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What if

We’ve been wondering if Ignis bartered with the Lucii for Noctis’s life, but I wonder…

What if he was bartering not for life, but for time?

Imagine—Ignis offers his life for Noctis’s, but the Lucii are assholes. Imagine them saying they would extend Noctis’s life. Ten years for his eyes.

Ten years for eyes—it was worth anything just for Noctis to live longer. He can’t die now. He just can’t.

Ignis gives without questioning.

And then Noctis is gone, and the fates are cruel—because they gave him ten years, and the Crystal took that, too.


🎃 Hoi! Time to prepare your character for 31 days of suffering™ 🎃 

Okay, since I’m a weak person when it comes to certain types of gore and stuff and no list that I’ve seen on tumblr rubbed me in  the right way, I decided to make my own! Feel free to use my creepy list, I’ll be honoured! >w<

There are some songs references, let’s hope you find them all~

  1. ghosts ‘n stuff
  2. claws / declawed
  3. bruises & bitemarks
  4. you are cold on the inside, there is dog in your heart
  5. monochrome madness
  6. guts & no glory
  7. dark water, go under
  8. being hunted down / traps in the forest
  9. stalker symphony
  10. creeping up / tag you’re it
  11. choking on cigarettes
  12. sticks and stones, break my bones
  13. horror terror /phobia party
  14. take my eyes, take them aside
  15. pretty little psycho / creepy people just my style
  16. mutation duration
  17. i’ve grown tired of this body
  18. dirty night clowns
  19. 02 silencio
  20. numb/ desperately safe
  21. crying blood
  22. beauty killer /violent vanity
  23. forgotten
  24. bugs inside of your body
  25. doppelganger desecration
  26. light em up, i’m on fire
  27. crunch? cronch?? cromnch???
  28. where did the skin go
  29. hanahaki disease
  30. resurrection, let me relive mistakes
  31. monster was me all along / now abandon humanity inside you and run free

You.. actually survived? The Goretober? Feel free do some aftermath, If you want! UvU
You deserve it:

⦁ Come morning light, you are safe and sound
⦁ b.b.b. -bandages, bandaids and blankets
⦁ Sloppy hugs and soft cuddles and pillows and happy tears ;w;
⦁ peaceful sleep (possibly with someone to keep you safe and warm)

Have Fun! 👻


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Hi! Can we please analyze their every move from Bughead's almost sex scene starting from the moment he says I love you?

Girl, let’s talk.

  • The way he just throw his beanie to the side, like it’s such an immediate casual decision, done with such determination and no hesitation.
  • HE SAID IT FIRST. We were all so ready for Betty to tell him after her scene with Alice but he said it first and he wasn’t nervous or unsure, he didn’t stammer his way through it. And then he said it again, because he just knows it to be true. 
  • The fact that he looks like he’s going to cry when she says it back, again with no hesitation, ended me. His shoulders look a little hunched like despite his certainty he’s always ready for rejection when facing someone he loves, but his eyes are so open and earnest and she says it back and he’s so thankful and relieved and in awe with the force that is Betty Cooper that he just can’t take it. 
  • Let us relive the moment when we were all like aww their song is playing, aww look at this more intense kiss like in episode 8, aww bughead is so pure- HE PICKED HER UP. 
  • And he full on grins it’s difficult to catch in the shot but he grins and she giggles and we all hit the floor. 
  • Oh so we probably aren’t gonna get any more bughead here we’re onto varchie now that’s cool- THAT ISN’T VARCHIE!! Jughead Jones, lonely emo writer boy has just picked up Betty Cooper and slammed her against the kitchen cabinets on top of the counter. Is this heaven? Is this what it’s like, it must be. 
  • They’ve been keeping some secrets from us because they’re like panting into each others mouths it’s barely even kissing anymore and Betty is like what is this top doing here I don’t need this???
  • And Jughead is all scrambly trying to help her get it off but his fingers can’t find purchase so he just chases hers until he gives up and just cups her neck and kisses her again. 
  • Betty Cooper is not to be outdone however, get the damn attractive sweater off, Juggie. We don’t need that anymore. 
  • So like how many times can we talk about the way his thumb rests on her chin and her jaw and her throat?? Like how many times is acceptable before we have to admit we’re insane????
  • Betty mouthing ‘yes’. Enough said. 
  • Jughead has a thing for Betty’s neck, this much is completely obvious and I’m living. 
  • Betty’s knee is hitched up Jughead’s side as far as his hand was tucked beneath her skirt and I think my soul just left my body.
  • Jughead kissing Betty’s neck, moving lower to her shoulder and then stop the damn presses. Mr Jones has just grazed his teeth against her collarbone. I’m so not ok. Boy knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing gooooood.
  • And then coitus interruptus. Damn you Southside Serpents, damn you. (but also praise you for giving Juggie leather. Just, thank you. Sincerely.)

