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Archie’s Unofficial List of Bad RPer Red Flags

A’ight so I’ve been roleplaying for a while, about nine years now, and let me tell you, I’ve had some awful RP partners. From sexual predators to emotionally manipulative people, and I’ve picked up a lot of red flags that I saw some time in my relationship with these people, so I figured being the RP senpai that some people see me as, I’d write them down.

  1. They’re not interested in your character. The best RP partners I’ve had over the years roleplay with me because they love my character, they love their character, and they love what our characters can do together. They want to know about my character so they can make plots accordingly, and spitball ideas. It seems obvious, but if someone’s not interested in your character but very interested in RPing with you, I’d call that a red flag.
  2. RPing with them feels like a privilege. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve had a bad RP partner and didn’t know it yet, and when we were still RPing, it felt like whenever we got to do one on one sessions, that I was taking up their valuable time. That’s definitely a red flag.
  3. They’re just a little too nice.  They’re just too nice for comfort. They like all of your posts, they give you gifts, want to spend a lot of time with you, all of which are benign usually, but with them it just feels weird. Another HUGE red flag after this one is that this niceness doesn’t stay. After getting to know them, they stop trying to win you over and their personality completely changes.
  4. They don’t make time for you. I remember one RP partner in particular who would always be off RPing with a mutual friend of ours, and our RP always came second. It’d take him hours to post on a medium where replies were expected within 5-10 minutes if not sooner, and whenever this was brought up, he called me way too clingy, and said he just didn’t have time to RP more often than that, despite RPing with our mutual friend for hours at a time.
  5. They get jealous if you RP with someone else. While jealousy happens from time to time, with them, it’s excessive. If you roleplay with someone else, they need to know who it is and what you’re RPing. If you don’t want to tell them, obviously you’re trying to sabotage your RP with them. This behavior is a giant red flag, and I’d say to cut them loose immediately if you experience it.
  6. They surround themselves with typically weak-willed people. This one took me a long time to spot, but a lot of the bad RPers that I have will surround themselves with people who have very poor self-esteem or come off as very passive. A friend and I once had the same bad RP partner, and they come off as very cute and spunky where I come off as more assertive, and, unsurprisingly, they clung to my seemingly-weak-willed friend instead of me, because they were easier to manipulate in the bad RPer’s eyes.
  7. They need to be in control of an RP. If they’re not in control, they freak out. Often times they’re the one who comes up with the plots, and any you run by them gets shut down. While they’re free to do whatever they want to their character to hurt you, if you do anything to yours, it’s crossing the line.
  8. They play games with you. They ask you seemingly benign questions then will explode if you say the wrong answer, they sabotage your RP that’s not with them, they see how far they can push you before you bite back.
  9. They spy on your roleplay. This one’s pretty self-explanatory and really only applies to MMO settings, but they spy on their RP on an alt character.
  10. They will take IC into OOC. This can go in so many different directons and I’ve had it taken in different directions, but taking a romantic RP as that you’re flirting with them OOC, if you have a fight OOC and it transfers to their character being mad for no reason IC, or if they start talking shit about you to others because they don’t like the way that something happened ICly, drop them.
  11. They make it so that you can only RP with them. Let’s say they convince you to drop your characters together in some lost and forgotten section of the world until further notice,  or your character is in a position where they can’t function without the bad RPer’s character being with them.
  12. They have nothing good to say about anyone around you. They’re the kind of person who you dread bringing up new people you’ve met, because they’re immediately going to say “Oh, yeah two years ago they said something sort of racist.” or “I heard they meta-game out the ass” or anything else negative.
  13. They discourage you from meeting new people. This is another one that I didn’t pick up on for a while, but often times I see it in toxic RP partners that they don’t want to meet new people, and encourage others to follow in their way, either by talking shit about city RP or doing what was mentioned above in 12.
  14. If they do something, it’s fine. If you do the same thing, it’s cause for a war. This is another one that I’ve had a lot of experiences with. If they kill off their character out of the blue, you’re being unreasonable for being upset. If you kill off your character after asking them and planning it for weeks, you’re a bad RP partner.
  15. They constantly play the victim. They can do no wrong, someone is always wronging them. If you have a fight with them, even if they’re undeniably in the wrong, it’s your fault, and you have to apologize.

These are really only a few, but here’s some red flags for you! Feel free to reblog with ones that I may have missed or fall out of my experience. These are all taken from many of the bad experiences or RP partners I’ve had over the years.

Coming out of the darkness

Title: Coming Out Of The Darkness

Fandom: Bendy and the Ink Machine

Summary: Bendy and Boris finally get to leave the workshop in broad daylight, their day led by Henry….but things take turn for the worse…

Let me tell you a small poem first about what’s in this story.

Roses are Red,
I love my Senpai, If you hate yaoi, I can only tell you bye-bye!
“Are you guys ready?”, Henry asked. “Yep”, Bendy and Boris replied. Bendy was dressed in his frilly tutu and a white shirt reading, “Burn after use”. Boris was wearing his overalls with a white undershirt reading, “Bad to the bone”.

Henry lifted a camera and said, “It’s 8:30 AM, July, 27th, 2017 and I will show Me and Joey’s creations the real world. Let’s go”, Henry said.

He grabbed the door knob as the trio walked down some stairs. When sunlight was let through, Bendy jumped back. “What is it?”, He asked. Henry smiled. “You’ve never seen daylight? I guess that’s what I can expect for someone to be locked up for 30 years”.

Bendy cautiously walked forward. “It’s not so bad!”, He said happily, in his cheery high-pitched voice.

“Bendy, We actually see daylight!”, Boris said, his southern accent stronger then usual.

Henry then pushed the door open to it’s full length. Bendy’s eyes widened in surprise. There was so many…people! Cars, shops and little children were everywhere!

[I’m gonna assume the workshop is located some where in New York City in 2017, around the Manhattan area and the workshop’s purpose to look old-fashioned and all the things you see were items to preserve how people in the 1920’s lived. This is because the gameplay reminded me of museum for some reason]

Henry led them out into the street. The two were looking around. “I never knew the sky was blue!”, Bendy said. “That’s ‘cause our shows were in black in white buddy!”, Boris replied.

The trio wandered the city as Bendy and Boris were having fun experiencing the real world. Citizens were looking at them oddly. Some were frightened. Perhaps it was when Bendy left footprints of ink, it would run up to him and return to it’s source.

