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Jealousy Games 01

Description: You decide to play a game of push and pull with your ex Jungkook, bringing Jimin along for the ride. 

Pairing: JungkookxReaderxJimin

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.4k

Index: 01, 02, 03

Warnings: breath play, dom!Jimin, lots and lots of filth.

A/N: This is chapter one of… well, I don’t know. @ellieljade and I just keep brainstorming more and more for this sucker. To the point of us joking about finishing this when we’re in our 90′s….. Anyway. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be working on part two for Room for Dessert and The Guest House soon.

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Little PSA before going because this is making me a bit angry

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The result? they have blocked me without a word OTL

So please, avoid their blog and this post, they clearly don’t care at all :’(

A question for Sangwoo’s fangirls and fanboys.

Would you still feel the same way about Sangwoo if he looked more like a stereotypical creep and less like a Men’s Health model? Read the entire post before answering.  

[Note: I’m a Tumblr fail, so sorry in advance for not replying to comments. I can’t figure out how to.]

Let me begin by saying that I have no love whatsoever for Sangwoo, no matter what he looks like. I’m often a sucker for manhwa/manga bad boys, but I would run Sangwoo over repeatedly, if given the chance.

(Sadly, since he’s composed of pixels I’ll have to settle for throwing mental darts at his digital face…)

Another disclaimer. Killing Stalking is not a manhwa I would normally read. I was tricked into checking it out because an ad described it as a suspense/thriller, not a horror/abuse story. However, once I began reading I couldn’t stop because I wanted, so badly, to see someone (anyone!!!) obliterate Sangwoo in every possible.

(Personally, I was hoping Koogi would introduce a kickass, female detective to team up with Seungbae and STOMP SANGWOO INTO THE GROUND, but alas, I don’t think Koogi’s going to grant my wish…)

KS is one of the most disturbing works of fiction I have ever read, but as disturbing as KS is, I am equally—if not more disturbed—by the rabid ‘Sangwoo Fangirl/Fanboy’ (SF) subsection of the fandom. There’s nothing wrong with loving a well-crafted villain (let’s face it – they’re often the most intriguing characters, largely because we have no idea what they’re going to do next), but there is a difference between loving (or, loving to hate) a villain and letting that love blind you. When you are using your love for the villain to justify or excuse what that villain does, that’s a huge problem.

Hold up!

I see your raised hackles. Put your claws (and any other weapons!!!) away for a minute and hear me out. I’m not writing this post as a lecture. I’m writing it because what I’m seeing in the KS fandom is a prevalent issue that exists in all media (and the world at large).

Although we may not admit it, most of us are far more likely to excuse/justify/defend bad behaviour if an attractive person is doing it. It happens all the time. It can vary from something minor, like excusing your criminally smexy secret crush’s rudeness to, oh I don’t know, romanticizing a sadistic, fictional beefcake?

(Think Twilight. Edward Cullen. Daddy Swan was so NOT HAPPY about his daughter dating a ninety year old vampy, but can you imagine how many MORE tables he—and everyone else in Forks—would have flipped if Edward had LOOKED like a grandpa???)

We all know attractive people are not any more inherently good or bad than an 'unattractive’ person, so why are we often MORE shocked if we discover ugly motives hiding behind a pretty face? Why do we expect the intelligent and charismatic, pretty girl/boy next door to be morally superior to the socially inept slob from across the street? Moreover, why are we more inclined to FORGIVE them for their flaws, mistakes, and even crimes?

I think—social conditioning aside—that deep down we don’t want to believe we are attracted to someone bad/evil, because if we are attracted to that kind of person, then what kind of people does that make us?

This isn’t my theory, by the way. I first heard it from a Youtuber (I’ll be darned if I can remember his name. Sorry v.v), who mentioned it while analyzing Death Note. Like Sangwoo, Light gets away with a whole lot of crap (within the manga, and with fans) because of his looks and popularity.  

Now, getting back to the fandom. I have seen a disturbing number of SF bending over backwards, frantically trying to revive their deceased Sangwoo/Yoon Bum “love story”. Hate to burst your bubble, folks, but that fantasy should have died the minute Sangwoo’s bat shattered Bum’s legs.

Yet, it hasn’t.

As the story progresses and more and more of Sangwoo’s twisted tendencies come to light, I think that many SF are switching teams to join the SH, aka Sangwoo Hategirls and Hateboys. (Hategirls? Hateboys? Is that a thing? Did I just coin something?? :P). But, on the other hand, there are fans who are desperately clinging to the possibility of Sangwoo’s goodness like a buoy in a tempest. Rather than burying the corpse of their BL daydream and admitting that Sangwoo is a vile piece of EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD with NO POSSIBILITY OF REHABILITATION, they are becoming more and more defensive (and forgiving) by the chapter.

