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A Thousand Tomorrows

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In answer to this anonymous request: can you pls write something for Credence based on “can i hold your hand?” & “i love you today, and i’ll love you tomorrow and everyday after that.”? feel free to make it extra fluffy if you wish!! thank you

A/N: Arghhh, I’ve gotten so behind on answering requests and I’ve been very busy with other things as well. But I promise, I’m slowly working through each of them!

Again, do let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me write!

title: A Thousand Tomorrows

warnings: fluff, slight mentions of abuse, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluffffff


     Sometimes, Credence thinks he’s living in a daydream.

     That certainly seems to be the case, especially when he wakes up each morning to the tantalizing smell of pastries, freshly baked and bought from Mr. Kowalski’s store. Tina makes it a habit to drop them off each day, but rarely has time to enjoy them before rushing off to work.

     Or maybe it’s Newt’s fantastic, marvelous case of equally fascinating creatures that makes him think so. He’s found that he particularly likes to look at the bowtruckles. They’re tiny and adorable, and he’s beginning to form an attachment to one of them.

     Perhaps it’s the way Ms. Goldstein, the golden haired one who smiles sadly whenever she sees him, always comes by to make him a dinner so large he can never finish it. He wonders why she always winces when his thoughts meander towards Mary Lou and the sting of the belt across his palm.

     Or maybe, Credence decides, it’s the fact that you’re there with him.

     You, with your sincere smiles. You, with your sleepy good mornings. You, with the way you’ll cry for him when he wakes, trembling from nightmares, reciting all the poisonous lies Mary Lou branded into him, palms proffered, braced for a beating.

     He wonders what makes you so magical.

     It’s in the way you talk, Credence realizes, staring in what he believes is an inconspicuous manner. (It’s not.) Perhaps the magic is laced in the curve of your lips, in the twinkle of your eyes when you chatter on, just the right amount of excited. He feels a sort of strange, alien fluttering in his stomach, and he falters, unsure of whether he likes it or not.

     It’s in the way you laugh, Credence amends, watching as you pause to snicker at a joke Newt’s just made, attempting to suppress your laughter. You’re mostly failing, and he finds that his own mouth is copying yours, grinning. He hastily corrects himself. The magic, he says firmly, is in the way you beam, infectious and giddy. There’s that funny feeling again, Credence notes. He thinks he likes it.

     It’s definitely in the way you love, Credence revises. His gaze follows you as you cradle one of Newt’s Occamies, laughing that familiar, bell-like laugh, before you set it down in its nest. There’s an undeniable magical quality to the way you whisper ‘I love you’, to the hushed, secretive nature of your voice, as though the words are far too big to be contained should anyone else hear it.

     The night is cold, but Credence is not, because you’re there with him. He watches, fascinated, as you laugh into the chilly air, breath puffing out in little gasps, and wonders what it would be like to kiss the breath from your lips. But those are dangerous waters, and his eyes flicker down to your hands instead, exposed to the winter air.

     “Can I hold your hand?”

     There’s a beat of surprised silence from you, and you turn toward him, eyes wide and shining. He begins to stutter, to backtrack, because oh why did I have to ruin it, he scolds himself. But you’ll have none of that, and he finds your fingers lacing with his, already starting to warm up.

     You smile at him, the widest he’s ever seen. And there’s that feeling again, where it’s like the world has dropped beneath him, leaving only you and him, alone in the sky, hands entwined.

     “Don’t leave me,” he breathes out, rushed and quiet and everything terrified. He shouldn’t be scared, he really shouldn’t; Newt and Tina and everyone else didn’t spend all this time making sure he knew he was loved for nothing.

     But he is, and when you don’t answer, he stares down, shame burning his cheeks, and suddenly, he doesn’t feel like he’s floating anymore. The world has dropped from under his feet, but it’s no longer a pleasant sensation, and he tugs his hand from yours.

     You grasp his arm.

     You can feel his muscles, thin and starved, tighten beneath your touch. Credence stills, refusing to make eye contact, so you slide in front of him instead, forcing him to look at you.    

     “Credence,” you begin, “Listen to me.” You reach up to cup his cheeks, and you sense more than hear the slight hitch in his breath. “I will never leave you. I love you, Credence. I love you today, and I’ll love you tomorrow and everyday after that. And in the infinity after death, I’ll continue to love you.”

