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Inko: "Honey can you pass the salt?" Izuku and Toshi reaches for it... [sweats]


And it was in this moment that Izuku found out they were dating. The situation would be SO hilarious and everyone is just flustered and Mama Inko and All Might are talking at the same time trying to explain, but Izuku is just kinda spacing out while thinking, “My mom and mentor are dating. Holy shit.” 

There You Are (Part Nine)

This is a college AU. Instead of the professor/student relationship, how about a student/student one? Reader x Dean, with some familiar characters thrown in. This will be angsty at times, sad at times, maybe definitely smutty. ;) Title borrowed from a Martina McBride song. As always feedback is more than appreciated. ;)

SUMMARY: A little background as to what was going on in Dean’s apartment when you stopped by, a different sort of phone call, and the result of your misunderstanding.
WARNINGS: Angsty, misunderstandings, slight female drama
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Dean walked into the kitchen with his hair still wet from his shower, a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt on. He glanced up as the girl he brought home with him last night stepped into the room, her face immediately heating up as she blushed. He let out a quiet laugh and went back to digging ingredients out of his refrigerator.

“Good morning.”

She cleared her throat.


Dean licked his lips, setting the eggs and flour down on the cabinet. He glanced over his shoulder, watching her walk to the coffeepot, grabbing one of the mugs beside it and pouring herself a cup.

“Sorry, I, uh … I didn’t catch your name last night.”

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