Then Bendy pointed to a restaurant. “What’s that?”, He asked Henry curiously. “That’s a place where people eat. It’s called a ‘restaurant’ Bendy”, Henry replied.

“Can we try it?”, Bendy asked. “I’m not even sure that
1) You guys can eat human food and
2) I’m not sure I can afford it. Let’s head on to Wendy’s”, Henry said holding Bendy’s hand.

Boris looked jealous as Henry was holding Bendy’s hand.

“Gorsh! Bendy is mine! Why is he holding his hand?! He should be holding mine!”, Boris thought.

The trio reached their destination. “We call this a 'fast food chain’ restaurant”, Henry said pushing the doors open. Everything seemed to have froze when the three entered.

The three made their way past the crowd and up to the second floor eating area. They found some seats.

“I’ll go get us some food. You two stay put”, Henry said leaving. Bendy smiled and said, “Looks like it’s just us Boris”.

Boris’s heart raced. This felt just like a date. He was flustered then said, “G-G-Golly! You are right Bendy!”.

Bendy giggled and said, “You are so adorable when you’re submissive!”.

Boris felt like having a nosebleed. Then flash hit the two of them.

The two turned in the direction of the flash. It was a little boy.

“You are two are some weird looking monsters!”, He said. His little sister said, “Never knew it was Halloween in July”.

The two high-fived each other and laughed.

[My canon is that Bendy is a master at cards. Think about it. Him and Boris played cards together to pass time for all those 30 years. Why the hell not? Bendy keeps them hidden and uses them to play games or…]

Then they froze when Bendy threw one of his cards at the wall. The card landed on the wall between the two siblings.

He made a fan with the cards as his eye turned red and as he looked at them and said, “Ace of Hearts”.

The siblings looked as pale as a ghost as the two ran away. Bendy’s eye turned back to normal.

Him and Boris had a nice conversation until Henry came back. “What’s this?”, He asked poking a burger.

“Try it. It’s a cheeseburger”, Henry said taking a bite out of his. Bendy took a small bite. His eyes widened.

“WOW!”, He said in amazement. He ate it all in one gulp. He took a fry and ate it. “Woah! What’s it called Henry?!”.

“It’s called 'French Fries’. They taste good with ketchup”, Henry replied. “Hey Boris, you are not gonna eat? You are missing out on some great food!”, Bendy said.

“Nah”, He replied his stomach rumbling. “Maybe a bite or two”. He took a bite out of his burger. “WOAH”, He said out loud. He ate as fast as Bendy from that point forward.

“I bought a extra burger. Who wants it?”, Henry asked. Bendy and Boris stared at each other.

“This. Means. WAR.”, The two said. Henry said, “Why not shar-”, He started but was cut off by death glares.

“Fight me Boris! You are not getting that burger!”, Bendy said getting up. “Bite me demon! You are not getting MY burger!”, Boris said getting up as well.

Henry cut the burger in half and handed it to the two. “Truce?”, Bendy asked. “Truce”, Boris said.

After some burgers, they wandered around the city some more. “Let’s take the subway!”, Bendy said.

“We could head on to Coney Island”, Henry said. “Let’s go!”, Bendy said. “Ok fine”, Henry said.

When they arrived at the toll, Henry simply swiped his metro card and said, “Wait here”. He opened the emergency door. “Hurry up! Over here”, He said.

The trio then arrived at the platforms. “Music!”, Bendy said. “Thankfully, I bring Buttons where ever I go!”, Boris said.

“MUSIC & DANCE BATTLE!”, The two then said. The two reached where the jazz music was playing. Boris took out buttons and played his clarinet.

Bendy was in his ballet starting position. His feet turned to taps shoes as he danced in rhythm to the music.

People cheered. Henry got through the crowd and got a close up of Bendy dancing. Then a man with a large stereo walked to the middle. “Dance to this!”, He said blasting out rap music.

Bendy’s feet became Jordan’s as he danced to “Juju on that beat” and other songs. He did the impossible as he used his tail to help him to tricky moved.

Then the train arrived. Bendy shape shifted his feet back into his ballet shoes. The trio waved good-bye to the crowd as the doors closed.

The trio were talking about the fun they had when they arrived in Coney Island. Bendy’s eyes widened. “Henry, what is this?!?!”, He asked.

“It what we call a place of joy. A amusement park”, Henry said. The trio went on many rides and funhouses as they had the time of their lives. That is until…

“NYPD! PUT YOUR HANDS UP WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM”, The police yelled as the trio were about to leave the park.

“What did we do?!”, Bendy asked. One cop came up to the three. “We got calls about a weird creatures wandering our city and even videos about you on social media”.

Bendy sighed. Helicopters could bd heard above them. Eventually they were taken to prison.

“Henry…I’m sorry”, Bendy said via telepathy. For what?“, Henry answered. We didn’t mean to cause trouble honestly”, Bendy said sadly. “It’s ok Benster. Let’s dip and see how much we can have in one day”, Henry said mischievously.

Soon the three were free to go. Under one condition. Bendy and Boris had to wear trackers. As soon as they were far away from that place Bendy said, “I could always use my demon powers”.

Bendy put his fists together and chanted some words as his eyes turned red. A pentagram that glowed bright red accompanied his fiery eyes. “Chains of bond break free, and be gone eternally!”, His last words were.

The trackers fell right of. Bendy’s eyes returned to their shade of ink black. Soon the two decided to hang out at Astoria park.

“The grass…it’s so soft and green”, Bendy said. “The dirt is brown here, not black!”, Boris said happily.

The two laid down on the soft grass. The trio were doing great….Then a tragedy occurred.

A man ran up to Bendy and kidnapped him by tying his hands together and tossing him a sack.

He was on top of the hill when Bendy yelled out, “SOMEONE HELP ME!! HELP ME!! BORIS!! HENRY!! HELP ME!!”.

The two quickly got up and saw Bendy reaching out for them. Henry said, “BENDY!! NO!! HANG ON!! WE’RE COMING!!”.

Boris saw a sight he would never forget. Bendy’s face, full of fear and tears, screaming for help. That was the things keep him up at night. That was the one nightmare he could never get rid of.

His eyes turned blood red. “Demon powers? No time for asking now! I gotta save Bendy!”, Boris thought.

Henry was on his way up when Boris got on all fours and began pursuit. Bendy was kicking and squirming, trying to escape.

His eyes turned ruby red. His corrupted form took over. A red pentagram glowed brightly on his forehead. “Demon hands!”, He yelled.

He felt the man fall, as he hit his head badly. He returned to his normal form as the pentagram faded away. Bendy felt a weak as he felt the man get up and run even faster.