Like I said before, I’m not writing this post to point fingers. I’m not saying that you are a horrible human being if you are a diehard SF and a member of the SWxYB cheer squad. I’m only asking that you put down your blood-soaked pom-poms for a second and take a look at those two Sangwoos.

If tomorrow, Koogi began drawing Hottie Sangoo as Nottie Sangwoo, would you still feel the same?

P.S. If you’d like to read more about my thoughts on Sangwoo’s mental state, Yoon Bum’s escape, and my KS ending predictions, feel free to check out my previous KS post: http://princessbangarang.tumblr.com/post/163196610880/this-is-how-yoon-bum-will-escape-sangwoo-ks 

anonymous asked:

#25 with Dean Winchester?

Prompt #25: “Did you just moan?”

Warnings: Language, implied smut

“You look like hell.” Dean comments as you come walking through the door of the bunker, carrying your shoes in your right hand and your purse in the other. “Walk of shame, huh?”

“No,” You shoot him a glare, setting your shoes and purse down beside the door. “More like the hunt that I just went on required me to go to a nightclub, and I spent all night wearing heels that fucking hurt. Didn’t even get the shapeshifter in the end. Needless to say, I’m in a bad mood and don’t mess with me right now.”

You’ve been living with Sam and Dean for a while now, acting as their hunting partner. Every once in a while though, when you just wanted some alone time, you opted to go on hunts by yourself. You usually got the job done quite well, but last night the thing got away. You spent all night running around in those damn heels, and after searching for hours on end, you gave up and decided to come home to the comfort of your own bed.

“You want a massage?” Dean raises his eyebrows, motioning for you to join him on the couch.

“You’re joking, right?” You laugh. You and Dean had always been close, but he’d never offered to do anything like that with you before. It seemed like way too intimate of a thing to do with someone who was just a friend.

“Nope. You seem like you had a rough night, you could use it.” He shrugs his shoulders.

After some internal debate, you decide that it couldn’t hurt. Sighing, you make your way over to Dean, sitting down in front of him so he can rub your shoulders. He settles behind you, his knees on either side of your body as he presses his hands down on you.

“Jesus Christ, you’re so tense.” He comments as he begins to massage you. “Let me know if I’m going too hard.”

“No, that’s perfect.” You sigh out, melting into his hands. You have no idea why he didn’t choose to be a massage therapist- he knows exactly how much pressure to put, and exactly where to put his hands. It feels like heaven. “This feels amazing.”

“Thanks, darlin’. I’ve been told once or twice that I’m good with my hands.” Dean jokes. Normally you would joke back, saying something just as promiscuous, but the tired state of your mind and the feeling of him working on your shoulders were too much for you to form a coherent thought.

As Dean hits a particularly tense muscle in your back, you accidentally let out a moan. And not a small, stifled moan at that- no, this moan was atrociously loud, almost pornographic. Dean freezes as he hears this come from you, his hands stopping in their tracks.

“Y/N… Did you just moan?” Dean’s voice comes out as amused. Blush creeps into your cheeks, the embarrassment of what just happened settling in.

“Uh… Maybe?”

“Uh-huh.” Dean teases, putting more pressure into that particular spot. You bite your lip to hold in the moan, and you can tell Dean is smirking behind you.

He pulls you up onto the couch, laying you stomach down as he positions himself on top of your butt, now massaging your back. Your breath is starting to get heavier, realizing how intimate of a position this was to be in with Dean. If there was any sexual tension before (which there certainly was), this was only going to increase it.

“Y’know, Y/N, if you ever wanted me to work out your kinks in a different way… Just let me know.” He whispers into your ear. You flip yourself over, your foreheads now touching and your lips only centimeters apart.

“So do it, Winchester.” You whisper. “Show me what you got.”

Fair Date

Summary: It’s your birthday, and your best friend, Peter Parker takes you out to the fair.

Word Count: 1,866.

A/N: This was written for my main hoe @heaventide since it was her birthday earlier this week. She deserves nothing but love and happiness, but she also deserved this fic too. I fucking love you dude!!! ps: tell me if you guys likED THE CAMEOS I INCLUDED

Originally posted by tomshollandss

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Zalfie Meddles

a/n: any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and requests are open! (also, i know this is a pain in the ass to scroll through. i put it under a read more and it doesn’t seem to be working on mobile :-/ sorry! i’m trying to figure it out.)

word count: 2.6k+

summary: thanks to zoe and alfie, you and joe talk about taking the next step in your relationship.

“Oh, hi! Come in, come in!” Zoe greets the two of you, beckoning you into her home. “I wasn’t expecting you until later! It’s only eight in the morning.” She gives Joe a hug and does the same to you, laughing, “Look at me! I’m still in my pajamas.”

