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il y a deux cœurs ici (there are two hearts here)

Liam is a bit stunned at the ease that comes with the thought of becoming a father for the second time.

He’s struck with the realisation late one evening, while he’s in the lounge watching telly with his wife. Sat on the sofa with Georgia’s feet in his lap, Liam strokes his fingers along the curve of her ankle with one hand while dragging the nails of his other against the arch of her foot every once in a while—a tease to garner her attention, the result a little kick to flick his hand away that makes him chuckle.

“Stop it, Liam,” Gee fusses at him, squirming, after he’s done it for the fourth or fifth time; he’s lost count. “You’re going to wake him.”

With this, Liam’s grin widens as his eyes come to rest upon Carter, who’s curled up and fast asleep against Georgia.

At twenty-one months, Carter seems massive in Georgia’s grasp, hardly a crumb of the size of what he was at birth. He came just a minute before midnight that twenty-second night in late June, all six pounds, eleven ounces of him—Liam remembers it perfectly. He can hardly believe that in a few short months, his son will be two years old; that after the months to follow those, there will be more little feet to tickle with his thick, calloused fingers; that with Georgia, he is embarking on a brand new adventure as a parent—one that he thinks should be a bit terrifying, given the circumstances, but he is oddly settled. With the news that came with an ultrasound, Liam’s been slowly tripping down the familiar trail of nostalgia, flipping through pages of photo albums that Georgia and his mum have put together in the time since he and Gee wed.

There’s an album in his lap, in fact—one of the few he’s been slowly thumbing through over the course of the evening. He’s yet to open this one, but he does now, and the first photograph on the first page is a polaroid from the day Carter was born. It’s of Liam in Georgia’s room in hospital, stood at the foot of her bed with Carter cradled in his arms.

It’s from the first moment he held his son.

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Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.



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