let men burn stars

VIGNETTES | An instrumental fanmix for (Hyper Light) Drifter.

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tracklist: i. shutter (ryan roth) ii. the greater silence (bombay dub orchestra) iii. let men burn stars (m83) iv. revolution to the origin, part 1 (hideaki kobayashi) v. doom sock (jim guthrie) vi. overgrown brambles (aivi & surasshu) vii. aftermath (masayoshi soken) viii. dark woods (maclaine diemer) ix. the last of the west (9 lazy 9) x. time to get up, little spaceman (peter mcconnell) xi. after 4am (long arm) xii. the legend of ashitaka (joe hisaishi) xiii. the clearing of the first tree (tilo alpermann) xiv. interlace (darren korb) xv. flycatcher (kiln) xvi. d.s. al coda (ryan roth) xvii. ghosts in the static (ben babbitt) xviii. the fireside (yo la tengo) xix. slumber disturbed (masayoshi soken) xx. taken and given… (robin storey) xxi. esther (jessica curry) xxii. tears of stars (jeremy soule) xxiii. virgo self-esteem broadcast (the flaming lips) xxiv. yesterday (reversing) (kan reives gao) xxv. glitch city (aivi & surasshu) xxvi. cosa (9 lazy 9) xxvii. i know you are but what am I? (mogwai) xxviii. and we got older (jim guthrie) xxix. [] (inlets) xxx. catastrophe and the cure (four tet mix) (explosions in the sky)


Put this together a few days ago :-P