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strangelock221b  asked:

From 100 Ways To Say I Love You, #63 would be an awesome ficlet. Thank you!

some kid!lock fluff for you…I hope it’s up to standard ;)

63. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

Sherlock hugged his knees to his chest, peering through the tiny gap his hiding space had provided him with. Heavy footsteps waltzed past, unknowing of his position; he held his breath out of fear he’d be discovered. His heart pounded in his chest until the footsteps faded into the background and he was alone. He didn’t dare retreat from the safety of the cupboard, even if he was surrounded by deafening silence. Crouching in the tight space was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable and Sherlock was just thinking about shifting his stance when the door swung open.

“Found you!”

“Not fair,” Sherlock whined as he extracted himself from the empty cabinet in the parlour of his parent’s country home. He looked up into the smugly triumphant face of Molly Hooper, his best friend and worst nightmare rolled into one. He folded his arms, pouting for England, “you cheated.”

“How did I cheat?” She giggled, tucking her hair behind her ear, “your Mummy said we could only play in a few rooms because of your brother’s meeting thing-”

“Stupid Mycroft,” Sherlock muttered, still pouting. Molly nudged him.

“My turn.”

“I don’t wanna play anymore,” the young boy said with a sigh, taking Molly’s hand. He started to lead her out of the room, “we can do an experiment in my room. Stay away from the old people.”

Sherlock and Molly had been friends for almost three years now, having spent their time in pre-school virtually inseparable. It was on his mother’s advice that he invite her over to play that evening, only to be told Mycroft was hosting a spontaneous dinner party to brown-nose his prospective university professors. As a result, the six-year-olds were given strict instructions the evening was not to be disturbed under any circumstances. They’d reached the foot of the staircase when the door leading to the dining hall opened and Sherlock’s father hurried out, clutching a glass of whiskey.

“I swear if I have to listen to one more anecdote about yachts…” he spotted the children, then, giving them a tired smile. “Hi, Molly…are you having a nice time?”

Molly nodded shyly, “yes, s-sir.”

“Where are you two off to?”

“I’m going to show Molly my new microscope,” Sherlock explained excitedly, squeezing his friend’s hand, “it’s got this really cool-”

“Oh, sorry, son…” Mr Holmes interrupted, shifting awkwardly on his feet, “Mycroft’s guests have put their coats in your room for now.”

“But…what about the coat cupboard?” The young boy asked, confused; he never once let go of Molly’s hand. His father rolled his eyes, waving his free hand about.

“Something about damp. I don’t know…old fuddy duddies the lot of them,” he was beginning to grow tired of sucking up to his eldest son’s tutors. Especially when his youngest looked so upset.

“Well, what are we supposed to do?”

Mr. Holmes sighed, already backing up towards the door he’d emerged from, “just…go to the treehouse for now. I’ll bring you some food soon. I’d better get back.”

He was gone in an instant. Reluctantly, Sherlock and Molly trudged off to his old treehouse which now contained nothing but a few broken toys, old experiments and out of date books and equipment. Even the telescope his parents had installed for him was beginning to show its age. An old record player sat in the corner, virtually unused. Nevertheless, the children spread out on the blanket, staring up at the worn bee paintings on the ceiling. Molly had always liked his treehouse; it was a peaceful escape in such a busy household.

“Do you think we’ll get married one day?”

Molly glanced at her friend; his eyes were fixed firmly on the ceiling but she could tell he was nervous. She shrugged, “yeah, maybe. He has to like science, though. I might even invite you if you’re lucky.”

His cheeks darkened as he stared even more intently at the ceiling. “I mean to each other.”

“Oh,” Molly replied, thinking about his question. She didn’t know much about marrying people but her parents were very happy and they liked dancing and kissing in front of the telly which was yucky. Doing that with Sherlock Holmes didn’t sound nearly as yucky, “I dunno. I want to.”

“Me, too,” Sherlock said, relieved he hadn’t ruined his only friendship. Molly rolled over onto her side, propping herself up on her elbow.


Sherlock looked at her, grinning, “cross my heart, hope to die.”

Molly took his outstretched hand and the two shook hands, a secret pact made and honoured. Hell, even if they were still friends when they grew up, both would consider that an achievement. They snuggled together as the sun went down, drifting off to sleep in their sanctuary. Mrs. Holmes would find them several hours later in the same position before contacting Mrs. Hooper, insisting they have her stay the night. Neither minded, each agreeing the deserved each other.

“Sherlock!” Mycroft marched out of his parent’s home, approaching the groom furiously; he still wore his wedding suit and looked utterly infuriated which only served to improve the mood of said groom, “would you please explain why all of your presents and guests coats in my old bedroom?”

