let me tell you why i love this scene

aelliots  asked:

melinda may for the character thing :)

  • Why I like them: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Seriously. Too long a list.
  • Why I don’t: UMMM IS THERE A THING I COULDN’T LIKE? she’s too pretty i guess sometimes i struggle to relate to her because I talk a lot and she… doesn’t
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): saving phil’s gorgeous ass in 2x15
  • Favorite season/movie: my heart says season 4 for shipping reasons, but technically she’s barely in it. so season 2
  • Favorite line: everyone’s favorite line “How about I do you a favor and not tell anyone that a tiny little Asian woman kicked your ass.”
  • Favorite outfit: nothing anything with a leather jacket
  • OTP: -points to url-
  • Brotp: Nat/May
  • Head Canon: she had a stuffed panda as a kid who she loved. she doesn’t still have him, but she did get a panda keychain to remember him by
  • Unpopular opinion: big snuggler when she likes you
  • A wish: for her to be happy in the framework ❤ with phil is preferable but i wanna see her happy
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: her dying
  • 5 words to best describe them: tough, fierce, broken, loving, maternal
  • My nickname for them: mel, lin

GOD i hope next week they prove Lena’s innocent and the end scene is her and kara snuggled up on the couch and kara being like “girl listen to how fucked up all my friends are right now also let me tell you about mike” and lena is like “honey mike sounds like a fuck boy why don’t you just be single and love yourself”

this is what I want this is the supercorp I want in canon:


1. the music!!! okay so the music doesn’t sound that deep, but like they have dramatic music and it makes the scene 1000000x better

2. i loved the way that stiles kissed her. it wasn’t on the lips but it makes it better for me???? like he did it with his usual dorky self which made it more natural

3. it looks like they’re not even in a relationship by then so it’s like they’re used to/okay with casual things like that.


5. lydias face at the end!!! it means so much to me. like at first you don’t notice it but after seeing it again you can tell she’s like “woah i’m catching feelings”

but yeah, in conclusion i’m shook, and i can not wait any longer :)

like i am overjoyed that my otp is engaged, but at the same time that scene was exactly why i feel like i’m pretty much over watching ouat regularly. like buddy bois A&E… you’ve got to let your characters BREATHE. I’ve watched these characters grow for 6 seasons, you don’t need to insert drama left and right to keep me invested in their happiness. at this point i just want them to be HAPPY. I loved that one scene at the end of season 5? 6A?, where emma tells killian that she loves him, and it’s great because that milestone was crossed without imminent danger or ~angst~. The ending of season 3 was so satisfying because emma and killian finally entered a relationship, and it happened without them being under emotional duress. Peace and calm is what makes moments like those feel fulfilling and genuine!

At some point i’m just going to get tired of the characters going through the same old struggles. we’ve seen the ‘one half of cs keeps a secret from the other” like 5 times already, we’ve seen “rumple can’t let go of his power” 10 times, and we’ve seen “regina gets upset she isn’t getting her happy ending” 15 times. LET THEM MOVE ON. LET THEM HAVE SOME HAPPINESS AND LET THEM GROW A BIT. Every time there’s progress, there’s regression in the next episode. That’s usually fine, but at this point it’s become stale and annoying. I want to see characters do new things, face new challenges, and continue to grow.

I’m just going to use cs as an example - they just moved in with each other! as much as they love each other, i’m sure it’s not always easy to adjust to another person’s living routine! they’re both used to living alone, so maybe there’s a learning curve! maybe they get a little annoyed at each other and argue over a silly thing like who didn’t take their shoes off on the carpet!! because that’s relatable!! couples have disagreements, that’s healthy!! and maybe they’re trying to deal with some magical disturbance, or some EF transplant resident is having issues fitting in, and over the course of the episode they learn more about how to coexist and compromise their habits!! because that’s part of being in a relationship!!! i would watch the shit out of that episode because it lets their relationship grow without throwing in some crazy outlandish drama!!!


