “Please,” drawing the word out on a breathy moan. Shawn growls at the sound, and with that, his fingers find your clit between your slick pussy lips and press down. His hips move faster, fucking his cock into your harder, and he stops the messy slip and slide of fingertips against your nub to work your nerves properly. He slips his index and ring fingers on either side of your swollen hood, then slips the tip of his middle finger back over your hard, arching nub, because he knows how the direct stimulation knocks the air from your lungs.

Your scream is silent as you come around his cock, jaw dropping as you bury your head in the pillow and let your hips move erratically. You can’t stop yourself from working your hips back, sinking your cunt deeper and deeper onto Shawn’s cock as you chase the wave of heat that radiates through you with your orgasm.

Shawn, on his part, can’t hold himself together anymore. He fingers keep rubbing your clit, flicking the tight bud, as his hips slap your ass. His mouth is moving, babbling about how fucking good you feel coming for him, how wet you’re getting his cock, how bad he needs to fucking come.

“Let me come, let me come,” he begs from behind you, rocking into you harder as you feel his cock twitch inside your sensitive cunt.

Catching your breath, you turn your head back against and look up at him. Nodding, you murmur, “Shawn, please,” and roll your hips back, spreading your thighs as much as you can trapped beneath him. “Come for me, baby, c’mon,”

And with that, he’s gone, biting down on your shoulder as he buries his cock inside of you and comes, spilling himself inside your pussy as you clench your muscles around him, holding him inside of you. You roll your hips, wanting to feel him like that, not wanting him to pull out until he’s completely done.

Eventually, his hips slow to a stop as he keeps himself pressed against you, panting against your neck as the aftershocks of his orgasm pass through him. The room smells like sex and your heavy breathing echoes through the room. You don’t mind the weight of him on top of your like this, you almost like being smothered. All you can smell is him. You love that.

But eventually he’s rolling off of you, getting off the bed and going to get a towel to clean you up like he always does. You’ve never had to ask. You press your ass up, wiggling your hips a little as he swipes the warm rag between your thighs. You hear him laugh, low in his throat, and you have to stop yourself from getting turned on again.

Suddenly, Shawn’s sex flushed, sweaty body is collapsing on top of you again. You feign protest, wiggling around beneath him until he yields only slightly, lets you flip around beneath him so you’re on your back and looking up at him. He pushes a hand into your hair, and his fingertips stroke your scalp like he always does after you let him come inside of you. You let out a soft, happy sigh and close your eyes.

“And a good morning to you, too,” you hear Shawn chuckle before his lips are on yours, kissing you properly like he’s promised to do every morning for as long as you’ll let him.

Six Weeks (M)

Originally posted by bunnywonho

Word Count: 4.8k

Pairing: Wonho x Reader

Warning(s): Sexting, Masturbation, other smutty stuff

Based off the drabble game request: “God, you smell so good”

A/N: I hope this keeps you guys entertained while I work on La douleur exquise! Please be patient with me on that since school is starting tomorrow for me ufgisbdks. Also thank you @jiminniemouse for proofreading this and not judging me on my pervy mind. Enjoy!

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Preference “How they react to you going down on them for the first time” (NSFW)

(Woooo more nasty preferences 😏😏 Yay for our faves being more than happy 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d get overly turned on and excited and would let you have your way with him. He had always wanted you to suck him off, so when you would eagerly offer it to him one night, by getting on your knees, he’d smirk and teasingly chuckle and whisper to see you. He’d let you take control for a while before getting to into it and reach in your hair to conduct you, only to make you look at him and swallow everything. “Y/N…Baby girl…You’re getting yourself dirty tonight..Fuck…Y-You’re really good at this aren’t you, you little cocksucker…Shit! Look at me…You’re gonna swallow all of it aren’t you…Good…”

Daryl-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d at first deny that he liked it as he somewhat feels bad but as you’d encourage and turn him in with your words and all, he’d gradually just get into it. He’d feel like he was forcing you into it at first so he’d just try to get you back on your feet so that he can be the one to give you a special treatment, only to give up as you would wrap you lips around his cock and suck him off slowly. “Babe…I’m okay…You don’t have to…No…You want to? Alright…I’ll be honest…I feel like you deserve it more than I-…Y/N…Fuck…Shit…You’re…Perfect…”

Rick-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just enjoy it and would have no problem to show you that he does as he’d let you do whatever to him. Just seeing you sink down to start sucking him off would turn him on even more and he wouldn’t hesitate to teasingly praise you. He’d make you look him the eyes, tucking your hair away, only to gradually lose control and grip your hair. “Y/N…I love your mouth…It feels really good…Keep going…Yeah…Like that…Just like that…Yeah…Fuck…”

Merle-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just love seeing you on your knees for him and cheer praise you for it while just letting himself loose to feel you. As you’d slide down his body to sink on your knees, he’d smirk and bite his lips to see you and just flirt with you. He’d touch and feel your lips and cheeks for a moment before losing control as you would wrap your lips around his cock, making him grip your hair to hold himself. “Y/N, baby…You’re gonna suck my cock? Yeah…Good…Oh fuck…Baby your lips are so beautiful…Sh-shit! Yeah you like that…You like sucking on daddy’s cock? Yeah…”