“Needed the space,” Sherlock replied, swirling the remaining champagne around his glass; his tone dripped with smugness, “can’t have them in the cupboard. Moths and all…”

Mycroft sniffed, narrowing his eyes at his little brother; he vaguely recalled the harsh words his mother had said to him that morning, something about keeping one’s mouth shut and not ruining the happiest day of Sherlock’s life. Still, he shook his head.

“Instead of enacting your petty childhood revenge, perhaps you should focus your deductive expertise on finding your new bride. I haven’t seen her since the ceremony.”

“Leave it to me, Mycroft,” he answered, despite Mycroft having already left to return to the reception in the large dining hall. Sherlock drained his glass, his eyes fixed on his old treehouse, “I know just where to look.”

Molly lie on the floor of the treehouse, looking up at the bees she once stared at for hours; the design had all but faded, only the faintest of the paint remained. Old instruments and abandoned schoolwork were littered about the place now; she turned her head, glancing fondly at the far corner where she and her new husband had shared their first kiss, aged fourteen. The sounds of huffing and panting pulled her out of her daydream and she pushed herself up, cursing under her breath as her head collided with the low ceiling. Molly peered out of the window, biting her lip to keep from laughing as she watched Sherlock attempting to climb the old rope. After a few minutes, she pushed down the rope ladder.

“You could’ve just asked…”

Sherlock let go of the rope before he could embarrass himself further. He looked back at the house briefly, raising an eyebrow at his lovely wife, “Mrs. Holmes…it’s your wedding day. People might talk.”

Molly giggled, one thing that hadn’t changed in their nearly twenty years together, “let them.”

She disappeared inside and he scurried up the ladder in record time, causing Molly to giggle once more; another thing that constantly amused Molly was that her husband was a much taller man and was frequently knocking his head against the ceiling. Sherlock crawled through the space he once thought far too large for just himself. His wife seized his jacket and tugged him beside her on the blanket, leaning over him and planting an eager kiss to his lips; she still wore her wedding dress and, to Sherlock, she had never looked so beautiful.

“I remember having more space than this,” he commented, shifting onto his back, his legs dangling out of the entrance. Molly rested her head against his chest.

“We were a lot smaller back then.”

“You’ve always been small.”

Molly lifted her head in mock offence, “I am not small.”

“Very small,” he nodded, pressing her knuckles to his lips fondly, “like a mouse.”

“Now, Mr. Holmes,” Molly said, a playful tone to her voice; she fiddled with his tie, a sultry smirk creeping onto her face, “I can’t possibly begin married life with you without letting that comment go without punishment,” Sherlock could only nod, swallowing audibly – damn her and her power over him. God, he loved her. Molly’s grin was positively sinful as he twisted his top button free, “you’re going to have to shag me to make up for it.”

“I-I think I can do that,” he said stupidly. His wife propped herself onto her elbow, staring down at him in utter adoration and respect.


Her husband looked across at her, returning her look of devotion. He, too, rolled onto his side and rested on his elbow, reaching over to tuck a loose strand of hair behind Molly’s ear.

“Cross my heart, hope to die.”


For those ships not only Bughead but Cole/Lili as well.

What if Cole and Lili were together in real life?

Lili has known from the very beginning to not let the hate comments bother her. She knew that clearly when she signed up for this. Her life isnt exactly private anymore since it was announced that she was going to be in Riverdale. Even from the very beginning, her manager already informed her that there will be haters and different mixed opinions, she knew that but that doesnt mean that it still couldnt get to her.

“Oh god, this is getting way outta hand.” She murmured when she found twenty more hate comments that was she was tagged in.

Ewwww b*ghead sucks. @lilireinheart @colesprouse

THEY DONT HAVE CHEMISTRY! Please dont let them be endgame! @riverdale @lilireinheart

There were alot more hate comments much worse than what she has read, some were saying she wasnt pretty enough for Cole so thats why they aint got chemistry, some were just downright hateful towards their team up which made her feel very upset and confused.

Lili scrolled down, as much as it upsets her, it seems like she could not stop reading. She was so engrossed with what she has reading that she did not notice someone coming in her house.

She yelped when she felt someone wrap their arms around her waist but immediately relaxed when she turned to see who it was.

“Damn it Cole, you scared me.” She exhaled, placing a hand over her heart which was beating like crazy.

The raven haired actor smirked and gave her a small kiss on the nose, noting how cute she looked.

“What ya doin?” Cole asked when he noticed her holding her phone.

Lili realising that she still had her twitter opened, she locked her phone and threw it on a sofa nearby.

“Nothing.” Lili denied but did not sound convincing enough for Cole to believe her.

“ I could read you like a book Lil so quit lying and tell me whats going in that that pretty head of yours.”

Using his hands, he grabbed her waist and turned her towards him making their bodies pressed against each other and placed his hands on the small of her back.