Malec Appreciation Fortnight: Day 4 - Best OTP moment (moment that made to freak out)

I’m not being cryptic. I’m being coy. [sighs] Let me spell it out for you. I wanted to see you again.
Why’d you come?
I’m not sure.

That scene, people. That scene. I squeed so hard. It was just so beautiful. The foreshadowing and all. Magnus telling Alec how he felt. Alec giving his strength to Magnus. Alec being concerned for his boyfriend. Cocktails. All the smiling. So. Much. Love.
BTW, I wasn’t sure if I should include the last pic - but then again, Alec smiling, especially because of Magnus, how could I resist not to, right?

let’s discuss how important and nice andrew and neil’s relationship is pls

  • andrew always always asking neil “yes or no” before they start making out
  • the scene where neil asks hey bro why let me touch you and andrew doesnt reply but when neil reaches out for him and andrew says stop neil stops 
  • then andrew proceeds to tell him this is why i let you
  • when neil comes back from Hell Days (aka w/ his dad’s pets) and andrew fights everyone to reach him 
  • andrew telling abby dont come near us 
  • andrew helping neil cover his scars in the morning so he can shower
  • andrew showering neil and treating neil like a puppy
  • neil always sticking to andrew and sitting with him at the back of the bus even tho kevin was ready to fight him 
  • andrew not taking the packets anymore!!!!!!
  • neil feeling like he could finally fianlly lean on someone and that someone is andrew 
  • andrew driving neil
  • neil asking the group to take a road trip after a conversation with andrew about never going anywhere
  • neil realizing andrew is in trouble when they went to nicky’s house 
  • andrew punching nicky for lewd unwanted comments
  • neil learning how to say anything but “im fine”
  • this rs screams: it’s the small gestures that count!!!!!!
  • “i sum it up: when nicky says: i dont know who is humanizing who”
thoughts on the Liam romance path

While there is no denying that it was absolutely cute and I cherished every small second of it, I just get the feeling that it’s out of order? like there is not fluid line of flirting, and then suddenly ur on his couch making out and you get moved to scene where they act like basically nothing happened.

And then you go on this “date” where he tells you a few lines and that’s it.

The final scene is very cute and fun, (which I think fitted Liam perfectly) but there isn’t no definitive “I love you” or anything

Like the whole romance seemed similar to a fling or just two people enjoying eachothers company cause why not, we have known eachother the longest. lol.

It’s just a little disappointing and compared to the PB or Cora scenes…It just sucks:/

If you guys know more about it, or maybe even I missed something let me know but as of rn, I’m bummed


Olake Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Fave Olivia Pope moment(s)/scene(s) 

Episode 2.01 | White Hat’s Off

Why this is my favorite scene from Red Hood and The Outlaws

Let me tell you how many things I love about this 5 panels:

  1. The artwork is fantastic, capturing motion and the weights of the blows perfectly
  2. Artemis is bursting with muscles
  3. The fact that in the First Panel she literally throws her Giant axe down like “nah, I don’t need this to smack him around”
  4. Jason ragdoll flying like he was part of Team Rocket in Panel 3
  5. Artemis’ aparent powers of teleportation or super speed in Paner 4
  6. How the conversation they are having is 100% a civil conversation
  7. And most of all, how the first thing that Jason thinks is “she finds that innapropiate, I’m not saying it again”.



at least women that can beat his ass.

which means all of the redheads he knows at the very least

Just My Opinion

Im not analyst but let me telling you what I feel about my ship (NaruSasu).

Ermm Sorry for my bad english. Im not English so.. yea u know what I mean XD


From this scene

I know it’s dangerous for me, I know that I’ll be a narusasu soldier. Even the lovely accident (kissing scene) has appear before.


Ikr u’ve know the reason.

“the death” of Sasuke give a ‘punch’ for Naruto. And you know what, Sasuke is the first person who can break the seal. Read it correctly, THE FIRST. Omfg…

This scene so meaningful for me than kissing scene. Truthfully, for the first time bout kissing scene, I think that’s just a comedy. Well, I said “ha ha ha they’re so funny”.