Glenn-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d have a hard time hiding his smile to see you on your knees and just praise you. He’d enjoy every bit of attention that you would give him and softly tuck your hair away to get a good look at you. He’d stroke the side of your face softly and smirk to see you to work before gradually losing control and promise you to return the favor. “Y/N…You’re so beautiful…And you love me so much…That’s so lovely of you…Look at me…Fuck…Fuck…Yeah like that…Keep up like that and you’ll have to let me have my treat…”

The Governor-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just feel so overwhelmed with pleasure that he’d have a hard time to find the right words to say. To see you on your knees and obeying his orders would have already turned him on so much but seeing you just want to suck him off would make him nearly lose his mind. He’d encourage you even more and grab your hair to hang on and gently thrust forward. “You’re such a good girl, Y/N…Doing everything I ask of you…Mmhh…Like that…Just like that…Don’t stop…Do you hear me? You don’t stop until I come in that pretty mouth of yours…”

Abraham-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d look at you lustfully before smirking and chuckling. He’d tease you with his words and jokingly tell you that it’s okay if you don’t want to, referring to his size, only to suddenly be caught up by your lips. He’d be impressed and would just praise you and grab you softly to pull you closer to him. He’d just enjoy to see you down on your knees and would order you to please yourself. “Oh Y/N…You’re so sexy cutie…But i’ll be honest with you, I don’t mind if you stop…I get it i’m pretty big…You probably can’t- Oh…Fucking shit…You’re takin’ it all…Wow…Fuck…”

Eugene-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d lose complete control and just start to talk dirty about you. You’d see a completely different side to him and be impressed by how he can go from being innocent as to what was happening to suddenly just begging you to not stop. Slowly, you’d feel his fingers grip your hair and him thrusting, showing you that he doesn’t want you to stop. “Y/N? W-what are you doing? Why are you on your knees? Y-you’re…Fuck…You’re taking in all of my dick…Shit…Yeah like that..don’t stop…Like that…more…”

Jesus-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just be enamored by you and be glad to have you in that moment. He’d touch you gently and let sweet words of encouragement to let you know that he appreciates you and how much he loves you. He’d keep looking you in the eyes and would be surprisingly gentle with you as he wouldn’t want to rush anything. “You have such pretty lips, Y/N…I’m so lucky to have you…and i’m just so grateful…Grateful to-…to have you like this…So pretty…I-I love you…Fuck…”

Dwight-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just feel like a sense of relief and enjoy every instant of it. He’d feel as if you were accepting him and get even more turned on by the idea of it. He’d enjoy seeing you sink to your knees and touch him all over, that he’d start to ramble on about how dirty you are as he reaches to grip and tug your hair. He’d make sure you’d keep looking up at him and that you’re pleasing yourself as well. “Yeah…That’s right, Y/N…on your knees…Opening your mouth for me, already? You dirty little girl…Fuck…Just like that…Yeah…Shit…Let me see you touch yourself…Do it…”

Morgan-The first time you’d go down on him, he would’ve denied it a few times before letting you. He’d just feel like it was a dirty act to ask of you to do, so he had been avoiding it for quite a while until one night, you would surprise him by having your way. He’d end up not having time to stop you and just get lost in the pleasure you were giving him as you would feel him reaching to tug your hair. “No, Y/N, honey…I-I don’t need you to do this. I swear…I-I’m fine…I’ll take care of you…Please let m-…Y/N! Wait-…Fuck!…”

Shane-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d feel somewhat proud of you and just be completely into it. He’d talk even dirtier to see you on your knees and as he’d grip your hair, he’d end up tugging you to control the rhythm and all. He wouldn’t be ashamed of his groans and would get even louder as he’d feel your tongue swirling around. Eventually, he’d feel like he had no choice but to thrust into you and would keep at it. “You’re so good at this…It’s amazing…Fucking shit…Just like that…Do it again…Yeah…I-I can’t…Fuck take this…Like this…Yeah…”

Milton-The first time you’d go down on him, he would’ve pretended to not wanting you to but in reality would actually just feel excited to see you get on your knees. He’d deny you a few times, take your hands away from his belt and everything but end up giving it up and letting you win and just enjoy the feeling your lips and tongue all over, making him praise you. “Y/N…
No…I don’t want you to…No not that way, please…i’m serious…I-I can handle it myself…I-I’m- Fuck…Y/N…Baby…Please…D-don’t stop…”

Aaron-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be pleasantly surprised and would just feel special about himself. He’d at first be stunned to see you get lower as you would kiss each other and ask you teasingly as to what you were doing but as you’d kiss his hips, he’d understand. He’d end up cupping your face softly and tell you to take your time as he wouldn’t want the moment to end too soon. “Y/N? What are you- Oh!…You’re doing that…I-I don’t mind…I-I do like it…Slowly…just like that…Take your ti-…time…take your time that’s what i meant…”

Gabriel-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be shy about it and would put up a little fight for you to not do so, only to end up enjoying it a little too much. As you’d make out, you’d soon sink to your knees, making him realizing what was happening and try to pull you back up. However, as you’d have your way with him, his train of thought would slowly be cut off, making him groan at you to keep going while gripping your hair tightly. “Y/N, sweetheart…No don’t…I already told you…I-I don’t need you that w-…Y-Y/N! Please…Don’t stop…Yes…like that…Y-You’ll swallow everything, for me…right?”