She knew better than to lie to him so she took deep breaths before looking into his green eyes and placing her hands on his chest.

“I-I have been reading some comments in twitter and-” she silenced by Cole immediately knowing what it was all about.

“Baby, what did I tell you about reading those tweets?”

She looked down sheepishly, “To not.”

Lili heard him sigh and used his fingers to lift her chin up and look him in the eye.

“There are always going to be hate on the internet everywhere. We cant let it affect us.”

Lili wanted to argue, “But the fans, they dont want us to be together on screen. They’re sending us so much hate-”

“And most of them are also sending us love. Seriously have you checked your tumblr or instagram lately?” Cole chucked but continued.

“Don’t focus on the people who do nothing but hate and appreciate those who appreciates our work.”

Lili knew that Cole was right, “Yeah you’re right. I’m just a little overwhelmed but yes I’ll focus more on the positive feedbacks.”

Cole smiled and gave her a kiss which made Lili’s toes curl and felt him whisper against her lips, “I missed you.”

She smiled and pulled away from him, “Missed you more. How was the road trip with KJ?”

He laughed, “It was fun but I had to cut it early. Couldnt stand being away from you for too long.”

Lili blushed. Sometimes she wishes that they could announce their relationship in public so she could show the world how much she loved this man but she knew that it would seem unprofessional in their parts and it wouldnt sit well with most of the fans plus both wanted to keep things as private as possible though they got to be more careful since someone already saw them in the movies once. For now they would happily stay in their little bubble.

That night, Lili agreed for Cole to stay overnight since he was clearly exhausted from the road trip. She changed into her comfy Pjs and gave Cole a clean shirt of his and his boxer shorts which he made sure to leave some of his clothes just incase he was going to stay over.

Both her in the verge of falling asleep when Lili suddenly had a thought, “What if Jughead and Betty aren’t endgame?”

Cole, still feeling drowsy, answered his girlfriend, “We dont know *yawns* what will happen with their story. They’re good for each other and I hope that they are but-”

Cole paused and smiled, “In case they werent, at least you and I are.”

“What?” Lili smiled obviously knowing the answer but she still wanted to hear it from him.

She feels him tighten his arms around her, securing her safely while her head laid against his chest. He plants a soft kiss on her forehead.


I know im trash but I couldnt help it. Literally just wrote this in the train. Just humor me why dont you?

  • Ruby, entering her dorm room slightly nervous looking: Umm, hey guys...hey uhh, listen...i may...well, i have a...um..ahem. i have a girlfriend, or well...had. we've been together for probably two and a half months...I'm sorry I'm just saying it now.
  • Weiss, immediately dropping her weapon, which she was polishing, looks up and speaks through gritted teeth: Oh!? That's so great Ruby...
  • Yang, who was sleeping, jumps up at the sound of the blade hitting the ground: What's going on!?
  • Blake, who was sitting on Yang's lap, reading, closed her book immediately: Ruby....Ruby has a girlfriend?
  • Yang, raises up a hand and smiles bright: Alright Weiss!! High five!!
  • Ruby, clearly uncomfortable : It isn't Weiss!!
  • Cinder, walking into the room gyrating her hips and seductively drapes her arms around Ruby, she speaks with a devilish grin: Everything alright dearie?
  • Yang's hand drops, her eyes lighting aflame, looking towards Ruby with disappointment and anger
  • Blake, clutches her book to her chest and shoots a worried glance towards Weiss.
  • Weiss, now clenching her hands into fists, so hard to the point her knuckles are as white as her hair.
  • Cinder, speaking close to Ruby's ear: Oh honey, let's go...
  • Ruby, as Cinder let's her go and begins to walk out: B-But you didn't introduce yoursel-
  • Cinder, turns and gives a flaming response, which falls into a sly comment: I said let's GO! Besides...introductions aren't necessary..
  • Ruby, awkwardly beginning to walk out: I...i'm sorry guys...
  • After the door is shut, Weiss's anger flashes out, and she begins to cry uncontrollably, Blake jumps off of a now super heated Yang, who screams in fury and punches a hole into the wall, as she tries to comfort the now balling Weiss, as she tries to hold back tears herself.
  • Yang, now standing up, putting on a jacket, heads to the door: I am going to put an end to this. NOW.
  • Blake cringes as Yang opens the door, walks out, and slams it shut with imense power.
  • Within seconds all of team JNPR enters the room. Worried looks covering their faces as they see the damage to the wall, and the crying Weiss.
  • Jaune is the the first to speak: Weiss? Is she okay? What...what happened?
  • Blake just sits there silently, trying to comfort Weiss as Pyrrha comes over holding out a hand to offer help, Blake refuses: Pyrrha....please, go make sure Yang doesn't...explode...
  • Pyrrha nods and runs out of the dorm room, and Jaune quickly takes charge: Nora, Ren, help Blake calm Weiss, i doubt she'd want me to help console her. I'll help Pyrrha handle Yang. Let's go.
  • Nora and Ren then run over to Blake, allowing her to burst into tears as well as Weiss, and both Nora and Ren exchange worried glances with each other, as they both hold a duo of crying girls between their combined arms.
  • Should i make a part 2?