But for this scene? Aww man seriously. To protect the important person to you, and how important that person even he can break the seal. I got it from narusasu and yasssssss I said, “im a narusasu soldier right now! Shit!”

and WTF with this position!!!

But that isn’t the conclusion or not my point.

The point is.. why I do prefer NS than SN?

My bad.. The first, I just wanna say It’s my opinion, my reason, and I don’t mind to hurting SNL. I do love if they’re together, whoever the top or the bottom. But, still.. I do prefer NS than SN.


In my mind, in my opinion, and my reasons is :

(Once again im not analyst. It’s just my reasons. All the peoples have a different opinion and reason, right)

1. Naruto, who obsessed with Sasuke

After Sasuke leave konoha, we all knew about naruto’s feeling

Even he spent 5 hours for thinking bout Sasuke.

2. Naruto, who will give a hand, and Sasuke, who will take it (yeah even Sasuke always push Naruto’s hand)

We all knew, the whole Naruto Shippuden’s story is talk about this shit too

3. Naruto who protect Sasuke

Don’t need I post the screenshot. Just remember the Scene when Karui ask about Sasuke to Naruto, and Naruto didn’t give any information to Karui. And then Naruto let him to get karui’s punch for Sasuke’s sake. Even Sai ask to him why he’s to do this just for Sasuke’s sake? Or scene when Naruto apologize to Raikage, and this is for Sasuke’s sake too. Or what? Too much Scene dude.

4. Their bond make I love them and want they’re together.

U can find analyst post about NSN’s bond. It’s too much and I think the whole Naruto series is talk about this bond (Yin and Yang, Sun and Moon).

5. Sasuke’s physic

Whats the meaning?

I mean, Sasuke’s physic just too beauty for a boy. Maybe this is just me (or not) to think that Sasuke has a pretty face.

Ok let’s see


Narrow eyes, double eye-lid, and long eyelashes

Long and thin face ; pointy chin ; and pale skin

And ofc his longhair make he really look alike a girl, especially with his mother (Mikoto is a beauty mommy ya know)

Even Kushina and Izumi think Sasuke is a girl (when he’s still a baby). Just remember when Kushina meet up with Mikoto (Naruto Shippuden ep 247) and Izumi meet up with Itachi (Naruto Shippuden ep 452)


6. The important thing is… well I don’t mind too hurting Sasuke’s fans (fyi Im Sasuke fans too) but I think Naruto more gentle than this Uchiha #lol

What’s again? It’s too much, I have more reasons that I can’t tell you.

So that’s all. Once again I telling you, it’s not analyst post, just my reason and maybe if you NSfans, you can add more if I’ve forgot to put some important things.

That’s why I do prefer NS. And just calmdown, the important is they’re together and to be canon *I wish*

Shit it’s not fair T-T

 they aren’t canon anymore dude, that fact so savage *sniff* ToT

But still, they’re canon in all SN/NS fans’s heart^^

Thanks for reading~

Emison is Great  Expectations asf

Emison is so perfectly and delicately crafted, the love isn’t up front and center, it’s the little things, in between scenes, that make this ship so beautiful. The Emison ship has always been there, I started rewatching PLL and let me explain what I found. Alison and Emily are just like Pip and Estella from Great Expectations. Here’s why:

Estella is stuck up and haughty when Pip first meets her at the beginning of the novel, Just like Ali. Estella tells Pip he is “simply common” While Alison rudely tells Emily “If I’m kissing you, it’s just practice, for the real thing.”

Despite this, both Pip, and our girl Emily, are immediately attracted to them. Both are able to see past the icy exterior to who really lies beneath.

Also, Like Pip, Emily continues to see and interact with Alison despite being emotionally abused and hurt.

Both Pip and Emily earn a kiss from Ali and Estella, but nothing emerges romantically.

Emily and Pip both become attracted to other girls, not as “Polished and educated”

Emily meets Alison again in New York, while Pip once again sees Estella in London.

Alison and Estella become involved with other people, leaving Pip and Emily, Jealous

Emily and Pip are crushed after finding out that Ali and Estella are married/getting married

Both Alison and Estella end up widows, and victims of domestic abuse at the hands of their late husbands.

