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13x01 Coda

Saw a post about if Cas’s coat stayed with him or if Dean took it.

The coat stayed with Cas.

Dean stood there for too long thinking about it too hard. The sheet fell relaxed over the face in front of him, making Cas seem somehow even more gone than Dean was willing to accept. If he took the sheet off, it could have been just Cas asleep. 

But angels don’t sleep. They just die.

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to touch with the lips

Because I can count. Ten Kisses. Ten Days. I’m so going to fail at this, aren’t I?

There wasn’t much she knew for sure.

               She knew she liked coffee.

               She knew her favorite color was black.

               She knew was a morning person.

               And she knew Kurt Weller.

               She knew everything about Kurt Weller. Except for, well, how she really felt about him. Or what those feelings meant. Or what to do about them.

               But when Patterson cried and hugged her and said those words, all she could think about was Weller.

               How he was the first person she trusted (and who trusted her).

               How he was always there for her.

               How she felt when he was there. And when he wasn’t.

               How she felt when he looked into her eyes.

               How right it felt when they danced (was that really just yesterday?)

               And how, all of a sudden, she didn’t want to have any more doubts about this. They dealt in life and death situations daily now (because of her, she thought ruefully). She’d already been shot once, and she knew it could happen again. To any one of them, but especially to Kurt.

               And there he was, right in front of her. And she tried to explain, but words fell away when their lips met.

I know this is a sims 2 blog but I couldn’t help but share her! I made this super beautiful sim and I was thinking of downloading her? Idk yet. I do know that if you have a fair amount of cc in your sims 3 game she should look the exact same but if not then she would look a lot different and that makes me hesitant to upload her but god damnit she is gorgeous!

Thank you for all being so patient. Not An Athlete Chapter 5 is coming along with Bucky Barnes x Reader smut! I’m just working a lot of hours this week, so I’m trying to survive atm lol! Promise, this weekend, you’ll have them. - Rosalie 🌹

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Do you ever think about how wild the public perception of victuuri must be??

Like ok. Characters first.

Victor Nikiforov, who is considered to be this flirty playboy. He’s the perfect skater; elegant, refined, amazing jumps, spins, step sequences. He has it all, and he’s won it all. I bet you everybody thought Victor and Chris were fuckin or something b/c they’re obviously friends and you know what the media is like. 

Victor is such a private person; he’s really skilled in telling you everything while saying nothing. He’s got incredible press skills. I bet the media must be starving for another side of Victor–his love life most specifically. The playboy thing is most likely an exaggeration tabloids put together, and it sorta just caught on. All these reports of Victor being seen with so and so must mean he’s seeing them, right?

Victor has been called selfish before. It’s probably a very common belief that he’s quiet and serious and really only cares about himself and the ice. This cannot be further from the truth, but it’s how people see him. An immaculate god.

Then, Yuuri Katsuki. He’s sort of reclusive and doesn’t interact much. There’s not much on any of his social media accounts; the opposite of Victor. While Victor delivers constant content, Yuuri hides away. He avoids people, doesn’t really interact with fans, and seemingly snubs other competitors. 

People think he’s arrogant. Yuuri looks away from others like they’re not worth his time, which is totally uncalled for considering he can’t land his jumps, right? Yuuri’s spins and footwork are amazing, but he always falters technically. He gets a lot of flack from the press and the public for this; they say he’s mentally weak, he’s a mediocre skater at best, he should just stop trying. At times, Yuuri even believes them.

The beloved, sexy ice god versus the shy, weak underdog. 

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the lovers, the dreamers, and me {a klance mix tracklist}

the only exception // paramore
ease (lontalius remix) // troye sivan
don’t worry about me (aquillo remix) // frances 
issues (acoustic) // julia michaels
youth (acoustic) // troye sivan
hazy // rosi golan and william fitzsimmons
let it be me // ray lamontagne 
you and i // ingrid michaelson
rainbow connection // sleeping at last
i will follow you into the dark // death cab for cutie 

a soft playlist for sleep and klancey feelings
please listen on 8tracks if you like it and for track annotations

cover art by the wonderful @marshiyan

Just so we’re all clear on where I’m at with how things are.

I think I resisted this sort of performative post stuff because 1) I try and keep things as positive as possible for the sake of other folks, and 2) showing basic decency and respect towards others should be the bare minimum of being a decent human. But I guess there come times where the obvious needs to be said, just for the sake of history.

So to all marginalized persons and groups out there: please know that I am always happy to share this ocean with you, and that you belong here. All I have to offer you is a bunch of art, a listening ear, and some extra cash that I can donate your way, so I hope it helps in even a small way.

EDIT: Added some more fishies. 


Lol I wanted to do this for prom season, but I obviously missed it…but yaaay, two cool dads taking their daughter prom dress shopping. xD


YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - Clothing Set

#01 - Yasha Katsuki-Nikiforov

I think sometimes you can learn a lot about a person from their clothing choices, and I’ve always sorta wanted to make some fashion sets ^ ^ So I’m making one for the OC kids, starting with the eldest as usual, Yasha! (He’s probably pre-teen-ish around here, maybe, idk)

Yasha still more or less thinks of himself as a boy (when he can be bothered to think about it at all) but loves flowers, pastels, and anything soft and gentle (in harsh contrast to his blunt as a bludgeon personality). And most importantly, he kinda just really hates wearing pants and underwear, when he can get away with full nudity… He takes the young!Victor flower fairy aesthetic to the next level. He can be very picky about what he wears, and usually prefers expensive but relatively unknown specialty brands. His parents, especially Victor, are more than happy to indulge his tastes.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

This post features the Victor x Yuuri kid, Yasha.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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