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I know you get a lot of crap about the Wesley character, but I've recently introduced my 9yo niece to TNG, and he's one of her favorite characters. We just started S2 and she keeps bubbling about how excited she is to see him go to the Academy and get his uniform. She's disappointed if he's not in an episode. Her enthusiasm reminds me how much I adored him as a little girl. People use the term "kid-appeal character" as a pejorative, but you were *good* at it. Just wanted to let you know 😊

I really love this. Thank you for sharing it with me. 

Please tell your niece that I talked with Wesley, and he wanted me to tell her: “You can be anything you want, do anything you want, and don’t ever let someone tell you what you can’t do in your life. Don’t give up when things get hard, because everything worth doing is hard! If I can drive the Enterprise, so can you.”

“how can you like lazytown??”

“it’s meant for kids?? why do you like it so much???”

“i can’t believe you would like something so childish”

“i get liking it for nostalgic reasons, but come on how are you SO obsessed with lazytown??”

“it was just funny for the memes, the actual show isn’t entertaining at all”

“stop talking about lazytown, it’s really annoying”

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t told you

It’s because of the look you gave me when you asked what the new soap I’d bought was and I hesitated before replying, “It’s called Gender Bender.” You then passive-aggressively bought me 24 new bars of soap in an assorted package, which I am not yet halfway through.

It’s because of the joke you made about “pretending to be a tranny to get a discount” in the car on the way to get haircuts one Saturday morning.

It’s because of the way I watched your face when I was talking to you in the bathroom this morning when you noticed I, your female child with short hair and a flat chest, was wearing a shirt that said, “#1 Dad” on it as a joke. I saw the look in your eyes like a warning.

It’s because of the way you asked my older sister if I was interested in that boy I brought over to play video games instead of going to prom. “He’s kind of weird,” you told her, “but I just want her to like a boy.” And when my sister, who knows, asked, “What if she doesn’t?” you replied, “I’m her mother, I’m allowed to have a preference, that’s all.”

It’s because of one of the many times I was visiting my dad in New Hampshire when he said, “Oh, when we were together, your mother hated gay people. And your grandmother can’t stand them, either.”

It’s because of the way you opened my sister’s mail and saw that she had registered herself as a democrat. A few weeks later, we were out to dinner with one of your friends, and you said, “And I’ve told Jaimie, if she’s going to register as a democrat, not to say anything. Her sister I’m not sure about, but I have confidence that Jaimie should at least wisen up before long.” And I kept quiet because you told me not to say anything.

It’s because of the day we went school shopping in the summer before ninth grade, and when I asked if I could look to buy boy’s jeans, you said, “Like it or not, you’re a woman, and you have a woman’s curves.” I still wanted boy’s jeans, but I told you I’d changed my mind. I still want boy’s jeans, but you think I changed my mind.

It’s because of the way you scrunched your nose when I told you my character in the school musical had been changed from “Kate,” who had one line, to “Ike,” who appeared in several scenes. Instead of congratulating me, you asked why they made me play a boy every year.

It’s because of the nightmares I used to have wherein my aunt, who figured it out on her own, outed me to you, and I got so scared of your response that I woke up with dust clogging my throat.

It’s because of the time my sister looked at our cat and said, “Sometimes I don’t really think of Oscar as a boy cat, he’s kinda in-between sometimes.” And you said, “Well, he is a boy cat.” And you used that tone. I have grown up with the presence of that tone settled in my gut like a rock.

It’s because of the way I sat in my room having a panic attack, huddled in front of my blasting fan because it was too hot and I couldn’t breathe, the first time I tried on my binder (the binder that I bought secretly with my own money three years ago and you still don’t know I have.) If anyone finds out, I thought, what will happen to me?

It’s because of the way I told you I wanted to try living with Dad for awhile and you broke down, wouldn’t talk to me about it, wouldn’t acknowledge that it was happening until it had, and even though I was happier there, even though I had told my dad and his girlfriend within a month of living with them, even though I was more involved with theater and didn’t hate the thought of going to school every morning because I liked this one, even though I had friends that I loved more than anyone I knew back here, in this godforsaken farm town in rural New York, you still made me feel guilty enough about leaving you that I came back anyway.

It’s because of the way that I’m out at school, that I don’t care if anyone there knows that I’m not a girl or a boy, or that I like both girls and boys, and there I’m loud, and there I’m happy, but as soon as I get home I’m quiet as a mouse because I don’t want you to talk to me because you might say something careless, and think nothing of it, but your throwaway comment, to me, is a dagger in my lungs.

