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Interview turn down...

Context: During the 2016 election, I was asked to do an interview over the phone about Trump vs. Clinton. I prepped for the interview but wasn’t able to say much. This has been hanging in my drafts and was never published until today.

Me: Yeah, I’m going to have to turn down this interview. 

Person: Why?

Me: I’ve been doing a lot of research and I can’t for the life of me take Trump seriously.

Person: But that’s why this interview is going to be great!

Me: I… just… don’t know. Everytime I tried to look him up, it seems I can’t take him seriously. 

Person: Let me throw some questions at you and see what I’m working with.

Me: *sighs*

Person: Do you feel Trump cares about Black women’s rights?


Person: Just answer exactly how you feel. 

Me: That is how I feel.

Person: Just let your feelings out. Let it all pour out, like be angry. Be snarky. Be you. Just go hardcore with it.

Me: Okay… *still blink*

Person: Okay… maybe this question can help get you amped. How do you feel about people taking Trump seriously when he’s not trying to be politically correct?

Me: *sighs* How about we move away from how I feel?

Person: Alright, rephrasing the question - Why are people still taking Trump seriously when he’s not trying to be PC?

Me: Because… he’s… a White rich dude who talks in bro-ish kinda orange… *sighs*

Person: Come on, hang with me. You’re the voice of reason and you need to convince me why Trump is a bad choice.

Me: I looked up videos, podcasts, and so on. I saw clips WITH context. I have done everything you ask of me to prepare for this interview… and… and… I’m just tired of this election. I can’t convince myself to vote for Hilliary and she won by default because the government isn’t going to listen to a lousy 2-3% of the people that voted for Jill Stein, even if she did get like… I dunno 10% of the vote. I’m not going to come into this interview with the type of energy you need from me.

Person: Are you getting sad over the phone?

Me: This election is cruel and unusual punishment. 

A person in the background (didn’t realize there was someone else listening): Wait… you mean to tell me that THIS is the beast who gets White people rattled up? He’s sounding more like a kitten than a full grown lion here.

Me: There are people placing bets on this damn election… I am gonna puke.

Background person: We’re wasting time. I thought you said he hates White people.

Me: WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP TELLING ME THAT? I don’t hate White people, I just don’t… *ugh* I’m going to change the name of that blog if I don’t get better interview requests. 

Background person: Let’s just go along with another outrage Black person. This one is too soft.

Me: I hope y’all walk over lego bricks and your hands get burned by pot handles for that comment.

Background person: THAT’S WHAT WE WANT!

Me: *hangs up phone* Political commentary people are cold blooded, tokening motherfu-



Up, up and away, away from me
Well, it’s all right, you can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy
Or anything

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a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

After sarcastically complaining to God for the 1000th time he drags you to heaven and offers to let you run things for a day to see how the world really works. At the end of your first day he comes back to find the universe a finely tuned machine of excellence.

the houses studying
  • hufflepuff: come on guys, let's make a study group and see if we can work this out together!
  • ravenclaw: ok i got my highlighters, got my schedule, got my study guide - hey, is that an essay on the effects of werewolf bites on vampires welp looks like i'm gonna be researching that for the next seven hours
  • gryffindor: but hermione, why can't you do it for me?
  • slytherin: either you write all my essays or i tell mcgonagall i saw you cheating in her tests

Hi guys! 

To make sure the blog doesn’t get clustered with asks, I made a twitter account to try to respond to any comments and questions hopefully more frequently than here. Feel free to tweet me if there’s anything in particular you want to know or say. 

@Orangeplumm is the twitter.

Hey Guys! So I’ve noticed that art theft has been quite the thing lately, (especially people reposting art.) I also know that some people aren’t sure about the difference between a reblog and a repost, so hopefully I can explain this today!

Reposting happens when you take someones art and make a new post for it (be it on a different website or the same one.) Most artists do not like this. Some will allow it with proper credit, but you should always ask permission first.

Reblogging is when you share the original post on the same website with other people. Most artists love when you do this!

Why reblog? It lets other people find the artist more easily (and to see more of their work!) it lets the artist know people are enjoying their work (which is a huge motivator for sharing it), it provides proper context for the work, and more!

Please share the art you like by reblogging it, and remember never to claim other people’s art as your own. : )