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Hi! Can we please analyze their every move from Bughead's almost sex scene starting from the moment he says I love you?

Girl, let’s talk.

  • The way he just throw his beanie to the side, like it’s such an immediate casual decision, done with such determination and no hesitation.
  • HE SAID IT FIRST. We were all so ready for Betty to tell him after her scene with Alice but he said it first and he wasn’t nervous or unsure, he didn’t stammer his way through it. And then he said it again, because he just knows it to be true. 
  • The fact that he looks like he’s going to cry when she says it back, again with no hesitation, ended me. His shoulders look a little hunched like despite his certainty he’s always ready for rejection when facing someone he loves, but his eyes are so open and earnest and she says it back and he’s so thankful and relieved and in awe with the force that is Betty Cooper that he just can’t take it. 
  • Let us relive the moment when we were all like aww their song is playing, aww look at this more intense kiss like in episode 8, aww bughead is so pure- HE PICKED HER UP. 
  • And he full on grins it’s difficult to catch in the shot but he grins and she giggles and we all hit the floor. 
  • Oh so we probably aren’t gonna get any more bughead here we’re onto varchie now that’s cool- THAT ISN’T VARCHIE!! Jughead Jones, lonely emo writer boy has just picked up Betty Cooper and slammed her against the kitchen cabinets on top of the counter. Is this heaven? Is this what it’s like, it must be. 
  • They’ve been keeping some secrets from us because they’re like panting into each others mouths it’s barely even kissing anymore and Betty is like what is this top doing here I don’t need this???
  • And Jughead is all scrambly trying to help her get it off but his fingers can’t find purchase so he just chases hers until he gives up and just cups her neck and kisses her again. 
  • Betty Cooper is not to be outdone however, get the damn attractive sweater off, Juggie. We don’t need that anymore. 
  • So like how many times can we talk about the way his thumb rests on her chin and her jaw and her throat?? Like how many times is acceptable before we have to admit we’re insane????
  • Betty mouthing ‘yes’. Enough said. 
  • Jughead has a thing for Betty’s neck, this much is completely obvious and I’m living. 
  • Betty’s knee is hitched up Jughead’s side as far as his hand was tucked beneath her skirt and I think my soul just left my body.
  • Jughead kissing Betty’s neck, moving lower to her shoulder and then stop the damn presses. Mr Jones has just grazed his teeth against her collarbone. I’m so not ok. Boy knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing gooooood.
  • And then coitus interruptus. Damn you Southside Serpents, damn you. (but also praise you for giving Juggie leather. Just, thank you. Sincerely.)

If anybody has anything to add then I’m so game. 


Cas x Reader

Requested by @im-a-little-thick

AN: I wasn’t overly sure what you meant by nesting so I hope this is what you meant :P

“Hello.” Castiel said and suddenly vanished as you walked into the room.

“Does he keep doing that to you guys as well?” You asked Sam and Dean who exchanged looks and shook their heads.

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Could you write a jealous!Betty fic where Jughead befriends a tough girl who's basically the girl version of him at south side high so Betty feels insecure and tries to be more like the girl (short skirts, dark makeup, messy hair,etc.)? Thank you!!!

She was tucked into their normal booth at pops, sandwiched between Kevin and Veronica as she stared longingly at her boyfriend a few booths away, he was laughing and his arm was slung lazily over River Lewis. The one girl in the entire town who was sure to make Betty dig her nails into her palms and tighten her ponytail.

River was one of Jugheads new friends from the Southside, she was moody and sexy and she was everything Betty wished she could be, the girl had made it very clear she wasn’t interested in being Betty’s friend and seemed to be monopolizing all of Jugheads time as of lately. Of course Betty was happy he was making friends and it made her heart lighter to see him laughing and enjoying himself, but the tug in her heart was inevitable when he chose to sit with his new friends instead of her, the way he leaned into River would have any girlfriend feeling a little sick.

“She’s nothing compared to you B, she’s nasty and she’s a brat.” Veronica spoke quietly into her ear as she squeezed her shoulder. Betty looked up gratefully and sighed

“I just feel like he keeps pulling away.. like I’m not enough anymore. Like.. maybe this isn’t what he wants.” She gestured to her cheerleading uniform and dropped her head to Kevin’s shoulder, sighing miserably.

Kevin and Veronica shared a glance over their forlorn best friends head

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Kevin asked with a wicked smile

Veronica nodded and smirked
“You’re the one that I want Grease Makeover?” She asked.

Kevin nodded

Betty looked up a confused look in her eyes as he friends dragged her out of the booth
“What?” She asked, daring a glance in Jugheads direction, he was staring at her,a curious look in his eyes as he moved to stand, River slapped a hand to his thigh dragging him back down.

Something hardened in Betty’s eyes before she turned away from the scene, smiling at her friends
“What are we waiting for?”

The next day at school went by excruciatingly slow, she had been assured by Archie that Jughead would be at Pops today and part two of her plan would come into play. Part one had been ignoring all of his text messages and having Alice send him away when he came to her door last night. Veronica had held her hand as her boyfriend begged her mother to let him speak to her.

“He’s been taking advantage of you B, you need to show him what he’s going to lose if he doesn’t fix this.”

She stood outside Pops, her fingers shaking as Veronica ran the lipgloss over her already fairly glossy lips.

“Alright Sandra dee. I think we’re ready, how do you feel?” Veronica asked.

Betty took a deep breath

“I’m ready.” She smiled taking one final glance at the reflection in Veronica’s car, she didn’t even recognize herself.

Betty had on a short, tight leather skirt and loose white crop top that perfectly showed her toned stomach and tan skin. Her feet were tucked into tall wedges and her long blonde hair was left loose and messy, looking perfectly wind blown. Her bright green eyes looked even brighter under the dark black eyeliner and heavy mascara, her perfect heart shaped lips were cherry red and she smacked the gum between her lips.

“A masterpiece, if I wasn’t gay..” Kevin trailed off causing Betty to giggle and straighten her shoulders.

“Let’s do this.” She slung the old leather jacket she had borrowed from her mother overhear shoulder and followed Veronica into the Diner. The diner went silent as soon as the group stepped foot on the marble floor.

Jughead hopped up when he saw Veronica his eyes instantly looking for Betty, he started walking towards the group but stopped dead when he saw Betty his jaw dropping.

“Betty?” He whispered

At his unfamiliar look Betty instantly felt all of those insecurities build up again, she struggled to keep her arms at her side, her natural instinct to hide in herself was bubbling to the surface, but when a boy in a serpents jacket let out the first low wolf whistle, she let out a relived breath. Suddenly it seemed every member from the Southside was drawn to her and she giggled as they tripped over themselves to get a better look.

Veronica winked and led Betty to a booth, Kevin shaking his fingers in a few boys faces to back them off.

Just as she was about to settle into the booth, she felt a warm hand grip her upper arm, his fingers familiar even under the leather. Looking up she swallowed at the intensity in her boyfriend eyes.

“Can we talk?” He asked quietly, his eyes running over her body as he licked his lips, she turned to go with him but Veronica kicked her under the table and Kevin shook his head.
Pulling her arm free Betty sat down in the seat

“I’m staying here, we can talk later. I think River is waiting for you.” She nodded her head to the dark haired girl shooting daggers in their direction.

Understanding instantly dawned in Jugheads eyes and he reached a hand out to Betty’s cheek


She turned her face quickly, blinking away the tears that threatened to fall
“Not now Jughead.” She whispered.

