let me tell you how insanely deep and badass this character actually is

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Rate all the cc ships u can think of from favorite to least favorite

OH BOY okay so there’s … a lot. I might not hit them all so gimme any I seem to have missed if you care about my blatherings. :)

But okay, in order of fave to least (and I went with literally every one I can think of. There are a lot, so many we gotta put this shit under a cut):

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Hallucination: sam x josh

This takes place after emily returns from the mines and informs sam and mike about the wendigos. Please keep in mind that they don’t know the term “wendigo” since they didn’t meet the hunter man yet. (I don’t know his name) They use the term “monster” instead.

Also, I like staying true to the characters so when sam has a hard time forgiving josh, it’s because I personally believe that it would take time for her to process what happened

Warning: sensitive topic involving josh

Word count: 1500+

Summary: “Shhh. I’m here, I’ll always be here for you.” Sam whispered.

“Everyone tells me not to worry, that they’re in heaven, that it was for the best. No, no. I don’t want to believe that,” he drew in a deep breath. “I won’t believe it!” Coughing and gasping and crying, he couldn’t stop, not even when Sam hugged him

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Chapter 516: Review

Hello and welcome to the first of many reviews I’ve decided to give. Let’s just jump straight into this horror, shall we?

The chapter cover gave me hope that would soon be shot down by none other than Irene that bitch

I mean look how fucking beautiful Lucy is. I love her. So much. Spare her, please. Stop the pain.

Hey look at that, maybe Irene isn’t so bad after all! I mean, she’s kinda trying for redemption here! Yeah! This is going well-

Well fuck a duck. I should have known. By the way, how does Mashima have the stamina to draw Irene’s outfit perfectly every time. Like damn, he practiced! Also, take a shot every time Irene makes an evil face. Of water. Drink lots of water, kids!

Hold up. Did I miss something? Since when was Irene the queen of the Alvarez Empire? I mean, damn, she deserves the title, but why? I think Zeref took too much pity on her and never let her work her issues out. He basically baby-sat this woman until now, so now of course she’s fucking shit up and going insane. I’m enjoying her persona, though.

WOOOO THAT’S MY CHILD, FUCKING SHIT UP AND TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. I love Wendy’s character development so much UGHHH. This attack was flawless, although could have easily been evaded by a mage like Irene. But she is way too invested in deep talk with her daughter to worry about the badass dragon slayer right in front of her. Don’t underestimate her, bitch

I can’t tell where Mashima wants me to look. Erza’s badass high heels? The amazingly cute bunny tail?? The slope of that ass????? That attack was lit, though, and the my school colors!!! The American Education System made me this way. I’m inclined to gift Erza a carrot atm.

First of all, I’m fucking impressed by their teamwork. They really do make a great team, their sister-like relationship makes it that much better. I’m honestly seeing Natsu and Lucy’s impact on Wendy with her line here. Both of those characters are extremely against those who hurt their family, even more somehow than the rest. Also, in the top left panel, I thought it was Erza. I’ve never seen Wendy look so serious.

Holy shit, guys. I love this panel. The amount of power and detail in it!!! So good!!! Natsu is in his iconic stance, with his dragon dad just standing there looking badass and alive. But we didn’t have a setting before now. Before, everything was just white, now we are in the locations Mashima has shown us before when Igneel was inside of Natsu. Perhaps this is the heart of Natsu’s heart, the only place still burning? He really doesn’t have much time left…does he..

Hello my faith in humanity has been restored. HE LOOKS SO YOUNG AGAIN, LIKE LOOK AT HIM. HE’S SO HAPPY TO SEE IGNEEL, I MEAN IT’S HIS FUCKING DAD. I’M HAPPY FOR HIM, TOO. I WAS SCREAMING WITH GLEE AT THIS POINT. And then Mashima ripped my happiness away like the monster he fucking is.

I was confused here though:

Igneel said the dragon seed is no longer there, that it wasn’t possible, but goes on to say that the dragon and demon seed are fusing??? Perhaps I’m misinterpreting or something. Maybe it just stayed in there. I actually recognized the demon seed at first glance, mistaking it for the heart of Te Fiti from Moana. Whoops xD i do like how Mashima has illustrated these seeds in a literal way. I also find it interesting that the dragon seed is conveyed to us as light and pure. Don’t think I didn’t see the dragon and demon design on each respective seed. Also, thanks for the reminder that he is E.N.D, again. ; ;

Igneel seems rather calm about this, although it’s most likely because he has known all along that something like this would happen. But although Natsu has had a fulfilling life, I don’t think it’s okay for it to be cut short like this, and Igneel doesn’t think so either. So, how do we cure him? I’ll bet you 777 million dollars it has to do with the One Magic.

Oh my goodness, please no. This face made me tear up, okay? Look at him. He’s not stupid, he knows full well what death means. He looks like he’s thinking about two things. 1) Oh fuck, I’m dying. 2) How do I stop it?

Because we know Natsu isn’t the kind of person to just give up and die. 

See, Mashima is trying to make me feel pity for Irene again and it’s working. I truly feel sorry that she lost her dragon, and I know the events in her life have been less than pleasant. It doesn’t excuse what she did to Erza, though. Mashima has written a character that makes me battle my own mind. Usually I form a strong opinion about who I hate and who I love, but I can’t decide for Irene. What she is doing is wrong and vindictive, but she has been a victim her whole life. I can’t not feel sympathy for her.

Once again, Irene was a dragon for 400 years because she didn’t know there was a way to not be. Of course she is pissed! I could always come back with the remark, “Life’s not fair”, but only assholes who want to crush other people’s hopes and dreams say that. Maybe life isn’t fair, but that’s obviously not what Irene needs to hear atm.

Creds to Wendy for surprising even Irene, AGAIN. Unfortunately, revealing her enchantment magic is Wendy’s downfall.

Nice action shot. I’m gonna discuss the next part here. Erza not only slices through Irene’s hat, she actually injures Irene’s head, because we can see blood dripping down her face. I’m not sure who to praise here. Erza’s strength or Irene’s durability?

Okay so yeah I screamed here and threw my phone before continuing to the inevitable last page. I knew this was going to happen, though. I fucking knew it. Looking at this makes me so fucking upset, because Wendy is such an innocent character, and now, with the personality of a 30 year old woman or something, what the fuck is the next chapter going to be like. I don’t like this at all.