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Prompts are back. I’ll be posting one for each night on the weekends (or day depending on timezone).

Since I have a shit ton of prompts sitting in my inbox, I’ll just be fishing from the old ones. Like ancient ones hopefully. This won’t last indefinitely though, sorry but I’m officially capping this. I’m just completing the 300 mark so I guess we have 2-3 months left. Whoever’s left of my readers, I hope you’ll enjoy these last ones. This was fun but I need to go to a better place. Stay dank you memers.

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(subjective a little since I have a lot of idle / hiatus muses that I keep so I will mention those what have been most active currently??)

-   Pepper, Local Cool-Mom and stereotypical Loud and Rage against the Machine Brujah 👍

-   Tabitha, Trouble wears pink and lives in Pennsylvania 👌

- Augustine, @skeletonglue sentient free-willed skeleton ‘cursed’ in fae magick forced to stay in one place while enjoying wearing wigs and doing the Charleston.


(TIME WILL TELL I AM OFTEN BREWING UP A THOUGHT ON A CHARACTER siigghhhh but uh I guess for want to play more of my ocs come to mind?)

- Paul Henry, hard-bitten somber ass nosferatu fellah who talks very little and even in death never broke the habitual compulsion to chainsmoke.. will blow smoke in your face..

- Nadia, sort of not social non-binary gangrel of a mantis-like persuasion

(I’m just gonna mention my hiatus group as best as I can recall here I guess like I get inspiration for them that comes and goes! Also those I RP;d off tumblr.. tho I have some ocs from sooo long ago I can’t think to list them… LIKE back when I only RP’d as Yautja hunters (aka the Predator!) and damn it will take me a lifetime to write little snide comments about my own characters hahah so just if you want a personality quickie on anyone just ask me!!)


Pyronica, Gravity Falls @hotfootmania


[vtm ocs]

Donald @anythingbutdonnie

Gloria @rubiesandfallenstars

Madonna @peelbacktheflesh

*Shelly, young contemptuous tzimisce living with Madonna and her husband Zhernaboh, as his sired childe specifically.

*Cataleya, Madonna’s own childe who seems high af a lot??? I said her attachment is a fanatical love obsession but I neglected to say it is like on-top of air-headed cult follower like demeanor

*Emma, malkavian often tagged along with Gloria. Suffers OCD and age-regression somewhat might have displacement of her area awareness

(there is.. probably more??? somewhere)


[Bleach Ocs +intended for repurpose into fandomless - multifandom ocs!]

Buru Anko

Atieno Basque

Pritha Ourania,


[witcher ocs]

Five ALPOR sisters: Sweetbrier, Nutmeg Anne, Box, Hollyhock, Mallow @wail-of-thealpor


[Borderlands +Multifandom or Fandomless]

Betty Ka-Boom @alittlemorebounceinyourbetty

Cass @mouthfullofgrit


[TES ocs ]

Umbrielle Grulul

Lilas Mossbrook

(also like +6 other tes ocs but they rp exclusively with a buddy on teso with me)


[THE ONE surviving Yautja oc I still play]



[ OCs ]

Jureill   - I am most well-known for this asshole specifically lol

Rudee @kinleuxdkla

Desta Miona  - briefly and still needs lots of work!

Rowen - one close to my heart and something that built my friendship with bones lmao ahhhh

Petula - my special cyclops baby! second best known for???

Fairuza  - cyclops slime monster o)

*Angus - cyclops monster who lost his blog and is being worked on lowkey he use to be in the Monsters University fandom loosely.

*Noel - briefly for a rly short time over skype she is a cannibalistic demon with a fucked up appearance I’m talking literal chicken-legs, face peeled back to reveal a bone jaw, and tentacle appendages from her head and back of arms.. all eyes… and some mouths..

(these are all the ones I can think off the top of my head right now at least!)


(See upper list???)


A Christmas present for my sister~

I hope you all will have a great 24th and 25th!!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


…cannot be killed or swept aside. now fill the world with music, love, and pride.


Okay, so it’s not bad at all. The actual bad news is that I’m an ass who keeps spamming WIPs. What else am I good for? (Aside from being in a massive rut I don’t feel like rolling out of HA.)