He stared at her completely heartbroken

“Elizabeth Cooper right?” Jughead whipped around to see Noah, a prominent member of the serpents, leaning casually against Betty’s booth

“That’s my name” she smiled at the boy and jughead stumbled back.

“I dig your look.” He said dropping down into the empty space Jughead had just left.

Oh absolutely not.

Jughead straightened his Serpent jacket and reached for Betty’s hand, pulling her out of the booth and towards the door, as she stomped indignantly.

“Jughead Jones! Let me go!” He swung her around as soon as they hit outside.

His lips attacked her as she gasped, her fingers instinctively digging into his dark waves as he ran his hands over the bare skin of her legs before sliding under her shirt.

She pulled away abruptly

“No!” She said shoving him away and adjusting her top her hands trembling

“Betty?” Jughead asked moving towards her

“No. this isn’t me, if this is what you want… if this is who I have to be to get you to pay me attention… maybe I’m not the right girl for you.” Her eyes filled with tears and he shook his head frantically

“No! I love you. I love you, I love who you are. You never have to change for me. I cannot lose you. You look amazing but you’re right this isn’t you.” His hands tugged on the short skirt as he trailed his fingers over her thighs, his breathe close to her face.

“But.. River.. ” she whispered, her nose touching his as he nuzzled it gently

“She’s funny and she reminds me of me, but she’s no Betty Cooper, I’m so sorry I made you feel like you had to be something else, I would never want that. I love you for who you are, I know I’ve been an awful boyfriend, it’s this whole balancing act. Consider me properly aware, I’m not letting you out of my sight.. especially dressed like this.” His eyes hungrily scanned her face as he dropped a kiss to her lips.

Betty giggled, dropping her forehead to his
“I want you to spend time with your friends, but.. maybe spend some time with me too okay?” She smiled

He nodded aggressively
“You can count on it.”

Betty grabbed his hand and headed into Pops
“Okay let’s go show them who your girlfriend really is.” She beamed as Jughead laughed tightening an arm around her waist

“It’s a damn honor”

I Can’t Wait To Hear You Scream PT. 37

Summary: Sherry is missing.

Note: Me trying to get something out on time is, like, unicorn rare. I’m so sorry I’m traaaaash. I wanted this chapter to be way longer and more eventful, but I wanted to go ahead and post what I had done for you guys. I promise the next wait won’t be as long as this one. I’ve been rather busy the past few weeks, but I’m finally getting time to be more active. Also, if you wanna be tagged, let me know, I lost my tags yet again when my other phone broke 🙃


“Trust is hard. Knowing who to trust, even harder.

~ Maria V. Snyder


You followed behind Negan as quickly as you could, trying to keep up with his pace. You were too afraid to speak up about anything, and didn’t know if mentioning how the other wives acted suspiciously towards you would only make him turn on you. But you knew too well that for every moment he actually scared you, he was also making you 5 times more attracted to his angered demeanor.

“If I find out that Dwight fuckin’ helped her-” He spat, you could hear the hostility oozing out of him with every word he spoke. He didn’t even seem to be speaking directly to you anymore, it was like an open warning to himself of what he would do to Dwight if he found him guilty. Once you made it down to the apartments, Simon and a few of the other men had quietly gathered outside of a door that you could only assume was Dwight’s room. These were different apartments than the floor that Eugene and David stayed on. Negan gave a sigh that sounded more like a growl than anything else.

“Well, are you waiting for, a fuckin’ initation? Give D a fuckin’ wakeup call.” Negan ordered, pointing Lucille towards the door. You made sure to keep your distance from the situation as you watched Simon and the other men circle around the door, and before you could blink they had simultaneously rammed themselves against it, busting the lock open as it swung open. They rushed into the room and you could hear the sounds of the struggle inside. Negan walked up to the doorway, Lucille perched on his shoulder - her usual spot. Her rightful spot as Negan would say.
Your curiosity got the better of you, and you walked up behind him to see all the men holding down Dwight on the small mattress that he was laying on, it was now stained with blood that was flowing from Dwight’s nose as they gave him his ‘punishment’. You looked on in shock, not so much for the fact that it was violent, but for the fact that this was one of Negan’s main men that was getting beaten within an inch of his life right in front of you. It only reassured earlier thoughts that no one was safe if Negan thought they betrayed his trust, but as violent as it was, you understood that it has to be done. Negan couldn’t risk letting anybody walk over him, not even for the slightest thing. A loud, sharp whistle from him got the attention of his men, making them stop dead in their tracks once Negan thought that they had given Dwight enough. They pulled him up into his knees as he slumped over submissively at Negan’s feet one of his eyes was already swollen and the blood from his nose was now dropping down onto the floor, pooling at his knees.

“It’s come to my attention that I am short a fuckin’ wife, D. Can you guess which fuckin’ one?” Negan said in a firm tone as he looked back down to him.

Dwight raised his head up slowly, meeting Negan’s gaze, his face was blank as he shook his head timidly in response.

Negan cleared his throat and gave him a smirk, “Sherry. I guess you also don’t have any fuckin’ idea where she went either?”

Dwight wiped some of the blood from his nose, “I haven’t seen her. I didn’t know she was gone.”

Negan nodded, “I wanna fuckin’ believe you, D. You’re one of my best goddamn men, and it’d be a damn shame if it turned out that you aren’t fuckin’ loyal.”

“I am..” Dwight answered.

Negan blinked as he stared back down at him and gave a smug smile, “We’ll fuckin’ see, won’t we?” He looked back up to the other men, “Simon, take him down to the cells, and give him a real fuckin’ cozy one. Let him relive his earlier fuckin’ days here.”

Dwight dropped his head again as Negan said this, he knew what it meant. Negan was unsure if he could really trust him at this point and locking him up was the best way to see just how loyal he was. You were surprised, he could have smashed Dwight’s skull in if he wanted to, but he didn’t. He was getting off easy, and he knew it, too. Simon pulled him off the ground quickly with no fuss and they walked past you, and Negan. Negan stopped one of the men you only knew as ‘Dave’.

“Davey, search the fuckin’ room for me. Let me know if you see anything suspicious.” He said, putting emphasis on the word suspicious.

“Yes, sir.” He said in a dull tone as he turned back towards the room, his eyes landing on you for a few seconds too long as he did. You didn’t know what it was about that man, but you got a sick feeling in your stomach anytime you saw him, and always did your best to keep your distance.

Negan let out a frustrated sigh as he leaned back against the door. You took a small step forward and leaned against the other side of it. You wanted to speak, you wanted to say something to try to calm him, but you were stumped and didn’t know what you could tell him. All you could manage to croak out was, “What now?”

He blinked at you, running a hand through his hair, “I’m gonna go see what the fuck the other wives know.”

You gave him a nod, “Probably best if I stay around here then. You know my presence isn’t a welcome one.”

“Keep a fuckin’ eye on things then, darlin’.” He said as he began to walk past you, brushing his hand over your chest as he went. You gave him a smile before he turned the corner and disappeared out of sight. You let out a tired sigh and laid your head back against the wall for a few moments, if it wasn’t one thing it was another around here. Your thoughts were interrupted by a loud crash inside of the room, you peered around the corner of the door to see Dave wrecking Dwight’s room, and breaking things he had no reason to break, and that became obvious when he picked up a lamp on a nearby table and smashed it into the stone floor of the room.

It rubbed you the wrong way and you narrowed your eyes as you watched him, “I don’t think all of that shit is necessary.” You called out to him over the loud noises.