It’s because of the look you gave me when I was thirteen and I told you I wanted to be a prince for Halloween.

It’s because of the way you once prefaced your indignation at something sexist with, “I’m NOT a feminist, but…”

It’s because of the way my heart spiked with panic when we were reviewing my college applications together and I realized I’d marked gender as “prefer not to respond” and quickly scrolled past it.

It’s because of what I imagine you would say if you found out that I have signed up to live in gender-neutral housing for my freshman year on campus, and that I will not let any of my roommates believe I am a girl.

And if you’re wondering why I haven’t let you read anything I’ve written, it’s because my writing is deeply personal to me, and I don’t want you to know any of my secrets. I don’t want you to know what I think about the world because I know you would disagree and tell me so. I don’t want you to know what I think love should be because you would only be cynical and try to tell me about the real world. I don’t want you to read about my queer heroes because these characters and their stories are important to me, and I feel like if I let you touch them, it would ruin them for me.

It’s because I remember all of these things every time I get close to you.

It’s because I break my own heart thinking about how much I want to love you, but can’t.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t told you I’m queer, and why I never will, it’s because I don’t trust you. And when I start my own life, and I live on my own, I will not care who knows, and I will not care if you find out, because once I am out, I will be far away, and I won’t have to see that look on your face ever again.

You know I’ve made posts like this before, but I decided to go all out for this one. Here are reasons I love the DCEU.

1. Zack Synder: this man… this man has the most beautiful cinematography I have ever seen. He can make you go back and look at a movie over and over again and still not notice all the little details he has thrown in. He loves Superman and the DC guys. DCEU is about Superman… and how cool is that? Not to mention is absolute love and care for women and women characters. He’s just a god damn badass.

2. Patty Jenkins: I love her. I love her for giving me Wonder Woman. I love her for giving me a superhero I can look up to. She made this movie for young me and for young girls everywhere. I cannot even begin to express how much I love Patty.

3. Henry Cavill: let me just begin this with: DAMN THAT BOI IS FINE. Looks aside, you can tell how much HC loves Superman. He cares about his build, he cares about the comics, he goes and supports the other movies like Suicide Squad, his dog is named Kal! Now he’s not always the best actor, but he brings depth and love to Superman in a way previous incarnations have not had.

3. Ben Affleck: I’ve never really been a big fan of Affleck but seeing him bring a new, darker side to Batman has given me life. I loved this version of him, and I am so delighted to see him learn from his mistakes and realize that Superman does mean hope. And it’s because of Superman that the Justice League even truly begins. And Ben makes you believe that he hated Clark and that he learned the truth.

4. Gal Gadot: I love her with every fiber in my being. I had my reservations about her playing Wonder Woman mainly because I’d never heard of her, but seeing her on screen in BVS… I literally held onto my friend’s hand the entire damn time she was on screen. And her song brings me to my knees. She’s just… everything I could have hoped for.

5. Amy Adams: Lois Lane I think defines the DCEU. She is wait brings light onto Clark and Superman. She is what he believes in, and she’s a BAMF in her own right. She’s not some throw away love interest.

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The books

So I just started reading the books of descendants and let me tell you I’m in love already. From the first few chapters you get so much more insight to the characters and how exactly they lived.

You learn that Evie had been locked away for 10 years because Mal wasn’t invited to her birthday party. Though she coming back to join everyone in school.

Mal and Jay have been friends for a long time and are considered “partners in crime”.

Carlos is bullied by everyone including Mal and Jay.

Honestly I’m excited to continue reading and get more involved with the characters.

10/10 would recommend

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Oh Leigh. I just started writing my own story on fictionpress and can I just say, you have ruined reading from me. You want to know why? Because every time I read SoC or CK, my literary self-esteem just drops into the Mariana Trench. How are you so wonderful at writing vivid descriptions and creating complex characters? Bestow your wisdom upon me, oh revered one. (Love you so much)

You’re awfully kind! Thanks for giving my ego such a pat. 

All I can say is that my first drafts are terrible. My work really only becomes my work in revision. One of the most important lessons I learned as a writer was not to compare my first drafts to the books I love—because NONE of them are first drafts. 

