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Just started on Tumblr again after YEARS away and things have changed. Especially on the SJW front. I can't believe what a mess this place is. You seem to have a handle on things. What are some of your favourite blogs?

Oh wow, welcome back and thanks so much for saying that, I’m really pleased to hear you think so. 

I’ve got fairly bad fibromyalgia and it’s definitely raging at the moment so my brain isn’t quite as clear as usual (brain fog sucks), so this definitely isn’t a complete or organized list, but it’s a list of who I like and can think of right now:

@vivaladivatracy  (fab sj activist and my tumblr bestie)





@allthecanadianpolitics (bc they’re awesome & I’m canadian <3)






















And that’s all I can think of for now. I’m definitely missing LOTS but this should be a good start. I’m also not 100% endorsing everything each of these individual blogs post/say, I’ve just had good interactions with them before and/or have seen good things on their blog. 

If anyone has anything to add to this list, please go for it! <3

me: yeah i don’t know, women who are really touchy with each other freak me out

aaron: you’re not very touchy in general

me: i touch your butt a lot

aaron: well yeah, but you don’t really like to be touched

me: i let you touch my butt

aaron: …cool, thanks

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I wanna carry Lucy. I want her to notice me ;-; I'm invisible to her all I want is for her to notice me and maybe let me touch her boob I'll carry her anywhere she wants

You’‘ll see more of her later this year when I draw the Gullible Gulls comic.

Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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Sector 4: A settlement on a lonely sea rock » 6C00-0055-141E (wip)

Six months ago, a war vessel of the Holy Empire was destroyed en route, and all surviving soldiers took shelter on a sea rock. When the Holy Emperor received word of this, he decreed that the rock should be colonised by his subjects, so that it may forever light the way for the Holy Empire’s seabound vessels. Travellers beware: the Empire does not take kindly to outsiders and dissidents. You would be wise to disguise yourself, lest you draw the attention of the Eye.

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To the first,
I don’t blame you for the pain I’ve endured on behalf of you. I knew in my heart we could never grow to love one another no matter the fact that I hoped we could learn to. I told myself for a long time that I would wait, and I wouldn’t end up like everyone else. I’m not sure why I went against everything I’ve ever told myself but I guess I don’t necessarily regret it. I understand what happened now, what you were searching for. All along you’re reaching for her, but your hands found me first, but I let you touch me knowing that sometimes men are reaching for another thing. So it’s on me, things worked out for you and Innoway I was collateral damage, it’s alright.

I was on the bus about 3 days ago, just chilling and listening to music and this family came on the bus, the youngest who was about 6-7, kept turning and looking at me even his dad realised and told him not to.

Not even 10 seconds later he jumped out of his sit, ran towards me, I took off my headphones and he was saying “I like your hair, it’s just like mine” and I was like “it’s kool, isn’t it?” He was like “ I like it, it’s just like mine” then he reached out his hand and was like “let me touch” so I leaned towards him and he was like “it’s soft just like mine” with his little squeaky voice lol I heard the biggest “awwww from the back of the bus” and when I looked up everyone was smiling. Looked towards his parents, his mum was smiling and his dad was laughing while saying sorry lool I hi fived him as he was leaving and ran straight back to his sit. Took me out of the numbness I felt that day. I couldn’t stop smiling, everyone couldn’t stop smiling.