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characters moodboard edition

↳ lily evans

this one is for my love @hogsmecd who is turning 20 today. if you follow her you probably already know but if you don’t, let me tell you how much this woman is our contemporary lily evans: she is the sting of a good high five, she is freckles and laughing until you cry, she is fire red hair and compliments until you have to hide under a blanket, she is kindness and fairness, she is this whisper over the phone that makes you smile, she is untied shoelace and splitting coffee, she is the smell of baking brownies, excitement and giggles, she is running up and hugging someone from behind, huge scarves and kisses on the forehead, promises and shooting stars, reading too many books you actually confuse them with reality, she is passionate talks and ready to fight the world fo you, she is snappy responses and comfort words, she is the golden light of the sunset, crunching leaves in autumn, she is the knowledge of someone supporting you no matter what

Dating Queenie Goldstein (female x female)

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A/N: By popular request here are some Queenie Goldstein dating headcannons, I’m so sorry I haven’t updated for a couple of days but I’ve been up to my neck in essays! Also I’ve been considering some NSFW headcannons for a couple of the characters so let me know if that’s something you want!

Warnings: None

Words: 359

·         Her knowing how much you like her but not saying anything because she knows you’re not ready to tell her

·         That doesn’t stop her from flirting with you though

·         When you do tell her she tells you she’s known all along

·         This adding to your love for her as you know she’d never pressure you to do anything you didn’t want to

·         Her cooking for you all the time

·         You ask her to teach you how to do it too

·         Not a very good ending resulting you not being allowed near the cooker until, well, ever

·         So much clothes sharing

·         Doing each other’s makeup

·         Being so close to the other it usually results in making out

·         This results in lipstick stains everywhere

·         Not being able to show PDA outside

·         Because of this Queenie would have to get her fill while you’re both inside the apartment

·         Queenie telling the land lady that she’s in a relationship

·         Her being told not to bring him up into the apartment

·         Queenie having to hold her laughter in until she’s through the door

·         Telling you what happened

·         Both of you laughing for a solid 5 minutes and never being able to look the landlady in the eye again

·         Queenie tries very hard not to read your thoughts that often as she respects your want for privacy

·         So many picnic dates

·         Finding many ways you can secretly hold each others hand

·         Whispering compliments in Queenie’s ear while you’re out together

·         She’d be undeniably sexual back

·         So much cuddling

·         You’d both want as much physical contact as you could get while together

·         All the butt touching

·         So much that Tina often has to remind you both that she is in the room and can see what you two are doing

·         Queenie would flirt with you all the time

·         You reminding her that you’re together now and she doesn’t have to flirt anymore

·         She tells you it’s ‘more fun this way’

·         Constantly declaring your love for the other

·         Just in case they forget

·         That is very unlikely but hey, it’s an excuse

·         Having the most fun and flirty relationship that is supported by everyone close to you

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that duck comic feels so canon I'm shook. did you alter or improve the writing/panels while redrawing it from the original?

oh shucks, thank you! that means a lot to me! I did fix the panelling quite a bit but the dialogue/acting is pretty much exactly how it was in the first draft, but then I’ve always loved their personalities, so I knew them intimately well as characters, and I’ve always tried to write by letting the characters compel the story and dialogue rather than ‘telling them’ what to do, so hopefully that’s why it works?


The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) - Stephen Chbosky

5 bullets on this film: 

  • Yeah, I know it has become a pseudo intellectual teen cliche, but fuck it, I love this movie. Every time I watch it I feel this urge to text my friends and tell them how much I love them. Man, friends are the best thing in this world, and this film makes you realize that. 
  • God bless the soundtrack. I’ll say it twice and louder for the people in the back: GOD BLESS THIS SOUNDTRACK.

  • The cast is great. Logan Lerman did really well in this film, but let’s talk about Ezra Miller????? He’s perfect as Patrick and he really got into the character. I hate seeing young talented people, it makes me feel kinda worthless. 

  • Stephen Chbosky is the director of the film AND the writer of the book, so all the important details of the story and the cute quotes are still there. I think I had never seen a better adaptation of a book, honestly. 

  • The themes go from sexual abuse and mental illness to friendship and music. AND I LOVE THAT. It’s really inspiring, and if you’re going through a hard time, watch this movie, it makes you feel alive.

