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Archie’s Unofficial List of Bad RPer Red Flags

A’ight so I’ve been roleplaying for a while, about nine years now, and let me tell you, I’ve had some awful RP partners. From sexual predators to emotionally manipulative people, and I’ve picked up a lot of red flags that I saw some time in my relationship with these people, so I figured being the RP senpai that some people see me as, I’d write them down.

  1. They’re not interested in your character. The best RP partners I’ve had over the years roleplay with me because they love my character, they love their character, and they love what our characters can do together. They want to know about my character so they can make plots accordingly, and spitball ideas. It seems obvious, but if someone’s not interested in your character but very interested in RPing with you, I’d call that a red flag.
  2. RPing with them feels like a privilege. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve had a bad RP partner and didn’t know it yet, and when we were still RPing, it felt like whenever we got to do one on one sessions, that I was taking up their valuable time. That’s definitely a red flag.
  3. They’re just a little too nice.  They’re just too nice for comfort. They like all of your posts, they give you gifts, want to spend a lot of time with you, all of which are benign usually, but with them it just feels weird. Another HUGE red flag after this one is that this niceness doesn’t stay. After getting to know them, they stop trying to win you over and their personality completely changes.
  4. They don’t make time for you. I remember one RP partner in particular who would always be off RPing with a mutual friend of ours, and our RP always came second. It’d take him hours to post on a medium where replies were expected within 5-10 minutes if not sooner, and whenever this was brought up, he called me way too clingy, and said he just didn’t have time to RP more often than that, despite RPing with our mutual friend for hours at a time.
  5. They get jealous if you RP with someone else. While jealousy happens from time to time, with them, it’s excessive. If you roleplay with someone else, they need to know who it is and what you’re RPing. If you don’t want to tell them, obviously you’re trying to sabotage your RP with them. This behavior is a giant red flag, and I’d say to cut them loose immediately if you experience it.
  6. They surround themselves with typically weak-willed people. This one took me a long time to spot, but a lot of the bad RPers that I have will surround themselves with people who have very poor self-esteem or come off as very passive. A friend and I once had the same bad RP partner, and they come off as very cute and spunky where I come off as more assertive, and, unsurprisingly, they clung to my seemingly-weak-willed friend instead of me, because they were easier to manipulate in the bad RPer’s eyes.
  7. They need to be in control of an RP. If they’re not in control, they freak out. Often times they’re the one who comes up with the plots, and any you run by them gets shut down. While they’re free to do whatever they want to their character to hurt you, if you do anything to yours, it’s crossing the line.
  8. They play games with you. They ask you seemingly benign questions then will explode if you say the wrong answer, they sabotage your RP that’s not with them, they see how far they can push you before you bite back.
  9. They spy on your roleplay. This one’s pretty self-explanatory and really only applies to MMO settings, but they spy on their RP on an alt character.
  10. They will take IC into OOC. This can go in so many different directons and I’ve had it taken in different directions, but taking a romantic RP as that you’re flirting with them OOC, if you have a fight OOC and it transfers to their character being mad for no reason IC, or if they start talking shit about you to others because they don’t like the way that something happened ICly, drop them.
  11. They make it so that you can only RP with them. Let’s say they convince you to drop your characters together in some lost and forgotten section of the world until further notice,  or your character is in a position where they can’t function without the bad RPer’s character being with them.
  12. They have nothing good to say about anyone around you. They’re the kind of person who you dread bringing up new people you’ve met, because they’re immediately going to say “Oh, yeah two years ago they said something sort of racist.” or “I heard they meta-game out the ass” or anything else negative.
  13. They discourage you from meeting new people. This is another one that I didn’t pick up on for a while, but often times I see it in toxic RP partners that they don’t want to meet new people, and encourage others to follow in their way, either by talking shit about city RP or doing what was mentioned above in 12.
  14. If they do something, it’s fine. If you do the same thing, it’s cause for a war. This is another one that I’ve had a lot of experiences with. If they kill off their character out of the blue, you’re being unreasonable for being upset. If you kill off your character after asking them and planning it for weeks, you’re a bad RP partner.
  15. They constantly play the victim. They can do no wrong, someone is always wronging them. If you have a fight with them, even if they’re undeniably in the wrong, it’s your fault, and you have to apologize.

These are really only a few, but here’s some red flags for you! Feel free to reblog with ones that I may have missed or fall out of my experience. These are all taken from many of the bad experiences or RP partners I’ve had over the years.


Fai’s ready to drop some truth bombs I’M SO READY FOR THIS





But also two saboteurs?



I did not expect that at all. 

I’d like to have everyone’s attention for a moment please. This is really important.

@smokeauditore and I made those posts about the whole Danse-Senpai thing because we thought it was actually funny and our main goal was to make people laugh. 