He stopped momentarily as if he wondered who was talking and turned back to you. His eyes lingered over you again before he finally spoke, “And who are you to tell me how to do my fucking job?”

“Nobody of course. But this is a little uncalled for, Dave.” You spat back at him, crossing your arms.

Just to emphasis how much he didn’t care, he pushed a stack of books off of a shelf before walking forward to you. Charming.

“You’ve got a mouth on you.” He growled as he stood in the doorway.

“I do when I see you and the others doing stupid shit. Maybe Negan doesn’t see how much of an asshole you actually are, but I do.”

He smiled and took a step forward, doing his best to intimidate you, “It’s a damn shame he doesn’t believe in beating you bitches.. If I was in charge, you’d have a black eye right now.”

All of your nerves seemed like they were set on fire at once as soon as the words left his lips, your hands twitched, curling into fists without your control, and every fiber in your being was screaming for you to shoot this fucker, but you didn’t wanna become known as the girl that shot anybody she didn’t remotely like - even though you were justified majority of the time. You held your tongue and kept a straight face as you looked back at him.

He smirked and gave you a nod, “Nice talkin’ to ya.” He said in mocking tone before he walked away. Your eyes followed him until he was out of sight, when he was long gone, you let out a long shaky breathe. You were so angry that your head felt like it was going to explode, this situation wasn’t over, but there was a time and place for it. And with that being done, you left the scene, heading to David’s room.

*Negan’s P.O.V*

He had made his way back upstairs to his own floor, he had given his anger time to simmer down - although he was still prone to having an explosive outburst at any moment. He was going to get to the bottom of what was going on one way or another. Once he got to the door of the wives room, he tapped on the door rapidly with Lucille barbed end before pushing it open. The wives all looked around lazily until they saw who it was, once they saw that it was him, they all perked up happily as they watched him stepping through the door.

“Ladies.” He acknowledged them with a smirk as he looked around to them one by one. They all have him nods, and some of them, putting on the best shit eating grins they could muster. He gave a coy smile when he saw the redhead holding Judith in her arms. He laid Lucille down on a table and walked towards her, reaching his arms out, taking Judith in his arms, “And how is this angel doing?” He asked, cradling her in his arm as the toddler beamed up happily at him.

The wife smiled, “She’s fine. She’s kinda difficult at times, but we’re managing.”

Negan shifted his eyes to her, then back to Judith, “Good. Keep her happy, shouldn’t be too fuckin’ hard, Frankie.”

The redhead have him another nod as Negan passed Judith back over to her. He cleared his throat and walked back to the middle of the room, making sure he had their undivided attention, “It shouldn’t be a fuckin’ secret to you girls that I’m here for more than one fuckin’ reason.” He said, his tone getting serious again.

The wives all seemed to drop their smiles at once as he spoke once they realized he was here for business, not pleasure. He looked around to them, but none of them looked inherently nervous.

“Anyone wanna take a fuckin’ guess?” He smiled, that usual look of danger flickering in his eyes, “Remember that the reward for telling the goddamn truth is simple: you get to keep your position in this little fuckin’ lap of luxury, and I won’t send your sweet asses downstairs to work like a fuckin’ dog for your place here.”

They all went silent, you could have literally heard a pin drop in the room. It seemed that even Judith could pick up on the rising tension as her cooing and babbling of no distinct words had stopped.

Frankie shook her head, “What’s wrong, Negan?”

He scraped his teeth over his bottom lip, “Any of you seen Sherry lately?”

Those were the only words it took for a look of fear to spread over each of their faces.

“No.. Is she- is she okay?” Frankie asked, giving him a weak smile.

He shrugged, “I wouldn’t fuckin’ know, sweetheart. It appears she fuckin’ hightailed it out of here recently.” He licked his lips and pointed to her, “Would you, or any of you happen to fuckin’ know how that is?”

She shook her head quickly, “No, of course not.”

“Really? Because I’m thinking that somebody fuckin’ helped her. I’m also fuckin’ thinking that, maybe she’s the one that let Daryl out of his goddamn cage, too.” Negan’s jaw flared, his anger growing quickly.

Frankie mouth parted as she stumbled on her words, not knowing what to say this time, “I’m sorry, Negan.. We-”

She was cut off quickly by one of the other wives. A darkhaired woman named Tanya.

“We know who.. But we were afraid to tell you.” She cut in quickly before Frankie could say anything else.

Negan shifted his eyes to her, glaring, “Who the fuck did it then, darlin’?”

“We know she’s your favorite, so we were afraid.” She paused for a moment studying Negan’s face, “It was (Y/N), she helped Sherry..”

“Bullshit.” His eyes narrowed.

“It’s true, Negan.” Frankie spoke again. Her eyes were wide as they darted back and forth in their sockets, “She threatened us.. She told us that she’d kill all of us if we said anything, and of course we believed her.. Because of Amber.”

Negan took in a breath, not knowing who or what to fucking believe at this point, “Amber brought that shit on herself, sweetheart. Why the fuck would she help Sherry?”

“She wants to get rid of all of us, Negan. She hates us. You know that.” Tanya cut in again, crossing her arms over her chest.

Negan’s blood was boiling in his veins. He ran a hand over his face, his skin was heated and his body went tense. It wasn’t some shit he wanted to believe, and for the most part he didn’t, but what if they weren’t lying? What if you really had helped Sherry just to get her away from him? He turned without a word as he walked to the door, snatching Lucille off the table. He turned his head back to the women all standing in the room, waiting for his response.

“Appreciate the fuckin’ help, ladies.” He said, sourness was in his tone. After that, he turned and left the room without another word. It was the calm before the storm.

*Y/N’s P.O.V.*

It had been a while since you had seen or heard anything from Negan, but you knew he was probably doing whatever he could to get any information on where Sherry was. You walked the grounds of the sanctuary with David by your side.

“What exactly is going on around here today? Things seems more hectic than usual.” He asked as looked around.

“One of the wives disappeared.” You said, slowly turning your head to meet his gaze, not wanting to see that look of judgement in his eyes, but this time there was none.

He shrugged, “Guess that’s good for you, huh?”

You bit your lip, holding back the smirk your face was desperately trying to form and you managed to shake your head, “Not necessarily. It just means Negan is gonna be in a bad fucking mood.”

“Remind me to stay extra far away from him then.” He said and chuckled lightly.

“Everyone should probably steer clear of him if she isn’t found. Just stay with me and do what you’re told, and it’ll be fine.” You glanced back over to him, giving him a serious look.

“Hope you’re right.”

You shrugged, “Why would I lie?”

“I’m not saying that you are, I’m just saying. He’s pretty volatile in general.” David said bluntly.

You nodded back. You couldn’t fault him for that, Negan was indeed very volatile and you knew that very well. You and David were headed to the cafeteria to check on Katherine and Ben since you had assigned them the job of helping Brian, and that also meant that they were out of your hair most if the time, and you didn’t have to keep up with them much, other than the occasional check in to make sure they were actually working. You opened the door to the building when you heard your name being called. You already knew it was Simon by the tone of voice, you turned to see him jogging towards you, a serious look on his face. You glanced to David who gave you a raised eyebrow, not knowing what was going on anymore than you did.

“What it is?” You asked, tapping your foot in the ground.

“Negan wants to see you in his room.” He said, catching his breath. He must have run all the way down to you from the floor you and Negan stayed on.

“Simon, I need to check on my workers.”

“No. He said now, (Y/N).” Simon gave you a stern look, letting you know that he wasn’t joking around.