After the aftermath of these Marriages, Pip/Estella and Ali/Emily part ways, but it seems likely that this time, they’ll end up together.

You guys, They’ve been planning this since the beginning! it’s been in front of us for years, and no one picked up on it! Alison’s message in 1x09 wasn’t just a cute line, it was foreshadowing for the future. Alison’s “Pip gets Estella in the end.” is important to the Emison timeline, Emily and Alison’s story isn’t finished yet. They will be together in the final chapter.


ADDICTED15: day 11 » a scene you keep reading

“Luna Hale,” I reply. “Let me tell you the secret of the universe.”
She rubs her eyes with her fist, but the tears just keep flowing. “The entire universe?”
“The entire universe,” I affirm. “Your worth isn’t dictated by the number of friends you have. You can have zero friends and still be the most amazing, spectacular person in the whole galaxy. You want to know why?”
“Why?” Her voice is meek, but the waterworks have ended.
“Because the love friends give you isn’t even comparable to the love you give yourself.”

Attack of the Clones, aka Padme Amidala knows what she did

Ok when I say Attack of the Clones is my third favorite Star Wars movie, I am 100% serious and let me tell you why. It’s entirely this scene. Also known as the cheesiest, dumbest, most unnecessarily angsty romance scene in existence. Stay with me and I will explain why I adore this scene and why it completely changed everything I knew about Padme. She knows what’s she’s doing ok.

If I can come to any conclusion at the end of the scene, its that Padme Amidala loves romance novels. I’m not trying to knock romance novels, I love my occasional good romance, but Padme isn’t reading the good stuff, ok? She’s reading the books you buy in the checkout line of your locally owned grocery store. She’s reading the stuff you buy on kindle for 99 cents. She’s reading whatever the Star Wars equivalent of that and liking it, and knowing its crap while loving it all. She probably unironically has a book shelf full of a series called Sensual Senators, or something. And she is completely ready to reenact those scenes in real life, ok. She knows what she’s doing. She’s ready to live this mess.

So Anakin is 100% not aware that is angst is stupid ok. He thinks its poetic. Padme is completely aware from the beginning that he’s full of poop ok, that he’s just an angst machine. When he starts his monologue she’s just making these annoyed faces, as if she can’t believe he’s actually saying these words unironically.

She’s just constantly looking down, refusing to make eye contact, embarrassed by being in the same room as this dude, knowing that if she responded it would the cheesiest thing she’s ever done.

Anakin is like “ARE YOU SUFFERING TOO?”

and you know what? she’s probably not. She’s probably fine. But here’s her opportunity, right? She can either be the mature adult and tell Anakin that he’s actually just an angsty kid, or she can live the Sensual Senators life

she thinks about it very seriously for like ten seconds

then turns the angst up to 11

she knows what she has to do right? She knows the tone she has to do it in. Padme knows what she’s about, ok? “This is the real world Anakin! We have responsibilities! We can’t succumb to FORBIDDEN LOVE”

Ok, she’s read this a million times. She knows she has to pretend to be the responsible one. She has to pretend to be reluctant so that when they finally do both “succumb” it will be that much angstier. She knows what she’s about.
And she knows that Anakin is completely falling for it, ok, look at this face.

The dude stands up and she’s simultaneously turned on and trying to will him not to grow a brain at this moment and realize they’re both idiots.

Angst continues for a moment, and Anakin tells her that she’s right, that they both have responsibilities. He turns around, and Padme PANICS for like a split second.

For like have a second she panics, thinking she went too hard on the “oh no its forbidden” thing and wasted her opportunity, right? But then Anakin is like “Or we could keep it secret?


Padme is like “Nooooo, that would be terrrribleee!! We couldn’t live like that!” while literally cracking a grin

Ok, this is the only time Padme breaks character because damn, Anakin is even angstier than she could have dreamed. Does this look like a woman who is appalled at the idea of a secret romance? The woman is ecstatic, ok. If she wasn’t trying to fool this dude into living out her romance novel fantasies, she would be jumping for joy. But this the woman that is literally trained to face done the entire senate without so much as showing emotion one way or another. And she cracks a grin here.

