let me tell u about this kid man


I can’t make this shit up ok so the President “criminals, drug lords and addicts must DIE” Duterte’s OWN SON is being accused of SMUGGLING DRUGS and having ties with a major triad

And the guy who accused him Trillanes claims he has a tattoo of said triad and invited him to show his back to prove he doesn’t and PAOLO FCKN DUTERTE’S FCKN LAWYER’S RESPONSE WAS “WHY U WANNA SEE MY CLIENT’S BACK ARE U GAY”

This man is an actual lawyer and he’s a BIG. FUCKEN. IDIOT TEN TEAR OLD. WHO’S JUST MADE PAOLO DUTERTE LOOK 50X GUILTIER THAN HE LOOKED ALREADY??? AND I’M JUST FLOORED BY THE LEVEL OF STUPID THIS WHOLE COURT CASE IS not that I’m surprised given the general fckn stupidity we usually see in high profile Filipino court cases BUT ANYWAY

So like Duterte’s son is a focken drug smuggler and his defense is R U GAY and it’s ridiculous also kids are still being found dead everywhere and there’s no telling if it was random criminals or the police who stabbed a 14 year old 30 times or w/e

And that’s what’s up in my country how are y'all

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Love the Harry list, we know he's the most amazing man ever :) Would you do one for Louis?

ahh anon, u kill me. inspired by this post 

hmmm. Louis Tomlinson:

  • is compassionate
  • + and brave
  • is a protector of his people
  • loves deeply
  • is reassuring and comforting
  • makes children (especially chronically ill kids) feel special + appreciated
  • doesn’t let himself be treated unfairly
  • is fierce when he needs to be, but patient
  • is gentle even when the world tells him to be tough
  • is SO intelligent and wise about his career and business 
  • is talented
  • + and passionate
  • is a philantrhopist
  • is proud of who is & where he comes from
  • is classy
  • + and graceful
  • + and delicate
  • is dilligent
  • + and persistent
  • is inclusive
  • makes people feel safe
  • is a natural leader with a heart of gold
  • has lots of inner strength
  • + and loads of outer beauty
  • makes it his goal to make people happy when he’s sad :(
  • gives good hugs 
  • allows himself to be emotional & isn’t ashamed of it
  • wants his fans – his babies, his army of bees – to know him, so he’s rly honest with us (and we appreciate it a lot)
  • and gives people so much hope

and i know a LOT of crappy things are said about louis and it SUCKS because you know he’s not that person at all… that that’s not how he’s proven himself to be…. and just bc he’s strong doesn’t mean he should always have to be…. i hope he knows that we love him a lot…. that we love who he is, /for/ who he is… that his heart, and spirit, and light are so precious to us and that we’re here (more or less) every day supporting him because he is a Champion and we know that he will come out on top, and we will be here when he does :) In short: LOVE AND PROTECT LOUIS TOMLINSON ALWAYS

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so for this follow forever i decided to do something a lil bit different.. instead of just listing a bunch of people off im gonna include some of my closest closest with a lil paragraph talking abt how much i love them lol, ok :~)


omg shay u were literally my first internet friend and i can’t believe it’s been almost two years since we became friends i love u… also i can’t believe that ur in america right now but u aren’t coming to Chicago.. what a loser.. just kidding!! i hope we get to meet soon tho, also i promise I’ll read The Young Elites I’ve been saying this for like a year but trust me I’m about to order it for my birthday SO IT WILL HAPPEN!


Kristen…. or should I say Kleo :~) I literally still remember the day we became friends and man it’s been great (btw have you decided whether you like pickle factories?) anywho I love u also


HI T! Ok so we’ve been friends for a little bit and let me tell u, U ARE SO AWESOME AND TALENTED, ur songs are my favorite and also u play the violin just like me :~) but yes thank you for being an all around awesome friend

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