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Hiya! How do you think Soldier would react to the 20 year old new recruit attempting to flirt with him (who he secretly finds very attractive but no one can know that)

Omg! I have been waiting for something like this!!!! O(≧∇≦)O

-of course the first few times that you flirted with him, he completely shrugged it off because well what would a attractive and young person like you be flirting with an old guy like him. Plus being honest he thought maybe because your young, your maybe just a flirt with everyone.

-but the entire time he actually really hoped you were flirting with him because he honestly thought you were reeeeally attractive. (No one will ever know that. Ever!)

-the second time you flirted was when you both were grabbing some coffee early in the morning before anybody else came. So you took the moment and said something.

-“well soldier aren’t you looking handsome this morning.”

-He kind of looked around and saw there was nobody else besides you two. Then he kind of just stood there awkwardly for a while, he was in complete shock over this. After the most awkward of seconds he finally let out a very faint ‘thank you’ with a shy, blushing voice and had one hand scratching the back of his neck.

-‘woah. What just happened. Di-did they flirt. With m-me?’

-it took a few days for him to fully understand that you were seriously flirting. Once he did let it sink in every time you told you him something, especially when you told him he looked handsome today, he would start laughing a little and under that visor I promise you he was a tomato blushing so hard.

-eventually when he realizes that your not giving up on this, he even starts throwing subtle comments himself.

-like if your training he would complement your fighting all the time way more than anybody else, or sometimes he would pass you and say your looking lovely today. (Yes! He still talks like a gentleman!) He would just do a lot of simple small things like that but they somehow always made you feel so special.

-but he would never actually make a move on you though. He still thinks even if you two flirt that the age gap might not be the best for you or that you deserve better than him.

-although if you made the first move and told him that you just don’t care about the age gap. The man would gladly take you out to dinner.

-and queue more flirting all the time if things go well between you both.