His vision faded to static as he closed his eyes. “B-Boris…H-Henry…”, He whispered as some ink ran down the side of his head. He passed out cold a few moments later.

Boris sensed him losing Bendy’s brain waves.

[They talk via telepathy when there is a show and they can’t talk during it to ruin it]

He went faster this time. “Bendy! Hold in there little buddy! I’m coming! I’ll save you!”, Boris said.

Then with a mighty pounce, he tried to tackle the man but failed. Henry saw and stopped to help him.

The two looked into the distance to see the man, with Bendy, gone.

Henry said, “What are we going to do?….We don’t where that man took him….”. That’s when Boris changed form.

He fully submitted to his demon powers. Inside his head, Bendy’s father, Satan was talking to him.

~Inside his head is a mental connection to Hell~

“Ahh, Boris. Your parents are still one of my finest second and third in command. My only son spoke highly of you. What is your reason for calling me?”, Satan asked.

“I would like for you to grant me full access of my demon powers”, Boris said.

“Your not part of our ranks…Yet”, His parents intervened.

“Second in command, General Pierce and Third in command General Windrixia wish to intervene my leige”, General Pierce said.

“Accepted. Continue”, Satan replied. “Mother, Father! We haven’t spoke in years!”, Boris said.

“Tell us son, why do you need your demon powers?”, General Windrixia asked.

“My beloved parents and ruler of hell, i’m sorry to inform you but…”, Boris started.

“'But’ what?”, The three asked. Boris gulped. The next words his said made Satan’s heart sink.

“Ruler of Hell, your only son has been abducted by notherless…humans”, Boris said shakily.

“H-How?!”, General Pierce said. “A man tossed Bendy in a sack and ran off with him”, Boris explained.

“Bendy?! The liege’s son?!”, General Windrixia said in shock. “T-That’s impossible! Bendy’s powers were awakened a long time ago!”, General Windrixia lashed out.

“Bendy was knocked unconscious. We were trained in telepathy while Joey, our summoner was still alive. After Bendy has eliminated him, we still had that power. As we speak, he hasn’t gained consciousness. I feel his brainwaves, but I can’t locate him”, Boris said quickly.

Satan quickly said, “I will awakened the powers that you wish Boris. If you bring me back my son within 48 hours, You will keep those powers. If you fail, your demise is certain. I will retrieve my son MYSELF if I have to”.

The generals said, “My Liege!”.

“Sire, that will cause God to attack is with all his force! Hell and Heaven made a treaty saying that if you trespass Earth, everybody’s demise is as clear as day!”, General Pierce pointed out.

“Sire, allow your army to retrieve your son!”, General Windrixia said.

“This is my ONLY son we are talking about. If your son brings him back to me, I will also arrange a marriage between the two of them”.

Boris gasped. Married…to none other then Bendy?! The only son of Satan, Ruler of Hell?! Sweet, innocent Bendy?! That was what he desired the most.

The two generals were quiet before Boris said, “I accept your proposal. I will return with your son!”.

Satan smirked. “Very well. I will awaken your powers. Remember, if you do not return with my son, I WILL PERSONALLY KILL YOU”, He said threateningly. Boris looked at him with determination. “I still accept”.

Satan said, “These powers will not come easily. Are you ready to take them in?”. Boris said, “Come at me with all your force”. Satan said, “As you wish”. Boris screamed and held in the pain as his powers were awakened.

Satan quickly whisked Boris back to earth. Boris grabbed his head as he felt his powers being awakened.

~End Mental connection~

Satan got up from his throne and walked up to Boris’s parents.

Satan chuckled. “You have raised a decent son for my Bendy. Are you two prepared to YOUR son and my only child to be heirs to my throne?”, He asked.

The generals nodded. “We will make sure of that our son is the leader we molded him into”.
Henry said, “Boris! Are you ok?!”, He said as he saw Boris rolling on the sidewalk.

“S-Stay back!”, He yelled as he pushed Henry away. Henry looked at the sky to see it turn dark as night. Henry hit a gate as he looked at what was happening to Boris.

Boris floated in mid-air as he had a pentagram below him as his gloves broke and became razor sharp claws, His clothing torn part as they fell like pieces of paper, his demon tail coming out, and the symbol of the element of fire glowing bright red on his forehead.

He howled at the moon in the sky. “Demon powers from Boris?! But Joey told me only Bendy has them unless…He’s a demon as well!”, Henry thought.

Boris leaped into the night. Henry saw a skateboard and grabbed it. He put on the helmet and got on it. He quickly followed Boris.

Boris sniffed the air. “I SMELL YOU SWEETHEART~”, He said in a corrupted voice in slight static.

Henry fell, but quickly got up and skated quickly after Boris.

Boris was leaping off the tops of buildings as he felt Bendy’s smell grow.

That smell. The smell that mistakes anybody. That same smell that makes Bendy’s victims say, “What Demon?”. That smell that Boris couldn’t get enough of. The smell of flowers in a garden on a sunny day.

Boris felt full of determination. He was gonna rescue Bendy no matter what!

After a couple of minutes, the duo stopped. Boris said, “Manhole. Well then, let’s go shall we?”, He said picking up the lid.

Henry nodded. He got off the skateboard and placed it on his back and followed Boris.

The two were wandering when Boris stopped. Below they saw the unthinkable.

Bendy was in a capsule as he was pounding on the door . Then the capsule was moved by two men onto a experimental table.

“It’s gonna be fun dissecting this one”, A hooded man said. “We are gonna do the same thing to this like we did to that wolf?”, Another hooded man questioned.

“Yep. Sadly, the boss was killed by this thing”, The hooded man replied pointing to Bendy.

Via telepathy, Boris heard Bendy screaming and crying his heart out, “BORIS! HENRY! HELP ME! LET ME OUT OF HERE! HELP ME! Someone… Please… Help Me…”.

Henry whispered something into Boris’s ear and Boris nodded. “Good plan”, he whispered back.

Henry lowered himself behind the two hooded men and bonked their heads. The two fell to the ground.

Boris quickly looked for other hooded men and jumped out from his hiding spot.

He lifted the capsule back straight up and Bendy was smiling and crying tears of joy.

With a mighty scratch, the capsule broke. Boris opened the broken door and helped Bendy out.

Bendy smiled and said, “My hero” and gave Boris a small kiss. Henry was fangirling at the two of them.

Boris carried Bendy bridal style all the way back to the surface. The morning sun was about to rise.

