let the children boogie!

“Let the children lose it
Let the children use it
Let all the children boogie”


A small little HC that I had a long time ago but never drew. Basically Rick just constantly visiting Stan at the shack with a smol Beth and sometimes they do goofy shit like sing poorly to songs.

I was going to finish this on David Bowie’s Birthday or he subsequent one year anniversary of his death, but it’s fine now : < (Rest in Peace Ziggy)

David Bowie

I’m in such a musical mood tonight

There’s a starman waiting in the sky,
He’d like to come and meet us,
But he thinks he’d blow our minds,
There’s a starman waiting in the sky,
He’s told us not to blow it,
Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile,
He told me:
Let the children lose it,
Let the children use it,
Let all the children boogie


Throughout the time that I was writing Receiver of Many between September 2012 and September 2014, I got numerous requests to publish the book. Readers told me they wanted to own a copy for themselves, and more importantly, a physical copy they could put on their shelf.  I knew that if I did this, and wanted it done right, it would cost a fairly decent sum of money.  The book would need to be split into two parts: Receiver of Many and Destroyer of Light, and both books would need professional covers.  So readers encouraged me to crowdfund the project.

In late January I took the plunge and published a Kickstarter for my free-to-read story.  I honestly believed that there wasn’t a person out there who would donate money for something they could just as easily read for free.

The results blew away any expectations I ever had.  A quick recap:

  • Kickstarted January 21 at Midnight
  • Reached 40% of goal OVERNIGHT 
  • Became a Staff New and Noteworthy Pick 12 hours after publication
  • Reached our goal of $5000 only FOUR DAYS into the campaign.
  • Reached a total of $7,743, contributed by 126 backers
  • The Receiver of Many Kickstarter ended on February 18 at Midnight, having earned 154% of what I had originally asked for, which made a third cover for an upcoming short story, The Thrice Plowed Field, possible.

None of this would have been possible without YOU.

I want to thank the following backers who not only generously contributed their money to this campaign, but took to Tumblr, Wordpress and Facebook, to promote the Receiver of Many Kickstarter and tell other people about my writing:

*, port-o-bella, dreamerabby, soverylittlehoneybee, asac89, thearymoose, catspawpress, girl-in-the-attic, lesduexcygnes, themagpielife, mousiepiepants, Amy Keyes, Angel, jadeddiva, chuotcon96, mythologymondays, Ariel W., Ashley, burrsquee, drowninginthebrevity, Bea Payumo, lonerico, tk421beth, browniechomp, capricifer, myriadlurker, ofgodsandemons, kliomuse, theadmonishingsmile, Chad Bowden, Chandra Sigmund, Chris, adventure1937, EmrysZer0, Dara, drinkestusgethollows, designkyd, artielu, enveniya, Elizabeth Crowley, themissem, Shpem, Francesca Bisi, deathbyshipping, Gretchen HW, keelycatsmom, jubsx, asphodelon, Iwona, scherre, JeweledNightingale, Summer Angel, pommeSQRD, jessicamoorey, questionablespider, pokingdots, whenwolfsbaneblooms, let-the-children-boogie, briarlily, followsrabbit, Onceuponataama, kate, katherine, Katie, Kathryn, Katherine A. Morgan, ladyscaramouche, kamacher, katehbug, kirbyalice, kitamere, krisjune, Stiney, catsuitmonarchy, Lakota O’Keeffe, Lani, acorduroysuitwithfittedknickers, cheezalovesdubs, fangirl-who-dreams, Delightfully-Difficult-Pirate, a-gnosis, itslikelyliana, hevial, LucyFG, kumikinang, Maia, marissabserrato, Mary, MiaDee, michi_cd, Pikamikameeks, momotion, elaphos, moonlightdreamer, Nawarat, paperless-littlekiss, rorojm, Derek “Pineapple Steak” Swoyer, raydaysayshey, Rebekkah, magmacannon, Sabrina Sheldon, alicemoonwonderland, Tijats, Sam Watterson, angstkiva, musingsdesign, mustardtan, Shara, Kazstrophobic, lovelydewysqualor, wickedlovelymad, analyticritic, flutterbyrose, Stephanie, Stephanie P, grafted, T. Tran, Tylar, cupboardunderthestairs, Victoria C., and vaeln17

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.  You helped make one of my lifetime goals, publishing something I wrote, a reality.  You gave me the confidence to believe that my dreams were possible.  I could NOT have done it without you.

Much love to you all,

Rachel Alexander aka kata-chthonia


This year a very hard one for me and my family and as I look forward to Christmas and hopefully a better year to come I wanted to thank those who have been there for me this year. The following people have amazing souls and I am so glad to know them.

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