If anybody has anything to add then I’m so game. 


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Sansa x Young!Reader / Daenerys x Young!Reader

“You must leave here, there is a ship going across the red sea.” Sansa hissed as you both hurried through the castle.

“But why can’t I stay here with you?” You complained as she tugged you too quickly and your legs tangled in your dress.

“Because if you stay you will be stuck here forever like me, I am no longer marrying the king which means you aren’t safe… you may be a very far removed Stark cousin but you are still a Stark and if we all go you would have claim to Winterfell.” She explained hurrying you out of the docks and to a ship.

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It’s Goin’ Down Part 2

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

Summary: Peter Pans daughter goes to The Isle of the Lost and meets Harry Hook. A month later he moves to Auradon

A/N: Part 1 Prequel slight warning: make out session

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Victor Criss || Man of Few Words

A/N: This is my first time writing for Victor and I definitely enjoyed it!I hope everyone enjoys this imagine! I tried to capture a mixture of the more humanized Victor and the more aggressive (compared to my last Patrick imagine) Patrick, along with collaborating two different requests into one. Enjoy!

A loud gasp escaped your lips as the air was knocked out of you when you were roughly pushed against the lockers, the coolness from the metal made your back arch slightly, your eyes were wide in fear as your body was trapped between Patrick’s body and the lockers, his arms caged you in as they rested beside your arms, “why so squirmy, girlie? I ain’t gonna hurt ya,” a twisted smirk rose to Patrick’s lips as he leaned down, his breath fanned over your face. His eyes glanced down at your chest before his eyes glanced over at Henry and Belch, who were snickering behind him. 

“Patrick,” his head snapped back to yours after his name left your lips, “please let me go. I have a tutoring session.” His eyes lit up, “you could always tutor me, I can tutor you in return.” His hand grasped your thigh and you squeaked, “Patrick, l-let me go.” You tried to sound demanding, but you screamed as his hand smacked the locker beside your head hard. “No.” 

“Vic, about time!” Henry called and your eyes peeked around Patrick’s body, to which he grabbed your face directing your attention to him. “Now, where were we?” Suddenly, Patrick was ripped away from you and thrown back against the ground, “what the hell is your fucking problem, Vic?” Henry growled as he pulled the blonde off of Patrick, who held a deadly look in his eyes as he smirked and held his bloody nose, “still taking up for the losers, I see.” His eyes looked over at you, “or are you just fucking her?” 

“Shut the fuck up, Patrick!” Victor move forward, but you grabbed onto his arm, “stop, Victor.” He turned to face you, his eyes still hard, “let go of me,” his voice pleaded silently. You were reluctant to let go of his arm before you dropped your arm back to your side. “Victor, just come with me,” you whispered low enough for the two of you to hear, your eye glanced behind him to see Patrick on his feet and moving towards the two of you, “Patrick, don’t,” you were cut off as he roughly shoved Victor into you and sent you both to the ground. You landed on your ass and Victor landed over you, his arms caught him from falling completely on you, “what a compromising position you are in, Victor. After all of this you better be fucking the loser for all the trouble the slut is causing. I bet she’s the whole reason you’ve been acting like a fucking pussy lately.” Patrick growled out threateningly, Henry stood behind Patrick with his arms crossed, Belch was beside him with an uneasy look on his face. 

Victor stood up and turned back to face Patrick, before he shook his head, turned back to you, held his hand out helped you stand up, “just go, I’ll be out in a second.” You bit your bottom lip and began started to back up towards the exit, “just walk away, don’t fight.”

Patrick gave him another shove, to which Victor turned and threw another punch, effectively breaking Patrick’s nose. “Vic- Victor, come on!” You ran forward and grabbed him, pulling him towards the exit as Patrick reached out, “last straw, Victor! You’re dead!” The three boys ran after the two of you, you sprinted out of the school, “go to my car,” he drug you towards his car. You threw the door open and slammed it shut and locked the doors once Victor was in, he quickly started the car and took off. 