You breathed in and let the door close, “What’s it about?” You asked suspiciously.

“Ask him. Just get the fuck up there before you get me in shit.” He snapped as he passed by you, heading into the building.

You threw a hand up, “Fine. I’m going.” You growled, turning back to, David, “Looks like I’ve got to go again.. Do you mind?” You said gesturing to the inside of the building.

He shook his head, “No worries, I’ll keep them in line. Sounds like you better go see what your.. Husband wants.”

You smiled, laying your hand on his shoulder thankfully before you turned back around, heading off in a separate direction.

“Hey” He called out, making you turn back to him.

“Yeah, David?”

“For what it’s worth, I think I’d be more upset if you were the one that was gone.. Y'know, if I was him. Seems like you’re more valuable than half the people here.” He said, lifting one of his shoulders.

“Wishful thinking.” You smirked and dropped your head to the group before looking back up at him, “thank you.” You said softly before turning again to leave. You were taken back by his comment, David had never given you what was basically a compliment before.

It was quiet upstairs when you got there, as you walked down the hall, there was no noise of any kind and you had to admit it was eerie, and part of you was already nervous what this urgency with Negan was about. What could possibly be so important that you of all people needed to leave your job to come upstairs? Part of you thought maybe it was just for sex, but you knew Negan would have fucked you anywhere at anytime, and he wouldn’t have sent some else down to get you.
You took a breathe as you stood outside of the door, turning the knob to enter the room. You kept your gaze to the floor before you looked back up, he was sitting on the couch that sat in the middle in the room, Lucille laying in his lap. He didn’t say a word to you as his eyes met yours, he seemed calm, but you knew too well that what seemed, and what was the truth were two completely different things when it involved Negan.
You tried to break the tension that you felt by walking over to the makeshift bar, pouring yourself a drink.
You turned back around. He cleared his throat roughly morning you towards him, his eyes narrowed. You took a generous sip, wanting to calm your nerves as quickly as possible, you hated it when Negan was able to see that he was making you squirm. You got up the courage to walk over to him, sitting next to him on the couch.

“What was so important that you needed me up here for?” You said and instantly regretted it once you realized how bitchy you sounded.

He shifted his eyes back to you, squinting, “You mean you don’t fuckin’ know, darlin’? He sucked me his teeth angrily.

You gave gave him a puzzled look as you thought about it for a moment, you were genuinely stumped, and didn’t understand what the fuck he was talking about.

You shrugged, taking another large sip of the liquor, "No, I don’t.”

He shifted in the seat and ran a hand across his mouth, his eyes trailed over you.
Without warning he snapped on you.
He slapped the glass out of your hand as it smashed into the ground, glass shards flying everywhere.
He lunged at you, his hands wrapped around your throat while he pinned you to the cushion of the couch. You gasped for air as he startled you, but you weren’t completely scared of him, part of you had become desensitized to violence - even when it was happening to you. The other part of you was already extremely turned on, and you knew how wrong it was, but as usual, you didn’t give a shit.
He pressed down on your neck harder as you looked up into his eyes, you could see the rage flickering them.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” You chocked out as your hands wrapped around his, trying to relieve the pressure he had on your neck as you tried to pry his grip open, but it was no use he over powered you so easily that it was ridiculous. He finally brought his other hand up to rest above your head, and you were starting to get worried now, because in his grip was Lucille. Your eyes shifted towards her then back to him. Was this It? Was this finally how you were gonna meet your end, at the hands of the man that you loved? He leaned his head down closer to yours, gritting his teeth.

“(Y/N), baby, I don’t wanna fuckin’ hurt you. I don’t fuckin’ enjoy this shit, but if I find out you’ve fuckin’ betrayed me, that i cant trust you.. That’s just not gonna fuckin’ fly with me, darlin’.” He growled, he kicked your knees apart as they were drawn up against your chest, he nuzzled himself between them to get a better grip on you, trapping you beneath him, but you were still turned on by him - even more so now. You bit the inside of your cheek so hard, you tasted the metallic taste in your mouth as your teeth cut through the skin. You didn’t feel any pain only the intense ache you have for this man as it increased ten fold

You closed your eyes hard as you loked back up a him, squinting, even more confused now, “What the hell are you talking about?” You snapped, starting to get mad that he was insinuating you were fucking him over.

“Word is, you’re the fuckin’ one that let Sherry out, babydoll.” He said, his forhead creasing.

“Who the fuck said that?” You coughed, trying to press up against his grip.

He didn’t say anything, he just raised an eyebrow, waiting for your next answer.

“Why would I do that, Negan? I’d gain nothing from it.”

“But you would have liked Sherry out of the fuckin’ way.” He said calmly.

“Of course.” You said bluntly, “I’d love to see all of them gone, but I didn’t fucking help her.”

He smiled and tightened his grip on Lucille, his other hand working it’s way up to your face, grabbing it roughly, pulling it up closer as he made you look him in the eyes, “Don’t give me a fuckin’ reason to not fuckin’ trust you, darlin’. You saw where Dwight went. I’d hate to have to lock your pretty ass up, too.”

“Negan, you know how I feel about you.” You said, your expression remained calm, “I wouldn’t do whatever you think I’ve done.

He sniffed and shifted his eyes away from you, not wanting to look at you, "We’ll fuckin’ see. You and Dwight are gonna fuckin’ find her. Understand?”

“She’s not gonna come with me even if I did find her, she hates me.”

“Then you better find a fuckin’ way to bring her back, darlin’. As of right now, I’m fuckin’ looking at you and Dwight extra goddamn carefully.” He said, a dangerous expression dancing in his eyes as he spoke, “Fix it.” He growled, kissing you roughly on the lips before he lifted himself off of you, pulling you up onto your feet with him. You looked at him, your jaw was flaring in anger, you didn’t even know what to say to him. You were both locked in what seemed like a never-ending competition.

“Let’s pay Dwight a fuckin’ visit.” He said slowly, turning to head for the door. You followed him quietly, your anger hadn’t budged and all you could do was think about was the shit he had just pulled, not the physicality of it, because that part you had enjoyed and it didn’t shame you to admit that, but if this is what he thought of you, then you wished you really had done away with Sherry. At least then he’d have an actual reason to lose his cool. You wondered who had told him that you were the one that helped her leave, but it didn’t take long for you to piece together that it had to be the wives. You remembered how suspicious they acted yesterday when you questioned them about Sherry, at some point they must have decided to turn it all on you to make it seem like you were involved with it, but you were positive they probably made no mention of how suspicious they acted when you asked them where she was yesterday - before the rest of you knew she was missing.

You looked over to him, realizing how he came to his conclusion, “Whatever they told you is a lie.” You said matter-of-factly, letting him know that you knew.

“I hope for your fuckin’ sake it is, darlin’.” He looked back over to you the disappointed look on his face overshadowing the anger.

He knocked hard on the cell door with Lucille, you could hear the sudden, startled movements from Dwight on the other side of the door, “Good fuckin’ mornin’, sunshine.. is it still as goddamn cost in there as you remember, D?” He paused, chuckling to himself as a leaned against the door, “Bet you didn’t fuckin’ expect to end back up in this position, huh? You spent a long goddamn time on the wrong side of this door, Dwight. But I wanna talk about now.”

You shifted your weight on your fet as you watched Negan talking to Dwight through the door.

