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CALLOUT POST FOR @lavenderdreamer13​ bc we met this summer

1. stays up waaaaaay too late to make her Klance Art™

  • like, she literally pulled all nighter the day we were going to 3 rock concerts
  • she let me drag her into mosh pit afrer being awake for at least 36 hours
  • all because she was making white haired Keith at my house

2. smells random stuff??  not complete list of thing i saw her smell:

  • empty sketchbook (in a shop)

  • pencil case shaped like a fish

  • uncooked pasta

  • my metal “pencil”case for alcohol markers

  • white sheet of paper

  • cooked bland pasta

  • sleeping bag
  • closed candy bag
  • after i pointed out to her she smells stuff every time i caught her smelling something weird she got this look on her face like she was deeply dissapointed in herself

3. actual conversations i had with her:

  • her:  [bush] crickets have two modes - cricketing and hunting
    me: what…… do you think……. crickets…… hunt…..
    her: The Sound
  • me, suggestively: i licked lots of things
    her: like cheetos. and crickets

4. according to her [bush] crickets that cannot crick (is that even a word) become mountaineers set on climbing the highest tent in the campsite

5. she choked on a dorito while eating it for the first time

6. made voltron s3 bingo. 3 bingos, actually

7. her about me, an 18yo looking much younger than 18 hitting on people who seem at least my age/older but turn out to be younger: pedophilia - plot twist

8. made sexy shrek and drawn bary bee benson from memory

9. abuses memes, honorable mentions:

  • “X? i don’t know her” meme. like. she used it at least 4-5 times a day. for 2 weeks straight
  • “X? in my Y? it’s more likely than you think” at least once a day
  • all of that in verbal conversations

10. let me draw her a garla sona in her sketchbook and almost cried while i was doing that

  • actively kinkshames furries
  • drawn me a garla sona in return and literally banged her head on the table halfway trough the process
  • she named it Nyantek (antek is my name)

11. let me Tell Her About Homestuck

  • patted me on the back while i cried bc i remembered buckets
  • could’t gasp wtf is wrong with homestuck shipping charts
  • still shames me for saying “color fading into terezi” on accident

12. last but not least: first day of meeting after 4 years. she dabbed as a goodbye

all of the antics from homestuck fandom I can remember off the top of my head

I know everyone is making a post like this, but everyone remembers something different based on when they started reading and how much has been lost to the mental fog of delirium, so here’s mine

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  • me, internally, sitting straight-faced at a meeting while my boss tries to talk down two clients from forcing a contract change resulting in hundreds of hours of more work for the project I'm technically assigned to a leadership role on: let me tell you about homestuck (homestuck), technicolor troll blood, please talk about our ships with us, we have four different types of love. and it couldn't be cooler (cooler) try it up to act 3. i swear that it's cool (it's cool) it's cool (it's cooooOOOL)......... perfect sci fi fantasy