The Wolf-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d find it amusing of you and just start to tease you for being so dirty. As you’d both make out, you’d feel his hands keeping to push you down, making you understand as to what he wants. As you’d lower yourself, he’d guide his cock to your mouth making you suck him off. He’d laugh and ramble on about how you’re his and such as his hands would creep up in your hair. “Oh…Y/N…You’re at this point now? Finally, sucking my cock for your pleasure…You’re such a dirty slut…my dirty slut…Yeah like that…wait…let me help you…Mhmm…more like this…”

Noah-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d feel amazing and wouldn’t want you to stop despite at first being reluctant about it. He’d be nervous about and would try to talk you out if it. as much as he could, saying he wants you to feel good not just only himself. However, as you’d be adamant about wanting to and you’d kneel in front of him with a pleading look to just start to suck him off, he’d forget about everything and let you. “No…Y/N…I-I don’t think it’s a good idea…I’m not sure…It’s just…I don’t see the pleasure for you…I-…Woah…Y/N…Fuck…”

Simon-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d have everything already planned and would just get an even bigger hard on than he already does. He’d just sit in anticipation and as you’d start to suck him off, he’d smirk and close his eyes in sheer pleasure of it and just your name would come to him. He’d then just love to give you orders on how to do it and look at you as you’d take each inch of him deeper, making him start to praise you and thrust into you. “Y/N…Y/N…Baby girl! Fuck! Yeah…like that! You’re so good…It’s amazing…Taking my whole length…Alright…Now give me a long lick…Keep stroking me like that…You’re such a good girl…”

Ezekiel-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d show you his usual kind side at first but as you’d gradually go on, his lustful and rough side would come out. He’d find it so lovely of you to want him that way, that he’d let you get down on your knees and start to suck him off. He’d stroke your hair softly while speaking to you in a sweeter tone, to make sure you were fine. However, the more you would go on the more he’d lose control and you’d feel him thrusting forward. “Beautiful Y/N…If this is really what you desire…go on…Such a sweet queen…pleasuring her king this way…Simply amazing…F-fuck…Yeah like that…Come on…”

Benjamin-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be stunned and try to stop you, only to end up being amazed by you and want you to keep going. He’d feel awkward about having you do that to him, so he’d do his best to keep you from getting away from his embrace. However, you’d snake your way down to him and as he’d have no time to pull you back, he’d end up getting caught up with his words and in the moment, enjoying all of it. “Y/N?! W-what are you trying to do? Are you serious? You want to…No…Come here…Y/N…Oh fuck…Y-you’re really doing this…Oh…D-don’t stop..

Caesar-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d smirk happily and just want you to take your time. He’d tuck and stroke your hair as a way to encourage you and just compliment on you and on how you would suck him off. Gradually, his words would get dirtier and his soft touches to your hair would end up being a tight grip as his hips would occasionally rise up. He’d teasingly beg you to stop, knowing that it’ll probably make you go even faster. “Oh…Y/N…Please…S-stop…I-I don’t think I can handle this…Y-You’re just so good at this…Fuck…Please…I’m begging you to stop…”

Heath-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be nervous about it and just try his best to keep a straight face so that you could change your mind and let him do it to you. He’d feel guilty to see you in that position and keep looking away to deny you, only for it not to turn you off but actually work harder. He’d end up giving up and lose control and just start to ramble on about how he actually likes it. “I’m sorry, Y/N but…I feel like I should be the one to do you…Not this…I-I’m just…F-fuck…I-I…I don’t hate this…Go on…”

Spencer-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d get even more turned in than he already is and just get slightly arrogant about his size. He’d guide himself into your mouth and jokingly pull away a few times saying that his size was too much for you, only for you to suddenly take control and have it your way. His attitude would change and he’d show his more vulnerable side that comes out when he loses control. “So you’re finally going to suck me…Good…But I warn you might not be able to fit it all in-…Woah! Y/N! F-Fuck! Shit…I-I’m sorry…Sorry please don’t go so fast…”

Richard-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be more than glad to feel your mouth and tongue over him and just enjoy to look at you on your knees. From his eyes, you could tell that he wanted it so you made sure to give it to him properly. As you’d start to take him in, he’d let out sweet words about you and gradually they would turn into groans, encouraging you to keep going for him and ask you to swallow for him. “Y/N…You’re so beautiful…Your eyes…You lips…How do I even deserve you…Look at you…Y-You’re mine…All mine…That’s right…Like that…Please take of it…Swallow…”

Nicholas-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be surprised for a few seconds before his arrogant behavior would come out and just let you know that you were his. He’d look at you wide eyed to see you sink down to your knees and ask you as to what you were doing but the instant you suck him off, he’d change completely. He’d let out some groans and just pull you to him by your hair and talk about how dirty you are. “Y/N? What are you-…Oh, fuck! Sucking me off is it? Yeah that’s right…You should’ve been doing that since the beginning like the dirty girl you are… ”

