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God and the GOP

So now we know. God was responsible for getting Donald Trump elected. Sarah Palin just told us, so it must be true. In a recent interview she confirmed that “Divine providence played a huge role in this election. I will boldly proclaim that. I saw it first-hand. I was there on the campaign trail.”  As William Cowper memorably wrote, “God moves in a mysterious ways; His wonders to perform.”

Wonders aside, when you look at the evidence it’s hard to avoid thinking that God is a bit of a troll. A mischief-maker. Maybe he just gets bored up there in heaven and messes with the Republican Party to relieve the monotony of all those endless perfect days in paradise. It’s got to be something like that because how else can we explain him sending signs and messages to several GOP candidates at the same time, encouraging each of them to run for President, without letting on to them he was doing exactly the same to other candidates as well ?

He did, you know. In the early stages of the GOP’s impressively awful presidential campaign. Republicans Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Ben Carson, John Kasich,  Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum to name but a few all claimed to have been encouraged by the almighty to run for the same job. Scott Walker, for example, told everyone who would listen that his candidacy was ‘Gods Plan’, before deciding after some rather dismal poll results that perhaps it wasn’t.

Which is rather puzzling for anyone trying to understand what goes on between God and the GOP. If, as he said, Scott Walker running for President was God’s plan then did God change his mind at some point and tell Scott the deal was off  ? Or, if not, did Scott decide himself that he knew better than God so he would just ignore God’s plan ? Hopefully it was Mr Walker who was confused rather than God. Certainly everyone else struggled to make any sense of it.

Remember also the sainted Rick Perry ? He had no such confusion when he told a radio host he decided to run after a message from God. Unfortunately he didn’t say what form the message came in. Perhaps it was voices in his head telling him to run for President. Voices in the head telling you to do things is always a reassuring sign in a candidate for a post that involves having your finger on the nuclear trigger, isn’t it ? Or maybe it was a celestial text, like .. ‘Hey Rick .. you should totes run for Prez .. LOL .. xx God’. It’s a shame we never found out.

When you think about it, God does have quite a cheeky history of meddling in American politics. There was exactly the same kind of divine interference in past elections if you believe previous GOP candidates. That’s not all he gets up to either. It’s not that long since Illinois Republican Susanne Atanus was telling us confidently that God had been peppering the USA with tornadoes, autism, and dementia as punishment for gay rights and legalized abortions. AIDS too apparently.  And of course God allegedly approved of George W Bush invading Iraq and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent people. You’d think that, being omniscient, God would have known there were no WMD’s.

What Ms Palin and others in the GOP seem to want us to believe is that God has been working overtime in recent years sending hurricanes, floods, disease, natural and financial catastrophes, and various other vile and vicious torments to punish America for gayness, abortion, random ‘liberal’ ideas, molly-coddling the undeserving poor, and daring to elect a non-white person as President. Any spare moments were spent feverishly messaging multiple Republicans and trying to persuade them all to run for the President’s job. And when he became bored with stirring up mischief like this himself God got Donald Trump elected to serve as his troll-in-chief in the Whitehouse.

Against this background it’s hard to avoid one of two conclusions. Either there is a God (he, she, or it) who is deeply invested in American right-wing politics and is a mean-spirited, misogynistic bigot who doesn’t give a flying fuck about love, peace, or kindness but is perfectly cool with dishing out misery, disease, and death to anyone who offends his 1950’s-era sensibilities OR every Republican politician who drags God into the conversation is totally full of bullshit.

Those are the only two options. I shall leave it to you to decide which you think is most likely.

Internet Writer

Dear Skam,

I am sure this has been said about a million times since the final scene from last night, but I am so incredibly impressed by how Skam has written Isak and Evan’s story line. I do not suffer from a mental illness, however since my father passed away when I was 10, I became the support system for my mom when she would suffer from crippling panic attacks due to the acute anxiety she suffers from. I am the one who she comes to at 2 or 3 in the morning when she can’t breathe and can barely speak. I am the one that counts with her and breathes with her. I have been doing this for years. However, my mom is not defined by these moments. Just as Skam didn’t define Even by his mania. What Skam did, and what many other tv shows and movies do not, is let us get to know Even before they showed him falling apart. We define him as the boy who likes to listen to Nas and Gabrielle. We define him as the boy who does weird things with paper towels to get his crushes attention and draws cute cartoons about parallel universes. We define him as someone who smiles with his whole face and never stops giving eskimo kisses. And we got to collect all these definitions through Isak’s eyes, which made it all that more special. For Isak, Even was bright and new. Always bathed in sunlight and the colors blue or maroon. Even the little moments where we could see a hint of something not being right, Isak still saw him as light. I loved this. It paints mental illness in such a powerful way. Especially for those of us who don’t suffer ourselves but have to watch those we love suffer without really knowing what to do. Even is not being defined by his mania, just as my mom can’t be defined by her anxiety. I will forever be thankful that I stumbled across this show. It has seriously changed my life. The acting, the cinematography, I do not think I will ever be able to find a show like this again. 

duskrose17  asked:

14 and 24?

14.What makes you laugh no matter what?

There’s this dumb comic about Goofy breaking the fourth wall and stealing his own hat and it’s so stupid and I laugh every time it’s just   the best

24. What ARE you looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to exactly one week in the future where my room will be done for sure and I’ll have my new mattress in so then I can finally sleep on an actual bed 

  • me: well, I'm finally caught up on my dash
  • my brain: that means you can get started on all the other chores you have to do today
  • me: ...
  • me: let's see how the 'bode' cat meme is doing
For the people in the Yuri!!! On Ice fandom making others feel bad for what they ship

Shut the fuck up already and avoid stupid and useless shipping wars. Like if someone wants to ship Yurio (for example cause this is the most controversial character until now) with a fucking plant it’s none of your business, just let them be. What do you achieve by making others feel bad and telling them they are wrong and they should fuck of?

Don’t like a ship? Ok great, good for you now move along. But please for the love of anything just avoid and stop these stupid fights. Bye

anonymous asked:

I just want to say, as a huge Sam fan, that you are entitled to your opinions! If you don't like him, that's okay! Stans shouldn't be sending you hate just because you have a different opinion! I just wanted to send some positivity your way.

Thank you, anon. I appreciate that. Positivity to you as well :-)

I wish the whole fandom had this point of view. Sam fan, Dean fan, Cas fan, it’s all good. Fav who you want & let others do the same. Nobody should be sending another fan hate.

Ask me my top threes:
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