Getting faster. Still constantly distracted, though.

“I missed you”  :’)

-night sketching and loving faces…

Before the Ride Home

Well let me start by saying I’m working in Teddy store now 1-2 nights a week.  So its been great esp after we close and before he drives me home.  Last night something happened that I was so nervous but so hot.  When I work Teddy makes me wear just a short tight dress and heels, he says the customers like it and he has easy access to me.  After we closed i gave him a blowjob in the back room and then went to the car so he could drive me home.  After we were in the car, one if his friends came  up to the car to talk to Teddy.  I pushed down my window and he was talking to teddy.  As they were talking he kept looking at my cleavage and my legs, the dress was hiked  up a little from sitting in the car.  After a few minutes Teddy said to his friend they are great looking tits right?  His friend just looked at me and said yea they are very nice.  Teddy then told him they feel even better then they look, then he told his friend to go ahead feel and see what i mean.  His friend reach in the car and grabbed my breast. Teddy told him no you have to really feel them and he pulled my dress down exposing my bare breasts right in the back of the parking lot.  He then told him now feel them.  His friend then reached in with both hand and started feeling and squeezing my breasts. As he was feeling my breasts  he kept telling how great they felt, then teddy looked at me and told his friend to give them a  kiss, his friend leaned in the car and kissed and sucked on my breast.  As his friends kissed my breast teddy reached over and put his fingers under my dress and right into my pussy.  After his friend stopped sucking on my breast Teddy said to him, see she likes it too her pussy is wet, then he told his friend to find out for himself.  Teddy lifted me up and pulled up my dress to my waist and his friend hand went right into my pussy.  As he was fingering my pussy Teddy asked me to see if he was hard.  OF course he was.  Teddy said you cant leave him like that told me to take his cock out. I tried to reach out of the car but i couldn’t suck him so Teddy said told him friend to get in the backseat.  After he got in the car Teddy reclined my seat al the way back so i could lay across the back of the seat and suck his friends cock.  As I laid across the back of the seat and started sucking his friends cock i felt Teddy reach under and started fingering my pussy.  The more he fingered me the hard and faster i sucked his friends cock until he shot his load in my mouth.  After his friend came he got out of the back of the car and thanked Teddy and left. After he left and Teddy started to drive me home he told me how hot and slutty i can be.  He then told me to masterbate in the car has he drove me home.  I came twice on the way home that got him so horny when he got off the exit of the parkway he pulled over and told me to get over and suck his cock.  His cock get so hard for me and it really didn’t take too long before he was cumming in my mouth.  After he came I sat up and he drove me home.  As i got out of the car he told me to make sure i give hubby a nice long kiss when I get in the house.  which of course i did  …hehe


*Cues whale sounds*

Hey hey hey 👋🏾! Guess who can do regular human things again? This heffa right here and it feels so good. What is everyone doing for the holidays? I’ll be working from somewhere else other than my bed so, get ready to see boring office posts. Big tings coming though, organizing my third art exhibit independently.

In other news, me and husband are on our way to NY! He’s allowing me to step foot on a plane, with him there of course lmao. Family, work and food for the holidays.. wouldn’t want it any other way.

so back in 2012/2013 ish my friend would watch some of Jack’s videos when I was over, but I didn’t really like his stuff back then (I think I actually used to be weirded out by his name and icon lol). I subscribed anyway bc why the hell not and never unsubscribed. last year I guess I saw something on tumblr about him and I went to his blog (i clearly remember being bombarded w green and seeing 8 mil fanart) and I realized “fuck I remember this dude!”. so I looked at some videos and I was immediately hooked. now about a year later I’m so glad I found him again. the past year has been an extremely bumpy road for me, but bc of Jack, its prob been the best year I can remember despite the awful things. he has managed to make me smile every single time I felt like never feeling happy again and just. this channel and community have changed my life for the better and I’m so damn happy about that.

So congrats on 14 million Jack. And here’s to many more milestones I plan to stick around for <3

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

DAY 1: Favorite Canon Interaction 

ok but theyre holding hands i swear

also here’s the non flashy version

I may have listened one too many times to a certain opening and all its countless remixes and versions while thinking about my sons like I always do.