Gareth-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d suddenly get quiet and try to control his groans. He’d want to have the best of you so he’d keep in his reaction for most of the time to make you work harder before giving in and surprise you by pulling you by your hair tighter. He’d pull you closer and just whisper praises to you for it and end up telling you to swallow every thing. “Y/N…You finally understood…Good…See you’re actually really good at this…That’s what I wanted and that’s what you’re giving me…I hope won’t forget to swallow…”

Michonne-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just be so seduced by you that she’d smirk and let you have what you want. She’d just whisper sweetly to you about how lovely you are like this and try her best to keep her eyes on you. As you’d get rougher and more eager, she’d end up losing control and just grip you to keep going. “Y/N…I love you so much…You’re so kind…and sweet look at you-…I’m so lucky…Lucky to have you…Oh my god…Y/N…”

Maggie-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d tease you about your abilities and jokingly make you doubt yourself, only because she wants you to prove her wrong. As you would do so, she’d still try to tease you and take everything casually. However, as you’d work on her, gradually you’d feel her rising up slightly and start to grip your hair as she loses control. “Oh come on Y/N…You? I don’t think it’ll be useful of you to do that…Let’s do something else…You don’t want to? Y/N, seriously? I don’t think that’s enough…Seriously-…Oh fuck…”

Andrea-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d be even more turned on to see you want her that way, that she’d let her more vulnerable side come out. Although, she would still be lustful about it, you’d notice her words slowly change to more loving and encouraging ones. As you’d hold on to her, she hold you back and grip onto your hair. “Y/N…Yes…Like that…don’t stop…You’re so good at this…Amazing…I-I love you…”

Jessie-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d deny that she wanted you to do so and try to get you away, only to give up as you would give her your all. Her words telling you to stop would turn into moans, that she’d try to stifle but struggle to do so. She’d end up gripping onto the sheets and beg you to not stop. “No Y/N…I’m fine…I swear I don’t need you to do this…I don’t-…Y/N…Fuck…”

Beth-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d be nervous and shy about it and just push you away for a few moment. She’d feel embarrassed about herself and try to make you change your mind by paying attention to you affectionately, only to end up losing to you as you would have it your way. She’d enjoy it so much she’d then tell you to keep going and not let go. “Y/N, I’m fine…You don’t have to do this…Please…Let me taken care of you…Y/N…Oh goodness…Oh my god…D-don’t stop…Please keep going…”

Sasha-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just feel so at ease, she wouldn’t have a problem to let herself loose. She’d enjoy to be in your care and seeing how eagerly you want to do so for her, she’d softly stroke your hair and let you have your way with her. She’d just encourage you to keep going and as she’d feel near she’d grip your hair. “Y/N…It feels really good…You’re amazing…Yes like that…Just like that…Keep going…”

Rosita-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d give you a slightly hard time for a moment by pretending to not care, only to give up and show you exactly what she feels. She’d make you work harder for her with her words but as soon as she’d feel you getting more into it, she’d thrust herself to you. Her words would then turn you on even more and as you’d hold her she’d let herself go even more. “Really? You think that’s enough…Wake me up when you’re done…Y-Y/N! F-fuck…I-I like it like that…Yeah…Yeah…Keep going just like that…”

Tara-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just feel so loved and cared for that she’d smile looking at you. She’d stroke your hair sweetly and whisper to you kind words to make you know that she loves you no matter what and do her best to contain her excitement. As you’d go even harder at her, her words would turn into moans and groans. “Thank you Y/N…You’re so kind…sweet…and perfect…I-I couldn’t hope for more…I-I like it like this…I-I love you…”

Carol-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d act like she wouldn’t want it, only to feel herself giving up and letting you have your way. She’d try to pull you back up to keep kissing her but as you would be so adamant about it she’d sigh and just let you. She’d pretend to not care for it, only to suddenly be unable to contain her true feelings. “No…Get back here…Y/N…Fine whatever…Have it your way…Y-Y/N…W-wait…F-fuck…”

Arat-The first time you’d go down on her, she wouldn’t be shy about liking it and seeing you sink lower to her. She’d smirk and bite her lips, unable to keep her eyes off of you and just praise you. She’d pull your hair towards her to keep you in place and give you instructions on how to make it better, only for you to do it your way and make her breathless. “Yeah…Y/N…Just like that…You know I want this…Perfect…Her let me show you…Like this…Good…”

I’m A Good Girl

Summary: Dean has the reader wear something different when they’re alone for the weekend…

Square Filled: Collars

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Rating: explicit (smut (collar play, use of a butt plug), language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo 

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Into You

Summary: Y/N really likes Bucky, but she’s sure there’s no way in hell he likes her back.