You panted as you leaned back into the seat, your eyes gazed at the ceiling. The car filled with silence except for the rock music silently playing in the background and both of your deep breaths. 

After an hour of driving, you assumed to a place only Victor knew since the others would be looking for the two of you, Victor parked next to a pond and cut the car off. You glanced over at him as he opened the door, got out, and slammed the door shut before he sat down on the hood, his hand gestured for you to join him after a moment. Opening the door, you climbed out and softly closed the door as you took in the view, standing in front of the car before you climbed up next to Victor. You glanced over at him, his jaw was tense, he was still angry, “I…” you were unsure of what to say, “I’m sorry.” 

Victor glanced over at you and raised an eyebrow in your direction, “why are you sorry? Patrick was the one who started this shit.” 

Your eyes shifted back to the water, a blush rose to your cheeks, “you… I mean, you fought your friend, your friends chased after us, I just… I’m sorry.” Victor shook his head, he was not a man of many words you learned over the last three months while you tutored him, but he wrapped a comforting arm around your waist, “don’t worry, they were asshole’s anyway.” It was not a shock to you that he said that, from how he acted with you and hid you away from the boys, you knew he was not like them. Hell, before all of this, he would warn you and your friends over how aggressive and more confident Henry was becoming. 

You glanced over at Victor, who was looking out over the water, you studied his face like you had done many times before, “thank you, for you know, helping me.” His face dropped as he looked at you, “he didn’t,,, he didn’t do anything more than…” he lost his words, not really wanting to get an answer because he knew how Patrick was, “no, he didn’t do anything like that.” Victor let out a relived breath, “good, I’m glad he didn’t. I’m glad you’re ok.” You smiled at him, before you leaned forward and lightly kissed his cheek, “thanks to you.”

A comfortable silence settled over the two of you once again, you settled on watching a mother duck swim across with her ducklings trailing behind her, Victor’s arm remained around your waist. “I’m sorry for everything they’ve, we’ve, done to you and your friends. There’s nothing I regret more than that.” You looked at him with a smile, “I forgave you a long time ago…  I’m sure my friends will forgive you as well, if you wanted to, you know, try and,” Victor’s smile cut off your rambling, “yeah, I’d like that.” 

Your hands in your lap laced together and he gently placed his hand on your cheek, before he leaned in and kissed you. His lips were soft against yours, his arm around your waist pulled you closer to him as your hand lifted to his jaw and held it there. When the two of you broke apart, grins adorned both of your faces, before you pulled him back in for a more passionate kiss. 


Cas x Reader

Requested by @im-a-little-thick

AN: I wasn’t overly sure what you meant by nesting so I hope this is what you meant :P

“Hello.” Castiel said and suddenly vanished as you walked into the room.

“Does he keep doing that to you guys as well?” You asked Sam and Dean who exchanged looks and shook their heads.

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Nicks silent treatment speaks volumes

Nick giving OfFred the cold shoulder, after her forced tryst in the sex club with The Commander, is an act that is layered with more than just a feeling of jealousy:

-Hopeless as he’s come to realize that his relationship with OfFred, will most likely, never flourish into anything greater than their nightly sexual encounters.

-Helpless as he knows that he can’t save her from the constant suffering, of which, a part of him feels at fault for not being able to do more than just stare from afar and watch things happen.

Lastly I believe (at this moment) he is also trying to detach himself from her emotionally, cold turkey style.…I say this because of the flashback we got of the previous Handmaid who took her own life. The fact that he was crying as they took her away in the stretcher tells us that Nick also built somewhat of a relationship with her and was crushed about the outcome. A moment he does not want to relive again, let alone see it happen to Offred who he’s clearly infatuated with. I guess the intention here is that if he stops all emotional connections with OfFred, it’ll hurt less to see her with The Commander. It’ll hurt less if she decides to kill herself or gets killed. It’ll hurt less if she is somehow banished from the compound. Ultimately he’s building a psychological shield so that he is prepared for whatever evil is to come.

Overall I like Nick. I think he is a well-intentioned guy who’s legitimately fallen for OfFred. I don’t know how well he’s going to serve her in the end but as of now it is apparent that their chemistry is absolutely electric. Even their most minimal displays of affection come across fully sexually charged. Like the moment when he put on her coat & grazed her arms gently, you can see it in his face how much he wanted her at that moment…their heat radiates out of the TV.  