Ok ok my friends sit down and let me tell you how much I love Bismuth’s Character Design.

What is a Bismuth?

Bismuth: A brittle pinkish-white crystalline metallic element having low thermaland electrical conductivity, which expands on cooling. It is widely used in alloys, esp low-melting alloys in fire safety devices; its compounds are used in medicines. Symbol: Bi; atomic no: 83; atomic wt:208.98037; valency: 3 or 5; relative density: 9.747; melting pt:271.4°C; boiling pt: 1564±5°C

A natural bismuth that is not man made is usually a silver gray ore like this here

But when it is oxidized and added to heat it gets that rainbow color to it that bismuth is commonly known for

What Does this have to do with Steven Universe Bismuth?

Bismuth is a metallic crystal. Bismuth is also commonly used in alloys. and what is an alloy you may ask?

An Alloy is a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements, especially to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion.

so when you what her in the forge collecting metals and using the heat and herself, She is literally creating alloys with other metals and herself to create her weapons.  

And Because Bismuth is a metallic crystal it can be melted and shaped into different forms. Just like how she can shape shift her arms into the tools she needs 

Not to mention her colors match both oxidized and non oxidized bismuth is pretty awesome too

Bismuth is an amazing gem and you can’t convince me otherwise

Question for my followers

First of all, O M G. I am so grateful to all of you for being so great and asking so many really fantastic questions. This has been a great week so far and I’m looking forward to continuing this blog for a long time to come.

I hope that you’re finding my answers useful. I’m still working through how much to blather on and how technical to get. If you have follow up questions, please let me know, and also I love it best when you tell me about your stories and characters when you ask your questions, so keep that up!

OK, on to the question for YOU.

I have had a couple of people ask me questions about law enforcement, and I have turned down some of those questions, but I am wondering if you would like me to do a special interview of a police officer. I do know one (and can probably track down someone else to ask questions of if he’s not willing to be interviewed). If I do this, I would like to have a bank of questions to ask, so is this something that you would like me to do? If so, please send me your police and law enforcement asks! I will save them up and answer a bunch at once.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please leave comments to this post if you can, or send me an ask.

Also, is there anyone else you’d like me to interview? Judges and social workers immediately come to mind based on the questions I’ve had.

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Omg, that Dad!Hanin thing is hilarious. <3 All of your characters are adorable/interesting/cute/etc and its inspiring let me tell you. I'm not a hundred percent comfortable with my OCs but sometimes I get these little bursts when I see yours and some others I follow posting theirs. :) Thank you for being awesome.

Sooo I had to leave this for a while because I didn’t really know how to respond! My askbox has been a den of sin for the last day or so, and I was UNPREPARED for such sweetness!

First of all, thank you so much for your lovely compliments - I really appreciate them! But truly, nothing makes me happier than hearing that other people have felt inspired, even if only in a small way, by the things I do. I know it can be really nerve-wracking to share your OCs on a public forum like Tumblr, so I understand feeling uncomfortable or like you’re not “doing it right” (although, really, there is no right or wrong way to go about sharing your characters). It’s always a little bit scary - I know I was a complete mess starting out - but as with many things, it does get easier the more you do it. Even if your characters change over time, or their backstory alters, or their romances/friendships shift, that’s okay. People change, and there’s no reason your OCs can’t too.

I think the thing to remember is that they don’t have to be perfect, or even the perfect version of themselves that exists in your mind’s eye. You can always build towards that, and sometimes people are curious enough about them to follow you on that journey. All characters have to start somewhere, after all. <3

I decided to watch binge watch The 100 and part of me regrets it. The show is good and has awesome characters. But halfway through the second season I began shipping Bellamy and Raven. They’re so cute together. Bellamy always seems to be the first one at Raven’s side when she needs help. I love their banter and you can tell how much they care about each other. Just give Clarke another love interest and let me have this please 😭😭😭

Arno Dorian appreciation post!

Yes you, Arno!

So, I know over the release of Unity that a ton of people were mad at how rushed the game seemed, but let me tell you some things I really love about our favorite French badass!