     Your thumb snags on a stray tear, but you’re not quite sure who it belongs to. Credence is happy, and he’s never thought it possible to feel so much. It’s overwhelming, and yet, he likes it. He definitely likes it.

    Everything about you, Credence decides firmly, is magic.

Let’s Not Fall in Love | 1

pairing: jikook (side ships yoonseok & namjin + platonic!sunshine line)
length: chaptered, ongoing
genre: school au, enemies (kinda) to lovers, angst, smut, fluff, badboy!jungkook x shyboy!jimin
rating: 16+

summary: jeon jungkook is everything jimin hates in the world: rude, manipulative, possessive, cruel - and, overall, a complete bad boy. after an awkward session of spin the bottle at a party jimin never wanted to go, the two become far too involved in each other’s lives, and jimin realises that he can use this to his advantage - maybe, he can finally get jungkook back for all the pain he’s caused. maybe, he can finally get revenge… 

but, then again, jimin never expected to fall in love along the way. 

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*uses all the voltron* NEW COMMISSION POST! Because my style is stupidly erratic and I wanted to let you all see what you’ll be getting if you commission me :D! 

If you’re interested please send me an email and I’ll get back to you asap!

RULES: (in bold to reiterate)

Payment - Paypal only, non negotiable. Preferably up front. (Because of new paypal rules and stuff I’ll be sending invoices for payments!)

SFW - Only safe for work content, everything else is ok!

Contact - Please send me an email at istehlurvz@gmail.com if you’re interested! If you send me a tumblr message or smthing else I’ll direct you to my email! It’s just easier to keep things together that way for me!

Prices - Depending on difficulty I reserve the right to alter prices accordingly. I’ll work with you to figure out a good price we’re both happy with!

Thankyou SO much for taking the time to read this! :Dc Commissions are basically my only income source and I really love doing them and would like to continue doing them :’>

Closed (10/10)

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Joe’s Diner (1/3)

Summary: the reader works at a diner and a mysterious man comes in and somehow changes her nights (v bad at summaries pls just read)

Pairing: bucky x reader

Word Count: 1151

A/N: this is my first mini series so like pls be nice on me bc im smol

The bell above the door chimed as the door opened and a gust of the night’s cold winter wind rushed in and hits your back. You let a deep sigh as your put down your study material and swivel around on the bar stool to face the person who walked.

“Welcome to Joe’s diner,” You greeted automatically in that fake chipper voice. You glance up at the stranger as you walked towards the hostess stand to grab a menu and you notice that the man looks mysterious but somehow inviting. He’s wearing black sport shoes with jeans and a red henley that looks so good stretched out across his broad chest; on top of that he’s wearing brown hoodie layered underneath a forest green jacket. You notice that he has long luscious chocolate colored hair that reaches his shoulders and he hides his face with the plain navy blue baseball cap that rests on his head.

“Where would you like to sit tonight, sir?” You asked as you pulled the menu out from the shelf from the stand after you were done checking him out shamelessly.

“The back,” he responded in a low husky voice, nodding his head towards the last booth in the back of the diner.

“Alright, follow me.” On the way to his seat, you noticed that you had been walking with more a swing in your hips and you were glad that you weren’t facing him because a blush quickly rose to your cheeks.

“Here we are,” you said as you laid down the menu and moving to the side so he could slide into the booth, “I’ll give you a minute to look over the menu.”

When you turned around, about to walk to the bar and study again, you saw your co worker/boss, Martha, standing by your work station with a smirk on her face. You shook your head and made your way over to her, knowing that she was going to freak about the handsome man that had entered the diner.

“What a catch,” Martha said with a wink. You turned your head back around to sneak a quick glance at him and you smiled to yourself.

“I know!” You replied, turning towards her again.

“Damn he looks good in that shirt,” she muttered, thinking that you wouldn’t hear her but you did and you gasped before playfully smacking her arm.

“Listen honey, if you don’t make a move on that man, I will,” she said with a serious expression.

“Oh-okay,” you replied with a laugh. Unbeknownst to you and Martha, the man heard every word of the conversation and a small smirk graced his face but he soon wiped it off when he heard you coming back in his direction.

“Can I get you something to drink? Or are you ready to order as well?” You asked in a flirtatious tone as you took out your notepad and pen.