I am shipping them so hard and I hope they’re able to find somewhat of a happy middle ground, at least for OfFreds sake, as she desperately needs someone on her side.

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Could you write a jealous!Betty fic where Jughead befriends a tough girl who's basically the girl version of him at south side high so Betty feels insecure and tries to be more like the girl (short skirts, dark makeup, messy hair,etc.)? Thank you!!!

She was tucked into their normal booth at pops, sandwiched between Kevin and Veronica as she stared longingly at her boyfriend a few booths away, he was laughing and his arm was slung lazily over River Lewis. The one girl in the entire town who was sure to make Betty dig her nails into her palms and tighten her ponytail.

River was one of Jugheads new friends from the Southside, she was moody and sexy and she was everything Betty wished she could be, the girl had made it very clear she wasn’t interested in being Betty’s friend and seemed to be monopolizing all of Jugheads time as of lately. Of course Betty was happy he was making friends and it made her heart lighter to see him laughing and enjoying himself, but the tug in her heart was inevitable when he chose to sit with his new friends instead of her, the way he leaned into River would have any girlfriend feeling a little sick.

“She’s nothing compared to you B, she’s nasty and she’s a brat.” Veronica spoke quietly into her ear as she squeezed her shoulder. Betty looked up gratefully and sighed

“I just feel like he keeps pulling away.. like I’m not enough anymore. Like.. maybe this isn’t what he wants.” She gestured to her cheerleading uniform and dropped her head to Kevin’s shoulder, sighing miserably.

Kevin and Veronica shared a glance over their forlorn best friends head

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Kevin asked with a wicked smile

Veronica nodded and smirked
“You’re the one that I want Grease Makeover?” She asked.

Kevin nodded

Betty looked up a confused look in her eyes as he friends dragged her out of the booth
“What?” She asked, daring a glance in Jugheads direction, he was staring at her,a curious look in his eyes as he moved to stand, River slapped a hand to his thigh dragging him back down.

Something hardened in Betty’s eyes before she turned away from the scene, smiling at her friends
“What are we waiting for?”

The next day at school went by excruciatingly slow, she had been assured by Archie that Jughead would be at Pops today and part two of her plan would come into play. Part one had been ignoring all of his text messages and having Alice send him away when he came to her door last night. Veronica had held her hand as her boyfriend begged her mother to let him speak to her.

“He’s been taking advantage of you B, you need to show him what he’s going to lose if he doesn’t fix this.”

She stood outside Pops, her fingers shaking as Veronica ran the lipgloss over her already fairly glossy lips.

“Alright Sandra dee. I think we’re ready, how do you feel?” Veronica asked.

Betty took a deep breath

“I’m ready.” She smiled taking one final glance at the reflection in Veronica’s car, she didn’t even recognize herself.

Betty had on a short, tight leather skirt and loose white crop top that perfectly showed her toned stomach and tan skin. Her feet were tucked into tall wedges and her long blonde hair was left loose and messy, looking perfectly wind blown. Her bright green eyes looked even brighter under the dark black eyeliner and heavy mascara, her perfect heart shaped lips were cherry red and she smacked the gum between her lips.

“A masterpiece, if I wasn’t gay..” Kevin trailed off causing Betty to giggle and straighten her shoulders.

“Let’s do this.” She slung the old leather jacket she had borrowed from her mother overhear shoulder and followed Veronica into the Diner. The diner went silent as soon as the group stepped foot on the marble floor.

Jughead hopped up when he saw Veronica his eyes instantly looking for Betty, he started walking towards the group but stopped dead when he saw Betty his jaw dropping.

“Betty?” He whispered

At his unfamiliar look Betty instantly felt all of those insecurities build up again, she struggled to keep her arms at her side, her natural instinct to hide in herself was bubbling to the surface, but when a boy in a serpents jacket let out the first low wolf whistle, she let out a relived breath. Suddenly it seemed every member from the Southside was drawn to her and she giggled as they tripped over themselves to get a better look.

Veronica winked and led Betty to a booth, Kevin shaking his fingers in a few boys faces to back them off.

Just as she was about to settle into the booth, she felt a warm hand grip her upper arm, his fingers familiar even under the leather. Looking up she swallowed at the intensity in her boyfriend eyes.