“See, I had my men looking for your little failed fuckin’ project Daryl, and I’m sure you can fuckin’ guess we came up empty handed. But to my goddamn surprise, D, it seems that Sherry ended up disappearing right around the same time. Would you fuckin’ know anything about that? Because thats a pretty big fuckin’ coincidence - her taking off right after Daryl.. Oh, and he didn’t fuckin’ force his way outta there.. Nah, somebody opened the door for him.”

“It wasn’t Sherry.” Dwight finally called back in a muffled tone through the door.

There was silence as Negan stood there in thought, he lifted his head up, taking in a deep breathe as he craned his head towards you, his piercing gaze meeting yours eyes. He finally cleared his throat, “Was it you, Dwighty boy, did you open the fuckin’ door.. I mean, this shit was supposed to be the other way around, you were supposed to break him. Did he break you? Hell, you have some legitimate grievances. Are you changing your stripes on me.. Are you starting to fuckin’ see things differently?” He banged on the door with Lucille again, “Shit, after everything that’s gone down, who are you, Dwight?”

There was a few seconds of silence before Dwight’s voice sounded again, “I’m Negan.”

You could see the manipulative smile on Negan’s face as he stuck a key into the lock in the door, opening it up. You moved over, getting a better look at Dwight. You could we his face was swollen from the beating he had received earlier, blood had dried on his forehead from a cut. He covered his eyes, trying to adjust to the harshness of the lights in the corridor. He slowly pulled himself up onto his feet, to stand in front of Negan. He looked over to see you standing to the side, a look of defeat on your face.

“You’re not the only fuckin’ one in trouble, D.” Negan said in a deep tone, looking back to you, “I’ve got the fuckin’ wives blaming her for Sherry, and on the other hand I have you, Dwight, and it’s pretty goddman obvious why I’d think it’s you, right?”

Dwight nodded, “..Yeah”

Negan eyed Dwight, carefully studying his face, looking for any hint of guilt or deception.

“You think you know where Sherry went?”

“I have an idea.” Dwight answered.

“Good. You- the both of you.” Negan said pointing to you, “Are gonna go out and find her. You work this shit out, and get her back here.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Just keep in mind that (Y/N) Is still a wife, and you’re fuckin’ obligated to keep her safe. If she suddenly goes fuckin’ missing.. again.. I’ll have no goddamn use for you anymore, D. Do you understand?” Negan spoke, his tone getting more serious.

“I understand, Negan.”

Negan gave him a nod, “Good. Gather up whatever you need and head out.”

He left soon after, leaving you and Dwight with a task you didn’t even know if you could complete.




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Sansa x Young!Reader / Daenery x Young!Reader

“You must leave here, there is a ship going across the red sea.” Sansa hissed as you both hurried through the castle.

“But why can’t I stay here with you?” You complained as she tugged you too quickly and your legs tangled in your dress.

“Because if you stay you will be stuck here forever like me, I am no longer marrying the king which means you aren’t safe… you may be a very far removed Stark cousin but you are still a Stark and if we all go you would have claim to Winterfell.” She explained hurrying you out of the docks and to a ship.

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Nicks silent treatment speaks volumes

Nick giving OfFred the cold shoulder, after her forced tryst in the sex club with The Commander, is an act that is layered with more than just a feeling of jealousy:

-Hopeless as he’s come to realize that his relationship with OfFred, will most likely, never flourish into anything greater than their nightly sexual encounters.

-Helpless as he knows that he can’t save her from the constant suffering, of which, a part of him feels at fault for not being able to do more than just stare from afar and watch things happen.

Lastly I believe (at this moment) he is also trying to detach himself from her emotionally, cold turkey style.…I say this because of the flashback we got of the previous Handmaid who took her own life. The fact that he was crying as they took her away in the stretcher tells us that Nick also built somewhat of a relationship with her and was crushed about the outcome. A moment he does not want to relive again, let alone see it happen to Offred who he’s clearly infatuated with. I guess the intention here is that if he stops all emotional connections with OfFred, it’ll hurt less to see her with The Commander. It’ll hurt less if she decides to kill herself or gets killed. It’ll hurt less if she is somehow banished from the compound. Ultimately he’s building a psychological shield so that he is prepared for whatever evil is to come.

Overall I like Nick. I think he is a well-intentioned guy who’s legitimately fallen for OfFred. I don’t know how well he’s going to serve her in the end but as of now it is apparent that their chemistry is absolutely electric. Even their most minimal displays of affection come across fully sexually charged. Like the moment when he put on her coat & grazed her arms gently, you can see it in his face how much he wanted her at that moment…their heat radiates out of the TV.  

I am shipping them so hard and I hope they’re able to find somewhat of a happy middle ground, at least for OfFreds sake, as she desperately needs someone on her side.

Alone Pt.2 (Connor McDavid x Reader)

Originally posted by laurastacey

a/n: first off– i wanted to thank everyone for the amazing feedback I had received during the first part! I really hope that this long part that I’ve written pleases you guys. There will obviously be a part 3, and possibly a part 4. Anyways, I think I had a little too much writing this because I didn’t think I would actually exceed over 3000 words, but I did??? oh well.

Summary: It had taken you two weeks to finally pick yourself up after moping around in your old basement bedroom in your parents’ home. When your best friend invites you to spend a night out at one of Edmonton’s local clubs, you couldn’t help but to jump at the invitation—hoping that maybe this could help you get over the man that had stolen and shattered your heart; Connor McDavid.

Requested: Multiple times.

Warnings: angst. fighting. swearing. alcohol. sexual assault.

Part One | Part Three

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Jerome's Adventure

Jerome Gif (x)

Part Two

Summery: When Arkham starts assigning patients to specif doctors Jerome isn’t happy to find he has to share his favorite doctor with Aaron Helzinger. Naturally Jerome has just the plan to fix his problem.

Jerome Valeska x Fem!Reader

“Jerome your doctors back.” Barb muttered as she sat down next to the boy who perked up as he spotted you chatting to a guard.

“She isn’t with the nasty doctor this time.” Someone whispered and Jerome grinned as he span to face everyone.

“She passed her tests last week, gave me a bar of chocolate because I behaved during her tests, because of me she got top marks and one of the other test subjects tried to eat his doctor.” Jerome burst into giggles and you glanced over at the noise.

When you crossed the room, and stopped to speak with Aaron, Jerome stopped laughing and watched the two of you carefully. You turned your back to Jerome and nodded as Aaron spoke to you.

“All right you lot out into the big room.” One of the guards yelled and banged on the metal fence as a door opened and people were herded into the room.

You pointed for Aaron to follow after Barb, smiling when Jerome skipped over and yelled boo, chuckling when you tried to hide the small laugh that escaped you.

“How was your weekend Jerome?” You asked and hoped he’d get distracted by your conversation long enough to be compliant and follow everyone else.

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Shape of You

//Here it is! So, I removed some of the parts that I couldn’t necessarily fit with the story as well, but only a few parts. (Mostly the ones that repeated over and over) Hope you like it! I was so fascinated how great this fit with Jerome. Although, with how I did the story I felt like not all of the song went with it, so like I said, I did pick and choose what lyrics I used, and I hope your fine with that.

(Also I was really nervous posting this ahhhh)

Title: Shape Of You.

Warnings: Consumption of alcohol, slightly inappropriate dancing. Slight “sexual” situation? Just like kissing and stuff?  I feel like this is the most “inappropriate” thing I’ve written so far? Maybe it’s because of the break I took in writing, or maybe it’s this dang song because dang this inspired me. I think it helped to get me out of my rut? So thanks for requesting! 