Christen Press - the happiest person on earth.  


Just popped the ball up in the air in the box. Smiling.


Asking for the ball at midfield. Smiling.


Appealing to the ref for a foul. Smiling.

I could post like thirty more just like this from the same game. 

SEA vs CHI | May 22, 2016


you can love mcdanno and not hate catherine

pls don’t vent your anger on a female character who is brave, intelligent, compassionate, and is played by an actress who likes mcdanno too.

she’s not responsible for the queerbaiting and bouts of poor writing on the show

I mean, you can hate her if you really want to, that’s your choice

but really…


Note: NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!, in the comments or anywhere on this account. We have not finished reading the novel. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes/comments are highly appreciated.  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  

Translator: Estreline & Sae 

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Spider Boy- Peter Parker

Originally posted by tchakka

Finally the team had gotten back together and gotten over the disagreement. Now the avengers were alive and kicking and better than ever. Yes, sadly Tony had been given the full control over the advertisement and seen as the world didn’t exactly trust the team, he was doing his best to convince them that we weren’t planning on world annihilation.

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I had a different post in mind when I sat down…but then I saw some other posts and comments and now I’m on this tangent, so bear with me and be warned: A TIRADE IS AHEAD. READ WITH CAUTION.

First let me say, I didn’t hate these episodes.  They were fine.  I find the politics intriguing…but I didn’t hop on the Reign wagon for intriguing politics.  I think Toby Regbo is upping his game, Adelaide Kane is off of hers a bit, Torrance Coombs spent most of his game on the bench, and Megan Follows…well, Megan Follows invented the game.  She owns it now.  Everyone else should just retire.  

But “fine” is a far cry from last year, when I was the one proselytizing Reign and begging folks to help its ratings.   Call me harsh but these days I wouldn’t really feel that bad if the show got cancelled because I kind of feel like the show I loved already did.  My Reign is gone and there’s a new and kind of meh Reign in its spot on the schedule. 

^^^^^That was where my original post would have ended , but then I saw a “but this is history” and a “the one thing we can’t change is the King and Queen’s love and marriage” comment on another persons post and well…I can’t get passionate about the Reign on my TV these days but I can get passionate about the Reign that isn’t and should have been.

So lets begin…..

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Top 10 Most Underrated K-Pop Songs of 2014

Continuing with the K-Pop Timeout (1 Year) Tradition (see 2013 ver) of listing the Top 10 Most Underrated K-Pop Songs because all the other sites are just bothered with the Top 10 that pretty much everyone will have heard of/have fan wars over, below are our top 10 picks of songs that did not rank high but deserves your attention!

This is in alphabetic order NOT order of awesomeness because all of them are awesome.

C-Clown - Let’s Love

While I was sort of disappointed when the C-Clown boys changed from their ballad dance pop style to a more hip hop based sound, they quickly kicked my doubts out of the window with the release of “Let’s Love”. This song was unlike a comeback but a statement, that they are a group deserving some #1s! The song was brilliant and addictive, harnessing all of the talents of every member from the vocalists’ falsettos to the dance and rap (although I felt T.K was slightly robbed in lines). This MV was also really well filmed and bright so I highly recommend you guys check this out and give the boys some love! The MV can be found here.

Crush - Hug Me

This year K-Pop has gifted us with another man with fine features and smooth vocals when Amoeba Culture debuted RnB vocalist Crush who not only had a voice that melted your insides but dance moves to go with it. He already got my attention with his pre-release “Sometimes” which was amazing but somehow lacked a tiny bit of unff (if you get what I mean). But “Hug Me” gave me everything I wanted. This song was sick, the choreo was smooth and Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko’s featuring rap really made the song completely perfect. I would highly recommend his whole debut album “Crush On You” to lovers of smooth RnB vocalists. Also, Zion.T featured in it so #eargasmheaven. Click here to check out the MV for “Hug Me”.