“Can we talk?” He asked quietly, his eyes running over her body as he licked his lips, she turned to go with him but Veronica kicked her under the table and Kevin shook his head.
Pulling her arm free Betty sat down in the seat

“I’m staying here, we can talk later. I think River is waiting for you.” She nodded her head to the dark haired girl shooting daggers in their direction.

Understanding instantly dawned in Jugheads eyes and he reached a hand out to Betty’s cheek


She turned her face quickly, blinking away the tears that threatened to fall
“Not now Jughead.” She whispered.

He stared at her completely heartbroken

“Elizabeth Cooper right?” Jughead whipped around to see Noah, a prominent member of the serpents, leaning casually against Betty’s booth

“That’s my name” she smiled at the boy and jughead stumbled back.

“I dig your look.” He said dropping down into the empty space Jughead had just left.

Oh absolutely not.

Jughead straightened his Serpent jacket and reached for Betty’s hand, pulling her out of the booth and towards the door, as she stomped indignantly.

“Jughead Jones! Let me go!” He swung her around as soon as they hit outside.

His lips attacked her as she gasped, her fingers instinctively digging into his dark waves as he ran his hands over the bare skin of her legs before sliding under her shirt.

She pulled away abruptly

“No!” She said shoving him away and adjusting her top her hands trembling

“Betty?” Jughead asked moving towards her

“No. this isn’t me, if this is what you want… if this is who I have to be to get you to pay me attention… maybe I’m not the right girl for you.” Her eyes filled with tears and he shook his head frantically

“No! I love you. I love you, I love who you are. You never have to change for me. I cannot lose you. You look amazing but you’re right this isn’t you.” His hands tugged on the short skirt as he trailed his fingers over her thighs, his breathe close to her face.

“But.. River.. ” she whispered, her nose touching his as he nuzzled it gently

“She’s funny and she reminds me of me, but she’s no Betty Cooper, I’m so sorry I made you feel like you had to be something else, I would never want that. I love you for who you are, I know I’ve been an awful boyfriend, it’s this whole balancing act. Consider me properly aware, I’m not letting you out of my sight.. especially dressed like this.” His eyes hungrily scanned her face as he dropped a kiss to her lips.

Betty giggled, dropping her forehead to his
“I want you to spend time with your friends, but.. maybe spend some time with me too okay?” She smiled

He nodded aggressively
“You can count on it.”

Betty grabbed his hand and headed into Pops
“Okay let’s go show them who your girlfriend really is.” She beamed as Jughead laughed tightening an arm around her waist

“It’s a damn honor”

tell me the story of the
boy who became a soldier
and the soldier who became machine
does it have a happy ending?
or should i skip the ending altogether?

or what about the story of the
boy who fell–
not off of a train, see, but in love
and how it was the scariest fall
of his life.

tell me about the novel, heartbreaking
and spanning decades.
and that part in the middle, where our tragic
protagonist is saved by the love of his life?
that’s my favorite.

bucky, you say
and i look at you:
you’re smiling.
i steal a kiss, quick like a kid sneaking into
the cookie jar.

it makes you grin wider. oh, my. i love you.

you say, bucky. those aren’t stories anymore.
they’re your memories.

i know.
i savor this one, letting it melt on my tongue.
i remember, i say.

your body is warm and i am cold.
i look up at you. tell me anyway, i say.
start from the book of genesis.
you laugh, but you’re already launching into
the tale of creation.

i don’t notice when your hand
slides between my metal fingers, but carefully i
squeeze and let myself relive the giddy fear
of falling in love all over again.
—  adjustments to civilian life: snapshots of bucky barnes

I saw VIXX yesterday and it feels like a dream. The boys are seriously sooo handsome and talented. Like, I
I’m not at all surprised, but their looks are just crazy irl. I’m still surprised I’m alive to write this. The two-hour concert felt like 2 mins, but I’ll cherish it for a veeery long time.



Can’t wait for the next opportunity to see them

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AHH SORRY I Didn't see you did a kidnapping one.. But could you please add V and Saeran?