The first draft is where you tell yourself the story. Let yourself off the hook and let it be bad! Trust the process of revising and revisiting to get you to something wonderful. Good luck <3 

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What are your favorite zen master episodes? Both from earlier seasons and five/six

This is a blog run by lots of people, so I invite my partners to answer with their favorites too :) Mine (Nina/jacquelineshyde) would be:

  • Season 1, episode episode 18: Career Day. 
    I think this is the episode when we start noticing how similar Hyde and Jackie’s deeper wounds are. They both have absent parents and they both seek for advice and attention on more loving parents they know, The Formans. In this case, Red. Who also shows us he is truly a great dad. 

    That small smile Hyde gives Jackie when she goes under the car again is just adorable. I also love seeing Jackie working with cars, I wish this was something that had stayed with the show.
  • Season 1, episode 19: Prom Night. 
    This is when I started to ship them.

    Until this episode, Hyde’s characterization was horrible for me. I didn’t like him at all until this episode happened. Because he is shown as a person who cares and respects other people’s struggles and desires. He tries to help Jackie, not because she is his friend or because he likes her, but because he can’t stand her crying and knows it’s the right thing to do. 

    He later makes Kelso go back to her, even knowing his stupid friend may hurt her again, because in that moment is the right thing to do. We get to see a part of Hyde we didn’t until this episode, and I love that Jackie is the first character to bring up this charcterization from Hyde. It tells you a lot, and its curious due to how things go between them later ;) 

    While Jackie, we see her as a real human being here. She is sad, she struggles, she wants to enjoy something like any other teenager and she is going through a hard time. She’s vulnerable but also she is shown as th strong character she is. She walks and dances, and dress up beautiful for her prom even knowing she will be seeing Kelso. 

    The way she compliments Hyde, makes a good observation about herself and asks to mee his mother, tells you she is more than her shallow mask. It’s good to see that.

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Top 5 favorite AUs you've written

okay buddy, you asked for it. in no particular order…

1. stucco hearts 

i will always always love this universe rach and i created. it opened up so many questions and was something we got to explore and expand with our readers. it just became such an enormous interesting world and i was so sad to finish that story. not to mention that rach is an absolute babe to write with

2. wimbledon au 

!!!! so much fun!!!! as is everything i do with soph but honestly this fic consumed me. we had so so much fun exploring their characters within this universe. for me, it was particularly interesting to write annabeth’s relationship with her mum and how much this impacted on her trust issues etc etc. i’m currently writing the epilogue and let me tell you it’s the BEST

3. pacific rim au

im cryin i love this au it’s GIANT ROBOTS AND ALIENS AND ROMANCE what more do u want? jane and i spent an awesome day hashing out the plot to this in a cafe/bookstore when i visited her in chicago and it was possibly the most fun i’ve ever had plotting a story? i really hope we get to finish writing this story but if we don’t it’s really okay because that day was the best experience <3

4. kids

gosh this fic took forever and was my baby for the longest time. it’s….completely clichéd and ridiculous but im still proud of it lmao look at this it’s not terrible

And for a moment they stand in an embrace. Both waiting for the moment they will have to let go and dreading when it will come. They will let go, and when they do he will be married and she will be in Chicago and they will be so very far away from that water tray in kindergarten, from their fake playground wedding, from the roller derby and the days where she would stand on the back of his bike and feel the wind in her hair. The safety and comforting predictability of their childhood has left them behind a long time ago, leaving them both struggling to keep their heads above water.

Annabeth will let him go, and she will carry on with her life. But not yet. For now she will hold on and pretend she is floating.

5. Brooklyn 99 au - i mean two of my favourite things combined AND writing with jane. winning. this was the mostest fun and i really hope we can write more someday

shout out to CRJ au and the several several aus sophii and i have in WIP folders lmao

Okay so I just watched pirates a few hours ago and I have nothing but great things to say about it. I am not one bit disappointed. This movie is so special, you’ll know it as soon as you see it. It’s probably one of the best out of all of ‘em. The kinda movie that makes you go through the biggest roller coaster of emotions and you can’t help but want to get in. It makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you wanna get involved. Makes you want this to be a never ending saga. But then, when you reach the ending of the movie, you realize you couldn’t wish for a better way for it to end. It’s one of the best movies I have ever seen and let me tell you I am so damn proud of how it turned out. It’s so beautifully done and there’s actually a meaning behind it, a meaning you guys will be able to understand with time. Seriously, if you’re reading this and never saw Pirates of the Caribbean I don’t know what you’re waiting for. I don’t know what you’re doing but you’re doing it wrong. This is so great. I’m so thankful that through these years we were able to experience such happiness and joy. I don’t know what I would do if these movies didn’t exist. I just love them so much. I just love all the characters so much. I’m speechless and don’t know what to say anymore. I’m in awe.