History - Psycho

So I placed them in the Top 10 Underrated last year and here they are again unfortunately. The boys really had a strong debut but I think their sudden change of style (from the style which they went back to later on) in their first comeback with “Tell Me Love” may have hindered their momentum. Anyways, Psycho is a great song with all the right K-Pop tunes thrown into it. It’s catchy, it’s a wonderful concept (Alfred Hitchcock WOOT) and has a sexy ass choreo that still slays me every time. Really, this song deserved to have done much better and propelled History into the spotlight. You can check out this amazingly psychopathic MV here. (Warning. It’s pretty crazy)

Jun.K (from 2PM) - No Love

Hands down the best boy band member solo release of the year (no offence to Taeyang I love taebae but Jun.K freaking blew me away). Jun.K really made it clear why JYP spoke so highly of his composing skills and why he was originally a YG trainee before opting to trade to JYP. The whole album was amazing and I took much effort to pick out only one song. "No Love” was the song that got you focused every moment because of the way he played with the notes and changed the tune and beat at just the right moments to create this masterpiece. While his album charted extremely well in Japan, it was pretty much forgotten in Korea which sucked because this was FREAKING AMAZING. If you have yet to check out this song, here’s the MV and I highly recommend his whole debut album, “LOVE&HATE”.

MAMAMOO - Piano Man

The fiercest female debut of the year with the vocals, visuals and dance skills to boot, I was sad to see them receiving less attention than they rightfully deserved (I saw fan cams of lots of screaming in guerrilla concerts but WHY HAVEN’T THEY WON ANYTHING YET). They already got my attention with “Mr. Ambiguous” but “Piano Man” was a whole other level. It was a killer song that showcased all of their vocal range and harmonies, with groove, jazz and some sass to top it off. Also, B1A4’s Gongchan features as the titular Piano Man. You can find the song and MV here. To get to know the girls more they have recently started their own Youtube show called MAMAMOO TV aka MMMTV.

Puer Kim - Manyo Maash

The debut song for the Dark Queen (some fans call her that), Puer Kim, Mystic89 (home to Lim Kim and Eddy Kim) showed that once again they have pretty much all the vocalists with weird but awesome voices. This song is very different to a lot of other k-pop songs with its darker sound and unique touch added on by Puer’s voice. By the end of the song you will find yourself saying “Maash” with her every time and be begging for more. This song also has a kickass creepy but artsy MV which you can find here. If you liked this song I would also highly recommend her 1st Mini Album “Purifier”, especially this non-title track called "I’d Also Love to See You Dying”. That’s the Dark Queen for you.

Topp Dogg - TOPDOG

Topp Dogg. What can I say about you? To be honest any group with 10 members or above tends to slay. Cuz it’s 10+ the amount of vocal talent meshed together. Not to mention how ridiculously talented all the members of Topp Dogg are. After their song “Open The Door” in January, they have quickly defined their sound to be pure epic-we own this shit-type of awesomeness that hits you in the face. “TOPDOG” proved all of that. It wasn’t the song of a rookie group, it sounded like the return of the King. I only pray that the boys win an award soon and get more recognition because splitting up the profit between 13 boys aint going to make their lives easy. Check out this spectacular song and MV here.

Yoon Hyun Sang X IU - When Would It Be

One of the most anticipated debuts of Kpop Star alumni, Yoon Hyun Sang is an extremely talented singer songwriter who I looked forward to since he was taken in by LOEN. His debut mini album did not disappoint and even surpassed expectations with wonderful songs geared with beautiful lyrics. One of the title tracks, “When Would It Be”, a duet with IU, is one of the best duets this year but unlike other IU collaborations, appeared to be somewhat forgotten by most of the K-Pop fandom. I would highly recommend this song for anyone who likes clear, lovely vocals and a heart wrenching and artistic ballad. The beautiful MV can be found here.

Zhoumi - Rewind

I rarely find any SM release underrated, often times overrated but Super Junior’s Zhoumi’s "Rewind” really stood out to me as the former. Although he did bring home a #1 on MTV The Show, it was really the Chinese votes that made it happen for him there. This was an exceptionally brilliant solo song coming from SM following the slightly disappointing debut of SHINee’s Taemin (they could have done so much more with the maknae’s improved vocals), highlighting Zhoumi’s often forgotten vocal abilities and charisma with a RnB infused pop dance track. This was also one of the few SM solo tracks where the featuring artists (both EXO’s Chanyeol and Tao) actually complemented the soloist instead of stealing the limelight for no reason (see Super Junior’s Henry’s “Trap” vs his solo-solo comeback with “Fantastic”). I would have expected Zhoumi to have gotten a lot more #1 nominations on other music shows and the results in Korea definitely made it one of the most underrated tracks of the year. The MV also has much to offer, including *SPOILER* Zhoumi Abs. So go watch it here now!

Zion.T - Yanghwa BRDG

While Zion.T is not a totally underrated artist (like other K-Pop artist do acknowledge his epicness), the fact that many K-Pop fans still don’t know him and his MVs never get that many views says something. And it says his “Yanghwa BRDG” is definitely making the list of underrated tracks of the year. Gaining recognition through his RnB and soul tracks with his unique smooth vocals, Zion.T returned with a much more mellow track compared to his earlier works. However, mellow worked for this song as it appeared to have been better received than his last album “Mirror Ball” (which was artistic but commercially unsuccessful and made him a bit forgotten since his “Red Light” Album success). This song, in which instead of serenading about some girl was instead about his mother, made the song even more beautiful than it already was. This is a track I would highly recommend to audiophiles who love them smooth vocals. The MV is also extremely well filmed and you can see it here.