It’s no problem at all, anonny! But I promised that I would add on the minor trio to this head canon so thank you for your patience! I wrote these to be extra long since it was only three characters plus I haven’t posted a headcanon in a while! So thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • V couldn’t sit and paced back and forth around his home whenever he found a photo set of Mint Eye followers kidnapping you
  • He knew that Rika was playing a sick joke on him but dragging you into it made him feel a wave of guilt
  • From his own experience with that crazy woman, V didn’t call any of the other RFA members for help, he knew that it would only bring harm to them or yourself
  • So V took a moment to collect himself before going to Mint Eye to save you, no matter the cost
  • V had to sneak his way around the other Mint Eye followers but halted when he heard your screams coming from Rika’s room
  • Not caring anymore about anything else, V ran as fast as his long legs could take him to Rika’s room
  • When V burst through the door, he looked in horror as he saw you, arms bound together and blood coming out from the large wound on your stomach accompanied by other bruises inflicted by the crazy blonde woman
  • “What’s the matter V? I’m only hurting her before you do, we all know that you will sooner or later. Plus, this will show MC that being with a demon like you only brings pain.” Rika seethed as she stuck her foot on a particularly dark bruise on your body, making you yelp in pain
  • V stood his ground, taking off his sunglasses to try and show Rika the sincerity in his word
  • “Rika, please let MC go. She has nothing to do with this. You’re upset with me, please don’t drag her into this all. Just let her go and do whatever you want with me.”
  • But V’s reasoning fell on deaf ears as Rika only laughed hysterically in his face, pulling out a gun that was aimed towards your head
  • “You’re so full of it V! Do you honestly think I’m going to let MC live? No, she needs to realize that all you do is bring pain to those around them. Now, say goodbye to your precious little MC!”
  • Before Rika could pull the trigger, V tackled her to the ground, easily pushing down her smaller figure as he grabbed the gun out of her hand and used the handle to slam into her head to knock her out
  • The rest was a blur for you but the last thing you remembered was V gently lifting you into his arms with tears in his dull eyes
  • When you woke up next, you were laying in a hospital bed with V crying softly into his hands
  • You placed a gentle hand on top of V’s, making him jump but a look of relief washed over his face as he saw you were awake
  • V enveloped you with a hug, mindful of your injuries and apologized like there was no tomorrow but reaffirmed his everlasting love for you
  • “I know that everything that happened to you was my fault and I take full responsibility for it. But I don’t want to run away from you, I want to stay by your side and protect you, MC. Please allow me to be with you always because I will make sure that harm never comes to you again my love.”


  • Saeran tried calling you for the fifteenth time since he arrived at the ice cream parlor
  • The two of you decided to meet up and have an ice cream celebration because Saeran was told that he was healthy enough to stop therapy
  • All of his excitement for the day turned to fear as he bit his bottom lip while calling you again
  • He wouldn’t have been as concerned if anyone else wasn’t responding, you were always on time plus if you were running late, you’d let him know right away
  • When his phone rang, Saeran breathed a sigh of relief that quickly faded when he saw an unknown caller was calling him
  • He cautiously answered only to hear your screams on the other end of the line
  • Saeran bolted out of the ice cream shop, demanding for you to answer him but when a venomous voice answered instead, Saeran’s blood ran cold
  • “Oh well if it isn’t our little psychotic edgy boy! I’m so glad that you answered, Unknown. You see, we truly miss you here at Mint Eye and even though the savior is gone, we decided to revive paradise, isn’t that amazing?!”
  • Saeran grit his teeth, his hands shaking from anxiety as he hissed out a response
  • “What have you done to MC? Where the hell is she?! If you touch one hair on her body I will destroy you.”
  • The man on the other line tsked and chuckled as he responded, “We had a feeling you wouldn’t corporate, you always were a stubborn one, Unknown. So we thought that the perfect way to make sure you come back to us, stealing your little girlfriend as incentive to make sure you come to us!”
  • “MC, hang on! I’m going to get you out of there!” Saeran yelled over the phone as he ran back to Seven’s place
  • “You never learn do you Unknown? We aren’t that stupid you know. If you come here with any weapons or reinforcement then you can say goodbye to your precious girlfriend. Come within the next hour or else we’ll have to turn little MC here into a believe, after of course we give her a small beating.”
  • To emphasize his point, the man kicked you hard, making you groan in pain and Saeran to since as the line went dead
  • Ignoring part of the believer’s threats, Saeran ran into his brother’s home, who was away for the week, and grabbed his gun and knife
  • Saeran knew exactly where the believers would be keeping you captive and before entering he dingy, rusted building, Saeran took a deep breath and remembered that he was fighting to save your life
  • But when he saw you, Saeran’s gave contorted into one of horror, sorrow, and rage
  • There were shattered bottles and liquids on the floor, your hands were tied down to a chair as a believer was forcing you to drink the special elixir
  • “Stop fighting and drink this, then you’ll be allowed into paradise, my dear! Then you can-” The believer wasn’t able to finish as Saeran’s fist pummeled his face
  • “MC…” Saeran shakily let out a breath as he freed you from the chair, gently cradling you to his chest
  • When reinforcements came, you could barely make out what was going on but you heard the sound of a gun being fired and believers dropping to the floor
  • The last thing you saw before passing out was Saeran’s worried face covered in blood as he called your name
  • Hearing a groan of pain from where you laid in a hospital bed, Saeran raced to your side and took your hand into his own
  • “MC! How are you feeling? Does it hurt anywhere? You only were forced a little bit of the elixir so you shouldn’t be in too much pain. Please, please answer me MC!”
  • Even though your body ached, you lifted a shaky hand to Saeran’s cheek and caressed it softly
  • “I’m alright, Saeran, just a little sore. Thank you for saving me, my ice cream prince.”
  • Saeran let out a relived laugh at your annoying nickname for him, he took your hand and kissed it gently as he squeezed it, making a vow to you
  • “I swear on my life that no one will ever hurt you again. I know that I don’t say it enough but I love you with all of my heart, MC, please never forget that.”