“Orange juice and the four piece french toast, please.”

“Alright. Coming right up,” you replied as you took the menu from his hand. Your fingers brushed over his briefly and another blush crept up onto your cheeks, so in order not to embarrass yourself any further, you scurry away.

“Embarrassing,” Martha said as you placed the order with the chef.

“What? He’s very attractive and I’m not good with those kinds of people,” you explained yourself. Martha let out a laugh as she handed you the glass of orange juice.

“Don’t mess it up,” she said with and gently pushed you in his direction.

“Here’s your glass of OJ. I hope you enjoy it,” you said as you carefully place the glass in front of him.

“Thank you,” he says and squinted at your name tag, “Y/N.” The way your name rolled off his lips was like watching syrup being poured over freshly cooked pancakes, almost pornographic.

“You’re, uh, welcome,” you stuttered.

“James,” he said with a smile sticking out a gloved hand for you to shake.

“Y/N,” you replied, “but you knew that because you just said it because you just read the name tag that I wear because I work here and it’s part of my uniform,” you rambled. Instantly you wished that you could turn back time and redo this whole conversation.  James let out a chuckle as he raised his glass and took a sip.

“Anyways, I gotta get back to studying. So see ya later. Well not really because I have bring out your food but like….I’m just gonna go now,” you said, incredibly embarrassed. You just turn around and walked back to the bar where Martha was laughing like hyena at your blunder.

“Shut up,” you mumbled under your breath.

Once his food was ready and you brought it over to him, he thanked you with a million watt smile that made your heart flutter and all you could get out was a hushed ‘you’re welcome’ before you went back to studying.

“I’m clocking out Y/N. Can you take care of this place for me?” Martha asked while she was packing up her purse.

“Uh, really? You sure?” You questioned, afraid of being alone with James and not because you find him scary, but because you didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of him.

“Yeah honey, I’m sure.” She responded as she rounded the corner of the bar and walked over to you, “remember, give it a try,” she whispered as she squeezed your shoulder before walking out.

“What does that mean!” You half whispered half yelled to her receding back. Martha laughed and waved her hand before making the bell chime when she left. You looked back over to James and saw that he had finished eating and was currently on his phone checking messages.

“Can I take this plate away?” You asked as you walked up to his table, startling him a bit.

“Yeah. How much was it?” He asked as he reached for something in his wallet.

“Uh, $12.30.” James laid down a twenty, “keep the change doll.” He said as he got up. You gawked at the large tip he was leaving you with and stepped back a few steps to allow him to get out of the booth. A strong husky, winter lodge type of smell filled your senses and you realized that James and you were practically standing chest to chest as he looked down at you.

“Thank… thank you,” you stuttered out. He licked his lips and eyed you before he started to walk towards the door.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” You asked and watched him pause. You panicked thinking that maybe that was too forward.

“I sure hope so doll,” he said flashing you a wink and smile before leaving. You felt extremely giddy and like a schoolgirl after this encounter and for the first time you were excited for work tomorrow.

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It’s about that time again

So I need a lotta money before the 13th bc that’s my best friend’s bachelorette party and I CANNOT show up broke

I use Paypal. Prices are nonnegotiable. Email me at cinnamart1@gmail.com to discuss what you want. When I send you the invoice, please pay it immediately (do not let it sit in your PayPal and forget about it!! I will not get started on your piece until paid, and I need it paid by the 10th at the LATEST). I do ~not~ do refunds, but I will do small changes if it’s possible ✌


- chapter one: part one -

“There’s a million reasons why this shouldn’t work…but there’s one reason why it should…”

7 Weeks

Two pink lines. What the fuck. No, this couldn’t be happening.

I shook the stick a few good times, knowing the box says you’re really not supposed to but I thought that maybe if I did it hard enough, maybe...just maybe, it would fix the error. Because this was clearly an error. This was clearly a manufacturing error. It was the test, it had to be. The test was defective, the test was clearly defective. Because there was no way this could be right, there was absolutely no way that this test could actually be positive, there was no way I could actually be…pregnant…

Oh God.

The air cinched from my lungs as I plopped down on the toilet seat of my bathroom, the test barely dangling between my loose fingertips over my bent kneecap. Shit. I flicked my head back and forth, shutting my eyes as the heat began to travel from the warped pit of my stomach up to my cheeks, filling them with a sickening flush. Shit, shit, shit. How could this have happened? How could I have let this happen?

