let the bass drop

Let The Bass Drop || Closed RP

She laid on the floor in the middle of her apartment, simply staring at the ceiling. Music reverberated off of every wall, filling the rooms and surrounding her like a blanket. But, all that was going through Evey White’s mind was that she needed to do something with the ceiling. Fabric maybe? Hell, anything would be an improvement, especially when it came to the water stain in the far corner that was probably older than she was.

“This is what normal people do at three a.m., isn’t it?” she mused as her bare foot wiggled in an almost frantic rhythm in its attempt to match the music. 



So remember in dreamscapers when soos and the twins are fighting bill?

well, when mabels dream boys start playing their 80s techno, bill screams “synthesized music! it hurts!”

well, whats more intense than 80s techno? dubstep

Who knows. maybe the best way to get rid of bill is by playing, INTENSELY FILTHY DUBSTEP WITH EPIC BASS DROPS ON HEADPHONES WITH EXCELLENT BASS!!!!!

and the whole time, ford never knew that synthesized music was the weakness of his sworn enemy


Alchemyst - Let the bass drop (BunZer0 Remix)

I fully love BunZer0, someone should bring him out to the cali