  • Arno is the only character to have opened ended clothing is some of his outfits, so that was a wonderful view during parkour~
  • Everything he did was for the ones he loved, and though some of his actions were brash, he would have tipped the world over if it meant making Elise smile. What a gentlemen!
  • His voice acting was extremely well done, and you could hear the way it broke in stress, raised in excitement, and chimed during his sassier moments. He made the story very captivating and drawing with his tone and attributes.
  • Arno was no typical Assassin. He had the Eagle Vision and skillset, but that by no means made him suited for the position. His emotions are real, and hit home for a lot of people who have gone through sudden loss like he did, and the way he dealt with that loss made him even more like a human, and not untouchable.
  • Arno had to leave the area in which he was traumatized, and we see through the Dead Kings DLC that he has grown significantly as a character through his hardships. He helps a young boy with a passion towards the just actions of the world, turn into someone who could actually help, and by doing this, he gained closure for his past troubles. If he could help in even one way to make that boy’s life easier, than his troubles seemed much less like loss, and much more like growth.
  • His combat style is unique! New methods of sneaking were introduced when Arno rolled around, and I love how he can be either stealthy or up front in his attacks, depending on the player.
  • Customization! Who doesn’t love dressing up their Assassin? And some of the outfits are just plain ridiculous, so why not have fun with it?
  • And last but not least, Arno Dorian is a man that really has the most mystery about it him. We leave off with him heading towards Egypt in a period of respite, but we know nothing after that. What will he do while he is there? Will he discover the Egyptian Brotherhood and reclaim his place among the brothers and sisters? Will we see more about him in the new Empire game in 2017? The possibilities for theories and clues are endless, and that’s just the kind of thing you’d expect from a character so shrouded in mystery from the day we meet him. 

Thank you for reading this guys!

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Okay, I absolutely LOVE your blog and you really made my day with your posts and head canons!! Also, may I request something? I really wanna see the 2p characters and how they handle embarrassing big sisters, if they have any? Like giving hugs in front of friends, calling them cute nicknames, and sharing embarrassing stories?? (Having a big sister myself, I pat myself on the back for surviving her embarrassing antics)

((haha, thank you very much puddin’!~ and sure, let’s go with gif reactions bc everyone seems to love those lately))

If the 2Ps had an older sister

2P!America: (love-hate relationship)


2P!England: (he’d act sweet around other people but act like a little devil around her)

2P!France: (at times he’d shut out everyone except for her)

2P!Russia: (he’ll be moody and she’ll be the only one who can cheer him up)

2P!Italy: (they’d be a dynamic duo; the only ones each of them could truly count on)

2P!Germany: (they’d do really stupid things around each other)

2P!Japan: (he’d do anything to keep her from embarrassing him)

2P!Canada: (she’d be one of the few people he could be himself around)

2P!Romano: ( best!! friends!! forever!!! also would judge people together)

2P!Austria: (he’d think he was the best little brother ever and try to convince her that he’s cool)

2P!Prussia: (he’d often go to her for advice, but she’d usually reply with “just fight them”)

all-the-world-is-verse-to-me  asked:

19, 30, 34, 45, 50 first time doing this but I'd love to discuss them! :)

OK GIRL LET’S GET THIS ON @all-the-world-is-verse-to-me

19) Tell me how you feel about moriel, elucien, and nessian.
I love Mor and Az together, but I really don’t know why, I feel like they might not be end game??? Something might happen between these two that will make their relationship platonic.
Elucien: I think Lucien is such a deep character, and we haven’t really learnt that much more about the real him, but there must be a reason why SJM made Elain and Lucien mates.
Nessian: having read the bonus chapter of this ship, it’s safe to say SJM will definitely make them a thing, and there will be lots of sassy flirting and smut.

30) Do you think any major characters will die in Acowar? Who?
This is one of my BIGGEST THEORIES for ACOWAR: Tamlin will redeem himself to Feyre by sacrificing his life (to show his “love” for her), just like Feyre sacrificed herself for him in ACOTAR.

34) Name a ship you hope ends like the titanic…
Ok, this is super controversial but I find it a little bit extra that everyone [in ACOTAR] are pairing up with everyone. Like Feyre’s older sister has her eyes on Rhys’ Illyrian brother, and Feyre’s other sister is mates’ with Feyre’s ex-fiance’s right hand man???? (not saying everyone should break up, but I think it would be refreshing if say Azriel and Cassian said they were mates LOL)

45) Are you down for Rowaelin/Feysand babies in the epilogues or would you want them to wait?
YES. GIVE ME BABIES IN THE EPILOGUES (IF THEY’RE READY). HOW I WISH THE EPILOGUES ARE SEPARATE BOOKS THOUGH! I want to read everything that happens to these couples when they’re ready to take that next step.