But she can’t give in yet. You have to draw these things out, and make it angstier and angstier to get the full potential. So this scene ends, and Padme probably goes and starts highlighting passages in Sensual Senators once Anakin leaves. This woman knows what she’s doing with her life, and she starts dragging Anakin to more places they aren’t supposed to go to get the full experience. She’s willingly doing this to herself, alright. 

TLDR; Padme Amidala consciously decided to make her life into a 99 cent romance novel and I love her for it.

Some nights I dream about you,

I tell you all the secrets my conscious self could never find the courage to say,

in my dream, it’s an absolutely stunning scene, a paradise.

Sparkling blues, the warm sand between our toes, hand in hand.

in my dream, it’s the dream we planned on in our once reality,

For a moment in time, we remember why we fell in love,

I’ve taken the words I’ve written for you, lost love letters lost in the walls,

I’m not the girl who sleeps next to you anymore but let me be the words that stay hidden under your pillow lulling you back to sleep reuniting us in our dream reality.

—  Demetra Demi  

Let me tell you something about this scene. Let me analyze this for you. Because there is no scene - not one, not the episode with the date, not the episode with the dance - none of them that compare with this scene and let me explain why; this scene is all but physical, spoken proof that these two characters were in love with each other. And if this is what it all led to, and this is how it ends, then this show wasn’t really a comedy after all.

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I am Fire!

I am Death!

I will eat the elf NOW.

Okay, you know what? That giant fire-breathing lizard talks way too much. And he is obstructing everyone’s view of me. Tell you what? Why don’t I just not deal with him at all? Good for me. I need to study my fabulous scene stealing techniques. You know, just showing up and being me.

Oh, forget it. Let me burn down some seaside resort somewhere.

Oh. So that is how he got to Laketown, Gandalf?

Well…Thranduil can be somewhat Thranduil.

So I’ve noticed.

You love me, admit it. [Fangirls scream]

okay everyone just shut up !!

Malec guys, MALEC!!

Originally posted by magnusandalec

can we fucking talk about this?? like holy shit???

Okay let me get my thoughts together

This scene literally kills me, every single time I watch it. As much as I love seeing Magnus being all coy and flirty, this damn moment is something I cherish way more than any suggestive look Magnus could throw Alec’s way.


Let me tell you. 

We’ve got Magnus plainly spelling out his desires to Alec, and Alec being the adorable puppy that he is, stuttering and uncertain. Then Magnus silences him without even touching him, and says simply “I understand.”

I love this. Magnus says “I understand” immediately when Alec expresses uncertainty, he’s not trying to push him or pressure him, he doesn’t want Alec to feel uncomfortable or forced. Magnus Bane could have anything he wants, he could probably have Alec now if he truly wanted to force him, it would be easy he’s so powerful, but instead he instantly respects Alec’s boundaries and backs off the minute he starts to be uncomfortable. He’s so respectful and mindful of Alec’s situation and he wants Alec to know that he truly understands and wouldn’t ever try to force him into something if he’s not ready, he’s willing to wait as long as it takes. 

Magnus Bane is so undeniably understanding and kind when it comes to Alec’s needs and wants. If Alec doesn’t give permission Magnus won’t lay a finger on him, won’t do anything other than harmlessly look and make a few shrewd comments unless Alec wants him to stop (but we all know he doesn’t). The patience of a warlock who’s as old as Magnus is a gift, he’s learned to wait, waiting is immortals do best after all. 

He’s not upset that he can’t have Alec, he’s not angry with him he doesn’t try to make him feel any less than he is, he reassures him that it’s okay to be unsure and uncertain and Magnus won’t do a thing until Alec wants him to, and that’s what I adore about Magnus. He’s putting his own wants beside in favour of what Alec needs because he cares about Alec like no one ever has before (except Izzy of course) and Alec must be so relieved and shocked that someone is putting him first for once, he doesn’t have to explain himself to Magnus, doesn’t have to justify himself, he can just be himself and Magnus understands.