The trio took a good glance of the sun rising. Boris and Bendy shared another kiss.

“I promised your dad you’ll be home in 48 hours”, Boris said in his normal form.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s take the train back to the workshop”, Bendy said. Boris and Henry nodded.

Once the trio arrived back to the workshop, they all went towards the basement. “We’ll be back soon”, Boris said as He and Bendy stood on the pentagram and disappeared.

Henry realized after the two left there was something on it. It was an envelope. He opened it and found a ticket and a card.

The ticket read, “This is a temporary pass to hell”. Henry read the card.

“Dear Henry,
Bendy’s father told me if I brought Bendy back, he would arrange a marriage between the two of us. If you’re reading this, you are invited to our wedding!
It will be held October, 31st, 2017. The ticket will grant you access to enter hell for our wedding. After everything, it’ll send you back to Earth. See you at the wedding!

Boris, groom-to-be”.

Henry nodded. “At least Boris was nice enough to invite me even though it was my boss who dissected him….and at least he invited me to HIS wedding”, He said rolling his eyes.

Back at hell, Satan rejoiced at the return of his son. The two generals smiled at their son’s accomplishment.

~A Couple of months later~

It was deep in the night as the wedding ceremony began. The organs played, and even some other cartoon characters went as well.

“Boris the Wolf, do you take the only child of Satan to be your lawful wife?”, Satan asked.

(Since Bendy is uke, the term 'wife’ suited him. I’m not denying that he’s a boy)

“I do”, Boris said. He lifted Bendy’s veil.

“Bendy, my sweet child, do you take Boris the Wolf to be your lawful husband?”, Satan asked.

“I Do!”, Bendy said happily. The two held each other’s hands as two similar looking rings appeared on their fingers.

Bendy’s read, “Love you always, Boris”. Bendy blushed a little and smiled sweetly.

Boris’s read, “Love since the first show, Bendy”. Boris smiled at the concept of the message and giggled a little.

Satan smiled and said, “Then by the power invested in me as ruler of Hell, I pronounce you Husband and Wife”.

Everybody cheered as the two kissed. Afterwards, Boris carried Bendy bridal style off the many boxes he had to stand on to reach Boris’s level of height.

Mickey gave Bendy a box of pregnancy tests and said, “Too much bloodline huh?”, much to Boris’s amusement, and Oswald gave Boris a paint brush. “Try it sometime! Now after years, you’ll be in color!”, He said.

Minnie gave Bendy a bottle of perfume. Daisy gave Boris some cologne. Orenestia gave Bendy a box of condoms, once again to Boris and Oswald’s amusement.

“Donald…Do I need this?”, Bendy asked being handed a album CD and a Vinyl record player. “Yes. Take it”, Donald said. Bendy sighed and smiled. “Thank you”, He said.

After all the gifts, The two decided to go and dance in the garden.

Bendy’s changed from his wedding dress to his ballet attire, the one he loved dearly. It has a white top reading, “The Dancing Demon” and a pastel pink tutu. His feet turned into ballet shoes.

Boris took out his trusty clarinet, Buttons. Bendy got into his starting position and Boris began playing.

Bendy danced gracefully to Boris’s music. Fireflies joined in with Bendy as he danced in rhythm with their lights.

Boris smiled as he kept on playing. Oswald was filming Bendy dancing and Mickey and Minnie were too busy drinking.

Bendy saw a fountain as he danced on the circular shape around it. He did some somersaults and gymnastics to the best of his ability.

Then Boris danced along side Bendy as he put Buttons on “Auto-Play” and danced along side Bendy.

The two danced under a bright blanket of stars. You know, It almost seemed like the stars were dancing with them. As the stars twinkled above, Bendy and Boris spent every minute with each other.

This was all Boris wanted. Him and Bendy, a loving couple. Looks like dreams come true.

Bendy laughed. This was all he ever wanted. Non-stop love from Boris. He laughed. Joey would never come between them ever again. Who was laughing now?!

As the two kept on dancing, eventually, they sat down and cuddled. Their fingers intertwined.

Boris kissed Bendy and Bendy returned it. This was a dream come true. This is the sweet reality both want. They wanted this to last forever…

The two are like doves, under the stars will they will be in love.

~The End~
I wrote this fanfic especially for you! It’s also on my Achieve of our own account “PepsiGo”! Could you please draw a scene from the story?

Answer: Maybe i well but not at the moment, but i well 😅 Also this is a really good story😀
One More Time

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2,473

Warnings: Smut…and cursing! Metal Arm Kink because reasons.

Summary: Reader and Bucky like each other but they don’t know about the other’s feelings. One day when they are training, reader can’t stop “admiring” his arm. Smut happens!

A/N: I just felt like writing metal arm smut so ya. If you want part 2 let me know. Also, please tell me how my writing is!! Please…

Tagging @bovaria and @fvckingavengers because I dreamed a dream where my writing was actually not that bad and they might notice me…Notice me Senpais!!!

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MOM HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!Please excuse the fact that the thing above looks like it was made in 2 minutes (because it was) I’m still pretty flustered about this all jfdks

Anyway, lordy jesus, its been nearly two years since this blog has been up??? Time flies. I can remember when I first decided to dive headfirst into the Indie scene with this blog and with Riku as a character in general. NGL I was legit a nervous wreck, because I’ve always just been apart of fandoms specifically and I didn’t???? Know what to do lol. But slowly, I branched out. Gained lots of amazing friends, lost some, saw some amazing characters that still hold themselves near and dear to my heart. I as well as Ri have experienced many things, many feelings, and none of which is regretted. 

I hope you continue to follow my progression with this nerd child and make you totes not regret having her on your dash jkds;

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Valentine’s Day

31. Flowers in My 100 Theme Fanfiction Challenge

Valentine’s Day was the event where every girl brought presents for their favourite hosts. (Y/N) laughed softly as she sipped her tea, watching the mayhem begin. She was sitting next to Kyoya, who was calculating the amount of money the get up that Tamaki had purchased for Valentine’s Day actually cost.

“Not your favourite holiday?” (Y/N) teased him, laughing at the slightly annoyed expression on his face.

Kyoya smirked slightly, glancing at her from the side of his eyes. “I rather holidays where Tamaki isn’t an idiot. That holiday hasn’t reached yet…”

“I…I brought you this chocolate rose, Mori-senpai.”

(Y/N) looked to Mori, watching a blonde shy girl awkwardly stand next to Mori’s tall figure.