50) Who is a better male lead? Rhysand or Rowan?
Ohmyfuck, I think personally for me, I read ACOTAR first and really fell in love with that story way before ToG. So Rhysand is my favourite lead, but not the “best” lead. You can’t say one is better than the other!!!

guileandgall  asked:

The piece didn't have a title, and my dash ran off with the piece so I couldn't leave a comment but I still wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the "Just let me take care of you." drabble. It was sweet and really demonstrated your Quizzie's character. The uncertainty Cullen talked about was clear in her reaction to having clocked him. Lovely tidbit between the two of them.

thank you so much for the kind words. i truly appreciate it. it’s been a considerable struggle for me to come up with any reason to keep writing lately since so few people seem keen to read my stories anymore. in truth, there isn’t a day that goes by that i think more about giving up then continuing to try. so it’s really appreciated that you took the time to send me a message. thank you so, so much. <3

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♛ roast me babe-

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following (after ten years later because i forgot this was a thing and it’s overdue i’m sorry but let me tell u guys all about my girlfriend);

my opinion on;

character in general: hinata…a salty cracker, but a good one. i love salty crackers anyway but that’s not what we’re talking about. tbh i haven’t indulged much w/ hinata in the game until komahina but, he’s so good. i love him. i love my saltine cracker, he only wants a talent and friends

the mun: irhakhgr this was a mistake. gale is perfect. 100/10, girlfriend material. she’s a good soul, pure, a small bean trying to make her way through life. very cute. i love her. 100/10 personality. very good. i love talking to her she’s amazing idk where i’d be without her

do i;

follow them: no fuck yeah
rp with them: y…yes, i think we have three threads in the void or somethin’
want to rp with them: I’D RP WITH GALE 24/7 
ship their character with mine: yes…what kind of question is this. i think we have like 10 threads with komahina or something, i don’t know. we met each other rping komahina together

what is my;

overall opinion: 100/10 i love gale she’s the best and her rping skills are off the charts?? she’s so good at rping everybody and i’m blessed to have her in my life, thank u

corxscate  asked:

//*slips url in, winks, and runs off into the sunset;;*

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

my opinion on;

character in general: Third jude blog I have geeked about thus far, so I’m just gonna be over here proclaiming that he is a cinnamon bun too pure for this world until the sun comes up. He’s so good and loves his friends so much. Do-gooder life forever yo. 
how they play them:  I quite literally just followed this blog 10 whole minutes ago so um…. I cannot say just yet. but hi! Let’s rp sometime you cool dude, you. and I will get back to you on how clearly wonderful you are. O UOb

the mun: hiiiii, we’ve never talked but you seem great, I’m a meme. how are you? come play with my alvin sometime. -winks seductively at-

do i;

follow them: yesss!
rp with them: not yet! 
ship their character with mine: yes, yes I do ship aruju. still based on chemistry though, so i cannot say if our muses would click like that. 

what is my;

overall opinion: hi! you’re new to me, i’m new to you. what’s to stop us from getting together sometime, and being new together? 

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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//I just want to tell you that I love your writing and your character so much and you are AMAZING

Yᴏᴜ ᴀʀᴇ sᴘᴏʟɪɴɢ ᴍᴇ! Tʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ sᴏ ᴍᴜᴄʜ, ɪᴛ ᴍᴇᴀɴs ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ.

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guang / leo

First let me tell you how much I love Leo, and let me do it in spanish: Leo es amor y se merece el mundo entero, bye.

Now, about the pairing: I really like it, but I’m still confused because in Guang-Hong’s bio it says that he yearns for Phichit, which is confusing because… I don’t know, I saw him more mesmerized with Leo. Also, he would take a fucking bullet for Leo, wtf, this kid is rad af.

I also have the feeling that Leo, like most of the other characters, is just focussed in his skating career. Which means he’s not interested in love for now.

Conclussion: I ship it, but in my head Guang-Hong is the only one who has romantic feelings.