BTS Reaction to you accidentally touching their boner

Jin (Seokjin): *blushes* you and I, we’re cuter than Mario and Peach so lets get this party started *sexy smirk*

Suga (Yoongi): *startled at first but liked it* listen, I don’t have all the time in the world and since you already worked me up, let’s just do this right now *starts undressing*

J-Hope (Hoseok): *starts laughing because he feels awkward* well now you see what you do to me! You in the mood for some hope? *pulls his shirt off and shows off his dancer body*

Rap Monster (Namjoon): I wasn’t gonna say anything but I missed you SO MUCH as you can probably tell by now *grins but then starts kissing you hard*

Jimin: well it’s not my fault that you look so damn good all the time! *smirks at you* *attacks you with kisses*

V (Taehyung): you’re about to find out what you just felt *pants to the floor*

Jungkook: *blushes* WHAT? YOU FELT NOTHING! NOTHING I SAY *runs away into the bathroom and doesn’t come out for 20 minutes*

Credit to the gif owners~


Smooth Gif Tutorial by Hanxbi! (With Photos) 

Hello everyone! 

I finally had some time to make this gif tutorial and let me not waste your time with a boring ass intro so let’s get started! 

What You Need: 

  • Photoshop CC (preferably) 
  • Basic Knowledge of Photoshop controls (espcially opacity & filters)
  • PSDs
  • Clipconverter (or 4K downloader) 

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‘partners in crime’ sentence starters

Send one to see how my muse reacts. 

Trigger Warnings: violence, death, criminal activity

  • “I can’t believe we stole a car.”
  • “My ID guy can get us in.”
  • “Remember – trust no one.”
  • “You owe everything you’ve got to me. Never forget that.”
  • “You and me, we’re partners, right?”
  • “Did you get the money?”
  • “Cops are coming to pick me up for questioning. My bet is, you’re next.”
  • “We better lay low for awhile.”
  • “Just act natural.”
  • “The cops will probably talk to us. Play it cool, and we’ll be fine.”
  • “I think we’ll be okay. They can’t prove anything.”
  • “No matter what they threaten to do to me, don’t tell them anything.”
  • “Let me take the fall. You’ve worked too hard to go to jail now.”
  • “I’d NEVER rat you out! The cops were just trying to get under your skin.”
  • “What do you think? You trust them?”
  • “I remember when you still had rules. When you still had limits.”
  • “This isn’t just about money.”
  • “I won’t survive jail!”
  • “One day we’ll be rich, and we won’t have to do this anymore.”
  • “It will be so nice to be in a country where we can’t get thrown in jail at any moment.”
  • “I think every person in America would like to see us dead.”
  • “No. No! We are NOT going to jail now! We’ve worked too hard!”
  • “Shut up and keep digging.”
  • “We need money, stat. You got a gun?”
  • “God, could you get them to stop screaming?”
  • “Shoot me. It’ll make them trust you.”
  • “Okay, last resort – we kill him and dump the body, then get the fuck out of Dodge.”
  • “We can’t hide forever. Our faces are on every news network in America.”
  • “We split the profits, 50/50. What do you say?”
  • “Where have you been?! I was worried the cops got to you!”
  • “You clean up the blood, I’ll start burning the body.”
  • “There’s no escaping this, you know. We’re in too deep.”
  • “Tell them the whole thing was my idea.”
  • “Make no mistake – we’re partners, but I’m in charge. Not you.”
  • “What we need are entirely new identities.”
  • “I don’t become involved with my partners. It over-complicates things.”
  • “Don’t you think we’re a bit old for this Bonnie and Clyde business?”
  • “I don’t trust any of them. Just you.”
  • “God, what’s happened to us?”
  • “Retirement? Yeah, we’re probably not gonna live long enough for that to be an issue.”
  • “Keep your head down. Last thing we need is to get recognized.”
  • “I’ll cover for you.”
  • “Run. I’ll catch up.”
  • “Jesus Christ, we’re like a bad murder ballad.”
  • “Don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you. You and I are partners – until the end.”