“I…I know you have so many girls saying this…But I think I love you. I just wanted to know…if you felt the same way.” The girl’s eyes were fixated on the floor and her fingers were twiddling on the stem of the chocolate rose.

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  • Him acting up all awkward to set up the mood because he’s already nervous. “What is it with candles? Why do people like candles so much” he’d frown “ What if my place burn down while we’re making out?! THEN WHO’S GONNA TAKE RESPONSIBILITY?!” he ruffle his hair “ No candles for sure. I’m too broke to afford a new place”
  • Him studying the art of dirty talking cause’ he’s not sure if you’re into vanilla sex or something more thrilling. “ Can’t I just tell her that I lover her instead? Won’t that make the moment more amazing?” he’d ponder “ But what if she overthinks about it and then she’s turned off..” He ruffles his hair “Girls are WAY TOO COMPLICATED FOR MY BRAIN”
  • Him taking a shower while figuring out what kind of shampoo and soap to use, cause’ he wants you to remember how memorable that moment would be. “ What would she like? that’s the real question”
  • You showing up at his place and him freaking out because the only thing he has in mind is what’s supposed to happen afterwards. “ H-Hey Y/N” he’d stutter as you’d simply ruffle his hair at how cute he’s being
  • Him trying to make you understand what he wants by occasionnally pulling your waist closer and snuggling his face in your neck. “Y/N, can’t we do something else instead?” he’d breathe on your neck before sneakily touching your leg with his warm fingers“ That movie is boring”
  • You giggling because his fluffy hair is tickling your neck and him questionning you and being slightly offended, because he thinks you make fun of him. “ I beg you, stop breaking the mood Y/N” he’d pout 
  • Him apologizing and making sure that everything he does is accepted by you cause’ he’s afraid of making a bad move. “Can I really touch you there and get away with it?Like you won’t kill me after this? “
  • Him trying to give you a hickey but ends up bitting your skin too hard so you yelp and he freaks out. “F*ck F*ck, ARE YOU BLEEDING ARE YOU OKAY?! I never thought my teeth were that sharp! F*ck SORRY!!!”
  • Him kissing you and grazing his teeth over your bottom lip because he likes testing your limits. “ Please tell me I was an amazing f*ck. PLEASE”
  • You giving payback by grazing your teeth over his earlobe and him freaking out because his ears are probably the most sensitive part of that manly built body. “N-Not THE EAAARRRSS!!” he’d choke on his breath “ PLEASE LET ME LAST FOR MORE THEN TEN MINUTES!!”
  • His slim fingers that enjoys running along your perfect thighs to bring your body closer to him , because space is not something he can bare with in those moments. “ I want you close” he’d whisper in your ears
  • Him running his fingers sensually on your strands of hair while staring into your eyes as if you’re the most precious being on this earth. “You’re mine, you know what?”
  • Him kissing you everywhere because he wants to cherish every part of you.”I love you”
  • Him Calling you beautiful  while blushing and hiding his eyes because your body still impresses him and he’s shy about looking at you since it’s all new to him. “Why are you so damn gorgeous. I-I just can’t look at you without feeling all weird”
  • Him leaving them hickeys in the most awkward places ever ,like your arm or your back, because he supposedly had to practice on your arm before doing it on your neck “ DON’T JUDGE” he’d give you a stare “ I WANT TO WISELY MARK YOUR SKIN Y/N” he’d reply “ You’re marking my entire body Jeon. It’s not like you’re acting wisely right now” you say before he’d put his index over your lips “ Let the pro do his work.”
  • Him wanting to take off his shirt in a very sexy way like the guys do it in the movies, but the white shirt get stuck and does not want to get off “ why am I living my life this way * cries a river*”
  • Him raising his brows at you while tapping his chest like tarzan because he’s weird like that and he enjoys making the moment weirdly unique. “ I’M THE MANNNNNNN!!!!” he’d shout
  • Him suddenly telling you about his ‘abs’ worry and asking you if you’re disapointed. “ I tried working some more on it , but my company told me to stop.”he’d sigh “ Please tell me you can’t see the difference.I go to the gym everyday. ”
  • Him trapping your wrists between one of his masculine hands, because he’s savage like that. “You’re now at my mercy” he’d whisper in your ears
  • Him using his cop outfit from Dope Era to roleplay because he loves playing the police officer and you love pleasing him. “ How about I teach you a lesson for being so damn illegal”, he’d smirk at your tempting figure
  • Using fake handcuffs on you but he loses the key because he’s such a nervous flufff. “Y-Y/N? I think I lost them” he’d gulp at you
  • Him throwing random questions as he’s mentally planning out his next move . “ Are more into sweet love making or do you like it rough?” he’d blush before mentally scolding himself “ Screw it. I’ll just figure something in between”
  • Him gaining confidence everytime a sound comes out of your sinful lips, because it’s a pointer that tells him if he’s doing good or not.
  • Him taking off every layer off you with a blush on his cheeks and a cheeky grin. “This is so fun. It’s like a game” he chuckles “A very racy game though” he’d blush
  • Him getting shocked once he gets to see your underwear  for the first time because he’s so fascinated by it “ Wow. This is what a bra looks in real life?” he’d nod in fascination “ Can I touch the lacy fabric ,please?” he’d ask you and you’d chuckle in response “DON’T LAUGH. IT’S MY FIRST TIME SEING A BRA ON A GIRL”
  • Him blowing on his long bangs because they get in the way by hiding his vision everytime he tries kissing you somewhere . “ I SWEAR.NEXT TIME WE GET LAID I’M GETTING A MOTHERFRICKIN HAIRCUT”
  • Him tying his hair onto apple hair because he can’t work on pleasing you with his fluffy hair in the way and you laughing your existence cause’ you can’t take him seriously. “ COME ON.AT LEAST LET ME FINISH YOU.PLEASE! PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU STILL WANT IT!STOP LAUGHING AT ME * sobs* ”
  • Him giggling randomly and breaking the mood because your cold fingers on his toned muscular arms are making him feel all sorts of way and he’s ticklish.
  • Him momentarily forgotting about how sex actually works for a second, because he’s too nervous. “ F*CK. I FORGOT.REMIND ME HOW THIS SHIT WORKS AGAIN.”
  • Him secretly having a senpai kink and being oblivious about it till you suddenly pull out the senpai card and he freaks out. “ S-Senpaiii? *gulps* Can you say that one more time?”
  • Him discovering his kitten kink ,when you suddenly moan out a ‘nya’ and his eyes round in shock. He doesn’t know why, but that sound just turned him on ten times more and his testosterone is flying up to a peak never explained in the past. “D-Do you have kitten ears Y/N? It’d be fun to try out something new…ya know, something wild. ” he’d smirk at you
  • Him using his tongue and his sinful thighs however he wants just to wreck you and make you beg.
  • Him being fascinated by the softeness of your skin because he never got to touch you that much in the past, but this time he can feel you up no matter how much he wants “Whoahh…How come your is your skin so soft?! We need to go to the spa sometimes together. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS” his eyes would round and he’d cough right after you supress an impatient moan “Right, *cough* sorry. I got distracted ” he’d reply apologetically
  • Him failing at using a condom for the first time because he’s too nervous “ f*ck!!! IT BROKEEEEE!!!” , he’d turn around and pout at you while pointing at the condom cluelessly like he normally does “ What are we going to do now?” he’d blink at you
  • Him wanting to be extra romantic for that moment but ends up being a little dork instead. “I wish i could stop time just so that we can stay like this  forever” he’d smilE at you before realizing that you’re actually getting laid and that what he said would sound wrong “ N-No!! THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT. NOT IN THIS KIND OF CONTEXT!!! I MEANT TO STAY LIKE THIS AS IN STAYING TOGETHER FOREVER , NOT TO BE GETTING LAID FOREVER… even though it sounds like a good plan
  • You tugging on his hair whenver you love something and him reciprocating it with a sexy growl in your ears,because he’s quite wild in bed.
  • Him passionately kissing you while apologizing in between to make your pain go away. “ I’m SO SORRY. WE CAN STOP NOW IF YOU WANT!!! I DON’T WANT YOU TO DIE” he’d panic  while you’d laugh “Jeon Jungkook, I’m a human who’s programmed to give birth. I think that handling you is something I can do”
  • Him pressing his face on your shoulder while giving you little kisses because he’s embarrassed about being connected with you in such a way. “ I’m feeling all shy shy shy now.”
  • Laying on your back while staring at the ceiling and jungkook feeling all self conscious after you both reached your climax. He’d suddenly grab your arm :  “Tell me I was an amazing f*ck. PLEASE”
  • Him giving you the meme face and you laughing your ass off cause’ you can’t believe you’re dating a man that does this right after you shared such an intimate moment.
  • Him hugging you tightly in his arms while playing with your hair and biting your shoulder with his teeth . “ Y/N, can we go grab some ice cream? I’m getting hungry for some food now…”