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it.

flightofthedragon  asked:

Questions! 16.DA:O: Did your Warden survive?, 24. Favorite main-story quest from DA:I?, and 27 Which did you leave behind (Abyss)?

16: Yep. I can never kill my warden. I understand that it’s the noble thing to do, but I can’t let them die. It’s like sacrificing a part of myself. The first person/ character that I made is a reflection of me. I just can’t. Selfish I know, but I don’t want to give my life, not when they haven’t lived it yet. 

24: As much as I hate the Templar and choosing their side, Champions of the Just is just, in my opinion, one of the most satisfying and fulfilling quests in the series. I can’t for the life of me tell you why. But I love it. I love the way it makes me feel and how, even going through it for the third time, I still feel creeped out. I love and hate it all the same. (mages are the best!) 

27: Depends on who I’ve got in there and the playthrough: 

Stroud and Hawke = Stroud 100%

Loghain and Hawke = 50/50, depends on the playthrough

Alistair and Hawke = Hawke 100%

thesafesthands  asked:

askgame! 003 & zer0!

adhdfjfhjgf lets do this!

003 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character: my precious child…..who has done nothing wrong ever….except murder so many people <3
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: idk i guess just axton ahsgshd altho zer0 x rhys is so cute
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: i looovee zer0 & maya
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t actually know which opinions are popular ahsgjsa so ummm I guess they’re enby? idk how popular enby!zer0 is
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wish they revealed what race zer0 is and their real name but /fingers crossed for bl3
  • My OTP: zer0 x axton of course
  • My OT3: uhhhh I don’t…know? damn ummm maybe zer0 x axton x rhys? how cute would that be
a.k.a. Why You Should Ship Ignis/Noctis

I’ve devoted many hours to the FFXV demo. I’ve completed it, and I still enjoy just… roaming around. But more importantly, let me tell you about how much I love Ignis.

Like, even if you don’t have a PS4, you need to watch some LPs of the demo just to experience the characters - particularly Ignis. He and Noctis are the most shippable shit, I swear to Ramuh. It’s like Square-Enix has spent this many years working on the game because they wanted to engineer the greatest Final Fantasy homolust OF ALL TIME.

Caaaan you feeeel the loooove toniiiight

Lemme give you the rundown of what makes these guys and this ship so great.

  • Noctis is a fuckin’ prince.
  • Ignis is his adviser who was raised specifically to serve him and look after him. Looking after him isn’t just his job. It’s his LIFE, and this journey is his time to SHINE.
  • While everyone seems to call each other by nicknames, Ignis strictly adheres to “Highness” when he addresses Noctis.
  • You might not think that one means a lot until you hear him desperately scream HIGHNESS!!! like his own life is in danger when Noctis takes critical damage. Most often, he seems to be the one who will rush over to free you from an MT’s stun baton.
  • I don’t know if this is just my own personal experience, but I’ve played the game for hours - Ignis also seems to be the most likely to revive you when Noctis’s HP drops to 0.
  • He’s also the one with Cure, so you know you can rely on him if you don’t feel like wasting a Potion. Yes. He’s the MVP.
  • They both dust their hands off after battle in the same way. Sometimes they do it at the same time and it’s fuckin’ adorable.
  • We hear Prompto complain all the time, but Ignis never complains about a thing. He’s 100% ready to serve.
  • In addition to being Noctis’s adviser and the group’s tactician, Ignis is also the driver and the cook. Perfect husband material.
  • If you doubt that Ignis could get any dreamier, I hope you know that he’s voiced by Mamoru Miyano in Japanese. idk who he is in English, but he’s got a lovely British accent. I was skeptical at first, but damn how it grows on you.
  • He’s also a megane. With driving gloves. (Starting to remind me more of Joseph from The Evil Within…) LOOK AT ALL THESE CHARM POINTS.
  • Shit son, he ain’t the only charming one. Did I mention how much Noctis loves naps? Naps are very important to him. YES, HE CALLS THEM NAPS. IT’S SO CUTE I’M EXPLODING.
  • The whole party gets along so well. Their chemistry is incredible. I’m sure you could make a reasonable case for any pairing combination, but Ignis and Noctis seem to share the deepest connection. PLEASE SHIP IGNIS/NOCTIS WITH ME I DON’T WANNA BE ALONE