Request: Hi could I make a request, with Bucky and reader, where reader really likes Bucky, but she’s really self loathing, and doesn’t think she’s good enough for him, and tony throws one of his party’s, she’s gets dressed up, but she’s Bucky with another girl, and leaves the party, but what she doesn’t know is Bucky likes her and wasn’t even listening to the girl, he sees her run and goes after her and confesses and it’s all really fluffy ending of that makes any sense 🤗

Author’s Note: Guess who did a one-shot for the first time in a hundred years? Okay so I strayed a bit away from the ending, but other than that it should be what you asked for. Hope you like it! x

Bucky Barnes Masterlist


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“You nearly done in there?!” Natasha exclaimed, hammering on the door.

“Good god, woman, give me a minute!” you yelled, giving yourself one last look in the mirror, before rolling your eyes, muttering a “fuck it” under your breath. You unlocked the door, and no sooner than you’d placed your hand on the handle, Natasha yanked it open.

You muttered profanities under your breath in surprise, before chuckling in amusement as she slammed the door shut.

“You ready?” you asked Wanda, who nodded.

“Yes, because unlike the two of you, I plan ahead when I know I’m having a night out,” she said smugly. You groaned quietly, causing her to let out a soft laugh.

“Tasha, you’ve got five seven minutes before we leave you here and take the taxi without you!” you yelled, causing her to slam her fist on the door in frustration.

You chuckled, before slipping your heels on. Glancing up, you saw Wanda looking at you; a smug smile on her face.

“Heels?” she questioned, hinting to the fact that you rarely, if ever, wore high heels.

You shrugged.


She didn’t say anything else, just raised her eyebrows and nodded exaggeratedly.

“I don’t get why you’re so surprised, we are going to a party, after all,” you grumbled.

“No, I know, I know, it’s just unusual. You dressing up for anyone in particular? Anyone special?” she asked, causing you to roll your eyes.

“For God’s sake, Wanda,” you huffed, before walking over to hammer on the bathroom door. “We’re leaving!”

Steve had a tendency to pair the same people up with each other during trainings and missions. You’d been paired with Bucky, mostly because the two of you fought very well together. To take the piss, Wanda and Natasha would tease you about it, saying you had a crush on him. It was understood by all three of you that this wasn’t, of course, the case.

Except that it kinda was.

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A Winter’s Ball

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: flirting, the 40s, hamilton, gay peggy, unprotected sex, no foreplay, sex in a tent, soldier!kink, she wears his hat, musicals, 

Word Count: 1848

so this is a 40′s bucky tale based off of the song from “Hamilton: An American Musical” and i don’t own the song or the concept, i just thinking it’s a pretty saucy number thanks (#dontsuemelin) this also includes a wee bit of “Helpless” because Eliza sure knows how to set a scene, thanks sweetness <3

also in this you, the reader, have two sisters. sorry if you don’t have two sisters, you can just pretend they’re your two best friends or something. if you don’t have two best friends, then pretend it’s me and my sister. also i gave them the classic names, so that’s what you gotta refer to your sisters/friends as now. not sorry tbh <3

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Sarge kink, kinda Dom/Sub, spanking, fingering, oral sex (fr), hair pulling, pantie stealing, cars.

Word Count: 2435.

Rating: 18+


First of all tagging the birthday girl @superpaperclip Happy Birthday, I hope you like this and enjoy this and please don’t hate me if it is awful! I’m really besides myself that you’d ask me to write something for you for your birthday!

Also tagging my wifeys @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose and @supernatural-girl97 @brokenanxiety 

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A Lesson in Servitude

‘He knows he’s enjoying this way too much’

Featuring: Taehyung/V
Genre: Smut (semi public)
Word Count: 2k


A/n: I really want to suck on Taehyung’s fingers :/ This has been sitting in my drafts since like June.

He was so poised. Dark eyes pointedly scrutinizing everything in his wake. He was the first born into the Park family but would never be the first in line for the throne.

There were constant whispers and gossip floating around the castle about how the illegitimate child of the king was much more suited to the throne than his brother Jimin who only seemed interested in playing all day long.

That didn’t dissuade Taehyung’s faith in his brother’s capability to be a noble ruler. Plus with his ineligibility to lead his kingdom, he was able to get away with more. The spotlight had inevitably shied away from him, leaving him to venture out into less than suitable situations.

Situations involving a certain servant. He was always sure to keep you at arm’s length. Nods of acknowledgement were just a pleasantry he offered all of staff, so you never thought anything of it, until he propositioned you.

He explained to you how he only kept concubines out of ‘spite for his betrothed’, and felt it more beneficial to ‘fool around with someone not so dirtied by the hands of other men,’ his words not yours. Thus this arrangement was formed, although who would you be to deny a close associate of the Park family.

He had a limited amount of time, before people would start to grow suspicious of his absence. Seeing as this was a gathering to welcome his potential in laws.

It was suffocating, being met with empathetic smiles. His head was growing weary with all the clinking of glasses and buzzing of too many voices. A blur of people coming up to him with faux congratulations on getting engaged to a she demon. He needed a break from the glitz, needed to get away from that room full of phonies.

One glance your way from across the ballroom had you scurrying to excuse yourself to the head maiden, addressing how lightheaded you’d been feeling tonight. She let you out for a walk, not without a disgruntled huff coming from her lips before shooing you away.