  • Vanderwood’s hands tightly gripped the car’s steering wheel as he raced his way to rescue
  • It was only about an hour ago when Vanderwood received the threatening phone call from his previous worker at agency that they kidnapped you and if he ever wanted to see you again, you would return to the agency
  • Even though he always kept a calm and cool facade, Vanderwood was terrified as to what the agency was doing to you, he knew just how cruel they would be
  • When he finally arrived at the agency, he sneakily maneuvered his way around the familiar building, tightly gripping his taser the entire time
  • Vanderwood almost got caught when he saw what his former agency members were doing to you
  • They had your arms bound together from a hook suspended in the air, your feet barely touching the ground as they made crude comments to you
  • It was when one of the agents started touching your thighs that Vanderwood sprang into action
  • You never saw him fight with such rage before, it even scared you when you saw him slit another agent’s throat with his knife
  • One of the remaining agents cursed Vanderwood, saying that he’d kill you if he didn’t stop his slaughter
  • The agent cut the rope suspending you but Vanderwood pushed him out of the way, meaning no one was there to catch you from falling as your head smacked the floor, knocking you out
  • Vanderwood disposed of the last agent but panicked when he saw a tiny stream of blood coming from your head
  • He quickly checked your pulse and breathed a sigh of relief once he realized you were still alive
  • When you woke up, you glanced around and saw that you were in a hospital with Vanderwood sitting in a chair sleeping peacefully
  • Even though your head was pounding and you noticed small cuts and bruises along your skin, you smiled softly and gently rubbed Vanderwood’s hand
  • At your touch, Vanderwood woke up and grabbed your hand into his own
  • “Are you feeling better, MC? I’m so sorry that all of the happened to you, it’s my fault. But you don’t have to worry anymore, that agency is destroyed for good my love.“
  • “Thank you Vanderwood. I was scared but I knew you would show up and save me because you’re the best! Your not hurt yourself, are you?”
  • Vanderwood rolled his eyes but smiled at your kindness, he watched as you fell back asleep with your own smile on your lip, he made a silent vow to protect you no matter the cost
The Truth Will Come

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Clark Kent x Reader

Request: Reader is part of the Justice League, Reader and Clark have feelings for one another, everyone knows it but themselves. Something happens to Reader on a mission which causes her to tell Clark stuff in front of everyone. The next morning, Reader is in for a surprise.

Word Count: 2163

Y/N was running, the whole league was on a mission and it was going south pretty quickly. Somehow in the first ten minutes everyone had gotten split up, you were meant to stick together but fate had its own plan for everyone. At least everyone had their own comm. So if something really bad happened you had a way to contact one another. This mission was meant to be a quick get in, grab the Intel, and get out. That was changed the instant you were ambushed, which was the main reason why you all got split up. Clark was meant to be by your side but he wasn’t at the moment. It was Y/N’s job to get the Intel, everyone else were to be a distraction so that you could get in and grab it.

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Since Harry was talking about it let’s all relive the cinematic masterpiece that is the Oh Happy Day scene in Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit