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GOT7~ When the Relationship Goes Public

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Im Jaebum

This would be something that you both planned and agreed on. Not much would change though, like he still wouldn’t want to talk to much about you bc he’d try not to subjectify you to all the publicity, especially if you felt the same. One thing that would change is public outings and stuff like that. He’d keep you close and hold your hand nonstop.

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Mark Tuan

He’s said that his relationship will only be made public when he’s married so that’s a thing. Nevertheless, if there would be a slip-up or something that caused the public to be aware of the relationship, Mark wouldn’t be happy. He seems like someone who likes his privacy, therefore wouldn’t want everyone to know.

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Jackson Wang

When he realized the relationship with you is serious, then I don’t think he’d have any problem telling Aghase or anyone else. Jackson would want to show off his beautiful lover to anyone and everyone. If there was any hate towards you that you saw, he would start praising you and reminding you that you’re perfect for him. 

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Park Jinyoung

Ah, another private one. He would want you all to himself and wouldn’t want other people telling him what kind of lover he should be dating or whatever-the-fuck. He wouldn’t care what they had to say but it’d still get under his skin so he’d want secrecy for as all as possible.

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Choi Youngjae

He would probably want your opinion on going public. If you were okay with it then he was, if you weren’t okay with it then he wouldn’t be either. He’d feel very bad if any hate was thrown at you and he’d tell you to ignore it and he’d say how important you are to him.

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He’s the kind of guy that likes to show of what he’s got so be prepared to be the main topic in any of his interviews and have him post many pictures of you both together. He wouldn’t even pay attention to hate bc in his eyes, you couldn’t be more perfect and he always made sure you knew that.

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Kim Yugyeom

Nothing would probably be planned here. I think that he would just let it happen naturally. Like, he’d take you for lunches while holding your hand or something like that and then the press would take photos and boom, you guys are public.

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How would Ciel, Alois, Sebastian and Claude react if they saw their partner getting tortured? (Love your blog btw.) - asked by lightning123407

Ciel doesn’t waste a second before calling Sebastian in and ordering him to end the lives of the sick monsters harming his beloved. In the back of his mind though, he remembers when he experienced something like this, and while it makes the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, he has to focus on his lover’s well being for now. Once they get back together, Ciel struggles to hold back tears. Despite his best efforts, his stubbornness isn’t strong enough and he ends up choking on his thick tears while gingerly holding one of their hands in his own, their soft grasp reassuring him that they were okay. Knowing that the most important being in his life would live to see another day made his heart soar. 

Sebastian feels anger flare up inside him immediately. He makes sure his partner is out of danger before attacking the person torturing them, who dies way too quickly for Sebastian to be satisfied. They hurt his partner. They couldn’t just die. No, it wasn’t nearly enough. It wasn’t painful enough. He needed a few moments to recollect himself in fear of lashing out at his partner in the midst of his rage. After cooling down considerably, he makes sure to take care of their wounds. While doing so, he tells them how relieved he is that they’re alive, still replaying the death of the cruel bastard that dared touch them in his mind as he tended to his love’s injuries.

Alois freezes for a moment as his bad memories flash back in his mind, driving him absolutely mad. His partner’s shrieks are what return him to earth and send him spiraling into insanity once more. He shouts at the top of his lungs, demanding Claude to save them, urging him to hurry up and rushing after them himself. When they were finally out of harm’s way, he took a place beside them immediately and gently cupped one of their hands in his as Claude took care of their cuts. Seeing them so beaten causes him to start crying significantly harder than before. He tells them that he would be lost without them and that their survival is greatest gift he’s ever received in a wavering voice, gently caressing their hand with his thumb as his sobs gradually fade.

Claude stared at the scene before him, making sure it wasn’t his eyes playing tricks on him. Once he was absolutely sure the nightmare was a reality, he made a dead sprint towards the perpetrator. He made sure there was no time for the torture to continue and quickly ended the sick monster’s life. While he wanted to let his sadistic nature take over him, he had to hold back and remain calm for his lover. Going over to them, he cleaned and bandaged their wounds. Afterwards, he kissed every individual cut, whispering comforting words into his partner’s ear. The pure sweetness of the simple gesture surprised the stoic man’s lover and it was greatly appreciated.

~♡Jimin’s Dating Timeline♡~

Request: Could you do a BTS dating timeline like you did with Big Bang?

~ This is just my own personal opinion~

How long he takes to ask you out:

Ahh this cutie pie can be quite insecure of himself at times so I think he’d wait a bit before asking you out. Similarly to Yoongi, he’d want to make sure that even the littlest of his affections for you were being reciprocated. He’d be so adorable when he asked you out too! He’d be all shy, smiling, and letting out a nervous giggle out every so often. 

How long he takes to post a picture of you or with you on social media after having your relationship gone public:

I feel as if Jimin would already have pictures of the two of you together that he’d want to share but he’d wait. He’d wait until the reactions from the news died down. If the majority of the reactions to the news had been positive, he’d probably post a picture of you within a few months. However, if the majority had been negative, he’d wait a lot longer…maybe even a year? He wouldn’t want you to receive any backlash. When he did post a picture of you, I can see it either being a picture of your interlocked hands or a candid shot he took of you when you weren’t paying attention. 

How long he takes to hold your hand:

Jimin would let it happen naturally. If it just so happened that your hands brushed along each other’s on the first date, then there you go. Later on in your relationship, I can see it becoming a habit of his to interlock your fingers and kiss the top of your hand whenever the two of you had to walk anywhere. 

How long he takes to kiss you for the first time:

I think Jimin would wait a couple of dates before kissing you for the first time. I think he’d want to be the one to make the first move, but if you beat him to it, I don’t think he’d really mind. If he was the one to initiate the kiss, it’d be so cute. Like I could see him brushing some hair away from your face before leaning in to give you a peck. When you pulled apart he’d have the biggest smile on his face and if you were smiling too he’d go in for another one, and linger just a bit longer.  

How long he takes to make out with you:

I think depends on how far and fast your relationship progresses.  If by a few weeks, you both are extremely comfortable around each other, he’d let it happen whenever. If there was still some awkward air between the two of you though, he’d hold off a bit. So for him to make out with you could take anywhere from a month to a few weeks. 

How long he takes to have sex with you:

Hmm…I feel as if Jimin would wait until you both had said “I love you” for the first time. The only reason is, because I feel as if he’d for sure want his first time with you to be both special and meaningful. He wouldn’t want the first time to happen out of lust. He’d also want to make sure that you were both 100% ready to take that next step.

How long he takes to propose:

Jimin is such a sweetie omg. I feel as if he’d have thoughts of marrying whoever he was in love with. Like when he was in love, he’d always picture him and s/o (you in this case) spending the rest of your lives together. I think he’d want to at least have been dating you for a year before he let the ideas stir. When he was sure and could picture the two of you having a successful future together, he’d propose. 


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