let the boy be free

let’s play minecraft: sky factory

part 1: the boys rebuild the world with a single tree and laugh about googly eyes

part 15: gavin takes another step towards nuclear power and jeremy is doing literal blood magic


The Saturday morning cartoon The Fake AH Crew!! 

A friendly gang of criminals set out to have a good time of fun in the nice city of Los Santos. This totally kids-friendly show takes the crew out on heists, things to do’s and simle play time to goof around. No swearing, no killing each other, no mugging, no raging anger and hatred and no one ever fucks up and ruins everything for the 104th time like somekind of asshole. nope. none at all.

When your fiancé won’t let you swim the ice

I think the most heart-warming thing of it all is that despite Spine Breaker being all for fun and laughs, it shows BTS have never changed. That their still the same boys who regardless of fame and fortune willingly let themselves be free from the celebrity stigma. They are always going to stay the bangtan we all grew to love 4 years ago, and for that I will always stan these dorks ❤


So at first I just wanted to draw Gen in a waistcoat… and then I wondered ‘who is he looking at like that?’ and then of course it turns out he’s at some fancy BDSM party and he never thought he’d see Sephiroth there but lo and behold, it’s the man in the flesh, and he doesn’t look too pleased at being found out by his colleague. Or maybe Genesis sent him an invite, thinking he’d never come, and thus he’s pleasantly surprised?

body guard | jughead x reader

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anonymous said: hey, i’d like to request a jughead x reader where jughead is like super protective over the reader. like he walks with her in school. sits with her in pop’s. the reader is never out of his sight (only when she’s home). and the reader doesn’t really mind, bc there’s a killer in the town and stuff. and it’s kinda hot thank youu^^

“you do know you don’t have to follow me everywhere i go” you joke as you start your journey from riverdale high to the infamous pop’s chock'lit shoppe, jughead hot on your heels

but let’s face it, when wasn’t he? you’d grown up in neighbouring trailers and he was always so over protective of you, he’d walk you to and from school, to pop’s, to the drive in. everywhere.

you loved it, he was your best friend and essentially one of the only friends you had. jughead had been transferred to southside high but it didn’t stop him for walking you to and from school, no matter what.

“you’re not my bodyguard yanno?” you tease earning an eye roll from the dark and broody raven haired boy.

“there is a killer on the loose yanno” he pokes back stuffing his hands into his jacket pockets, a famous jones smile hanging off his lips.

“see that excuse expired a week ago- the killers been found and put away. i don’t need a security detail anymore”

you can see the clogs turning on his head trying to come up with a witty response to your playful banter

“maybe i just like to be sure that a beautiful lady like you gets to her beloved diner in one peace” he smiles sweetly nudging your shoulder with his own

“oo smooth jones, but unfortunately not smooth enough. this girl can look after herself” you smirk spinning around on your hells, the ice seemingly a lot more slippery than you anticipated

next thing you know your put on your ass, the cool snow melting through your jeans. you cuss and let out a muffled groan as you glance up to see a smirking jughead.

“oh i can defiantly see that mrs slick” he jokes offering you a hand up, you hesitantly grab his hand as he pulls you up off the cold ground.

“damn it!” you exclaim feeling the wetness on your butt, “my damn butt is soaking wet now great!” the boy goes red trying to suck in laughter

“it can’t be that bad, turn around” you huff turning letting the boy free range at staring at your butt

damn” he mutters, you spin around quickly trying to get a good look yourself “what! is it that bad? you panic

he licks his lips shaking his head “oh no defiantly not i think it looks rather-” he pauses “peachy”

you turn and smack his chest “stop it you perv”

he places his hands up in defensive, wincing at your contact on his chest “first of all-ouch” he pause and you roll your eyes

“oh please i barley touched you-” he narrows his eyes at you silencing you as you allow him to continue.

“second of all you asked me to look- so i was just admiring what you were so gracefully born with” he argues a smirk etched onto his face.

“you owe me a milkshake jones” you complain

“because i proved you wrong or checked out the goods” he comments as we continue toward the diner

“now that you mention it, milkshake and fires” you smirk batting your lashes at the boy as you use your back to push open the door.

“would you look at that you holding the door open for me, how very twenty first century of you (y/l/n)”

“add a burger to that order, ill grab us a booth” you yell to the beanie boy as you slip into your normal booth waiting for jughead to slide in opposite you

“you’re going to make me go into bankruptcy” he mumbles as he slides in next to you, catching you off guard.

he senses your tense “everything okay?” he asks stretching his arm behind you resting on the booth.

“yeah just you never sit next to me, always opposite” you smile biting your lip as you notice your closeness

“maybe i wanted to sit next to you for once” he beams bringing a hand up to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear

“and maybe since you let me check you out we’ve moved up in our level of friendship” he winks our food being placed in front of us

“what’s that supposed to me” you blush feeling the room growing hotter

“well i was hoping to move from platonic bodyguard to sexy serpent boyfriend” you eyes widen your stomach seemed to flip in your stomach.