- Why don’t we stop pretending that I’m brilliant and you’re simple, for one moment?

Reveling in Richonne

#13: The “Want” (6x10) 

Throughout this episode Rick and Daryl are chasing a guy with a fake beard and flat ironed hair and Michonne is figuring out what she wants thanks to Deanna’s question to her in 6A. I was pretty indifferent about Deanna’s character overall, but she always gets credit in my book for seeing the clear chemistry and pairing of Rick and Michonne. 

Deanna is the homie since she put them together in their job positions and helped Michonne think about her own wants. I know Deanna saw Michonne as a woman who was putting everyone before herself and she wanted Michonne to find her own personal happiness as well. This is why I respect Deanna, cuz she gave Michonne a much needed reminder that she deserves to be happy and taken care of too. And I think Deanna knew Rick was the one who could do that for her. 

Deanna is one of the first characters in the show to actively see the potential of Richonne and try to aid it along. Thanks, girl! 🙏 🏽And I love now knowing in retrospect, that when Deanna adamantly asked Michonne “what do you want?”, the word that came to Michonne’s mind in that moment was “Rick”. And by the end of 6x10 she’d have what she wanted. 😊 

Like I said, Richonne going cannon was my first spoiler, so the whole episode I was just eagerly awaiting how it would all go down and seeing Spencer ask Michonne if she had figured out what she wanted yet and her saying she’s “working up to it”. It was so blatant that not only would R&M be an item soon but that being together was something the two of them truly wanted by this point. Michonne’s response was very revealing as to how she was approaching this next step in the relationship. It was something she wanted but had to work up the courage to just go for and I can totally relate to that. 

They had been friends so long, and she had been so independent for so long before meeting him, so I can imagine it was going to take a big leap of faith to take the next step in the relationship. But it was literally the most reasonable next step, as by this point, I’m sure the love they felt for each other could no longer be denied or downplayed like before. Whatever happened in those two months was bringing their love all the way to the surface and the only thing left was for it to all pour out. Going cannon was the next natural step in the progression of their relationship and it would have required a lot of effort on their part to keep ignoring that. 

I know a lot of people, myself included, were surprised that Deanna hadn’t been torn up by that pack of walkers in 6x8 and that she was able to turn into a walker and make it out of ASZ. Logistics aside, I feel like she turned and showed up just so she could remind Michonne one last time, as a walker, that “Girl! If you don’t get your man like I’ve been trying to help you do!” lol jk. But a girl can speculate. I just know by the end of this episode Deanna’s wonderful Richonne-trash-self was up in heaven like…

Originally posted by ledanna

Aside from the Richonne elements in this scene, I also really like this scene for reminding us what a caring and nurturing person Michonne is in general. Like she starts off on guard over ASZ, looking like a straight up 👸🏾, and then she sees Spencer. They aren’t necessarily friends and Spencer can be trifling sometimes but Michonne takes it upon herself to look out for him and treat him like family. He so badly needed someone to see him and let him know they care and Michonne is so good at that. 

I liked that we got to see her on leader duty as she essentially reminds Spencer that he doesn’t have to be alone, something Rick helped her realize for herself. It made me realize that the reason R&M are so unstoppable as co-leaders is because Rick is very good at doing the “no nonsense” leadership approach and Michonne is very good at the “bring you into the family” leadership approach. And while each of them are capable of doing both approaches by themselves, one is stronger in each. And you need a bit of both in the apocalypse so together they make the perfect balance. 

But anyway, it was really sweet of Michonne to spend this time with Spencer and let him know how much she respected his mother. And also, I love that Spencer essentially tells her that she still has family in ASZ. It reminded me of when our girl, Sasha tried to tell Michonne “it worked out for you”. These outside characters saying this stuff to Michonne is so great cuz one; they’re helping to wake her up to the love that’s so clearly right in front of her and two; because it lets you know that everyone pretty much knew, even before cannon, that Michonne was a Grimes. 