“Your majesty?” You step out into the dimly lit lanai looking around for the noblemen, suddenly swept off your feet by long limbs.

“Look, who came running to check on her master, how cute.” He pushes you against the cobblestone wall, pressing his chest into your back.

“W-well of course, I wanted to make sure you were feeling a-alright.”

“Is that the only reason you came out here?” If you hadn’t known any better you would have thought he was hurt by your cover up but the teasing lilt in his voice says otherwise.

“___, you don’t have to save face around me. I won’t judge.” He pushes you further into the wall until your cheek is pressed against the cool stone and you squeal out at the tight space you’ve found yourself in.

He pulls off your bonnet, flinging it to the ground, watching in mild fascination as your silky tresses fall down your back. He moves them to the side to gain access to the supple skin of your neck.

“You’re..so…fun…to…tease.” He accentuates every word with a kiss to your neck, sending chills down your spine.

His hands idly slide down to the hem of your dress, pulling up the fabric to reveal your ivory slip. Your legs are squeezed together in fear of letting him move forward in such a communal area of the castle, especially where stray guests and guards making their rounds always roamed.

“Open.” His voice is firm, authoritative, and you spread your legs at his command.

No one would ever believe you if you told them that Taehyung’s hand was palming you over your slip in earnest. Working you up like he had done so many times before, with such ease.

You’re lips release a shamelessly loud whimper, earning a pleased chuckle from Taehyung. “Baby, do you want me to pump my fingers into you?”

“Y-yes, your majesty.”

Taehyung slips a hand into the elastic of your cotton slip, middle finger brushing up your wet slit. He rubs along your lips until he feels the tell tale clenching and unclenching of your thighs around his playful hand and decides to give you what you want. What you’d been denying yourself of all night.

He delves his middle finger into your center, slowly sliding in all the way to the knuckle. Describing your pussy as wet would be an injustice. His finger felt like it was drowning and in order to stay afloat he’d have to clutch onto your warm walls, which is exactly what he did.

He curls his experienced finger into your heat. The friction having your nails dig into the overgrown foliage decorating the castle walls.

His finger pumps into you with skilled precision, palm grinding into your clit with each ministration. Your mouth is gaping, inaudible moans leaving your throat.

Taehyung sucks in a breath, completely enraptured by your body’s response to his touch. He decides to up the ante. “If you want more, all you have to do is ask.”

“Y-your majesty please…” your voice falls flat at the feeling of his other hand coming up to grip your clothed breast. Your eyes shut at the added sensation, nipples growing painfully taut.

“I can’t hear you ___.”

“P-please your highness, I need more.”

He lets out a hum in satisfaction over your desperate plea, sinking a second finger into you, this time with much more force. He didn’t even wait for you to adjust to the stretch before he was thrusting both fingers synonymously inside of your weeping cunt.

Every noise that leaves your mouth fuels Taehyung’s lust, further contributing to the ever growing bulge in his trousers. You yourself were too far gone to notice the subtle frotting he administered to your backside.

“Are you close my love?” His voice was disgustingly sweet against your ear, adding a nibble for good measure.

You nod against him and he takes this as his sign to let loose on you all the pent up desire he’s been repressing for the past twelve hours of not being able to touch you.

His fingers plunge into your pussy at a tempo that fell into sync with Offenbach’s Can Can playing inside the ballroom. He kept up the assault of his fingers with a consistency only he knew how to execute.

Your walls clench around his fingers spasmodically, rippling through your nerves in strong waves. Your knees buckle from the force of your first orgasm. You’d be on the ground, a crumpled mess, had Taehyung not been there to keep you braced against the wall.

His fingers rest inside of you, until the last few quakes of your thighs come to complete stop, and he slips from your slick folds, removing his hand from under your dress. Your forehead rests against the brick, too exhausted to hold your head up.

When you finally regain enough energy to raise your head once again you are met with Taehyung slick fingers in front of your face. They are close enough for you to get a whiff of the pungent smell and you turn your head away out of embarrassment.

This action doesn’t discourage Taehyung from pushing his digits past your plump lips and into your mouth. The taste of yourself hits your tongue in a flurry of bitterness. You’d never have thought to taste yourself before and it’s oddly enticing.

His fingers swirl around inside your mouth, willing your tongue to move around his digits. No one would believe your tales of his insistence for you to suck hungrily on his fingers, only after he’d assaulted your dripping pussy. They’d probably have you beheaded at the first sound of your deluded accusations.

“You don’t want me to go back in there dirty do you?”

“No.” you muffle out, mouth full of his fingers.

“Then finish cleaning me up.”

You hum out in understanding, slurping along the length of his fingers. You thoroughly slurp up every last drop, until there is only a hint of your essence on him.

Taehyung groans out at the feel of your sloppy tongue working hard to clean him off. He became painfully aware of just how hard you had made him and snapped his hips into your clothed ass.

You look up to him through your lashes in complete shock, you’d both been out here for quite sometime and people were bound to start looking for the pair of you if they hadn’t started already.

“What did you expect, sucking on my fingers so erotically.” He ruts his hardness into your backside, pulling you back onto him harshly.

“Y-your majesty, you should g-get back to the party and tend to your guests.”