“you think with that leather jacket your all slick huh?” you tease picking at your fries

“your bad boy leather jacket facade can’t win me over that easy jones” you smile feeling a little more at ease even though your insides were screaming at you to kiss him.

“oh really? you sure about that?” he smiles playfully, you kept your eyes trained on your fries knowing that one look into his eyes and you’d melt

“mhm” you muse

in one swift movement his beanie is in your hands and he’s running his long fingers through his luscious raven locks, a strand of hair falling infront of his eyes.

you stop breathing your heart hammering in your chest as your ovaries go into overdrive

you open your mouth to report with a snarky remark but you end up opening and closing your mouth at a loss of words, mumbling a inaudible response before your cheeks heat up.

“what was that?” he tease closing the gap between you slowly

“screw it ” you mumble pulling him by the collar of his leather jacket crashing your lips onto his, jughead spends no time kissing back pulling on your legs so they were draped over his lap.

you hands roaming over his chest before working their way up to his neck and hair as his hands stroke your leg, pulling your waist so they was no space between the two of you.

you were broken apart at the sound of pop clearing his throat, you turn red burying your head into his chest “sorry pop” jughead attempts to keep a straight face as the older man leaves our table, shaking his head.

“so was that a yes?” he asks

you bring your brows together “a yes to what?” you tease

“to being your sexy serpent boyfriend” he wiggles his brows placing a kiss on your neck

“i don’t know maybe just boyfriend” you joke cussing him to tickle you, letting out a small squeal gaining the attention of the owner once more. a scowl on his face.

“fine fine!!” you giggle

“fine what?” he argues

“you can be my sexy serpent boyfriend” you admit rolling your eyes as he boy grins helplessly

“only if i can be your sexy serpent princess”

he nods pecking your lips “you’ve always been my sexy serpent princess”

Harry Hook - “Protective Tendencies”

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Request: “Overprotective Harry Hook please with #90 and #94 basically he scares away the guys that are hitting on/checking out the reader but not before telling them those things. Harry is basically overprotective of his girl and then tells #87 to the reader and she doesn’t mind what he did because she loves it when he’s protective of her! Sorry this is kind of long but thank you💓”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: A tiny bit of violence and swearing?

You weren’t the type to be very assertive and stand up for yourself. 

It just wasn’t in your makeup to be harsh and mean, and you kind of resented that part of you because of who you were. 

In being a part of the four leaders of Uma’s crew, you were supposed to be a disciplinary, stand up for yourself. That wasn’t happening anytime soon, so you just stayed quiet and hoped no one would notice.

 Your boyfriend Harry insisted he loved you for it, but you could never seem to keep up with his proud and sarcastic attitude at all.

Currently, you were walking through the marketplace in search of a birthday gift for your younger cousin Dizzy. 

Being Anastasia’s daughter and raised by her and Lady Tremaine hadn’t affected your compassion.

 You and Dizzy were as close as can be and you wanted to keep her safe from all the negative behavior that happened at home. 

You had stumbled upon a pop up shop of certain jewels and intricate chains. Dizzy had been working on more jewelry lately, so she would love something like that. 

“How much would something like this be?” You began to question to the boy working at the stand.

 “Oh, for you darling, no charge.” He smirked. 

You realized that this “boy” was actually Quinn Heart, the most renowned flirt on the Isle. 

You rolled your eyes, ignoring his comment. 

“Price, Heart.” You urged glaring at him.

 “Ah, don’t deny all this baby. You know that dirty pirate can’t compare to me,” He flirted winking at you.

 “Whatever, I’m—“ You started.


You smiled at the familiar voice and turned around to see your boyfriend, Harry stomping over. 

“Oh, you’re in trouble now.” You mumbled to yourself as Quinn tried to run away, but failed.

 “What do you think you’re doing lad?” Harry snarled grabbing Quinn by the collar menacingly. 

“I-I was just…” He stuttered. 

“I-I just! Save it bastard I know what happened.” Harry mocked pulling Quinn’s collar tighter. 

“This is mine. Are we clear?” He continued pointing to your amused figure leaning against a column. 

Quinn nodded feverishly and swatted at Harry’s fists, attempting to break loose of his hold. 

“Listen here, If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me! And it will be much worse than this.” Harry growled letting the small boy go. 

“You-you can take that, free.” Quinn trembled gesturing to the necklace I held in my hand. 

“Pleasure doing business with you.” You smirked, earning a shocked but amused smile from your boyfriend as the two of you left the stand.

 “Y/N…” Harry started putting an arm around your waist. 

“Why’d you do it?” You questioned, an entertained smirk creeping onto your lips. 

“He was hitting on you.” He mumbled kissing your forehead tenderly.

 You chuckled kissing him on the cheek lovingly. 

“Thank you.”

“it’s a bit impossible to forget about the boy who traces the constellations in the sky“ 

- @seung-vi / inkingbrushes 


Lets not forget the most underappreciated Gorillabitez videos, the Free Tibet Campaign.