let me tell you about homestuck shipping

I really want to talk to my followers and get to know you guys so let's do the thing

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Seriously I love talking to you guys and I love knowing that you are all doing well, and sometimes we all just need someone to talk to. So I want every single one of you to know that I am here if you want to talk <3

  • me, internally, sitting straight-faced at a meeting while my boss tries to talk down two clients from forcing a contract change resulting in hundreds of hours of more work for the project I'm technically assigned to a leadership role on: let me tell you about homestuck (homestuck), technicolor troll blood, please talk about our ships with us, we have four different types of love. and it couldn't be cooler (cooler) try it up to act 3. i swear that it's cool (it's cool) it's cool (it's cooooOOOL)......... perfect sci fi fantasy
Step into my classroom

Welcome to Homestuck Shipping 101.

I hope none of you thought this was going to be a cake walk because I expect a lot out of my students.

Ok now everyone settle down and lets get started. Shipping is Serious Business!

I’ve been wanting to give these gifs their own post for a while so I guess now is as good a time as any.