let me tell you about all my block b feelings

Good bye PLL

The day has come where we all have to sit and watch the very last episode we all love it hate *holds back the tears*

My love for you all:

I still remember the first time I watched it. It was a rare night because I had no basketball practice which meant that I had a free night of nothing, and at 16 I swear that was so rare. I turned on the tv and just watched what was on MTV and it was PLL, and from then I was hooked. I never really spent time making theories until I think I got to a place in my life where I was lonely and just didn’t have anything better todo. So by 21 maybe 22 I had a blog. I didn’t think much would come from it except maybe a few followers and a couple reblogs here and there. And I sure as hell was not going to make any “internet friends”. BUT DAMN WAS I WRONG. My following increased at a rate I never fathomed and was so grateful for b/c the interaction between so many of you all about this show meant the world. When I made this blog I said I was lonely but I was just standing at the line of depression something I was familiar with but this time it was disguised. Eventually I crossed that line and didn’t realize it till later on, I got some help but what i think helped me from having the thoughts I used to have back in the day was being able to communicate and having something todo online as just an outlet. When I said I never would make any friends over the internet i’m sure God had a huge laugh about that one b/c he went on to place people in my life that I couldn’t picture not have knowing or not talking to. We have had some amazing times and even down times, and even fall outs. But honestly I wouldn’t trade the bad times b/c those good times and that love we all share for each other is what made it so great. Thank you ALL for making this show so freaking awesome to watch, and for turning some of my crappy nights into happy nights!!!

My favourite moments/memories:

The mystery and the reveal of Mona will still go down as my favourite reveal. The clues that they dropped and lack of plot holes just made it brilliant. 

The ships lol…who didn’t love seeing everybody feud over who’s ship was better or least toxic??!?! I may not ship all ships but I did love the passion everybody put into them. I’m so pumped to Emison together, I think that will be my favourite thing to have come from these many seasons of being let down.

The wine moms I think inspired us all to up our drinking game. They will forever go down as iconic in my books. 

I will never forget the many amazing theories I read on CeCe, Melissa, Wren, the parents….and even the MANY Aria theories lol. My theories were always garbage in comparison to you. Like some of you are so gifted, thinking on a whole different level (a level I wish Marlene and other writers would have gotten on!!!). 

The hilarious posts that came from the show that turned into a train wreck. I don’t think if we didn’t have a such a hilarious PLL family on tumblr these last few season have been as tolerable!! 


I know have to mention a few specific blogs:

@prettylittleliarsbiga THIS IS GOING TO BE LONG!!! Alivia where do I even start with you!?!?!?! I honestly couldn’t imagine not having her in my life. And tbh she has no choice bc I tell her on a regular basis that i’ll kick her ass if she ever tries to not be my friend LOL! She lives so freaking far away but still managed to help me through one of the hardest years if my life. If it wasn’t for her wisdom, humour, and kindness I’d probably be a hot freaking mess (or at least a bigger one than I am today lol). I will always be so grateful for that. This past year and a half I learnt so much about her that blew my mind bc I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have had someone so amazing in my life.There hasn’t been a moment when you haven’t been there for me. Even those couple times where we’ve had our disagreements and didn’t speak b/c we are both soooo stubborn  (it felt like an eternity i swear lol!!) I always knew that you were still my friend and I didn’t have to worry that you wouldn’t be there anymore. You constantly have me cracking up with you pettiness and crazy sense of humour, and your crazy ass work and driving stories lol. You have taught me how to not take shit from people even if I care about them b/c at the end of the day your internal peace and self respect is so much more important. You also have one of the most generous hearts I know, you are so giving to those people around you who you love and even to stranger on the street who you’d share your candy with.She will call you out on your shit, and honestly that’s one of my favourite things about her. It reminds me that she’s real and that she cares. She is also one of the most loyal people that I have ever known, but don’t me wrong…she won’t let you walk all over her. She is strong af and isn’t scared to tell you how it is, and she will have her friends back in anything. I COULD GO ON FOREVER BC I’M KIND OF HIGHKEY OBESED WITH HER!!!!!! Thank you for being the best friend I always needed and never even knew until you stepped into my ask, asking me if I watched the last episode. So thank you for asking me that b/c if you hadn’t done that, then who knows where i’d be at!?!?!?!  I think this meme perfectly describes how I feel about you… 

@dominicsherwod Jenny from the block! You used to have a little now you have a lot LOOOOOL!!!! My favourite thing is sassy Jenny, when you get on a role girl, it’s like damn “who is this!?!?” LOL!! You have always been someone I can talk with about anything. It honestly blows my mind that someone I consider a very good friend was someone that I hoped would one day just follow me back b/c I love their blog so freaking much!!! Thank you so much for your friendship and constant loyalty!

@jupiterswhore Sarah, I know we don’t talk as much any more but you were one of the first friends I made on this terrible website lol. Through the many blogs you’ve had we’ve always stayed in contact, which makes me happy! Your sense of humour always kills me and you weirdness as well lol! I hope you’re doing well and that you’re killing it out there in the real world <3

@yourbloodisthenewblack @prettylittleliarsxxxx How could I forget my hockey girls???!!! You have no idea how happy it has made me to have found two people who love hockey and not only that the Oilers!!! I seriously think i’m going to keep my blog just so we can keep our hockey discussions going <3 I can’t wait for the fall to get lit about our boys and our hatred for other teams again LOL!

@qweensasha I couldn’t leave out the cutest human on this!!! I was so excited to hear you just celebrated your 21st *wipes tears away b/c you’re growing up*!! I know we don’t get to talk much anymore but I do know you’re crazy busy with school working towards your dreams of being an amazing kick ass Kinesiologist (i could be wrong on this so forgive me!!) so keep working your ass off for that goal b/c I know you’ll get this and kill it!!!

@redcoatblackveil Things haven’t been easy but when it comes to this series finale (and me being me) I’m sentimental af :))) so not including you in this would feel wrong and lowkey mean (???). You were a big part in what made PLL so much fun and enjoyable and during some tough times in my life you had the greatest wisdom and put some smiles on my face. No matter where we stand or what we have gone through I will be forever grateful for that and those memories, and instead of being angry I’ll remember those times and carry on <3 

There are so many of you that could mention and so many that i’ve lost contact with but just know I love you all like crazy and will forever love the PLL tumblr fam <33333

*Note: I didn’t go through and edit this b/c i’m lazy so please excuse the many errors in spelling and grammar :))))*