So here’s the first post to start off jungkook’s Birthday Project <3333 I hope you enjoyed this fluffy yet sexy post lol.Tell me your thoughts in the comments/message box >.<

Secret Santa

Seduce Me Secret Santa

Okay so I had @lonelylittledemonwolf and I thought I would try to do something different. I went and wrote my first fan fic! I hope you like it and it is what you wanted dear. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great day❤️

“Why hello princess” you hear Erik say it this time not in his low seductive voice.
“E-Erik, w-what’s with that v-voice?” You ask
“Why what do you mean princess?” Erik questions
“T-that one…”
“S-S-Shhh princess there is no reason to be scared” as he says that you see him go into his demon form and you see his big purple tentacles.
“ERIK WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you scream
“I know you miss them, you miss all of them.”
“WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!” Now you are starting to get scared at what Erik might do
“MY BROTHERS!! I’m sorry for raising my voice princess, but I know that it is true.”
“Well of course I miss them, but don’t you?” You are starting to get lost in what Erik is saying. You thought that he loved his brothers. Was this something demons did when they figured out what jealousy felt like? Whatever it is, it’s not the true Erik. Normally he doesn’t care, I mean I was always told that Damian was always the jealous brother and Erik was the least jealous.
“Why do you miss them princess? I mean aren’t you happy?”
“Of course Erik! I love you more than anything”
“More than them?”
“Of course.”
“So you wouldn’t care if I just went and killed them?”
“ WHAT THE FUCK ERIK!” He takes his tentacles and grabs you, and pins you to the wall while he goes and calls his brothers one by one.
“Raestrao, Aomaris, Zecaeru, Izroul!” You started to try and break free but Erik held you up tight and then you couldn’t see.
“Erik i-?” James was stopped by a yell
“Why hello brothers, I just wanted my sweet princess to see what happens when she thinks about you more than me.”
“Erik ple-” Damian was stopped
“Ahh brother please tell me who she is thinking about or you die first.”
{Damian please do it I don’t want you to die. Just lie and say that I am thinking about Erik all the time}
“You. She is thinking about how lovely you are, and can still be if you let go of her and us go”
“DAMIAN WATCH OUT!” Matthew screamed
Next thing you knew there was a blade through Damian’s head.
Then you knew what was happening, Erik was turning into some kinda Yandere and you were his Senpai. You remember what happens when Senpai freaks out after seeing a murder so you say
“No, no princess please!”
You wake up sweating with tears in your eyes and your heart is racing
“Just another fucking dream. God damnit.”
Then you feel something shift in the bed
“Mmm princess are you okay?”
“Just another bad dream.”
“Let me guess, I was Yandere again.”
“Princess you need to stop playing that game before you go to bed. Now lets go to bed.”
You lay back down and remember it was only a dream and you go back to sleep. Erik is now using his powers to keep the dream out of your head by showing him as a prince and you had his princess.

Edited: I realized that I didn’t tag Chris or Michaela and since Chris is the VA for the Erik and Michaela is the creator I should so… @thechristopherescalante @thebunnyofevil
Daiya no Ace Ch58

Can we please talk about this precious gift from heaven, the cutest sunshine child that has ever existed in this universe aka Sawamura Eijun (and his adorable kouhai Asada)???

*Yui and Masashi asks Kataoka to let them play, too, and Kataoka approves*

Eijun: Let us, too, join the m—

Kuramochi: Don’t.

Zono: Today’s match is for them.

Eijun: … I know. We shouldn’t interrupt them… Then let us all cheer for them!!!

Eijun to the 2nd/3rd years: C'mon guys, you can get at least 20 more runs!!! Let’s drag that pitcher [*Asada] off the mound!!

Asada: !? (´゚д゚`)

Seto: Actually, he has been on our side until just now.

Asada: What?

Koushuu: He has been watching over you from behind the pole. It seemed he was worrying about you, but now he’s telling the others to beat you…

Seto: Ahaha, yeah. Just what’s up with that guy?