Guys, this is why I love malec.

Let me ask the people who ship Rucas a question:

if Lucas still loved Riley, why did his smile disappear immediately after Farkle announced that Riley still loved him??

Farkle also says “I’m sorry guys” to them. If he thought that Lucas and Riley should be together, he wouldn’t be saying that.

And why did he insist on knowing whether Maya liked him or not during the Campfire Scene, because that wouldn’t matter if he liked Riley?

Please, tell me how you guys think.

I want to say something about how Supergirl is so aggressively heteronormative it’s actually hella homophobic.

But first I have to tell how, as a bisexual woman, how hurtful it is when something uses QUEERNESS AS HYPERBOLE. It’s a fucking punch to the gut. It’s one of those subtle ways media has of telling us we’re not normal and what we watch is not for us.

In a world where I have to stand the usual “everybody is a bit bisexual” and the “it was a phase” argument is basically EVERY comedy I ever watch, be it comedies I hate like Trainwreck, or comedies I love like Spy, the queerness-as-hyperbole problem seems a bit less obvious, but it’s equally insidious.

What am I talking about? Well, let me tell you why I recently wanted to hurt things at my tv screen while watching CBS’ Supergirl. It was during a scene where Kara was talking to his sister about how jealous she was of Lucy Lane because she was with James, whom Kara likes. The whole thing was Kara listing Lucy’s virtues and how perfect she is (and obviously resenting the fact) and she ends with the zinger, saying that “Hell, I want to date her”.

This is classic queerness-as-hyperbole. Kara is basically saying “Lucy is so awesome that even I, Kara, 200% straight and not at all queer, would want to date her, that’s how perfect she is”.

You see this done a lot for humor. Male characters who are so amazing that other male characters get crushes on them while remaining perfectly and comfortable heterosexual. Being able to instill “theorical queerness” (that never ever goes anywhere) on other characters is somehow a compliment.

Fuck that.

It hurts, it tires me out.

We know Kara is not sexually attracted to Lucy. We know she would never consider dating her. It’s a figure of speech. It’s using the fact that there’s no room for queerness in this show to make a fucking point.

And yes, it also hurts to see a lot of people in fandom go “proof that Kara is canonically bisexual!”. It’s frustrating. I’m not going to take queer people’s need for representation even in headcanons away. God knows I need it too. But this is giving Supergirl credit for representation when in fact it was just reinforcing the oppressive heteronormativity of the show.

And it’s not even the first time Supergirl has been homophobic.

The pilot has Kara literally screaming she’s not gay from a rooftop.

Then we have the moment when Lucy tells James that she fears he’ll get obsessed with Supergirl because he was so obsessed with Superman, except this time there’s the possibility of it being romantic because Supergirl is a woman, and it’s like “Superman in a skirt” so it’s perfect for James. The only thing that separates James from being in love with Clark Kent is the fact that he lives in a completely heterosexual narrative, nothing else. That scene is both painfully heteronormative and weirdly homophobic.

Heterosexuality is so reinforced all the time in this show I can barely stand it. Cat’s son didn’t have to be a boy at all (in fact it would have been more fitting with the show’s usual basic faux feminism if it had been a young girl who looks up to Kara), and definitively we didn’t need to have him have a crush on Supergirl. A shy boy with social skills problems and how does that get fixed? He gets sexually reinforced because of his connection to Supergirl, whom he has a crush on, and so he gains the confidence he was lacking. That was the way they encouraged this character, I kid you not! It’s so cliched and so disgusting.

I mean, what did we expect, from Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and the conservative, misogynsitic shit they normally produce.

But it’s just, it’s so tiresome.

And if you are straight please, please, before saying how awesome Supergirl is and giving it representation cookies because Kara is canonically bisexual because she said she wanted to date Lucy, think about if you truly believe the show was really telling you Kara wanted to date another woman because she’s bisexual or if the show was making and point and a joke by playing with the idea that heterosexuality is the default in the Supergirl universe.