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Slytherin House as Quotes from My Favorite Murder

“You’re in a cult, call your dad.”

“What a great opportunity for a ton of bad decisions.”

“Let’s relive your nightmares!”

“Guys, put your phones away and participate in the beat-down.”

“I love kidnappings!”

“Remember that the devil has a very wry sense of humor and sometimes he’s just being sarcastic.”

“I feel like cannibalism would be easy for me.”

“It’s not gruesome except they’re all dead.”

“This is terrible. Keep going.”

“Two things organ music is good for: ice skating and mass murdering.”

“It’s really hard to strangle somebody, so maybe don’t do it.”

“I hope we never get stabbed.”

Oh, btw

If you are going to have a “let’s relive good RumBelle moments” try to use Netflix instead of YouTube. Because Netflix keeps detailed data on what scenes people watch and use it for future decisions on what shows to create and to negotiate with producers.

So if they see that a bunch of people really like RumBelle they may use that info in the future.

“Is that a yes?” - Ashton Irwin

Daddy/Domestic!5sos Ashton for idiotic-hemmings blurb night!

Word count: 1.5k (I got a bit carried away)

Your son’s small body clung to you as you ran through the pouring rain, searching desperately for a cab that would bring you to the place you needed to go. You were not familiar with this town and it was dark and raining and you couldn’t find the goddamn address. Your son was in your arms and silent, you were glad he didn’t ask any questions for the time being, you were already stressed enough. Your clothes and your hair were soaking wet as you finally spotted a sign that said ‘taxi’ on it and you let out a relived sigh and walked with quick steps to it.

“Can you please drive us to…this address?” You fumbled in your pocket for the street name and number he wrote down for you. The taxi driver looked at both of you with a pitiful smile. You had to admit, you with wild, untamed hair and clothes that were wet from the rain, a big carry-all with a kid of 2 years on your arm that had no clue what was going on did seem a bit pitiful.

You both climbed into the car and you set your little son on your lap as there was no child’s seat. The city went by as a blur to you, you had your shaky hands wrapped around your son’s arms tightly and you tried to calm down.

“Bryan, do you know where we’re going?”

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Fic Authors Self-Rec

I was tagged by the incomparable @jomiddlemarch, whose work really should be rec’d all the live-long day! 

The task was to pick five favorites of your own fics, so I decided to pick them from five different fandoms: 

1) Neither the Beginning Nor the End (Centurion) - a one-shot following the end of the movie where an injured Quintus Dias wakes up in Arianne’s hut (I wrote this a very long time ago, but I still really love the writing)

2) The Flames (The Last of the Mohicans) - a one-shot following my multi-chapter Alice and Uncas fic, mostly involving Alice getting lost in a snow storm and having hallucinations, until Uncas finds her and warms her by the fire

2) Time to Take Her Home (Sons of Anarchy) - a (sadly) still unfinished multi-chapter Jax and Tara fic, but I loved how it let me relive my mid-90s high school days and remember what it was like to be young, stupid, and in love

4) Daybreak (Mercy Street) - one of my (very) occasional forays into smut-writing, inspired by an image of Jed and Mary unhurriedly kissing in the early morning light, and then all sorts of things followed from that… *slow grin*

5) Eight Winters Gone (Outsiders) - originally written as a one-shot, but expanded into an (again, unfinished… sigh) multi-chapter fic centering on the idea of Sally Ann returning to Blackburg and to Hasil eight years after the end of the first season, with a daughter in tow

Tagging @severus-toujours, @magicinhermadness, @jeynegrey, @treasureplanetsheep, @ladyofglencairn, but only if you feel like it! 

slowtown by tyler joseph

i feel like slowtown is a happy, bright place. it’s not perfect. it’s not heaven. it’s just a better place. a place to be yourself. a place that’s comfortable. a place that’s colorful. a place to relax. a place where everyone cares about each other. a place in your dreams. a place that people are happy. a place that only exists within your thoughts. a place you want to go when everything else goes wrong. a place that lets you relive your childhood because your childhood is the only time in your life when everything good and happy happened but like all places it isn’t perfect. going to slowtown can change you. if you go too many times then you go too fast and don’t focus on the present. what a beautiful thought tyler joseph has created.