Which songs do you think were underrated this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and let the song sharing begin!!!

On Demi Lovato's comments about Taylor Swift

To begin, let me state:

1. I am a fan of both girls. Furthermore, I agree that Taylor Swift is unfairly demonized by the media and the Internet.

2. With that said, Demi makes a fair, although a poorly worded point.

3. Demi’s statements do not expect Taylor Swift to take to Washington with a picket sign. The point she is clearly trying to make is one about a passive vs. active approach to the issue.

4. Demi suggests that Taylor’s donation to the anti-rape charities is generous, however a very passive and somewhat lackadaisical gesture with regards to the issue at hand. A good comparison would be a removed relative writing you a check at Christmas time out of familial (social) obligation.

5. Why is Demi targeting Taylor Swift? Likely because Taylor Swift has almost become synonymous with “celebrity feminism.” Swift frequently uses her platform to speak on feminist issues; however, her tight lips over the Kesha situation was odd, to say the least.

6. Let me clarify some things: first off, the question might be posed: “well, why do celebrities HAVE to comment on this instance in particular?” They don’t, however, it’s important to frame the Kesha trial within the realm of the industry and pop culture as a whole.
I was talking about the case with my best friend earlier today. My friend, we’ll call her Janet, a former music business major at NYU, works in the industry, has worked for major song writing companies, and serves as an assistant in a music management company. Anyway, Janet explained this case to me within the context of the industry. Now, let me state, Janet has worked with very legitimate people (I can’t name them because I don’t want to intrude upon her privacy or any contracts she might have signed), but she insisted that this court case is a huge deal because it’s incredibly uncommon to find a producer vs. artist war like this. Furthermore, she suggested that this case will likely become a chapter in a music business textbook years down the road. So, yeah, TLDR: this case is not something to be easily ignored, especially by people in the industry.

7. Therefore, most artists are incredibly aware of the case. So, it’s not just something that could have slipped somebody’s mind.

8. Demi is insisting that Taylor, as one of the top artists in the industry and a huge vocal proponent of feminism, should have addressed this situation before being called out on it. WITH THAT SAID, I do not agree with Demi’s specific targeting of Taylor Swift. Although we can’t say for sure that she was referring to Taylor Swift, we can only assume that’s the person she was referring to on Twitter. Regardless, I don’t think that Taylor Swift deserves the full serving of public criticism for keeping quiet about the issue. Beyoncé, another incredibly influential feminist artist, also failed to speak out. Emma Watson, although an actress, did not comment on this situation either (as far as I’m aware).
So, any criticism directed specifically at Taylor Swift is, in a way, unfair.

9. Is the criticism merited? Do these quiet feminist icons deserve to be called out for their silence? That’s your call. My personal opinion is that, if you’re going to call out one quiet feminist artist, you should call out all of them.

10. Is Demi’s point derailing the issue? No. “But what about her use of the phrase ‘then I’ll be impressed’? Doesn’t that infer that she doesn’t care about Kesha, that she’s making this about herself?” No. And anyone picking apart Demi’s use of the phrase “then I’ll be impressed” in her commentary is overanalyzing the sentence to the point where they’re neglecting the phrase’s implication and identity as an expression. The “I” does not mean she wants Swift to LITERALLY impress her, Demi Lovato. It is not meant to be taken literally. Why are people interpreting it as such? Do you honestly think that Demi is requesting that Taylor Swift “try” to impress her like a jester performing for a king? No! What the hell? This is how the dangers of overanalyzing come into play. You pick something apart so much that you distort your interpretation of the sentence. Demi was CLEARLY using the phrase as an expression saying that actions will gain legitimacy when they address a situation actively rather than passively.

11. “But what about the Capitol Hill line? Does she expect Taylor to drop everything and go to DC?” No. Again, people are taking things too literally. She is implying that Taylor take a more active approach by opening a dialogue. “Hahaha, okay but what political shit has Demi Lovato ever done?” Demi has been to Washington countless times and has spoken at many mental health events and conferences. Google if you don’t believe me.

12. “What about Kesha? Demi is making this about herself!” Demi is bad at expressing her intentions coherently, but she is not trying to derail the conversation by ignoring Kesha. She is trying to call more attention to it by signaling to the “big boys” of feminism and pop music, A listers like Taylor Swift who have larger platforms than her, to use their powerful influence to bring this issue to the forefront so that the mistreatment of women in the industry can be prevented in the future.