This gif below is what Michonne wanted ⬇️ And now it was just a matter of her realizing she already had it. ☺️

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Title: The Legend of the Sun and the Moon

Author: TheLightinmySeoul

Length: Three Shot, 27k

Status: Complete

Rating: PG

Genre: mama powers au, romance, fluff, angst with a happy ending, romeo and juliet dynamics, opposites attract

Summary: “Let me tell you the story,
Of how the sun
Loved the moon so much,
He died every night
To let him breathe.”

Admin Shiba: This was so well written and Baek’s character was so adorable I literally cried i love them sm


I meant to do this a while ago but I kept putting it off. My blog officially turned a year old on January 5th! And there are several things I want to do to celebrate but I wanted to start off with a follow forever of all my amazing mutuals!! I love you all so so much and you have all been such a blessing!! 

(If I forgot anyone, I am so so sorry babes and pls let me know!)


➰ My Parabatai @aleclightwqqd ➰:  Sam! My first official friend on here and one of the best people I know!! You’ve been there for me through quite a bit and there honestly aren’t enough ways to tell you how thankful I am for you! Also, all of your gifsets are absolutely amazing and I am always in awe every time! I am always so excited whenever I see that you’ve tagged me in your work!

💕 My Soulmate @loganlermans 💕: Nik my beautiful soulmate! The Magnus to my Alec, the Connor to my Oliver and the Thomas to my Minho! You are amazing and one of the sweetest people ever! You have been there for me through a lot and you always manage to make me smile! Also, your icons are to die for omg!! I love you xo

😍 My faves 😍

@delzinrowe : We’ve only been friends for a short time, Stef but it’s been a blessing! You are so nice and so so talented! I am in awe of all of your edits because wow! How can gifsets that pretty exist???? 


@protectholland: My Holly Bae! We have been friends for a while now and I am so grateful for that! You are one of the most positive and opinonated people I know and I love you for that! I also love your writing, edits and headcanons! So much talent!!


@harleyqvnn: Chloe, you are one of the most down to earth people I have ever met and you are always so so positive! You always have incredible urls and you make the best edits!! 


@tyrgaryens: Katherine my ask meme buddy! I look forward to when we reblog ask memes from each other because I can always count on a few questions from you! Also you are so sweet and kind and I am so happy to be mutuals!


@ersojyn: You have one of my honest to god favorite blogs of all time, Fenja and I am always in awe that you follow my trash blog! We don’t talk all the time but I love when we do because you are so kind! And wow I am in love with your writing and all of your edits! So much talent!


@ffinn: I’ve followed you for a while and we recently just became mutuals and honestly I am still in shock by that! I absolutely adore you and your blog, Holli! All of your edits? Amazing! Absolutely stunning! 


@barryallhan: Callie you are just the cutest little bean ever and I love seeing you appear on my dash! You are an incredible, strong and beautiful person and I am really lucky to have you for a friend, love!


@emmastoncs: Martina you are another one of those high quality blogs that make me wonder how you could be following my trashcan of a blog! I absolutely adore you! I love how you are here to enjoy what you want and what you love and that you refuse to let anyone tell you otherwise! You are incredible and I am so happy that we are mutuals! 


@victaj: Katie, I am not evene sure where to begin hun because there is so much I want to say! You are amazing and an absolute godsend to the Shadowhunters fandom! I am in love with your love for all the underappreciated characters! And wow I absolutely live for your headcanons and icons! Also, you’re absolutely gorgegous, I am in awe! 


@poedameron: Maggie, I adore you so so much and you are one of the coolest people I know! Your edits are always stunning and to die for, you are always so sweet to everyone and so positive and incredibly beautiful and gifted! 


@magsbane: The sweetest of the sweet! Corrie you are just so positive and kind and I am in love with your love for Magnus Bane! Your edits are so incredibly beautiful and wow! Have I mentioned how amazing you are???


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Here’s the deal everybody: If you aren’t reading What Fools These Mortals Be by @bettyjonescooper, you’re doing it wrong!! 

This story is incredible. No joke. It’s a theatre au (!!!) in which Betty, Jughead, and the rest of the gang are all putting on a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but the drama and the romance doesn’t seem to know it’s meant to stay on the stage. 

I have been following this story from the beginning, and let me tell you ever single chapter gets better and better. THERE’S SO MUCH ANGST. AND PINING. AND I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!

Not to mention @bettyjonescooper is a magician with her words and brilliantly makes the play reflect the real conflicts between all the characters. It’s a work of genius! Genius, I tell you!!!

I don’t really know how to talk about this fic too much without spoiling things, but I cannot recommend it enough.