We didn’t make them to mock the Japanese culture or anything like that. Sorry If you felt offended by it and thought it was completely immature and my bad if you cringed as you saw the post but let me tell you something. A friend of mine did my Sole-Senpai challenge and got attacked for it and this is simply unacceptable. If you have some unpleasant remark to say, grow balls and say them to me instead of attacking someone else who absolutely did nothing wrong. 

Oh and if it really bothers you, how about you blacklist the tag #SoleSenpai or just simply block me? Don’t you think this is a better idea than sending hate? 

I’ll say it again, our purpose was not to make fun of the Japanese people or their culture. Don’t take it personally. Thank you.

. Attention to my senpai

I’ll take this moment to say this,

Thank you to the person who ran a blog called

You helped me out so much when I first made this blog, I reached out to your blog and you responded with telling me all about these side stories and other information relating to Sword Art Online and now I can say I’ve been doing the same now but I never forgot how you were the one who gave me all this knowledge. I never thought I would be having such a good time running a sao blog. I was so nervous at first. But now I’ve met and talked to so many people. I can say that making this blog has had a positive impact on me and I won’t let this blog die out. Thank you again senpai. I hope I can talk to again someday.

Kuroko no Basket Season 3 Vol.2 Special Drama

The second volume of the DVD will feature Kise Ryouta! :D 

So basically a Free Paper called “Kanagawa Banzai” is having a personal interview with Kise. There’s also a Seishun Tip Off which is a Kise VS Kuroko version. 

Kise: Senpai! Please tell the a lot of good story about me?

Kasamatsu: I’ll tell how troublesome you are

Kise: So mean!

T/N: More previews under the cut. All from KNB’s official twitter

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  • いつイク佳正
  • Fukuyama Jun, Miyano Mamoru, Kaji Yuuki

Jun, Mamo and Kaji trying to decide the title for this episode

Kaji: So how is it?
Mamo: I feel like including “Yoshimasa” in it
Jun: Me too. I actually think of that too. There are four of us right, who are bonded through a tight bond
Mamo: Oi! Oi! Oi, even though you are a senpai. Your emotion, oi (it’s kinda hard to interpret what Mamo was trying to say here, it might got something to do with Jun’s expression. Hard to tell since it’s radio )
Jun: Who cares about emotion
Kaji: You’re laughing too much, we are getting off topic… lets include “Yoshimasa”
Jun: This time Yoshimasa is not here but I do want to do this (radio) with him so how about “Kakumeiki Valvrave Web Radio, Fukuyama Jun to Miyano Mamoru to Kaji Yuuki no Itsumo Kokoro ni Hosoya Yoshimasa (Hosoya Yoshimasa is always in our heart)
Kaji: Always in our heart
Mamo: It’s itsu Yoshi right (he abbreviated Itsumo Kokoro ni Hosoya Yoshimasa)
Jun: That’s good
Kaji: In the end, what are we trying to do?
Jun: Like I said, “Kakumeiki Valvrave Web Radio, Fukuyama Jun to Miyano Mamoru to Kaji Yuuki no
Jun & Mamo: Itsu Yoshi LOLOLOL
Kaji: So it’s Itsu Yoshi?
Mamo: Yes, Lets go with Itsu Yoshi
Jun: Itsu Yoshi is really nice
Kaji: I wonder how Hosoya san would feel if he were to listen to this. So it’s decided then?
Jun: Yeah
Mamo: Itsu Iku is okay too (Iku is from Ikusu, which is how Japanese pronounce X)
Kaji: Which is it?
Mamo: Doesn’t that has an impact
Jun: Itsu Iku?
Mamo: Yup LOL
Jun: But the problem is, “Yoshimasa” is gone
Kaji: The most important thing is gone
Mamo: We replaced it with X-Eins
Jun: Let’s go with that
Kaji: I see
Mamo: Itsu Iku? Right now (in this case, Mamo was saying itsu iku with the meaning of “when should we go”, instead of the abbreviation)
Kaji: No, you can’t because it’ll turn that way (the meaning would differ)
Mamo: LOL
Kaji: So we’ll use katakana for Iku
Jun: Let’s go with that. Which one do you think is better? It’s okay for you to decide, Kaji kun
Mamo: Kaji kun, you can decide it
Jun: Do you want Itsu Iku or Itsu Yoshi?
Mamo: That or something else unrelated
Jun: That’s okay too
Mamo: I think something unrelated is better
Kaji: No, can’t do! If that’s the case, what was the point of what we talked about just now? No no no
Jun: We can just cut that
Mamo: Let us hear once the one that is completely unrelated
Kaji: We still haven’t decide on the title yet but I’m tired already
Mamo: Let us hear once
Kaji: Really? I think that’s fine, let’s go with Itsu Iku Yoshimasa
Mamo: That’s a good one
All: Itsu Iku, Yoshimasa
Mamo: It’s decided then