Asada: *Senpai was watching over me…?*

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Shit people might say (at Ikkaku’s fake funeral)

As requested by @junko222. :)

Do you guys remember when Ikkaku fought Grimmjow’s fraccion Edrad? It was looking bad for ol’ Ikkaku, and Yumichika, in a moment either of forward thinking or of cruelty, went ahead and asked Yachiru to start planning Ikkaku’s funeral. But then Ikkaku didn’t die, and, in an omake, we watched Yumichika fruitlessly pleading with Yachiru to cancel the funeral - something she had no intention of doing. So let’s say Ikkaku’s fake funeral happened. Let’s say Ikkaku was there, in attendance, and yet everybody gave their eulogies anyway. How might that have gone?

And thank you, junko222, for sending me ideas for this list! I incorporated what I could!

Yachiru: Hi everyone!!!! Welcome to the funeral of our dearly departed Cueball! Wave, Cueball!

Ikkaku: L-lieutenant, can’t you use my name at my own funeral??

Yachiru: Shhh! The dead don’t talk!

Ikkakku: …but they wave?

Yachiru: I will start the funeral by reading the poem I wrote for Cueball!

Yachiru: “His head shines so bright! It is like the moon! Smooth and shiny! You may think you are looking at the moon when you see his head, because they both reflect the light on their smooth, round surfaces!”

Yachiru: Second verse! “His head shines so bright! It is like a marble! Smooth and shiny! You may think you are looking at a marble when..”


Yachiru: And you guys can read the rest of the poem because it is hanging on the back of everyone’s chair!

Ikkakua: W-what??

Yachiru: Ken-chan, you go now!

Kenpachi: Huh? Okay.

Kenpachi: Madarame was lucky when I met him. He lost to me, but he didn’t die. He lived, and he followed me hoping to beat me, and that’s all a man can hope for in this world.

Kenpachi: I guess this time his luck wore out.

Kenpachi: But that happens. 

Kenpachi: Anyway, that’s it.

Ikkaku (with tears streaming down his face): C-Captain!

Renji: Lieutenant Kusajishi! Let me speak, please!

Yachiru: Go ahead!

Renji: My former captain has motivated me to tell you how much my senpai Ikakku meant to me!

Renji: He taught me so much!

Renji: Taught me…things! That I will not specify! In honor of Ikkaku, who did not want me to tell anyone what we did! Together! In that underground room! Or about all the special things that he taught me there!

Ikkaku: …Abarai you’re making us sound like lovers.

Yumichika: Were you not?

Iba: I want to say something!

Iba: Ikkaku was one of the manliest men I knew!

Iba: And he was a good friend!

Iba: I will forever remember when, during Kurosaki’s invasion of Soul Society, we fought each other! Well, mostly we drank. And played rock-paper-scissors. But there was some fighting too!

Iba: Man that was fun.

Hisagi: Wait, you guys were playing around while Yumichika was sucking the life out of me???

Yumichika: [look of death]

Hisagi: I-in a totally metaphorical way, of course!


Yachiru: Icchi, you go!

Ichigo: Uh, sure! Hey, Ikkaku.

Ikkaku: [waves]

Ichigo: Ikkaku was the first soul reaper I fought inside Soul Society. He taught me so much. Like how some shikai are sneaky and are different than they first appear. And how dancing can set the mood for a fight. And how it’s smart to carry around medicine in case you get hurt during a fight.

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: I just realized that I apply literally none of those lessons.

Ichigo: But I did make a friend! 

Ichigo: And really, isn’t that what fighting is all about?

Ikkaku: No?

Ichigo: Ha, ha, such a kidder, Ikkaku!

Yumichika: Lieutenant, can I say a few words?

Yachiru: Go ahead, Yun-Yun!

Yumichika: Ikkaku, we are here because of me. I was trying to be dramatic (and maybe freak out that human by making him think you were definitely going to die), and it backfired.

Yumichika: Next time, I will wait until you are actually dead. 

Yumichika: So that I can be in Soul Society to help plan your funeral to make sure the COLOR SCHEME isn’t ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS!

Yumichika: Pink, orange, and purple, Lieutenant? Pink and orange and purple?? 

Yachiru: It looks awesome!



Akon: That was me.

Akon: Seemed an appropriate tribute.


Yachiru: Don’t make me call the bouncer!!


Ikkaku: …attending your own funeral kinda sucks.


ZUTARA SUMMER-TIMES <33333 *dances happily*

[[[Zutara Winter Times]]]

My art trade with the super talented queen nymre Senpai!!!!!! *0*

Let me tell you something - I’ve known Nymre for around 2 years, when she used to make lots of beautiful artworks for the Zutara, ATLA and LOK fandoms. She was always passionate about art and all I can say is that she has improved and evolved (and and still is) so much during these years, and I can’t even tell you how much I think highly of her, she inspires me so much. Whatever she makes is fantastic and so beautifully done, and she was gracious enough to agree to trade with me!

If you love art and fandoms, her blog is a must follow!

Sorry I wasn’t able to produce lots of ZK stuff, but I hope you like this one, and Nymre’s colors totally made my day! *0*
I really enjoyed making it and working with her ♥

Don’t Look Back In Anger [KiKasa]

happy 4/7 

At fifteen, Kasamatsu was lanky,awkward, and way more angry at the world than he should. Honestly, he was doing well at school, played basketball, and successfully kept his younger brothers from becoming arsonists, but he was a teenager, and he was angry. Because he had zits, because he couldn’t talk to girls, because his band was never going to be famous, or even leave Moriyama’s garage, for that matter. Hell, because his cereal turned too saggy one day while he jerked off three times during one shower – just because he was a teenager.

Mostly because he was two hundred percent gay, though, and beginning to think he would die a virgin, since the only guy whose gaydar seemed to be working, and steering him in Yukio’s general direction was a thirteen-year-old with perfect skin, and the tendency to embarrass him in public, by using the same cheap tricks on him as he did on all the older girls that found him and his dubious seduction techniques so cute.

“Senpai, you look tired,” drawled Kise, flashing a dazzling grin that even Kasamatsu recognized as a force to be reckoned with.

He only rolled his eyes, too exhausted after the basketball practice to even scold that brat for basically stalking him after school, and tried to bypass Kise, who promptly followed.

“Probably because you’ve been running through my mind all day,” he added flirtatiously, batting his ridiculous eyelashes.

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ok, guys, let me tell you something funny about this pic and the tshirts they have on.

(idk if anyone has done that before but if no then here i come!)