My shaken thoughts quickly juggled between ‘what the fuck am I gonna do’ and ‘holy shit….I gotta tell him’. Him. Him being a guy that would probably want nothing to do with this, a guy that had a whole entire world of speculation and scrutiny to deal with considering he was…famous. Him being a guy that I didn’t even really know, a guy that I hadn’t even spoken to since the night he…well, apparently impregnated me. The mere thought of having to speak to him, to tell him this news when we literally didn’t know a lick about each other, made the nerves start to creep up my spine.

I popped my eyes open and tentatively peered down at the little stick of death that was in my hand. Maybe I don’t have to tell him, I innocently thought with a tiny shrug, the idea being swiftly washed away by my own good conscience.

Letting out a loud groan, my upper body tumbled over as I let my head hang down between my parted knees, my arms dramatically slumping to the floor.  

I had to tell him. I had to tell Niall.

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Hey idk if your reaction requests are still open but do you think you could make a reaction for Exo to when you want them to cuddle you all day but they have important things to do at work. Thank you if you can do it ☺️


Babbbeee I have to go to work…. *looks and you and sees the puppy dog eyes* FINEEEEEE

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I will be back babe I promise…and if you let me go…I’ll reward you later

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Babyyyy let me go…. *you tug on him* JAGI PLS!

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*blinks* Why are you being so needy? *is slightly amused but won’t admit it*

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Him: Alright alrightttt I’ll stay!

You: I didn’t ask you to?


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I can’t stay babe…But when you look like that I guess I can spare a few minutes

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I can’t even with you rn.

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I’ll be back I promise!

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Is someone needy today?

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“doesn’t pewdiepie always like put his hair back in like his hat, you know, like all the boy singers do … like this or some shit i don’t fucking know”

anonymous requested: hii~ madelyn💕I think you can guess who I am haha! I was wondering if I could request a fluffy scenario where the reader is really shy and get’s scared easily so when she gets scared by something she runs to Jungkook’s arms and tries to hide her self in his chest and she’s all scared and he’s all protective of her? lol I hope this isn’t too much work for you!😅

Okay let me just start off by apologizing for taking foreverrrr to write this. I honestly have no other excuse than just being super unmotivated to write lately! I’m so sorry! Even so, I hope you enjoy this! This is my Valentine’s Day gift to all of you (:



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Scared, are you?

Friday night, 10:45 pm

“AAAAHHH!!!!!” you screamed as you quickly shut the TV off, threw the remote across the room, and clutched your rapidly beating heart. Short and detached breaths left your mouth, which was wide open from the jump scare you had just watched in Train to Busan. After you calmed down a bit and your breathing and heart rates returned to their normal paces, you slowly walked from the couch to the kitchen and grabbed a large knife, accidentally leaving your phone on the couch. You sighed when you remembered this fact, and you picked up your house phone to call the one number you knew by heart: Jeon Jungkook’s. And boy was he in for it.

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I meant to do this a while ago but I kept putting it off. My blog officially turned a year old on January 5th! And there are several things I want to do to celebrate but I wanted to start off with a follow forever of all my amazing mutuals!! I love you all so so much and you have all been such a blessing!! 

(If I forgot anyone, I am so so sorry babes and pls let me know!)


➰ My Parabatai @aleclightwqqd ➰:  Sam! My first official friend on here and one of the best people I know!! You’ve been there for me through quite a bit and there honestly aren’t enough ways to tell you how thankful I am for you! Also, all of your gifsets are absolutely amazing and I am always in awe every time! I am always so excited whenever I see that you’ve tagged me in your work!

💕 My Soulmate @loganlermans 💕: Nik my beautiful soulmate! The Magnus to my Alec, the Connor to my Oliver and the Thomas to my Minho! You are amazing and one of the sweetest people ever! You have been there for me through a lot and you always manage to make me smile! Also, your icons are to die for omg!! I love you xo

😍 My faves 😍

@delzinrowe : We’ve only been friends for a short time, Stef but it’s been a blessing! You are so nice and so so talented! I am in awe of all of your edits because wow! How can gifsets that pretty exist???? 