Anyway this is a ramble-y post for which I honestly have no explanation other than every time I get a notification for a chapter update I literally squeal like a little girl and I felt like more people should pay attention to this masterpiece.

Just read this fic. Do it. Do it nowwwwww.

Review of 13x24 “Ring of Fire”

I can’t write this.  And I’m sorry.  I absolutely love writing these reviews.  It is so much fun to take a deeper look at the episodes and discuss them with you guys.  But it’s not fun anymore.  So many of you have written me to tell me how much you enjoy reading my reviews and that I often give you a different perspective on things, so I apologize if this is a disappointment.  But the show was a disappointment, too.  We have loved this show and these characters for years, and season thirteen tried its best to destroy many of them.  And maybe it succeeded.  

Jackson, April, and Maggie - I really thought they wouldn’t go there.  Not only because Jackson and Maggie have zero chemistry, but because the uproar from the fans has been deafening.  I understand not wanting to let fans control the show, but I don’t understand deliberately writing stories that the fans hate.  There is no way that Shonda, Debbie, the writers, and the actors don’t know how the majority of the fans feel about this and they are choosing to ignore it and assuming we will still watch because we hung in there for this awful season. That is disrespectful to the fans and to the actors.  I know that not everyone agrees, but I would argue that Jesse and Sarah are keeping most of the fans watching. And poor Kelly is just playing Maggie getting thrown into different triangles.  And for what?  Maggie is already a difficult character to like.  Putting her in between Jackson and April will only make that worse.  Kelly is capable of so much more.  I have said all season that this is bad writing and continuity, but it is also lazy.  They are writing easy story lines.  These are stories that I would expect from a novice writer in the first few seasons of a show, not from season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy.  The show has shown us they can write better stories, so this is a conscious choice not to.  We aren’t interested in love triangles and crushes.  These are doctors who have grown and grown up over time, but instead of showing that, they are making them play pass the STD.  We are invested in these characters and we want them to be happy.  All of them.  They can be happy and still have good stories.  Yes, the writers would have to get more creative, but that is what makes good television.  In 13x23, Maggie was throwing sad eyes at Mer and Riggs for having a conversation and now, just hours later, we are supposed to believe she suddenly has feelings for Jackson.  That is lazy.  Japril were used for ratings.  Debbie baited us with the pictures and she knew it would work.  And now they are trying to keep us watching season 14.  I never thought I would say this, but at this point, I’ve decided to stop watching.  Maybe I will change my mind, but honestly, the show doesn’t deserve the loyalty the fans give them.  I hope they surprise me and fix it but I am no longer hopeful. I have read so many comments on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and even the ancient Grey’s message boards that some people still use, and the majority of fans are in agreement.  The finale was terrible.  We got a Japril/Maggie triangle, no Jolex, no Jo and basically no Alex, Griggs are probably over after a season of a painful triangle with Maggie, Ariliza is maybe over (not that I care), Stephanie left (Jerrika may be the smartest one of all), and Omelia held hands.  That was what they chose as the season thirteen finale of one of the most-watched and loved shows in television history.  Honestly, it’s embarrassing.  

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BTS reaction to their S/O being insecure about their skincolor

requested by anon


Jin wouldn’t let you think badly of yourself. He would compliment you until you actually believe him how beautiful you are.

“I love you inside and out and so should you. But don’t worry, I’m the expert on loving yourself.”

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Yoongi wouldn’t try to force you to see it the same way he does, but he would do anything he can to help you. He would also be very keen on protecting you.

“Let them try to say something about your looks. My roasts aren’t only reserved for diss tracks.”

*Yoongi is not impressed with your shit*

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Namjoon wouldn’t understand the struggle simply because he doesn’t care what anyone says. 

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your skin. I could write poems about how amazing you look to me. Who cares what anyone else says.”

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Hobi would keep telling you how much he loves you and that he really doesn’t care what anyone says. But he would also give you enough space to learn how to accept yourself in your own time.

“I’ll tell you every day how much I love every part of you if you let me.”

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Jimin would be sad that you aren’t able to see what he sees in you. To him you are amazing and magnificent.

“I think you are the most radiant person I ever met. I love your character above everything else.”

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Tae would try and show you that your skin type isn’t a big deal.

“None of us are as white skinned as they make us look in pictures. And there will always be people that don’t like you for reasons. But I love you and I hope that’ll be enough.”

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Kookie would break out in a little rant upon hearing about your insecurities.