“I’d much rather tend to you my lady.” He rubs at your bottom through your dress, reaching down to flip the fabric over your back to reveal the curve of your ass. Your legs tremble at the cool air greeting your searing core.

You hear the rustling of clothes behind you feeling Taehyung’s knees fitting into the backs of your own as he tries to position himself. You feel the head of his cock rub against your folds, tickling your swollen clit.

He slides in with ease, welcoming the surge of warmth with a low rumbling groan. He pulls back, leaving just the head in before plunging himself into the hilt. If anyone heard your choked sob at the abrupt intrusion, they didn’t bother coming to check on the noise.

Taehyung rams into you with a force that has you standing on the tips of your toes. “Lift your leg up for me.” He breathes out, helping you adjust your position.

His hips piston into you at an angle that has broken sobs leaving your mouth. You dig your nails into the wall, not caring how damaging it was to your nail beds because the way his cock drove into you was just too good for you to care.

With each buck of his hips you are quickly nearing your second end. He knows he’s enjoying this way too much. Your complete servitude to him, how simple it is to pull submission from your deepest depths. He loves every minute of fucking you any and everywhere he sees fit and sees the slight obsession to overpower you unhealthy. But that doesn’t deter what he’s gaining from this. You give him forbidden pleasure, a thrill he can only find between your legs.

“Y-your majesty, I-I’m so close.” A mewl interrupting your declaration.

Taehyung begins to fuck you into the wall at full force, not saving a drop of energy for anything else but to have you cumming.

With each thrust he is met with a moan louder than the one before and he’s content with his handy work. Not even a second later you are cumming around his pulsating cock in a sloppy rhythm that’d undoubtedly disappoint Taehyung’s piano teacher.

When he feels the coil in his belly begin to unravel he pulls out of you. Taehyung jerks himself onto your uniform, the ivory rivulets from his release contrasting against the black of your uniform.

He is left panting behind you, leaning his head against your back. The aftershocks of your orgasms rock through both of your bodies in strong tremors. The aftermath of your rendezvous is spent in silence, the only sound being ruffling of cloth and the clinking of his belt buckle. You try to sober up as well, figuring your long absence will result in you having kitchen cleanup for the next 6 weeks.

“Come up to my room later. I want to play with you properly.” He whispers out into your ear before heading back inside the grand patio doors. You know for a fact Kim Taehyung always gets what he wants and if you aren’t knocking on his door at 12:00 am you were going to reap the retribution.

Daddy!Tom would be like

a/n: sin as always
This one is a sequel to this one http://fragile-n-4.tumblr.com/post/163689021585/teasing-tom-in-inappropriate-situations-would-be
But you can totally ignore it if you want to
I tried to fuse to requests on one
The continuation of the “teasing Tom in inappropriate situations” the “Daddy!Tom” but hey anon tell me if you want one completely separate
I’d love to do it anyway