Rating: Mid fluff. //


The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking fast and then we talk slow


When y/n walks in the room, her mind races. She knows that this bar was notorious for having some of Gotham’s biggest criminals hanging out in it, as it was run by one of them. Or, it had been. She wasn’t really sure of who ran it now, but she didn’t care much. Her gaze sweeps the room, and she can feel her heart beat faster just at the prospect of him being there. Little did she know, he was there.

And he noticed her.

Jerome sat at a booth in a corner, the rest of his group talking and drinking loudly. Barbara noticed that he wasn’t paying much attention to what is going on, so she taps his shoulder.

“What’s up with you?” She asks, tilting her head. Jerome’s gaze turns to her lazily, and he drums his fingers on the table.

“That girl over there…who is she?” He wonders dreamily, his head turning back over to y/n. Barbara shrugs, sliding over another shot to him.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you go see?” Jerome’s lips curl into a large smile, and he downs the contents of the glass before standing up fluidly, making his way over to her through the dancing crowd. He moves behind her, keeping his distance.

She sits perched on a bar stool, and something about the graceful curve of her neck sends shivers all throughout his body. He moves forward soundlessly, and wraps his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder. He can feel her tense to his touch and she turns her head to see who it is. He moves forward so he’s next to her and she makes eye contact with him. His heart beats faster when her eyes widen in realization. Before she can say anything, he motions for her to follow him back to his table, leaving without a word. She complies quickly, following behind him as if in a trance.

Come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me I’ll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop, put Van the Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance, and now I’m singing like Girl, you know I want your love Your love was handmade for somebody like me

When Jerome sits back down, he pretends as if she isn’t there. He wants her to approach him, he wants her to talk to him. He wants her to decide. So, she does. She slides onto the booth, sitting next to him. This causes Barbara to cock an eyebrow at him. Jerome glances over at him, a sloppy smile on his face.

“Hey.” She mutters, trying to ignore the fluttering in her chest. Jerome leans forward, his face only inches from hers.

“Hey doll. Tell me, what’s your name? I just gotta know.”

“I’m y/n.” She mutters, her gaze dropping to his lips for a brief second. Jerome narrows his eyes slightly as he studies her face, trying to figure out why he’s so drawn to her. Besides y/n’s obvious beauty, he couldn’t quite place it. So, he set out to figure it out. He nudges her slightly, scooting out of the booth and taking her out to the dance floor, pulling her too him.

“Y/n, tell me,” he pauses, guiding her body to the rhythm of the beat. He begins to say something, but his words are lost as he lowers his head, burying his face in her neck.

“Wh-what?” Y/n asks. He lifts his face up, his eyes meeting hers, his gaze unapologetic as he searches for any emotion in her eyes, trying to figure out what she’s thinking.

“Are you here alone?” He asks, his voice growing slightly deeper. Y/n’s lips part and her head tilts as a smile spreads across her face. Feeling bold she pulls away, which causes his head to snap up, his eyes widening ever so slightly. She shrugs, turning around.

“Why? What’s it to you?” Before she can even manage two steps, he pulls her back to him, y/n’s back pressing into his chest and stomach.

“I think you know,” Jerome mutters, once again guiding her to the music. She turns around to face him, letting him guide her dancing still. His hands travel from her arms down to her hips, and he pulls her closer to him. Jerome stares down at her, halting all action.

“You know I want your love. Something about you-I don’t know what it is, I can’t quite place it…but I want to figure it out. The best way to figure things out is to investigate.” He presses his lips to her cheek in a kiss. “So, that’s what I’m doing.”


Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead

Y/n’s face turns red, and he pulls back, staring down at her.

“So, what do you think?” He asks, halting all movement. Her heart pounds so quickly in her chest that she fears he might hear it. When she doesn’t answer, Jerome’s eyes close as he curses himself for being too brash, for coming on too strong. Before he can move, before he can say anything, y/n’s hand moves up to his head and she pulls him in, kissing him softly. Jerome’s eyes pop open, his pupils instantly widening, both from the alcohol and the rush of adrenaline that shoots through his body at her touch. His arms wrap around her as he pulls her as close as she can get, closing his eyes and kissing y/n, all the while the two of them dancing to the music.

When Jerome finally breaks the kiss, he shudders slightly, inhaling deeply and stopping his slight dancing. He swallows harshly before peeking at her, once again trying to figure out what she’s thinking. Her eyes are open wide, her cheeks slightly flushed. Jerome smiles easily, moving back over to her and wrapping his arms around her once more.

“I assume this means you came here alone, unless you’re one of those girls.” He nuzzles her neck, his breath tickling her skin as he laughs. “But you aren’t one of those girls, sweet-cakes, are ya?” She shakes her head, smiling slightly. His eyes close as he lets out a relived sigh. “That’s what I was hoping,” he murmurs.

Leave and get in a taxi, then kiss in the backseat
Tell the driver make the radio play, and I’m singing like
Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
I’m in love with your body
Come on, be my baby, come on
Come on, be my baby, come on 
I’m in love with the shape of you

Jerome drags her off the dance floor, not glancing back as they stumble out of the bar. He quickly flags down the car that he arrived in, yanking the door open for her. Y/n climbs in and Jerome follows close behind her, shutting the door. He grabs y/n’s face in his hands and kisses her, one hand sliding down to her waist to pull her closer. She pulls her head back, smiling brightly at him.

“I’m so glad I ran into you,” he mutters, pushing a strand of her h/c hair out of her eyes.

“Yeah, about that…” Y/n laughs nervously. Her laugh sends shivers up Jerome’s spine, and he smiles adoringly at her. “It wasn’t really…a… coincidence. I was looking for you,” she mutters, suddenly becoming shy as she looks down at the ground. “I just- I really admire you, and…I wanted to…” Before she can say anything more, Jerome kisses her quickly. When he has her attention her places both hands on either side of her face, staring deep into her eyes.

“Do you know how wonderful you are?” He whispers, tilting his head. “That makes it even better. All of it. You’re like me.” Y/n’s gaze sweeps over his face. His pupils are unnaturally wide, taking up almost all of his eyes so barely any of the blue-green is visible. She smiles softly, and his hand slowly falls onto her knee, resting there. “We’re going to have fun, you and I.” He murmurs. She sighs softly, relieved that he didn’t find it weird that she had gone out looking for him. Jerome kisses y/n, closing his eyes.

And, for the first time, although unknown to him, a love for y/n plants itself in his heart.

Stay The Night

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Characters: Y/n, Derek 

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Drunkenness, sorta angst, previous breakup, hope at the end!!!

Word Count: 1116

Summary: Y/n is the only one to take care of drunken Derek…the ex.

A/N: Ok, I love me some Mariah and this is inspired by Stay The Night…look it up!! I was gonna do this with Dean…but I figured, why not with Derek. So here this is. Hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @sallyp-53@salvatorexwinchester@helvonasche@chelsea072498@the-latina-trickster@aingealcethlenn​ @squirrels-angels-and-moose @lucifer-in-leather@p–trick


His lips felt soft on your cheek as you dragged him to the car, beard scratching slightly.

You weren’t sure what he drank. 

Werewolves weren’t meant to get drunk.

Yet here he was, slumped over, slurring and slobbering all over your cheek, trying to find his way to your lips.

You tried not to let your heart race, or get worked up right now.

It wasn’t him. 

This wasn’t what he wanted. 

He was drunk. Off his head.

He’d never have done this if he wasn’t in this state.

But he was Derek.

The Derek.