“This thing that everyone has to be as pale as possible is so dumb. You are happy and healthy and that’s really the most important thing. If someone wants to be an ass they can fight me.”

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-Admin Krümmel

This morning, I woke up to a comment telling me how one of my stories is going to end, two comments telling me what’s wrong with my one of my stories, and another demanding more in a less than pleasant manner. After waking up to something similar yesterday, I had decided to step away for a few days. I opened the window to write an entry about taking a break from writing and on a whim decided to check AO3. While there were some comments of the same caliber, there were ones of people expressing happiness and theories and thanking me for writing.

In case you’ve ever wondered if leaving a comment about how much you love a story matters, let me tell you that for this writer, it definitely does. While I am absolutely ecstatic to get donations, I write these stories for free and for fun. After receiving some comments the past few days, the fun factor was definitely going down, and free without fun is just…well.

This post is just to say please be aware of what you are sending to someone. There are real people behind these screennames. Just because you don’t think it is likely that character A and character B would do this, doesn’t make a story any less valid. While you may think something is going to happen, doesn’t necessarily mean that is what the author has planned and stating it as fact is disheartening. Not every comment has to be praise. That isn’t realistic. But please think about how would you feel if someone sent that comment to you before hitting post.

In the end, it is all FICTION. There are going to be inaccuracies and character divergences. Most of us are amateur writers just trying to create something with the characters we love. Let’s all enjoy being in this fandom together.

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Random but I'm still peeved about the Alex/Kara argument in 2.02. Especially the part where Alex claims to have given up a career in medicine to protect Kara. I mean, I'm not sure if that's bad writing or Alex IC blatantly ignoring reality because Alex was not gonna graduate due to academic probation plus she was in jail for at least public intoxication if not a DUI (I can't remember if she got arrested before putting the keys in the ignition or not). 1/

She wasn’t exactly ‘days away’ from graduating med school or anything. Now Alex may have taken the job with J'onn to protect Kara but I’m pretty sure J'onn made the offer to throw a lifeline to a drowning Alex not to protect Kara. But the whole protect-Kara angle really doesn’t hold water since Alex didn’t give Kara even an ounce of potentially life-saving information that she learned at the DEO. Nothing about Kryptonite or secret anti-alien agencies who could blackbag her. 2/

It feels more like Alex enjoyed the leverage of knowledge even while Kara expressed dissatisfaction with her own life. (Did she like lying to her sister? Probably not. Was there a selfish satisfaction to knowing more the Kara, to being part of something bigger? Yeah, I think there was a bit.) 3/

But outside of the influences of redK Kara would never pick apart an argument like that IC but IDK it seems like a very significant character flaw that fandom tends to ignore which is disappointing because the selfishness plays so well off Alex’s deepseated guilt and sense of duty. Alex!Discourse usually focuses on her relationship with Eliza or making her a martyr for her sister which does as much disservice to the nuance of her character as it does to write Kara only as a space puppy. 4/4

This ask made me so happy.

I just finished my S2 talk time project a few days ago and then went back and rewatched the pilot, and let me tell you it is very easy to forget just how much progress Alex and Kara have made, because wow is it jarring to see them at the start of S1 where Alex is so much worse at emotional vulnerability and amped up on passive-aggressive snark.

I really loved that scene in 2x02, which I have written about before, because it highlights all of those flaws without taking away from the fact that Alex still makes a valid point that Kara needed to hear.

Nobody is perfectly consistent in how they express themselves. Ever. People are chaotic and messy and complicated, and they find ways to rationalize bad choices to themselves. They find ways to rationalize good choices, too. They forget about the emotions that motivated a decision over time, or their relationships change and suddenly a memory is recolored into something that isn’t quite reality anymore. A person’s internal logic or truth is not always *the* truth. But none of that means they are “out of character” the second there is a mismatch. 

It just means they’re human.

And you hit the nail on the head: Alex was not telling the objective truth in 2x02, but she might well have been telling a truth she believed. Alex has spent years inventing excuses to justify her life choices and coming up with lies to tell her sister and her mother to keep them off her back. At some point the truth and the fiction are going to start blurring in her mind, at least a little. That’s just how our brains work.

Plus, we’re talking about a woman who was so confident she could beat a polygraph that she didn’t even break a sweat about having no time to prepare. The mental self-trickery that requires is insane. Alex Danvers is good at lying to others, but she’s even better at lying to herself.