@protectholland: My Holly Bae! We have been friends for a while now and I am so grateful for that! You are one of the most positive and opinonated people I know and I love you for that! I also love your writing, edits and headcanons! So much talent!!


@harleyqvnn: Chloe, you are one of the most down to earth people I have ever met and you are always so so positive! You always have incredible urls and you make the best edits!! 


@tyrgaryens: Katherine my ask meme buddy! I look forward to when we reblog ask memes from each other because I can always count on a few questions from you! Also you are so sweet and kind and I am so happy to be mutuals!


@ersojyn: You have one of my honest to god favorite blogs of all time, Fenja and I am always in awe that you follow my trash blog! We don’t talk all the time but I love when we do because you are so kind! And wow I am in love with your writing and all of your edits! So much talent!


@ffinn: I’ve followed you for a while and we recently just became mutuals and honestly I am still in shock by that! I absolutely adore you and your blog, Holli! All of your edits? Amazing! Absolutely stunning! 


@barryallhan: Callie you are just the cutest little bean ever and I love seeing you appear on my dash! You are an incredible, strong and beautiful person and I am really lucky to have you for a friend, love!


@emmastoncs: Martina you are another one of those high quality blogs that make me wonder how you could be following my trashcan of a blog! I absolutely adore you! I love how you are here to enjoy what you want and what you love and that you refuse to let anyone tell you otherwise! You are incredible and I am so happy that we are mutuals! 


@victaj: Katie, I am not evene sure where to begin hun because there is so much I want to say! You are amazing and an absolute godsend to the Shadowhunters fandom! I am in love with your love for all the underappreciated characters! And wow I absolutely live for your headcanons and icons! Also, you’re absolutely gorgegous, I am in awe! 


@poedameron: Maggie, I adore you so so much and you are one of the coolest people I know! Your edits are always stunning and to die for, you are always so sweet to everyone and so positive and incredibly beautiful and gifted! 


@magsbane: The sweetest of the sweet! Corrie you are just so positive and kind and I am in love with your love for Magnus Bane! Your edits are so incredibly beautiful and wow! Have I mentioned how amazing you are???


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Good morning!!

good afternoon or good evening??

well whichever it is hello to all of you wonderful people!!

i’m just making this post to make some few announcements???? well i think they’re announcements…

well first off i would like to tHANK ALL OF YOU BECAUSE OH MY GOSH YOU ARE ALL SO NICE??? AND ALL THESE LOVELY MESSAGES MAKE ME WANT TO CRY OUT OF PURE HAPPINESS!!!!!! i am so so happy and am still in disbelief that a lot of you actually like my au??? how????? i am beyond overwhelmed my goodness you guys I LOVE YOU ALL!! and what really hits me in the honey-nut-feelios is when you guys say that my work inspired you??????? and that just– let me just roll over the puddle of tears i created pls 

and second!! i would like to apologize because i really wanted to post a comic for you guys today because i feel so loved and i just wanted to do something for you but it’s not finished yet and i left my pen tablet at home when we moved to our dorm and dudes i am so sad to inform you that i would probably get it done by the weekend??? i cry.

 so for the meantime i’m going to answer the asks i have left to pile up and i would like to apologize for that as well ;; ;; that was rude of me……………. i’m just going to make an faq page so all of you can see your questions answered in one go!! (because there are a lot of common questions???) so i might close my askbox again soon hahaha 

and lastly i would like to inform you that classes are starting and i might not update as much as i used to ;;; ;;;  

so once again thank you so so much to all of you!! you are all lovely people and i want to hug each and every one of you!!!💛  

why not both?
  • pairing: eisuke ichinomiya x MC x soryu oh.
  • rating: mature. it’s nice & smutty.
  • requested by: just me, lmao. definitely send me a request if you have one tho pls!
  • word count: ~1700.
  • author’s notes: okay so this is my first fanfic, crossing my fingers that it’s alright! i wrote this while i was at work on my phone, so pls forgive any errors. anyway, i just had to write this bc every time i look at the picture below, i’m like “man i’d give up my ability to eat chocolate ever again if i could sandwich myself between them”. in addition, since they’re two of my fave characters, the idea of them both being totally whipped for MC & doting on her makes me really happy?? i’m rambling, just pls read it & let me know what y'all think! enjoy 😘

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In Your Arms

A Bucky x Reader / fluff

A/N: Sorry I haven’t written much of anything lately guys. I needed a mental break. But I’m back! I hope you enjoy this, it’s super fluffy and I could use a Bucky like this right now. Let me know what you think! I love hearing from you! xo

Based on a request by @nnattyt: hey! can you possibly do a buckyxreader one where the reader is on their period and has to work late so Bucky picks her up from work and takes care of her AND JUST A WHOLE LOT OF FLUFF PLS XOXO (hope you like it!)