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Art Student AU

In-laws Set One

“So, I hear you’ve got a girlfriend, Ace!”

Ace can feel his heart clench, as if someone’s jamming it into a vice or something and he’s tempted to just turn tail and run. Only he can never run from a fight, has never been capable of it.

But that is not his sperm donor sat up to table with his Pops. It’s not. It’s not it’s not it’s not-

“Ace. My baby.”


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Warnings: None

A/N: Please enjoy my first fic on this site ^_^

It was strange watching him. In fact, it would have been strange to watch anyone while they slept, but this is the only time you would have dared to look at him for so long. The pale expanse of his chest and the harsh movements that it made whenever he whimpered fascinated you. The part of his pink puffy lips was alluring but his balled fist kept you from moving closer to him. The mop of thick black hair hid his dark eyes that you would have loved to spend more time gazing into, but the fear of having your mental defense weaken or worse capitulating to his probing, stopped you from doing so.

Being sensitive to the ways of the force wasn’t enough to protect from his searching. You had been lucky that your father was someone who regularly meditated and upon learning of your gift had adamantly encouraged you to follow suit. Your new husband had been surprised when he felt the wall blocking your mind from him when he first met you. The arrangement of your marriage had seemed like it would be a complete burden but the discovery of your talent had more than sparked his interest. He supposed he shouldn’t have doubted your worth in the first place, Supreme Leader Snoke (who was the architect of this arrangement), was wiser than he could ever imagine.

Pulling the sheets off your body you softly padded to the window. The nighttime sky and your internal clock told you that it was well after midnight. Any normal person would have joined their husband in bed, but this was the only time when you could relax. The oppressive nature of his emotions and his exploitation of the force had almost caused you to break down the first weeks that you had come to stay with him on Starkiller Base. It had been a meaningless trip to the kitchen like area of his quarters for a glass of water that first alerted you to the relief that could be experienced when he was sleeping.  Tonight, was no different. As you inhaled and exhaled deeply you could feel the pressure of the day almost fall off of you.

Smiling yourself, you made your way to the kitchen to grab a small glass of water, not for yourself this time, but for a small plant that sat in the bedroom window sill. The blood red flowering plant was a recent addition and cultivating the small plant was something that helped to relax you even further.

“You aren’t in bed.”

The rumble of the deep voice had startled you so much that you had almost dropped the glass. In reaction to the surprise you quickly replaced your mental block, afraid that even in his drowsy state he would pry into your mind. You turned to look at him, shirtless standing in the frame of the door with black sleeping pants on.

“You shouldn’t be up this late,” he drawled, full pink lips pulling into a frown.

“Forgive me, I couldn’t sleep,” you murmur softly as to not arouse the anger that he is so known for.

“You never sleep.”

The statement makes your blood run cold. He knew? Had he been watching you these past months? Was he angry?

He looked at you with those dark eyes before letting out a pitying sigh.

“I suppose you deserve some rest,” he stated before turning his back to you and walking back into the bedroom.

Relaxing your tense body, you let a small relived smile come to your face.

‘Thank you’

maya-isadora-ble  asked:

#2 :)

Sorry this took so long. I’ve been super busy with school and work but I just loved this prompt so much that I had to make time to write it. :) Thanks for requesting it!

He’d like to say that he doesn’t know what brings him to the west village that morning but as he comes up on the small coffee shop tucked away on the corner of 7th he knows it’s because he’s hoping he’ll run into her. The very thought of possibly seeing her is enough to make his breath hitch before he even makes it through the door and the numbness he usually feels is briefly interrupted by the familiar ache is heart reserves only for her.

Stepping into the tiny shop has always felt like stepping back into another era—the checkered floor, the chrome-rimmed tables surrounded by red upholstered chairs, the stools lined against the counter—but today for him it feels more like stepping back into another time in his life. As the sweet smell of freshly baked pastries and strong coffee hits his nose, he’s struck with a nostalgia that just about knocks the wind out of him. He almost can’t stomach the way the memories flood back to him but he continues to make his way over to a familiar table in the back. It’s their spot, or at least it used to be and his chest tightens as he settles into what used to be his seat. Still, it’s nothing compared to the way his stomach lurches at the sight of her walking through the door.

She rushes in, soaked from the sudden bout of rain and even with a mass of blonde curls thrown haphazardly over her shoulder and her clothes dripping on the linoleum, she is absolutely, undeniably beautiful. Her mouth turns down in an adorable pout as she takes in her dampened appearance, blowing out an annoyed breath as she makes her way up to the counter and against his better judgement he follows her. His heartbeat is wild and frantic as he approaches her but he slows his pace to a stop when she reaches the counter and is met with a fit of laughter from the guy standing behind it.

 “Looking good Hart,” he snorts, his eyes travelling up her tiny frame. “You’re really nailing this whole drowned Chihuahua look you got going.”

 “Ha ha very funny,” she deadpans. “But I’m not in the mood for your mouth today. Besides what did I tell you about calling me a Chihuahua?”

The annoyance in her voice is evident but there’s also a light-heartedness to her response that sits heavy on Lucas. He knows he shouldn’t be bothered by the ease between them, he gave up that right a long time ago, but he is. He hates this guy with his stupid apron, and his stupid beanie, and his stupid smirk.

“Hey can I help it if you’re small and feisty like a Chihuahua?” The guy leans forward on the counter, mischief dancing behind his smile. “Besides, Chihuahuas are adorable.”

“Yeah and they bite,” she says, leaning in a little as well. “Which I just might do if I don’t get some caffeine in me pronto. So, get to it jerk.”

The guy chuckles, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Alright, alright. What can I get you?”

Despite her insistence on getting some caffeine pronto, she hesitates, glancing up at the chalkboard menu behind him. It’s something Lucas has seen her do many times before but as her eyes skim over the list of extravagantly crafted coffees, he knows she’ll end up ordering the same thing she always does.

 “She’ll have a small chia tea with a sprinkle of cinnamon,” he says easily, the words slipping from his mouth out of habit and the minute they do, she stiffens in front of him. The guy behind the counter shoots him a questioning look before turning back to her to confirm and she barely gives a nod before handing over a five-dollar bill and stepping aside to wait for her tea. When he steps over next to her, she turns her attention to the window and the people passing by on the street.

“Maya…” His tone begs her to say something, anything, but she doesn’t and a long painful silence sprawls out between them. After spending the last few months hiding out from the world on his family’s ranch, he can’t say that her less than thrilled reaction at seeing him isn’t expected or deserved. Still, it hurts.

“So, you’re back,” she says suddenly, her voice breaking through the silence. She meets his eyes for the first time since he’s walked over, an ocean of blue crashing into him and it isn’t until then that he realizes how completely unprepared he is to fall under her gaze. His tongue feels thick and heavy in his mouth and he struggles to swallow down the lump forming in his throat.

“Yeah, I’m back,” he repeats sheepishly, scratching at the back of his neck. “I figured it was time to come home so I’m crashing on Zay’s couch until I figure things out.”

She takes in his words with a wistful nod, another spell of silence filling the air between them and it takes everything in him not to fill it with all the things he’s been bottling up for the last few months.

“So, uh…how have you been?” He offers up the question instead, determined to keep their conversation going and it seems to catch her off guard more than his sudden arrival at the shop did. She stares back at him wide eyed.


“—Small chia with cinnamon.”

The guy behind the counter holds up her tea and she lets out a relived sigh, rushing over to grab it.