So, when it comes to Kara and the complicated relationship they have as siblings? Alex can absolutely be petty, and mean, and resentful. That doesn’t mean she loves Kara any less. It doesn’t negate all the things she does that are generous or compassionate or selfless.

What it does is make her a well-rounded character. Just like how Kara is more well-rounded  for being impulsive and self-centered and stubborn in addition to all of her good qualities.

To return to your point about that period in Alex’s life where she was struggling and J’onn pulled her out: yes, she was absolutely giving Kara a revised interpretation of events. Alex’s memories from 1x17 were not actually things she spoke out loud during that interrogation. (At least, I am 99% confident she was not sharing all of her personal failings in explicit detail, especially since long-winded rambling is not part of a polygraph.) So Kara, as far as we know, still remains in the dark about the exact depth of her sister’s issues. And Alex clearly doesn’t ever want her to find out, because that would be damaging on a wayyyyy worse level than her occasionally being an asshole when they fight.

But, within that scene from 2x02, do we know for sure that Alex is lying? We can’t see into her head, after all. Maybe she genuinely believes she would’ve clawed her way out of her funk eventually and gone into medicine if J’onn hadn’t intervened. Maybe she legitimately wanted to be a doctor even though she was a depressed, self-loathing mess and on the verge of failing out. Maybe she only said yes to the DEO because she was afraid Henshaw would blackmail her or her family, or get Kara carted off to some creepy government lab if she turned him down.

All of that, however, does not negate your point, which is that once she got to the DEO, that choice became about her. Not her family, not her sister. Just her.

For possibly the first time in her adult life.

That had to be powerfully liberating. And I agree, it probably gave Alex some immense satisfaction to know that while she might not have Kara’s superpowers, she could still be out there in the world kicking alien ass anyway. We also know she felt good about the fact that her coworkers and her boss recognized her efforts and her talents, and that she was happy to find a space where that was even possible. Those were not things she’d ever had before. And yeah, she guarded them rather selfishly.

I am iffy, however, on criticizing Alex for not telling Kara about Kryptonite and such, because it’s one of the very first things she and J’onn explain to Kara in the pilot ep. (I’m also iffy because Clark knew Kryptonite existed for way longer than Alex did, and he never told her about it either!) And I don’t think Kara would’ve needed a warning about “secret anti-alien agencies,” at least not prior to her decision to start superheroing. Given that strange men showed up at their house when she was a kid and her foster dad changed jobs almost immediately thereafter and her family was constantly afraid she’d be taken away, I have a feeling Kara was already aware of that risk, at least on some level. You’ll note that she never questions the motivation behind Alex’s “never do something like that again” in 1x01, even though Alex is extremely harsh and hurts Kara’s feelings.

tl;dr: Alex, like the rest of us, has her flaws. She has a nasty tendency toward repressing or hiding negativity at her own expense, in part because she’s afraid to disappoint her loved ones, but also because her sense of empathy runs deep and she doesn’t like seeing others suffer. She can be passive-aggressive. She loses her temper in immature, ugly ways.

None of this means she’s a bad person. She’s usually a very good person! But it also doesn’t mean that we get to handwave the ugliness away as “shitty writing” just because it presents a challenge as far as understanding her character.

Dear Y/N (Jon Snow)

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My beloved Y/N,

As Valentine’s Day approaches I am deeply saddened. Valentine’s Day is the day that is supposed to a time full of passion yet I was forced to be separated from the one I love. I thought I was doing the right thing to keep the family at peace. Yet I forgot the outcome and how it would affect me personally. Never in my lifetime did I think I would ever experience emotional distress to this gratitude. I do not know how much longer I can not take being away from you, my sweet beloved, Y/N

Rest assured Y/N I am coming home to you. While I have made many great friends, their loyal and trustworthy (You and my friend Sam would get on excellently well) He is so excited to meet you when he gets the opportunity. My love, there will be the opportunity to you both to meet because I am determined to create an opportunity where you can both meet. 

I wish I could be there with you, I wish I could hold you. I wish I  could kiss you. I wish I could take you as my wife, I wish you could bare my children as we live in a small house on a hill, as we watch as our children play with Ghost. He would be sweet and kind to our children because he loves you and misses you just as much as I do. 

Father would tell me how wrong it would be so dream of such a life. 

But I refuse to let it be the thoughts that help me sleep at night. I will make this my life. You, me, ghost and our future children. 

I love you more than I can comprehend. 

Jom x  

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