  • asahi: 謹賀新年 (kinga shin'nen) happy new year
  • suga-senpai: 不撓不屈 (futou fukutsu) indomitableness
  • noya: 猪突猛進 (chototsu moushin) daredevil
  • daichi: 七転八起 (shichiten hakki) stumbling seven times but recovering eight
  • hinata: 大器晩成 (taiki bansei) great talent are slow to mature
  • kageyama: 単細胞 (tansaibou) unicellular I SHIT YOU NOT THIS IS THE BEST LIKE /cries
  • tanaka: 弱肉強食 (jakuniku kyoushoku) the strong devour the weak
  • yama-chan: 軟体動物 (nantai doubutsu) mollusk …i kinda feel like hitting someone why would you do that to yama-chan…
  • tsukki: 草食動物 (soushoku doubutsu) hebrivore

all of the above shirts are available at haikyuu!! store in harajuku. :x

(i might be kind enough to buy you one if you leave outside of japan, just hit me up!)

Full Animate interview translation under the Read More

Please tell us about the start of your debut.

That would’ve been the time that I received the chance for an audition.  I was interested in being a model at first, so I’d find the ads while reading magazines and submit my application forms.  But a lot of magazines were being discontinued and the chances to become a male model were growing slim, so my agency began to train me to become an actor instead.  I already had an interest in anime to start, so I embraced the world of 2.5D right away.

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I'm not a perv!!!!!

This isn’t really as bad a story as some of the other ones here, and it’s a bit of a long read, but here it goes:
Me: Puppet (agender, not too into anime, this is important later on)
Weeb: Perv (total weeb and creeper)
Towards the end of the schoolyear in 2015, I was friends with this amazing girl (who I really liked) and she happened to be in the same class as Perv. It was the last day of 8th grade, so he was going around asking people to sign his shirt. He walks up to me and this girl (we’ll call her K) and tells us that we’re “totally the nicest kawaii friends that I ever had!” We don’t even know him too well. We sign his shirt, and he sees the little doodle of an old character of mine and tells me that it’s “the most kawaii bug-chan” that he’s ever seen and basically forces me to draw him with Hatsune Miku. The bell rings, we all go home, and I never see him again until the first day of 9th grade.
We happened to go to the same school, and he spots me through a huge crowd, which is incredible because A) I’m 5'3" among a sea of 6’ giants and B) I wasn’t wearing anything even remotely flashy except for a plain white skirt and thigh high socks. He made a beeline for me while screaming, “Puppet-chan, I can’t believe you go to B—- high school, too! We’re totally going to be anime buddies forever, ne?” He’s wearing a dirty Death Note t-shirt, a too-small blue sweater, and sweatpants that don’t fit well. This doesn’t really strike me as odd because I knew he was into anime and thought we could kinda bond over it a little. When he finally makes his way through the crowd, he looks me over and says, “You totally look like an anime schoolgirl, Puppet-chan!!!! You almost look like one of my waifus!” A little weird, but maybe he’s not so creepy once he settles down, right? Wrong. He clings to me the entire day. The next day, he follows me to a lunch table and sits down uncomfortably close to me. He starts petting my hair and saying how soft it was, then he notices me take out my drawing notebook, which he promptly steals and starts leafing through. “Wow, Puppet-chan, you’ve really improved since last year!” I start to thank him, but then he hits me with this: “Maybe now you can draw yourself wearing a kawaii maid dress and huge oppai! You would look really cute!” I refuse, so he pouts and tries (and fails) to draw me in a really skimpy maid dress and huge tits (which I don’t have because I’m flat as a board) and makes doodle-me say “Welcome home, Perv-sama!” with a really bad drawing of himself in the corner with a nosebleed and blushing furiously. I tell him to stop drawing me like that, and he calls me “tsundere Puppet-chan”.
He calls me Puppet-chan on a daily basis even after I repeatedly tell him not to. After a month of this, I snap and yell at him to stop. He leaves me alone for the most part after that, but he likes to talk about me and yell “Puppet-chan” really loudly whenever he has to use my name, and when I look over to glare at him, he says he didn’t say anything. I politely tell him to stop calling me that if he has any decency, and he says, and I quote: “I call you Puppet-chan because I respect you, senpai!” Ick. I immediately snap back at him telling him that if he really respected me, he would listen when I told him to stop. About two months later, I make friends with a girl named S, who I let look at my notebook every once in a while. Perv gets jealous and yells “I WANNA LOOK TOO!” and tries to steal the notebook before I put it away. I ignore him for the rest of the semester and I think he finally got the hint.
Now he just gets mad when I sneeze and ignore his “bless you” while saying “Excuse me.”

Fanart Monday!

Fanart of the week, made by @michelle-030

SO! Another week, another Fanart Monday section!! Thank you everyone for sending me such marvelous things! My fanart folder is now almost over 200!! This is awesome, I am so flattered <3 <3 Thanks!

I will now proceed to post all the marvelous fanarts <3 more under the cut!

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kjunginger  asked:

Any chance you could translate this doujin on Pixiv? member_illust. php?mode=medium&illust_id=44137892 (If even just some pages since it's pretty long?) ;u;

Anonymous said:

Hello! Is it possible if you could translate more Miyusawa? Especially this one: illust_id=44137892 Just more Miyusawa! Pleaseeee! T___T And thank you so much for your other translations!

ロンリーオンリー【御沢】 by ゆた

hello there (。・・)ノ

unfortunately, the artist of the illust you requested doesn’t allow their work to be reposted and so i’ve provided a translation under the cut instead.

also, sorry this took a while! there were quite a few pages and it was pretty long (´•  •`;) also i’m sorry that some of the translations seems kind of all over the place?? there were quite a few parts i wasn’t too sure about so i’m really sorry about that!!

Warning (!):  Dub-con/non-con and mildly nsfw (but nothing explicit).

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anonymous asked:

Hoping this doesn't get lost in your asks!! Anyway, sorry to be a bother but I watched your speed paint of Dan which you made for his 25th birthday and I notice your notepad looked like a canvas material. I'm not sure if that was just my eyes and if you were even using a paper notepad but it seemed like a canvas. Do you know where one can get such a notepad from? Thank you!! I love your art so much, it inspires me everyday. That isn't an exaggeration

It is actually an Oil painting base canvas
But I guess its thick enough to let me explore watercolours on it
I was recommended by my watercolour senpais @szluu and @literallysarcasm to use “BEST” series from Strathmore.
I can’t tell you where specifically where to buy it cause every country will be different but just try to look for it in your local stores :)