“Well I have to get going,” she says quickly, shooting him a hasty glance over her shoulder before turning on her heel and heading for the exit. She walks out the door without another look his way and he watches from the window as she disappears in a crowd of people.


He gets little to no sleep in the days that follow his run-in with Maya and although he insists to Zay that it’s from sleeping on the jagged springs in his couch, they both know it’s because of her. He spends most nights either tossing and turning against the lumpy cushions or pacing the living room floor, much to the annoyance of his best friend. More than once he’s watched Zay stumble from his room, half asleep and cranky, to inform him that if he insisted on torturing himself, to do so quietly so that at least one of them could get some sleep. He feels guilty every time and although he always promises to keep the noise down, there is no quieting his thoughts of her. And he starts to realize that he doesn’t want to. So tonight, as he pushes his comforter aside and sits up on the couch like he’s done every night before, he knows that he has to see her.

He doesn’t even bother changing out of his sweats before grabbing his jacket and heading out the door. He heads straight for their—her apartment—more determined than ever to have her hear him out or in the very least give her the explanation she deserves. His resolve remains strong as he moves through the haze of the city, right up until he makes it to her door and it takes every ounce of courage he has to finally bring himself to knock.

The door opens just wide enough so that her small frame fits within the gap and despite her wary expression, when he notices her wearing one of his old t-shirts, he allows himself to feel the twinge of hope that says maybe there’s a chance. That maybe things between them aren’t as over as he thinks they are.

“What are you doing here?” She asks, crossing her arms uncomfortably over her chest.

“Look, I know it’s late and I know I probably shouldn’t be here but I just need to talk to you.” He gets it out in a single breath, desperate for her to at least give him a chance and listen to what he came to say.

“It’s been six months and now you want to talk?” She shakes her head, taking a small step back into the apartment. “Don’t you think it’s a little too late for that?”

She starts to inch even further back and he begins to think that this just might end with the door slammed in his face.

“Maya, please.” He takes a tentative step toward her and even though she backs away, the softness in his tone seems to hold her in place. “I just want to explain.”

“What’s there to explain?” she asks bitterly. “You shut me out and pushed me away and then you just left. And just when I was starting to think that I was finally moving on, I run into you at the coffee shop and seeing you…it shattered me. And now I’m broken and tired, and it’s your fault so please leave.”

Her words come out small and brittle and as she stares up at him he can see the tears threatening to spill over.

“If you really want me to leave then I will,” he says. “But I hope you know that the last thing I’d ever want to do is hurt you and I’m so sorry that I did. I just hope that you can forgive me because I don’t think I could live with myself knowing that you hate me.”

Besides the tears that still brim her eyes, her expression gives nothing away as to what she might be thinking, but to his surprise when he starts to turn to leave she reaches out to stop him.

“Lucas, I don’t hate you,” she says with a sigh. “I’ve spent the last six months trying to hate you but I can’t. I know how hard losing your dad was for you and despite everything I’m just glad you’re okay.”

He can only bring himself to nod, trying to push down the sudden pain that the mention of his father brings. It’s been eight long months since the car accident that claimed his father’s life and Lucas is still trying to pick up the pieces from that day. He had been lost for a long time after that and he had let his grief take over everything. It was almost amazing just how fast it had unraveled his life, including his relationship with Maya. Although, she understood in some way what it meant to lose a parent and had tried everything she could to be there for him, her efforts never seemed to be enough to fix how broken he felt. And so, he walked away. He walked away from the only girl he’s ever loved and it’s something he regrets every day. Because now he hasn’t just lost his father, he’s lost her too.

And he can see it in her eyes. Buried beneath the piercing blue, her eyes reflect the same pain that she usually only reserves for her dad. It’s the pain of being left, of being abandoned and he hates himself for being the reason that it’s there. In that moment, even though he knows he can’t, all he wants is to be able to take that pain away.

 “I hope you know that me leaving wasn’t your fault,” he says, finally finding his voice. “I was in a bad place and I didn’t want to put you through that. You deserved a lot better than what I could give you.”

She shakes her head, her eyes closing as she lets out a slow shaky breath.

“Lucas, when you love someone, you stand with them through the good and the bad,” she says, looking up at him sadly. “I would’ve been there for you if you had let me.”

“I know and if I could go back and do it all differently,” he says, lessening the space between them. “I would.”

Her eyes widen at his unexpected closeness but she doesn’t make any moves to back away. He stares down at her and his heart breaks with how good it feels just to be near her. He loves her. He always has and he knows that he always will and it’s a truth that he can’t bring himself to carry around anymore.

“I still love you,” he blurts out. “And I’m sorry if that’s not what you want to hear but I needed to say it.”

And this time the tears do fall. He can see them tumble down her cheeks in the soft beam of the hallway’s light and he hates that he’s done this to her. To them. He reaches out to wipe them away and before he knows it, she’s collapsing into him. He brings his arms around her and for a second, with her settled against his chest, her head tucked under his chin, it almost feels like nothing’s changed. But everything has changed, and the longer they stand there, the more their embrace starts to feel like goodbye.

They both know what comes next, what letting go will mean, so he holds on tighter and she pulls him closer. For a moment, he remembers what it’s like to feel whole and he knows that he’ll never feel this whole again. Eventually though, he forces himself to let go, letting his arms fall limply at his sides as he steps away. He can’t look at her as he walks away for a second time and even though it kills him, he knows it’s for the best. Because for once he’s going to be strong for her. Strong enough to let her move on, to let her be happy without him.

Because it’s ending is such nonsense, I like to think that Federation Force is a story told by a military dad. He was working during the Phazon crisis and lost a few friends to it, but he had the honour of fighting alongside Samus Aran during the assault on Phaaze. A while after that he is stationed in the Bermuda system, gets involved in testing out some new armour research, and life gets pretty boring, aside from that one Metroid egg they have to find and lock up. But at the end of it he gets to go home to a planet far across the galaxy and see his young kids again.

He’s too frightened to tell them the horrors of the Phazon war, so instead he makes up a glorified, epic tale about himself and his friends, how they were given powerful mech suits, and how they vanquished the pirate threat in the Bermuda system, and even overcame the power of the legendary being Samus Aran! And they did it with space football, because his eight-year-old kid is really into sports. After that, Samus became their ally of course, and they defeated evil and saved the day. It lets him relive the best parts of the war with none of the horrors.

A quick Danny Phantom snippet since I haven’t written anything with him for a while. Contains a brief mention of blood.

Poindexter hadn’t meant it.

Danny knew that.

But his actions hadn’t been entirely innocent, either, and now—!

Danny squeezed his eyes shut, but he couldn’t ignore the images that flashed through his mind. Jazz’s hair bright against the dull cement. Old school bricks coated in a slimy green layer that slowly oozed to the ground. Dash, knocked to the ground but not unconscious and watching everything with wide, terrified eyes. Blood painting the grass, from tiny flecks and scattered specks to the sodden dirt that had thirstily consumed the pool at his feet.

It was a vivid enough memory to almost make him forget his current surroundings. Almost. But the stale taste of the air, hot and heavy and suffocating, was reminder enough that he was no longer outside. The ache in his shoulders from keeping his arms behind his back, the constricting metal on his wrists, was a very real reminder that he wasn’t free. The tight bandages and burning pain in his side whenever he took a breath reminded him that this recovery would be slower than most.

He was just trying to be thankful that the air did not smell sterile, full of disinfectants and other chemicals, and that the steel upon which he sat was a narrow bench rather than an examination table.

So far, at least.

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