Word Count: 1,321

- none. maybe language.

Tags: @metallicbuck @bovaria @marvel-ash @theerinpage @sebbytrash @theerinpage @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit @matteblackvevo @james-babechanan-barnes @eyeofdionysus @jensensfreckleddick @manbunbucky @bookshelvesandteacups @lisgoe @iwillprobablybechangingthislater @lovemarvelwithmylife @obsessedwithfandoms-us @arianaamaris

*gif is not mine.

You stared at the clock looming above the soda machine, its hands ticking painfully slow. It was only 3 pm, and you had two more horrendously long hours to go, before your shift was over. Your stomach was killing you, the pressure in your legs so intense you wanted to cry. Aunt Flo had reared her ugly head and you were fucking miserable.

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I really should be working on my essay, but I just realized something from the latest yuri on ice episode and !!!!!!!!!

You know when Victor noticed that when Yuri is searching for an answer, Yuri’s eyes sparkle (so cute). So at last year’s banquet, we have Yuri

And immediately Victor


anonymous asked:

uhhhhhh is the Dany/Luke friendship like Matt/Foggy ? I've never cared much abt Dany but apparently they are like besties and ppl ship them? help me out pls I understand nothing


The backstory of how they became friends isn’t super complicated (they both had solo comics and the sales were slipping so Marvel decided to pair them to see if they sold better that way; in the story, Luke gets blackmailed into attacking Misty (Danny’s girlfriend) but everything works out in the end). Basically they met and were instantly BFF and business partners (as Heroes for Hire).

Danny is only 19 when they meet and fresh from K’un Lun and doesn’t know anything and is basically Luke’s adorable little confused friend. Luke is street-smart and socially conscious and angry and Danny adores him. They are not afraid to say they love each other:

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hp blog aesthetics / no more please! ✨

because i’m v bad @ self motivation these days so i’m going to do 3 max per item i cross off my (never ending) to-do list, let’s see if this helps??? eheh lmao 

to get one - 

  • must be following me 
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  • (if ur confused what the (aes) means see here! ) 
  • that’s it! pls bear with me though as i work through my to-do list! 


your hogwarts location / hogsmeade location / favourite confectionary / your morning owl post / diagon alley shop / weasleys’ wizard wheezes order / favourite subject / potential wizarding career / + one bonus category which will be dep. on your blog (surprises are fun) 


recently my “dad” cut off the money he’s been sending us for my brothers child support, for whatever reason i have no idea - im just going with: cuz he’s a massive wanker

so mum needs help with money, for like. food and bills and stuff. all i can do are commissions, i also have a redbubble and etsy store if you dont have enough for commissions.

my commission price is £30 an hour, plus a small fee for paypal(its usually like £1-2). all the commissions ive recieved it took between 40 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes. heres my commission tag for examples. if you need more examples, just look at my blog.

However, once the commission is done and it’s not within the budget you thought, I don’t mind negotiating the price. Even before the commission you can let me know your budget and I’ll do my best to work within the time (pls know the lower your budget, the less details i can do)

i know all the examples i’ve given above are mostly full body, you dont have to commission a full body thing, but you gotta be specific with if you want a bust, up to wait, or full body. outfit references are also helpful ! just as many references as u can get ur hands on

Things I can draw:

  • literally almost anything
  • from most fandoms
  • u want The Sexy Stuff ? no problemo
  • as long as the characters in question arent underage

things I cant draw:

  • probably mechas
  • and cars
  • outside scenes too, probably
  • but i will still try
  • if i struggle, i’ll let you know i cant do it and the commission will be cancelled

for traditional commissions, if you want it sent you’ll have to pay for shipping fees:

Within the UK
stickers: £2
posters: £3

Outside the UK
stickers: £3
posters: £4

Australia (sorry)
Stickers: £5
posters: £6

when it comes to paying, you don’t need to do anytihng. i will send you an invoice to your paypal and all you have to do is press a button that accepts the transaction

Animal Shelter Volunteer!Junhui

Woahhhh back at it again with the terrible bullet aus! I’ve got some things that I’m working on atm though so hopefully soon I’ll be coming at you with some proper scenarios (pls stay tuned ily)

  • GOd damn this beautiful boy
  • He makes me feel a lot of things okay yeye lets gO
  • Highkey uSEs his prettiness against people
  • ,,,,well that’s what it seems like but in actual fact he just really loves the animals and wants to cuddle them a lot* But yeah it ends up that the other people that volunteer there either end up fancying him or being entirely endeared by him and secretly wish they could take photos of him when he’s playing with the kittens and petting the dogs
  • “OKay can you just,,, stay there….”
  • “Alright?? Wait why are you getting your camera out?”
  • I could see him taking on a lot of shifts?? Just bc it’s quite a rewarding feeling and he gets a kick out of it also the animals are cute
  • The reason why he starts volunteering there in the first place is because he once adopted a cat from there with his family and remembered being so excited about it !!!
  • So yeah when he decided that he’d like to do volunteering he picked this shelter without a second thought
  • …………….which is really lucky wow
  • because you always come in every week without fail to donate food and toys and nice things for the animals
  • Everyone that works there knows you and endlessly ask you to join them and work there too
  • But you always say you can’t because you’re busy with school and extracurricular activities* The first time Junhui sees you he’s not only grasped by your kindness, he’s also kinda blown away by how pretty you are
  • When you leave he goes up to another worker
  • “Who’s that?”
  • “Oh! That was Y/N, they bring in stuff for the animals every week.”
  • And for some reason you kind of get stuck in his thoughts
  • He spends the following week eagerly waiting for you to donate things again
  • And when the day you usually comes in rolls around he’s so !!! and excited* “I ! might ! see ! that ! person ! again !”
  • THIS TIME HE PLans on talking to you because why shouldn’t he??
  • But then he realises he doesn’t know what to say
  • And spends the time up until you arrive being concerned and confused and worrying that he might be really awkward and terrible o no
  • So yeah,,, it’s a ‘disaster’
  • Nonetheless, you arrive at the shelter, donations in hand* Suddenly he’s at a loss for words and decides to dash over to where the cats are because he doesn’t know what to say and maybe he’ll mess this up even though he lowkey wants it to be perfect with all of his heart* Why though???? Because from what the other volunteers have told him you’re lovely and sweet and kind and actually have a really good sense of humour
  • But he continuously has to remind himself that you haven’t actually spoken to each other yet so he can’t get his hopes up too much that you’re some kind of saint-like person* So yeah he goes and hides with the cats and probably ends up petting one of his favourite ones for a little bit
  • But oh,,..,.,,,,. You’ve brought blankets with you this time and have asked if you can see some of the cats today
  • Therefore, unbeknownst to Junhui, you’re heading his way and the other volunteers have said that since he’s already in there he can introduce you to all the cats
  • And he’s just sitting there, tirelessly running his fingers through a cat’s fur when you walk in and go
  • “Uh, you’re Junhui right?”
  • But you sort of make him jump so he jolts a bit and turns around, the cat he was petting held tightly in his arms* (but obviously it doesn’t scratch him or anything,,,, probably not anyway)
  • And you’re instantly thrown off guard because??? This cute and pretty boy is holding this equally cute and pretty cat in his arms and looks impossibly endearing and attractive
  • While you’re staring at each other, Junhui would probably blurt out some awful and greasy line that makes you start laughing
  • “Hey! That wasn’t meant to make you laugh,”
  • Thankfully the laughter has broken any awkwardness that might have latched onto the atmosphere of the room, and as he shows you around and introduces you to his favourite cats you get to know each other a little bit and yeah it’s really nice
  • So let’s just say he’d end up eagerly awaiting your arrival every week
  • (and any texts you might send him when you work up the courage to give him your phone number)

magic kyun! renaissance #08 | the light out of reach ( 届かぬ光 ).

“I practice far more than anyone else. Everyone expect me to be a prodigy. That’s why I don’t let anyone see me working so hard. (Are you sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard ?)