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percabeth5599  asked:

Will you make any of the ships canon before the end or will you only give vague hints and let the fandom explode over every tiny thing?

Ships aren’t really the point of this whole thing. There might be some more canon ships, but not everyone will end up in a relationship. 

SasuSaku canonversary

It’s been 1 year since our beloved SasuSaku became canon! I can still feel all the emotions since that awesome moments happened. Until now the joy and happiness knowing that they ended up together after so many obstacles is still palpable! 

Let us reminisce all those suprising SasuSaku moments that made the fandom explode beyond happiness!

1. Who will forget this spoiler in 700 that made us all insanely happy confirming that they really are canon! I swear when this leaked image was released I never doubted it. Instead, it made me jump all the way to the sky with so much excitement! Haha!

2. The famous forehead poke! Yes! Remember that they released 2 chapters back then? 699 and 700. I remember thosebtimes when the fandom was so anxious about what will happen in 699. And viola! This beautiful thing happened! Again, with another leaked image of SS the fandom gone crazy happy including me!

3. Back then we all demand for SS family pic. We demand crazy about it. We are so eager to see them in one picture! And I think that year had become so good to us and granted our wish! Some people with a good heart managed to take a pic of SS family to one of the conventions. I remember they were not supposed to take some photos and I’m so thankful to that person who took the risk to share this to us!

I remember how emotional I was when I saw this. I literally cried. There are actually a lot of emotions back then. Seeing this made me so proud of SS. Until now. This is really the best thing ever!

13 years of shipping and supporting for SasuSaku.

365 days of continuous loving for SasuSaku.

Eternally wrapping my feelings for SasuSaku.

It’s really a wonderful feeling to witness and be a part of SasuSaku love and moments until the very end.


NOTE: these images were not originally posted by me. I saved it on my tab a long time ago and I forgot who posted them. Anyway, I still want to credit those people who originally posted them. Sorry I forgot your names!

I believe that all actors have this character that will haunt them forever, and I am pretty sure Blagden’s is going to be Grantaire, like he will always be connected to him, and that’s beautiful because R is a perfect character and to watch someone taking care of him so well is simply amazing.