let me tell you about human christmas

warmth & light to you all 

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

And a happy New Year

Orthodox Christmas is yet to come. presents, however, go for the New Year’s.

Hobgoblins Through the Ages

Folks, let’s discuss a Dungeons and Dragons monster very near and dear to my heart. Yes, that’s right, lemme show you my IMPORTANT opinions on Hobgoblins, one of the least loved recurring humanoid antagonists Wizards has ever had. Also one of the creatures with the least consistent art design throughout the game’s history. For those who don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of the contents of every Monster Manual, hobgoblins are the middle sized goblins, between the small Classic Goblins, and the big bugbears (who are also real good but not what I’m here to tell you about.)

Since my D&D experience began with third edition, I’ll be ignoring AD&D in this post.  

If you’re unfamiliar, let me introduce you to hobgobs the same way I was introduced to them as twelve year old on Christmas eve.

The quintessential hobgobbo. Very rowdy, just happy to fight some adventurers. 10/10, clearly not human but clearly not an orc. Also extra points for not being a racist caricature. Good job Wizards! 

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Kubo should have written about Grimmjow in human world because it would have been cute and hilarious at the same time.

“Kurosaki why do you put lights on trees? What’s Christmas? And the fuck! Hollows don’t come out only during this Halloween, are humans crazy??? Who’s Jack o’ lantern? A fallen shinigami? What’s so funny about these mang-holy shit this story is interesting let me read it and shut up Kurosaki! What does it mean I can’t read it on the shop and then put it back on the shelf? Why do you use chopsticks to eat, my food keeps falling and don’t tell me I can’t use my hands, how am I supposed to eat with these sticks??! What’s an ice cre-this shit is good and you’re not stopping me from having an ice cream dinner, Kurosaki! Kurosaki why are those humans flushing? Valentine? What kind of disease is that? But chocolate looks good, I want some, give me chocolate and shut up! I know you’re not a girl, I just want chocolate! Buy me some, Kurosaki!”

Cronus could tell Kankri about many nice things. human Christmas, for example.

too early and yet… here we are. anyone willing to write about this? *gets shot.*

also Kankri looks almost identical to Tavros from my previous sketch, even though this one was begun earlier.