• Tom would be kissing and bitting your neck so hard
• he’d be really furious but in somehow this would let you even more wet
• his hands traveling through your body leaving the mark of his fingers in some places
• and you decide to tease him even more bc why not?
• “You have guests. Would be so disrespectful if you just dissappear at your own dinner”
• he’d smirk in the crook of your neck and would stand up letting you curious about what he’d going to do next
• “You’re totally right. So knees and hands. Now.”
• for some reason you decided to provoke Tom until his limit
• so you just sit in bed and stare at him
• oh boy, he’s completely engulfed with rage
• he’d grab your hair, pull your head back and make you look at him
• “Hear me, princess. You can do what I’m telling you to do for good or for bad. Now on your knees and hands.
• “Tom, what are you…”
• he’d grab your hair stronger making you bite your bottom lip
• you wouldn’t let him brake you so easily, you want to push him into the edge
• so he’d lead you by your hair and would make you be in the position he wanted
• before you even have time to think about something you’d feel his belt against your ass
• as you let a small cry out and would feel the leather burning on your skin but this time with more
• “If I were you, I would be in silence. You don’t want anyone to suspect about what’s really going on here right?”
• since you didn’t answer he’d slap your ass again and you’d have to bite the pillow to hold a whimper
• “Answer me, babygirl. Can you keep it quiet?”
• “Yes, daddy.”
• and with that he’d start to hit his belt against the soft skin of your ass again
• your eyes would filled with tears as you try in all the possible ways to old any kind of noise
• Tom wouldn’t stop until the area start to get purple with a few bruises
• you’d be able to see him breathing heavily as he walk to the wardrobe
• your butt would be burning so much but you’re going to be more wet than never
• “Daddy, can I please get out of this position?”
• you’d listen to his laugh but wouldn’t dare to move until he says so
• “Darling, you’re not going to move until I come back”
• and saying that he’d handcuff your hands on the bed
• you’d look at him in pure shock and he’d grab your chin passing his thumb over your bottom lip
• instinctively you’d lick it making him smirk
• he’d put one finger inside you and you’d have to hold a moan
• “You’re so fucking wet. I can’t believe. Being a bad girl turn you on?”
• since he didn’t get an answer he’d slap your ass again making your eyes tear up
• “You’re really rebel tonight. I will teach you a lesson to see if improves this behavior.”
• and you’d feel him pushing something inside you but it can not be what you thinking
• “I’m going downstairs and have fun with ours friends while you can be here thinking about what you’ve done”
• he really inserted the vibrator inside you and he’s leaving you alone incapable of moving
• “Tom… You can’t leave me like this. Please, daddy. Please.”
• “Sorry, babygirl. I have guests. I need to be polite and stay with them.”
• and then you’d look at him closing the door, your moth open in disbelief
• he really left you handcuffed on knees and hands with a vibrator inside you
• you’d sink your hands on the palm of your hand and bite your pillow trying to muffle your moans
• soon you’d feel the familiar knot on your stomach surging
• you just don’t curse Tom until his 3rd generation bc they’re would be your grandchildren
• suddenly your walls would clench around the sex toy and you’d have a long moan escape
• you could feel your ass still burning from the punishment and your face flushed
• your breathing would be heavy and your eyes tearing
• your whole body now would be relaxed but that thing inside you wouldn’t stop vibrating so soon you’d start to be tensioned again
• you have no notion of time so every second would look like an eternity
• you’d let a small cry and a series of whimpers out
• you knew it that was useless try to free your hands but you’d try
• and would fail letting you even more frustrated
• without even noticing you’d start to groan and cry Tom’s name
• your mind would flight to the that little shit and to all the stuff he still want to do with you
• and for the second time you’d feel your walls clench around the vibrator
• this time you’d feel your cunt all over your pussy and your body would be hot
• you’d feel string spasm through your body, a soft layer of sweat would cover you and your ass would still be throbbing
• you really wouldn’t be able to know how much time passed
• twenty minutes? half hour? forty minutes???? one hour?????
• you wouldn’t handle anymore, your eyes rolling up every time a little spasm run through your body
• now you’d be doing all kind of noises and at every 10 words 9 would be “Tom”
• you swear you’re close to a mental breakdown
• you’d be so lost in your own little hell that you wouldn’t notice the door open
• Tom would smirk at the scene of you sinking your head on the pillow trying to repress all your moans and the way you try to free your hands from the handcuffs
• he’d walk to your side in silence and whisper in your ear
• “Did you learn your lesson?”
• you’d quickly look at him making his dick twitch as the vision of your pretty flushed face with eyes tearing up
• “Yes, daddy. Let me move. Please.”
• he’d give you a weak laugh as he shake his head making his curly hair would fall on his face
• he’d slowly take the toy of inside you and you sight feel good your body more relaxed
• but instead of free your hands he’d pull your hair making you look at him
• “I told I would fuck until you’re not able to walk, princess”
• and you’d swallow hard for what is going to come
• as he drop your hair he’d take his t-shirt off and you’d admire his body bitting your lower lip
• doesn’t matter how times you’ve seen it you’d ever think he’s the most beautiful creature alive
• after he takes his pants he’d be gone of your field of vision
• you’d feel his climbing in bed behind you and that would make you tense again
• suddenly your feel his mouth cleaning all you juice from your pushy and you’d be a moaning mess at this point
• as his mouth move away from you, he’d start to rubb his cock on your entrance making you, instinctively, push your body to meet his
• “If you want me, beg for it.”
• he’s such a little shit
• “Tom… please.”
• he’d never stop playing with you and from fact was close to a mental breakdown
• “Please what?”
• “Please fuck until I’m not able to remember my name”
• and with that he’d push himself inside you at once making let out a throaty groan
• he’d with one on the hair in the back know of your neck and the other grabbing your hips as he thrust really strong
• you’d try to move your hands again and would cry at the failure
• “Daddy, please let me touch you. I need you, I need every inch of you. I promise will be good.”
• he’d stop and pull himself away from you
• you’d start to freak out thinking this is another part of the punishment but when he open the handscuff would almost cry in relief
• Tom would grab your throat and make you lay down being on the top of you
• you’d lace your legs around his waist and hold his hair in your hands even if they’re numb
• his other hand would be in your thigh as he push his dick inside you again without warning
• your nails are leaving a red trail in his back as he thrusts against you become more erratic
• everytime you moan or something like that Tom would be able to feel the vibrations through his hand and that would make him crazy
• you’d listen him mumble things like “so fucking tight” and “so warm and good”
• your mouth would be slightly open making him pull your bottom lips with his teeth
• you’d be a moaning mess and actually he too
• you’d feel that knot under your bellybutton and your knew that you’re close
• “Tom, can I come?”
• the hand around your throat would tighten stronger and he’d groan
• “Come for me, love. Come for daddy.”
• and with that you’d feel your walls clenching around him as you roll your eyes and crave your nails in his shoulder
• with a few more thrusts he’d finish realize inside you and lay his head on the crook of your neck
• your body would still be shaking as he pull you into a hug
• he’d kiss your forehead and you’d smile at him
• you’re feeling exhausted and all you want to do is sleep
• “Baby… I really expect you’re closing your eyes to get strength to survive through the rest of the night because I told you wouldn’t be able to walk straight tomorrow”
“Oh my god… ”